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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, January 31, 1913, LAST EDITION, Image 7

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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Great! Sale
Prices Prevail
for This Day
Men's $1.00 Rubbers.. 50?
Child's 50c Rubbers. . . 19
Ladies' Wine
Top Pat. Vamp
Button Boots,
Saturday, only
Ladies' Satin Party Slip
pers $3.00 value Satur
day $1.25
Full Vamp .
$3.50 Saturday
I Ladies 75c Rubbers I j
Ladies' Fleece lined
Alaskas 50$
i Ladies' Arctics .69
Ladies' jRLJ?
. English res
Silk Rub- jfp
ber Slip- fSZ'&-k
:Ons$3.50 WilW
$1.50 (fW
Boys and tl u .,J al I
. Gin.,' $3 ii 3nM I
Ladies' KWt
$3.50 T lit t
Rubber 1 t
Boots, J m I ' , u
for the I m
day only ffl l ) ,
$1.50 ll'l'l
ren's $2 t ! l f
PROSPEROUS MAN came into my store yesterday and
bought one of our Blue Serge Suits for $8.88. Voluntarily
he told me he had been in every store in town, and that the
same Blue Serge Suit in any other store would have cost
him from $7.00 to $10.00 more than I charged. . -
"He Saved By Coming to August's"
David J. August
620-622 Kansas Avenue
Perils of the Plains." . Wonderful act
ing by an immense company of whites
and Indians -and, excellent scenic ef
fects make -the picture worth seeing.
Thief" Who Feasted Left Print! As Jh Bonny has entered the
vaudeville neia, tee motion picture
in Butter.
French , Magistrate Convinced
of Guilt by fBite."
comedies in. which he has been ap
pearing will: soon bev scarce. - Today
and tomorrow the . Aurora,, theater is
showing a film, "Ma's Aprong Strings,'
in which this star aippears iiv one of
his most laughable roles. The picture
is one of the -well luiown Vitagraph
products. . A Lubin and two Eclipse
pictures are also being shown. . -
Rockefeller's Interest in White
Slavery Accidental.
Result of Judge Refusing to
Excuse Him From Jury.
New York, Jan. 31. How John D.
Rockefeller, jr., became interested ..in
the campaign of vice suppression,
which resulted in the foundation of
the bureau of social hygiene, was re
lated last night by District Attorney
Whitman at the sixteenth annual din
ner of the young men's Bible class of
the Fifth Avenue Baptist church, of
which Mr. Rockefeller is vice presi
dent. Ir. Whitman said that when Mr.
Rockefeller was summoned to serve
on the grand jury which investigated
"white slave" conditions in this city,
he visited Judge O'Sullivan, and asked
to be excused. Business interests and
a trip out of the city, he said, would
make it difficult for him to serve.
Judge O'Sullivan declined to excuse
him. and announced his intention of
making Mr. Rockefeller foreman,
saving he was the only man the whole
city would trust for this important
"I believe Judge O'Sullivan never
rendered a better service to this city
and nation," said Mr. Whitman, "than
he did when he appointed Mr. Rocke
feller. Under his direction the body
worked ably and carefully for months.
Its report on vice conditions was the
best that has ever been given, out
either in this city or country.
"Mr. Rockefeller's interest did not
cease then, in fact, it had only Just
esun. I feel tnat tne service wnicn
he rendered then and which he has
continued is to be the greatest work
of its kind ever carried out in this
Men's $4.00 Rubber Boots
at $2.00
Men's 75c House Slippers,
for 35
Boys' Shoes Patents,
Gun Metal, Vici Kid war
$2 and $3,
Sizes 11
to 5. For
this day.
Men's. Full Vamp $4.00
Shoes for this day only
Choice . $1.98
House bill No. 417. by Kincaid An act
relating to township officers and com
missioners of highways, and repealing
sections 19 and 23 of chapter 24S of tho
session laws of 1911, and section 1 of chap
ter 234 of the session laws of 1887, and
section 3 of chapter 39 of the session laws
nf 1S
House bill No. 418, by Kincaid An act
relating to roads and highways and
amending sections 36 and 41 of chapter 24s
ot the session laws of 1911.
House bill No. 419, by Atkinson An acc
making appropriations for the industrial
department of Western . university at.
yuindaro, Kan.; for the fiscal years end
ing June 30, 1914, and June 30, 1915. and
for supplementary maintenance for tne
biennial ending June 30. 1913.
