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representative of such person, lTgrtst!m?M;
md the dischargo of such person has been lost,
it shall 1-compctenHbhcjcgounting-ofUcers
to receive,4 itr-lieu of the actual production of
such dischargo, proof of the actual loss of the
same, and secondary proof of its issue antl con
tents, together with proof of the identity of tho
claimant or porson deceosedimdp such rules dc
iining'the character and form of the evidence as
the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe ;
and no adjustment or paymentnof anv claimrot
iuviJQOii-commissioned omcer, musician, aitfcficer.
i"k JT i!M ; . . . ti.i i H fj. till 1
'wagoner, or pnvate soldier, sailor, or marine, or
liis proper representative, under the provisions
of this act, shall he made, unless the application
he filed within five years from the passage of the
A This hill is now beforevtheGommitfeon Mii-
itary Affairs of the Senate and the .Committee
of TViuitaiy Affairs of the House.
VMV.' '' ' X y '-'.tV.1,M VXTt ,VvA .v
In the army appropriation bill, to pass "which
the extra session was called, is a clause which
was intended, in good faith no doubt, to hasten
the exammatioiof pension 'cases', but which will
W rtrTfoTmmM to pu1)liSIIllV6TolTBwnig pit
iful extract Ahmn a letter, which, illustrates this
"DJflAR Sin: Yours of tho 11th came to hand
in due time.'. I have to inform you that Hannah
S. Dane is dead. She died Thursday, August 0,
six days before the date of the certificate sent by
tho Commissioner of Pensions to said nannah
S. Dane to notify her that lier claim for a pen
sion was allowed. She was so poor she had to
stop keeping house four months ago. Had Mrs.
Pane ,got' her pension six months ago, she would
be alive now."
, ix days after Hannah Dane died, the poor old
mother of a brave soldier who died for his oomi
tPy, the Government announced that it owed her
five hundrqedoyars:.'! This is not; an exceptional
case. It is one of many. The expenditure of a
few thousanolftbllarsin paying Uhfe salanes of
additional- clerks would save the repetition jf
manv cases like this. ' J! "'
. .... , . . ! .. s;-fiA n-"- rt"Tfr
h T 0 ,;l H ri
. i- X ' .
Wo publish in this number tlio Mil1 lately in
troduced by Mr. Conger, of Michigan, at the re
quest of Mr. Lynde, of "Wisconsin, for tho print
ing and distribution of the Medical and Surgical
History Of the War. All persons interested iii
this distribution, as proposed by tho bill, will, of
course, communicate with their Senators and
Representatives on the subject. ' ;'
The bill has been referred to the Committee
on Printing, which is a joint committee, and cpn
sists of , , , ' ..,
prove;meffiment,and me f s Instead jfa
priatmg money ior an increase oi tnc clerical
force in thopygeqtiPflftoraJfej Qfiice, as they
should have done, Congress merely provided
that surplus, clerks ,in the other, .departments
should be detailed to do work in the Surgeon
General's Office. No one ever heard of there
"being a surplus clerk inanydepartment of the
Government, and Congress might as well have
done nothing. . . . . , , ... f .
As is well known all pension cases are sent
from the Pension Office to the Burgeon Gene
ral's 'Office for" 'an examination df ' the hospital
records. The force of clerks in the 'latter office
is and has been for many years inadequate to the
requirements, so tbartiiey are now about twenty
thQiwaflcMi i,,,,
Tlie following is a sample of the answers, .that,
are made to inquiries as to the status of cases in
ike Pensioii Office:
u(No. 53.)
"Sect'2xInvatidijDwi$io.m'' JiSjP.
K I at I .1!
,uTfeKsr6N Office,
yo,.H aMBP. -P....Cn tfoxmfor OtlWuuA
"Sir: In reply to your inquiry relative to the original
pension claim'?' $fos 202751 rof -Pery GiifHrie ydiH'are'
informc,d that it awaits a report fi;om the Surgepn Gen
iral,'lT. S.A., vho-vasdalledupon for the same October
31,1877. .., ,...,.
