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Female Ballots Gave Kansas
Z to President "Wilson.
Big a Surprise to Democrats as
2 Jolt to Republicans.
G.- O. P. Followers Presented
Women With Their Rights.
And Women Thereby Returned
i. Vote to the Bourbons.
It was a Republican legislature that
gave Kansas women the suffrage
amendment. This week It was the vote
ofKansas women their first vote for
president that gave Kansas to Wilson
and the Lemocrats. It was the quiet,
unannounced woman vote on the
farms and in the big towns that cared
nothing lor party lines and traditions
regularity that gave Kansas to Wilson
In . landslide that surprised the Dem
ocrats almost as much as it shocked
and Jolted the Republicans.
1 nthe 1915 session of the state leg
islature, after many trials and failures,
the women won the ballot thru the
passage of the suffrage amendment.
Of-course the mere men who voted in
the- 1912 election had a chance at the
matter. But the men were as kindly
and gracious as the legislative mem
bers and the suffrage amendment won
inja walk.
&U over the state Republican lead
er rubbed their hands and chuckled.
It3neant a redoubled Republican ma
jority in the state. There simply was
no doubt about it. The Republican
worker in the ward and the man high
er up in the big game, shook . hands
anil patted each other on the back. It
was a great victory for the great com
mon people. Most of all it made Kan
sas safely and soundly and solidly Re
publican for all time to come. Noth
ing; was easier than an application of
th simple rules of arithmetic which
Increased the normal Republican ma
jority in the state lrom 40,000 to 80,
000. f Xo Doubt About It.
l"here wasn't a question of a doubt
thfct the women worked and voted as
their husbands desired. They figured
it all out for you. They explained that
meek and timid and retiring woman
wcruld consult her husband or brother
orifather who knew all about such
thfhgs and gather an idea as to just
how to vote. Careful figuring by
tha politicians showed that 95 per
cent of the women would do that very
tbtag. The remaining five per cent
was a general estimate of old maids,
decrepits and generally unreasonable
people who probably wouldn't go to
the polls anyway.
All over the state there was a ten-
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not greasy or sticky and is positively
safe for tender, sensitive skins.
, ' The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
dency to forgive the Republican senate
for passing the suffrage resolution
when it came over from the house.
For the house hai adopted the amend
ment at a ladies' night festival and
reported to the simple legislative
process of passing the buck. The
house and senate were not especially
friendly that winter, at best. So it
was great sport to check the wrath of
the women to the senate and watch
the solons of the upper house kill the
measure while the ladies writhed in
anger and shed tears.
Senate Fooled Them.
But the senate didn't do it. In
stead a caucus agreement to vote
against the resolution was defeated.
On roll call the resolution needed one
vote to insure its passage when the
name of Senator Frank L.. Travis of
lola last on the roll call was in
vited to vote. Travis looked at the
members in a dazed and bewildered
manner, glanced sidelong at the gal
lery of suffrage workers all of whom
knew Travis would vote "no." Then
Travis voted "yes." Later Travis and
the senate were partially forgiven by
assurances that the move meant more
Republican votes.
I In 1914 Kansas women cast their
1 first vote and helped elect six Demo
crat congressmen from a possible
eight. This year they registered their
first vote for president.1 A special
Pullman train carrying distinguished
! eastern women had visited the state
i and urged Kansas women to come to
their rescue for national suffrage and
1 vote for Hughes. The state commit
: tee had sent the women voters tons
i of literature postage and express
i prepaid and had provided all manner
j of reasons why they should offer daily
' thanksgiving for the privilege of living
i in Kansas and voting the Republi
; can ticket. Maybe the women read
i the literature. Maybe they didn't.
! One thing is sure. They upset even
the extravagant claims of the Demo
crats and put the state in the Bourbon
column. N
Entire State TTcket and 21 Out of 27
Representatives, Republican.
Chicago, Nov. 7. With Hughes and
Lowden, the entire state Republican
ticket was carried into office, latest
compilations of the vote indicated to
day. Twenty-one Republicans were elect
ed to the house of representatives and
six Democrats.
