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Despite Lowden's Illinois Vic
tory General's Score Best.
Has 61 Pledged Delegates to 47
for the Governor"
Nonpartisan Union Shows Re
newed Vigor in Drive.
Will Tw in Viv.n II :,. I
ii J " . 1 V l y , tfll"
tator's Nomination Across.
New York, April IV. Despite Gov.
Frank O. Lowden's victory in the Illi
noise primarj-, MaJ. (.Jen. Leonard
Wood apparently continues to lead in
the race for the Republican presiden
tial nomination.
Assuming that thirty-five of Illinois
delegates will vote for Lowden, four
teen for Wood and one for Senator
Hiram Johnson, the standing on in
struced delegates today would be:
Wood, 61: Lowden, 47: Johnson. 41.
Bight additional delegates will be
chosen in Illinois at the state conven
tion later.
figure Kansas for Hood.
On the basis of claims of support
of unpledged delegates figuring that
Kanpas's twenty would go to Wood
and Wisconsin's twenty-six to John
son, after the early ballots for Oov.
Henry Allen and Senator Robert La
Fnllottp. respectively, the st a n d i n g
The' Cause of such Symptomi
and Remedy .Told in This
Syracuse, N. Y. "When I com
menced the Change of Life I was poorly,
nad no appetite and
had fainting spell.
I suffered for two
or three years be
fore I began taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound and the Liver
Fills which I saw ad
vertised in the
fiapers and in your
ittie books. I took
about twelve bottles
of vour Veectable
Compound and found it a wonderful
Temedy. I commenced to pick up at
once and my suffering was relieved. I
have told others about your medicine
and know of some who have taken it.
I am glad to help others aU I can."
jiirs. u. .. UEMiNc, 437 W. tefayette
Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.
While Change of Life is a moBt crit
ical period of a woman's existence, the
annoying symptoms which accompany
it may be controlled, and normal health
restored by the timely use of Lydia E.
I'inkham's Vegetable Compound.
Moreover this reliable remedy con
tains no narcotics or harmful drugs and
owes its efficiency to the medicinal ex
tractives of the native roots and herbs
which it contains.
would be: Wood, 137; Lowden, . 105; I
Nicholas Murray Butler of New York, ,
S8; Johnson, 67"; Judje J. C. Pritch- j
ard of North Carolina, 22.
To political observers, the real sur
prise of the Illinois Republican pri
mary was the large number' of 'writ-ten-in"
ballots for Johnson. The only
names printed on the ballots were
those of Lowden and Wood, but re
turns showed that Johnson, who had
made no campaign in Illinois, had
polled about 40,000 votes. The name
oC Herbert Hoover lso was written-in
on some Republican ballots.
None of the Democratic candidates
were entered in the Illinois primary
and that state's fifty-eight delegates
joined the already largo numbeY of un
instructed delegations.
Nebraska and Georgia Next.
The next primaries are those of Ne
braska and Georgia, which will be
held April 20. Both Republicans and
Democrats vote in the former state, in
which sixteen delegates each are in
volved. Supporters of Gen. John J.
Pershing claim he will win the Re
publican endorsement. Johnson is
now campaigning there. The Demo
crats alone will contest for Georgia's
twenty-eight delegates. The Republicans-
held a state convention tHere
last week at which rival delegations
were elected.
The national convention must decide
whether the Wood or Lowden dele
gates will be seated.
The Hoover for President union, re
cently formed here as a "nonpartisan
organization." has announced plans
for circulating petitions to obtain one
million signatures of men and women
pledging their votes to Hoover.
Got Big Booze Haul in Raid.
tnicago, April ii. xhuvksiu sslcv-
pns, Charles McDermott, and M. J.
O'Rourke were under arrest here to
day and whisky valued at $11,000 was
confiscated by federal authorities as a
result ul a. miu uiouc uu men .uwm
yesterday. The whisky was sold by
O'Rourke for 75 cents a, drink, of-
ncers saiu.
A man's life can be no larger than the
objects to which it is given, Henry
Churchill King.
The Holy Spirit is the power for the
doing of small things on high levels, which
constitutes practical holiness. Rev. J.
Stuart Holden.
He that respects himself is safe from
others ;
He wears a coat of mail that none can
A man's reputation Is what his fellow
men think of him; his character is what
tiod kuows of him. Anon.
