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A pure, Grape cream of tartar baking
powder Makes Food More De
licious and Wholesome No
Alum No Phosphates
Care must be taken to keep Alum from the Food
Prof. Alonzo Clark, of New York: "A substance (alum)
which can derange the stomach should not be tolerated in
baking; powder.
Prof. S. W. Johnson, Yale College: "I regard their (alum
and soluble alumina salts) introduction into baking powders as
most dangerous to health.
Read the Label on the can. Unless it shows a cream
of tartar ingredient don't buy the powder
Bliss Campbell, Hiawatha, County
Clerk by One Vote.
Hiawatha, Kan.. March 19. The
county clerk wrangle was settled here
at the adjourned session of the dis
trict court. Miss Campbell, Republi
can, being declared elected by one
vote. Miss Campbell was elected at
the November election by a majority
of sixteen votes, according to the
count of the county commissioners,
and John Mathewson, Democrat, con
tested and the contest board gave him
the election by two votes. The attor
neys for Miss Campbell then carried
her case to the district court and en
deavored to secure a temporary re
straining order to keep her opponent
from taking the office. This was de
nied, and Mr. Mathewson took charge
of the office until the case was set
tled, but Miss Campbell will draw the
salary for this time, she having been
legally elected candidate according to
the decision of the district judge.
C. J. Olson wants to be postmaster
of Hill City. If successful, he prom
ises to do everything in his power to
harmonize the "opinions" of the peo
ple of his town. Anyone who can do
this is entitled to the office, and some
thing better.
There is talk of starting a Demo
cratic paper in Hoxie.
The papers are throwing pretty
bouquets at Grace L. Snyder of Caw
ker City, who was recently appoint
ed member of the state board of edu
cation. The honor will meet with
general approval of the Sixth district.
And she must be a pretty fair politi
cian, too, from the fact that few knew
she was an aspirant for a guberna
torial position.
Harry S. Kennedy is editor of the
Cedar Bluffs Booster. He couldn't
stay out of the profession. His town
Is in Decatur county, in the far-famed
Beaver valley. In his salutatory he
Bays: "Some of you old growlers and
knockers quit it, as that sharpens our
bill to give you a good roasting. Stand
up for your town and county or move
Four ladv aDDlicants are after the
Waldo postoffice, not to mention the
men, who think they are more en
titled to be present than are the
A soldiers' monument will be dedi
cated in Lincoln Decoration day.
Capt. Clad Hamilton of Topeka has
accepted the invitation to be present
and deliver the address.
The World is giving the people of
Wilson a newspaper once a week they
will support. W. S. Baxter is the
publisher, and he knows how to con
duct a newspaper and pick up the
This early there are prospects for
a lively building in Smith Center and
Smith county, and this, too, in the
midst of a Democratic administra
tion. One builder and contractor has
already signei up contracts for build
ings aggregating $80,000, and the
work hasn't started. John Harwood
and Ed Stevens will each erect brick
business buildings.
The Mitchell county breeders' sale
aggregated $16,450, the Percherons
bringing about $400 a head.
Commencement Address.
Meade, Kan., March 19. Dr. IT. G.
Mitchell, professor of mathematics in
Kansas university, has been chosen to
deliver the commencement address for
the Meade High school here May 30.
His subject will be "An Interpretation
of Commencement-"
Jewell City Woman Is in Hopeless
Jewell City, Kan., March 19. Miss
Anna Bodding of Allen township, who
had lived here several years, employed
as stenographer and office clerk at
this place, is stricken with tuberculo
sis. First, her condition was regarded
as a nervous collapse, but pneumonia
developed and tuberculosis became
apparent. She has been In bed for
months, unable to be moved home to
her father's near Randall. The phy
sicians say her case is hopeless. Her
condition having been admitted to her
she is anxious to be moved home, pre
ferring to die there, and an effort will
be made to please her.
Prior to the primaries last year sev
eral gentlemen asked her to become
the candidate for register of deeds on
the Democratic ticket, as she was a
Bryan Democrat, but she would not
make the race in the face of flattering
Industrial Club Considering: Plans for
Town Betterment.