House bill No. 420. by Hendricks An a-.t
providing for the establishment of a sta.e
fair and to determine its location by a
vote of the people.
House bill No. 421, by Orr An act le
lating to escape shafts in coal mines ar.d
extending the time in which same may be
House bill No. 422, by Barrett An act
relating to the maintenance and regula
tion of high schools, and repealing sec
tions 7792, 7795 and 7799 of the general stat
utes of 1909.
House bill No. 423. by Lauback (by re
quest) An act relating to the practice or
optometery, amending section 2 of chap
ter 229 of the session laws of 1909, and le
peallng said original section.
House bill No. 424, by Wilson of Craw
fordAn act authorizing certain cities of
the second class having a population not
to exceed 5,000 inhabitants to levy a tax
for the purpose of maintaining a system
of waterworks, extending water mai.is
and hydrant rentals.
,.ouse bill No. 425, by Wilson of Craw
ford An act to amend section 1, and to
repeal sections 2 and 3 ef chapter 122 o(
the session laws of 1911.
House bill No. 426, by Wilson of Craw
ford An act to promote the safety of
travelers and to protect the lives ai.d
limLs of railway employees by regulating
the size and construction of cars common -ly
called "cabooses." and prescribing pen
alties lor the violation thereof.
House bill No. 427, by Ashcroft An act
to amend an act entitled, "An act pre
scribing a minimum term for district
schools and for schools in cities of tne
first and second class, and providing for
state and county aid for districts whith
can not support such terms, and regulat
ing the formation of new districts, and
repealing chapter 431 of the session laws
of 19)3." being chapter 2fiS of the session
laws of 1911, and repealing section 7 of
sai chapter 2W, session laws of 1911.
Houe bill No. 42S. by Ashcroft An act
providing for summoning jurors by mail
and amending section 4flOS, general stat
utes of 1909, and repealing said sectioi
xiouse bill No. 429. by Tulloss An act
to provide for the examination and in
spection of the accounts of county of
ficers. House bill No. 430, by Tulloss An act
to amend section 9413 of the general stat
utes of the state of Kansas of 1909.
House bill No. 431, by Bentley An at
relating to criminal procedure and supple
mental to chapter 97 of the general stat
utes of Kansas, 1909, being "An act 'J
establish a code of criminal procedure."
House bill No. 402, by Bentley An aM.
amending section 56tS, article 22 of the code
of civil procedure of the state of Kansas.
House bill No. 433, by Ashcroft An act
to detach certain territory from school
district No. 27. Graham county, Kansas,
and constituting witn said detached ter
ritory school district No. 19.
HoiiFe bill No. 434. by Dawley by re
quest) An act authorizing the board ot
directors of the Osborne Fireman's Rei;f
association of the city of Osborne, Kan.,
to ap.iropriate money belonging to said Os
borne Fireman's Relief association for the
purpose of purchasing apparatus ai-d
House bill No. 435. by Nichols An act
relating to the terms of court in the
Thirty-second judicial district, and re
pealing all acts and parts of acts in co:i
tlict herewith.
House bill No. 4S6. by Kincaid An act
concerning assessment and taxation.
-ouse bill No. 437, by Keene An a-:t
providing for the period of redemption by
defendant owner of real estate sold unuer
execution or other process of court for
the appointment of receivers in certain
cases, and amending section 6071 of t.ve
general statutes of 1909, and repealing
sam original section.
House bill No. 438, by Keene An act to
establish a board of commissioners for the
promotion of uniformity of legislation in
the United States.
House bid No. 439, by Keene An act to
amend section 3271 of the general statutes
of 1909, and repealing said original sec
tion. House bill No. 440, by Keene An act to
amend section 3119 of the general stat
utes of 19D9, and repealing said original
House bill No. 441, by Keene An act to,
regulate elections, and providing for elec
tion boards and their duties and proviU
I ing also for the canvassing of votes, and
j amending section 3266 of the general stat
utes of 1309, and repealing said original
section and all other acts or part of acts
in conflict herewith.
House bill No. 443, by Stone of Shawnee
An act relating to the compensation ii
innocent individuals who have been set.t
to state penal institutions through a mis
carriage of justice.