H that loveth silver shall not be sat
isfied with silver; nor he that loveth
abundance, with increase; this also is
vanity. Ecc. 5:10.
I find earth not gray but rosy:
Heaven not grim but fair of hue.
Do I stoop V I pluck -a posy
Do I stand and stare? All's blue.
Robert Browning.
Tn a few short years all our restless and
angry hearts will be quiet in death, but
those who come after us will lire in the
world which our sins have blighted or
which our love of right has redeemed.
Wheat Growers of Kansas
Called Into Conference
As High as $7.50 Per Day Paid
Last Year Expect Hike.
Weekly Gun Shoots a
Benefit to Health of
Business Men Here
Manhattan. Kan., April 17. A
wheat harvest labor conference has
been called to meet at Hutchinson
Monday, May . 3, for the purpose of
discussing the advisability of Betting a
standard wage. Other matters relat
ing to the harvest labor problem will
be brought up at the conference. The
meeting was called by Senator A. L.
Lupper thru the medium of the ex
tension division of the Kansas State
Agricultural college.
Kvery agricultural organization in
each county of the state is invited to
send at least one renresentative. but
the voting will be by county units, the!
voting strength being determined by
the acreage of wheat in each county.
The standard wage set last year was
n ranta on Vn-.nr- 4V rt in.hniitt H a r
with txtra time for overtime. Records !
in the county agent leader's office
here indicate, however, that as high
as 57.50 was the average daily wage
for a few counties in the central west
ern part of the state, while as low as
$3.50 a day was paid in a few eastern
and western counties. The other
counties fluctuated between these two
extremes. In one community the high
mark of $15 a day was reached.
An effort will be made to iron out
these difficulties at the coming con
ference. Kansas City employment bu
reaus quote common labor B to 7
cents higher this year than last, in
dicating that a higher standard har
vest labor wage may have to be
agreed upon by wheat growers.
. Gun Club Lodge in Highland Park
Genesis 1:11-19.
And God said. Let the earth-bring forth
grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit
tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose
seed is in itself, upon the earth; and it
was so.
And the earth brought forth grass, and
herb yielding seed after his kind, and the
tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in
ItRelf. after his kind; and God saw that it
was good.
And the' evening and the morning were
the third day.
And God said. Let there be lights in the
firmament of the heaven to divide the day
from the night: and let them be for signs,
and for seasons, and for days, and years;
And let them be for lights in the firma
ment of the heaven to give light. upon the
earth; and it was so.
And Gol made two great lights; the
greater light to rule the day, and the
lesser light to rule the night; he made the
stars alo.
And God set them in the firmament of
the heaven to give light upon the earth.
And to rule over the day and over the
night, and to divide the light from the
darkness; and God saw that It was good.
And the evening and fbe morning were
the fourth day.
Goes with our Typewriters.
f New and used machines.
Western Typewriter Co.
'6:4 Kansas Ave.- Phone 222
LouisVan Dorp
509 Jackson St, Topeka
Phone 130
Galvanized Iron, Slate,
Tin Work
Since the war' ended, business men
released ,from the high pressure of
wartime activities have had a- moment
now and then to think of recreation
and amusement. Golf, gun clubs,
baseball, (ormnasium work, tennis,
and other forms of outdoor sport are
taking up a. bit of their time and add
ing to their health and happiness.
The Topeka Gun club was started
about five years ago. During the war
it almost died out. Since the signing
of the armistice, the club has showed
considerable life. At present the club
is holding a weekly shoot each Tues
day afternoon on their range located
on the property of the late A. C. Pot
ter, about two blocks from the end of
the California avenue car line, out in
Highland Park.
The club now has thirty-seven mem
bers. According- to A. R. Springer,
secretary, a number of Topeka men
have signified their intention of Join
ing the club and a number of others
are becoming interested thru the hold
ing of Beginners shoots. At these
events they have an opportunity to
start out on a par with other inex
perienced shotgun manipulators.
They have a little club house Just
back of where the shooters stand. It
is inexpensive, costing only about
$400, but it is entirely adequate to
the needs of the club. A large shelter
porch runs partly around the building.
