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Mrs. Alice Gresham Dodd,
First War Mother Of The
Nation Gives Entire Credit
For Recovery Of Her
Health To The Well
Known Medicine, Tanlac.
The following remarkable endorse
ment of Tanlac was given recently by
Mrs. Alice Gresham Dodd, at the
Gresham Memorial Home, Gavin
Park, Evansvillc, Ind., which home
"was presented to her by the patriotic
people of Indiana, as evidence of their
appreciation of the services rendered
to his country by her son. Corporal
James B. Gresham. the first American
soldier killed in France. Kxpressions
of sympathy were received by Mrs.
Iodd from all parts of the United
States, and the newspapers of the
country carried the story of the first
'war mother."
" The shock of her son's death re
sulted Jn the serious breakdown of
Mrs. Dodd's health, but everyone will
learn with interest and pleasure that
she is now in splendid health again.
"When seen at her home recently she
made the following statement, giving
the entire credit for her recovery to
the well-known medicine, Tanlac.
"After my dear boy's death, I had
a general breakdown in health," said
Mrs. Dodd. "At first It was Just indi
gestion. My food used to upset me
and I had to diet myself very care
fully, which wasn't much hardship as
I lost all desire to eat. Then I had
en attack of rheumatism, with severe
pains in my shoulders, back and arms.
Sometimes I used to suffer a great
deal, and my joints would get all
swollen up and stiff. I was able to do
very little about the house, and at
times couldn't even cook a meal. I
got very nervous and restless, and at
night would lay awake for hours, and
lost many a night's sleep as a conse
quence. "A friend of mine had received a
rreat deal of help from Tanlac. and
It was she who advised me to try it.
I am so glad I did for it proved the
of Gavin Park, Evansville, Ind.
best medicine I have ever taken. It
soon save me a good appetite and
seemed to settle my stomach so that
I was no longer troubled with indi
gestion. I don't know what it. is to
have rheumatic pains now, the swell
ing: and stiffness has all gone out of
my joints and I am able to do the
work of the house with the greatest
ease. My nerves are now steady and
strong:, I sleep fine at night, and I
feel better In health than ever before
in my life. I shall always be grate
ful for what Tanlac has done for me,
and shall recommend it every chance
I get."
Tanlac Is sold In Topeka by Tully
McFarland Drug Co., 835 Kansas ave
nue, and 72 9 Kansas avenue. Adv.
I, 111. iTJ'(Vt" m i - f?a I fell?
I item" mmm
ir:'S t veAik.uz- r - ever a ". a' i i
Worn Oat In Mind and Body
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physical condition. And when he asks: "What's the matter, DaddyT"
there's a tone cf solemn anxiety in his little voice. The depression
tamped upon you reflects intensely upon him because of his profound solic
itude. He at once drops his playthings and rushes to your side, bat his
happy smile has disappeared and his buoyant spirits are gone replaced
by a countenance of worry and a bearing of hopelessness.
You owo it to thm happinaan and welfare of yoor family to keep trim in bodr and keen fn
Intellect. You aro the lun and the inspiration of their live. Dark, threatening cloud Ivover
over their tirade the Instant you ahow aurna of beiac "outof aorta" or "under too weatbar."
Doa t imperil their Xuture by neslecunff your neaitn. .
..i : '
.t rA
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will banish that "tired feetinc" and dispel thatwortXMit
look. It will rnw your trengrtb and visor, orareoaia
thm raYiabin effects of over work and worry, revive your
spirits and ineresie yoor bold on lifa. Beinff a refresh
inr appstiaer, a valuable aid to digestion and a worthy
promoter of the ffenerml health, because of its positive re
vitalising; and reconstructive value, its use ie especially
denrabl in cases of subnormal condition!. If you suffer
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wasting tftneas, you'll find "LYKO" particularly bene
ficial. It tones up the entire system and keepa go
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-V, - Solo Manufacturers
fcjmaaa City. Ma.
Energy, Plus: Life,
Growth, Palatability
"It was found that growth could be secured It the fat in
the food mixture was butterfat. whereas no irrowth could be
secured when the butterfat was replaced by lard, olive oil,
or other vesetablo oils." Prof. E. V. McCollom.
Let the children have more butter spread it thick
on bread give them butter on their breakfast cereal
cook potatoes, vegetables, soups and meats in but
ter. It means greater bodily vigor, better health, bet
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Ask your grocer for Meadow Gold.
