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Secretary Kansas Teachers
Comes Out Against Unions.
Starts Fight on Efforts to Or
ganize the Instructors.
3leans Federation of Laljor Will
Dominate Profession.
The Wine of Bolshevism Is
Red," F. L. Pinet Warns.
Frank 1 Pinet, secretary of the
Kansas Teachers association and edi
tor of the Kansas Teacher, their offi
cial publication, has started a war on
the, efforts to unionize school men and
women in this state. Pinet warns the
teachers that friendship with labor
organizers at this time means the
American Federation of Labor will
direct and command the teachers pro
fession in the future.
In an editorial in the current Issue
of the Kansas Teacher. Pinet indicates
that the drive is a "subtly conducted
program for the exploitation of a pro
fession.'' He asserts that labor has
taken advantage of conditions and
ith '"iconoclasm the spirit of the
times." has "harped on fancied wrongs
by seeking to shake the confidence of
the teachers."
Pinct's Editorial.
P;net"s editorial appears under the
imal J' iv,miiojTiiii ' i ii mi i' ni-J" -
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caption. "Tha Greater Menace." It
follows: ' ,
"There has been much talk during late
veaxa of various and sundry perils to toe
teaching; profession and to the schools of
the st:ire aud nation shortage of teacher.
Insufficient funds, inadequate, salaries, and
what am. But in all this welter of opin
ion and comment, we hare. In a large
measure, overlooked the greater menace.
.t.i..N i. tii deliberate and studied ' pro-
irraul ou the part of union labor to ;
enmesh the teaching profession on the net
of its great aud powerful, "out nevertheless,
highly selfish and essentially Individualis
tic, organisation. Kverywhere there aru
ri.t.n.-.. nf this. Paid agitators are seek-
lug seeds of dissension aud strife. Poisoned
pamphlets are being struck vlt the press,
and in a thousand and one ways the
American Federation of Labor, thru Its
cafr'-pnw. the American Feieerattan of
Tachcr. Is seeting to drive an entering
wedge between the teachrs and the public,
whole children the teachers teach. Mask
ed tho it Is with proffers of assistance for
the righting of economic wrongs, and with
protestations of sing le-henrted interest in
the institution of the public school, this,
and not something else, is the great menace
of the present hour to the teaching pro
fession. Th Only Sane Course.
Critical tho the tllme thru which we are
passing may be, there is much for the mor
row if only we can keep our poise and our
sanity, ami can keep our faith in the great
mass of tbe people., public opinion may
be slow to awaken to the needs of the
reuebiu profession, but it will awaken. In
the meantime, we in strengthen our owu
oraaniration, build better ami stronger our
own county and city teachers' association
aud our Stnte Teachers' association, and
th:u publicity and legislatiou come into
our owu.
"Our help lies within ourselves. Let as
countenance no aueinpt to break Into our
ranks, to effect a breach between superin
tendent and teacher, between city school
interests and couutry school interests, be
tween school and patron, ours is a com
mon cause, and oun be won thm loyalty
and co-operation. The wine of Bolshevism
is red and we may think Ita taste sweet,
but surely we need not drink of It merely
because a modern Circle bids up to do so.'
Here Pinet quotes from Dr. Lotus D.
Coffman. of the University of Min
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nesota, strongly urged aa successor to
Chancellor Frank Strong aa head of
Kansas university. Speaking; for the
teachers in relation to organized labor.
Doctor Coffman said: "They aerve
humanity as do physicians, nurses and
ministers. They recognize social and
ethical obligations which mean little or
nothing; to organized labor. Teachers
labor, but they do more than merely
labor in the ordinary sense."
Continuing his editorial, Pinet said:
A rabl KrrmJled.
