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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, August 14, 1918, HOME EDITION, Image 5

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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. -
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. , 10 STORES .
Heavy Artillery Bombardment
Begins on 25-Mile Front.
Place of Attack Is In the Moun
tain Sector.
Rome, Aug. 14. Italian forces
have occupied Monte Mantello. Punta
Di Matteo and the spur southeast of
Cima Zlgolon, north of the Adamello
region, according to an official state
ment issued by the war orfice. They
have taken 100 prisoners.
Washington, Aug. 14. An Italian
offensive in the Alps, appears immi
nent, according to General Emillo
Guglielmotti, military attache of the
Italian embassy, from tho general
headquarters of the Italian supreme
commrnd today.
The Italians are reported to have
opened an intense artillery fire in the
mountainous zone near the Swiss bor
der along a front of approximately
twenty-fivo miles. The sector is the
highest of the entire battle line and
has been practically free from fight
ing since the beginning of the war.
Would Head -Off Austrians. ,
The Austro-Germans recently con
centrated heavy infantry and artillery
forces in the Trentlno regions. The
Alps are protecting the west flank of
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these forces. Miliary authorities here,
point i-t -that a successful Italian
thrust thru the mountains would en
danger the Trentlno positions of' the
enemy and disrupt the. rumored plans
for an Austrian mountain offensive.
The Italian attacks center against
the enemy positions in the sons of Val
tellina, on the Tonala and at the head
waters of the Val Di Genova. Alpine
storm troops have taken Mount Mont
ello and were reported as being ad
vancing upon Mount Albiolo and in
the regions of the head waters of the
Val Di Geneva. The battle line ex
tends along the Austro-Itallan fron
tier and stretches across several glac
Captured Documents Show Ger
mans Hard Pressed.
Are Drawing Men From Work
Behind Lines. -
(By the Associated Press.)
With the French Army in France,
Tuesday, Aug. 11. The anxiety of the
Germans concerning the depletion of
their reserves appears to be confirmed
by a document signed by General Lu
Cendorff, a copy of which was cap
tured among other papers during the
cent fighting. "The state of our re
sources in men and the economic sit
uation in the Interior," says the docu
ment, "oblige us to send back to the
fighting forces all the men of the
armed service."
The documentprescribes the destination-
for all the men of this service
then employed in the rear -and adds:
"The high command desires above
everything to castor the infantry re
serves." Prisoners belonging to forty-nine
different, garrisons in Germany give
confirmation of the existence of this
man power crisis, showing that the
garrisons have been largely depleted
bycalls from the front and that num
bers of other men have been gathered
up from the rear. According to such
prisoners, the men sent to the front
include mechanics from the central
aviation shops at Aldersdorff near
Berlin and miner from AIx-La-Chapelle.
Some garrisons, it Is stated,
have furnished from "400 to 600 men
of the contingent of 1020. that is
young men now 18 years of age.
Colored Draftees to Washington Vnl
. Tcreity and Fonston, -
Among the colored men sent to the
army today from local board No. 1, tha
following will be sent to Washington
university, at St. Louis, for special
training: ' -v
Guy Blaine Frsser. loll Tyler street
James R. Stewart, 1S01 Lincoln street.
The following men go to Camp
Punston: '
Oscar Haskell. 802 Center street
Commodore Dudley, 1935 Van Buren.
George Nichols, 909 Topeka avenue,
due to report today, has not yet ar
rived. '
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fine Steel .
Recent Showers Failed to Re-
: tire Corn In Kansas. ;
la a Few Counties It Is Re
ported as Total Failure, .
The ralna in Kansas came too late
to revive the corn, according to the
weekly weather and crop conditions
report for the week ended August II,
issued today by S. D. Flora, meteor
ologist for the section center of the
weather bureau in Topeka.
The report In full( covering all
crops, follows:
The severe drouth was checked over
most of Kansas this week by general
showers amounting to more than an
inch over a strip extending from the
Kaw valley thru the center of tha,
state to the Colorado line ana cover
ing abcut a third of the state's area,
Amonnts in otner counties ranged
from half to three-quarters of an inch,
except along the Oklahoma line,
where most of the counties are still
very dry. Temperatures were not so
extremely high aa during the previous
week, tho -they reached 100 degrees
and higher on several days fn nearly
all parts. - " - - -
Cora Seriously Damaged.
