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Commercial Club
Many 3few Flans.
Committee After Inter
urban Railway Lines.
Factory Aid Plan Will Be in
List of Topeka Factories Is Be
ing Prepared.
When the 1913 committees of the
Commercial club are announced in
the March issue of the Commercial
Club Bulletin there will be two new
committees in the list. They will be
the union depot and the interurban
railway committees.
According to the secretary of the
club, J. Will Kelley, an effort will be
made in the direction of procuring
for Topeka interurban lines connect
ing with outlying districts. The union
depot project will also be taken up by
the committee which will be appoint
ed for the purpose.
This is the first intimation of an or
ganized move on the part of the Com
mercial club towards an interurban
system. The committee will go thor
oughly into the proposition. '
Mr. Kelley stated that now that the
attention of the business men is not
turned towards legislative proceedings
th efforts of the Commercial club
will be directed towards undertakings
that have been mapped out by the or
ganization. For Factory Aid Plan.
Steps will be taken by the promo
tion committee for putting the factory
air plan into actual operation. An ef
fort will be made to increase material
ly the fund which Is now about $125,
000. Not long since a branch of the Ros-
well manvifacturing plant, with head
quarters In Jicw Mexico, was opened
in a portion of the building formerly
owned by the Smith Automobile com
pany. A dozen men are employed
manufacturing and perfecting orchard
heaters or smudge pots. It is the
hope of the promotion committee to
keep this concern here permanently,
and if possible to bring the main fac
tory to Topeka,
Numerous inquiries have been re
ceived by Secretary Kelley since the
factory aid plan was first agitated by
concerns that might be induced to lo
cate In Topeka, If the club lands sev
eral factories In the course of the next
year they will consider that they have
been doing well.
The March Issue of the Commercial
Club Bulletin will contain a list of
manufacturing concerns doing busi
ness in Topeka. This list will be run
for several months until it is complete.
Secretary Kelley requests the manage
ment of all firms not included in the
list published in this month's issue of
the official publication of the club to
let him know of the omission.
Will Issue Booklet.
It is also desired to publish a list of
all available buildings which could be
used for factory purposes, and sites
that could be utilized for the erection
of factory buildings.
At a later date all this Information
will be published in booklet form for
the benefit of firms contemplating
coming to Topeka.
There is at present time a firm that
desires a location about 75x25 feet in
size, preferably on the west side of
Kansas avenue.
Secretary Kelley requests the mem
bers of the Commercial club who have
any preference as to what committees
serve on, to let him know of the fact.
Here is a list of the committees which
will be appointed: Membership, civic
improvement, promotion, street light
ing, conventions, roads and bridges,
agriculture, parks and playgrounds,
transportation, trade extension, state
and national legislation, municipal
legislation, schools and education, pub
licity, street railway and telephone,
union depot, and interurban railway.
Building Permits.
Weather conditions have not been
conducive to great activity in building
and realty circles in the last week. As
soon as the weather becomes more
steady, however, all will be life.
Following is a list of building per
mits issued this week:
J. W. Thompson, remodel and addi
tion to building, 140 Emmett street. .$2,000
E. A. varring, one and one-half
story dwelling, 715 West Thirteenth
street 2,500
G. C. Wegele, one story store build
ing, 1131 Kansas avenue 1,500
Miscellaneous items .'. 500
Total ..- $6,500
The Vignette club will meet Tues
day with Mrs. John Chaney. Miss
Lane, of the State university, will con
duct the lesson which will be a study
of the last chapter of the "Return of
the Druses," and the first chapter of
"The Blot on the Scutcheon."
At a meeting of the Good Govern
ment club Thursday, the officers who
served last year were re-elected for
another term. They are: Mrs. Lee
Monroe, president; Mrs. Emma Sells
Marshall, first vice president; Mrs. J.
D. McFarland, second vice president;
Mrs. E. E. Roudebush, secretary;
Miss Gertrude Barnes, corresponding
secretary; Mrs. Lucia O. Case, auditor,
and Mrs. Fred Farnsworth, treasurer.
Most of the candidates for the city
election spoke before the club, and
about 200 members of the club attend
ed the meeting.
