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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, January 02, 1914, LAST EDITION, Image 4

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The State journal Is a Member of tke
as sis HI "vers and receives the fall day
Vaearapb report ef that groat news w-
aaiaaaoa for the exclusive aftamooa
Wlhjati ta Tepeka.
Tne newa is rsossvus m x-ao awn
rer tats sow pw
whole week of skating weather is
grant deal to hope for in conjunction
With a whole weak of vacation. -
Just to show that, men will do any
thing once, n good many of them be
gan keeping diaries this week.
. It might be possible for New York
to be happy without a trunk murder
mystery, but it Is seldom necessary.
Nor can th woman suffragists resist
the Income tax any more passively
fhan anybody else who has to pay It.
OrvWe Wright promises an aeroplane
as "fool-proof' as the automobile. But
Where Is the "fool-proof automobile 7
Uivor IfltcheL of Mew York, has
ceased going to dinners: The Tam-
tnanv User, however. . Quit eating In
November. 'V 1 '
, Neither can the cancer problem be
considered solved until science discov
ers a cure considerably more available
than radium. " '' 1
National prohibition might also help
to resuscitate the express companies. It
would then have to be shipped all over
th country from Canada or Mexico. -
Champ Clark admits that he Is lec
turing for revenue only, says 'the Chi
cago Record-Herald, thus permitting
it to be known that he la not ashamed
of his Democratic principles.
By no stretch of the Imagination
could It be said that it was a Happy
New Tear In ,. the? Kansas . political
arena, and particularly in the ranks of
the Republicans and the Progressives.
If death or flight are the only alter
natives nfronting the officers and
'men of Huerta's army in northern Mex
ico, there need be no doubt in the mind
f any person as to which they will
choose. -
An addition to the police fore Is in
prospect. And, of .course, there Is a
possibility that it means : more police-
matter of fact, -Topeka
v.- - i.. t.
ef this variety of peace officers. '
There can be no complaint of the
law's delays In at least ons California
uses A murderer wag arraigned in a
fustic court in Los Angeles, held for
th superior court, arraigned . there, ,
ana tnea, convicted ana sentencea, ail
within a period of two hours.
80 carefully are the operations of the
gtat banks In Kansas "safeguarded"
by law, that they probably will be un
able to participate in- the many ad
Vantages of the new ; currency and
Banking system that has been created
by th Glass-Owen law.
.If th report Is true that Victor Mur
elock proposes ' to run for the United
' States senate as the candidate of th
' Progressiva party, he must have made
. up his mind to discontinue his arduous
dvtles of serving Kansas and the coun-
- try la Washington, and has hit on this
means of retiring gracefully.
Much publicity has been given to the
Democratic banquet to be held In To
peka on January S and the presence
at it of Secretary Bryan as th star or
ator. But no information has come to
llaht aa vet as to the nrlca that tha I
Kansas Democrats will have to pay Mr.
Bryan for his trouble. - And thst Is a
most Interesting feature of the affair.
Dr. Harding is undoubtedly right
when she declares that there Is an enor
mous waste In the distribution of char
ity in Topeka, But such a condition of
affairs Is by no means exclusive with
Topeka. Tt prevaUs In every other city
In th country where charity la dlspens-
d. This, however, is no reason why a
remedy should not be .
annllad 1,1
mors power to Dr. Harding's good right
arm In th new crusade she has begun
to this direction.
With such directly conflicting evi-
denes from reputable experts as to his his captain. Kit Carson, by 46 years.
- sanity, there Is little reason for won- Wiggins fought under Fremont In tbe
der that th Jury failed to agree on ! Mfon.cmpais2 of 1M6-47. as did
a verdict charging Hans Schmidt, th i SkJffc " EVhadsESTthe
Nw York priest, with murder. But ra8t buffalo herds disappear; the grad
th Jury stood ten for' conviction and ul development of ranching, then th
nly two for acquittal, and this is encroachment of plantations on - the
another strong argument for revising ranching teiritory. Hehad seen a
b rendered In accordance with the Siroad built across th Rockies. He
Judgment of a majority '-sjr three-1 had seen th red men almost fade away
auartsrs of th Jurors..
Th rain, of the health trnto..Krw
being employed In some states to
educate the people on the value of
better hygiene and sanitation. Is un
doubted. It give direct instruction in
community . hjrCMnio
princlplea. and the printed rof
the Inspectors accompanying the train
nn.fi.rafn. th. nwn Mil TUlM !
v.i-t. - - liMaiwMM.s nla.vail and nlavad wall, their
Become a 'Strong stimulus -to BBTuiary
Improvement. This is , accomplished
both through appeals to, local pride
and through light thrown on specific
defects. The state board of health of
Michigan during the summer ran a
health train through the state, touch
ing at many points. .Great Interest
wau manifested in the lectures and the
exhibits connected with the train. In
the report of the inspectors, th sani
tary shortcomings of many villages
arc Set forth In plain 'terms. Tor In
stance, of one town It Is said: "Health
sentiment is. at a low ebb here. , The
health officer was attending a picnic,
but th files were attending to busi
ness in the unscreened, filthy privies
and garbage heaps around the town."