Corn has fired badly and its tassels
have been burned white in most
places. The rains failed to revive it
to any considerable extent, except in
a few western counties, and it is be
coming evident that the damage to the
crop has been very serious and that a
great deal of it has passed the point
where it- can possibly be revived by
moisture. In the extreme southeast
ern counties and a few in the Repub
lican valley in the north central por
tion It la reported to be practically ft
total failure, while the damage t In
( many others is given a 0 to 75 per
cent. However, tbere is much nf if..4n
lew lands that is still green and will
make a fair crop with favorable
weather from now on. A few of the
southwestern counties that have been
favored with good rains iu the past
three weeks report corn as practically
unhurt and In the way of making a
good crop. In a few places here and
there over the state fields are being
cut and some put in silos, but its value
for feed is not great this early in the
season. -
Grain sorghums as a rule are un
hurt, but their growth haa been re
tarded to such an extent in many
Places it is feared theymay not ma
ture before frost o -curs. Broom corn
in the southwest is looking fine and
will be ready by September 1 in the
Elkhart district. -' -. -- '
Pastures have been burned bar in
all parts except some of the favored
s uthwestern counties. In the eastern
third of the state water for stock Is
becoming a serious problem and some
tarmers are hauling it for miles.
Hay crops are making a short yield:
Gardens, except where irrigated are
ruinea. Apples in all parts have fallen
off the trees to a treat extentl
Grasshoppers are numerous In many-'
places. 0 . .
Wheat threshinsr la nraetlcallv fin
ished in the eastern part of the state
ana well under way in the western.
- Fall plowing has made excellent
headway and is about half finished in;
tn eastern two-thirds of the state,
Topekana to Attend National Fraternal
Insurance Convention.
Five- of the national officers of the
Knights and Ladles of Security of To-
peka, will leave the last of this week
for Philadelphia, Pa., to attend the
annual congress of the representatives
oi the zds beneficiary naternal insur
ance organizations of America, August
2 1 to za.
President Woodrow Wilson may be
a speaker on tne program. - ; It is cer
tain that other speakers of national
prominence and i.ote will be there.
Among them are Henry P. Davison
president of the American Red Cross,
and James W. Gerard, United States.
ambassador to Germany until the dec
laration of war. John V. Abrahams,
national secretary of the K. and L. of
S. is also on the prog- am for a. speech
from the secretaries section of the na
tional congress.
One of the features of the congress,
according to W. A. Biby, of Topeka,
will be the pilgrimage to the home of
John Jordan Upchurch at Meadeville,
Pa. Upchurch was the founder of the
first beneficiary insurance society in
history. i
The Topeka men who will attend the
congress, in Philadelphia as the repre
sentative of the Knights and Ladies
of Security are: J. M. Klrkpatrick, na
tional president; John V. Abrahams,
national secretary; W. A. Biby, na
tional treasurer; Dr. O. Ll. Peak, na
tional medical director; and George
M. Crawford and F. M. Bonebrake;
J. M. Klrkpatrick is a member of
I the executive committee of the con
gress ana secretary-treasurer or me
presidents section. J. V. Abrahams is
president of the secretaries section of
the congress, and A. W. Fulton is secretary-treasurer
of the legal section.
W. A. Biby was sergeant-at-arms for
the congress at the meeting in Chicago
lasf year.
Kansas Institutions Would Have V. &
j Deposita for Wheat Loans.
Kansas, state officials today urged
j the federal farm loan board to advance
: temporary deposits to banks of this
! state and aid in pushing the seed
i wheat loan campaign. A telegram to
j. Charles E. Lobdell of the federal farm
: loan board, urged that immediate ac-
tion must be taken by the government
; to aid the loan campaign which could
j not be handled independently by
; many of the local banks n theaf
j eoted districts. ...
I Governor Capper, Walter L. Payne,
j state treasurer; J. C. Mohler. seere
i tary of the state board of agriculture;
j Walter E. Wilson, state bank commis
I sioner, and Henry J. Waters, president
i of the state council of defense, signed
I the telegram which was sent to Lob
I del?. - '
I'm strong for
-Says fLinfflni
ktA wheats
..Frank B. Tieely With Readqnartera
, Company 130th Field Artillery. .
Frank B. Neely, formerly of Topeka,
how with the army in France, was
wounded in action July 13. He is now
in one of tha base hospitals in France.
Neely is a son of Mrs. E. C. Neelv. of
Craig, Mo., formerly of Topeka. He
was a member of Headquarters com
pany, 130th field artillery. 35th divi
sion, 60th brigade. He enlisted in To
peka. June 13, 1917, left Topeka the
first of October for Camp DoniDhan.
and sailed for France with his com
pany in May. He worked at one time
as a chauffeur-in Topeka. ; He writes
tnat he encounters the . number . 1 3 . a
good many times in his career. He
enlisted on the thirteenth, he is num
ber 13 on the payroll: he was Injured
July 13; his bed number is 13, and he
was married April l .
