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O" " '
Washburn Made a Great Shoe
ing Against Nebraska.
Sawdust Field Was Too Much
for Sons of Icbabod.
" S - . 1
I .. !:.;i!ir sTs..l
I -;in.j(!i'!!5 r-r, I
I -.' J'I j ill- 1
I .. .;,i'J.,:j-'j
J: -'21 .
- 1 1 "
Js With ijgu again!
The famous friend of old
- made by the original
process in conformity
with present regulations
Known everywhere -Buy it
" bytiie case 'or yowrhome. ,
Visitors cordially invited to inspect our plait
. irr- n ,.-. croc i
is I ; ;.
The Theo. Poehler Merc. Co.
Topeka, . Kan
H El M
a Gift;
A 10-Day Tub
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ask. See coupon.
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Smokers' teeth discolor more than others,
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The old ways of brushing did not end it, so
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colored and decayed.
It is the film-coat that discolors, not the
teeth. Film is the basis of tartar. It holds
food substance which ferments and forms
acid. It holds the ecid in contact with tha
teeth to cause decay.
Millions of germs breed in it. They, with
. tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea. Very
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Seventh and Adams Streets (through to 6th)
Phone 4S1
K. W. Cs. M ma Kwh Ao.
rim sts
A -blocked punt and a fumble cost
Washburn her flrat football game of
the season again "Indian" ehulte's
powerful Nebraska team Saturday at
Lincoln. The final score was, Nebras
ka 14. Washburn flf
The Cornhuskers sawdust field.
coupled with a hot day, worked a dis
advantage to Washburn, who had few
eit substitutes to shoot In than Ne
On the first kick-off. Washburn sot
the ball on her own 40-yard line fol
lowing an exchange of punts, uoacn
Rtam'j Instructions were "Score in the
first quarter and ret the advantage."
And thfe boys nearly did It, the backs
smashing thru for three first downs to
Nebraska's S 0-yrd line, but the nec
essary punch to carry the ban over
wasn't there. The quarter waa .indis
putably Washburn s. tho.
in the second period, tne i;ornnusa-
ers made their first score, following: a
blocked Washburn punt. Quarterback
Newmaa-made the touchdown. r
Nebraska made her second touen-
down in the Xhird Quarter, when Stev-
ount. Swanson. HusKer DacK. recov
ered on Washburn's 15-yard line and
Doyle and Moore carried the ball over.
Captain Day kicked both goals.
Closs to Nebraska Goal.
In this neriod Washburn forced her
way to within nine yards of the Ne
braska roal, .Gage carrying the ball
but again lacked the needed steam .o
push it across.
The last quarter, nice me iirai.
Washburn's. The Ichabods took the
offensive and marched to within ten
yards of the enemy's goal. Palmatler
picked up a fumble and raced lor tne
Nebraska line, but was so choked up
with sawdust that his speed slackened
and ha waa thrown from behind. ;
Nebraska had sixtv men on the side
lines and kept rushing In fresh subs to
offset the sawdust.
Victory In Disguise.
Washburn regards the Nebraska
came as a vletory auno sne waa i
the short end of the final score. But
to hoia the bi Huskers to a 14 to 0
score Is no mean accomplishment, and
to ba able to aay that they lost on
flukes removes almost all of the sting
of defeat.
Praptro for K. U.
The Ichabods came thru the game
without serious injuries, altho all , of
them were bruised. Two , sustained
sprained ankles but will be in shape
when the whistle blows lor ine mh
sas came next Saturday. The men
will be out thru grilling practice be
hind closed gates tnia ween lor me
Lawrence game, Coach Beam said, to-
dav. t -
'I never saw one man lay aown ai
Lincoln," was the coach's tribute to
his men today. "They all fought every
minute and are eager now to get at
Kansas" S
Tha canter or the wasnourn line
was a stone wan. wnn -usiy -otra-man..
the. big guard, as the- outstand
ing .tar.
Washburn anowea ner superiority
over Nebraska in ine aeriui
completing three out of six passes,
while the Huskers didn't connect up
with one. A , Shulte team never was
strong op passes. ,,' .
The. summary: r ... ,
The Mnenp: ' " .. . ...
Nebraska (M. Washburn
Swnnson , L. K .
Pucelik ....I T ...... Bleyins
W. Munn ..li. G. ........ Simpson
Pay (oapt.) C Irnii
M. Munn B. O... Anderson
Dana K. E ..Kogers
.- .. RtoMnfl-lnillt.l
Hartley ". U H McKinleyl
Howarth M. K i1"'!
