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New Spring Styles
for Easter Wear
Are Now Ready at "
Commissioners Slice $2,400 in
First Two Months.
Treasury in Good Shape for
New Administration
Whenever ;
Fbw Are in
Kansas City,
Make This
Store Your
Use the
Conveniences at
Your Will
jj &XSAS OTY. MO. jj
Good, healthy flesh can only be
pained by the use of the proper food,
together with natural action of the or
gans of assimilation. Nine people out
of ten in order to weigh as much as
they ought and be perfectly healthy,
should use Samose, the great flesh
forming food and health restorer. Weigh
yourself before commencing to use
these little tablets, and see how your
weight increases from week to week.
1 Samose does not contain a particle of
starch or pepsin, nor is it any naus
eating preparation, such as is usually
recommended to make people fat and
which does not build up good healthy
tissues. Samose has valuable flesh
forming properties, tones up and
strengthens the whole system, helps the
food that Is eaten to be assimilated in
a natural manner and absolutely re
stores health to all the organs.
If you are not perfectly satisfied with
the results from Samose, Geo. W.
Stansfield, druggist, 632 Kansas avenue,
Topeka, will return your money with
out any quibbling. Sent postpaid on re
ceipt of price, 50c. Adv.
J. W. F. Hughes
For Mayor
.". vVX-.::..';:4 ;S
I !
. p ,-- ,-V 4
With only a few more weeks assured
them in office, the board of city com
missioners of Topeka have placed them
selves on record in opening the new
year with a saving in the annual bud
get of expenses. According to a report
of the first two months of 1913 pre
pared by Roy L. Bone, city commis
sioner of finance and revenue, already
the officials at the city hall have suc
ceeded in slicing $2,400 from the running
expenses of the municipal government,
the showing made. These bills could
for January and February the city
commissioners have authorized expen
ditures amounting to $44,000. Under
normal conditions and under the nat
ural system of maintenance charges,
the city wculd have spent $46,400 in the
first two months of the year.
The bills paid In January and Febru
ary include a number of extraordinary
expenditures bringing the monthly
average up to an amount larger than
the showing made. These bills could
, have been paid later in the year.
The present board of city commis-
' sioners lowered the budget last year
until tnousands or dollars of needed
improvements were abandoned in order
to cut down the taxes. This same board :
, succeeded in 1912 in closing the year's
ousiness wttn a surplus in the treas
ury thefirst time this feat has been
accomplished in the history of Topeka.
If the record of the first two months
is maintairipd, a larger surplus will be
recorded at the end of the present year.
From the report made .today it Is
apparent that the present board intends ,
to turn over to the incoming tdminis- I
tration a clean slate and a surplus on I
which to make a record. The new board
will begin operations in April under i
most favorable conditions money in
the treasury over the budget appropria
tions and all municipal departments in
excellent shape.
The larger items for the months of
January and February include:
Fire department $13,601.95
Folice department 7,533.58
Melan bridge excavation 5,176.02
Electric light plant 3.515.20
Street department 4.223.38
City officers 1.716.66
Sanitary department 1 1,046.40
Crematory 1,742.28
Engineering department 1,364.64
Very Few Criminal Cases Carried to
April Term.
When you want a man to look
after your business you always
hire a man of experience, who
has made good in a similar posi
tion. As councilman, and as
mayor of Topeka, Mr. Hughes
made an enviable record. He
guarantees to give the same
faithful service to the manage
ment of the city's affairs, should
the ' citizens of Topeka again
honor him with the office of
Mr. Hughes stands for clean
streets and clean alleys, clean
men and morals. A strict en
forcement of all laws. A dollar's
value for every dollar expended.
A light at every street crossing.
Such a platform should meet
with the general approval of all
If you want to nominate a
"good government" man for
mayor, who can be elected,
Hughes should receive your vote
at the primary.
The April term criminal docket, that
has just been completed, is the light
est in point of number of cases in a
number of years. The reason for this
is that County Attorney W. E. Atchi
son has insisted upon cleaning up all
the old cases possible to be disposed
of, and is carrying forward very few
cases to the next term.
There are only 72 cases entered on
the docket. Of this number several at
least will be disposed of before the
end of the present term by the second
division of the court. Of the total
number of cases on the docket, 44 are
liquor cases, many of which will be
disposed of, there being a setting of
liquor cases next week. Of the number
also there are 10 liquor cases in which
convictions have been secured and
sentence has been deferred, which will
be disposed of by Judge H. Whitcomb
before the end of the team.
