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Leonard Has Conquered , All,
Good Lightweight Boxers.
Billy U hale a Only One Who
Has ot Been Licked.
New York. Jan. 19. There never
was a time wbn fewer promising
lightweight were scintillating around
th country Ttie men who are be
lieved to have a chance to topple
Benny Leonard from his throne as
lightweight champion are ail men
who have been battling for years and
ears. There isn't a man who came
out ovcrniLt.
Willi- Jackson looked Us be this sort
of a man for a few brief moments,
and then he fliwered. Jackson's name
la rarely mentioned now as a probable
opponent for the champion.
There i just one good boy who
comes to mind amon? those who
haven't yi been given a loo kin at
the championship. He is little Billy
Whalen, a St. Paul lightweight.
Whalcn Hard Fighter.
St. Paul has eiven many high
claas fightir men to the Trame that it
pnes without saying Whalen is a
plucky, hard-fighting little individual.
Mike flibbons trained the youngster
Thru all his early days of battling, and
the little fl!ow look and acta like the
iT. Paul Wizard.
Whalen tasn't been rushed to de
struction. He is going thru a course
?f sprouts that may lead him up to a
chr.mpionship battle. He hail met
.me excellent boys an-i most of them
he has won from. He is grradua.'ly
gt-nwing into the select class rt top
notchers. And Whalen ia the only lightweight
of tender years who stands cut aj a
Fobable opponent some of the-c days
f. -r the championship. Leonard evi
dently has overlooked this youngster
I i his tjolicv of stepping out and cuff
ir'r ambition out of all the youngsters
v ho look as if they might make some
Leonard Wants tJout.s.
Leonard declares there in little
fighting in sight fur him now, for he
has gone to work as a boxing instruct
or at Camp Upton. Yaphank. L. I.
B'"nny came in for considerable crit-i-
ism for the manner in which he kept
away from this camp after receiving
u appointment, but he haa stepped
into i he work now. according to re
j. rts. Leonard announced immedfate-
I; after he won the lightweight title
that ho would join some branch nf
service, so ihe criticism was coming
his way when he didn't get into it.
Deputy Sherifi, However. Found Him
in a Chicago Cafe.
tChicago, Jan. ltf. Anyone who
question Jess Willard's speed or foot
work, listen to this: ,
Deputy sheriffs sought to serve a
summons ofi the champion Friday
night in a $25,000 damage suit.
"I walks up to the house and thinks
'that's Jess sitting by the window.' '
explained Chief Deputy Peters today.
' raps on the door and a-ska po
litely if Air. Willard is in?
" 'No. air,' says the lady, 'he'a in
Texa:V "
Five minutes latter. Jess was brought
to bay in a neighborhood cafe.
"I wouldn't have ducked, declared
S"illard. "but I won't stand for being
bull-dozed by no deputy sheriff.'
The suit was brought by "St-re"
Savage who alleges that while employ
ed in the chamo s circus he was flat
tered Into jousting with "Tex'' Dowd,
regular wresHr. who
inflicted va-
rious articles of mayhe
Mirh. ami Oi ;( Rivals Again.
Chicago. Jan. 1 9. Athletic rela
tions between Michigan and Chicago
will be resumed tonight, after a lapse
of 12 years when tht Wolverine baa
keteera fnet with Maroons in Bartlett
Gym. Chicago is the favorite.
Raskethall Result..
Camp Funston 30. N'eb. Wesleyan 19.
Indiana 2 l. Michigan IT. B
Missouri 2ti, Wash. U. 23.
Spg. Normal 29, Jewell 27.
K. V. 31. Iowa Afiriries 20.
, this advertisement.
It tells you where to
call for
Freight Hauling
nwn i y .
the Minute
e-v,j. . tu jno
Geora-r Stallingrs. manager of itii
Boston Braves, rives the pitchers of
tods-y credit for the decrease in the
number of .300 hitters in the two
bis leagues.
"There are a number of reasons
why barring has decreased." said
StaUinss recently- "The foul strike
rule an-i the spitball have done
their share to knock points off the
bat: in averages, but in my opin
ion, the test answer lies in the fact
that the pitchers are smarter now
than they used to be. They are
pitching better ball and they pitch
just as much with their heads as
with their arms."
