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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, February 06, 1914, LAST EDITION, Image 3

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$35,000 Stock Must be Sold by Order of Admimstrator
The Entire Stoclt of the Glbbs Clothing Co. must go. The Administrator's Orders Are to Sell This Stock and Sell It Quick.
Read These Mute and Crushing
s, Our Strongest Proof of This Great Mercantile Massacre
o) Jl IK
Men's Suits and Overcoats
$15.00 Suits and JM QC
Overcoats for J
A consolidated lot of Men's Suits and Overcoats, in
stripes and checks, also plain clothes, absolutely and posi
tively worth $15.00. Only a personal visit will verify our
ckiim. Can- you, as a sensible man, overlook such an
event. Just 175 of these suits and overcoats. All must go.
A Mercantile Crime. Administrator's
Sale Price, choice
Men's 85c Rubber Col- 1 C.
lars, Sale Price ''
Men's Suits, worth $10.M; odd
mostly small tffV D7
Sale Price. . XH
Men's $2.50 Pants, fff Crj
Sale Price. PX.UI
Men's $3.50 Corduroy 01 VJ
Pants, Sate Price 1,J"
Men's 10c Cotton Flannel Cn
Gloves, Sale Price
Men's $4.00 Shoes,
Sale Price
Men's $3.00 Dress
Shoes, Sale Price. . .
Ladies' $2.50 Dress CI ATI
Shoes, Sale Price qX.ftl
Men's Arrow Brand IJnen
Collars, worth 15c; OC
Sale Price, 6 for AtfV
15c Tick Mittens,
Sale Price.
Fine S5c Neckties,
all silk, Sale Price...
35c Silk Usle Hose,
Sale Price.
Men's 10c Handkerchiefs, 9n
I. Prim. .
Sale Price.
Men's $1.00 Caps,
Sale Price , . . .
Men's $3.50 Hats, all kinds
and styles, sale
Men's $2.00 Dress Hats, all
styles and sizes, Q7
sale price.
Men's $5.00 Rubber CO 47
Boots, Sale Price JU.4!
Men's $3.00 Dress
Shoes, Sale Price
Boys' $2.25 Dress Shoes, regu
lar sizes, Sale C1 C7
Price. $x.O
Iiadies $3.50
broken sizes,
Sale Price. .
Ladies' $2.50
regular sizes,
Sale Price. . ...
Dress Shoes,
Dress Shoes,
.. ...$1.47
Misses' $2.00 Dress Shoes,
reguar sizes, M if
sale Price. 4A f
Men's Cluett-Peabody $2.00
Shirts, Sale
Price. . ...
Men's Best Grade Union
Overalls, Sale Price
Men's Heavy Work
Shirts, Sale Price
Men's $1.00 Sweater
Coats, Sale Price
Men's $2.00 Dress
Pants, Sale Price t.
Boys' 50c Knee Pants,
Sale Price. .
Boys' 75c Knee Pants,
Sale Price
Men's Heavy Tick
Mittens, Sale Price.
Men's Heavy Canton
Flannel Gloves, Sale Price
S6.0O Suit Cases,
Sale Price.
$2.00 Suit Cases,
Sale Price.
Men's Sox, worth 25c, 1 7
Sale Price.
Men's Two-Piece Wool Un
derwear, worth $1.00, tfn
Sale Price. '
Splendid 75c Neckties, QQa
late styles, Sale Price odl'
Men's Black and Tan Sox, fn
worth 15c, Sale Price
Boys' 50c Knee Pants, Ofg
Sale Price.
$22.50 Suits and
Overcoats for
They come, gentlemen, in all descriptions, full of that
Indescribable something called "Style." Absolutely tbe
greatest Clothing Bargains ever beard of. Each Suit i
Overcoat without a parallel or counterpart ba the city.
Gentlemen, a $2250 Suit or
the almost unheard-of prices. ,
Administrator's Sale Price . ....
Overcoat at
The Opportunity of a lifetime.
0OjT TIG" 1 will pay you to come 50 milles to attend this great sale. You will sell the red ticket of price OOvRTTr"
wIVJUCj destruction staring you in the face at every turn. WILL YOU BE HERE? UjlVliJjl
11 1;;
Here is what Marion Harland said in 1906 about
si1 Af
i iHliiHli" "My years ago, I discontinued the use of lard in my kitchen
I IIP' and substituted for it, as an experiment, Cottolene, then com-
'ffis f paratively a new product. Since my first trial of it I can truly
sav that it has given complete satisfaction. 1 nonesuy oeueve to
'.'",' I li1 be the very best thing of its kind ever ofiered to the American
1 f housekeeper."
Cottolene makes biscuits that are tender when they are cold that is a sure test of a
good shortening. Try it yourself. Make the biscuits like this:
Won'tyou followtheexample
of famous cooks and make
Cottolene THE fat for all
your cooking ?