"Before easting- their lot with tbe Amer
ican Federation t Labor for better or for
woi.se. teachers will do well to recall tbe
old fable, once a favorite la many school
readers. "The Fable of the Arab and the
lam)." Sop posing- that tbe teachers join
the Amerii an Federation of Teachers,
thereby automatically affiliating- with the
American Federation, of Labor, is there
any reason to believe that labor will make
good its guarantee of autonomy? Will
not the camel, bavins succeeded in getting
his nose into tbe tent, insist upon shelter
for his head, his neck and flnallv bis en
tire body? Will labor, be satisfied with
a mere nominal alleeiaace? In time, will
not Hamnel Uomners, or his titular suc
cessor, become tbe official head of the
teaching; professioa?
Labor's laatdieas Prepasaaaa.
"Never has there been a more cunningly
planned, and Bever has there been a mutt
subtly conducted program for the exploi
tation of a profession than the one which
organize labor is at present directing
atrainst the teaching profession. Coming at
a time when conditions are unsettled, and
when the constantly increasing cost of
living is almost maddening, the attempt is
most dangerously timed. VFith tbe germs
of Bolshevism in the very air. it is diffi
cult for even the sanest to keep free from
its taint, lcouoclasm is the spirit of the
times. Aud. taking advantage of these
conditions, labor craftily says to the
teachers : "You have been Ignored. Jnin
us and we will see that you are reeog- 1
nized. o! have been underpaid, fasti
your lot with n, and we will see that !
your pay is doubled nav. trebled. Yon
have been servants, tome with us, and i
we will make you masters.' By misrepre
sentation, by harping upon fancied wrongs. I
by seeking to shake the confidence of i
teacuers in superintendents and boanis of
education, by foisting class prejudice, labor
nar- nMisx unscrupulously sought to gain
its ends."
Two States Check Veteran Reward
Cp to Voters.
Washington, May 1. When the
-oters of w York and ."ew Jersey
go to the polls next fall, they will find
themselves called upon to vote on the
question of makins a special reward
to the men who went to the late war
from those states. I
The state legislature of New York
on April 15 decided to submit the
question of giving a bonus to soldiers
of the state who served during the
world war to the people. The ques
tion will be submitted in the form of
a referendum this fall. A committee,
comprising Assemblymen Louis A.
Cuvillier. K. Ransom, H. Gillette and
Theodore Roosevelt and Senator P.
A. Swift, was named to investigate the
matter and determine the amount of
bonds to be issued to provide the
bonus should the people adopt the
The New Jersey legislature on April
13 passed the bill allowing all men of
New Jersey who. served in the world
war a bonus of $10 a month for each
month of service, the maximum being
fixed at 1100. To provide for this
expenditure a bond issue of $12,000.
000 was voted, the aubject to be sub
mitted to the people for action at the
November election.
High Prices Crippling Sale- of Consid
erable Real Estate Here.
Overvaluation of property, even
above the already existing high mar
ket prices, is delaying the sale of a
great deal of Topeka property, ac
cording to W. A. Neiswanger, a local
real estate dealer.
Real estate transactions have al
most reached a climax of rapid trans
fers of property, Neiswanger declares.
The period is unprecedented In the
real estate history of the city of
In general. Neiswanger says, while
prices are high as compared to for
mer prices, they are in proportion to
increased costs of all other commodi
ties and service. There are many per
sons, however, who are taking advan
tage of the existing high market rate
to boost the price on property they
wish to sell several thousand dollars
higher than could possibly be obtained
for it.
SnHnirfleM- TIL Add another ttr embar
rassing moments. A young lady wearing
a hobble skirt tried to Doara a street car
with a high step. The skirt split length
wise, and the young lady fled into a
nearby drug store for safety pins,
Kansas City Waste it on pie! Never!
May as well have a law against diamonds
for window glass as a law arainst brandy
on pastry, quote a young chef.
Cough left and she soon got back
strength and flesh.
"I was confined to my bed for
years from the effects of plural pneu
monia. It left me. with an awful
cough and bronchial trouble. Was
treated by 13 different doctors with
no apparent benefit.