Garden City, Kan., March 19. The
Industrial club here is considering a
plan to increase the population of
Finney county 2,000, suggested by L.
M. Williams, a member. It is planned
to discontinue striving for improve
ments too big for the community to
properly handle, thereby stopping
misdirected effort. Intensive farming
will then be advocated among the
farmers as the best attraction avail
able for colonization. An approved
system of marketing will also be
established that will be adequate to
handle all farm products raised in
this section. Garden City merchants
are noted for pulling together and it
is thought the merits of the plan will
be fully developed.
Author of Poems.
Concordia, Kan., March 19. A
printer boy who served his time as
an apprentice here and was familiarly
called Charlie English by everybody,
has been heard from as the author of
a volume of poems, entitled "The
Holy Seasons." Mr. English at one
time lived in Topeka, assisting Rev.
A. N. See in editing and publishing
the Kansas Methodist, ' at the same
time doing evangelistic work over the
Removes the sour bile, gases and clogged-up waste without
gripe or nausea. No headache, indigestion, consti
pation bi'.Iiousness or coated tongue.
injury. Its action is the action of
fruit of eating coarse food of taking
exercise. It Is a true and effective
liver and bowel cleanser and regu
lator. Most folka dread physic they shrink
from the taste and after affect. Syrup
of Figs is delicious, and, besides, you
dcn't realize you have taken anything
until morning, when all the cloggej
up waste of the system is gently but
thoroughly jooved on and out of the
bowels without griping or weakness.
Ask your druggist for the full name.
"Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna,"
This is the old reliable and only gen
uine. Refuse, with contempt, any
other Fig Syrup recommended as good.
They are imitations meant to deceive
you. Read the label carefully and
look for the name California Fig
Syrup Company. Adv.
Foul breath, coated tongue, dull
throbbing headache, stomach sour and
full of gases, indigestion, biliousness
and a sallow complexion, mean that
your thirty feet of bowels are clogged
with waste matter; that these drain
age organs of the body are obstructed;
liver stagnant and stomach full of
pcisonoua gases, sour bile and un
digested fermenting food net properly
carried off..
Most of our ills are caused by con
stipated bowels. We all need a laxa
tive sometimes; nobody can doubt
that. The only question is. Which one
la the best? and that isn't a question
ny more. Syrup of Figs, being com
posed entirely of luscious figs, senna
and aromatlcs, must act In a harmless,
gentle and natural way. Syrup of
Figs can be constantly used withocit
state, also contributing to the "Metho
dist" and taking subscriptions. After
transferring from northwest Kansas
conference, he received several de
grees from colleges, was the pastor
of the First M. JE. church, St. Joseph,
Mo., when the $150,000 edifice was
erected and dedicated. Dr. C. J. Eng
lish is now at Cameron, Mo., pastor of
University church.
Jetmore Also in Need of Fire Fighting
Jetmore. Kan.. March 19. Consid
erable agitation has developed here
recently for city fire protection and
a municipal light plant. . Advocates
of both improvements argue that the
same power that is used to afford
power protection could be used for
operating a light plant. The $20,000
Hodgeman county high school build
ing was lost by fire here last fall be
cause of lack of protection. The loss
was keenly felt and it is thought the
lesson learned will result in the in
stallation of fire fighting equipment
here soon.
High School Debate.
Jewell City, Kan., March 19. The
joint debate between the high schools
of Jewell City and Esbon held at this
place was decided unanimously in fa
vor of Jewell school. Subject. "Re
solved. That the nations of the world
should reduce their armaments to the
minimum necessary for police duty."
Jewell had the affirmative. Notwith
standing the snowstorm, belated trains
and severe cold, the debate was a suc
cess all around.
Child Found Dumb.
Narka, Kan., March 19. Deaf for
almost two years and the fact only
discovered by the parents, is the pre
dicament of the little 2 -year-old son
of Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Ivie of this
place. Mr. Ivie is pastor of the M. E.
church, and the parents took the lad
to an Omaha specialist in hopes of
remedying the defect.
Thomas Kamey Dead.
