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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, August 15, 1918, HOME EDITION, Image 18

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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Two Great Bargain Days at Both Our Topeka Stores
This Is Advice of Hubert Bralnard
of Topeka, now In France.
White Nile Cloth Lace Boots, Span
ish heel. Regular $5.00 Boots at
White Kid, 9-inch lace boots, Span- .
ish covered heel. Regular $9.00 Boots
A special lot of Women's Comfort
Shoes, black glace kid, medium heel,
regular and jumbo styles for Friday
and Saturday
Women's white Nile Cloth Pumps
welt soles, military and French
heels, regular $4.50 and $5.00
Pumps, at
All strap Pumps in patent, dull and glace kid, leather Louis
heel. Regular $4.00 and $5.00 strap Pumps at
Women's Hosiery
Not to Be Duplicated
Lisle Hose in
black, brown,
gray, white and
fancy at
Women's Silk
Hosiery in black,
white, dark gray,
silver gray, cas
tor, champagne
and pink, at
Kansas Ave.
Hubert E. Brainard, the 18-year-old
son of Mrs. Mattie Goodell. of -.20
.Michigan avenue, is in France in the
motor transport service of the engin
eers. Prior to enlistment he was con
nected with the ticket auditing depart
ment of the Santa Fe. In a letter re-
i ceivediere recently his advice to
young men is, voino on &iiu get m me
big game."
. ; .
5 2o
. ' 29
The Store that Keeps Down the Price
er. 25c
' 40c Set Water Glasses are re
duced for quick sale to, pei
set of six. . . . .
Covered Butter Dishes The pres
ent market price is, each, 69c: our
sale price is, complete, Butter
cover and drainer. . . .
Gravy or Sauce Boats Tes. they
are now worth 50c; our sale OA.
price UC
Platters from discontinued din
ner sets; sizes are 'small, medium,
large and extra large; worth in a
regular way, 39c to 11.00; on 1 f
sale, choice of the lot X3C
Cake Plates Real china, beauti
ful decorations; exceptional values
at, each, 75c, but the Fair OQrt
Store price, choice of the lot.OC
Odd Saucers Regular 6c values;
some are slightly defective, so O
on sale, each LtG
Clothes Lines Extra qual- OP
ity, 50 feet, on sale iDG
The regular 25c ones cn sale,
20c; the common ones on "I
sale all week at ISc and JLUC
Parlor B rooms 90c
brooms on sale
50-ft. Jascnold Rubber Hose;
complete with coupling;
on sale
10c Roll Toilet Paper, spe- Q
clally priced, per roll. OC
8c Best Quality Crepe Toilet r?
Tissue, on sale OC
$1.00 Steel Cray G:..u e Kettle,
with cover, like picture; every one
perfect; on sale at the Gran- CQ.
lteware Store U7C
$I.C0 Water Pail The genuine
Cream City First quality CQ
ware; all selected first quality u3l
75c Extra " Heavy Cream City
Granite Dish Pans Reduced EJQq
75c Cereal Cooker or Double
Boiler The heavy Cream fiQ
City ware UIC
15c Silver End Extension Brass
Curtain Rods; extend to 54 1 A
Inches on sale all week XUC
Laundry Needs
Wood Frame Wringer Horse
shoe brand, $4.00 value, ffO QC
on sale $iJJ
Ironing Tables Full size, sets
firm; metal sustainer; ! CQ
$1.75 value; on sale vliJtf
Laundry Baskets Large size,
$1.50 value, one lot, choice, QQ
while they last OC
The light weight, common CQ
laundry baskets are on sale.. 01 C
Tinware sale
this week. 15e
easy cut pie
tins, like nln-
ture- this week
$2.50 Aluminum Sauce Pans for
preserve, making, complete with
aluminum cover, on
Cream City Tea Kettle,
value, standard No. 7 size,
first quality, is on sale
Small size tea kettle is on
sale .