There are only 18 cases other than
liquor cases that have been entered
on the docket, and every one of them
are .practically new, and ready for
trial. These cases are divided as fol
lows: Robbery, 1; grand larceny, 2;
embezzlement, 1; murder, the Andrew
Wallace case. 1; coercion, 1; petty
larceny, 1; statutory assault, 1; hunting
without permission, 1; forgery, 2; wife
desertion, 1; selling cream under the
test, 1; assault and battery. 1; larceny
from the person, 1; assault with intent
to kill, 1; arson, 1, and street walking,
There are 16 appeals from the police
court entered upon the docket. In four
of these cases convictions have been
secured in the district court and sen
tences have been deferred or dismissals
have been entered on the payment of
costs by the defendants and the costs
have not been paid. Six cases are ap
peals from convictions in the police
court on charges of maintaining liquor
nuisances, four are for street walking,
one for disturbing the peace and one
for assault.
The docket as completea carried 62
court cases. Of this number, 22 are
for divorce 13 more are for divorce
and alimony. Five ask injunction. The
remainder are partition suits, ejectment
proceedings, etc.
Damage suits wherein a total of
$103,394.22 Is asked, are on the same
court docket, the first division of the
district court. The largest single case
is that of H. C. Ericsson against J. E.
Couch. H. C. Davis and A. R. Whiting
for false arrest and imprisonment.
There are 17 such cases in which the
amounts vary from $553.72 at the low
est to $30,000 asked by Ericsson.
On the same docket are 25 cases ask
ing for accounting, insurance money,
suits on promissory notes, etc., involv
ing an aggregate of $46,145.30. There
are a total of 233 cases on the docket
as it has been prepared. They are di
vided as follows: Criminal cases, 72:
appeals from police court, 16; court
cases, 62; jury civil cases, 83.
Formal Introduction.
Washington, March 21. Arrange
ments were completed today for a
breakfast on April 5, at which the lo
cal society women formally will be
come acquainted with Mrs. Woodrow
Wilson, wife of the president of the
United States. The breakfast will be
given by a committee of Washington
women and will be semi-formal. The
guests will include Mrs. Champ Clark,
wife of the speaker, and the women of
the cabinet circle. Mrs. John W.
Kern, wife of Senator Kern of In
diana, will act as toastmistress, and an
illustrated lecture on "The Historic
White House" will follow the breakfast.
To Form Xew Cabinet.
Paris, March 21. Jean Barthou,
minister of justice in the retiring
French cabinet, has been requested by
President Poincare to form a new
Navy Register Out.
Washington, March 21. The navy
and marine corps register for 1913
made its appearance today. George
Dewey heads the active list as admiral
of the navy and the register also show
ed on that list 24 rear admirals. 95
captain3, 117 commanders, 210 lieuten
ant commanders, 351 lieutenants, 188
lieutenants (junior grade) and 722 ensigns.
tfiie Pax
Style, quality of materials, excellence of workmanship and perfection in fit are the cardinal points of worth
iness in the new ready-to-wear lines shown by this cash selling store. Our cash selling principles permit us
to sell the same quality for less money or the better qualities for the same money. Spot cash is a strong
factor in low price making on goods of quality
$1.75 Women's House Dresses,
$1.50 In new exclusive models, well
made; handsomely trimmed, perfect
fitting dresses of style and quality,
cash selling price, $1.50.
Children's Dresses, 59c In a very
comprehensive line of styles, made
from wash fabrics of quality, stylish
new models, priced at 59 and 75.
Women's and Junior's New
Spring Coats
This store's showing comprises the best styles the
best materials and the best workmanship possible to
obtain in the popular priced range. Quality and style
were insisted upon, spot cash was consideration offer
ed. The style, quality and price will please you.
Women's and Junior Coats at $5.95 In the new
spring models, made from quality cloths, perfectly
tailored and perfect fitting garments; the kind you
would expect to pay more for, and would if we marked
them more cash selling makes the price $5.95.
Women's and Junior Coats at $7.95 The best of the
new spring models are in this collection stylish models
made from materials of quality, with the best of tailor
workmanship, some are worth as much as $10.50;
cash selling makes the price $7.95.
Women's Coats, $10.95 In a full line of regular sizes
navy and black, new spring models every 'garment
full tailored and perfect fitting; cash selling price
Women's Extra Sized Coats, $15.00 In black, all
wool serges, sizes up to 51, all man tailored and perfect
fitting, cash selling price $15.00.
