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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kan.) 1892-1980, May 17, 1920, HOME EDITION, Image 8

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'State Governors Average Salary
Less Than $5,000.
Thirty-Five To Be Elected at
Polls This Fall.
Nebraska Chief Receives Only
$2,.00 Annually.
Territorial Executives Get as
rr High as $20,000.
C'hicaRO, May 17. Thirty-five states
will elect governors next fall at the
fine when the president and vice pres
fiTent are chosen. Thirty-two United
fTtates senators, to take office March
i. 1921. also are to be selected.
Of the governors whose terms ex
pire next year twenty-two are Repub
lican and thirteen Democrats; while
kiiventeen of the thirty-two senators
me Democrats and fifteen Republi
cans. - ;oveniors' Pay Poor.
""The thirty-five governorships to be
filled offer a wide range, both in terms
And salaries. Among the state execu
tives whose terms expire are Frank O.
Lowden of Illinois, the highest paid
governor in the country, and S. R.
McKelvie, of Nebraska, the poorest
paid. Mr. Lowden receives $12,000
vearly for a four year term and Mr.
McKelvie 12.500 annually for two
lars. Only twelve of the thirty-five
will receive over $5,000 a year; and
live will be paid $3,000 or less.
-Governor Coolidge. of Massachu
setts, whose position carries a $10,000
aiary, is the only governor in the
ountry elected for one year. All oth
er states have either two or four year
Territorial Chiefs Get More.
"Territorial governors are better
paid than the average state executive
and two of the four are appointed for
indefinite terms, with the result that
they remain in office as long, as a rule,
8 the president who named them.
Francis Burton Harrison, governor
sreneral of the Philippines, tops the
kMt of territorial executives with an
Indefinite term and a $20,000 yearly
salary. Arthur Yager, governor of
I'orto Rico, receives $10,000 and is ap
pointed for an indefinite term. Gov
ernor Thomas Riggs, Jr., of Alaska,
and C. J. McCarthy, of Hawaii, eacn
received annual salaries of $7,000 dur
ing their four year terms.
The states which will elect govern
ors this year, with the incumbent, his
politics, salary and term of office are:
.Arizona T. E. Campbell, It. $ 6.5O0 2 yr.
Arkansas c. II. imnign, l. 4,uti z yr.
Colorado O. II. Khoup, K.
fflnneetU'Ut, M. II. Holcomb, It.
fWaware ..J. Ci. Townsenil, It.
OHO 2 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
4.0OO 4 yr.
6.0IK) 4 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
12.000 4 yr.
X.000 4 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
5.000 2 yr.
lo.ooo 1 yr.
5,000 2 yr.
7.000 2 vr.
5,000 4 yr.
7,500 4 yr.
Florida M. J. carta, I,
( ieorglu H. M. Dorsey,
llltl ho
.Ii. W. Davis, It.
Illinois w. lowuen,
litilinim I. I. ioodrlcb,
Iowa W. L,. Harding,
Kansas II. J. Allen,
Millie C. K. Mllltken,
Massachusetts. C. Coolidge,
Michigan A. K. Sleeper,
Minnesota, J. A. Bnrnquiat, It.
Missouri F. D. Gardner, D.
Montana 8. V. Stewart, D.
1 1
Nebraska... S. I!. MiKelvie, n. 2.500 I jr.
New !aiap...J. H. Hortlett, K. 3.000 2 yr.
New Mpx...O. O. LarrozolB, is. 8.0IIO 2 jr.
New York A. E. Smith, I. 10.000 2 yr.
N. Carolina. . .T. W. HU-ket, r. ..ViO 4 yr.
N. Dakota Is. 3. Fraiiifr, R. 5,000 2 yr.
Ohio J. M. Cox, I). 10.000 2 yr.
Khorte K. L. Beerkmnn, R. 8,000 2 yr.
S. Carolina It. A. Cooper, D. 3.000 2 yr.
S. Dakota. ..Peter Norbeok, II. 3.000 2 yr.
Tennessee A. H. Robert. I. 4,000 2 j r.
Texas W. I'. Hobby, D. 4.000 2 yr.
i:tati S. Pamberper, D. 6.000 4 yr.
Vermont P. W. Clement, R. 3.O0O 2 yr.
Washington tj. F. Hart, R. 6,000 4 yr.
West Va J J Cornwell, IX 5.000 4 yr.
Wisconsin E. J. Philip. R. 5.000 2 yr.
Fear Hun Demonstrations and Ask Big
Forfeit Be Posted.
(By the Associated Press.)
Mayence, May 17- The French
troops which have been in occupation
of Frankfort, Oarmstadt and other
cities on the east bank of the Rhine
evacuated those cities this morning, it
is announced here.
