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tljctr.bonds balnjf very Inrgo, it wub In some onscs very troubloeomo
to comply with.)
Tho consolidation iras oHootcd promptly ami without confusion.
Taking pinco at tho ond of tho pay-month, tho pensioners woro moro
than usually prompt In applying for their ponsions, which vrcro duo
on the i 4th of Juno,, and comparatively fow payments romnlncd to
ho made lu, July and August, and tho payments' at tho consolidated
agencies, in most casos, bolng taken up as oarly as July 20, and In all
cases before the ond Of tho month, very little inconvonionoovrns ox
porlonced by tho penstonors.
Except In a fow Instances, So far as I havo been Informed, tho con
duct of tho gentlemen whoso olllccs woro discontinued by tho Exoc-utivb-ordor
was admirable. Many or them, notwithstanding thoy
wore about to be cut oh from offices at onco honorable aud lucrative,
exprcsdod tholr approval of the consolidation in hearty terms.
Ino quarterly payment duo Scptombor 4 has been successfully ac
complished by tho consolidated agencies. Tho payments havo becu
inado as promptly as the quarterly payments wore horotoforo made,
and when It is considered that at this payment tho invalid ponsion.
prs wore required to undergo tholr biennial examinations, which
largely Increased tho work or tho payment over -that necossary nt
other paymonts, the result is peculiarly gratifying and satis factory.
1 receivod a daily report from each agency during tho month of
Scptembor, beginning with the 4th, showing tho number of vouch
ors.rccolved by mall for. pnytnont, tho numbor of pensioners paid by
mailing their chocks, and tho numbor paid in person at'thoofilco.
Thesp reports have bocn tabulated and are horowith presented.
(Table XII.)
Tho wholo number of ponslonora on tho rolls of the sovoral ngon
plcs ontho 80th of June wns 232,104; 18T,40i$ of these woro paid in
September ; 0,040 moro appliod who would havo been paid in Sep
tember if tho surgeons' ccrtllldatos of tho biennial oxauilhatlons
had boon received, tho delay being no fault or tho agents; 1&3,30L
wero paid by mall, and 20,042 In person at tho agencies. Those paid,
augmented by the 0.040 who would havo boon paid but for tho lack
of tho surgeons' certificates, timrccs S3 per cent, of the wholo num
bor on tho rolls ; 41,211 appliod and woro paid on tho first four pay
days, and of tho 168,301 to whom checks wero mailed, 88,207, consid
erably moro than one-half, woro paid in tho first nine pay-days.
On the tilth pay-day, Boston, Uanundnigua, and New York Oily
agencies began to reduce tho number of accumulated vouchors; on
inagixxn pay-uay, uoiumous, goncorti, ana sun i?rancisco: on tho
seventh, Chicago. Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Now Orleans,
Philadelphia, and "Washington : on tins a crhth. Pittsburgh tit Snlnt
Louis; on tho ninth, Dos jioinca and Knoxvillo; and on tho tenth
pay-day, Ioulsvillc.
Tho difference In time whon tho respeotivo agents began to pay
pensions by mallfustor than tho vouohers woro received bv the same
source, and so reduce, tho number of unpaid vouchors awaiting pay
ment in their ofllccs, is not altogether duo either to tho relative ef
ficiency of the agents or to tho manner of conducting their offices.
Itluch Is attributable to tho diflorenco in tho mall facilities, and to
other causes not affecting tho character of the agonts.
It will be understood that tho bringing togother, in each of tho
consolidated agencies, of so many roll-books 1ms inado tho rollsvory
unwieldy. This, added to the bad condition of many of thoso rolls,
has madethe last Soptembor payment a, very difficult and oxpenaivo
one to agents.
lrollminary stops have been taken to effeot a consolidation of the
rolls in tho several agencies upon a uniform plan; and wJien this
shall haveljeon dono, tho payments will bo evon moro prompt than
the last and tho agencies will bo more economically operated.
It Is too early to state the prcclso cost of making tho paymonts
during tho fiscal year ending Juno 30, 187T. It will not, however,
greatly differ from that or the previous year. JJpon tho basis or
that year tho consolidation saves to tho Government, in salaries of
tho agents, one hundred and forty-two thousand dollars (142,000)
per annum.
In addition to the percentages upon paymonts mndo which ropro
serita their roapeotive salaries, each agent reeoives twenty-five cents
for oaeh vouchor paid by him, whfoh, with some small allowances
Iter postage, &c, is supposed to reimburse him for tho expenses or
hla office, made up of rent, fuel, lights, olerk-hire, &o. In myjUdg
ont, this plan of reimbursement of expenses is a bad one, and,
fetn.ee tho consolidation of the agencies, it resultg in paying too largo
a Sam of money for that purpose in all oases, except at San Prau
ctoco and Now Orleans. Tho rolls of those agencies being small,
tho agenoy expenses are groator in proportion to tho number of pen
sions paid.