England Does Most of Fighting
Against Submarines.
Furnishes 70 Per Cent of All
Coutoj-s Across Atlantic.
1ohdon,- Aug. InteMsthig .flgy
ures and percentages concerning al
lied warships engaged in anti-Subma
rine- warfare have been prepared in
London. They show that in the eastern
Atlantic 30 percent of the vessels are
British, 14 percent American and six
percent French. Submarines ens-need
in nuntirrg submarines in the same
waters are 73 percent British, 17 per
cent, French and five percent Ameri
can. - Of the miscellaneous patrol craft
86 percent are British, - 11 percent
French and 3 percent American. Iruthe
Mediterranean 38 percent of the des
troyers are French, 27 percent British,
zft percent Italian. 7 percent Jaoanese
hand .A, percent American. Of. the ub-
iiiMuici incrv, uiiy percent are Italian-,
a? percent French and IS percent
British, Miscellaneous vessels in the
Mediterranean are comprised of 65
percent French,, 23 percent British 8
percent American and four percent
Italian. Corrected figures. to date for
Atlantic ocean convoying show that-
tne entisn nave 78 percent, the Ameri
can 27 percent and the French three
Sailor, Home to Visit Wife and Kid-
' dies, Lands in JaiL
The furlo of John Parr of Rossville,
long sought by him and long prom
ised to two little children by the wife
and mother, has been spoiled by the
Parr, an enlisted, man in the navy.
had little more than stepped across
the threshold of his home, kissed his
wife and dandled the two children on
his knee, when JJugh Larimer, sheriff..
cauea wnn a.- warrant cnarging x-arr
with a felony. He now is in the coun
ty jail. He can't hope to straighten
matters up before his furlo expires
and if he falls to straighten them UD
It fneans probably a dishonorable, dis
charge from the- navy and a trial on
tne felony charge.
It is charged Parr, before his en
listment, sold property mortgaged to
tne .People's states bank r t Rossville.
There is some -question whether the
military legulatlona will permit his
continued incarceration. The sheriff
has communicated with officials at
Washington for Information.
Meanwhile, 'ha wife and children
Parr returned home to visit may see
mm tnru Dars. only.
out"on1ong flight
American and British Planes Start
S,000-Mlle Tour of the Country.
Dayton. O.. Aug. 14. -Ten Amert
can airplanes left Wright field today
for a 3,000-mile flight around the
central western states. The machines
started for Cincinnati, where thev will
be Joined by three British machines
fnder Brigadier General Lee. R. F.
C. Maj. C. K. Rhlnehardt led the
American flying circus. - He arrived
here last night after a 700-mile flight
from Mineola, N. Y.
month-, died Tne-day at kls home st .121
MMdl-on strt. The body will ba taken
to Merlden today for burial.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary O. Frown,
who died Tneaday momlnjr at lir hvni
on Seward ar-nne. will be hld Thnr-ilnv
morning at 10 .Veloek from Ph-llbarger"
chapel. Burial in Foster cemetery.
ARTHUlt lriNDERSOX.'kjt i dld
this morning In a local hospital. The body
will betaken to Clyde. Kan., for buri;il.
Word has been received bv H' E. Wolf,
superintendent of the Topeka MetbodlKt
chnreb diatrtet. of the 'laih of Tr. C. T'.
Purhotw at Atchlgoa 4hls morning. The
fnneral will be held in Atchison Friday
1 C. A. Olll. 510 E-t Fifth atreet. recelred
word nf the death nf his mother, Mrs. Bills
Gill, today at Lyndon. Kan.
wife of O. B. Kirk, died Taesday nte-ht.
8he la (rarrlred bv her hnsband and by two
children. Nell Kirk and W. "E. 8. Kirk,
of Topeka. and by two brother. J-mo F.
Fltznatrick of Iiwrenee, snd E. H. Fltr
pa trick of Bonlder. Ci. Funeral aervlren
win be held at the residence. 1110 Moaroe
afreet. Friday morning at 10 o'clock. Ko
flowers. -
Lord's Flow era Satisfy. TeL 27.
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Industrial Development
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night and Thursday.
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the country, such as Pittsburgh are doing;, especially In thla part
of the country where industrial centers have not been developed
fully. -
There has been wonderful activity in tha buildinr of by-product
coke-ovens to supply coke and fuel cas. In tha sections Jn which
these plants have been built, it has meant great wealth to the;
people of those communities. Commercial bodies in this part
of the country have been told that the towns and title of the mid
continent field can be built up. Industrially, through tha erection
of by-product coke-oven plants. . '
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