Bubka B; Wykoff
Tk. .nmmRr,- KiihRtltntaavKeDrassa.
i L ti fnii u'11pi Kherer for SvansoQ Jloore
for Howarth. Rogers for Hartley. Swan-
son for smerer, pnerer Jor nann, ifaie wr
Ilubka. Schoeppel for Moore, iBassett for
iv- Miiifn HoTE for M. Munn. Dana ror
Sherar. Nelson for Dby. Moore for Senoeu-
pel. Hoy tor taie, -i nompwn mr mw
Hartley for nogers. MeOlasaon for N
maii. v Washburn Gase for Dean, Vt'ln
gert for Andeison, Talmatier for page,
Strader for Blenns. narsiow ror nimiwu,
MrFarlqnd for McKmney, Kesdall lor Hog.
ers. , . '
Touchdowns ."sewronn, moo re. ti irom
touchdown lale (2). The score by
Wastihurn .o u v " "
Time or periods lo muiurea.
lteferee Karl Johnson, MXMine College.
fmplre Ir. J. A. nellly, Georgetown I nl
versity. Head linesman Mack Daldbridse,
vale unirersiiy.
' ' '
S ' :
, la the Valley. - -
Missouri 41. Missouri TVesleyan 0. 4 "
Kansas. 47, Emporia Normal 0.
Nebraska 14; Washburn O. ,
(Jrlnnell 42, Penn t-ollegf a
Prake 41, Rimpson 0.
Waahbnra -J1. ttolla 0.
Kt. Louis V. 12, Kose Poly a
'ornell S4, Upper, Iowa college 0,
Coe 6, Ames 0.
otlaaa l". 54, Olathe Motes 0.
Orelghton T. Tanktou T.
t'htilieothe Business college SO, Green City
Hick ft '
St. Penedlct s 7. Lawrenct High a
On did IMke IS. Southwestern Teachers
c&Hege of Springfield, Mo.. O.
. iusoorg uigf Mi, little ifiTr mgu o.
- la tha south.
Georgia Tech. B5, Oglethorpe 0.
Alabama oly 4iaV .Howard College 0. "
North Carolina , Wake Forest 0.
Tennessee 47, Marysville college 0.
Louisiana Stste S2. Jefferson 0.
Virginia 415. Randolph Macon 0.
llaylor S, Austin college &
- la tfiV West.
lola 14.'7nd!ana 7."
Minnesota 1. North Dakota 3.
Inrdue 10, nepauw 0.
Northwestern) 14, Kni.x 0.
Notre lam 39. Kalnmuzoo 0.
Ohio State KS, Ohio Wesleysn .
IMncinnntl V. 45, Kenvon 0.
Wlsconstn 00. Lawrence 0. - '
Ilenhison..7. Case 0 y
Baldwin Wallace W. Western' Reserre 13,
Franklin Wilmington 0.
Rnrihaui 2S. Hanover .
WiHenburg 50. Botler a K
Marquette 31. Carroll 0.
rolorado Aggies l,AVyoming U. 0.
Itetroit S4. ruo,iivsne 0.
Western State Normal 54. Olivet College i.
Michigan Aggies Iti. Albion CoTlege 0.
North Pakota Agricultural Colleca 7.
Jntnestown College 7.
unite Kcnoot or Mines, zr, Mount St
Kustice except his home community here
for all the wrestling bouts In which he baa
ngnged hava been staged in Junction City.
Eusttce is a tanner ana nas reiuaeo to
gira up bis agricultural pursuits for the
wrestling mat., He has met wrestlers m
national and international note sere with-
at defeat.
i Mtd-Weat Bowlera t Meet.
St. Louis. Oct. 4. An entry of more than
300 five-men teams la expected for tne
Middle West Howling tournament to ie
hpld-Kovembcr 19 to December 0 Inclusive.
Uames will be played from 9 o'clock in the
morning untu miumgui every any, u
the exception of Saturdays and Snndays
when play will begin at 7 a. m. The time
for the tournament, it waa said, is long
enough to allow 300 five-men tesma, &
doubles and lou singles to oowi.
4 . : v
Charles .
Oberlln 21, Ileldelburg 0.
v la the Baat.
Harvanf 41. Maine 0.
Pennsylvania 41, Bucknoll 0.