This particular town is not likely to
be proud of this report, and the health
officer will undoubtedly begin to clean
things up. In contrast to this It was
said about another town: "This Is the
most all-round sanitary little village
visited by the special. . A . good pro
gressive president and health officer,
backed by a splendid sanitary senti
ment.'' In many places it was found
that the health department' was active
and efficient, but was not supported
by the proper public sentiment. This
Is the chief shortcoming- - of - most
places, on the part both of the citizens
and of the city - or town authorities
Whb fail to vote sufficient money to.
carry out sanitary measures effective
ly. -While there 'was no Intention of
being hypercritical, the truth was
plainly told in the report, and without
doubt the awakening secured by the
health train and the report on sani
tary conditions will work a great im
provement. . Michigan, of course, is
not different in this resard from other
states, and the report on conditions
there would probably apply almost .
wAMfrlw n Biw .t.t. makln, a ImUflr
w ,
inspection, xne metnoa 01 teacning
personal and public hygiene by the
health train, says the Journal of the
American Association, is a modern in
vention that should be encouraged.
"Cities should grant leave with half
pay to modern language teachers who
will go the expense of study abroad,"
declares William B. Snow of the Bos
ton English high school In a -bulletin
Just issued by the United States bu
reau of education. On the whole Dr.
Snow thinks modern language Instruc
tion In our best schools is as good as
that abroad, in proportion to the time i
ni and an opportunity, for aelectt'l
pupils to begin tbe study of a foreign
(language under competent Instruction:
in the grades. The colleges should give
special attention to preparing teach
ers of modern languages."
in speaking of th various methods )
of language Instruction, each wife -Ha
aruent aovocatea, xur. duow sirs vifcreaiT I or ner csckl. ,
reason the discussion waxes so warm A bulldog killed twenty-one chlcg
ls that all the methods have some good ens belonging to a South Leavenworth
features; that nearly everything de- f grocer one night .last week, and the
nonda nnon the teacher "The worst -if ' TOCer killed the dog, reports the Leav-
penas upon tne teacner. "ln wor8t jr : enworth Labor Chronicle and Resub
a dosen methods, employed by a strong mlsstonlst. But It asks: . hat's a bull
teacher with underlying purpose well dog for If U Isn't to kill something?
In mind. wiU give a more valuable This right arm swing of much power
training and better results than any . comes from Miss Anna Carlson of the
method when employed by an Inferior , Undsborg News: When men reach the
t..h stage of mental development where real
leULUCI. . 1 wntK and a nhaarflll Hi.nn.HU.
"It te probable, too. that one method ;
Is better than another for doing some '
things, but less effective In securing s
amerent ena.
so that the aim which
wuib uiuac iiuvvruiui itiu vemuiuiv
the method to be used b. a particular
case. Instead of trying to lay out In de
tail the 'best method,' we should con
sider various methods that have been
found good, endeavor to see wherein!
their merit lies, and decide what meth-'
. T
od seems especially well suited to van-
ous conditions and to different types
of classes or teachers."
On th question of whether conver
sation or translation should be em
phasised in teaching modern languages,
Mr. ' Snow insists that both demand
teaching of the very highest type to be
effective; that both are valuable.
"Translation has its warm friends and
its bitter enemies. Reformers have
worked as hard to drive t out of the
class as they have to drag conversa
tion in. The difficulty is that the
meat In the sand- ich has a tend
ency to drop out and leave only the
bread: translation comes to be a me
chanical substitution of the words of
one language for the words of another,
with little or no thought in the process,
while translation ought to mean the
study of a passage un 1 Its thought is
clearly apprehended, and then an ef
fort to put that exact thought into the
other language with all the force and
beauty that our command of the sec
ond language makes possible."
Old Scout Wiggins.
Dead at th ago of 90 years, "Old
Scout" Wiggins of Denver 'will not be
forgotten by those who knew him In
his old age. Few, If any are surviv
ing who knew him in his . young man
hood. Martin Van Buren was Presi
dent of the United States when Oliver
P. Wiggins, a Niagara Falls boy, ran
j away from home at the age of 16. lured
by the call of the vast wild southwest.
' He bcam' a comrade of "Kit" Carson.
t . . " . . . I
nimaair nnB or im UBBX KHOVH ITOll-
tlersmen of tils time. With Carson,
i Wiggins hunted, trapped, fought In
dians for several years. It waa an In
dian's bullet, carried In his body for
t3 years, that compelled the operation
from wmcn Wiggins atea, lie outlived
trtmi mar ttorr &ebmrt. & -m wit
nesaed th whwrrfh- of Mexico.
-" asPTsuil.
Ufetlm. , i
One by one the real veteran of our
southwest are passing. Their exploit
belong to the national drama, a drama ,
that & passmgwithnoaa. A half cent
bee,, lost with tin. But the tnpir
nilrM nt nrhnn. 'tVt Omii)" Wla-srlBB
tlon. Brooklyn Eagle.
7 .. j , . . .
Am . -,. thin. K. A.fw, th. M. :
gument the less excuse there is for it.