Coffee Pots,
Cream City
ware, worth
60c, on sale
at the Gran
iteware Store
5c Cookie
Cutters; Doz
en of kindK
to choose
from; O
choice. . . uu
I "MftiWiTu. - 1
8 U
t .
7 II 12 16
IB 2o
r7 21 22
"3 X 1 a
tap . !
Clothing' Co.
Two Bargain
Days August
16th and 17th
ft mmmK:
TO&fZlA AUGUST 1&ahd T-
J Clothing" Co.
Entire Stock
at Clearance -Prices
100 Bargain Tables Piled High for this Extraordinary Sale
Closing: out 50 dozen men's
fast color $2.50 bib M QC
overalls p 1 . 7 J
Men's 75c genuine balbriggan
shirts and drawers, A O
choice , t5C
Men's $1.00 neat pattern per
cale dress f
shirts. .: 03 C
Men's fancy pattern 75c sport
shirts, broken
sizes. uZjC
Men's 75c summer union suits
. extra well Ofl
made OtJIC
Closing Out 2000 Men's 8c Boys' Woolen Suits
Every Suit in the House y3 and V4 Off
Men's $15.00 newest
style suits and latest
patterns. Closing:
Hundreds of men's
$16.50 finely tailored
Suits, newest tyles and
latest models, closing
Men's $30 finely tai
lored Suits, this season's
newest patterns closing
Men's finest made
all wool, $25.00 and
Closing: out, 100 dozen $1.00
fast color blue work
shirts, all sizes. . . . . . . UJC
Men's fast color $2.50 pants-
cut khaki
pants. . . ..i
Closing Out All Men's Pants
All Men's $2.50 Pants $1.48
All Men's $4.00 Pants .$2.98
All Men's $5 and $6 Pants. . $3.95
All Men's $7 Pants. $4.95
Closing Out 500 Men's
Felt Hats
Men's $4.50 Felt Hats.... ...$.03
Men's $2.50 Felt Hats.... 1.50
Men's $1.00 Cloth Hats. 48
Men's fast color 20c dress
hose, all
colors .
Men's best grade 25c lisle
hose. . . 19c
Closing Out 5000 Pairs Men's
and Women's Shoes
Men's best
Krad e $3.25
Knnrant e e d
work . Shoes
all sizes clos
ing ont a
Choice of one
great lot of
men's newest
styles Shoes
and Oxfords
values n p to
S4.50 !
Closing ont all
rls and boys
hi eh and low
up to
Women, your
choice of any
ladies $5 and
$8 P n m p o r
Oxford In the
hoose. closing
ont at
Men's $3.00 fast color indigo
blue bib OP
overalls Pi,3
Men's 35c dress suspenders,
new weD, very ' Z-i t-
ciastic ImkJK.
Girls' 79c extra quality
dresses. . ,.48c
Boys' 75c best grade coveralls
and blouse QQ
waists. J&C
Ladies' finest quality
25c hose. . .........
Ladies' gauze vests, values up
to 25c, closing out
Where does Dicky gro Sunday?
Draw from one to two, and so on to
the end.
Prices on all
during the
Harvest Sale.
Miss Harper's
619 Kansas Ave.
La Parisian Tint Stationery, regular 65c 420
Hepple White Linen, regular 35c 180
Tooth Brushes 250 to 5O0
Hospital Absorbent Cotton per lb. 490
Auto Chamois Skins, regular $1.85. $1.39
Solid Back Black Military Brushes, per pair 780
15 Per Cent Discount on All Rubber Goods
Rothenberg & Schloss Old Style, per can $1.09
Niles & Moser Invincible, per can. $1.09
Prince Albert Tobacco, per can 130
Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, reg. $1.25. .980
Miles Nervine, regular $1.10 980
Adler-i-ka, regular $1.25 980
Caldwell's Syrup of Pepsin, regular $1.00 850
Castoria, regular 35c 290
S. S. S., regular $1.90 : $1.61
Mentholatum, regular 50c 330
100 Hinkle's Cascara Tablets, regular 25c 170
100 Asperin Tablets 690
Crude Carbolic Acid, per gal 790
Milk of Magnesia, regular 50c 300
-Horlick's Malted Milk, Hospital size, reg. $3.75. .$3.23
Nestle's Food, Hospital size, regular $3.25 $3.00.