"Owing to tho lack of 'clerical fbrce"M4hat'oflice'a re-"
P-tij11 not' 11J its rqgularorder,, be, rc.ceivqd, before Jan
uary 1, 1879,' wntfn'the 'further rcqiiiromcnts In said case,
"Tory respectfully,
.lO'rr&K to ttfjgJViA-.iBBNtFBKYj . a
"Commissioner. Uongressmon do riot stop to consider the great
want and deprivation that is caused hy this delay
in ohteiinin s: pensions. Tu many.cascs.rmore than
s generally supposed, pensioners are "dependent,
utmost 'entirely, for support upon fne meager sum
they receive from the Government ; : manv
widowsfand oi-phans of soldiers who died in de
fense of their countrymre iii gi'eat want and des
titution, and cases have hoen reported where
families have been turned into the streets because
of the delay in the payment of the pension on
which thoy depended for their rent, Chiltlron are
growing up neglected,tto heconxe criminals and
outcasts., in cases, where, had the means been pro
vided which they wore entitled to, thev might
nave become wormy mombeis oi society, oome
cttseWhave been reported where sldieis' widows
have died in oxtreme need while waiting for the
paymqjit of, jtbjei.ir p.oiwi9PJP2HQh were delayed
fo Jt.jwillbe auterfiigrfoii soldiers td calculate
the 'amount pf money that will; boJVcqmingJ $b
them should the bill to equalize bounties, be
passed, as we are encouraged to beueve it will.
; Multiply the number1 of rnonthsyou wei'e in
tlie serviceby eight and one. third dollars, and
ubtractThe- amount- of4biinty:yoiecbivelffo'm
the UriifeMat&. -l iheremtimder Qiflsliowthe
amount of bounty you will be entitled to under
this bill;
,' All.soldiers who served threemonths' will "re
ceive twenty-five dollars. ' ;i
All soldiers who served nine months will re
ceive seventy-five dollara. ...........
All soldiers who enlisted-priori to 3uly 4, 1864,
and served one year, will Teceive one, hundred
dollars. - , .
AH enlisted men who received, discharges to
accept promotion wll receive eight and one third
ido'llara, per; (mOnth,jpr ieach j-npnth's.erv0
enlisted men,1, deducting 'only.tHe1. amounf " of
,bbimty,;r.eceived ;frpm 'thevUhiVeQ ,StatesG'overnri
Imetit. '?,".
,ft'i 'ft J )H
'. i
U iff
iHis Pathotio Speech on Yielding His Arms to General
... Shifts.
.)" ,!'
A, correspondent of the .OhicagoJVer-Ocear-writing-from
St. Paul, says :. . . '" ,,M "n - - -
T suppose that the story of Joseph's surrender has
grown monotonous to most persons ; still, I cannot refrain
from giving Joseph's reply to the demand for surrender
made by General Miles. Joseph, when he surrendered,
stepped Hip to General Howard, who was standihg'by the
side of General Miles, and handed him his gun. Howard
shook his head, and said : 4 $To, Joseph ; although I. have
followed you,, for nearly three thousand miles, I cannot
take the glory from him who deserves it. There is the
man to whom you must surrender," pointing to General
Miles. Joseph, turning to Miles with a sad smile, handed
him his gun, and, through an interpreter, said : " Tell
General Howard I know his heart. What, he told me be
foro I have in. my heart. T am tired of fighting. Our
chiefs are killed. Looking-Glass is dead. To-hool-hool-Shuta
is dead. The old men are all dead. It is the youmr
men who say yes or no. He who led tho young men is
dead. It is cold, and wo have no blankets. Tlie little
children arc freezing to death. Mypeople, most of them,
have run away to the hills, and have no blankets, no food.
No one knows where they are may bo freezing to death.
I want time to look for my children, to see how many of
them I can Jlnd. May be I shall find them among the
dead. i .
" Hoar me, my chief ! l am ureu. My heart is sKck
and sail. ' From where the sun now stands, T will fight
no niQrevf,orever,"
When I die," said a married man to his better-half.
l HUM A 3-1 1U, .MIU il IIIIU1UM UIIUI IU Ilia UUUVI'lllll
" I'wnnNd'Ko'where there afe-no stoves to pint up': " at
she cheerfully replied shc.priumi he wovdd. Jura
Senators: . , ;-:,.; . , , ,;
Mm. Anthony bf-Bhodo' Island
A. A. Sargetit, of California:"'
"W. E. "Whyte, otVMaryland. , -v:
iepresontative8'. ' ; -
Otho li. Singleton, of Mississippi.
' - Anthonf Eickhoft of New York
'. l. ' L. .'.Ballou, of Hliod'e'lsland.1
"We hop'e'for the passage of tliiB ! hillfff offer
recoguiticiv pf the services of the mediqalj.staif.