House bill No. 444, by Stone of Shawnee
An act. relating to and providing for
tlie care of destitute families of prison
ers. House. bill No. 443, by Stone of Shawnee
An act relating to sales of personal
i property, and to promote uniformity
among tne states in tnat regara.
House bill No. 446, by Stone of Shawnee
An act to establish and locate a sta e
fair, and to provide for the management
and control of the same.
House bill No. 447, by Holbrook An act
to maintain stations and stop passenger
trains in cities of over 60.000 population,
and amending section 1 of an act entitled,
"An act to maintain stations, stop pas
senger trains, in county seat cities of
over 50,000."
House bill No. 448, by Blakely An act
authorizing cities of the first class to
build flood gates wherever it is neces
sary in sewers that empty through dykes
built by the city for the purpose of pre
venting water in flood time from fl&odin.T
portions of the city protected by such
dykes; to build intercepting sewers lor
the purpose of conducting the sewerage
to a central point, and to erect a pumpii g
plant for the purpose of forcing sucl
sewerage over the dyke to its usual desti
nation, and providing for the Issuing of
bonds to pay the cost of same. '
House bill No. 449. by Turner An act
relating to the improvement of streets
and alleys in certain cities of the third
clnss. - ,
- House bill No. 450. by Riddle. -(bsf.
quest) An act to prevent judges, j s
tices of the peace, sheriffs 'and constables
soliciting business or any attorney at law
or recommending any attorney at law to
persons with whom such) officers haVo of
ficial business.
House bill No. 451. by Riddle An act
requiring the audit of the books and ac
counts of county officers of Marion coun
ty, Kansas.
House bill No. 452, by Stone of Sherman
An act vacating the Voltare townsite lp
Sherman county, Kansas.
House bill No. 453, by Topping An a"t
relating to county aid to agricultural
fairs and amending chapter 144 ot . the
laws of 1911. ;
House bill No. 455. by Keene An act to
amend section 7095 of the General statutes
of 1909, relating to the shipment of live
stock, and repealing said original section
House bill No. 466. by Bailey An act to
provide legal counsel for persons unab'a
to employ the same, and providing a. pen
alty for the violation thereof.
Paris, Jan. 31. Even ; the finger "
print method of . obtaining evidence , - . .
against criminals has been excelled by i The following births have been re
the police in establishing a burglar's ported at the office of the city clerk:
identity from the tooth marks which To Mr. and Mrs. James Mooney, 728
he left in a pat of butter. I Hancock street ,a girl; to Mr. and Mrs..
Pierre Bassaud, the alleged burglar, I W. C. Chaffee, TJ. P. hotel, a girl; to
crone into ms rormer employer s Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Staerkel.
i V.i i. 1 1 Cedar street, a boy
to the kitchen and had a feast. When
arrested he denied the charge, but the
police found the marks of his teeth,
including one which was broken, ex-
i actly reproduced in a lump of butter.
into wmcn ne natt prooably bitten by
mistake in the dark.
Bassuad still protested innocence,
hut when the magistrate before whom
he was arraigned sent for some but
ter and made the prisoner bite into
Senate bill No. 364, by Sliouse An ait
relating 'to the terms of court in the
Thirty-second judicial district, and re
pealing all acts and parts of acts In cot;
tlict herewith.
Senate bill No. 363. by ShouseAn act
it, the same irregular impression was I Si"? in aPPrPr'ation to refund Eli:.a
obtained I M. Schaben certain moneys paid to the
certain state school land.
Senate bill No. 366, by- Shouse An act
relating to the practice of optometry,
amending section 11 of chapter 229 of tae
session laws of 1909 and repealing- said
original section.
Senate bill No. C67, by Stavely An act
regulating the exhibiting or using of mov
ing pictures and stereopticon views, pro
viding and regulating the examination
and approval of moving picture films or
reels and stereopticon views, and fixing
penalties for the violation of this act.
Senate bill No. 368, by Stavely An act
amending section 2092 of the general stat
utes and repealing original section AI92
Senate bill No. 369, by Overfield An
act amending section 6791 of the general
statutes of Kansas, 1909, concerning -tne
competency of witnesses in criminal pro-
Guards Replace Prison Trusties
at Leavenworth Pen.
Major Leonard Orders Sweep
i'ljr Changes at Prison.
Leavenworth, Kan., Jan 31. Acting
Sometime when someone wants something,
something to make someone glad ;
Something that's good to eat, dear. Something
really good did you say ? .