Order a pail from your grocer; also
end to us for the valuable FREE
Cook Book, HOME HELPS.
2 cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 4 table
spoons Cottolene, 3-A cup milk. Sift flour, salt and baking powder
together; rub in Cottolene; mix lightly and quickly; mixture should
not be dry; roll out on board, cut into small biscuits, bake ten
to fifteen minutes in hot oven. To make biscuits richer, mix
with cream. Whole wheat, graham or rye biscuit may be
made in the same way. Edith L. Clift,
Good Things to Eat
1700 Topeka Avenue.
Phone 1586
Saturday Specials
Fresh Country Butter,
lb 28
Fresh Country Eggs,
doz 28
3 cans Corn 25
3 cans Tomatoes 25
2 cans Peas 25
Old Mohawk Pancake
Flour, 3 pkgs. 25
Mustard Greens
Head the State Journal.
Well supplied with funny situations, ex
ceptionally well stocked v.th the cold
cu.ila of mother-in-law rule and most
promisingly well adapted to tbe demand
for liiht girly-girly exhibitions, the tab
loid performance, "Who's Kour Friend?
at the Novelty the last of this week Is In
keepln with the usual good musical com
edy stuff. The fact that Manager Max
well Is forced to close the doors of the
theater during the first performance is In
dicative of the manner in which the pa
trons are crowding the popular play house
on the Eighth-Quincy corner.
"WTio's Your Friend?" deals with a.
mother-in-law-pecked husband of the well
knnwn tvne. He has a lealous but pow
erful prettv w.-e. He also has a picture
of a Turkish harem girl. The picture
comes to life and he is confronted with a
problem of dealing with the scantily
clothed girl to the satisfaction of his
wife's mother, who is a staunch member
of the purity league. The comedy settles
around the harem eirt and the tactics of
obby Stewart as a hall boy and Billy
Wjra as the butler.
Plentv of clever work Is staged by
Pobbv Stewart and Billy Wyse also by
the character sontra of Eric Carle. Th
narem girl. Gertrude Earle. Is endowed
with a daintv figure, pretty hair and a
natural lisp. Archie Foulk. the son-in-law
When the curtain- rises- on "Little
Women" at the Grand Saturday the
audience will see reflected both in stage
furnishings and stage costuming the
fashions of the early sixties, ifte fur
niture is really old. The pictures are
hung with the red cord and tassels of
the war period and they are the identi
cal pictures used at that time. The
heavy cornices aver the windows, the
looped-back curtains, the table . covers,
lamp.' afghanat. all the, accessories are
just as they were in vogue at that time
! 0 f3V J & 1
HP W r
0 fill) x
0 d
ft m
This WU1 Remove
Hairs From Face
(Toilet Talks.)
Many beauty experts have discarded
the electric needle and are now using a
plain delatone pasta to remove hairy
growths because this method is almost
instantaneous and is entirely devoid of
pain. The paste is made by mixing
some powdered delatone with water and
this is applied to the hairy surface for
about 2 or 3 minutes, then rubbed off
and the skin washed. This banishes
every trace of hair and leaves the skin
soft and spotless. Be sure to get the
delatona in an original package. Adv.
victim, takes his punishment gracefully
and Aida Lawrence plays a difficult part
well, i lorence Kempt is pretty enough to
make anv man withstand the prancing of
a mother-in-law. Eight chorus girls,
varying in size and looks, do the custo
mary stunts.
An interesting moving picture with or
chestra accompaniment closes the pro
gram. A. J. C.
liiere is a good bill at the Orpheum
theater for the closing days of the week.
There is not a suggestion of sameness
about the acts; they are widely different.
"A Night in Minstrelsy," staged by
three colonial maids and two clever black
face comedians, is a whole minstrel show
in itself. Tlve singing, dancing, and Joke
making of this quintette are do in in ap
proved fashion.
There is real fun In a dog town. Mur
phey's dogs are attired in clothes which
If not in the latest style are at least grc
tesaue. They put on a "busy street scene"
in dojtown and please especially the mem
bers of the younger generation.
Stanley and Mace interpret the latest
tan?o and other dances in a manner that
meets with the approval of the audience.
Lydell and Fox. "the Quaker maid and
the man," as they style themselves, do a
rapid-fire talking, singing and dancing
stunt that brings forth applause. Miss
Beulah Bear sings and dances. Ragtime
Is her specialty and she makes good.
Well Begun
is Half Won
You will have a clear brain and a sunny
disposition all through the day if you start
the morning with a cup or two of refreshing
Old Golden
Eleanor Carey as Jo In Little Woman
at tne urana sararaay. -
when Jo wrote-her stories, when Meg
dreamed of the lover who subsequently
became her husband, when little Beth
trotted about the house, making every
body happy and earning her family pet
name of "Little Tranquillity;" when j
Amy pottered about her clay and her;
sketch book, dreaming of an artist's '
career; when Laurie played pranks and
teased the four girls, and when Mrs. ;
March, the Marmee of the dear old
story .trained her girls into the beautiful
talented women they all became, keep
ing them in the shelter of the old home
and teaching them lessons that lasted,
ithem through life in the art or being
useful, happy and Dusy.