Inside the building it is one large
room. A fireplace is constructed on
one side. The room is used partly for
storing supplies and as a shelter.
Shooting in cold weather contestants
go in by the fire to warm up. A large
window on the side toward the traps
permits them to watch the other
Vse Good Guns.
Clay bird breakers stand sixteen
yards back of the traps from which
the discs are hurled into the air. They
have a perfect light back of them In
the afternoon as shooting is done to
ward the east. Experienced men,
Springer says, usually rack down on
their birds at a distance of about forty
yards from the point at which they are
standing. Twelve gauge snot guns are
used. Many of the members are using
specially constructed shot guns, single
barrel, hammerless, with a ventilated
ribbing on top the barrel to assist in
keeping he gun cool, similar to the
ribbing on machine guns. A gun of
this sort may be purchased at any
figure between J100 and $1,000. The
higher cost is not in increased effi
ciency of the piece so' much as in its
ornateness and expensive mounting,
Accurate, serviceable guns may be
purchased cheaper.
There was a day when any old mus
ket was considered all right. More
science is used now in fitting the right
gun to the right man. The length of
the stock is considered. The modern
tendency. Spriager points out, is to
ward guns with very little "drop." that
is, the barrel comes nearer forming a
straight line with the stock.
The clay birds cost about J 8 per
thousand. The cost on the grounds
is about a cent ' and three-quarters
each. Supplies of shells may be ob
tained at the club house.
A state shoot is to be held at Win-
field May 4. A number of Topeka
srun Artists are nlannin&r to attend the
I event.
This sort of weather brings colds and gripped If it's jnsfc
a common cold people say, "ther&s no danger in that ! "
But many a fatal sickness begins with a cold with vital
ity weakened the system is ready for the Influenza
germs. Begin earfy to ward off the attaek-IS'PnTge the
system of the toxins (poisons) by taking caster oil, or a
vegetable laxative made of Mayappie, leaves of aloe, acid
jalap, rolled into sugar-coated pills and to be had st all
drug stores as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, r.- v
j y If the cold starts with a cough, and it persists then
some local treatment for this condition should be taken. A
well known alterative extract which has been on the market
for a great many years, and which has been highly recom
mended by thousands of users, is Dr. Piercers Golden Medi
cal Discovery.. This tonic compound is composed of an
extract of roots and herbs without alcohol, and has a
soothing effect upon the mucous membrane, allays the
irritation and at the same time works in the proper and
reasonable way, at the seat of the trouble the stagnated
or poisoned blood.
Keferoes Implicate Gays in Purchase
of Xarcotics.
The "bottoms" figured in another
scandal in Topeka. Friday afternoon
when Lew Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth
King, negroes, faced Acting Police
Judge J. D. M. Hamilton, confessed
they were dope fiends and told the
judge the drugs were purchased at
Oscar Gay's place, 108 Jefferson
street. The King woman told the
judge that she purchased morphine
and cocaine from- Susie. Carter and
Frank Carter and from Gay himself.
Continuing the woman stated that
Thelma Williams was in Kansas City
at this time getting a supply of drugs
for the drug addicts of the "bottoms."
She named "Dutch" Goggins as an
other dealer in drugs.
i Judge Hamilton immediately noti
fied the police and went with officers
on a raid on the Gay place. Carter
and his wife, Oscar Gay and Cassius
SKaggs were captured. The officers
making the raid Were Police Lieut.
Frank Summers. Chief of Detectives
Clyde Tresner, Patrolman Abner Tay
lor and i,ee coberiy, driver of the
police car-
A report of the woman's testimony
was given to the "United States mar
shal's office and an inspection of the
alleged drug fence may follow.
Kirkpatrick and the King woman
were arrested Wednesday as suspects
in the recent hold-ups in Topeka.
They were found by the police at the
Oscar. Gay place and Gay. at first, told
officers they were not in the house.
Gay has been in jail numerous times
on different charges, the police say.
Wilson. Ailene Harner, Sue V. Hemp
hill. Gertrude McKee Bennett, Mrs.
Warren Watts, Mrs. A. K. Page and
M.s. J. H. Kerby. Each delegate ap
points his own alternate.
F.esolutions were passed endorsing
the Wilson administration, deploring
the jvrangle over the peace treaty, de
manding that the pact be signed with
out reservations, endorsing woman
suffrage and the enforcement of the
prohibition amendment.