Jock McBrtde, former Topeka tailor
; and sport enthusiast who is now in
j the Canadian army, complains that he
is unable to get enough sport news
I from the old town papers to satisfy
! him. He says things must be "pretty
j dead " "here. '
j And so they are, in a. sport way. It
I must be admitted that just at present
! Topeka is ivot experiencing a swirl of
dizzy sports activities. The winter
I baseball stove league has a "fuel fam
' ine. there is no basketball other than
' what the churches and the Y. M. C.
! A. afford and the town hasn't turned
! out a heavyweight contender for Wil
' lard's crown since Jack MeGuire went
into the army to take his training.
! Of course, the war can be blamed
: for the lack of sport activities and
. poor old Mars will have to grin and
bear this blame. But it must be ad
m'tted mat there is something, pecu
liar about the. situation. War has not
forced schools like Cooper college, the
' Emporia Normal school. Midland col-
lejse and Baker university to abandon
j basketball and -every one of these
j schools is located in a town much
i smalier than Topeka. Most of them
! art smaller schools than Washburn.
t Nor has the war forced Joplin. Mo..
Wichita. Hutchinson and St. Joseph
to urive up all interest in baseball.
These towns are little larger than To
peka. some of them not as large, yet
they are. holding on to their baseball
franchises and are finding time be-
j tween liberty loan campaigns. Red
I Cross contributions and recruiting tr
cnensn cnampionsnip amoitions tor
next summer when the Western
league opens. But. Topeka. despite
the fact that she could get into the
league ajin with very little trouble,
is making no effort to do so. and no
one seems to be grieving because
there are no boosters who are willing
to try to put over a deal that will
bring a club here.
The only way to explain the grave
yard quietness of the local atmosphere
is by admitting that Topeka is under
going one of the periodical spells that
come to all communities when the red
blood runs sluggish and the relish for
real amusement refuses to assert it
self. An evidence of the absolute lack
of interest in things athVetic is the
failure of Lewis Hoffman to try to
stage a wrestling match. When Lewis
lays off it is a lead pipe cinch there
isn't a spark of interest smouldering
even among the North, Topeka mat
However, there is a slight indica
tion that an effort is to be made to
wake up the sport lovers in the action
of C. L. Mitchell, Mayor House. Com
missioner Porter and Fred Voiland in
getting behind the Jack Johnson-Todd
efforts to organize a club at which
there will be mat and gleve amuse
ments and attractions that will appeal
to the young men who have surplus
energies to dispose of. And the action
of these men. prominent in the city's
affairs, shows thac they realize a
wake up is needed.
Also, there is an indication the
Washburn students intend to show the
faculty they do not propose to allow
Ichabod sports to die without a kick.
They have already shown that they
disapprove of the plan to drop basket
ball, and if they make their sentiments
known in the right way there is noth
ing for the faculty- to do but keep
the sport going, even if money that
could be used for other purposes has
to be spent for athletics. Washburn
cannot afford to get the reputation of
being the sportlesa school of Sportless
ville. "The withdrawal of students now in
school because of the lack of uhlnllo
encouragement is not a desirable
errect la small compared
with the effect of a reputation of be
ins "tieMH" in t- -
" .3 u , . L v . uca m
reputation would keep hundreds of
.. j fuming to iopeKa to get
..ineir advanced education. The ma-
ioritv nf -Wt :
' lt ii . wno want j
i see the school progress undoubtedly
-,...si) uiS aown m tneir
Pockets mthA. t v. .. i , .
- - "ii ssr: uie KRUUI
drop completely out of athletic But
many of them believe this should be
unnecessaryjind that the school auth
orities hO'ffl .i
y- ... ni.yiiy uuier lIMtH
that belonging to the athletic asso-
-it.iuu i Keep tnings going. -
Just what is to be done regarding-
fr u.iuiuB or a successor to Or. Ken
nedv is a mata r ...
- . . . airv:umnun.
Whether or not his failure to make
good by producing a football winner
had anything to do with his resigning
is something that the authorities prob
ably will not let the world know. But
if this d! have anything to do with
it. It is almost certain that an effort
will fce made to get some one else to
tackle the problem of building up
ayorm at tne college.
Those who are close to President
Womer assert he is strongly in favor
of atliletics and that he personally has
no desire to see the sports curtailed
ar cut off. They believe he will continue-
to try to get a man who will do.
liver the goods and that he will give
; athletics every kind of backing he can.