Princeton 17. Swarthmore 0.
Brown 13, Amherst 0.
Army 35, Trinity 0. First game.
Army 38, Marshall a Second game.
Syracuse 4a, Vermont a
Dartmouth 30. Norwich 0.
Columbia 21, Union 0. aSa" '
ltutgers . Maryland a 9
Stevens 12, PeaasylTania Military Acad
cmy 10. .
-Colgate 0. Susonehanna 0.
George Washingtou 7. Western Maryland
West Virginia 7, Lehigh 0. -
North Carolina 14, Nsvy 7.
I'eniiKylvania State 1.1. Gettysburg 0.
Washington and Jeffersou 7, Wesc-VIr-
ginia etiieyac I.
Pittsburgh 47, Geneva 0.
Cornell 13, Rochester fl.
Yale 44. Carnegie" Tech. a
lelnwure 14, Ursinus 0,
Georgetown 70, St. Johns 0.
Aiorigne a. iicKinson o.
Johns Hopkins 33, Mount St. Mary's 14.
High Brhoal Scores.'
LIndsborg 36, Little River . -Topeka
second team 20, Perry la"
" Kansas Baseball.
Rossvflle 11. Eskrldge 1.
-Valley Falls S, Kaston 3.
Herlngton 4, Jonctlon City 1.
Detroit, Oct. 4. Detroit's Indoor boxing
season win reopeu ucjooer a. xne nation,
si Sporting cluh will put on four contests
featured by a ten rourld bout between
Jabes White and Job Lynch, bantam,
weights. . . .
-.Kansas ta Meet Jos Steelier.
Junction City, Kan., Oct. 4. Allan Kus
tice, tue. avansaa wrestler who will meet
Je Stecoer, the champion. Here October
14, Is tittle known outside iils own state.
In facV KSnsaj has heard but little
Facts About the TVorld Series
Principals Brooklyn Nationals and
Cleveland Americans.
Brooklyn Owner Charles H. Ebbets.
Cleveland Owner James C. Dunn.
Brooklyn Manager WilbeTt Robin
Cleveland Manager Tris Speaker.
Brooklyn Captain Zach wheat left
fielder. '
Cleveland Captain None; Speaker
is the whole works.
Umpires Klem and O'Day, National
league; Connolly and Dineen, Amer
ican league.
Time of Games 2 p. m. (daylight
saving time).
Games Brooklyn, October 5. 8 and
7; Cleveland, October 9, 10, 11 and 12;
Brooklyn, October 14 and IS it necessary.
Division of Receipts Ten per cent
of receipts of each game goes to the
national commission; SO per cent of
tha balance of the first four games
goes to the slayers and 40 per cent to
the club owners; of the players, share.
75 per cent goes to the players of the
contesting club; IS per cent goes to
the second place clubs in each league
and 10 ner cent to the third Dlace
rclubs; of the 7$ per cent for contesting;
players, 6" per cent goes to the win
ners ana 47 ner cent to the losers.
klX. "W rv r-mr-.
Gases ,
Auerbach Guettef '
Suit Buyers!
Overcoat Buyers!
Hart Schai finer & Marx
$75, $65 and $60
Suits and Overcoats
' Are pre-wjir values at
pre-war prices
WINTER Overcoats, Ulsters, Dress Over
coats. Medium and heavy weight Suits,
in the finest domestic and imported fabrics.
Highest grade tailoring, newest fair models,
for "tooth men and young men at savings of
from $10 to $25 a garment,
choice. . , V
Just as soon as yort eat a tablet or
two of Pape's Diapepsin all the stom- .
ch distress caused by acidity will
end. Pape's Diapepsin always puts
sick, upset, acid stomachs in order
t once. Large 60c case drugstores.
3:00-7:15-8:13 jXs Jf,
90o and 85c
Eagles Public Meeting
and Dance x
Monday Evening, Oct, 4
Eaglet Furnish Sick arid Funeral Benefits, Free
Physician v for Members and Their Families.
Dues: $1.00 Per Month Only.
Let's Go! v
v 18 Kansas Ave.
is what Lieut. Col. Whittelsey and his men said
when asked to surrender to the Germans The
four men that were in the shall hole in France m
when they got the terms of surrender from tho Ba
Jerrys are before you on the screen today
(C. A. ANDERSON', Director.)
The following sixteen players surviv
ing; the first round are paired: , . 6
Harlow Hurley .vs. ir. i., i. aikd. ,
Percy AVhltokcr vs. '. Whttaker.