Russians in Siberia, Flee" to Hills Be
fore Advance of Invaders.
. Vladivostok, April 17. Heavy fight
ing between Russian, and Japanese
forces continues at Khabarovsk, on
the Amur river, and casualties suf
fered by each side are heavy, accord
ing to reports received here. Towns
along the Ussuri river branch of the
Transsiberian railroad north of here
are all in the hands of the Japanese,
but hundreds of Russians are fleeing
to the hills and ' have again started
guerilla warfare.
Arrests of Russians by Japanese in
this city continue,- but government
buildings are being returned to Rus
sians and the red flag is reappearing.
General Krakovet&ky, commander of
the provisional government's troops
here, iias resigned, and has Deen sue
ceeded by General Soldereff, farmer
commander-in-chief under the all-
Russian government of Omsk, who re
signed his post when Admiral Kolchak
assumed power here. General Antono
vitch who acted as chief of staff with
General Rozanoff, will act in the same
capacity with General Soldereff.
Dickinson County School Has Two
Pupils and $76 Teacher.
Abilene, Kan., April 17. A recent
news story from Grinnell, Gove cqun
ty, claimed for that county the small
est school, in point of enumeration, in
the state two pupils, Dickinson coun
ty also has a school with only, two pu
pils District 114.
The teacher of Xo. 114 receives $75
a month, the same salary paid by the
Gove county school. In District 4 in
this county, the school enumeration is
five, but the attendance is only two.
The teacher in this district receives
70 a month.
Chicago Deals With Strikers.
Chicago, April 17. School children
bewailed the softness of their elders
today. Representatives of striking
school engineers and the school board
were to meet in special session to
settle the engineers' demands for
higher pay. They predicted quick set
tlement and a resumption of classes,
dismissed. ,
Topekans Don't Seem to Realize
That One Minute Will Turn
That registration is a terrible proc
ess, not to be undertaken unless neces
sary, seems to be the opinion of many
Topekans, to judge by the rate at
which they are now registering.
As a matter of fact, the process of
becoming a qualified voter takes less
than one minute. One gives his name,
age, place of birth, whether married
or single and la then given a registra
tion certificate entitling him to vote
at the primaries next summer.
The city clerk's office is now open
every day during the noon hour. The
elevator is also running. Unless more
persons register daily from now until
the time the books close July 23, hun
dreds will not get to register.
Clay County Democrats Fail to Men
tion Training in Resolutions.
Clay Center, Kan., April 17. At a
mass meeting Thursday, the Demo
crats of Clay county elected the four
teen delegates who will represent the
county at the state convention at
Wichita April 22. The delegates se
lected were: Samuel Maxwell, Geo.
Bisenius. Leon Malcolm. Dr. R. Algie,
George Wylie. John Krdman, Ailene
Boys I want all three of you to attend
and I recommend that you start immediately. There is absolutely no better way to get
a business training. Also, while I am giving you young men this advice, let me recom
mend my favorite college, Strickler's which furnishes all my office help. They employ
the best teachers obtainable and seem to get more out of their pupils than other colleges.
In fact when I call their Mr. Shook to send me an assistant, I knowthat the boy or girl he
sends will be able to handle the job.
Young Men and Women
that is the way hundreds of business men feel about Strickler's.
and be ready for one of the excellent openings we have.
Better enroll now
the isystem that is
taught in more schools
in the U. S. than all
other systems combined.
Business Mgr.
109-111-113-115-U7 East Eighth Street. Phone 1S82.
Members Capital Council Jio. 1,
Security Benefit Association.
The following is the decision handed
down by the supreme court April 14,
1920, in the case of Arthur Tucker,
et al., vs. J. M. Kirkpatrick, president,
et al.:
on this 14th day of April, 1920,
the application of the above named
plaintiff for a restraining order came
regularly on for hearing before the
. court and the court, having examined
' th verified netitinn on -file herein, and
other affidavits presented by said
plaintiff finds that a restraining order
should be issued in this case and that
said defendants and each of them
should be restrained until the further
order of this court from suspending or
attempting to suspend any member of
Capital Council No. 1 of the Security
Benefit Association, and that said de
fendants and each of them should be
further restrained until the further
order of this court from enforcing or
attempting to enforce the order of the
national officers and national ex
ecutive committee of the said The
Security . Benefit Association hereto
fore made on the 17th day of Febru
ary, 1920, suspending or attempting to
suspend Capital Council No. 1 of the
said Security Benefit Association, and
that said defendants and each of them
should be further enjoined and re
strained until the further order of this
court from cancelling or placing in
Jeopardy or forfeiting any of the
benefit certificates held by any mem
ber of Capital Council No. 1 on the
said lith day of February, 1920, or
since said time.