Dodge City, Kan., March 19. Word
has been received here that Thomas
Karney, one of Ford county's best
lsf' isi f
U : Li :
Safe, Sure, Clean, DIGESTIBLE f
Pastry can be "pasty" or "tasty" much depends upon the
cooking fat used. Cottolene is preferable to butter or lard
for shortening because it makes
pastry rich without the least sug
gestion of greasiness. It also
makes it light, crisp and digestible.
In addition to giving better re
sults, Cottolene is cheaper than
butter, more economical than lard.
Two-thirds of a pound of Cottolene
will go as far as a full pound of
butter or lard, and Cottolene is
usually as cheap as or cheaper
than lard.
Buy a pail of Cottolene to
day, try tins recipe, and let
"hubby" render the verdict
when he tries the food.
When results and economy both
point to Cottolene, why use, any
other shortening?
Cottolene is the original vegeta
ble shortening and frying medium.
It is a product of Nature, made
from the purest and
choicest cotton oil,
and is in every sense
as palatable, health
ful and digestible as
olive oil.
Made only by
Cream three tablespoons Cettdent, add scant cup of sugar, 3 yolks of
eees well beaten with one white, stir in one cupful of freshly mashed
potatoes and Va cuP milk- sift 2V cP &oar with 3 teaspoons bak
ing powder, Vfe teaspoon each of salt and ground mace, also a little
nutmeg, and add to first mixture, working in additional flour as nec
essary to handle lightly. Roll and cut all doughnuts before frying.
Fry in hot Cottolene 3 inches deep ia kettle, testing the temperature
with piece of bread.
known pioneers, Is dead at the Osa
watomie asylum, where he was sent
some nine years ago when his mind
became unbalanced. Mr. Karney came
to Dodge in 1886 and for a time ran
the first mail route north. Later he
homesteaded near Montezuma and
about the time his holdings began to
make him rich, his mind gave way.
Arnold Veltman, 89, Died at Home
Near Salina.
Salina, Kan., March 19. Arnold
Veltman, 89 years old and a comrade
of Carl Schurz in the battle of
Baastadt in the German revolution of
1848, is dead at his home farm in
this county. He came to America in
1868 and has lived in central Kansas
since that time. He is survived by a
widow and" two daughters, one of
whom is a nun at Concordia,
Spelling Bee Association.
Syracuse, Kan., March 19. A Mu
tual Spelling association has been or
ganized among the country schools of
Hamilton county. The annual con
test is set for the first Saturday in
April. In the meantime each school
will select its representative to the
county contest by the elimination
method. The cash prizes for the
county honors will be raised by en
trance fees required by the central
organization of each school entering
a contestant. This arrangement makes
the annual bee independent of private
donations and it will be a permanent
County's Oldest Taxpayer.
White Rock, March 19. This place
claims to have the citizen who has
paid real estate taxes longer than any
other man in Jewell county. He is
N. S. Cederberg, who proved up on his
homestead before the county was or
ganized, when Junction City was the
land office for this section. Mr. Ce
derberg remembers when General Cus
ter rescued Miss White from the In
dians, bringing her back from Texas,
whither the Indians had taken her, to
her home near what is now James
town. At that particular time Mr.
Cederberg was working at Ft. Lamed.
Mills Funeral Held.
Liberal, Kan., March 19. Word has
been received here of the burial at
Boulder, Colo., of Miss Mary-Mills, a
member of one of Seward county's
most prominent pioneer families. She
aided in the founding of the first
church and Sunday school at this
place. She was also superintendent of
public instruction during the county's
early days. A sister. Miss Emma
Mills, was a pioneer postmistress here,
and a brother, Arthur Mills, was a
capable early day sheriff of this coun
ty for two terms.
. Newspaper Is Urged.
Jewell City, Kan., March 19. There
is some talk of the establishment of
a Democratic newspaper at this place
the opening being exceptionally good.
There has been no Democratic paper
here for years, the last being the
Jewell News, which Editor Cobb mov
ed elsewhere. Even some radical Re
publicans say they will welcome some
competition in a newspaper way. me
patronizing territory is large as the
towns near west have none at all,
and other Democratic papers are 8 to
12 miles away,
Pasture Prices Higher.