Women's House Dresses
$1.25 Women's House Dresses, 98c Made from a
standard quality percale handsomely trimmed, well
made and perfect fitting, and in pretty patterns at 98'
$1.48 Women's House Dresses, $1.25 Made from
standard materials, in pretty patterns and new spring
models, house dresses of quality and class, perfect fit
ting, cash priced at $1.25.
$1.98 Women's House Dresses,
$1.75 Handsome models, made from
selected materials of quality, perfect
workmanship and perfect fitting gar
ments in a full range of sizes, cash
selling price, $1.75.
$1.50 Women's Crepe Kimonos,
$1.25 Made from Windsor Crepe, in
handsome Kimono patterns, a splen
did value at $1.25.
Easter Millinery
Everything that is new in the most approved
styles of millinery are here for your approval.
Exceptional attractive display of fine tailored and
street hats,, from $3.50 to $5.00.
At $7, $8 and $9 we show a great variety of fine
pattern hats that we think will equal any price else
where $3 to $5 more.
We want you to come and see what style and ma
terial and workmanship we put into hats at so mod
erate prices.
In the models
you like best
the new Easter
gown will fit
better over a
new Warner
Corset, priced,
$1.50, $1.00
and 50c.
$1.25 Women
Muslin Combi
nation Suits for
98c in muslin
and crepe
Corset Cover
1 aiiu J x a w c i
1 Combinations,
priced special
at 98c.
Ladies' Neckwear
Easter Neckwear in a splendid as
sortment awaits your selection Jab
ots and Collars, in all the new models,
and priced for cash selling at 50 and
Paints, Varnishes and
Wall Paper.
A complete stock of paints for
house, barn, wagon and carriage, and
all interior use'.
A guaranteed house paint, per gal
lon, $1.50.
The best barn paint, per gallon, $1.
Special hard oil varnish, per gallon,
Floor stains, the very best, per qt.,
Best quality white lead, per 100 lb.
Oil and turpentine at the lowest
market price.
Wall paper, a big stock of new
spring designs and colors, per roll 54,
61, 8 and up to 25?.
19c Ribbons at 10c In fancy and
plain colors,- all silk taffeta ribbons
up to four inches wide, and worth
from 12Vc to 19c, on sale at 10? yd.
New Chiffons, 50c Silk Chiffon,
40 inches wide, in the New Nell Rose,
Geranium, Kelly Green, White, Black,
Tan, Lavender and other staple and
wanted colors, cash selling price, 50?
Here are the new spring models in
the new styles and colorings, yet
made of sturdy leather that will
wear. Style, comfort and low price
are the .things that have been com
bined to make this everybody's store
for shoes.
Women's Low Shoes, in gunmetal,
glove kid, suede, white, nu-buck, lace
and strap styles, in all the new desira
ble shapes, $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00.
Misses' Oxfords and' Low Shoes,
button and strap styles, sizes 121. to
2, priced $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00."
Boys' tan, kid and gunmetal Shoes
and Oxfords, sizes up to 5, prices
range from $2.00 to $2.50.
Boys' Elkskin Shoes, in the new
London smoke color, very dressy and
nice for early spring wear, priced at
Men's Shoes and Oxfords, in all the
new spring styles and lasts, gunmetal,
tans and patent colt, price $3.00 and
New Skirts
The new spring models for misses and women are
now shown in this Cash Selling Store in a fine as
sortment of sizes and prices
Women's Skirts, made from a wool diagonal serge,
in tans and grays, cut on the most approved lines
full man tailored, perfect fitting skirts, cash selling
price, $3.95.
Women's Skirts Made from an all wool Amos
keag Storm Serge, in gray, tan, navy, blue and black;
man" tailored and perfect fitting, cash selling price
$4.95. - '
Women's Skirts, made from all wool storm serges
in brown, navy blue, pearl gray, light tan, black ; also
in tan and black and white checks, full range of waist
sizes and skirt lengths, all man tailored, perfect fit
ting skirts in the latest spring models, cash selling
price, $5.95.
Women's Extra Sized Skirts, made
from an all wool serge, in black and
brown, waists up to 36 and lengths to
42; man tailored and perfect fitting;
all new spring models, cash selling
price, $4.95.
Misses' Skirts, made from all wool
serges and diagonals, in navy, brown,
tan, red and shepherd checks; man
tailored, perfect fitting, new spring
models ; cash selling price, $3.95.