Ir. W. llobart ti. 1. W. Studrtard.
V. P. Hillhonse t. F. P. Coopar.
I. V. Felix ts. J. B. rndy. ,
W. II. niril ti W. h. Wailey.
r. H. Millletoa vs. J. K. ConwelU
J. A. Crow ts. F. W. Griggs.
Sunday llesults:
I'. Whitafcer, unartaclied. eliminated E. C,
Whltakar, titaawnae, S and 4.
Ir. W. Ilobat, 'ouiitr"l'IuB, eliminated
I. W. Stutlilard. Shawnee, 5 SHd 4.
I. W. Felix. Country Club, eliminated
3. 11. 'm1v. Kliawnee. 8 and .
w. I., imilcy, Khawnee, eliminated w, ti.
Bird, Shn nee. 6 and 5. .
C. II. Mldtlletnn, Shawnee, eliminated J.
E. . Cnnwell, Shawnee. 2 nit.
F. W. Crlfrirs. roiintry Club, eliminated
J. A. Crow, Hbawnre. 3 and 3.
Flrat rouwl elimination (not reported be
fort- : . -
Harlow Ilariey, Country Club, eliminated
W. V. Crow, Hhawpee. S and 3.
Dr. O. H. Alien. Country Club, eliminated
F. 1. Nnss. Shawnee, .1 and 2.
F. 11. Coier. Shawnee, eliminated H. B.
Mftirnth, Shawnee, and 7. '
J. B. Cody. Sbawsee. eliminated R
Sumey. Shawnee, and 5. "
Hr. W, Hobart, Country Club, eliminated
M. Ahlstroin. unattacheil, 3 sad 3.
V:. U. Huiley. Shawnee, eliminated W.
T. Stlnson. Shawnee, 2 lip.
C. II. Middleton. Shawnee, eliminated
J. Tt. Stewart, Shawnee. 4 and S.
E. Whitaker. Shawnee eliminated J.
C, Wilson Country Club T apd A.
Harlow Hurley In his match with i. V.
Crow shot a -Kl for the first S jrhlh equals
the course record Riftde by Arthur Bone
brake, Salina 'Country Club,- professional.
C. H. (Pete) Middietoa shot 10 for 3S
heirs, ondaj.
Anldea of the elass of folf beinr shewn
In this ton run meat ia from the entry list,
the state champion, two 'ex-state cham
pions, winner of the Country Club invita
tion, slso the rnnner-un 1n thst eyent.
runner-ut in a past Tras-Mislaslipi, also j
ine runner-np to a pnsc prate cnnmpion
ship. ss well as the ehaniptona of the two
clubs here, are entered
Without a doubt the greatest picture ever pre- BH
sented nonje can equal this in realism and truth.
- ?
' All Week at Night Performance
, . Concert by .
RothermerslSusic Makers
ScheoJ 8 P. M.
Social 9 P. SL
Oct. 6-7
Ma Unco Thurs. at 4:15 p. m.
Funniest Comedy on RooordL
It Has Made Millions Laugh
1 Manlcal Nnmlxn IS
Prices': Nights 25-50-rtcSljOO
Mas Tax
Matinee Tliurs. Adults SSc
Cliildrt-H SSc
3 i Bissa
v Special sKn gas ment
xqaUIt Fortralts In a Frame mt
Mnilo, hong sod DiDM
" " 1 xxi ri. ti i IT
Episode Fourteen
Masonic Building '
Phone 117S Topoka, Knn,
. Any number of copies dupli
cated thru a ribbon exactly like
your typewritten copy. Ws take
your, malllnj list troubles off
your hands. '
CcntraV Tfst'I Bank Bldf.
. Phone) 1845
e Irresistible
25c, 30c
and 40c
FJorlot's lote
tor ber son
knew no pat, '
oo present, no
future. It en.
xunpaaeed all
-time. It was a
lore nor e
fl-ry than pas.
skin, morrf tc
nacious than
dceirc. ,
What' la a
name? finme
times trafrd):
Hba called ber
self "Madatne
X" but 'twas
only a cloak to.
hide her real
Identity from.
cru-iiiaT ryes.
This picture has been -ailed greater than the play, wlikih ran for
mm and stands one of the most sensational -jHicccase of th
tlieater. Of course you're not going to miss It. V
- , v
Concert by Kristufek's Orchestra

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