James R. Mann, minority leader in
the last congress, and Joseph G. Can
non were among the Republican rep
resentatives who were returned.
Hughes's triumph in Illinois was
due to the failure of the Democrats
to poll their expected big plurality .n
Chicago and Cook county, Hughes
rolling up pluralities there as well as
in other sections of the state.
A heavy women's vote was cast.
The Republican candidates received
approximately the same proportion of
the women's vote as of the men's.
MAINEG. 0. P. 4,821
Massachusetts Gives Hughes 21,000
Plurality Over Wilson.
Portland. Me., Nov. 8. Maine's
plurality for Hughes stood at 4,821
earlv today, when returns had been
received from all except eighty-one
small precincts, which have a total
vote of only about 4,000. Hughes
had 67,013 and Wilson 62,182 out of a
total vote estimated at IS, 000.
- Boston, Nov. 8. Massachusetts
gave Charles E. Hughes a plurality of
21,000 over President Wilson. The
Republicans also re-elected Governor
McCall and Senator Lodge by larger
plurality than that given Hughes. All
four Democratic congressmen from
this state were re-elected and the Re
publicans held their twelve congres
sional seats in the present congress.
I Advertisement.
wife of E. S. McClintock, died today at
her home, 1101 Central avenue. The
funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Thurs
day afternoon at the Kansas Avenue
M. E. church. Burial in Topeka cem
etery. The Eastern Star will conduct
the services at the grave.
I died Monday afternoon in a local hos-
pital. The body was taken to Onaga
for interment following short services
! in Brennan's chapel.
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V W I hi k If.
Capper Betrayed Republican
Party, Says Robert Stone.
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First Shot In Fight on Gov
ernor for U. S. Senator.
Capper Refused to Aid Any
Candidate in Race.
Why Did Capper Get 100,000
and Hughes Lose Statel
Governor Capper is the captain who
deserted the ship. He is responsible
for the loss of Kansas to Wilson. For
his betrayal, he will suffer. This is
the statement which Robert Stone,
speaker of the house of representa
tives, made today when returns gave
Kansas o Wilson. Stone's statement
is scarcely a veiled threat jof the fight
which is to be made on Governor Cap
per in event he is a senatorial candi
date in 1918.
Before all of the votes are can
vassed. Stone has opened the way for
the big row in Kansas politics two
years hence. ' In a most cutting state
ment the Topeka lawyer today charg
ed the governor with party Ireachery
in order to win votes for himself. He
flatly charges the governor with re
fusal to aid any candidate or to talk
national issues in the campaign. Now
Stcne points to the fact that the gov
ernor is safe and Kansas is nationally
in the Democrat column.
The sensational Stone statement to
day is almost a direct result of the To
peka lawyer's recent fight for. re-election,
which he won. Stone was the
victim of a b'tter- fight in the cam
paign because of his associations as an
attorney for the Kansas Natural Gas
company. Governor Capper's cam
paign speeches regarding the gas re
ceivership were used in the campaign
against Stone. It is because of this
fact and the returns indicating a Kan
sas electoral vote for Wilson that
Stone made his statement.
At the Governor's Door.
Following reports from over the
state to the effect that Kansas has
given Governor Capper more than
100,000 plurality and beaten Hughes
for president by 20,000, Stone picks up
the burden and deposits it at the gov
ernor's door. The responsibility for a
landslide to Wilson is placed on th.
governor's shoulders in Stone's state
ment. Selfish refusal to aid any one
except himself is the charge which
Stone makes in his statement.
"The captain of a ship who, in the
face of danger, deserts his vessel and
leaves his crew and passengers in the
lurch, may save his own skin, but he
spends his remaining days in dis
grace," is the sarcastic reference
which Stone makes to the governor's
attitude in the recent campaign. And
that statement Stone permits to stand
as affecting the presidential contest,
the congressional contests and his own
"If Hughes has lost Kansas," con
tinues Stone, "it is because our trusted
leader here refused thruout this cam
paign to discuss national issues or to
render substantial assistance to any
one upon the ticket. On the contrary
he harped upon personal issues and
betrayed his best friends in order to
get votes for himself at their expense.