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had no faith in anything;. A friend
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first. I commenced to feel better. I
have now taken seven bottles and am
feeling fine. Have no cough or bron
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builder of flesh and strength. Milks
Emulsion Is strongly recommended to
thos whom sickness has weakened,
and is a powerful aid In resisting and
repairing the effects of wasting dis
eases. Chronic stomach trouble and
constipation axe promptly relieved
usually in one day.
Thla is the only solid emulsiwn
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Sam Carroll Would Be Judge of
the Court of Topeka. -
Four-Sided Kace for This Office
Has Interesting Aspects.
"I believe in God Almighty and the
American Republic. I believe in men
and women and babies and sunshine
snd laughter. I believe tn good cooks
and soap and water snd barber shops
and law snd common sense." Sam C
CarrolL S. C. Carroll, printer-lawyer, struck
a new note in county politics when
he announced for judge of the court
of Topeka and determined to make his
campaign on the same creed that he
has used In his dealing with master
printers and their apprentices as he
met them in his work as the typo
graphical union'a director of appren
tice education.
U .j&w
Sam C. CarrolL
Bert Lempenau, Clyde Gowfcill and
Faul Heinz have already announced
for this office, which- is generally
sought by young attorneys as a step
ping stone to the county attorney
ship, but Carroll frankly admits that
he wants the Job because the $150 a
month it pays will insure him a liv
ing while he is getting established in
the law business, aa the work of judge
of the court of Topeka requires only
about half time, leaving the balance
for private practice.
Carroll was - admitted to the bar
after having completed a three years'
lay course by studying nights, while
supporting himself and family by his
work in the proof reading department
of The State journal.
Reds Radicals, Religion.
The Tulsa World of recent date, in
commenting on Carroll's now famous
card, aas:
EveryttiiDff red isn't radiaT. Xor tr I1
radicalism red. Likewise unionism can be
and is. in the great main, aa patriotic and
roHirinna nfhp moat orthodox need reiutr
A Kansas delegare attending the typographi
cal convention just concluded in this city
circulated cards bearing not only his name
bnt hia creed. We withhold the name bat
ffladly publish the creed:
I believe in God Almijjhty and the
American republic, t believe in men
and women and babies and aunshine
and laughter. I believe In good cooks
and soap and water and barber shops
and law and common sense.
There is Christianity, patriotism and
gooa cinzfDSQip in every woru oc mat
creed. It ia a political platform in itself.
And it la a mighty sermon against the isms
that sweep the world at this time, whether
they be the iSms of the radical labor leader
or the iams of the fully as dangerous radi
cal employer. Season anything with com
mon sense and law and the poison is drawn
from it: nature will perform the cure.
If American citizens actually practised
the creed set forth above there would be
mighty lltrle ctaasism and babes would not
be barred from the palaces where dogs are
Found Bride Had ?fot Been Divorced
Iiong Enough, Canceled License.
Hiawatha. Kan.. May 1. Denver
Metchell applied for a marriage li
cense here to wed Kitty Chamberlain
Judge Ham granted the license and
the prospective groom went away to
get his bride and find a preacher. It
was discovered a few minutes later
that the bride lacked twenty-one days
of being divorced six months. The
Judge got busy on the telephone, aa
vised every minister In town not to
perform the ceremony, that a mistake
had been made.
Later the couple called at the
judge's office to see what was wrong.
They were asked to return the license
which they did and itwas canceled.
Job S:1-11.
Klihu also proceeded, and said!.
Suffer me a little while, and I wfll shew
thee that I have yet to apeak on God's be
half. '
I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and
will ascribe righteousness to my Maker.
For troly my words ahaH not be false:
he that Is perfect In knowledge is with
Behold. God Is mighty. sndMespiseth not
anv: he is migntv in strength and wisdom.
He preservpth not the life of the wicked:
bat giveth right to the poor.
He withdraweth not his eyes from the
ria-hteous: but with kings are they on
the throne : yea. be doth establish them
for ever, and they are exalted.