London, May 17. As a guarantee
against possible . demonstrations by
citizens of Frankfort and other Ger
man cities in the newly occupied
Rhine territory, when French troops
withdraw, beginning today, the French
have demanded that the Germans post
a forfeit of a million marks and de
liver six hostages, a Frankfort dis
patch by way of Berlin said today.
Chler of Detectives Then Found Stolen
Roofing Paper In Cellar.
"When Chief of Detectives Clyde
Tresner was giving the home of Lela
Dotson, negro, 318 East First street,
the customary "once over" which
Lela's place get about every two
weeks, his foot struck a place in the
floor that creaked.
"What's under the carpet, Lela?
Tresner inquired.
"A trap door to a cellah I ain't
never been in," said Lela.
"Well, let's see what's in it," Tres
ner said.
An examination of the, cellar re
vealed half a dozen rolls of roofing
paper identified by Tresner as part of
a shipment received in Topeka which
was stolen from a box car at the Rock
Island depot.
Lela continued to deny any knowl
edge of how the roofing paper was
placed in her cellar.
How About Your Catarrh?
Do You Want Real Relief ?
Then Throw Away Your Sprays
and Other Makeshift
First of all find out just what causes
your Catarrah. If it was merely a
local irritation and inflammation of
the delicate linings of the nose, throat
and -air passages, then you might rea
sonably expect to be cured by tire use
of local remedies. But have you ever
known of one single person to be freed
from the slavery of Catarrh by any
kind of local treatment?
Why? Simply because you have
overlooked the cause of these symp
toms, and all of your treatment has
We wish to announce the opening of an office, Suite No. 35, Columbian
Building, Topeka, Kansas. This office will be in charge of JIessrs. Jesse
A. Mansfield and Guy R. Mansfield, who have already purchased resi
dences and are now located in Topeka, and who will be assisted by com
petent salesmen. The opening of this office in Topeka is in keeping with
our progressive ideas and increasing business. We have faith in the
future and believe the advantages for success in every line of business
Our prize "Motto" is service. Satisfactory service is
what you want and like. This is what we are prepared to
give you through our own offices and our direct communi
cation with the best dealers. By continued service we
have built up a large business. Our reputation as compe
tent real estate men, and our co-operative methods be
tween our offices enable us to bring buyer and seller to
gether at a minimum cost and on quick notice. The name
MANSFIELD stands for service and results.
You furnish the Property.
for Topeka. If you own a
We are arranging our fall
property should be listed at
Telephone 261
The Mansfield Land & Loan Co.
Ottawa, Kansas, Home Office
Digest Straw Vote Show s Many
. Demos Switching.
Herbert Hoover Draws Biggest
Vote From Opposite Party.
New York, May 17. The Literary
Digest for Saturday gave Leonard
Wood a lead as the popular choice for
president, as expressed in a poll of
more than one million votes. More
than 10 per cent of the eleven mil
lion who were asked to express their
choice responded and replies represent
a fair average. The table shows 148.
124 Democrats to be in favor of the
Republican presidential candidates.
South Atlantic states give 21,327
votes to the Democratic candidates,
and 21,324 to the Republicans. East
south central and west south central
states show a slightly more Democrat
ic complexion, but figures for the lat
ter group give the Democratic vote as
30,283 against a Republican vote of
25.685 and is certainly arresting con
siderable attention.
Wood has 202,039, Democratic 17.336, Re
publican 159.010, other parties 25.093.
Johnson has 187,140, Democrats 39.206,
Republicans 120.744, other parties 27.190.
Hoover has 169,052, Democrats 67,074, Re
publicans 74,Srt3, other parties 27,615.
Lowden has 94,85. Democrats 10.269, Re
publicans 74,314, other parties 10,244.
Hughes has 40,914, Democrats 3.395, Re
publicans 31,290, other parties 5,570.
New England states give Wood 22,317,
Johnson 12,237, Hoover 17,170, Lowden
1,819, Hughes 4.328.
Middle Atlantic states give Wood 62,032,
Johnson 44.440, Hoover 39,594, Lowden
0,267, Hughes 15,503.
East North Central states give Wood
61.418. Johnson 58,807, Hoover 36,012, Low
den 43,267, Hughes 8.283.
West North Central Rtntes give Wood
24,069. Johnson 26.33.1. Hoover 18,932, Low
den 27.148, Hughes 4.994.
South Atlantic states give Wood 8,017,
Johnson 4.157, Hoover 0,942, Lowden 1,492,
Hughes 1,270.
East South Central states give Wood
3,058, Johnson 2,783, Hoover 4,382, Lowden
2,128, Hughes 1,003.