You are the something I need, dear
You and a Loaf of O. K.
Bread is so hard to explain to you I only know
we knead it (so do you.)
Avalon Bakery
831 Kansas Avenue
For the Finest of Good Eats
under orders by Major Leonard, the eedure and repealing said original section
prison investigator, all convicts now 6791. '
employed as gate tenders at the fed-! Senate bill No. 370, by Waggener An
eral prison will be removed tonight and act amendatory of sections 4361 and 4362
hereafter their places will be taken by ' the general statutes of 1909, relating to
guards Reporters and others" who are phe8aIid rgfnCaaIUnfctioqnUrS'
permitted to visit the prison will be Senate bill No. 371, by judiciary corn
carefully searched at the gates. mittee An act to amend section 6181 or
The gate jobs which have been held the general statutes of Kansas of 1909, be-
by especially trustworthy convicts ing an act to establish a code of ci m
At Living Prices
have been looked upon as a desirable
occupation and the new order will not
meet with favor.
So far as is known there is not an
instance of gate tenders violating a
prison rule. The order is said to be
procedure, and to repeal said original
section 61S1 and all acts and parts of acts
in conflict herewith.
Senate bill No. 372. by Williams (by re
quest) An act relating to trust com
panies, amending section 1912 of the gen
eral Statutes of 1909. and chapter 134 u
along the line of many being issued ! the session laws of 1911, and repealing said
by the investigation. original section.
Main.. Tnnarrl enmo hertt with the Senate bill No. 373, by Wolf An act to
power of an absolute dictator and
any suggestion he makes must be act
ed upon at once. He has brought on
an expert rifleman who will stay here
to teach the guards to shoot.
Jewell County Oommissioners Try Xew
Plan to Avoid Row.
Mankato. Kan.. Jan! 31. The coun
ty printing has been let in the most Senate bill No. 376, by McMillan (by re
provide for the examination and inspec
tion of the accounts of county officers.
Senate bill No. 374. by B. E. Wilson (by
request! An act making appropriation tc
the Citizens' .State bank of Lawrence,
Kan., for refund of excess capitalization
fee paid when filling application for char
ter. Senate bill No. 375, by Paulen An act
relating to cities of the second class which
has adopted a commission form of gov
ernment, authorizing them to issue bonds
to meet emergency expenses in public
unusual fashion in the history of the ! quest) An act providing for the report
county. The Mankato Advocate is ing or grain yields, the regulation or
named as the official county paper, grain threshing, the registration and
printing let to it at regular rates to licensing of all persons engaged in thresn
be shared with the Jewell Republican 'nf,.for hlre- and proviaing penalties for
ff11" aH Hfald CaCh at a!ouV'"iFce?sen
Young Pig Shoulders,
lb 12i2
No. 1 Hams, lb 16
No. 1 Cal. Hams, lb 14
No. 1 Sliced Ham, lb 18
Breakfast Bacon, lb.... 18
Raw Leaf Lard, lb. .12VW
Lamb Hindquarters, lb. .lip
Lamb Chops, lb 11?
Chuck Roast, lb 10
Plate Roast, lb .8
Kraut 4J lb., or 3 lbs for 10
Chuck Steak, lb 11
Round Steak, lb 12Vs
Shoulder Steak, lb 12
No. 1 young Pig Hams,lb.l5tf
Sirloin Steak, lb 1S
Porterhouse Steak, lb. ..174
Prime Rib Roast, lb.... 12 $5
Process Butter, lb 30S
Fancy Rump Roast, 10,12
Fresh Side Pork, lb 14
Veal Roast, lb
Rib Pork Chops, lb 13
Rib Pork Roast, lb. ..12VW
Pork Butt Roast, lb. .12y35
Country style Pork Sau
sage, lb 13
Hamburger, lb 10
Salt Smoked Bacon, lb. .15 j
Bulk Pork Sausage, lb 12 VW
Oleomargerine, lb. 121afl,
18, 19?, 20, 22,?, 24f(.
tnird rate. i
The interesting thinfe about this deal
is that the official paper thus desig
nated is Democratic and the other two
are Republican, during past campaign
Bull Moosers; and the county board
is practically Republican politically,
but determined to be-nonpartisan on
county printing as a venture.
Expert picture framing at cut rates.
Coo Bros., 828 Kan. ave. Adv.
failure to -make certain reports.