,: -
It's next to Impossible to convince
an inconsistent fellow bt's that way.
., .. . .... .. t
Not a few women are anxious for
spring' to come merely because it is
house-cleaning time.
A 1 reformer should give more atten
tion j to himself and leas to th other
fellow. But he never doe.
Poverty may not be a crime, but It
generally carries with it some pretty
sever punishment.
TSAu tu Mdw imim .Kav !
streets, advises th Americus Greeting.
fo it mleht tnk. thm tnuih 1
iojk mignt man tnem tougn. I
Crawdad, of the Galena Republican,
quotes mil simpuns as saying: iz you
can't control your "kids, get out of the
kid business." ,
It Is pointed out by the Ottawa Re
rublic that -the boycott usually results
in the boycotter securing a large chunk
of deprivation. ... . t
The sequel to the do your Christmas
shopping early story, declares the Hoi- j
wu signal, is to pay your fliw
Tear's bills early.
From the Macksville Enterprise: We
legalise what we want to- do; penalise
what we don't want other people to do.
and call it justice. Is it?
X'uddy Betta starts a hunt via the
Shawnee Chief for the old-fashioned
mi.. .h nu,d v. Mm dt,t .
.ik.. i.l. i,..tj . . i
aiWunl wila ixuuigia irunmuigs on 11 1
for Christmas.
Things are not always what they
seem, quotes the Cedar Enterprise, and
it explains. Most of the "quail" served
on toast at the city hotel , tables are
Just common barnyard guineas.
A Cheney farmer gave an automobile
to each of his three children the other
day. But these will be gifts with a
big kick in them unless he Intends tu
provide the .funds- for, their gasoline
Blum. 1
According to the Houcks Landing'
correspondent of the Hoxie Sentinel
some genius has figured -It out that po
litical economy is getting - the most
votes for the least money and getting
away with it.
When Miss Ruth Mitten, who hap-
- - nty
i4nVlofii .iModMn wA A1t.iAK:a
: wuhmvu vyaaa w aas75g"aysu nya,
the lucky fellow set Una: the mitten
When, aa a matter of fact h dnaM't.
-.-. ZT
"nf a peex at tne silver lining,
me trormoeo New Era says: It Is a
good thing that the hens are not lay
ing. The roads are so rough the eggs
town, and th poor hen woufl geVnp
woman attracts them more than beauty
and accomplishments, divorce lawyers
wui nave to iook tor otner means of
u.tuiigw.- - ,
It's a disease to meditate too much. :
No ddubt the Installment plan is quite
no aouDi tne
a help to Cupid.
The female of the aneeiea ia mon ftanta
Claus than the male.
Most of the great men went up without
the aid of a motto.
A married man who says he is afraid af
no livinr mortal is a liar.
A -Dine isn't such a chaan amoka if the
smoker uses his own matches.
Overtraining doesn't spoil many scrap
pers in the w. k. battle of life.
Oon't let the Graat Taanaa nt th lln
interfere with your regular work.
Nearly everyone knows enouarn noetrv
to misquote a little of it occasionally.
A enamnton chess olaver is ant to ha a
pretty smart man who should know bet
Christmas comes but once a year, but
Father has to do the Santa Claus act
more frequently to stand well with the
folks. . ...
"I have observed that the man who
tries to be useful as well as ornamental
around the house, frequently doesn't do
very well when he gets down town."
Rufe Hoeklna
Trouble as an argument never reaches a
solution. Besides, information, as well as
words. Is what you lack while indulging
a sisuniRn, nocwiioBianaing your
tlon to the contrary.
From the Philadelphia Record.1
Pugilists shake hands for the wind-up,
but clocks don't have to.
A fellow naturally feels pretty. small
wnen ne gets into a. ognt Place.
Even the man with-aa open countenance
sometimes wants a close shave.
- Happy Is the woman "Whoee coffee
drives hep husband to drink a second cop.
The race Is not always to the swift,
aa ths rapid young man eventually dls-
The man who write
his autobiography
uterally takes his life Into his own bands,:
Wi can excuse a man who occaalonallv
forgets himself, provided be doesn't for
get us.
Any bald-headed man can raise a good
of hair If he can only raise the
of a wig. .?,..-
Th eyes may be the windows of the
soul, but that la no reason why they
should always have a paned expression.
Scribbler "Oh. a man can droo into
poetry without hurting himself." Wigwag
That's a selfish-view to take of it. He
should tnuut oz otnars."
"Behind the darkest cloud the un is
shining." quoted the Wise Guy. "Tea but
that doesn't keep you dry when you got
caught oat in the rsla." eocnplainad th
ample Mug. .,-
"Every day win be Sunday by-and by.
exclaimed the aanctlmon oia looking In
dividual. "Ftase far the speak easiws," re
torted th saa wtta the
ox. J
Aburto-v no
I old not boot
'I did SOt StlOOt v
o let Wia know I heard.
iwanaa m in 1
x did not peep. -
But let htm think i e dead.
kdww won 190 WU WW
'The key to my garage. -
1 Ha found It. too. .
Me wouia, 1 anew,
And then I saw Mm dodge
S"l.w IIM
zotioweo nun taat t . -
He looked around.