It is therefore by the court consid
ered. ordered and adjudged that said
defendants and each of them be and
they hereby are restrained and en
joined until the further order of this
court from suspending or attempting
to suspend any member of Capital
Council No. 1, and from enforcing or
attempting to enforce the order made
by the national officers and the na
tional executive committee of the said
The Security Benefit Association o-i
the 17th day of February, 1920. or
from do:ng or attempting to do any
thing that will place in jeopardy or
cancelling or forfeiting any of the
benefit certificates held by any mem
ber of said Council No. 1 on the 17th
day of February. 1920. '
The purpose and Intent of this order
being that the present status of the
matters in controversy be preserved
until the further order of this court.
In pursuance of the above order,
Capital Council No. 1 meets every
Tuesday night in their hall 18 Kansas
All members should attend.
(Signed.) R. W. EATON.
Rail Strike May Cut Down Number of
The Topeka Pet Stock association
will hold its annual show next week.
beginning Tuesday. Entries Include
rabbits, cavies, dogs, cats and other
animals. The railroad strike may pre
vent the arrival of exhibits from east
of the Mi-ouri river: The show will
be held at C39 North Kansas avenue.
For Grip, Influenza, Catarrh, Cough
and Sore Throat.
To get the best results take "Seventy'
seven" at the first sign of a Cold, the
first sneese or shiver.
If you wait till your bones begin to
ache. It may take longer.
The use of "Seventy-seven" points
to the vast system of Dr. Humphreys'
Remedies as unerring as the needle to
the Pole ' '
Doctor's Book in English. French,
Spanish, Portuguese or German
mailed free.
At all Drug and Country Stores.
Humphreys Homeo. Medicine Co., 103
William Street, New lorn.
Dont Delay
When you put off today
what should be done right
now, you cheat yourself
out of a possible chance of
doing a lot more In the
Tou who are afflicted with
piles should have a talk
with me at your earliest
Tou will be glad to
learn that you can be
cured. .
Write for my free booklet
on rectal diseases.
SOt Kansas Ave. Topeka. Kan.
Thomas Paine Said:
Every religion i,good that
encourages men to be good
Do You Know?
That at one time the Santa Fe shops em
ployed 160 Jewish mechanics ; many of them
skilled mechanics today there is only one
left because they had no place to go to
worship or play, after working hours. We can
bring them back again, they make fine citi
zens. Have you contributed to the
Jewish Synagogue yet?
Campaign now on.
Financial Chairman.
Subject to Prior Sale, We Can offer
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
5-year 7 Convertible Gold Notes
Dated April 1, 1920
Due April 1, 1925
Convertible at any time on or before
maturity into 1 cumulative preferred
stock of the company.
Priced to Yield 7.60
For further particulars see
824 Kansas Ave.
We have these and ALL other reservations for those
who book with us. You should go to Europe THIS season
to see the battlefields. Join one of our parties and travel
in security.
Decide to go NOW so that we can assure you a place.
THREE June sailings. WRITE US.
Other Tours in This tuntry
The Universal Tours Co.
706 Kansas Avenue
Topeka, Kan.
251 Jefferson St., Topeka. Phone 1005
Having Just received several car loads of new monu
ments for spring deliveries 1 am in a position to fur
nish first class material and workmanship in the follow
ing Granites: Best Dk. Barre Vt., Quincy, our famous
Ruby Ited Granite. Alo a number of nice foreign de
signs. ' See me for prices before buying elsewhere.
20 Per Cent Discount
Let Us Do the
On your Porches, Windows,
Roof, and General Fixing
Up. The cost is small com
pared to the added life to
your home.
Contractor and Builders
110 West Sixth St.
Office Phone 823.
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