Misses' Skirts, made in wool cloths,
in plain and fancy weaves, man tail
ored, and perfect fitting new spring
models full line of sizes, cash selling
special at $2.50.
Women's White Wool Bedford
Cord Skirts, made from an all wool
fabric, man tailored, perfect fitting,
cut on one of the most desirable
spring models and worth $7.50, cash
selling price, $5.95.
Ladies Kid and Fabric Gloves
Two Clasp Kid Gloves, in black, tan, gray and
white, at $1.00.
Silk Gloves, 16-button lengths, in black,
white, gray and tan, at 75?.
Lisle Gloves, 16-button length, in black,
white, gray and tan, at 50?.
Lisle Gloves, two-clasp, in black, white, gray
and tan, at 25?.
Ladies' Hosiery
Women's Boot Silk Hose, in black, white and
tan, seamless feet, at 25?.
Women's Thread Silk Hose
with lisle soles, heels and toes, five-inch lisle
top, black, white and tan ; a remarkable value
at 98?.
New all Over Laces
in Oriental, Shadow, Venise, Cluny and Bulgar
ian, priced at $1.25 down to 25?.
ii-'W lA. j I
I Mlitm j If'lltflmiiilMlillllilllB
Garden Seeds, Garden
Tools and Hardware
Complete assortment of new fresh
garden and flower seeds, either bulk
or package, at our well known low
cash prices.
Garden Rake, 15o A good strong
12-tooth rake; most stores price,
Steel Hoe, 15c Riveted socket,
long handle; a usual 25c value.
60c Spade, 49o Strong and dur
able. Special price, 49c.
Garden Spading Fork 50c; regu
lar 65c value. m
Iron frame 10-inch clothes wring
er at $1.89.
Guaranteed wood frame wring
er, our price $4.75.
Galvanized 10-qt. size bucket,
special, 13c
8 -quart galvanized bucket, spe
cial, 10c.
Poultry Wire. 2, 3 and 4 ft. high;
cut lengths; per sq. ftc.
Clothing' and Men's Furnishiugs
Michael Sterns' New Spring Suits, $12.50 and
You will want to buy that new Easter Suit
today or tomorrow. We can show you all the
newest models, in the very newest weaves
and shades. The man that wears these clothes
may do so with the assurance he is correctly
dressed. The confidence is worth a great
deal to a man and it doesn't cost anything ex
tra. Hand tailored suits for men and young
men. Price $12.50 and $15.
m New Easter Furnishings.
The famous E. and W. fchirts, a bright new line
to select from; priced at 75c, $1.00 and $1.50.
New style Men's Hats, In all the new shapes and
colors, at $2.00 and $2.50. A full line of J. B. Stet
son's hats at $3.50.
Men's Soft Collar Shirts, good patterns, 50c.
Neckwear, beautiful new shades and styles, 25c
and 50c.
Boys' Waists, made of striped percales and fine
madras; a good assortment, 25c and 50c.
A new line of boys' Knickerbocker pants, 50c
and 75c
Men's 'Silk Socks, in all the popular colors, 25e.
Boys' Rompers, made of good wearing material,
light and dark colors; price, 39c and 45c
Special Sale of
Men's Linen Collars
Six genuine snowy white 4
ply hand-made linen collars for
50 cents. All the new styles
and shapes, fresh from one
of the largest manufacturers; all
sizes, from 14 to 20. We guarantee
these to be 4-pIy all linen, the reg
ular price of which is 15c each. We
are going to give you an opportun
ity to buy 6 of a size, in a box, of
these all linen 15c col- cel
lars for OVl.
Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums
and Curtains.
By selling for cash we can make these low prices:
Axminster Rue, $18.95 New spring style, size
9x12, excellent wearing quality. We want you to
compare these with other stores' prices at $5 to
7 more.
Brussels Rug, $6.98 Seamless tapestry brussels,
size 6x9 ft. Special, this sale, $8.98.
Tapestry Brussels Rug 8 ft.xlO-6, seamless, regu
lar $12.50 value; special, $10.50.
Tapestry Brussels Rugs, room size, made without
seams, heavy and closely woven, $13.98, $15.00 and
Wool Fibre Rug, size 9x12 ft., $9.00. -IngTaln
Rugs, 8x12 ft., priced at $4.98:
Linoleums, 2 and 4 yds, wide, per sq. yd., 50c,
65c and 69c.
Lace Curtains New spring styles, 40 to 50 inches
wide, beautiful patterns,$1.0O, $1.25, $2.00 and up to

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