Of the eighteen agonts, nino havo their offices in buildings bo
langiog to tho Government, and pay nothing far rent, fuel, and
In view of this, I recommend thntaiixed sum be allowed for every
IjOOQ paymonts made each quarter, to cover postage, stationery and
oicrk-hire, and that no other allowance be made for tho agents' dls
bahwuients except for rent, fuel, and lights, aud making new rolls.
All leases, as well as the bills for fuel and light, and making now
rolls, to bo approved byjtho Spcwtewy of tho. Jntorlor,.boforo puyv
moot: '
It a revision of the foes and compensation of pension agonts shall
bo made upon tho above plan, it cannot fail to effect a considerable
additional saving to the Government.
Very respectfully,
The Honorable the Secretary of the Interior,
, If you do not want to bo dropped from the
Pension rolls nor have your pension reduced,
subscribe for The National Tribune. Sub
8eription price only fifty cents per year. .
Bills Introduced! ;
lit the Senate of tiio United States, on the 16th ultimo,
Mr. "Ingalls asked and, by unanimous consent obtained
leave to bring in the following bill ; which -was read twice
and referred to the Committee on Pensions.
A Bill granting- arrears of pensions.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Rouse of Representatives
of ike Untied i$at& of America in Oonyress assembled,
That all pensions which have been, or may hereafter be,
granted in consequence of death occurring from a cause
which originated in the service of tho United States since
tho fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one,
or in consequence of wounds or injuries received or dis
ease contracted since said date, shall commence from the
date of tho death or dischargo from the United States ser
vice of tho person on whoso account the claim has been,
or sliall hereafter be, granted, or from tho termination of
tho right of tho party having prior titlo to such pension :
Provided, That tho limitation heroin prescribed shall not
apply to claims by or in behalf of insane persons or minor
children of deceased soldiers.
8kc, 3. That immediately upon the passage of this act
tho Commissioner of Ponsions shall cause a copy of the
some to- bo furnished each pension-agent, whoso duty it
shall to notify each pensioner upon his roll who shall
be entitled to arrears of pensions tinder this act. And it
shall bo tho further duty of tho Commissioner of Pensions
to pay, or cause to bo paid, to such pensioner, or if the
pensionor shall have died, to the person or persons enti
tled to tho same, all such arrears of pensions as the pension
er may bo entitled to, or, if, dead, would havo been en
litiod to, under tho provisions of the first section of this
act, had h or she survived.
All persons interested in the pr3age of tho
Arrears of Pension Bill s'hpuld subscribe for
A bill amending the laws granting pensions to tho sol
diers and sailors of tho war of 1312 and their widows.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
vj mv vimcu mates vj unnorica in vongreas assenwtca,
That tho Secretary of the Interior, bq, and ho is hereby
authorized aud directed to placo on the pOusion-rolls tho
names of tho surviving officers and enlisted and drafted
mon, without regard to color, including militia and volun
teers, of tho military aud naval Service of tho tTnitett States,
who served for fourteen days in tho war with Qrbat Brit
tain of eighteen hundred and twelve, and who were in any
engagement, and wore honorably discharged, and the sur
viving widows of such officers and enlisted and drafted
men : Provided, That such widows shall hayo been mar
ried prior to the year eighteen hundred and fifty to such
officers or enlisted, or drafted men,
Sec. 2. That this act shall not apply to any person who
is receiving a ponsionatthorate of oiglifc dollars per month
or more, nor to any person receiving u pension of less than
eight dollars per month except for the difierftnee bptweon
tho pension now received (it less than eight dollars por
month) and eight dollars por;nouth. Pensions under this
act Shall bo at the rate of eight dollars per month, except
as herein provided, and shall he. paid to the person entitled
thereto, front and aftor tho passage of this act, for and dur
ing their natural lives : Provided, That tho pensions to
widows provided for in this act shall coaso when they shall
marry again.
Sec. b. That before the name of any person shall be
placed upon the pension-rolls under this act, proof shall
bo made, under such rules and regulations as tho Comi
miSsionor of Pension withrtho approval of the Secretary
of tho Interior, shall prescribe, that the applicant is entitled
iu v punsiuu uuuer wis act; anu any person wno snau
falsoly take any oath required to bo taken under tho pro
visions of this act shall bo guilty of perjury ; and tho Sec
rotary of the Interior shall cause to bo stricken from the
rolls the name oCany person, when it shall appear, by proof
satisfactory to him, that such name was put on said rolls
by or through false and fraudulent representations, or by
mistake as to tho right of such person to rt pension under
this act. The loss or Jack of a certificate of discharge
shall not deprive tho applicant of the benefit of this act,
but other proof of tho service performed and of an. honor
able discharge, if satisfactory, shall be deemed sufficient ;
and when there is no record evidence of such service and
such discharge, the applicant may establish the same by
other satisfactory testimony : Provided, That when any
person has been granted a land-warrant under any act of
Congress for aud on account of servico in the said war of
eighteen hundred and twelve, such grant shall be pritna
facie ovidenco of his service and honorable dischargo, so as
to entitle him, if living, or his widow, if ho be dead, to a
pension under his act ; but such ovidouce shall not bo con
clusive, and may bo rebutted by evidence that such laud
warrant was improperly graftal.