I Personally he gave Dr. Kennedy aP
: the assistance he could, but. unfor
tunately, he was not in Topeka at all
times when his assistance was needed
t and was unable to antangle some of
; the many entanglements and vexing
; problems the doctor had to contend
e Wheezes
sJfr Vi.ci.ff 1 ft. Any fUe' te83!
files; aho so cd. (' VVS jM J$tL
Last seascM he
A.A. Prrc!Rs Got nu&y
Last season he AA n
Proaassr, mads ufe frsJ 0 m
MsaeAas tea bib u -
ELSE AGAM cJ Ifl js?fiy
aits' yeae. TtS. VrfcjlJ1'" 1 "ilS
The American Association pitchers arc to have a sad time of rt this
season. Spitballa, shineballs, emery balls, and all the other trueerdeHveries
will be strictly prohibited. Last season it was quite the other way and
anything at all went. The A. A. pitchers made the batters most unhappy
all through the race. This year the batters wili have their revenge. Many
sf the pitchers who made the best records last season are so dependent on
trick deliveries that they are sure to suffer this year when the fancy stuff
in the box is tabooed.
That Is Rirkard'a Opinion, Bat He , Billy Mlske Fights Willard's Clial
Will Sot Promote It. - Iriijrer to Draw In Ten-Round Go.
N'ew York, Jan. 19. The attitude of jst. Paul, MLnn.. Jan.'IS. Fred Ful
exnerienced boxing promoters toward j ton's Inability to get Pilly Miske "set
a battle for the world's heavyweight j right" and the tatter's style of rush
championship may be summed up in a ; ing to clinches and holding on. made
statement by Tex Rickard, who has a draw of a very unsatisfactory ten
promoted the biggest bouts the coun- j round bout between the two here Fri
try ever saw. j day night. ,
Rickard. disgusted with Willard's in I Miske opened the fight by rushing
in o,it nrinrinles declared he sees ' Fulton, slipping, under the larger
no chance of staging the mill, and will
leave about February 1 for . South
America, where he will spend a year
on his ranch in Paraguay.
"I believe the public wants to see
this bout." said P.ickard. "I believe it
wosld be the greatest bout in point ot;
attendance and popularity ever seen i
I figured on it about a year ago and j
tried to find a place to put it on. but j
was absolutely unable to locate a state (
where, the right kind of a bout could (
be proauceo. len rounoo oum uui .
oe suixiaent. it wuuiu .v .u '".i
least twenty rounds, and I couldn't
find the nroper place. Willard also
has made things too hard for the j
promoter. It isn t worth the trounce it
would take.
Wichita and - Kansas City. Kansas
Quintets to Tangle Tonight.
Wichita, Ran.; Jan. 19. What is
said to be tne Olggest same rver sciie-
duled in the history of basketball at
the Wichita high school will be played
in the Forum here tonight between
rh. lr,l hia-h school aumtet and the
five reoresenting Central High School,
Kansas City. ' The Kansas City quintet
is said to be an undefeated cham
pionship team of more than three
years standing.
The game is attracting considerable
attention in highi school basketball cir
cles in Kansas and Missouri as the
Wichita team won the Arkansas Val
ley championship last year and has
not been defeated this year, while the
Kansas City team is considered one
of the best high school basketball
teams in Missouri.
Food for Fans
arr-avo. 1
When winds abont the windows wall and
til rob
And rattle all the casements in the flat,
I like to rend of Speaker ami of Cobb
And Killifer and persons auch as that.
When Old Man Boreas comes swooping
And gets the whole dam country in his
clutch. .
I like to read of Mathewson and Brown
And Kling and Walsh and SoJliyaa and
Wnen icebergs cluster roua-4 my cabin
door -And
anowdrifta come and clatter np the
walk. .
I like to att and ponder o'er and e er
The bygone deeds of Collins and of
When Winter winds are wailing wild and
Asd snowdrifts 'round the kitchen door
way climb.
I like to read a lot- of baseball stnff
it always makes me think of aummer
time. As we write these here lines we can
bear Sam Potts Hall in the set of dis
coursing on three-cushion billiards. The
only time we enjoy three-ensbion billiards
ia when somebody discourses em with
somebody else.
Bobby McLean has demonstrated that be
can trim Oa.tr Matbiesen. but we maintain
that Oscar has the better press agent.