"To carry this state by over a hun
dred thousand and allow the national
ticket to go to the bad is convicting
evidence of the betrayal for which the
party will hold him to account. The
scripture law that he who saves his
life shall lose it, is inexorable and
whoever comes within its terms soon
er or later will pay the penalty."
American Vessel Shelled by Subma
rine Sends Out "S. O. 8."
London, Nov. 8. The American
Hawaiian steamer Coin
tons gross, is sending out wireless tel
egraph calls for help, stating that she
is being shelled by a submarine.
The RHtiKb orlml,,l.
the Columbian's wireless call. No de
tails were given as to the ship's posi-
The Columbian was built at San
Franrilrn in 1Qfl7 T t...J
... - - - ". w o icgiMci
gives her owners as the American
Hawaiian Steamship company and her
port of registry as New. She is 472 S
feet in length and 57 feet beam and
has a gross tonnage of 8,580 tons.
Half or Crew Americans. .
New York, Nov. 8. The steamer
Columbian, reported shelled ty a sub
marine, is an American owned boat,
bore the American flag at her mast
head and carried a crew of about 120
men, half of whom were Americans,
officials of the American-Hawaiian
line here said this afternoon.
It was stated the Columbian sailed
from Boston for Genoa via Brest Sep
tember 21, carrying general cargo.
Officials of the line had not heard
of the shelling reportd in the London
dispatch telling of her wireless call.
Furnished by the weather bureau office
t Topeka, Kan., for the twenty-four hours
ending at 7 a. m. Wednesday :
Stations. High. Low. Prec. W'ther.
Koaton, Mass 50 42 0 Clear
Buffalo, K. V HO 66 0 Clear
Calgary, Alb 40 32 0 Clear
Chii-ago, 111 74 of) 0 Fair
Cincinnati. 0 74 S ft rla
Concordia. Kan.... 74 42 .32 Cloudy
Corpus Christi 78 74 0 Clear
Denver. Colo 34 28 .14 Clear
Des Mnlnes, la 60 40 .82 Rain
Dodge City. Kan.. 74 38 0 Cloudy
nuluth. Minn 52 34 0 Clondv
El Paso. Tex 82 68 0 Cloudv
Ft. Worth, Tex S2 iS 0 Cloudv
iMlveston. Tex 78 70 .06 Cloudy
Havre, Mont 30 0 Fair
Ja. ksomtlle, Fla.. GO 02 0 Cloudy
Kansas City, Mo.. 72 r0 .72 Itain
Little Rock, Ark.. 70 04 0 Fair
Los Angeles. Cal.. 78 04 0 Fair
New York, X. Y... 56 42 0 Clear
N. Platte, Neb 50 28 .14 Clear
Oklahoma. Okla 78 52 T Cloudy
Phoenix. Aril 68 40 0 Clear
Pittsburg, Pa 70 54 0 Clear
Portland. Ore 54 -40 0 Cloudy
St. Joseph, Mo 72 --C, 1.16 Itain
St. Louis. Mo 74 GO 0 Fair
St. Panl. Minn 48 38 .82 Rain
Salt Lake. Utah... 38 26 .02 Cloudy
San Francisco .... G4 48 - 0 Clear
Sault Ste. Marie... 52 42 .08 Cloodv
Seattle. Wash 48 46 .01 Cloudv
Sheridan, Wyo 38 16 0 Clear '
Spokane. Wash 44 SS 0 Fair
Swift Current, San. 36 SO 0 Clondv
rampa, Fla SO 64 T Clondv
Toledo. 0 72 50 0 Clear '
TOPEKA. KAN... 74 44 1.40 Itain
Washington. D. C. 00 42 0 Clear
Wichita. Kan 74 42 2.06 Rain
Winnipeg, Man 42 22 0 Clear
Democrat Candidate for Governor In
Missouri Takes Lead.