Colgate's Talcum Powder ....... . 130
Lehn & Fink Talcum Powder .110
Nebo Talcum Powder (violet) ....120
Divinity Peroxide Face Cream, regular 25c. ....... 170
Divinity Peroxide Face Cream, regular 50c .290
Divinity Massage Cream, regular 50c. 290
Colgate's Toilet Water, regular 50c 280 "
Colgate's Toilet Water, regular 75c. .490
Woodbury's Facial Soai, per box..... 610
Norwich Tooth Paste, regular 25c 210
Lavoris ; 210, 41, 810
Listerine - . . .210, 410, 810
Geo. W. Stansfield
Phone 280
632 Kansas Ave.
at the Paxton & Paxton Store
H Women's and Children's
H Ready-tO-Wear Bargain Price
E2 Women's Georgette Waists S2.98 very new
late style; neatly trimmed; pood line of
colors, worth $3. 50. This store's price
White Skirts, worth $1.00 up to $3.50 In this
sale. 25 per cent off; made of linenes,
SSS piques, gaberdines and crashes, wall made
and good styles. At this sale you can buy
11.00 skirts for 75c; the $1.50 skirts for
51.13; all $2.00 skirts $1.50.
55 Misses' and Children's White Dresses !i Off
Sis our Cash Prices.
One small lot of voiles and organdies
SZS trimmed in lace and embroidery and pin
tucked. A broken line of sizes worth up
to $2.25 in this Harvest Sale at A. less
than regular prices.
Children's Dresses, 5Bc Made of plaid and
stripe gingham; trimmed in contrasting
sss colors. Sizes i to 12 years.
SZZS School Dresses 75c and $1.00 These made
of extra good gingham, well made and
SZ5 neatly trimmed. You will make big sav-
ings at these price 75c and $1.00.
Laces, Embroideries, Ribbons
SIS 40-Inch fine Orarandie Flouncing, deep
- heavy work. The 8c value in this bi
S Harvest Sale, yd., 79c
The 40-inch, 75c Flouncing, special this
sale, yd., 59c
Fancy Hair Ribbons, A and 5 inches wide,
very grood quality, special, worth 29c and
SSSS 35c, in this bis Harvest Sale per yd., 25c
Women's Collars, 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00,
SSS made of fine organdy piques and Geor-
gette crepe, 'all priced below the market
' . Women's Auto and Sport Hate, 29c, 50c, 98c,
ZZ. - up to $1.50; made silk poplins rfnd silks,
in all the best wanted colors. $1.25
SSS Cliilfon Veils In all the leading colors. The
7 regular $1.25 value in this sale for $1.19;
the 59c value priced at 50c
EE Service Flacs, 29c, 59c, $1.19 and $1.39;
S made of felt and satin and silk. All these
- prices made for this sale only.
SSI 40-lnch Chiffon, extra nice quality, priced
at $1.00 and $1.25
Lace Curtains at Sale Prices
Lace Curtains, sale
$1.10 Nottingham
price, 8oc
$1.98 Cable Net Curtains, priced for this
sale, $1.19 ,
$1.50 Lace Curtains, priced special at $1.25
Fine Filet Net Curtains, extra good for $2.75
Wool and Fiber Rugs, size 9x12, priced at
$12 00
9xl0- Wool and Fiber Rug, priced at $8.00
These reductions from our al
ready low cash prices makes this
one of the greatest merchandise
money saving events of the
Money Saving Opportunities
On Shoes
li off all White Slippers and Pumps; reg
ular $3.00 values in this sale, $2.00
All White Cloth Shoes $1.00 off regular
prices. These come military or high heels,
regular prices, $3.00 and $3.50 in this
sale. $1.00 off :
Misses' School Shoes, lace and button styles.
priced at $2.75 and $3.00
Children's School Shoes, priced at $3.25,
$2.50 and $2.75
Women's Dress Shoes, new fall styles, priced
at $1.00, $5.00 to $7.00
Men's Dress or Work Shoes, $3.00, $4.00
to $7.00 t
Boys good heary Work or Dress Shoes,
. $2.75 to $3.50
Underwear and Hosiery
Women's Hose 17c Medium weight, fast
black Topsy brand, double heels and toes;
black or white. ' Price 17c; or 3 pairs 50c.