Cottonwood Falls, Kan., March 19.
Chase county stockmen are already
preparing for the opening of the graz
ing season here. From $7 to $7.75
per head for the grazing season are
the general prices at which pastures
are being leased as compared with
$6.50 to about $7 a year ago. Accord
ing to local shippers, most of the
grazing land in this vicinity has al
ready been contracted for and, not
withstanding the advance in rent, the
demand for it seems to be good.
Oil House Replaced.
Emmett, Kan.,. March 19. The Kan
O Tex Oil company has replaced their
oil house which was destroyed by fire
some time ago. August Sakvaida will
be in charge of the local station.
Cause for Alarm
Loss of appetite or diatreaa after
eating a symptom that should
Hot b. disregarded.
It is not what you eat but what you
digest and assimilate that does you
good. Some of th. strongest, health
iest persona sr. moderate eaters.
Nothing will cause Dior, trouble than '
a disordered stomach, sad many
people contract serious maladias
through disregard or abus. of the
We urge all who suffer from indi
gestion, or dyspepsia, to try Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets, with th. under
standing that w. will refund the
money paid us without question ox
formality, if after um you ara not
perfectly satisfied with results.
We reeemmend Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets to customers .very day, and
have yet to hear of on. who has not
been benefited. W. believe them to
be without equal. They give prompt
relief, aiding to neutralise acidity,
stimulate now of gastric juice,
strengthen th. digestive organs, and
thus promote perfect nutrition and
correct unhealthy symptoms. Thro,
sixes, 25 cents, 60 cents, and $1.
Ton can buy Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets
la this community only at our store:
Topeka Th -zntaXX, Start Kansas
There is a Rexall Store in nearly every town
and city in th. United States, Canada and
Great Britain. There is a different Rexall
Remedy for nearly eei y ordinary human ill
eaeh especially designed for the pmrtiimlur 01
for which it is recommended.
Th. eUxjdl Scotm u
cIhe Elsie Jams
Tarn $1.95
This beautiful new spring model is as
pretty, popular and decided a success in
New York as the charming young actress
whose name it bears.
An exceptionally becoming style for
young people.
We have several dozen of them in all the
leading colors to sell special at each $1.95.
Our Spring Millinery
Includes Every Kind Endorsed by Fashion
The whole trend of European Fashions seems
to be giving the small hat the eminence, and here
it is presented in styles more lovely and more va
ried than one would imagine possible.
An Easter Hat for Every Woman
Every kind that will be needed to complete the
spring costume. Many of them show touches of
pleasing color; of plumage and stick-ups in orig
inal form.
Are you oin io
abroad! Make the dream of youth
reality of today by visiting the lands across
the sea, the art galleries, the churches,
the mountains, the lakes, the people,
now known only at second hand.
Today is a good time to plan this
summer s trip.
As agent for all Important txana
Atlantlc lines I can give yoa full In
formation about fares and places, and
will make your reservations. Writs
for Illustrated literature.
Insure absolute enjoyment of the
tour by using the Santa Ke to Chicago.
v"g W(l p-w City Passenger A feet,
y WsiTTr4vCE55c&" Topeka, Kansas.
8 Daily Trains
L.V. Topeka
4:20 a. m.
4:46 a. m.
7:40 a. m.
1:36 p. m.
4:26 p. m.
4:16 p. m.
T:SS p. m.
10:80 p. sn.
. Kan. City
4:26 a. m.
7:26 a. m.
1:26 a. m.
4:20 p. m.
4:10 p. m.
8:10 p. m.
4:80 p. m.
!!: a. m.
all and Slearatblp rickets
C. E. S4SC0M. C. P. .
Phsns 4036
jt. Kan CI:
7:66 a. m.
19:10 a. m.
11:06 a. m.
11:36 a. m.
4:10 p. m.
4.-00 p. m.
10:80 p. m.
11:16 p. m.
Arr. TopeJca
9:36 a. m.
12:06 p. m.
12:59 p. m.
1:26 p. m.
76 p. m.
4:46 p. m.
12:11 a. m.
1.-C0 a. m.
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