St. Louis, Nov. 8. Returns from
2,514 out of 3.459 precincts in Mis
souri give Gardner, Democrat, a lead
of 103 over Lamm, Republican, for
governor. The vote was- Gardner
289,030; Lamm 288,923. Wilson's
plurality in Missouri was increased to
nearly 20,000 by the returns from 2,
459 precincts which gave Wilson
305,398; Hughes 285,639.
Returns from 2.405 precincts for
United States senator gave Reed.
Democrat, 300,666; Dickey, KepuDii
can, 283,372.
Rose Sydell.
Rose Sydell's famous London Belles,
"The New Guard" of extravaganza
shows is the attractition at the Grand
today and tonight. From all reports
the management William S. Campbell
has been particularly fortunate in se
curing the cream of talent and beauty
for this popular organization. The
performance is musical pot-pourri
served up in the burlettas and gives
if illl
Johnnie Weber With London Belles.
ample opportunity for the funny men
to be funny, and the pretty girls to
wear costly costumes. There has been
special care in selecting the personnel
of the cast. There is plenty of funny
material and an abundance of pretty
women, and the result is an entertain
ment which brings the people nightly
in crowds to see the show.
Howe Shows Hawaii.
Sitting comfortably in a theater
chair the spectators of the new Lyman
H. Howe Travel Festival will view
most remarkable natural phenomenon
at the Grand three days, commencing
Thursday, November 9, matinee Satur
At the Xovelty.
The first episode of "The Shielding
fenadow, the new serial picture now
running at the Novelty, is proving to
be a .very interesting subject and Uie
scenes are very sensational and exclt
ing. The vaudeville includes five ex
cellent acts, among which are found
"Nelusco & Hurley," who have an alto
gether different act from the rest of
its kind. These two especially good
looking people do not need to exert
themselves to make the audience sit
up and take notice, as they have
novelty of their own, which in itself
makes a big hit at everv performance.
It is an European offering dressed in
Chinese costumes, and dainty dances
adds considerable to the success of this
ciever auo.
At the Orphcum.
A special arrangement has been
made to have the Mary Pickford pro
duction, "Less Than the Dust" re
main in Topeka for the Teachers' as
sociation. Consequently those of To-
peKa wno were unable to see the bin-
play will have the opportunity during
the days of the association beginning
ine music arranged specially for
cms production is agreeable and the
credit for the well-organized orchestra
ana pleasing music is due Mr. I. Fel
tenstem, director of the Orpheum
muaicai organization.
At the Iris.
"The Soul of Kura-San" is an excel
lent vehicle for Sessue Hayakawa. But
mo real purpose cr this story by
Charles Sarver does not stop at oppor
tunities to the featured actor for it
aiso presented the producer with oc
casions to affect forceful drama and
great pictorial beauty. "The Soul of
K.ura-san is a drama turning about a
Japanese artist's determination for re
venge upon the American who b
trayed and caused Kura-San to take
her own life. There is continuous in
terest here. Also there is real punch
New York Mail.
Says glass of hot water before break-
rast washes poisons from
Physicians the world over recom
mend the inside bath, claiming this is
of vastly more importance than out
side cleanliness, because the skin
pores do not absorb impurities into
the blood, causing ill health, while the
pores in the ten yards of bowels do.
Men and women are urged to drink
each morning, before breakfast a
glass of hot water with a teaspoonful
of limestone phosphate in it, as a
harmless means of helping to wash
from the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels the previous day's indigestible
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fying the entire alimentary canal be
fore putting more food into the stom
ach. Just as soap and hot water cleanse
and freshen the skin, so hot water and
limestone phosphate act on the elim
inative organs.
Those who wake un with bad breath.
coated tongue, nasty taste or have .1
dun, acning nead, sallow complexion,
acid stomach; others who are subject
to bilious attacks or constiDation.
should obtain a quarter pound of lime
stone phosphate at the drug store.
t nis win cost very little but is suffi
cient to demonstrate the value of in
side bathing. Those who continue it
each morning are assured of pro
nounced results, both in regard to
health and appearance. Adv.
