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A Home Cure C.lvcn by One
AVIm Had II.
lo the aprlug of l' wan nt-
ta-kej by Miimulur nutl InfJdinuiii
tory KUeuuuit inm. I suffered hi
only - those wliti bare it kn,ow, for
ovep three yeam. 1 fried Triaedy
after remedy, ami doctor after doc
tor, but su'-li relief hh I received
was only temporary. Finally, 1
found a remedy that cured ine cnm-
Idctely, and It has never returned,
have glveu t to a imnilwr who
were terribly afflicted and even bed
ridden with Khpuiiintlmu. aud It ef
fected a cure In every case.
I want every sufferer from any
form of rheumatic trouble to try
thin marvelous henling power. Jon:t
nd a cni; simply mall your n:tme
and Btldreu and I will send it ire
t" try. After you hare used It and
it has proven itself ! be that long-looked-ror
menus of ciirinir your
rhemnotHrin, ymi may send the price
f It, one .dollar, but understriui.
I do not want your money unles
you are perfectly Satisfied to send
It. Isn't that fnlr? Why suffer
any Ion per when positive relief Is
thun. offered you free? Bou t de
lay. Write tmlav.
Mark II. Jackson. No. SI7F r.urrt y
Ildff., Syracuse, N. V, .
Advance Announced for July 1,
Says Message. -
Only Remedy for Situation Is
3Iost Rigid Economy.
Washington, May 6. Further ad
vances in print paper prices are to be
made by the International Paper com
pany on July 1, said a telegram from
Chester W. Lyman, yice president of
the company, which waa presented to
day to the senate committee investi
gating the naper shortage.
The message, addressed -to Joseph
Pulitzer, Jr., publisher of the St. Louis
Post Dispatch, said:
"Alarming riv in prices, for pulp
wood, other rw materials and mill
supplies, together with inevitable in
crease In transportation charges, will
necessitate higher selling price for last
two quarters.
"Impossible to forecast extent of in
crease on account of uncertainty of
conditions, increase in cost likely to
continue 'to turning point reached in
general industrial, social and finan
cial conditions. ,''
"Only remedy for present trouble Is
rigid economy by publishers in their
use of news print. It would be height of
folly for government to attempt to
regulate or lower spot market, onerous
as it may appear, as it would Vesult in
diversion of many specialty mills now
making news prist to their normal
"This addition to present news print
supply stimulated by the high price
of the spot market is estimated ax
about 150,000 tons a year."
Prisoner Who Attempted Suicide Re
leased from State Hospital.
'John Ivy, who attempted to commit
suicide in the county jail during the
winter and was taken to the state hos
pital for treatment, was. released from
the state institution today. Bob Miler,
) under-sheriff, met Ivy at the hospital
jand immediately took him into cus
I tody. Ivy will be taken to Kansas
City today to face a charge of jumping
his bond in that city several-months
j Ivy Was arrested at the Western
Union office in Topekawhile the state
j.teachers' convention was in progress.
Ore of tha visiting teachers claimed
that he met Ivy, who during.the course
of conversation, . learned his name
and address and the name and address
of his father In a small Kansas town.
Then, it was claimed. Ivy wired to
the school tea oiier'a father and asked
the parent to wire money to nim at
Topeka, care the Western .Union, sign
ing the teacher's name. The father
was suspicious and wired his son. who,
in turn, notified the police. . Officers
found Ivy waiting, at the Western"
Union office.
After his arrest Ivy began to act
queerly, claiming that inmates of the
jail had used "crooked" dice on him
in a crap game. He continually cried
and complained about the loss of his
money and finally endeavored to end
it all by taking an overdose of medi
cine left in the cell for the use of drug
addicts. Upon the advice of physi
cians he was sent to the state hospital
for treatment.
Kansas City police say Ivy is wanted
there charged with a similar confi
dence game to the one police here say
he endeavored to work in Topkea.