The Thursday Study club met
Thursday with Mrs. H. S. Putney at
her home on Clay street. Mrs. Put
ney, who was elected president for
next year, was obliged to resign on ac
count of ill health, and Mrs. G. Law
rence was chosen to fill the vacancy.
Papers were read at the meeting by
Mrs. S. L. Nelson and Mrs. W. S.
A council meeting of the General
Federation of Women's clubs will be
held in Washington, E. C, April 21,
22, 23 and 24. Added interest is lent
to the occasion because it is the twenty-third
anniversary of the formal
launching of the general federation.
These council meetings have grown to
be of immense importance to more
than a million women. The council Is
held in the years between the biennial
conventions, and is advisory but non
legislative. It canvasses the afffairs
of the federation In an intimate con
clave that is productive of excellent
suggestions and plans. It is composed
of the board of directors, presidents
of state federations, presidents of Indi
vidual clubs in direct membership with
the general federation, chairmen of de
partments of work, and of general fed
eration state secretaries.
The April meeting takes on special
interest on account of being held
in the rational capital. Today when
women are especially alive to public
questions and their relation thereto,
Washington is alluring as the theater
of discussion of matters of public con
cern. Mrs. P. V. Pennypacker, the
president of the federation, will be in
attendance. One of the new standards
which she has set for the general fed
of the ways she is securing It is by a
letter written regularly to cover ques
tions of special interest to club wom
en. This letter appears in the gener
al federation magazine.
A brilliant general program will be
given, and there will be a trip to Mt.
Vernon, a day in Baltimore, and other
attractive features of entertainment.
Upon a call issued by the presidents
of sixteen state suffrage associations,
the suffragists of the Mississippi valley
states attended a conference In Chica
go in May, and the conference decided
to hold another session in 1913. The
committee on arrangements announces
that the conference will be held in
the Buckingham hotel in St. Louis,
April 2. 3 and 4. The general topic
of the conference will be "Campaign
Methods." The St. Louis suffragists
will furnish entertainment of lodging
and breakfasts for those who wish it.
Those who desire such entertainment
should send their names to Mrs. Wil
lard Bartlett, 4257 Washington Boule
vard, St. Louis. The states represent
ed in the conference will be: Illinois,
Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missis
sippi, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Okla
homa, Nebraska, Louisiana, South
Dakota and Missouri.
A delegation of Kansas women, In
cluding a number of Topeka people,
wil go to St. Louis for the conference.
The W. T. K. club will meet Tues
day, March 18, with Mrs. W. Ei. Scot
ton, 611 Clay street.
Some Topeka women who were in
Washington at the time of the inaug
uration and who saw the suffrage
marchers when they arrived in the
city, report that the condition of the
suffragists has been much misrepre
sented; that their shoes were not worn
to tatters, and that they did not have
the appearance of fanatical frumps
at all, as many of the reports would
lead one to believe. ' Miss Rosalie
Jones, the leader, is young and hand
some and wealthy. She is socially
prominent In her city and is much ad
mired' in many -ways. Last summer
Mrs. Jonathan Thomas, of Topeka,
spent the season at a summer resort
in the east, and became well acquaint
ed with Miss Jones, who was living at
Evening Began Wrong,
Turned Out Happily.
I knew that I was in for it.
If Mr. Bowser came home feeling
good-natured there might be only a
few "humphs" of disgust, but if things
at the office- had gone wrong then
he would break loose.
I had three hours in which to make
up my mind, and when he arrived I
had decided what to do.
m ,
the same place. Miss Jones was
that time much interested in suffrage
and the campaign in Kansas in parti
cular which was as yet undecided.
mti? rKiSSSiSSiSSsSSJS?1. 'fear
Raphael iirraandem.
Raphael Hernandez, minister of im
provements in the cabinet of former
President Madero of Mexico, is in the
United States. He says that should he
eration is a closer interrelation of lo- return to Mexico during the reign of
cai, state and national bodies, and one ' Huerta he would undoubtedly be killed
The Celebrated Cook Book
"Royal Baker
& Pastry Cook"
Send your address.
Royal is absolutely pure and wholesome,
the best in every way, of all the baking
powders. It makes food of finest flavor,
and adds anti-dyspeptic qualities thereto.