Senate bill Jo. 377, by Davis An act to
provide legal council for persons unable
to employ the same, and providing a pen
alty for the violation thereof.
Senate bill No. 379. by Gray An act
relating to the issuing of district school
Senate bill No. 3S0, by Milton An act
relating to civil procedure and amenda
tory of section 5907 of the general stat
utes of Kansas of 1909 and repealing origi
nal section 5907.
Senate bill No. 381, by Milton An act
providing for a limited exemption of fac
tories from taxation and authorizing
cities of the first and second class to ex
empt factories from taxes.
Senate hill No. 382. by Milton An at
relating to prison discipline and penal
servitude, and authorizing the use of ablo
White House Meat Market
-. Ray Trimble wants, damages in the
total sum of $2,500 against John F.
Rossiter,. chief special agent of the
Rock Island, for an alleged shooting bodied convicts and prisoners committed
on Kansas avenue last June. Trimble . to jails and prisons on the public hign
says, in a petition filed in the district ways and apportioning and assessing the
court today, that for no reason in the incidental benefits arising therefrom upon
world Rossiter stonned him. and shot me counties, en:.
Hen, Nest and Setting of Eggs Found
on Car Truck.
Tribune, Kan.. Jan. 31. A hen. a
nest and a setting of eggs were found
on the trucks of a freight car that has
arrived here from Shreveport, La.
The nest was removed from the car
to a box and the hen continues to set.
him under his left shoulder, wounding
him in a manner that caused him
great pain and inconvenience, and
causing him to lose a lot of valuable
Senate bill No. 3S3, by Nlghswonger
An act relative to the circulation of peti
tions for public improvements in cities of
the first class.
Senate bill No. 384, by Nighwonger (by
The funeral of George W. Crane, who
died at his home at 919 Harrison street
Thursday, will be held at the residence at 2
o'clock Sunday afternoon. Interment will
be in the Topeka cemetery. I
Mrs Mary Nelson, colored, age 56 years, I
died at her home at 301 Kast Crane street
of pneumonia this morning. The funeral
arrangements will be announced later. i
There's a Chef
Here to Do
Your Cooking
Just to show how thoroughly
Chef McDermott has learned his
'art, we cite the instance of his
going all the way to Old Mexi
co to get the real kinks of Chili
making. It's fine the, way he
makes it 10c a pint.
1 .Here are others:. . :
Roast Beef or Pork, lb 40c
Roast Chicken, lb . .30c
Baked Ham, lb. oOc
Delicious Meat Pie. pt lOc
Potatoes, au Gratin, pt 10c
Tempting Salads, pt. 10c to 23c
Choice Baked Apples. .3 for 10c
Rice or Tapioca Pudding, pt. lOc
Everything cooked by the man
who knows how.
11 Bakery and
lueai Delicatessen
121 West Sixth
time. Rossiter was looking for rob- ! request) An act to prevent the forcible
uers ai uie Lime ui luu eiiuuuug il is
said, and fired when Trimble refused
to stop and talk to him. The damages
asked included $1,000 actual and $1,
500 punitive. '
Nathan Pettit was arrested in North
Topeka Thursday while drunk and
will be taken to the penitentiary to
day to serve the remainder of a sen
tence for stealing a horse. He was
paroled at least two years) ago, but
was taken back to the institution and
after serving some more time, was pa
roled agin. He has been drunk sev
eral times since. C. M. Lindsay, as
sistant superintendent of the peniten
tiary, came to Topeka today to take
Pettit back to the institution.
Dave Kahn was arresed by the po
lice last night on the charge of forg
ery. He was employed as a solicitor
bv the Price Mercantile company. He
sold several sets of silverware, but
much lower than the sale price. He
made out contracts for the goods and
signed fictitious names. He will be
turned over to the state on a warrant
which will be issued today.
Three prisoners sentenced to serve
time in the state reformatory at
Hutchinson. Kan., will be transported
to the institution in a day or two by
Sheriff L. L. Kiene. There are two
white bovs and one colored to go to
begin serving their sentences. The
three include Mahlon Van Vleck, who
pleaded guilty to robbing a store at
Rossville for the sake of the woman
he loved: John Miltonberger, who
pleaded to a charge of holding up and
robbing the J. A. Coulter grocery, and
Friends of Commissioner H. D.