West Central states give Wood 5.060,
Johnson 5,786, Hoover 7,241, Lowden 3,295,
Hughes J.uu. '
Mountain states give Wood 6.948, John
son 7,549, Hoover ,99o, ljowaen 4,Ni,
Hughes 1,153.
Pacific states give Wood 10.250. Johnson
28.970, Hoover 2,999, Lowden 4,677, Hughes
been misdirected." Remove the cause
of the clogged-up accumulations that
choke up your air passages, and they
will naturally disappear for good. But
no matter how many local applications
you use to temporarily clear them
away, they promptly reappear and will
continue to do so until their cause is
S. S. S., the fine old fifty-year-old
blood remedy, is an antidote to ! the
millions of tiny Catarrh germs with
which your blood is infested. - A thoro
course of S. S. S. will cleanse your
blood, and remove the disease germs
which cause Catarrh.
"Write for free medical advice to
Chief Medical, Adviser, 167 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta. Ga. Advertisement.
We furnish the Buyers. You will find we are boosters
farm and want to sell it this year, list it with us now.
advertising campaign and for the best results, your
your earliest convenience. Watch for our daily ad
Thompson, Bauer,
ht&v&i .Mor
8 - - J y ; ,
We have a list of investors who are ready to invest in
land or city property. This list has been obtained by ex
tensive advertising from our offices and a large Volume of
business. If you care to sell property, employ us and you
will find we get results. Years of experience and wide
publicity enables us to handle your property for you in a
very satisfactory manner. Results count. We get them.
We are large advertisers using many farm and daily pa
pers in this territory; hence, we are in a position to serve
you to the very best advantage. List your property with
us now. .
Suite 35, Columbian Building
1 The Mansfield Land & Loan Co.
Kansas City. Missouri
Please mention this paper when jon write to any of the above addresses.
Two Days ' Demonstration
Pressure Cooker
A Modern Servant That Saves
Time and Money
The Pressure Cooker forces 259
degrees of heat to the very cen
ter of the meat and cooks a
three-pound roast even a
cheaper cut tender and digest
ible in 35 minutes. All flavors
and Juices are retained. Two-year-old
hen cooked and
browned in 55 minutes. Any
steak made tender in 15 minutes.
Vegetables cooked in 5-10 minutes-
Oatmeal in 30 minutes.
Beef soup In JO minutes.
Peaches canned in 8 minutes.
Will cook onions, cabbage and
pudding at one time. No odors.
The Practical Oil Stove
. without a wick
The Auto-Feed is
the answer to a
long felt demand
for a thoroughly
safe and practical
oil stove without
a wick..
It is the result of
years of experiment
ing by engineers and
chemists, in a labora
tory devoted exclusively
to the perfection of the
oil burning stoves.
It is a huge success
experiments are over
during its development
it underwent every con
ceivable test. It stood
them all and now dom
inates its field, outclass
ing all similar types.
are greater than ever before. "Get right and then go forward."
It is our desire to meet you and get acquainted. We want to list at
once Topeka city property, suburban property, and farms in territory
adjacent to Topeka. In offering our services to you we do not come as an
inexperienced company, but from one of many years' experience and
an old established business.
vertisements in the classified columns of the Topeka papers. We are here to
please, give service and get results. Come in and let us get acquainted. Our in
terests are mutual. You are always welcome at our office. Call on and address us
where your interests can be best served.
Austin Hardware Company's
511-13 Kansas Avenue
Iceless Coole
The Ged win Iceless Cooler
solves the ice problem tor
the thrifty housewife seek
ing1 a more economical
means of refrigeration,
eliminating the daily ex
pense of ice. There is - no
costly mechanism to get out
of order or chemicals re
quired in its operation.
Merely submerge the cooler
in cool, clean water for a
period of only three min
utes, twice or three times a
week, place it where there
is a free circulation of dry,
warm ir or draft, such as
on a window ledge, kitchen
table or. back porch and
the Gedwin automatically
maintains a cool tempera
ture inside that keeps food
stuffs and liquids in a cool,
fresh and wholesome condi
tion, day and night, winter
and summer. It supple
ments your ice box as the
fire-less cooker supple
ments the stove.
Specially Priced $
During Demonstration at
Many people have money or property which is not bring
ing the returns it should. Why not have it properly in
vested in land, farm mortgages, or the property exchanged
for something you can handle to better advantage. We
have clients owning property who want to turn same into
different investments, and are willing to investigate offers
at any time.
Our Investment and Exchange business extends into
several states and has been very satisfactory to our cus
tomers. Our many years of experience put us in a position
to advise and help you.
2 and
Mansfield Investment & Realty Co.
Healy, Kansas
; 9 1

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