Pending his trial he was released on
bond and ran away, according to Kan
sas City police. . "
St. Louis. Walter G. Hann. IT. believed
In preparing for -the worst. After he com
mitted suicide by drinking poison the
police found a will requesting that be be
"burled in so asbestos coffin and. a bottle
of ice water inside." , -
Miss Florence Morgan Knte red Sara
Ashlon Still Leads,
Miss Sara Ashton, of the Capper
Publications, was still well in the lead
of the rcce for "queen of the carnival"
today with a total of 4.172 votes It
appears likely that she will acquire the
1.600 Votes that were to be given by
the American Legion to the candidate
in the lead tonight.
A "dark horse" from the Santa Fe
offices today entered the ring in the
persoa of Miss Florence Morgan with
971 votes.
The standing of the candidates to
day follows: Miss Sara Ashton, 4.172;
Miss Helen Campbell, Santa Fe offices,
2,999; Miss Genevieve Schuler, Santa
Fe,, 2.801; Miss Betty Fyffe, Wash
burn, 1,804; Miss Florence Morgan,
Santa1 Fe. 971; Miss Aileen Officer.
Halls, 601; Miss Marie Moore, Wash
burn, 53.
Powder. Explosion Kills Two.
Wilmington. Del-, May 4. Two ex
plosions of semi-smokeless powder at
the, Brandywine plant of the DuPont i
Powder company at noon today killed f
Auorey r... mrner aim uu.iiijs
Hodge, who were at work in the sort
ing and -packing department. The
cause of the explosions is unknown.
-sTl the
OUR $100,000
Next 3 Days
........... , - j . -
Dry Goods Specials
75r? Buys $1.50 Ladies' Hose.
5f Buys 12c Thread.
$1.25 Buys $2.00 Boys' Overalls.
25f Buys 2 pair Ladies' Hose.
79c Buys $1.50 B. V. D. Men's Union Suits.
65c Buys $1.25 Ladies' Union Suits.
89 Buys $2.00 Men's Dress Shirts.
19f Buys 35c Children's Hose.
81.00 Buys $3.00 Boys Wash Suits.
75c 'Buys $2.00 Men's Sport Shirts.
$2.50 Buys $3.50 Men's best Overalls.
$2.95 Buys $4.50 Men's Trousers.
45c Buys 75c 2-piece Shirts and Drawers. "
50c Buys $1.00 Men's Caps.
$1.00 Buys $2.50 Sweaters.
19c Buys 35c Gauze Vests.
50c Buys $4.00 Derby Hats.
65c Buys $1.50 Balbriggan Underwear.
55 Buys $1.00 little boys' Overalls. .
$1.25 Buys $3.00 Fine Caps.
$4.95 Buys $6.00 and $7.00 Men's Pants.
. $4.95 Buys Fine Qoys' Suits.
i .
Women's Wearing Apparel '
$7.50 Bu 15.00 Sill; Poplin" Dresses.
$4.45 Buys 10.00 Georgette Waists
95c Buys $2.o'o White Underskirts'.
$1.00 Buys J2.00 Ledies' Night Gowns...
95C Buys $1.'73T fine Teddy Bears.
large assortment of Corset Covers as OC
low as 3C
Silk nnI Crepe do tiilne t'nmlsoles, in pink,
flesih. white, black, blue. CJO QC (PI A
special L.UOut fl.UU
iJiilltV Silk Poplin Skirls very latest
styles, a Ji.GO value, special..
There are Three Days left to participate in the Big
Bargain Sale. And as an Extra . Inducement, we
have added the Recent Purchase from the
W. A. Fiester Merc. Co.
Whiting, Kans., together with the Stocks of", j
L. L. Lavalluas Mercantile Co.
Powhattan, Kans., and C. R. Underwood Mercantile .
Co., Furley, Kans., makes the most complete line of
Heal, Honest Money Savings Bargains we have ever
offered! to the people of Shawnee county and sur
rounding country.
Ladles' Pure Silk Honc in all colors,
seam In the back, up to $3.00 values,
per pair.
IjuIHV Pure Silk Hose, up to J2.00
values, per pair
Ladles' Fine Silk Hose, all colors, sec
onds, with seam in the back, per pair..,
I-adtcs Fine -Silk llo-te, all colors, per
fjidies' Lisle Hose, in all colors,
t Sv
Men's Funey I,islo Hose, per
pair -
L'liildren's Hose, in all colors, special, per
As. an Extra Inducement we have made another cut in- all
prices. Look these items over. You'll forget there is such a
thing as high cost of living.