Sec. 4; That all applications for pensions of tho classes
provided for in this act heretofore or which may hereafter
be made shall be considered aud decided as though mado
under this act ; and all laws now in force in regard to tho
manner of paying pensions, and in reference to the punish
ment of frauds, shalL bo applicable to all claims under the
provisions of this act,
Srcc. p That the Secretary the Interior ho, and ho is
hereby, authorized and directed to restore to the pension
rolls the names of all persons now surviving heretofore pen
sioned on account of service in the war of eighteen hun
dred and twelvo against Great Britain, or for service in any
of tho Indian wars,, and whose names wore stricken from
tho rolls inpursuanco of the act entitled "An act author
izing the Secretary of tho Interior to strike from the pen
sion rolls tho names of such persous as havo taken up arms
against tho Government, or who have in any manner en
couraged the rebels," approved February fourth, eighteen
hundred and sixty-two ; aud that the joint resolution on
titled "Joint resolution prohibiting payment by any officer
of tho Govnrnmnnt to fimr -nnrsnn not known to havo linen
opposed to tho rebellion and in favor of its suppression," j
approved March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-3evon, t
and section four thousand one hundred and sixteen of the
Hevked Statutes at large of tho United States, shall not
apply to tho persons provided for by this act ; Provided,
That no money shall be paid to any one on account of ar
rears during his term of disability.
Sec. 6. "That tl,o surviving widow of any pensioner of
tho war of eighteen hundred and twelve having married
prior to tho year eighteen hundred and "fifty, where tho
namo of said pensioner was stricken from tho. pension-rolls
in pursuance of tho aot entitled " An act authorizing tho
Secretary of tho Interior to strike from tho pension-rolls
the names of such persons as havo taken up anus against
tho Government, or who in any manner encouraged the
rebels," approved Fobruary fourth, eighteen hundred and
sixty-two, and where, under tho existing provisions of law,
said pensiouor died without his name being restored to tho
rolls, shall bo entitled to malco olaim for a pension as such
widow after the passage of this act : Provided, That no
such arrearages shall bo paid for any period prioV to the
timo of tho romoval of tho disability of tho pensioner, as
provided in section five: Ami provided further, That un
der this actany "widow of a revolutionary soldier who served
sixty days shall bo placed upon the pension-rolls of the
United States, aud receive a ponsion at the rate of eight
dollars per month.
Sec. 7. That all laws and clauses of laws in coufiict with
tliis act bo, and thoy are hereby, repealed,
on tho rolls as slaves and Indians, who faithfully served
as such: in the military sptvico of the United Stated tfriio
havo boon honorably discJiargodrom such service, iub'-inm
of eight and one-third dollars a moiith for allHslidnlmo
which such non-comtnissioned officer, musician, artificer.
wagoner, and private soldier, sailor, and marine actuallfso
served, botweon the twelfth day of April, eighteen hundred
and sixty-one, and the ninth day of May, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-five, And tliq provisions of this act shall
oxtend to all soldiers who wero mustered into the service
ot tho United States, and wore subsisted, clothed and
paid by the Government of tho United States.
Sec. 2. That in case of the death, either boforo or aftor
the paasagfc of this not, of ianyjmch non-commissiouejd
officer, musician, artificer, wngonor, or private soldier,
sailor, or marine, the allowancp anil payment shall be mado
to his widow, if she hns not remarried, or if there bo no
widow, or sho has refhnrritfd, tlidn to tho minor child' of' '
children of such deceased non-commissioned officer, musi- t
cian, artificer, wagoner, or private soldier, sailor, or lna-
Soldiers of the war of 1812, and the 'widows
of such soldiers, should subscribe for The Na
tion al Tribune.
served in
, S. 108,3 :
A Bill to equalize the bounties of soldiers who
the late war tov tho Union.
Be it moated by tto Senate and Howe of Representatives
of tJie United States of America in Gongrw atwwhUd,
That thoro shall be alio wod and paid to och and every non
oomwissloned officer, imuftiKtUj artificer, wwgoner, and
private soldier, swilor, and marine, including thca bofcne
All persons interested in the passage of the
Bounty Bill' should subscribe for The Rational
Tribune. ' l
S. T7.
A Bill granting ponsions to certain soldiers and sailors p ,
the war of 1840 with Mexico, and the widows of deceased ""'
soldiers and sailors, .