Surveyed the giound;
. ' Anrt thM. lis minim mv Mr.
I smiled and laughed and cackled
, Until I thought I'd croaa,
' dad burglar sold
'Twas a daltolous Joke.
1 went pacavto my aiumoera
As happy as could be.
I'd loat my car
rio-ho. har-har.
I'd saved soma dough, maybe.
, bui soon- was awaaenea
tuillu mitt M aAiinri
Tne same old clang.
The same old banc.
The' same old 'grind and pound.
He'd driven Itten mtnutaa.
That guy givae me a pain.
It made auch a fuss
The ornery cuss.
Had brought It back again.
i Answered; 1
An InsiiMAcsa GomMnv -tasta reoetved th
fftllAwinw- mtmi 4ivtrn m. man In WiMOlft-
17 '. "rr z
"5,HeratrT 5!f "1n ""..V
become a lata lametrtad under your au-
mflcm has been received. I take pleasure
in replyioa- to about one-tenth of the
queatlona you have asked me.
"I uave never ''died before, so far as I
know. If I am a" relncarnaUoa. I am sat-
is fled that In the previous existence X
waa a. nut an' "t -
I Save ail; OI aympxvnw uwi. iwi ;
nuMitlan and -4vnfmmm that I must have
7i .r., t .11 riM nutKid of
;h. ,tT -.yr? i
'My areat grandfather did not die ot
croup. I think it. was spavin.,I am aure
waa nor aonenoiatiH. tht aia not unv
appendicitis then. '
T hum a full aer Af teeth. : Thev don't
fit, but the mail order house sent mo the ohi fashioned, and I'U bet she's got no
mtataka."4 to rectify the. end of money, too
"I do not drive an automobile, work in In the meantime Genevieve Vande
a dynamit factory or go out gathering Tore had bad her inspiration.
DOlaon iw. - - I The very exclusive woman's club to
not spray potato bugs with Paris '
We have no gas heater in our ;
1 do not
No. my wife ..doss 1 not do tne cooxing.
wife doe. not do the cooking.
sThlvevermedbefore. I cannot
annwer the questions aa to how many
time 1 nave (lien ana wneiner 11 is ma
amnlnid nr a heradltarv habit. '
X do not practice on the cornet or sing
or speak peee -in puone so tne oanser
to lire ana limb rrom tnose sources is ;
eliminated. i
T have no desire to travel m Mexico. !
monkey with gasoline stoves, go over
Niagara -Falla in a barrel, pick up live
1 trolley wires or cne moonshiners. In
a L T . l.v
"My wife does apt swat flies with a
bate It bat.' tw- - ' "" I
"Sincerely vyouSi: " J
''- -:.t. A . - I
" I
In This Paper Ftorty Tears Hence.
There is aoroa -talk that the troubles in
Mexico, which Started with- the exile ot
mi, in
u. is-Ttt u t w.mT mvninmt
jaa. asai 1 m. r ' ...
the Atlantic
first to a
mir Brvui
th. tint Democratic nomination for the
reseXy- B ta UU lfrat P0Wer "letudiously arranged so aa not In any
D which was
ttiu doing ouainess ana inre aavances m
the priced gasoline wpnnoM kg
wees, 1
Signs of the Times.
It- Is said Andrew Carnegie has given
away all but Ui.eoo.000 of his fortune.
And he used to be- rich enough to have
eggs for' breakfast, too.
.Lew Shanks, the potato mayor of In
dianapolis, is making money in vaude
ville, so bis administration was a- sue t ess
after all. ,
The treasury department reports that
dimes are scarce this year. Perhaps, but
not so scaroe aa the dollars.
A Detroit woman -has oeen nnea i,si
fr smuggling. Now she can take
place In. the highest society.
v iv- Tbe Game of
' ' Again events -'have massed ' them
selves about unhappy Juarez. For.'
three nights In succession the citizens store that had the reputation qf em
slumbered undisturbed. . Then with a ploying the greatest number of young
whoop and a Tell - sixteen rebels women, and with bcyance that the
dashed by the custom house and dls- knowledge of her complete disguise
appeared behind tho fair ground gave her she hastened to tne em
ranraa. it bu riinirr duiM. i bioyee's department.
The city awoke and yawned.
"Th' town."- saffl Mesquit Menaoaa, ber of the Urm, who naa lately taken A week or two later Eleanor tele- any other and nWhuja even meVt. .v
"Is going to change hands again." charge in the hope of gaining needed phoned to Grace to remind her that It figures for corn production. The hteh wa
"Hullv hldalc-o." cried Pedro de efficiency by so doing, looked up with was the birthdav of a mutual M,ini ter mark of airls In the eannlna- cii.l. not
Soto. "I wish it would stay changed."
a.. miui ..wm and aiant ami v :
And he relied over and slept again, j
At 8:zu there wss neavy nring rrom
behind the big palm on the road to
Tlerra Blanca. A machine gun with
e11" t'""""
from the tree, and the man who bad
. , . ' . - . . . - ,
Sl ha rllti S
good order to his base of supplies at,
Chihuahua. ' . I
JU. 11:J0 th rebels advanced in'
force along tne xamai roaa ana
stormed the Colorado Maduro vine -
yard wall. Th federals retreated to
Bamalayuca. Tha rebels took posses
sion of the remains of th custom
bouse, that building being reduced to
a mere fraxxle by the frequency with
which . lt as changed hands.