At a Saving of 60c on a Dollar
33.25 Patent Mary .Tone Pomps, sizes
up to 2, while they last. CJ1
per pair v I J
One lot of Men's Oxfords, to Hose out.
S5.o0 values, very
special .
A lot of high crado- Men's Oxfords
from $6.00 to S8.00 values
in all sizes, per pair. ......
The very highest craao and makes of
Men's Oxfords. 10 and SI 2
values, H'r pair
Hoys' Oxfords one table up to $4.00
values, very special, -while
they last, per pair
The hlehest (trade of Boys' Oxfords,
up to $7.50 values, latest J0 "TC
styles, all sizes; "per pair. , . : DO. I 3
Table, No. 1 Children's Oxfords, up to
2.."0 values: while tliey QCr
last, per pair DC
Table No. 2 Small sizes of Indies"
Pumps and Oxfords, - C 1 I Q
, P1.-XV7
makes"" of
i to $4 no
Tabic Xtt, S A nice line -oT Ladies'
Shots and Oxfords, in all
sixes, at
Xicc line of Indies' Hijrh tirade Pumps
ana oxrorus, lo values, all
sizes, per pair
$8.50 Ladies' Pumps and Ox
fords, for this sale
Our $6.50 value in Pumps
and Oxfords, reduced to. . .
Some $..00 values In Ladies'" Pumps
ana oxioras. to close out
special, per pair
Misses' Oxfords, $4.50 values, 0O J
special price at.
Children's Mary Janes, a
$3.50 value, per pair
tilrls Pumps and Oxfords,
$4.50 values, special
$2.00 and $2.25 White Mary-
Jane Pumps, per pir. . .
Hich Grade Ladies' White, Shoes ami
Oxfords, up to $0.00 values, fl0 AC
per pair $2.95 and P0.z3
Bargain Anne
SG.::... $4.25
-Knap Blankets, JS.00 values, ff4 QC
special at P.I
Itoyil. Society Kmbroidcry
ladies light and dark Aprons, tS.OO
values, special
Nice line of Plaid Blankets.
values; special
very specia
Nice line of Middies, up to J2.50 val
ues, while they last, each
Cp to $2.50 ladies' Aprons,
only. . : -
Nice line of Loces and Editings, per yard P
at Sc and. v
Girls' I'nion Suits, 50c values, special
Boys' Two-Picee Fnderwear, 50c values,
9Sc ladies' AVoist Ajirons, special
at '
Little Girls' Gauze VeMs. 15c values.
Ladies' Drawers, 35c. values.
Ladies' Fine Hose, silk ad silk lisle, up
to 11.00 value, special ;
35f Buys 50c Light and Dark Percales.
40 Buys up to 75c all color Sateens.
33-Buys up to ?5c light and fancy Voiles
and Summer Dress Goods.
45 Buys 75c Zephyr Ginghams.
25 Buys Fine Apron Gingham.
99 Buys Renfrew Colored Table Cloth.
30 Buys a nice assortment of 45c plain
Fancy Ginghams.
3C Euys 45c J'ancy Spring Cretonnes.
50e Buys up to $2.00 Woolen Dress Goods
45 Buys up to $1.00 Worsted Plaid Dress
Goods. ;
25f Buys up to 40c Fine Summer Dress
. $1.39. Buys $2.00 Table Cloth.
30$ Buys up to 50c white India Linen
Voiles and Flaxons.
4D0 Buys the Latest Ratine.
35 Buys Serpentine Crepe.
59r Buys, Extra Heavy Striped Feather
S9$ Buys all color Soisette.
lAGLE shoe &
8 1 3-1 S-1 7-1 9 North Kansas Avenue
A marring H'-cds wnn issued tnrtay t 1
Edward V. Stone. 29. Hmitta center, mud
v&iy v. A- henba- ii, w lcnua.
AU Issues or Liberty Bonds bought
and sold. The Shawnee Investment
Co- 534 Kansas avenue. Adv.
Aura Bell Whitemnn today filed a peti
tion for a divorce from H. W. Whlteman.