And if they be bound in fetters, and be
holdea In cords of affliction ;
Thett he aheweth them their work, and
their transgressions that they have ex
ceeded. He openeth also their ear to discipline,
and commendeta that they return from in
iquity. If they obey tod serve h'.m. they shall
spend their days ia prosperity, snd their
years in pleasures.
A habit of prayer and a sense f humor
forge invincible armor. Beth Bradford
Gilchrist. .
Write it on your heart that ever dav
Is the best day in the year. Ralph Waldo
"I lived for myself. I thought for myself;
For myself and none beside.
Jost as tho Jesus had never lived.
As tho He had never died."
Oftentimes calamity turns our ad
vantare; and great ruins make way for
greater glories. Seneca.
T.et ao man seek his ewn. but each kis
neighbor's good. 1 CoL 10 -21. .
In men whom men condemn as til,
I find so mncn of goodness still.
In men whom men pronounce divine,
I find so much of sin sad Mot,
I hesitate to draw the line
Between the two, where God tiae ti"i.
Joaquia Miller.
The secret of life is not to do what ene
likes, but to try to like what "ne has t9
do: and one does come to like K in. time.
Diaah Mulct Craik.
German Girlies
Send S. O. 5. for
Topeka Hubbies
War Put Dan Cupid Ont of Bnsinew in
Germany All Von Xeed Is Cash to
Get a Tent Mate.
Are there any bachelor in Topeka
who have despaired of Topeka girls
recognizing their desirability from a
matrimonial standpoint T They need
not despair; there ia still a chance for
them. The girls of Germany are look
ing for husbands an i have sent an ap
peal to The State Journal to call the
attention of the Topeka bachelors to
the matrimonial state of affairs tn
their country.
The appeal is contained in a letter
received from J. Stahl of Duisburg.
Germany. It calls attention to the fact
that the high cost of living has lust
about put Mr. Daniel Cupid out of
business and that while the Teutonic
ladies do not say so in so many words,
they seem of the optnkm that Topeka
bachelors are all wealthy. They do
not say whether or not they expect to
come to America or have their pros
pective husbands go to Germany with
their wealth; that ia left for some ad
venturous Topekan to discover.
Here is the appeal: ,
"Oo account of the unhappy war. In
wbit-h more than 1.W0.00U young Germans
lost their lives, a atlll greater nomber of
young Uerinaa ladies are deprived of the
opportunity to find a husband. This ca
lamity, if I Uare call it such, is increased
by the fact that, owing to the extraor
dinary clearness nf household furniture
snd the scarcity of apartments the matri
mony has become a luxury and a privilege
of the rich in the country.
"In their distress our ynong ladies look
over to America in- the hope of finding
there the conjugal happiness, for which
reason they appeal to all American bache
lors who canaot find a match over there
and who are desirous to contract matri
mony with a well bred young German
lady, to approach them on this behalf.
The linqnistic difficulties should be no
obstacle, as our ladies are mostly acquaint
ed with tno Knglish language.
"The German ladies aek to find an
American husband."
House To Rent Ad tn State Journal
Brought Resnltj But To Wrong
FOR RENT Five rooms and bath.
newly papered and painted, one block
from state house, 920.
Again State Journal want ads bring
results. Thae above classified ad in
The State Journal recently brought no
satisfactory results to the persons
seeking a home but it brought a very
busy afternoon and evening to the To
peka. family whose phone number was
Shortly after the paper was off the
press Saturday afternoon, the tele
phone rang at the Topeka home and a
woman a voice came over the wire
sweetly inquiring about the house for
rent and saying she saw the ad in the
paper. This was news to the Topeka
woman and she informed the inquirer
that she knew of no house for rent
and the wrong number must have
been given.
The auione rang again. There it
was once more. Some one asking
about a house for rent. When the
home edition had been off the press
but thirty minutes the Topeka woman
could have rented her house, if she
had had one to rent, six times. When
the paper was but an hour old and in
the hands of a few thousand Topekans
she could have rented part of her own
home to seven different families. To
pekans had fairly wept on her shoul
der they were so frantically eager to
find a place to abide in.