There is said to be a slight difference
between skating on ice and skating oe
XJnes to n Street Car Sweeper.
Ton swoop upon the geoele snow
And hnrl It rudely to and fro.
Ton sweep It from the sodden street
And swamp a gay from head to feet.
Yon amble on ytrar heedless way
And hare no tailor bills to pay.
Yon make me wish that I could be
So careless and so fancy free.
Yon simply swoop aronnd tlie loop
And d sot seen to ears a whoop.
titeru. toe m
man's long left hand and working into
a clinch in an endeavor to reach Ful
ton's stomach. Fulton held his op
ponent away, his greater strength tell
ing as Miske tried to reach his body.
During the first three rounds Miske
boxed in a crouching position with
Fuiton atraightening him up with left
uppercuts which Miske took and
rush back for more,
Fuiton's superior boxing ability held
Miske at long range at times, but the
latter bored in until he reached Ful-
ton stomach with some stiff punches.
In two rounds Miske stung Fulton
with a shower of right and left hand
punches with the larger man unable to
land telling blows.
The last two rounds were Darticu-1
larly fast, Miske showing to advantage
in the ninth, with Fulton trying hard
to land a punch which would give him
a knockout as the bout finished, and
Miske still fighting. Fulton weighed
218 pounds and Miske 1H9:
Veteran BUIiardist Is Dead.
Chicago. Jan. 19. George C. Brit-
! ner oldest professumal billiard player
" th. htry was dead here today,
, following- an attack of heart disease.
" jvu.uua.mc, i-a,
Junny Walsh.
Jimmy Walsh, the Red So out
fielder, has a job in the fire depart
ment of his home town of Syracuse.
N. Y- and he hksa it aa well that he
may not return to the game this
summer If he does nt care tu ptav
with Boston there are several other
teams that rould be pleased to have
him. aa Jimmie ia just over Utm draft
t i LA f J
World Sport Carniral Impossi
- ble After the War I
Allies May Sot Compete With
Teutonic Athletes.
New York. Jan. 19. The next gen
eration may and may not see the
Olympic Games revived.
This opinion has been expressed by
some of the leading patrons of world
sports, both in the United States and
abroad, and altho a tremendous revi
val qf sports is bound to follow the
return of peace, it is, said that from
twenty-five to thirty years will elapse
before werld games open to all na
tions, ean be held. v
No world's champion's hips in the
true sense of the word oan be held
unless Germany and her' allies are
represented. , But there is a teeling
now that the United States, England
and France will scarcely consent o
e their athletes meet those of Ger
any or Austria-Hungary on a com
mon footing.
France Prepares for Sport.
France, even now, is preparing1 to
hold a great athletic carnival at the
close of the war, to which 'athletes
from all of the allied and neutral na
tions will be invited. But it is said
that no invitations will be extended
to the German allies, in which eveit
it will be practically impossible to
style the winners of events as world's
: champions. '
' Th mamhF rf th Tnt mji finnal
Olympic Committee are in favor of
world games at the dose of the war,
but they are not considering a re
vival of the Olympic Games as they
have been held in the past.
Willard and Fulton the Biggest Heavy
weights of All Time.
If Jess Willara and Fred Fulton
ever do osicounter as has been mor
than several times threatened, there
will be seen in action two of the great
est giants ever known to step between
the ropes. If the battle has nothing
else to recommend it, there is- at least
this that can be said f will bring
togetaer the two tallest and heaviest
battlers that ever jousted in the same
I ring. W lllard will stand six feet seven
and ne weighs 300 pounds. Fulton is
j six foet five and a bit more and weighs
'llljj pounds. Jeff and Jack Johnson
J were perhaps the greatest giants ever
! to battle heretofore, and they were
shrimps compared to Fulton and wil
lard. Jeff was six feet and Johnson
was one-half inches over that.
Charles Webb Wants to Collect Eiht
Years' Rent on Old Park.
Chicago, Jan.. 19. At last Charley
Weeghman has a chance to get rid of
that S'50.000 bank roll.
The Cub boss and his fellow stock
holders were .defendants today in a
suit brought by Charles W. Murphy,
former president of the club, to re
cover rent on the old West side ball
park, abandoned when the -National
league took over the new Federal
park on the North side. '
The amount involved is apportioned
from $15,000 ta J20.000 a year for
eight years.