Ahundonment Is churned. They were mar
ried October 11, 1112.
Tont fririret to make tout paTments nt
the Prudential Trust Co. for Pepp's 'onl
SsriD-s IMan. Topua (oal Co., fciits
Buildiup. Phone 482. Adv.
Robert J. Shoemaker, for many years !
prominent in Topeka young business
men circles, is visiting here today. Sho- ,
maker ia with the Maguus company of Chi-
cago. j
Washburn eollepe hns been asked to j
end fifteen deleg.-ites to the Fstes I'ark
Studeut V. M. i A. conference June Htoi
21. Ottawa, Baker and Haskell also will j
send fifteen men each. Kansas University I
will send seventy-five. - j
W. Moore and W. Walker, the two aol- j
diers who figured In a mix-up on the upper j
Silver Ijike road with two "wild"' women
Monday night, were fined $10 - each for i
druiilvennps and disorderly conduct late
Tuesday by Police Judge Hugh MacFar- j
land.- I
The roily appearance of the city water ,
at present is due to air in the pipes and .
not to dirt or impurities, according to Wil- j
bur Stanfield. water commissioner. The
work being done on the wells and pipes ,
is responsible for tlria condition, he snid. :
Ir. Karle. i. Brown, city health officer, i
said tests made of the water for the past .
several days were satisfactory. I
Lettors warning druggists and tobacco- ;
nists in Topeka ;ind Oakiand ngainst sell- ;
lug cignrets were mailed Tuesday by ;
Hugh Fiher. county attorney. Fisher
stated in the letters that quizges of tchool
cliildrrn revealed that cigareta were being
sold and thnt, while at the present time
thre was not testimony sufficient to war- .
rant prosecut ion. such teitimony could be
obtained in short order in the future unless
the violations verc discontinued, v
Chairmen of the Business and Profes
sional Women's, club recently organized, i
have been announced as follows: Julia I
David. Jennie Maxwell. Mrs. ndie Slguor,
membership; Mbel Jones, Mrs. Carri
Vincent. Marguerite Vorbeea, publicity
Mabel Smith. Susanne Henry and Mrs.
Kmily Strawn. program: Susanne Dick,
Mrs. Maude Steele. Nona Atkinson, finance.
The club is planning to give an informal
party, Monday evening. May 24. Kach
member will invite two guests.
Several persons have already boen chosen
for the cast of Shakespeare's "Twelfth
Night." whb-h will be presented by the
Washburn Dramatic club commencement
wek. Dean Henry V. Stearna hns volun
teered to piny the roie of the large
proportioned drunkard, as pom of the stu
dents have the rssentlai rotundity. Mary
Pax ton. ps Violn. and John Tmxeir. as
I'uke Oraiuo. will have the leading parts.
Other iersons who have been chosen for
the cast are: Marjorie Blane, Lady
Olivia: Betty Fvffe, Maria; Tom Springer.
Sebastian : Gerald Tasker, Xffuechtek;
Reuben Forney. Fabian. 1
Try This to Make Freckles Fade
J ust apply a little Kmtho Beauty
Ci'eaui evory night and morning with
the finger tips. After a few regular
applications with this fragrant beauty
cream watch the freckles gradually
fade away.
.Girls who believed their freckles
would never go away have been utter
ly amazed after using Kintho Beauty
Cream to see the remarkable differ
effce it made.
This is YOUR chance to get rid of
those disfiguring freckles. "When your
friends aek you what made your com
plexion so clear tell them Kintho
Beauty Cream did it.
Kinth- has been usea for 1 5 years
to remove stubborn, blotchy freckles.
Any well-stocked drug or department
store can supply you. Adv.
Mrs. J. Christman Proved
That Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is a
Remedy for this Trouble.
Eingliamton. N. Y. "I wis in a very
nervous condition iar over a year, my
mind was gloomy,
could see no light on
anything;, could not
work and coull not
hare anyone to see
me. Doctor's med
icine did not help me
and Lydia E. Fink,
ham's Vegetable
; 'til Compound was rc-
1 v jg J commeooea. I tooK
Vr & it and am now
V A t e " 1 recom
Mfrrit foil mend it to all afflict-
ed with nervous prostration." Mrs. J.
uhbistmax, IMS Oat Street, .Bingham
ton, KeV Y'ork.