At 1 O ciocx tne reaerais rauiea ana
drove out the rebels.
At . o'clock the" rebels rallied and
drove out the federals.
. At 8 ';6'clock It was ln-agaln-out-aarain.
. 't- '
At 7 o Clock, it waa tne re De is turn a supply in tne nasement, unwar ae
again, but rthey were eating supper, all ; partment, but please take off your
7 of them. . - jcoat and walk over toward th door."
It Is believed 'the game of taking She obeyed. ? almost tripping in th
the remains of the city will be indefl-. unaccustomed scantiness of the cheap,
nltely continued. ' ready-made skirt. Marden looked at
Th man who put th "war- he'" erown of bar imperti
Juares Is still at large. Clsveland , BM?JU tom of her
Plain Dealer.
rFrom the Chicago News.1
Most young stepmothers step too
-A woman sighs 'with regret; a
sign with grief.
Any man's credit Is apt to be good as
long ss his money tests.
However, the UU water wagon win not
ha an ; alcohol auta truck.
It's better to wear out than rust out.
but requlrer mora- exertion.
Any woman Bites to see a well dresssd
woman-if she is a woman. .
Being able to not aing Is often a great
tllif to the onnv jpresent.
dlaf.to the pr-sent, ...
A W de4iSJsaKasses for dlgnlty
. nothM but genuine tesiness.
Tbe. ;
oaay a novel 'Is. ths
a aihlnh ft
i turns a- corner on
btbsnn Into a ton
. im, ate aan . wiia
the road to
oats.- be has fatajer
far th snurras'.assT.
. nar
w nwi aunjve am
To that Unipastuens atom, now at rest;
out inarneuiaiat immortal tninajs
She croons too eocrols of too
Han imilM. ilMai- mmt mtmO nmxtn
UntU the coniQiMt iStasn,., ts, spheral
wiJ -n Hrtit
Above the drifting dS-mot. o, our
Here mystery aMdas. trat with It Uvea I
Its all we maya little understand. .
C K. B, to the London Chronicle.
Tbe OoiiTJCtuesa of Genevieve.
- (H Jan a Oanorn.)
Miss Gnvleve Vandever eyed th
hadn't in, nmm, fn, th kltfhen diahaa
she wss buying; she was simply buy-
ing them in order that she might do
Just what she was doing study" thr
saleswoman who sold Jhem to her. :
xuur won muse Become vamuu -
lngly wearisome," Genevieve said with
- -
was always perfectly correct from aver
severe headdress to her flat-hoeled
""The girl looked at Genevieve with
wide-open, fearless eyes. "Naw." she
aio, .
not unless you are out late at a restless night she started th next power, some editor will teU htm so.-Wln-rd
rather work In a store mnrnin-. m Kni, to the thlnrs In neld Courier.
where there's always some one to talk
to and swell folks to look at 'than
home : . ''.
-Indeed.? ' said Miss Vandever. "I
never thought of it that way. Still It
must be tedious."
The girl behind-the counter smiled
resentfully at the woman opposite her.
"Well.'! she said, "if you really want
vandevere passed .shj turned to her
;.." " "7
r" "TL1d,"" m
lf'om nlexion hut sav Lulu, look
w1' CT -' - ' 1' " !.,
. . .
least, and a hat that I'd be ashamed
tn tiva to the Salvation Arm v. It'a that
which Genevieve belonged had chosen
M lta autject of study "The Lot of the
?" w?." "d.to..G!n!
;'V-KTT ..."""U T""Z"r71
department store employee. With her
usual correctness and thoroughness
1 1. ,
".X VT. .. - ..:. !. " ,
Vf. ."LZ .'"-.L..
the largest department store she knew
of and had ventured - to put some
searching questions to the saleswo- saio, nat is in most wonasriui
man, "Ton hav to try It." th sales- thing about the whole experiment.'' -woman
had told her. "Well, why not?" ; (Copyright, 114. by th McCrar
Genevieve replied to herself, and so
began the transformation
it was easy enough to explain at
home. She said she had gone to see
a friend for a few weaka In another
Genevieve was about thirty, but ane
. - . .
powder. Her alert orown eye were
w a- - - 1 - ... f
i i,i.k mA
'"c"""a fj-
ly baneful in the prevaitog mode
wimwtw 11 '"R"
snip ana goir ana regular nours naa
given Genevieve a figure tnat a uwna
might have envied, but no one ever
tolit ?nv1va. an In . no mm
with sufficient perception combined
itt, .umn hnnir. had mm.
Into denavlev.'. sphere. - .