A BriiL for the publication and d.istributipn of a.n.cwjiijli
tion of the Medical and Surgical, History ofjie,War.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That
there! shallboiprlnted and' bound, in the same style? as (.he
volumes, heretofore published, an edition not to exceed te.i
thousand complete qts of the, Medical aud Surgical HTsj
tory of. the War, under tlie supervision of the Surgepn
General, United States' Army; that such books, when
published, shall be distributed as follows: twentv-fivo
hundred oompletc sets for the use of the House of Repre
sentatives ;;"fif teen Hundred complete ..setsfortfheTuse of
the Senate Jtht residue to be distributed; without : Charge,
under the dirijetipns ofth Surgeon Gen.ralof theArmy,
in the following' manner: one-complete set-to every sur
viving member of the medical staff of the volunteer forces,
including regimental surgeons atui' aistjint'siji'gwfnsj
oiieconiplete set to each , surgeon and jissistant surgeon,
in the regular army, and to all members of tho medical
staff of said regular army who have not already been supplied-with
the same; and one complete set to every ex
amining surgeon in pension cases; such distribution to be1
made upon written amplications, accompanied by proof -of'
service ;and identity within two years from the date of tux
passage of this act, under such regulations as the Surgeon
General may prescribe, to insure the proper fulfillment
of the purposes of this law. Any copies remaining of -said
edition, hereby authorised, after distributing .tho'same as
hereiubefore required, shall.be o'fter.ed.for sale to,( any
practicing physician or surgeon at .the. cost price, for pape.iv
printing, and binding not to exceed., howevcivAvo udpl
lars. per, volume, . ,. . , . , , , ,( -".;.-. 4 -.i
;. i
Mr8.;RresidenKGi'ant',s,Benevo(enoe:.r ts
., Of,Mrs..exrBresjdent, Grant,- this .story, of unostentatious
benevolencoas'toldi & GeorgeS. Joice, of Unadilla, served
faithfully through the war of the rebellion, and. early fti'
President Grants first teftu Mis, appointed diJkeJ
at the Capitol or Executive Mansion . He remained hiere
until spmQ thee and a half years ago, then. sickened and
returned to UUadilla, to linger through . balance f lifjf
with consumption. He lived some : twelve od fteeu
months and died. While in Washington he attracted $
favorable attention of Mrs. Gmnt. His father's- family
were, in very limited financial circumstances and George
was worth nothing but an. irreproachable eh.arac.ter atfdj
good name. Mrs. Grant, in some- way, iknowot-thes.
conditions, and during tlie entire time that Mr. vJo1ce wiia.
lying sick in TJnadilla, she .sent him eacli, mouU' a;,chclc
for $100 until ho died. There was never any bluster over--the
'matter, and few people in UiiadiilakriowofTtfilav
- ; r . -t ,-- ' , -. 7TY
A RemarKabie l eniperance r'leage.
Probable, the,
record was that
fished the follow!
city: . i(;
To the PtTBLic : Bet.hjfr lately made aware of the fact
that I behaved very rudely (while intoxicated) iii the prcsr.
once of a number of ladies and goutlemqru I feul. that a
public apology from nip is due. 'Realizing that sofcyJ;
justly claims better conduct, I have concluded t abstain
fronV the use of liquors, and will reward handsomely auX-i
person who sees me drink again, if I am so thoughtliw a$j
to do so. I will say to those who are capable of profiting
by tlio experience of another, that drinking timulaiitil;
a" losing game " in every particular. M. Graham.
There are queer nooks and corners left hi ohl Knglandi,.
A visitor to a country parson tells how, when he aecoi
panted him lately, to hike tho duty In a remote parish; the;
stxxton .said: v Perhaps your reverence won'tu mind
prQacmtigfrowithie qhaii.Qel, for, we'VQ gota cmii&a, s,uttn',
. i, , ' ' t t
-most remarkable tempofjiuce plteoi);
made by aSlutLake'Gdy "man, -ayhp pui-
iti2 card in the Herald newspaper or tnac
ami Frwhtfter,
innhe pnlnlti," " r";
.t !'
S ,. .'-.
,0 'Q,WOTfJlHiAW
i. , .: -v
l(( I . i
,1 " farr
yvy.'flmn'A -
. (Tlt'ir '
i ' "ntw vprvnr' wity-
' ? i ? i. .mwwi
j tmn rtw(' TT H W 1pi r
t -.fc Hf XWykUM-V
-1'r-r4' ' J''W,,

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