Pittsburg Xormal President Is Field
Worker fdr Emerscm Carey.
Pittsburg, Kan,, Jan. 19. W. A.
Brandenburg, president of the State
Manual Training Normal, haa devel
opened into a first clasa sleuth a fuel
President Brandenburg is the coal
field assista-fit to Emerson Carey of
Hutchinson, state fuel administrator.
Located in the heart of the Kansas
mining field the normal head keeps
hii eye on the production at various
mined and receives rush orders for
fuel from, outside the field.
This doesn t comprise his whole job,
howe er. for coal is of little service
unless cars can be obtained. So the
normal president keep his periscope
in action, looking out for empty coal
cars. When he discovers any, coal
soon finds its way into them and goes
on fta way to do some good.
DoeeVt President Brandenburg have
to spend some time keeping his own
school's bins filled with fuel? He
doesn't. He hunts coal for other state
institutions but for hlj own last sum
mer he contracted for 'the entire out
put of a small mine near the normal.
That Is the New Military Title of
Famous Singer.
Camp Funston,. Kan., Jan. 19. To
Mme. Schumann-Heink has gone the
honor of being the first woman to
win a commission in the United States
army. The- famous songstress was
made honorary "colonel" ot the 21st
Infantry at San Diegti. CaL. in recog
nition of her many fine services to
the regiment. She maintains her big
estate "Grossmont" near San Diego
and her interest in the community is
characteristically generous.
It was on the day she presented a
stand of colors to the regiment that
she was decorated with th colonel's
silver insignia, and she now wears it
proudly. After receiving her "com
mission" she gave a corcert for "her
boys" as she delights in calling the
members of the 21st. The great sing
er will appear at Camp Funston to
sing for the soldiers there the latter
part of the month.
For First Class and ap to date Den
tistry, at tne snost Keaaonable Prices
Topeka, Kan.
The umil war. nr kick cant nf Rv
!" haa net manna aim an ratna Ma nvtown.
V oa en affnrd tn trnvnl aailen In pnrgnn
an nim bm aa
Office hours ta Bandar lo ta 13.
ranaa STSa.
La4r Attendant-
Tj. J. Pettyjoha TeDs of War Activities
In tiie -Sliort Crass. "
Ford county is doing something
more than her share and rendering
something more than her quota of ser
vice In every war emergency, accord
ing to L. J. Petti john of Dodge City,
who has been in Topeka this week at
tending the'war conferences. In every
campaignthe county has given mora
than asked and rendered a service
greater than that anticipated or ex
pected, -There isn't a doubt about the spirit
of western Kansas these days," said
Pettijohn. "In Ford county we have
gone far over the top in every war
campaign. The liberty bond cam
paigns, the Red. Cross and the T. M.
C. A. drives even the Bible fund
received a reception in Ford county
which was greater than expected or
asked by the men in charge of the
general campaign.
"Now the farmers are feeling more
hopeful forthe year and I believe the
county will continue to stay right on
top. Recent snows have put the vrseat
in good shape and with proper mois
ture the wheat yield will be enor
mous." A large number of Ford county
young men are already in France.
When Frank L. Travis's ammunition
train went to the front. Mr. Pettl
John's son went with the organisation.
So did a number of other young men
from the county. Mr. Pettijohn who
is a state character in Republican ac
tivities, is a candidate for the nomi
nation for secretary of state. Because
of the war situation, tho, he has taken !
his time from , private business and !
from political endeavors and has been
in the midst of all the war campaigns :
in his county. ;
. i
C. or C. Members Will Give ladies!
Venison Spread Next Week. i
"Eeer-La dies' day at the Chamber :
of Commerce ia officially set for next
Wednesday according to the statement
of President McEntire this noon. In-;
cideiitaily Pres. McEntire seemed ta be !
much. wrought up over the fact that
varimis and sundry of the ladies of ,
Topeka seem to think that the Cham-!
ber of Commerce is not doing its full ;
duty in the conservation of money ;
and food.
"Of course the ladies of Topeka
seem- to think that any body of mere
men is incapable of furnishing either
delicacies or entertainment without
a sinful waste of money," said McEn-;
tire, "but this Chamber of Commerce
can do that very thing. It might Well
if the ladies of the city understand i
that the venison to be, served here
next Wednesday is the free gift of j
Commissioner Porter to the Chamber j
of Commerce, and that all the enter
tainment such as music is entirely
donated and does not cost the C. of C.
one cent."