So Genevieve ventured forth to buy '
the wardrobe demanded . by her new
role and a few hours later, her arms
full of bundles, she engaged a small
room In a club home for working wo-
men. When she ventured forth the
next morning In search of her first
position her transformation, at least so
far as appearance went, had been ac-
Sbe went straight to the aepartment
I Young Mr. Marden, a son of a mem-
his perfunctory narrow-eyed scrutiny
as Genevieve, one of a hundred or so
I as Genevieve, one of a hundred or so
aVSai A a. aa,n . aTtl mm.Jm i S wa tmm MM aab a n a i a
v""1- "y "Y i'"- " .cr., van
" J1'8 n" o08- Then when no
Cit, toiih
brirht eyes snd the luxurious lashes
fc .11.1 hi. ,lda
""V " ita f, i Mr
ana leaned over nis aesk for a nearer
He narrowly rappre-sed a v hls-
ware a .mall, almost rakish.
hlak velvet, touno that nuahed the
wave of her hair well over her white
brow. , Th tmn throat of her chean
; Ki.b km.,.. .iwai . ,(.
fun and strong, and from under the
clumsy lines of her colored, cheap,
ready-made cost Mr. Marden could see
th lines of a figure that-was st once.
: majestic and supple. j
I He asked her only the usual q
tions. She was Inexperienced, living
In a working girls' club, was nnmar -
rled and was willing to begin at any -
rieu buu ww. wiiuus w wsjiim ,v aux
iMiu mm aaa allliAnt ..n.vl.n a. a-
said Marden, "L will put yon In as
kouSt" h ..id. ai' -
-Ji,,T- i. thought so. he said. "I
wfll see that you are promoted to th
suit department In a week -or so." ,j
Genevieve, eager to miss nothing'
and thinking above all of her club
paper, asked: -"What did taking off
w atJI ainHn, n a lni. nana t
-1 . ' - m. T'-
jr. WW (W. ant aWnavtnant V . -
Y'y ..i-T.rr.rrL-, 'irVrrT:
suroen wos i amr iu ns Bar
tnat an. wm- "a.
. m . 1... . 1,Aa lln
and. meeting the serious gase of ner .
brown eyes, be explained: "Well, you J
aa aans aa.a,)
see, almost any figure will do behind
i 5? ,Ki. rf .
For a second their eyes met and
0svtov stt am ""f
pleaaure to th thought that this
ntranger had fcjandnthtag i. her
ver said anything
her: no on had
ever had courage
say things lik that to Miss Vaa-
' tn cn new ira ubucvibv iobbs
much that aho had not expected. It
J was "pteasant tn more ways than on
1 asut sh asvloyd the fiwadom Of 'tt.
i Bat th real tabor am at nl--t
th simple experiences of t day. sba '
. sat on the edge of her small bed writ
ing It out to th last detail for th
proposed club paper.- Then there was
j another sorpriae. Mr. Msrden - had
given her th first teaSnt of It when ,
he suggested that aae would b:ac-'
ivepouMo m tna got aepartmant.' ana
ahe was daily reminded in on way
i?L aofr
with especial interest. The first tlmey.f"'. "LSSJr
nninar in mu dacniaa or ner emoioy-
ment papers, ah thought that she was-, compoanions should be ra-BtwedVwTtn ca
to be discharged. After that ho need AJn. They, may repiaauut an boaaat
to detain her at night with prataxt'of gf e5fJnh? tb writ of sew writ..
with him after work hours rt. ac- mitomSmn
ceptedi ' It would bo one more inci- knows how many people thiofe t v have
dent in th Ufa of th working girl, this sift. They bring in comporwsa taat
she thought, and. though she would I" f"" wmtl
2Tm.TSSy -,JbS nbrfnTln his
something agreeable in peine; 2J""
society. Finally th day before Gen-
mai suimit tt to li mi aaiT insn wm
vleve expected to go home, a few.; days
tea to go row .----j.-
Was to read her paperh
mwrtMetadl to, ACT at closing
hours and asked her to din again
with him.
That night when Genevieve was
back In her little room she blamed
ncrself lor wnat naa nsppema. mwm,
Sn bad aiked her tolnarry him
nu wsiw.wTv. ww - . -
had refused. She told him abruptly
that she was about to leave th city,
. . ...
tTt MVcn clo'tne.
ane bad. worn In th store, and. attar,
which she had comet, to ner working
girl life. First she triad to arrange
her hair, but it refused to taka on th
l . . ,. " . . i
oia nnes. ana wnen tmauy. aw
tearful struggle, she got It up, she put
on the old clothes. She looked at her
image in the mirror, and as ah did
Z-JT-JL? Z --t T.
so she felt th shadows of the old r-
-n.' T.
ner hair in the becoming if not so
aristocrauc mannsr. she decided to no
to Mr Marden and explain to him.
apologize if nothing mom.
. w-i
a half an Kn. o,i,.
Mr. Marden'a offlce. had Just finished
her calm and collected recital ofbar
eitai oz ner
story-bf her experiment and finally
of her effort to resume bar old tden-
uty. ,
I have found out what It Is to bo
working woman what It Is to be
unhampered by the endless prejudices
"d mLld Mr M.H.n
"And yet.