It has greater leavening strength and is
therefore the most economical.
fc J
You see, the other afternoon a mes
senger boy brought our cook a tele
gram to the effect that her sister
living ten miles away, was very ill
and wanted to see her at once. She
was ready to leave in half an hour,
and I took hold of the work and had
a good dinner awaiting Mr. Bowser
when he reached home. He entered
the house in a pleasant mood, but no
sooner had I broken the news to him
about the cook than he said:
"I thought it was about time for
another klckup! By John, but can't
you keep a girl for 15 minutes with
out a row?"
"We haven't changed girls in five
months," I replied, "and there would
have been no change now but for
sickness. Annie will probably be
back in a day or two. Meanwhile I
can do the cooking."
"Meanwhile I have go to live on
crusts and bones and feel that things
are upside down!" he growled. "If
there's a worse run house in America
I'd like to know where it's located.
The cook has no sick sister. She sim
ply made that an excuse to get away
from here. All your cooks do that
when they can't stand your ways."
"What is wrong with my ways, Mr.
"Everything. You crush a girl to
the earth. You grind her to a pulp.
You are around with your nose cocked
up and demand tha she get down on
her knees to you. I have always
pitied them from the bottom of my
heart, poor things!"
"That's probably the reason why
two of them said you made googoo
eyes and tried to fMrt, and two others
called you an old hen and wouldn't
stay, even when I offered to increase
their wages!"
"Woman, do you know what you
are saying?"
"I do."
"Then by the great horn spoon, but
I feel like boxing your ears! I make
googoo eyes at your cook! I try to
nirt witn ner: l l '
"Be calm, Mr. Bowser. There is no
need of any quarrel over this thine
I have made up my mind that you
wouia come nome to talk just as you
have done, and I determined on my
course. I have my trunk nearly
aiiu you u - go nome to your
motner: '
"I will."
"And there'll be a separation and a
"And and "
"And that's all. After three or four
years you can marry someone who'll
run your house to suit your ideas.
"I was going to propose this very
step, Mrs. Bowser, and it's the most
sensible thing you have said in six
months. Yes, divorce - is inevitable,
but, of course, I shall see that you are
well provided for as to alimony."
Neither of us ate any of the dinner
I had been to such pains to cook. I
left the table set and went un to my
room and began to bang my trunk
around, and after a few minutes I
slipped softly downstairs to find that
Mr. Bowser had taken off his coat.
rolled up his sleeves and was clear
ing off the table and washing un the
'So it's separation and divorce!" he
mused as he worked. "All right. It
was bound to come sooner or later
and why not now? When a wife will
take a crowbar and pound on the
piano to make her hard working hus
band $25 extra expense it's time there
was a divorce. I've talked and talked,
but it has done no good. She's got
some good points about her, but it
will have to be have to be."
He grumbled away below his breath
while he was taking down the roller
towel to use as a dish towel, and then
I heard him say:
"Wonder what the mother-in-law
will say about it? I know, however.
She 11 give me an awful roast
Shouldn't wonder, if she'd come right
down here and do her song and dance
act and make it bad for me. She's
got a way about her to make a fel
low's hair stand up. Mebbe I was a
little hasty mebbe so. If Mrs. Bow
ser hadn't walked off and left mo to
wash these dishes "
I had to go up to the sitting room
to . avoid discovery, and 20 minutes
later he found me there.
Neither of us spoke.
Both sat down and stared in va
A woman can beat a man at a
waiting game, and after a quarter of
an hour I tired Mr. Bowser out. He
began to shuffle his feet and twiddle
his thumbs and at length got up and
went into the library. I listened at
the keyhole and as he walked to and
fro I heard him say:
"She sits there like a bump on a
log and says nothing. If she expects
me to speak first, she'll get badly left."
He was quiet for a moment, during
which he kicked the dictionary across
the floor and banged a chair about,
and then he resumed:
"Mrs. Bowser has got her trunk
packed and will want to go in the
morning, and I don't know what in
thunder I'm going to do. I can't get
a housekeeper in here, and I'll be
hanged if I go to a hotel or boarding
house. What did she want to fire up
the way. she did for? She knows my
little ways and has always put up
with them till this time, but the min
ute I began to talk she said she'd
been packing her trunk to go home.