It is expected oiK course that ail j
the ladies of Topeka will turn out for !
the venison feast at the Chamber of j
Commerce on Deer-ladies day, and j
that they will feel a greater enjoy-1
ment in the knowledge that the mere j
men of the city are able to provide !
some small delicacies- without break
ing the rules set down by Director
Hoover. Formal invitations are not
issued for ladies day, for the feast is
for all the women of the city and not
for the wives, sweethearts and rela
tives of Chamber of Commerce mem
bers alone. -
You will find
Mttnt4rflwnd at iaai. :
ranta depnrtxMnt nnd drae i
mm, VitFJ-'i
bail parka, dioiaa eara, staamnhii
ana other plneee wonra rc
Telephone numbers and addresses for your convenience in buy
ing;. Filed away this list could be called on often for quick refer-"
ence. It will appear every Saturday. If you are not represented
call Phone 3530 Adv. Dept, for information. v
- Adverttalaa C
412-414 Central National Bank Blrig.
. , Phone UJ43.
Bleyrtm aa4 Mvterreics.
114 East 7th St.
x Phone 4400.
' Bttstneas Cellefcs.
George EL Dougherty. Pres.. Its West ata
Thoa atitt.
, New England afuU-'.l.l.
PujM 4173.
135 Ilansaa
Phone 5ft&
EleeUU'al fixture. Bepair- SuppilM.
ietic bnpply. 71ft Kavio Ave. '
PTwoe 1377.
V.jm Speetallsta.
7U 'Kansas Ave.
T-bone 724,
Kxpreas Dray asd Traafr.
528 Adams St.
Phone 3358.
eral Insurance. 409-11 New Fnjrlanrt Bids
Phone S1L
231 Jefferson St.
These make up the usual
Dutcti lunch but what
will you serve to drink?
For Tears tha hoat and hoatesa have been asking themselrea
that aame queation especially" whenever j the occaaion hap
pens to be one of those coxy little after-theatre or "in
fcetweea-tuaes; parties. Now, there is a ready aser
This distinctively new creation in soft drinks is sparkling
snappy drlicioqa. It is healthful with the wholesotneness
of the choicest cereals appetizing' with, the bouquet and
agreeable bitter tang whichTonly choice hops can impart. It
ia sure to "hit tha spot" sure to encounter no prejadicesv
Bevo the aH-year-'round soft drink
Guard Atinst
thnt tfi erona ton bnan tna
IwatlnM mm lliainaiy by
Topeka Tood Products Co.
Wholesale Dealers - TOPEKA. KAN.
. Fraak H. Jordan, Mgr.
Fhaae 38 113 Kansas Ave.
Ire Craaaa.
2233 Lincoln
Pnooo 964(L
TOrrvA PritE MILK CO, .
4O0-02-O4 Jackson Sc
Phone 337.
R. H. MOREHOrsK. '
427 Hollidar. ' - iJ
Phone 1A2S.
I-Msa. Marts, Flamseial Ageats.
' 4th Floor Mulvaae HMt
Paoae -14.
Marrreas Fartariea.
Mattreaa Factory. 227-22S Qnlnfy.
- Psone
809 Kanssn Are.
Phone 1042. . 1
7C7 Kanaas Av.
Phone 3869. -Seal
Estate Deslera, Lamn. Isaaraaes. '
Collections. 30 Colnmblas BI.K. '
Phoae 725 Kinc X
Sasal nnlin.
Foot ot Topeks Are.
Pbiae 338. .
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trimmliiff Bluckamirhinif, rto! workload
lain tin-. Foredoora built for ant nak or
mod.. Wbp!i built or repaired Special
Ioiie built for eommcrciai cars. Bubbaa
. applied.
Contractors and Builders
We Repair Door
Checks of All Kinds
Call us. We give special At
tention to repair and job
110 West th Ave.
Shop Phone 823. Res. PB. 2957-K1
Closing Out Sale On
Fine Stork Priced at S-Vl. $V T.1 and f 100
Come nod See Them
Phone 100S
Lobster . Sardines
Pickles Sausage
Oysters Spaghetti
S"wiss Cheese
Goulash Ra viola
that the
mva m son! n
St. Louis
m .anV . Waf 'i nATI. JT-a I .anTT J nJ-TFjaa

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