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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, March 08, 1913, LAST EDITION, Image 16

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To Arvvipv thls'dn
lBs This is miniature French Knots Uo not make them too compact Make the small designs of niln,h
- Hu can use a very large embroidery needle for this purpose, because the finished designs must l.avr the
If -a more finished appearance is desired, every petal and leaf can be worked in shadow embroidery
wr waists in larae design II detracts frcm the airy, chic appearance r '
TUiCoulJ be transferrer"
Put a cake of soap (laundry will do) In a
beet of blotting paper. Place
' inni a a H wi
perfect transfers to aoy kind of
MANY hostesses are harassed by
the thought of having to pro
vide "something quite new"
something which, without being ex
cessively elaborate, shall be striking
ly effective and provide a pleasant
surprisa for both young and old.
For children and grown-ups a toy
party is a very enjoyable affair. Each
guest is asked to bring with them a
toy. It may be home-made or bought,
but anyway the cost must not exceed
a sum fixed by the hostess.
The toys are all arrangeu on a ta
ble and each guest votes for the most
original and the most unoriginal bar
ring always their own contribution.
The donors of the two respective toys
receiving most votes each get a prize,
and the whole of the toys are sent to
a hospital or some poor children in the
name of the whole party.
A brown paper party Is also good
fun. The guests all wear costumes
contrived from brown paper. With a
little skill some wonderfully -good
dresses can be arranged. Br'er Rab
bit, Eskimos, Red Indians, Prairie
Girl, Cowboy these are a few of the
most obvious suggestions.
For children a lairy party is very
attractive. The room should be clear
ed of ordinary furniture and trans
formed into a fairy palace. Some
painted cardboard, tree branches, tin
eel, flowers and twinkling lights skil
fully arranged will effect a most real
istic transformation.
The Invitations should be sent out
in the names of the fairies, and the
little guests should come as fairies
of every clime and if liked charac
ters of well-known fairy tales.
in similar way it is possible to give
a witch party in a magic cave or a
Dutch party in a Dutch interior, while
forethought will suggest other ideas
equally atractive and easy to carry
through successfully.
When presents are given at a chil
dren's party the following novel idea
will be found an attractive method of
distribution: Cut a cake Into slices,
and on the outside of each slice fasten
a present, with. the name of Jthe.ln-.
This Attractive And Useful Design for Nxdievori
Obsolete Tracing Paper Method Which
,nto a real summery effect you should
to any shad, of linen and worked .wholl in unite or a color Bui wen on
the material or fabric to which the
i . . ..... .
tended recipient on a little flag stuck
in the top of each piece. Place the
slices in position, again and tie the
cake round with a broad ribbon to
keep It in shape.
WHEN the drawn work in linen
doilies or any other fancy
"work is worn out and the cen
te. j still remain good, stitch a row of
insertion over the drawn work.
A small steel crochet neeuie kept in
your machine drawer will be found
invaluable when pulling bastings, rip
ping, catching the' under thread, and
ether details incidental to sewing.
For the latest knotwork designs a
braid, imported especially from Ger
many, is employed. This comes in
skeins. It has tie advantage of mak
ing a more compact little bud than is
obtainable with the ordinary cottons.
Another way of working knot stitch
and other raised designs has been in
vented by an ingenious manufacturer
for the woman that is pressed for time.
Embroidery cotton has been twisted
and mounted upon a curved wire cov
ered to match the cotton and this is
to be laid upon the design and secured
invisibly to the materall.