Telephone callers have no inkling
that one is taking a bath. The To
peka woman climbed out of the bath
tub five times. The flor became so
tnois after several trips from the tub
to the phone that the woman began
to use the mop. Rivulets of bath wa
ter strayed" all over the bathroom
floor, thekitchen linoleum and flowed
in a stream down the aide of the din
ing room rug and underneath the
They called from pay stations and
they called from everywhere. One
woman called from the Santa Fe de
pot. She had come to town to live and
began before she left the station hunt
ing a house. One man even hurried
his conversation with the Topeka
woman that he might go right down
and sprint round the state house
square until he had located the house.
They told their tales of grief in regard
to moving and ail the whys and the
The Topeka. woman suddenly de
cided on a course of action. She
called and pleaded with the officials
at the phone office to cut off her
phone service for a few hours, which
they promised to do. Now she thought.
I guess 1 11 take time during the lull
to read that ad, Where's the paper?"
The phone rang.
"Hello," said a voice. "Is this the
party who has a house to rent. I sure
had a time getting you. supervisor
asked me before she rang if it was
about a house for rent and I said, no.
But I fibbed, I do want a house and
want it bad. I do hope it isn't gone
yet. I "
Gasping for breath the) Topeka
woman reached limply for the chair at
the phone and wearily began the fa
miliar sentence. "No, we have no
house for rent."
It was all a mistake but was a
cruel error to the home-hungry.
For Grip, Influenza. Catarrh, Coagh
and Sore Throat.
To get the beat resalts takCSeventy
seven" at the Ont feeUng of a Cold.
A lady from Shicfc shinny, P-,
writes: "Siace tbe death of my physi
cian two rears ago. I have appended
solely on Dr. Humphreys' Resnedies
and would like a book to get ad-rice."
Doctor's Book tn English. Frestch.
Spanish. Fprtngvase or German
mailed free.
At all Drag and Cooatry Stores.
niakrvn' Hoaaen. Medicine Ce., 156
William Street, Jiew Yo-
THOSE who understand motor cars know that the prevailing
weakness is the inability cf -the various engines to deliver
satisfactory results from gasoline. Gas has gone down and
down in grade and engines have not been redesigned to meet the
lower grade of fueL
Chalmers engineers were first to supply the answer to this
serious problem. They devised the Hot Spot and Kaur s-horn.
The raw "gas," too heavy for the carburetor to vaporize it
properly, strikes the Hot Spot, and the result is much, like a drop
of water falling on the top of a red-hot stove.
Thus the heavy "gas" is turned into a "dry cloud" and before
it has the slightest chance to revert to "mist" it is rushed via the
Ram's-horn manifold into the cylinders.
As the spark plugs touch off this finely vaporistd fuel ou
get instantaneous combustion and maximum power.
You get smoothness, the absence of vibration snd the cons?
quent saving in repair bills from burned bearings, scored cylinders,
fouled spark plugs and many troubles that are all traceable back
-to the inferior "gas" of the day.
Ride in a Chalmers and you, too, will say that it is one of the
few great cars of the day.
L. F.
Phone &S42
1407 Lane St.
Engine work.
REHKOPF BROS, 212-214 West Sixth Street Phone 994
B. W. emMuiJiaaM Avsv .
Hoi Spot and Ram horn
Solve a Serious Problem
Butler Motor Go.
Delivered Topeka :
Compare with others, then Buy
Shawnee and all adjoining Counties
Some Territory Open for Agents
Top Repairs. Cushions" and Curtains.
, Blacksnuthing and Painting. Wheels
' Built or Repaired. Truck Bodies. Fire
stone Track Tires Applied. Expert
Kites yttm trouble late if t-
S1S W. sixth Ave. Phone 37
Onmtity First
East Seventh St.
Phone 774.
Louis Van Dorp
509 Jackson St. Topeka
Phoa 130
Galvanized Iron, Slate,
Tin Work
11.530 C,I ill!.

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