Never was so astonished in my life,
btft. of course. I had to tell her to
trot along. By gun! By gun!"
I heard him approaching the door
and I got back into the sitting room.
He came in after a moment, trying
hard to look careless, and after pac
ing up and down he took a chair and
remarked that it was snowing out
I replied that it was possible.
He said that we'd had very little
snow thus far this winter.
I replied that I hadn't been inter
ested. He then took the cat on his lap and
asked if I thought her eyesight was
He then skipped from cat to mother-in-law
and hoped she was well.
She is well, thank you.
Then Mr. Bowser began to shuffle
and twiddle again, and in another
minute he rose up and returned to the
library. I took up my former posIt
tion just in time to hear him say:
"The old girl's got her back up for
fair this time. She ought to see that
I'm doing my best to make up with
her, but she won't have it. Wonder if
she expect3 me to get down on my
knees to her. . I won't do it if I die for
it, but it puts me in a hole just the
same. What in the old Harry is going
to become of me if she goes?"
Then he got mad and kicked . that
poor dictionary back again, and back
and forth the other way, and it was
two minutes before he went on:
"Bowser, you are an old crank!
Durn your cats, but why do you jump
on anybody with both feet the way
you do? You come home and find
that the cook has been called away
by sickness legitimate sickness and
you immediately begin to blow and
bluster and walk around on Mrs. Bow
ser. Yes, you are an old crank, and
you've got yourself into a nice fix
Absolutely Pure and of Fine Quality
Baker's Breakfast
is a Delicious and Wholesome Drink
Made by a perfect mechanical process, without the
use of chemicals, thus preserving the delicate natural
flavor, aroma and color characteristic of high-grade
cocoa beans.
Be sure that you get the genuine
with the trade-mark on the package.
B's-rto4 WALTER BAKER CSL CO. Limited
Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MAS&
Louis Van Dorp
509 Jackson Street, Topeka
Galvanized Iron, Slate, Tin Work
110 East 9th Street, -Phone 1625, Repairing and Jobbing
at last! What you want to do is to
go right down there and chuck that
woman under the chin and beg her
pardon and No, you can't do
that. You want to put on your hat
and overcoat and go out and slam the
door behind you. She'll probably get
scared and come down off her high
horse and call you back, and then you
can make up without loss of dignity."
I got out of the way, and Mr. Bow
ser put his plan in operation. It
didn't work. He stood on the steps for
five minutes, waiting for a call, and
when none came he re-entered the
house with crestfallen demeanor.
Hanging up his hat on the hall-tree,
he came back into the sitting room
and stood and looked at me.
I returned his gaze.
"I am cantankerous old fellow," he
blurted out, "while you are you
"While I'm an angel."
"Yes, you are that, and I want to
say "
"So do I. I'm not- going home to
mother in the morning."
Then Well, then, Mr. Bowser
and I had a happy evening together,
and in his exuberance of spirits he
lifted the cat to his shoulder and went
dancing around the room like a boy
10 years old. I think he'll be good for
at least a week to come. (Copyright,
1913, by the Associated Literary
Because there you will have a
chance to succeed. There cli
mate, soil and water. In conjunc
tion with intelligent labor, work
wonders. Alfalfa, fruits, garden
truck, poultry and dairy prod
ucts point the way to more than
a mere living.
Colonist Excursions
March 15 to April 15
1913. Then one-way second
class tickets from Topeka. to Los
Angeles, San FranciscoVSan J)K
ego and to jnany'other points
in California will be sold for
J SO. Corresponding far from
points on other lines in connec
tion with the Santa Fe. Liberal
stopover privileges. .
Two fast trains daily from To
peka carry tourist sleepers and
free chair cars. Harvey meals.
For tickets, reser
vations, informa
tion and copy of
"San Joaquin Val
ley" folder, apply
. . I
T. lu King, City Passenger AgU,
Topeka, Kan.
Capitol Building and
Loan Association
Will Loan on
Real Estate
Repayable Monthly
Call for Information.
534 Kansas Ave.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
THOMAS E. JONES. Assistant.
Phono 192. 508-510 Quincy 6U

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