The following may be of help during
this pocketless age, by making you
feel safe when traveling, with regard
to money and valuation: Take one
and one-half yards of heavy black sat
in ribbon about three inches wide. On
each end turn np three inches for a
pocket, then sew another piece above
the opening for the flap (envelope
fashion) with a snap catch for a fast
ener. Place one-half the ribbon on
the upper side and one-half on the un
der side of the underskirt, and fasten
to the band by a safety pin. Money
or valuables can always be carried
without fear of losing. - This can be
raade fancy by feather stitching it
around thepocKet with
colors in silk floss.
transfer It to a very fragile handkLf
hm f .. .1 i .1..-: '
design i ti- tj,c.8ap.
i nuoivi iru iiii :i n;i rn
Should Learn To
WOULDN'T it be profitable for
the business girl to give a lit
tle thought to the matter of
Some business women do try to save
a certain percentage of their salary,
but others give no thought of It. And
especially is this true of the begin
ner in business. It is such a novelty
to her to have her own money to
spend, it is so delightful to buy what
ever she wants without having to con
sult anyone, that her money slips
through her fingers like water. The
thought of systematic saving has not
yet entered her head.
- But there Is a pleasure in systei--t-1c
saving that has to be experienced
to be realized. And there are future
benefits that are still more delight
ful. And it Is a practice that in itself
has a great effect on a girl's charac
ter. So that there is eg girl who will
not be profited by saving, and profit
ed in ways that will bring, her keen
So it will pay even the most
thoughtless little business girl to give
some attention to the matter.
The best way for the business girl
to save is not to put by the quarter or
half dollar or dollar that may be left
in her purse at the end of the week.
Of course, it Is better to do this than
not to save at alL. But the most sat
isfactory way to save is to save sys
tematically, to decide to put by so
much each week, and then to do it.
willy nilly.
- And the surest way 10 succeed In
this plan is to Join some sort of sav
ing association where, if one does not
pay in the amount regularly, there Is
a. fine. .And the second essential half1
lin.n n.,.ii.
work- "rf" mrtinnn
onnnuork efiVrt
This would indee,
1 woula 'aej
- - - '
deed, be rich looking
a aSh fabr.c. the outl.ne stitch is preferred A solid des.gn ould be too hea
Satun.te this Design with the soa,, and
ii:ir nrT n rA nnn inir t nn iiooitrn fa
World Color Printing Co. St- Louis,"
of the programme of successful sav
ings is to put by the money at the
beginning of the week, on the day the
pay envelope is received. If the
amount to be saved is in the- saving
fund. It cannot be spent and one will
get along somehow without it. But if
it is in the pocketbook, it is liable to
slip away, and when the day for pay
ing it into the fund comes, it is not
at hand.
Saving systematically In this way
Introduces system into one's method
of living. A girl is compelled to know
what her expense are in order to
know how much she ca- save. There
fore, the beginning of systematic sav
ing is apt to mean the inauguration
of an expense account.
And few things are so helpful to
the business girl as this. When she
sees, in black and white, where her
money is going, she is apt to spend
more carefully. And though a girl
may think the keeping of an expense
account at this period of her life Is
all foolishness, and that the Jottine
down of five cents for cand and 10
cents for soda and 25 cents for neck
wear is a waste of time, its results
reach much farther than she now
If she gets the habit -f keeping tab
on her expenses, and learns in this
way the proportion that should exist
between the various items, if in time
she has a home of her own to manage,
and the probability Is she will, then
she will be able to run her household
expenses more successfully.
She will not be U.e sort of wife who
every week finds her he retold allow
ance running short before the week
is over. The sensr of proportion she
has gained in keeplnj her personal
account will stand her in good stead
now in more important matters. For
making outgo and income match in
household management is a most im
portant matter, and upon it often rests
the happiness of the home.
The girl who has . a bank account
has a sense of independence and free
dom that is worth a lot to her. If she
has something to fall back upon she
doesn't have to endure unendurable
conditions of work. This doesn't
mean that she should let a bank ao
CQoat lead her into being whimsically
Is Unreliable At Best
... tendrils, it oueht Jo be a iratflerouUlnene"ir finished Next fill in
h,fnr, herinnine anv nart of the ork
when done, with the other portions of
water mixture then remove the "s
n r w n 11 rtttn i utr uia lci iai -
FOR lovers of outdoor sport the
knitted jacket is much worn.
Bindings of varied widths are
"old in most furs at prices within
range of almost every purse.