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of Vie United States of America in Congress eiseembUd, '
That the Secretary ot tho Interior bo, and ho iA hereby,
authorized and directed to placo on tho pension-roll the
names of tho surviving officers and enlisted men, iaclud
iug militia aud volunteers, of the military and naval sendee i
of tho United States, who served shcty days in the war of
eighteen hundred and forty-six with Mexico, aud wero
honorably discharged, and to such other officers aud sol
diers as may havo beoa personally named in any resolution
of Congress for anyspecifiio servico in saidwar, although
their term, of service may have boea less than sixty days,
and who shall subscribe an oath to support tho Constitu-. .
tion of the United States ; and the surviving widows of '
such officers and onlistod men : Provided, That such wid?
ows shall havo not remarried.
Sue. 2. That thin act shall not apply to anyperson who
is receiving a ponsion at tho rate of eight dollars or moro
per month ; nor to any person receiving apension lees than
eight dollars per month, except for the difference between
tho pension now received and oight dollars por month.
Pensions under this act shall bo at tho rate of eight dollars
per month, oxcept n heroin provided, when a parson, is re
ceiving a pension of less than eight dollars per nwnth,
and shall bo paid to the poisons entitled thereby roju aad.
CoiUitiMeil an page 13.)
Sec. 3. That incomputiug and ascertaining tho. bounty; a
ww rw il.iv. vs (bj.r Aiirii-WYJiiiiiiiaaiuiiiu. (iifict'r.
' " -wwl
o.:r:.. , .i- ,i. ..
uiuuwi, w.ijjuuur, or pnvaio soioier sanor, or, marine, or
to his proper representatives, uridbr th6 ty'ovfsfdnV of 'tins
act, there shall bo deducted therefrom any andall-'boan- "
ties already paid under the provisions of any United States
Sep. 4. That no bounty under the provisions of this act '
shall be pftid to or on account of any soldier who scrvedv;'
as a substitute in ihe Army, or who was a captured pris
ouor of war at tho time of his enlistment," nor to any one t
who was discharged, on his own application or requests,
for other cause than disability incurred in tho service,''
prior to the nineteenth day of April, eighteen hundred and I
sixty-fivo, unless such discharge was obtained Vtfth a view
to rc-enlistmtmt, or to accept promotion in the military or
naval .service, of tho United States, or to be transferred
from one branch of tho military service to another,-and
such person did actually so re-enlist or accept promotion,
or was so transferred ; and no bounty shall bo paid to any
soldior discharged on tho application or at the request of
parents, guardians, or other persons, or on tho grounds of
Sec. 5. That every petition or application for bounty
made under tho provisions of this act , shall disclose and
state specifically, under oath and under the pains and pen
alties of porjury, what amount of bounty has been paid
under the provisions of any United States laws to the non
commissioned officer, musician, artificer, wagoner, or pri
vate soldior, sailor, or marine, by whom or by whose rep
resentative tho claim is made.
Sec. 6. That any attorney or agent who shall receive
from any- claimant a sum greater than ton dollarsfor the
prosecution of any claim under tho provisions of tliis aot,
upon conviction thereof; shall pay a fine not to exceed one
thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term not lessthan
one year, or both, as tho court or tho jury may adjudge,
and shall forever thereafter bo excluded from prosecuting
claims of any nature whatsoever against tho Government
of tho United States. .
Seq. 7. That it shall not bo lawful for ariy soldier' to "'
"i"iiV,Si.WiVK"i4.'8. Mrti, VKiUIKftvUiVfevl1 1 JILT i,
m any bounty under the provisions of this act. And all
such transfers, assignments, barters, or stdes heretofore, ;
made are hereby declared null and void as to any rights
intended to bo. so conveyed by any such soldier.
Sec. 8. That in any case where a person entitled to re
ceive payment of bounty under the provisions of this act'
shall make application therefor, or where such application
shall bo made by tho proper representative of such person,
being deceased, and the discharge of such person ha& been
lost, it shall bo competent for the accounting-officers to re
ceive, in lieu of the actual production of such discharge, :
proof of Uft) actual loss of the same, aud secondary proof
of its issue and contents, together with proof of the iden- .
tity of the claimant or person deceased, under such rules
donning tho character and form of tho evidence as the
Secretary of tho Treasury shall prescribe.
Sec. 9. That no adjustment or payment of any claim of
any non-commissioned officor, musician, artificer, wagon-
or, or private soldier, sailor, or marine, or his proper rep-
resentative, under the provisions of this act, shall bc.made
unless tho application be filed witliin five yoars of the pas
sago of the s;une. - ";: '!!: -i
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