Ladles' Hose: very fine mercerized quality;
reinforced heels, toes and soles, 4-ln. hem
. top. very elastic. Black, white and colors
a pair 50c. ,
Infants' Hose 10c fast black, fine ribbed,
hem tops, very . serviceable. Price pair
Ladies' I'nlon Snits, 35e Jersey ribbed,
taped neck and arms; lace trimmed or
tight knee style. Regular and extra sizes.
Price 35c: or 3 for $1.00.
Ladles' Vests e These would be 12 c
values in first, hut being slightly imper
fect, we make the price 6 Vic.
Oar Hardware Department
Don't tall to visit this section. Tou will
find Shelf Hardware. Cooking Utensils. Cut
lery. Wall Paper, Paints, and all kinds of
Garden Tools.
New Fall Silks and Dress
$2.00 Plaid Silks $1.8B good weight, fin
quality, full vard wide. Priced special for
this sale $1.89.
Bl?ck Taffeta Silk. yd. $1.75 and $1.89
fine finish, superior quality 3 inches
wide. Priced for this sale at yd. $1.75 and
Good 32-lnch Taffeta Sllks priced for this
sale, j-ard $1.39.
Tub Silks, 8c splendid quality, beautiful
patterns, special sale price, yard 89c.
26-Inch Mescaline, good 1 1.00 value, priced
at yard 95c.
40-ln. Georgette Crepe, good 32.00 quality.
Extra value at $1.09.
40-inch Crepe do Chine, good line of colors,
priced, yard $1.65.
All Wool Serges; fine weave, full line of col
ors, priced at yard $1.25.
36-ln. All Wool Batiste, special value per
. yard $1.00.
3-ln. Wool Plaids, good assortment of col
ons, per yard 76c.
Cp to 50c Heavy Cotton Snitlngs. yard 25c
One lot god wearing Suitings, one yard
wide, worth 35c to SOc. Special price 25c
Dress Ginghams, yd. 25c standard quality:
checks, stripes and plaids. A bargain at
25c a yard.
Lawns 12'ic worth 17c One lot 27 inches
wide, sale price, yd. 12 He.
Men's and Boys' Clothing
and Furnishings
Men's new Fall Suits, $16.50, $lO0 and
$20.00. These Suits are handsomely tailored-,
in full weight serge and worsteds.
We save you as much as $5.00 on these
fine Suits.
Boys' School Suits, of good ' wearing wool
material, priced at $5.00
Boys' Wash Suits, 75c. $1.00 and $1.23.
These are nicely made and well trimmed.
- We have In sizes only, 6. 7. year.
Children's Play Suits, checked and striped
gingham, with h'gh bib. attached suspen
ders. 65c value; sale price, 60c
Boys'. 75c Shirtwaist. 50e. Odd lot - and
broken sizes. Extra good for 75c
Boys' Bine Chanibrny Sport Shirts, In this
Harvest Sale at SOc ,
Men's $1.00 Sport Shirts, made of fine
striped' Madras: special, 75c
Men's $1.00 Laundered Dress Shirts, big line
of patterns, sale price, 75c
A beantlfnl line of Silk Four-ln-hand Tics.
worth 39c. on sale for 25c (,
Men's 76e Cnion Snits. SOc: fine ribbed.
short sleeves, ankle length; sizes 34, 36
and 3S.
Men's Shirts and Drawers. 25c: open mesh,
short sleeve shirts, worth 39c; in this sale,
each. 25c

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