Beatrice Creamery Company
Topeka, Kansas.
L. rrSi 'i1 ' r ihrriii r i rwrfiTi " elsjfraJ TiMrsntri iiinriiBiMa"i" ie aamaur i in hi
Republican Leaders Fear "Bit
ter Endere' " Stand.
May Hare to Make Concessions
s to Johnson.
Californian Wants Absolute Op
position Flank Adopted.
If He Is Candidate He Mast
Consent to Reservations.
New York, May 14. Chairmanship
of the resolutions committee at the
Republican national convention grows
in importance as it becomes increas
ingly apparent that the League of Na
tions will be one of the big issues of
the presidential election.
Senator Hiram Johnson, foremost
figure in the progressive wing, nat
urally -wants the party to go on rec
ord as completely opposed to the
league pact. All of his prominent
rivals have declared in favor of the
league with reservations.
Concede to "Bitter Binders."
Many Republican leaders, it is un
derstood, are determined that the in
ternational section of the party plat
form shall contain a plank endorsing
the pact with the Lodge reservations.
To insure the least possible opposi
tion to this from the "bitter enders"
led by Johnson, these leaders are said
to be ready to recede from their pres
ent attitude regarding the permanent
chairmanship of the convention and
permit Johnson and his followers to
pick the man for his position. ' In re
turn, it is alleged, they will ask John
son to offer no opposition to their
choice for chairman of the resolutions
committee, which will draft the plat
Would Bind Johnson.
Such an arrangement, according to
Dolitical observers, would while pos
sibly improving Johnson's chances of
obtaining the nomination, bind him to
a complete stand on the League of
Nations at variance with his past ana
present attitude In the interest of
party harmony. In such circum
stances, it is pointed out, if Johnson
became the Republican candidate he
would be compelled to make his cam
paign along what these party leaders
regard as more popular lines.
Of the Democratic aspirants. Attor
ney General Palmer is unreservedly
committed to the administration's for
eign policies. The position of William
G. McAdoo cannot be definitely deter
mined, but those close to him believe
he would accept the verdict of the
Democratic platform committee and
make his campaign accordingly.
At Elks' Club Auditorium Monday,
May IT, and Tuesday, May 18.
The Goodwin Recitals are given in
place of the Otis Recitals, which were
prevented by the "flu" epidemic. Otis
tickets will be accepted for these re
citals. Adv.
Weisktrch, Hamilton, Barnett and
Jacqonrt Will Represent Washburn.
Four Washburn racquet wielders
will go to Lawrence tomorrow to play
Kansas university. The men selected
by Coach Bearg are Weiskirch, Ham
ilton, Barnett and Jacquart. They
will play three matches of singles and
two of doubles.
The tournament which has been in
progress at Washburn the last three
days has narrowed down to Weis
kirch and Barnett, but the finals were
not played today as planned. Coach
Bearg pointed out that it will be a
stiff match and that it would be best
to postpone it until next week in view
of the contest with K. U. tomorrow.
William Jewell college will meet
the Ichabods on the Washburn tennis
court Monday. One of the Jewell
players is Evans, inter-collegiate
champion of Missouri. Last year
Washburn was defeated by Jewell and
the contest Monday will probably be
close. Two sets of singles and one of
doubles will be played. The match
will start at 2 o'clock.
South Side Docs Not Have to Walk
Far To Be EUgiblc.
The registration books are at
Fitch's drug store. Seventeenth and
Kansas avenues, where they will be
open for registration tonight and to
morrow, from noon until 8 o'clock in
the evening. The city has adopted the
plan Of carrying the books to the
voters, since the voters will not come
to the books. The last three days of
last week they were in North Topeka,
where 329 persons registered. One
may also register at tho city hall,
clerk's office, any time between 8 a.
m. and 6 p. m.
Ola the Editor Files as Republican
John Breyfogle, well known Olathe
newspaper man and an officer of the
Security Benefit association, today
filed as a candidate for presidential
elector on the Republican ticket. Pe
titions and declarations of candidates
for state and federal office must file
with L. J. Pettljohn, secretary of state,
before June 24.
Wolves Play at Mayetta Sunday.
The Wolff Packing company team
will go to Mayetta Sunday to play the
Indians. The Wolves have a strong
team this season and have defeated
the Poehler team and the Topeka
Flour mills. Deskins and Sawyer will
be the batteries for Sunday, with
Chapman and i Melen as substitute
pitchers. They expect to return with
the Indians' scalps.