The success of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, is unparalleled. It may bo
used with perfect confidence by women
who suffer from nervous prostration,
displacements, inSammation, ulcera
tion, irregularities, periodic pains, back
ache, bearing-down feeling, flatulency,
indigestion and dizziness. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the
standard remedy for female ills.
If there are any complications about
which you need advice write in con
fidence to Lydia E,. Pinkham- Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass.
These famous little people are
now on exhibition. It is really
wonderful to watch these tiny mites
of humanity danoe. They are 11
inthes smaller than the late Gen.
Tom Thumb.
Little People at the Legion Carnival
Are III; Surprise to Public.
. These wonderful little people are J
drawing hig crowds to their tent be
tween Tth and 8th on Jackson Si
It is amusing to see these tiny mites
of humanity dance and entertain
the public. Everyone should pay a
visit to this attraction.' Send the
children. 10 cent?.
Musio, Kata, Speaking on Program at
Chocolate S'.Kip Tonight.
The annual meeting of the Military
Order of the Loyal Legion, officers of
the Civil war and their- descendants,
will be held at a dinner at 7:30 this
evening at the Chocolate shop. The
ladies will.be entertained by the or
ganization. On the entertainment program are
Capt. M. M. Beck, of Holton. toast
master; Col. Frank Travis, and Mrs.
Elenor Simms, of Holton, who will
give musical selections. C. S. lliott
is chairman of the committee on arrangements.
There are thousands of such
, boosters for Sulpherb Tablets
and that is why .hundreds ot
thousands are sold by druggists
every year. Mr. P.obert Clem
ence, 233 S. - Wilbur avenue.
Syracuse, X. Y writes: "I have
taken 3 packages of Sulpherb
Tablets and my bowels are mov
ing regularly now and I am a
great deal stronger than 1 was
when I started taking them. I
was all run down and weak from
the long, continued stomach,
liver and bowel trouble. I know
4 or 5 men that work with roe.
was troubled the same as I- vas:
I told them about Sulpherb Tab
lets and now they are all taking
them, and they say they are the
best medicine they have ever
tried, etc." Sold by all drug
gists. Be sure of the name,
Sulpherb not "sulphur."
Is Only Skin Deep
and may be instantlv relieved and
quickly healed by CRANOLENE
the Cranberry Cream treatment
used externally.
Drersburg . Ky.. Jan. 7, 1918.
Cranolene cured me of Eczem and 1 had
the disease tor 25 rears. It also cured my
little l&months old daughter of tb same
trouble. It did for us what no othr treat
ment would do urei us-ta stay cured. We
usedCranolenein Mar.1916.'' R.H Enoch.
(On March 20. 1920, four years after. Mr.
Enoch again writes: "Mr little cirl and I
are both well. We are freed of Eczema,
and we five your Cranolene the praise."
SCIENCE has discovered that the
mild acid-like juice found under
the skin of the common table cran
berry quickly destroys the tiny
parasite that causes Eczema and
most skin troubles. This cranberry
juice has been combined with sooth
ing, cooling, healing oils. The re
sult is CRANOLENE, an amazing
cream that stamps out the cause of
Eczema and restores the skin to
its natural health and color.
Your iniKiist is authorized to sell
CRANOLENC on a written euarantee to
return your money if it fails, lfnewillnotdo
this, write imaediately to Cranolene Co.,
Pept M Girard, Kaa. for free treatment.
In Jars, 39e and) St
"Heals Whtrt Others Fall"
Sold and vaaratd lir Topeka bj
Rowley- Irair Co.
Elgin Butterine
The Best, lb'. 33c
BUTTER, Best Creamery. Ih. 63
FXHiS, Fresh, dozen : -38
rOTATOKS. Fancy Northern.'
Ih $1.25
4 cans. . . .., 250
TABT.E SVRl'P, Karo, White.