Considering Victory Won,Head-
quarters Starts Celebrating.
Hire Band and Hold Im
promptu Street Parade.
Wilson Plays Golf; Hughes
Goes Out Motoring.
Minn., Cal., N. N. M. and
Ore. Are Doubtful Still.
New "Sork, Nov. 8. President Wil
son was making steady gains this aft
ernoon in two states Minnesota and
California carrying of either one of
which will make his election certain.
Regarding these two as doubtful
with New Hampshire, New Mexico and
Oregon, United Press returns showed
Wilson to have already acquired 256
votes in the electoral college, Hughes
238. The president, therefore, re
quires only ten votes for re-election.
At Democratic headquarters the
president's managers, , regarding the
election as already won, turned atten
tion to celebrating. A band was hired.
Secretary McAdoo distributed brand
new dimes as souvenirs and an im
promptu parade past Republican
headquarters to jeer at their oppo
nents was carried out gleefully.
Claim New Hampshire by 350.
, At 2 o'clock Senator Hollis of New
Hampshire informed Chairman Mc-
Cormick from Burlington that unof
ficial but complete returns from that
state gave it to Wilson by 350 majority.
The Republicans were conceding
nothing and sticking fast to their
claims of Hughes s election.
In the meantime President Wilson
and Governor Hughes were receiving
returns from their political advisers
constantly. Hughes remained closeted
in his room at the Hotel Astor in New
York and a continuous stream of
Democrats and Republicans were run
nipg to him. President Wilson at
Shadow Lawn was in communication
with Secretary Tumulty frequently
during the morning but in the after
noon upon reassuring reports from his
secretary the president went out for a
game of golf. Mrs. Wilson went with
' At 2 o'clock Governor Hughes and
Mrs. Hughes went for an automobile
Hde. The candidate was given a rous
ing cheer as he walked smiling to his
machine at the curb.
Half Counted In North Dakota.
Fargo. N. D..- Nov. 8. "North Da
kota is undoubtedly in the Wilson
column," the Forum, Republican
newspaper,, stated at 1 o'clock. Half
the state ballots counted showed Wil
son 22,791, Hughes 21,732. Farmers'
Non-Partisan League candidates won
50 to 40.
Hughes Gaining; Wilson Leads.
- St. Paul, Nov. 8. Returns from the
rural districts shortly after noon to
day, gradually cut down President
Wilson s lead over Hughes in Minne
sota, 1,029 of tlte 3,024 precincts in
the state giving Wilson 92,066, Hughes
If Hughes can maintain his lead in
the country districts the state will go
to him by a safe margin, it is esti
mated by Republican leaders. On the
other hand, the Democratic leaders
are claiming the state and feel con
fident Wilson will hold his own in the
rural districts and increase his lead
in the smaller cities of the state. The
result is in doubt as only a third of
the 3.024 precincts in the state have
been heard from.
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 8. In Idaho 228
precincts out of 743 give Wilson 24,-
467, Hughes 19.486.
Lamm Maintains Lead.
St. Louis. Nov. 8. Returns from
2,442 precincts out of 3,459 in Missouri
give Wilson 302.218: Hughes 285,589.
Returns from 2.4S0 precincts give
Gardner, Democrat, for governor 283,-
748: Lamm. Republican, 286,10 1.
Returns from 2,365 precincts give
Reed, Democrat, for senator 294,580;
Dickey, Republican, 279,405.
Hughes Also Claims Now Hampshire.
Manchester, N. H., Nov. 8. Altho
the Republican state committee had
announced that with 21 precincts still
to be heard from Hughes had an un
official plurality of 1,867, revised
newspaper figures this afternoon re
duced the Hughes lead to 275 with
11 small precincts out. Republican
leaders said the unreported vote was
in Republican territory and that
Hughes would carry the state by 400.