Kansas Chiropractors In Session.
Wichita. May 14.' Three hundred
Kansas chiropractors are in annual
convention here today. Five lectures
by chiropractic doctors of national
note and a clinic are on the program
which close Saturday.
Philadelphia. May 14. Battling Murray
went less thaa two rounds bere last night
in his second battle with Jimmy Wilde
flyweight champion. Wilde dropped htm
with a left and two bard rights .to the
Newark. N. J.. May 14. Johnny Dun
dee and Willie Jackson, lightweight, will
saeet in a 12-roand boat here tonlgjt. It
will be the fifta boat between the boxers
but tin first to go beyond eight rounds.
Countess Elizabeth Zichy.
Countess Elizabeth Zichy, a nieco
of the kinjr of Belgium, fled from
Austria when the Communists gain,
ed control r-nd suffering many hard
ships finally reaching New Orleans
after working her way across as a
cook on the steamship Szelerenyi.
Beat A-tIcs by 9 to 2 TTlirlaub Only
Allowed Two Hits.
Lawrence, Kan., May 14. Uhrlaub
pitched a two-hit game against the
Kansas . Aggies here Thursday and
Kansas won the opening game of the
series, 9 to 2. Both the Aggie scores
came in tho first inning when ,E.
Cowell walked and Quinland tripled
to left field. Quinlan scored when
Murhpey -let Isenberger's return of
the hit get away from him.
Kansas; evened the score in the third
inning when Murphey knocked a home
run after Wood had reached first on
an error. Three hits and an error
netted the? Jayhawkers two more runs
in the fourth. In the sixth inning
Smith anrl Uhrlaub both doubled and
with two c rrors by Aggies in fielding
the university ran in four runs.
The score : R. IT. E.
Agsles 200 (XX) 0002 2 l!
Kansas 002 214 00 0 8 2
r.att?ris Masrath anil Guilfoyle: Uhr
Ifnb mtl l'.uTtM. Umpire Larry Quigley,
Kansas Wcslcyan.
Marion liditor Would Be Renominated
for Congress.
Congressman Homer Hoch of the
Fourth district today filed his declara
tion as a candidate for renomination
as the Republican candidate from his
district. The Marion lawyer-editor is
serving his first term in congress, hav-
injr defeated Dudley Doolittle. Demo
crat, in the 1918 election.
Turkish Rebel Gets Death Sentence.
London, May 14. Mustapha Kernel,
leader of the Turkish nationalist reb
els, has been condemned to death by
an extraordinary court martial, an Ex
change Telegraph dispatch from Con
stantinople said today.
Ha says.
wlity cook
Vhenvou can "have
sucVi good ready-
let baby
Teethingrash, prickly heat, chaf
ing these are a few of the trying
skin ills which make baby fretful
and keep anxious mothers busy
trying- to soothe the torment.
ery thing to give quick relief. Try
it and note how soon baby' s fretful
crying stops as this gentle, cooling
ointment reduces the itching and
Restaol Soap for baby's hair keeps
U soft and silky. AtmUdmccuu,
Would Not Rob
The Wife of His
Former Colonel
Oklahoma City, May 14. Police to
day were searching for tho bandit
who late yesterday abandoned his
holdup of Mrs. M. B. Brewer in her
home here.
The bandit gained entrance to the
house by telling Mrs. Brewer he
wished to read the gas meter. Once
inside, he drew a revolver and de
manded that she give him her jewelry
and silverware. I
In the dining room he saw a picture
of Col. M. B. Brewer, Oklahoma na
tional guard.
"Who is that?" he demanded.
"My husband," replied Mrs. Brewer.
"My God. it's my old colonel."
And with that the bandit fled,
empty handed.
Washburn Ball Team Is Expected to
Defeat Southwestern.
Washburn and Southwestern will
play a conference game tomorrow aft
ernoon at western league parK. ai
tho Haskell defeated them Friday,
Southwestern has a strong team this
year and one that will not allow the
Ichabods to stroll around the bases at
Bill Joerg, however, will occupy the
mound for the Blue and chances for
another Washburn victory are good.
. to
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Grip and Lift Off Painlessly
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"Gsrta-It" fc I
T-lnlah" mJ
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Tou help it Just a little by lifting it
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don't even feel it, "because there is no
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pleasant method.
"Gets-It," the never failing, guar
anteed money-back corn remover costs
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70 Kansas Ave. Tepeka, ;

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