"The Divorce Question." which comes
to the Grand on next Wednesday night
under the direction of Wing-field and
Ridings has created more discussion
than any play produced in recent years;
it has served io enlighten the public on
a subject that previously had not re-!
ceived the consideration due such a 1
weighty problem. The theme is treated .
with startlinsr frankness and the
j characters are clean cut, cameo like in
their distinctiveness. "The Divorce
And it soothes your worries at the middle
and end of the -day.
You never tasted coffee quite so flavorful
and satisfactory as Old Golden. !
Your grocer sells Old Golden Coffee,
ground, steel cut; or, if you prefer to
grind it at home before each making, the
grocer can supply you with the whole bean.
Sold only in one-pound sealed packages,
air-tight, moisture-proof.
TONE BROS., Des Moines
(FrtMid 1S73)
JMfflrs of thm Famaam Ton Bnm. Spicmu
MMiiniMinmnimmiMf f ""1
iininimni4ll'llfflmi LaJ
VO sasftifis ft
Undergoes Operation for Appendicitis
Courts in District Adjourn.
Salina. Kan.. Feij. 6. Adjourned
terms of court in the four counties of
the Thirteenth judicial district are
being delayed by the illness of Judge
Dallas Grover, who was operated on
Wednesday for appendicitis at Ells
worth. He rallied and is improving.
Within the last two years Mrs. Grover
and their son, Dallas, jr.. were oper
ated on for appendicitis and twice the
Grover home has been under quaran
tine for diphtheria this winter, and a
year ago for scarlet fever.
Get a small package of Hamburg
Kreast Tea. or as the German folks
call it. "Hamburger Brust Thee," at
any pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful
of the tea, put cup of boiling water
upon it, pour through a sieve and
drink a teacup ull at any time. It
is the most effective way to break a
cold and cure grip, as it opens the
pores, relieving congestion. Also
loosens the bowels, thus breaking a
cold at once.
It is inexpensive and entirely vege
table, therefore harmless. Adv.
Question" ran for 125 performances in
Chicago and the tour of the present or
ganization bids fair to exceed in pop
ularity its phenomenal success in the
latter city.
Harry Lauder will make his appear
ance at the Grand on February 14 while
en route on his trip around the world.
Lauder's present visit to this country
marks his sixth annual tour in Amer
ica, under the direction of William Mor
ris. Lauder will sail from San Fran
cisco, Cal., on March 11 and will be
gone several months for a tour through
Australia. He has a number of new
Bongs in his repertoire as "It's Nice to
Get Up in the Mornin' but Nicer to
Lie in Bed," "Ta Ta, My Bonnie Mag
gie Darlin" " and "The Lodger," with
which he has made a tremendous suc
cess in London last season. In his sup
porting company will, be Miss Ona
Gar-rick, the celebrated English dra
matic actress in a series of impersona
tions. Irene Bercseny, the Hungarian
gipsy cymbalist; Alfred Latell and Elsa
Vokes in "A Dog of Fantasy." the
English contralto. Miss Ethel Bourne,
direct from Queen's and Albert halls,
London; Erno Rapee. the Hungarian
court pianist, and Jack Ark, the Aus
tralian athlete in a unique diabolo ex
hibition. "Who's Tour Friend?" the tabloid
show at the Novelty the balance of the
week, will please all classes of theater
goers. It's built on the type of higher
ideals. . .
' "East Lynne" to meeting with suc
cess at the Majestic this week. The
Norths are giving it a good production.
Tba Empress presents a new program r
today, including a Pathe feature in two
parts "God's Warning," a Vitagraph
study, "Decoration Day at Old Soldiers'
Home" and several other good subjects.
Stlcber Buys Scranton Gazette.
Osage City, Feb. 6. H. C. Sticher of
Osage City became owner of the fourth
newspaper in 'Osage county when he
this week bought the Scranton Gasetta
of J. R. McNabb. A. B. Ferris will be
in charge of the Gazette office. Mr.
McNabb will re-enter the newspaper
Held in the spring.
Try State Journal Ad for
Bkj VM mm w
I 2
beetnue confining dutiea, tack of freah air and
sunshine gradually weaken even a strong
constitution, and the enfeebled system readily
accepts sickness and disease.
Scott's Emulsion checks such decline. Its pate cod
liver ou is nature grandest medicinal food while
it hypophoaphites act as a building tonic.
tt refreshes the body, puts vigor in the
blood, rrmgthcns the lungs, upbuilds
the nerves and invigorates the whole
if jrow or aWa. Scott's 8
nmurr m. h i
v asiv e" iron,

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