5-lb. pail 50t
Xavy Beans, the best, Michigan
hand picked. 5 lbs. for 50c
Lard, Pure, lb ....27c
5-lb. lot 1.25
Cabbage, New Texas, lb 5c
Beef Roasts, prime Chuck lb. ..18c
Pork Shoulders (whole), lb 22c
Oranges, large sizes, doz. . . .80c-60c
Pork, Fresh, Lean Side, lb 25c
Codfish, the best, lb 2c
Hamburg, fresh beef, fresh ground,
lb 20c
Indja Helieh, tall, jar 40c
Pork Hearts, lb 12$c
Plate Boiling Eeef. lb 15c
Cornmeal, white or yellow,
10 lbs. v ,.55c
Matches, package 5c.
'Ride a BicycCc.
Picnic Days Ard Here
This year o to less frequented
places. Don't be dependant on
car lines or places within walking
distance. Get the fresh air deep
into your lunga rids along tha
beauty paths off tha main roads.
These pleasures are yours if you
rids a
Harley-Davidson Bicycl
The miles aeetn to fly by without ea
rtlon aa yea pedal along1 and yoti
re seining health and happineaa
from tha great out-doora.
Tha modal that win luat autt yon Is on.
display in our show room
Shawnee Cycle Co..
Ill East 7th St. '
Standard Merchandise
Real Set-rice
I M. Penwell,
Phone 775.
It. M. JonnsoD,
Sfc'y Treni.
I'bou 3(ilf.
B0fi:5OS-M0 Qulney Street. rhooe 14
Now U tbe rery bent tim to fulfill
your ftroKt dealrr, and owing to for
eign exchange rate and exceptional
purchasing, power of Amerh-nn
,inouoj, we offer aplcndldlf arranged
Tours for
$760 and $1,075
These prieea iiiflud everything
even pHRdport fees. Strictly firat
elana traveling and choice hotel res
ervation. KxperiPBced guldea. All
ftetalla arranged. Congenial groups
of travellers, t'haperon for unat
tended ladten. Splendid Itinerary,
Ineludlng BATTLB FIKl.I'fl and
points of bint uric and artlatic aig
Dtfiiaoce. Saijings, June 12, 19, 26
'Others Following
Prompt reservation! necessary aa It
takes thrie weka to get passports.
AVKITK TU)AV for tllustrnN-d book
let and full details. Other fours,
Kurop and America Yellowstone,
California, Orand Canyoa and t'OLi
OIUDO CAMIMN't party offered.
The Universal Tonrt C., Inc.
700 Kansas Are. Topeka. Kansas.
- Iept 3
Funeral Home
501 CAST STB 8T.
' rhon, zst Res. Phone IM B-
I'araoaml Service ,
f ram
Sixth and Jarksn
UP! UP!! UP!!!
lo the top of -the
financial position
tnd coin building.
The stock is recognized
throughout the world.
Get par Baoklet aa Inveatmeate.
534 Kansas Ave.
Prices are high, but
not so high at the
"Owl." Make a test
case of it. See for
yourself. T
New Potatoes, fine, Ih i&c
Fresh Kggs '. 3S
Meadow Gold Butter. ..... .7c
Plain 'W rapped, flpe 6.V)
Ta.Il Milk, fine ,1254c
Fancy Peas lffet
Can Peas 10c
Premium Chocolate, Ib
beat. 2 to
New 80-80 Prunes, worth
22c . . v ISc
Extra Fancy Evaporated '
Peaches, Ih S9c
Z lbs. Navy Beans, good . . . . . 60c
Cut Price on Pure Kxtracts.
Cut Price on Fine Candy.
Carry-all Bags at cost to cus
tomers.. . .
20c can B. Towder. 'lfJc
Purity Oats, largo 3 Oe pkg. . ,82c
Anheiser-Busf h Budweiser. . I
Our Fine Bread c anil He
Best Bulk Cocoa, lb 39c
Fine Cabbage, lb ISc
Fine 'Vhite Potatoes. bu...fl.8S
t '11 'sardines, can. .' ...... .7c
ituK'-ari). 4 6ardiru-s,
18c ran IZc
Fancy White Cheese. ,S9c
Van Camp Beans, 20c can. . .16c
Eavlna; on most every Item.
aWa..in,.a.,i,...lBi.l ,,

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