"you r going to give way
to the
greatest prejudice of them alL You
when vou could If von would onlv ut
yourself "
Genevieve looked at him With th.
1,. iTj ' J
J"08!?! frankness he had admired
1 - " "w im. ane
, wsnapr eynaicato
UltM naxulAB Ta WnMliin.
If you should borrow some small
m . rK-rA nnd wk.
.... nf it f
y" r KT . , . -
Chorus of answers, "Remind me of.
WelL.then. Tf you should lend a
friend some small sum Of money and
gSHhibeit intonuSnT in the
. - , ,,-,,. t .11 )w,t th.
..t hI
Tt 71 " . .
"VJ: , .tt it
nurus m answers, Ml 11 go, m
Apparently, this Is one of the cases
j where the rute of "As T Would" Is
iubuw ui un a urea.
Once upon a time a very funny
thin" lng this line happened. Two
young giris -we u cut tnem saeanor
n Grace, because these were not
their names were in town shopping,
Eleanor fell short of money, and of
course Grace promptly opened her
purse to her friend, -who dipped into
it to the extent of $1, after ascertain-
lng that it would not embarrass Grace
and promising to return it the next
day at church. Th next day was a
rainy Sunday; neither of th girls
went to . church; the debt was not
t paid, and, as Grace happened to hav.
ten by both.
I plenty 01 money just inen, was forgot-
for whom they usually bought a gift
tnntw. n,.M waa ti ..,
together. Grace wss too busy to go In
ai - -
town and askei' Eleanor If she would
buy the gift, promising to settle with
ner later, it was just before the holi
day season, and, in the rush of pres
ent buying and other preoccupations,'
she promptly forgot all about th
matter. But when her money began
to run low as money is apt to do Just
before Christmas, she did remember
something else Eleanor's debt to her
and she said to herself that, of
course, a dollar waa a little matter and
didn't make much difference to her,
hut she DID think it was very careless
of Eleanor.
In the meantime Eleanor, -who re-
membered Graee'a debt hot not ha
own. was reflecting "And to think I
, b" P reminded her about
t - - - -... n v.. ..sib
I bother of buying it, and she hasn't j
i that present and then went to the
I even nun ner IDarft. nf r .
dollar isn't much, but It's the prim.
UFLE ot tne thing that counts.
Wasn't that an odd nit.n-
. , . . . w
come about for lack of a little candor?
Kach girl felt a bit aaTarieved.
Neither had any right to be.
Each girl felt she was losing a dol
lar. -Neither was losing a cent.
jf - 5 -
Neither girl would hav reminded th
otner of heP debt fop mimptSivSml
than wild horses.
e.w -ni . ..
, """i " " i' "B Ior tn"
Would I hav don otherwise"
i WOndOr.
inera are mamr
I.:whlch are easier to Breach iwiT.
I .a t , ;
1 " . aMavwb LUU w na
f' JSS "lt w,r,elr
twenty what Were good to be
saAlaSs VlfeeiBl BTwSh AfAaS sSw" ffMa SwaaKaH a. as n
don than be on of th twenty to fol
low my own teecning.
-' : fshocst to
A vounar ooupla- strollina; an sjutHvnn'a
Island, became fatigoed.
Why not sit on that overturned boat
They' did- - .':
But the "boat" moved. - )"
Bh sbrteked and .the 'boat moved
faster. -
It was 0-poand tortJ sslssp on the
beach. ' . - v -
. The turtle carried six man to th water.
In Its neet were found - ea-a.
foonteg eouplea on f -.--Vs T"t4
saw st on the rrornid. Ci -C)
i al I t li-. .a.,.:
okg ams rromt WEiraa.
ANnr AOrk man baa baan yMled
for worHog tb dot a- -a," It im
some or t t r woo a-
yertto. fnr word, iM
It sooner t"- t Mtbors and
I never , try to push ,am-. ov parsaus
evoung good tune -1 -ouUmj ;
diaha Ainrtknu.!. .
"-"V r
ervation. all aenS ofnumor7 Yet th
have a certain voloMllty. bono
tr stuff is saiableV thelrenSlaBlowr
.wn n ana on.- nut a page out
P'"1" .dictionary weajd.be more lntorwt-
uiuuaunai. ox people, wrraag
"n. plays or stories looks easy money,
i One .reads Oat on well known maamibna
To thousands of
uses only tw. There Is so much over pro
duction that much nlUM ..,v i.h!!
ed down.' Teachers and aarenta ahonM k.
, . - , mrara vm
luri.Tt'Ti iVSTi
w, escum an Tetters, ana
claim Its own place. LackJn- that, et
mm turj ihlp pen to bookkeeping, ana his
typewriter to huihMi i.h.m i - .
newspaper reporter. If he &
beeomliMr a
another raaTAwme. .
" rslture pas
law eompeulna the Bell Taimkn..
In California the legislature passed a
Dany to allow nth J 1.
t nd use tbe toU llnea for a oertaln per
cent of the ton. Of course there waa a
iwTr.to t.1' th matter into court
herJfJwayB Is when tbe tew eompells
uon..io do decent to the peo
ple, but there never Is when the law gives
w7 corgwwion valuable Brants and fran-
cniae rrom the people without any eon-
lawyers to watcn their tntaraata
, '-and after going throuah all the notirta
finally landed In the atali roprime oonrt.
