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Ask City Candidates Leading
And That Has to Do With
Prohibitory Law.
Conditions in Topeka were pictured
M being in a deplorable state by cer
tain candidates on the outside looking
In for office who were "quizzed" by
sixty or seventy members of the Good
Government club at the Y. W. C. A.
building late Thursday afternoon.
Particularly emphatic in this direc
tion were the statements of three of
the men who are fighting for the of
fice of mayor.
R. Lm. Cofran: "The present admin
tration while honest has gone wrong.
The prohibitory law is ignored. If the
people of Topeka could see conditions
In the bottoms they would see that the
law is not enforced. I believe I could
enforce the law."
E. L. O'Neil: "If I am elected
mayor there will be no fake enforce
ment of the law. One of my first of
ficial acts will be to appoint a new
chief of police and a new police ma
tron. I am not making an attack on
the present office holders. I will re
organize the police force so that it
will be a source of pride to the people
of Topeka. and a good advertisement
for the city."
Colonel J. v P. Hughes: "The
first thing that I shall do when I am
mayor will be to clean out the police
department and I'll be there, too.
Two-thirds of them should go. I'll
go out with the police and If they
don't do their duty I'll be hunting for
new men."
George Adamson, running for com
missioner of streets and public im
provements: "I have lived In Topeka
for 25 years and I want to say I have
never seen the streets Jn worse condi
tion than thev are at the present time.
I have wondered for years why there ;
Is not a greater death rate in Topeka '
than there is. In a prohibitory way'
I have never seen things so badly)
lived up to."
There were three questions that i
were hurled at the candidates by the
women. They were:
"How do you stand on the prohibi
tory question?"
"Do you favor the abolishment of
pool halls and the strict enrorcemeni. (
of the anticigarette law?"
"Did you vote for woman's suf-1
frage?" I
All candidates said they stood for the (
enforcement of the prohibitory
and all other laws. However
when H. P. Miller was pinned j
down to state whether or not
he personally favored prohibition he
said he would lie for no office: he was !
not a prohibitionist in principle but in j
favor of honest enforcement of the law. j
One of the women present explained j
that he was a true German and had j
his peculiar ideas concerning such
things. I
E B. Stotts was placed in the thick I
of an argument. Mrs. H. M. White j
asked how the city commissioners could j
assist in the enforcement of the pro
hibitory law.
"I don't know how tl.ey could," was l
the reply. "The matter rests with the ,
ma vor. the county attorney, and the ;
sheriff. You will have to go to them."
Mrs. White continued:
"I have In my hands a list of eleven
addresses of places right here in To
reka that have United States liquor
licenses, and these places are running
now. If these men cannot enforce the
law we want men who can."
Mr Stotts pointed to his past record,
and stated that he is now more capable
than ever to handle the affairs of his
But the ladies did not make clear
just how or why a commissioner of
parks had anything at all to do with
the prohibitory law, nor why he was
quizzed on the one subject, while
nothing at all was asked about fitness
or capacity or record as a park com
missioner. All candidates insisted that they had
been arduous workers for suffrage for
F. M. Newland. candidate for com
missioner of water and lights, said that
he would make an effort to abolish all
pool halls.
J. A. Ramsey, candidate for commis
sioner of parks and public improve
ments asserted that he would butt into
the affairs of the other commissioners
if he saw that things were not being
handled properly.
. "Pete" Miller should be listed among
the orators of the occasion. He stated
that at least a twenty-five per cent
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next January.
Mrs. J. A. Bostic, was the only can
didate for a position on the board of
education who spoke. She stated that
she stands for the elimination of the
things in the public school system that
are not practical.
Candidates who spoke:
For mayor E. L. O'Neil, J. W. F.
Hughes, R. I. Cofran and Mrs. Mary
Taylor. For commissioner of finance
Roy Bone, J. A. Bostic. For com
missioner of parks and public prop
erty E. B. Stotts, William R. Por
ter William Bollinger, J. A. Ramsey,
Mrs. Ida Burkhart. For commission
er of streets and public improvements
W. G. Tandy, George Adamson. For
commissioner of water and light H.
P. Miller, F. M. Newland, Guy L.
Kate Advances Suspended.
Washington, March 14. Increases
in freight rates on grain and grain
products generally throughout the
territory north of, the Ohio and east
of the Mississippi, which were in most
cases to have cone into effect tomor-
drop in the water rates should come by row, were suspended today by the
interstate commerce commission until
July 8. The order declares "by the
proposed increases the rights and in
terests of the public appear to be in
juriously affected." A hearing will
be held.
American Athletes in Ixmdon.
London, March 14. American
Rhodes scholars were well repre
sented today in the annual field day
between Oxford and Cambridge. The
Oxford team included Will A. Zeigler
of the Universitv of Iowa, in the
weight-putting and hammer throwing,
and H. R. Stolze of Leland Stanford,
in the broad Jump as "Full Blues,"
while R. L. Lange of the University of
Oklahoma, E. P. Hubble of Chicago
and McCormick of Chicago were
members of the team "half blues" or
Karth Shocks Recorded.
Washington, March 14. Violent
earth shocks, apparently originating
within 1.500 miles of Washington,
were recorded early today on the seis
mograph at Georgetown university.
The vibrations began at' 4:04 o'clock
and continued until 5:22 o'clock.
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