Wilson 35,000 in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City, Nov. 8. President
Wilson's majority in Oklahoma was
placed at 35,000 today by Democratic
state leaders. While no late figures
were available it was apparent Mr.
Wilson's plurality would not be low
ered by precincts still to be heard
The socalled fair election law
amendment carried by a majority
estimated from one and one-half to
two to one.
Xo Comments Until He Knows Out
come for Certain.
New York, Nov. 8. Charles E.
Hughes awoke at 8 o'clock this morn
inn: after sleeping nearly seven hours,
and a minute later was reading the
newspapers and latest election dis
patches from doubtful states. Chair
man Willcox communicated with the
nominee and declared belated reports
were reassuring.
Mr. Hughes adhered to his deter
mination of last night to make no
comment and issue i o statement until
the result was oeyond doubt. He
breakfasted with Mra. Hughes and
their tr.ree daughters. Newspapers
were propped up in frcnt of them all
and the meal was frequently inter
rupted to read the latest reports from
doubtful states.
Mr. Hughes was especially interest
ed in returns from California, Minne
sota, Nebraska and Missouri. Early
ad vices to the nominee from party
leaders v?ere that the two List named
states were in doubt with a steady Re
publican trend as returns came slowly
For several months we have been prepar
ing for the school teachers' convention,
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$7.95 to
We want the teachers
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Prohibition Carried in Four
States, Returns Indicate.
Vote for Hanly Shows Gratify
ing Increase.
Chicago. Nov. 8. Oliver W. Stew
art, national Prohibition campaign
manager, expressed gratification over
the result of wet and dry fights in
states today.
"Returns indicate that the drys
have added four states Michigan,
South Dakota, Nebraska and Mon
tana to the dry column," said Mr.
Stewart. "We saved Arkansas to the
array of nineteen dry states with
which we entered the campaign. The
election of Bamberger as governor of
Utah, a Democrat favoring prohibi
tion, I think means prohibition by
statute out there. We are particularly
pleased at the victory for woman's
suffrage in South Dakota, for that
means that the election of officials
who will make the prohibition law
"As to the national campaign our
returns are too meagre to afford a
basis for analysis-, exceut that the vote
for Hanly apparently showed a grati
fying increase over the vote four years
Must Flush Your Kidneys Occasion
ally If You Eat Meat Regularly.
Noted Authority Tells What Causes
Backache and Bladder Weakness.
. No man or -woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally, says
a well known authority. Meat forms
uric acid which clogrs the kidney pores
so they Flusgishly filter or strain only
part of the waste and poisons from
the blood, then you got sick. Nearly
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ble, nervousness, constipation, dizzi
ness, sleeplessness, bladder disorders
come from sluggish kidneys.
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sediment, irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensation of scalding, get
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
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tablespoonful in a glass of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for
generations to flush clogged kidneys
and stimulate them to activity, also to
neutralize the acids in urine so it no
longer causes irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink which all regular
meat eaters should take now and then ,
to keep the kidneys clean and the
blood pure, thereby avoiding serious
kidney complications. Adv.
1 1 arrenlosv
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Kansas Teachers
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cumuli IC 1 Oiiiiuiii
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nrnt Jap Actor, whose wonder
ful wneB personality i. being;
studied by the scientists
"The 8oul of Kura-San"
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or quality buy Dorothy Dodd Shoes.
You'll find here many of the newest
patterns. Priced a pair
$4.00 to $8.00
"Gold Medal" Shoes, a pair
$3.00 to $3.50
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F i
Up-Town Office
Topeka Laundry Co.
114 West 8th St.
Next to Lord's Flower Shop
Laundry bundles and clothes
cleaning and pressing received
Viy 8:30 a. m., returned by 6 p.
m.. If desired.
Hat Cleaning and Blocking
and Clothes Pressing
Done Here.
Open 7 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Yes, but our store is open
and ready for business.
Delivery will be made as
promptly as possible.
I Phone CCD.
B Southeast cor. 6th and ajrkson

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