?5 Judseaof wtUchare neeessarUy wS
I oia owls, ana after taklM aU
H?a,lTMM?J!'lih't Uw w"
42.n,?t.0.n1" .bc the company
nt . . .
.this "baste. Th. toK.lmZZ, VTlf
the very wise Jurists banded I downtbel?
1 mature decision overt urn Ina a. Vaaaiiv
enacted law of a sovereign state th Bell
Telephone company voluntarily announced
to the national administration that It
would give connection on its toll lines to
. all companies dealrin tt .am. r
to be prorated all of which shows that
the legislature waa right In the first
place.-Oskaloosa Tunes.
, Mr. De la Barra'a visit to Japan on a
ceremonial mission was obviously taken
advantage of by the opponents of the Jap
anese government in Toklo to Indulge In
an -anti-American demonstration. The
government displeases its Jingoistic critics
. ax noiziv Koutii is not more aggressive
, in dealing with, Washington In the matter
I ?f the CaUfornU. alien land leglalaUon.
I Hence thla cheerina for Oen Huarta in
I thS streets nf Tnlrlf, Mr n- n. ki
tT"01,! iL8VandI,h!? "7"."
JPn like that of Gen. Felix Diss's
1. "'" . ?"r wiBiiea sovernment
since it signlflea its unwillingness to re-
eeive Gen. Felix Diss, who was sent on
4 the same mission. - Gen. Diss was In
iL"0?. ! f?e: be heard of the
iikk. "iIViL, li"
S.hl5torol.nUe.a "Pt
nraaldantlal V.ndid.. ti..T
may explain somewhat the cautlou. atti.
1 tude of the Toklo government. Mr. De 1
' Barp JSr"on!!,f entirely outside the
sone Of fire. There la no imkhi trm In.
..'3ce5,on .of I5e
M"10?". envoyas . unfriendly to the
ralJSSSed a perjreorreatti!
; tude throughout the civil strife In Mexico.
and It would surely not be so stunid ta
wait until the Huerta nmrnnnii mw.m
harder pressed than ever to show special
sympathy with It Springfield, Mas.
It Is. little wonder thst officers of south
ern railroads make frequent report of the
thlnsa accomplished hv tha hnva In mm
cluba and the girls In canning clubs In tbe
southern states. There are. such clubs In
other parts of the country, but thus far
one boy in South Carolina grew nearly 230
bushels of corn on a single acre in 110.
and this year a boy In Alabama baa a
recura 01 zz.i ousneis cm a smxle
Of course the great point If that such re-
'? ? "P lln every other
,lC!r.f.h.V.n'J,?1?iT,i,ho.w that
te. thtolna bI ' Georgia girl, a Mia
V 17le. nuiuvan, wno grew 5 sm pounds of
tomatoes on a tenth of an acre, beating by
over 1.300 pounds the highest record msde
by any other girl In the Union, even
though a South Carolina girl was second
with a record of nearly 4. HO pounds on a
tenth of. an acre. Here ia a field of com
petition of the finest sort. It is sore to
nave e-reat influence on ruture production
in America witmn a lew years'
Buffalo. News.
nvtzon cr tcs dat
Mrs. Blewar-Bltd "That tailor of yours
Is getting very familiar. He had the In
solence to saluta ma am tha airan tadaav
I think 'such oeonle should ha kant at a
J,rteWr ti
stod tht man off no w for two yaW"-
f aunnoaa van nava rmmjk an Ka ....
;sra wonts on political economy r' No,
replied Senator Bora-hum. ! atartad to.
i "ul."' ""ppw.ni on. aays tnat
reaBiiia iwunii woras on political scon-
omy X? like trying to set the current
styles out ot a mat year s fashion mags-
vear i
sin.' Washington Star.
"Dobba says he takes a number of mag
sslnes." "That's true. He. takes some of
Herald. , .-
"Now thst you have your motor car, I
suppose you are out aft the time." said
i Ibkln. "Yea," saU Larrlmore. sadly; "I
was out eighty dollars on tires alone last
r 1 wees." auage. .
C.. f..r" a"ythtag ta the la-
veatment ne maae on tne tip smith gave
tin Smith save
kh.-- "
himr "Oh.
ves " "What did he realise?"
-. "What
fool ha had been to take It."
Baltimore American.
' "Ia there any way to let these
hunters kill deer without hurting
other?" asked one SBMe. "Not aa I
of." answered the other, "unless yea turn
em loose with blank cartridges and give
the deer a chance to laugh himself to
death." Washington Star.
"Dobbs seams to bs on good terms w
bis fallow-man." "I snould say so! He
can borrow all the money bwans at 4
per cent," birmlns ham Age-Heraai.
Manager Tour play seem, to lack fVs
tcisu touch." playwrhtbt "Ton i
ten. sir. M" oare uwissi aaonav t
i s trtsMa. m ;

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