Driscoll of the Topeka Traffic asso
ciation are urging him to apply for
the position of rate clerk for the state
public utilities commission.
The secretary of the Kansas Mid
winter exposition denies that - there
will be 'carnival" festivities at the
Midwinter in the ordinary sense of the
word. The management simply ex
pects the largest crowd of the Mid
winter season, and no rowdyism of any
kind will be permitted.
An oil house in the Missouri Pacifio
yards caught fire last night, cause un
known, and was badly burned to the
extent of J50 or $75.
Razor blades machine sharpened
better than new, 25c-30c doz. Brunt
Drug Co. Adv.
The last number of the all-feature
week at the Best theater is being
shown today and tomorrow. This is a
i big three-reel film depicting the peril
and dangers encountered by the pio
neers of the west, and is called "Th
taking of possession of landH In the state
of Kansas, when the same are in tut
possession of an occupant bona fideiy
claiming a lawful right to the possessiot--
Senate bill No- 3S0, by Nighswonger (oy
request) An act to enable boards of coun
ty commissioners to transfer unexpected
balances to the general fund.
Senate bill No. 3S6, by Price of Clark
An act concerning state publications.
Senate bill No. 3S7, by Bowman An act
relating to criminal procedure and sup
plemental to chapter 97 of the generil
statutes of Kansas of 1909. being an a-t
to establish a code of criminal procedure.
Senate bill No. 3S8, by Bowman (by re
questsAn act relating to sales of per
sonal property and to promote unlformily
among the states In that regard.
Senate bill No. 390, by Stavely An act
relating to the state insurance depait
ment, providing for the office of and ap
pointment of a state fire marshal, for tne
appointment of his assistants, to prescribe
the duties, powers and dutips of each and
to provide for tiecessary salaries, etc.
Senate bill No. 391. by Milton (by re
questAn act relating to cities of tne
first class having a population of more
than 75.K. and providing for tho district
ing o. said cities and the election of com
missioners from each district.
Senate bill No. 39:', by Milton An at.t
making appropriations for the Industrial
department of the Western university, at
Qulndaro, Kan., for the fiscal years end- '
ing June 31), 1914, and June 30. 1915, and
for supplementary maintenance for the
biennium ending June 1913.
Senate bill No. 393, by Milton An act
to regulate the civil services in cities now
having or which may hereafter attain a
population of 75,000 inhabitants and which
have adopted or hereafter shall adopt tne
provisions of chapter 114 of the laws of
1907 and acts amendatory thereof.
Senate bill No. 394, by Milton An act
relating to the transportation of voters o
registration and polling places.'
Senate bill No. 395. by Milton An act
to amend section 3 of an act entitled: "An
act providing for the organization at d
regulation of fraternal beneficiary socie
ties, orders, and associations, and to pro
Vide penalties for the violation thereof, "
approved January fi, 1S99, and repealing
said original section.
I tr J I JL'I l"i" 'A Jack Frost has g'rren fejs&fc.
.j?' MJmPyj-r '-" - - J Niagara a coat of ice, and LV.
' aMMfa v Jt t ' I those who travel to New York CV. "
I am Jfcvfi "t ' - I an(' oston over the Michigan Cea- VN.
I wl J A 11 H mx tral will hare the opportunity of stop- 'V.Sk.
1 .ySLri ffl . tL'w' i ping at the Falls and witnessing this
-1 IIIM inn,,, "r . 3 unusual sight. fc
lewljrkfentral Lines
Michigan Central "The Niagara Falls Bmtte"
I S The route that provides all the comforts and conveniences of travel and aa unsurpassed view of
, Nature's greatest wonder, Niagara Falls, en route to
4 .it-. -l .....ry .w ---t' '"'! -nii nn-rfoi " i t - ii i I
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Arriv New York 0 a. m. &30p.m. 8:45 p. m. BtOO p. m. 7:03a.m.
Arrive Boaton 11Slb. 2.-S3 p-m. 10:43 p. m. 8:15 p.m. 7:05 a.m.
Additional Through Sleeping Car Service
- MicMsim Central K. E.-UduvuM Lima
. Lavea Chicago S:4Q p. m. Arrives New York 7z30 p. m.
, AH Michigan Central train are operated by electricity through a. M. f jr
X. the twin steel and oraicrote tubes at Detroit. - ' l , , , rMm.e.y
For full information, tickets and sleeping car reservations, LfT"
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