Pale pink chiffon combined with
blrrck chiffon and Venlse lace forms
an admirable contrast In a French
Combinations triumph In every
gown. One side of the be dice will be
cream tulle and the other of raspber
ry velvet.
The plain frocks of black, dark blue
or gray charmuese are charmingly re
lieved by cuffs and collars of Vene
tian and Bohemian lace.
Luxurious and beautiful fabrics are
employed for evening wraps, and the
cuffs and collar are almost invariably
of some expensive fur.
Long shoulder effects are seen on
many of the latest French gowns. One
pretty design of taupe colored char
meuse has the attached lower portion
of the sleeve fashioned from the sky
blue chiffon.
A charming original headdress Is in
a "casque" effect, fashioned of rhine
stones encircling the head and anoth
er crossing the head from forehead to
nape of the neck. Upright feathers
are placed from the front intersection.
fickle and changeable. But crcry
business girl knows that there have
been times when, for perfectly good,
sound reasons, she would have given
anything to have been able to "throw
up her job." But she had nothing
whatever to fall back upon and so
she had to endure the long hours or
the unhealthy surroundings or the un
pleasant associates.
But there are many other advan
tages besides this, that results from
systematic saving.
Again, a girl may have seen a good
opening. But with no money in bank,
perhaps, with some one depending
upon her, she has been afraid to take
any risk. And so she has had to let
the OPPcrtu.njty-irtip.-
To Thcfoid And
v : ,
Use fine floss for this purpose ana
work and the seedlings
Do not
in .his pattern lor f.brlft
of thick paoer or two
ATER in which meat and vege
tables have been cooked
makes good soups.
RANGE and lemon peel make a
fine flavoring for sirups, jellies
and preserves.
ATER In which rice has been
cooked makes an excellent
starch for lingerie waists.
i T pays to buy in large quantities,
if you have a place to take care
of what you buy. :
F your glass jars won't open, set
them top downward in an inch or
two of hot water.
0 take machine oil out of white
materials dip the spot into cold
L water while it is fresh.
RY pieces of bread or cake make
excellent puddings ana are also
greatly relished by the poultry.
IT is said that a single polishing at
the bootblack's stand when shoes
are new will keep them in first
class condition much longer than if
they are worn first and polished aft
erward. IT may seem a simple thing to bake
potatoes, but it is not always an
easy matter to have them just
right. A new baker, provided with
teeth to hold' the potatoes, insures
thorough cooking without he Incon
venience of turning them in the oven.
MARKS can be rer ived from a
light carpet with a good carpet
soap, and applied without taking
up the carpet, says 8.3 exchange. Dark
the nower eentrrs with seed.
on.y one Mranu 10 eacn neea.e-
use compact embroidery on 511m
- . l .. A.ntu n
applying ft
folds of newspaper, and w th
w namo'ii t r nm n nuw
he Design to note how well
care you can easi.y nia
or self-colored carpets show dusty
footmarks far more than a light car
pet, or one well covered as to pattern.
This should be remembered in choos
ing dining-room carpets.
THE finger marks on a door can be
removed by a clean flannel cloth
dipped in kerosene oil; after
ward wipe with a cloth wrung out of
hot water in order to take the smell
A YELLOW frosting Is made by
beating the yolks very lightly
and thickening them with fine
sugar as you would the whites, it will
take a little longer to harden than if
the whites were used.
DINGY towels may frequently be
restored to normal whiteness by
putting in a kettle of cold water.
adding white soap snavmgs ana lemon
Juice, and letting come slowly to a
boiL Rinse in tepid water, then blue
water and hang in the sun.
,TOVE polish, when mixed with
W turpentine and applied in the
usual manner, is blacker, more
glossy and more durable than when
mixed with any other liquid. The
turpentine prevents rust, and when
put on an old rusty stove will make
it look as well as new.
THE best way to open a fruit Jar Is
to invert the top of the jar into
hot water, taking care that the
water is not deep enough to touch the
glass. The principle is to expand the
metal top and then open as usual. A
minute, or two Is sufficient. Should
It remain in too long the glass, would
also expand, -

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