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M0""'k' '""'f tf A w; W ;, gtnslonirs of the f ; ,
GEORGE E. LEMON & CO., ) xr T -r e
Editors and Proprietors. j v 0L- ! -WO. 0.
. - - " m a,a
"rfeniinprtArticinfffwi,ttejaroBrXorrf-rJ.rrt-r. i ir , , l g oies, o Uenta in Currency or Postage Stnmp3.
i .... - r ortf , s,g, bvGerptJ. Lemon fc Co., in the Officeoftht UhrartanofCongrtu, at Wahington, D. C.
00 name in history sdjfcrull of horrors as this
46"i)liice so cursed wifjjh baleful memories
literally and absolutely 'a'w upon earth."
The wretched history.M this den of iniquity
never fails to stir the blMd of any man of any
locality who hates cruelty and abhois tyranny.
UivtlScl into narrow aaaJbathsoine limits, wit!
"' '-Mis
- -; fSi
- .32&k v?k$&37. :&$?"
that never trembled Before were utterlv shat-la nrisnnp.r- nf aiu . ,i. r
teiecl, will and courafc once indomitable shriv- know what Andersonville was. We know you
clod under the ourai. brains full of thought I were discharged, that is on record. Wekno
went wild, and' not A few deliberately march-; the cause of your discharge, that is alio on re-'
ed up to the fatal dad line," accepted the in-; cord. We know by satisfactory proof that from
evitablo, shot from tlfe ready guard, and eseap-;the day of your discharge till now you have
nn A n-lm!-v -trills 1 JL 1 - 1 n. .... 1 . i -. -, --
eel Audorsonvillo by. iie sole gate left open, that
oi death. "
Who, that saw th poor wrecks that came
back oil1 exchange Ml this Golgotha docs not
remember the thrill minded pity, horror and i
. -i . . I Jb, ""' " " ' f
i indignation asthcy iw these living; o-hosts
'victims of tliorrtieSt so Ions: endured. Wei
reproduce in this .issjs, from the original and
J authentic engraved! the pictures of some of
jtfiese most unhajyfmen, and give some ox
I tracts 'worth reading at all times' of the spirit
! ot the brutal barbarifns who had charge of tlii
accused spot. "r"?
And yet, can itbefjbelieved by the surviving
soldiers that the $!npn of red tape has so utter-f-ly
taken posessirrvqf our Pension Office, that
. with knowledge of ill these facts, pensions ar
'f .iX Vi, .v
m& mmmm
never had a well day ; but" we, of the, Pension
j Bureau, have made a rule, which 'the. law does
not require, that you must produce some o&-
Co. if. Sth Michigan Cavalry,
ras ndniltted per Steamer Now York, from ltlchinond, Va;. May
2.1S. Died May 3, 1864, from the cllects of treatment wliilo In
the hands of the enemy.
out bread enough to eat or water enough to
drink, with no means of personal cleanliness,
no space for retirement, no escape from constant
contact with all uncleanness, no pure air to '
breathe, no room for exercise, sleeping and wak-i
ing in foul atmosphere engendering disease, with ;
no sufficient medical treatment, no hospital fa- j
cilitics, thousands of brave soldiers of the repub-1
v.As . ' ' i i , A"
1 if f -OTBf -"jiTjffr fc V' 'V i$vBmv
. 1 A .XVNvV?wVVVXV Oi . -
v .. Jssssissg
s gMtsf c -Mi w?mmm
o i M' tc'Ujl 7f8?' ovy wmam.
! L-. S-vr-'V f H'MKSrM
1 : mm :bJf
'.Co. I Sth Maryland Volunteers,
Was admitted from the Flag-of-truco boat April 13,134, -la slowly
cer or comrades in that palace cjf to"rment1lb'
shall tell us over again in writing all' this whicnt;.
we knew before in stronger characters , than
any new witness can give it." ' j v -
What miserable slavery to routine: what'
wretched incapacity to render justice, is this ;
and, above all, what a frustration of the loving
kindness of the Nation ! - I .
I Privulo JOIIN y. 1JOSE,
j C. C Sth Kentucky Volunteers,
MmiutHi par toamor ivow lork. from Richmond. V.. Mar
ISSI. niMl aitiy 4, IS!)!, from uitoots of treatment while In thu hands
V W11 W4iUlU
Prlvuto JOIINimmxiG,
Co. QyUth Kentucky Cavalry,
Admittod April 18. 18J4. Improvod a ltttlo for two wuoks. then
gradually failed and died on tho 12th Instant. .
lie, men with fathers, mothers, wives and dauMi-
denied to men long prisoners in Andersonville
: whose discharges show on their face that the
cause of discharge was "physical and mental
disability resulting from ill-treatment at An
i dersonville," because they cannot produce testi
i mony of some officer or comrades who shared
! the same imprisonment and bore the same suf-
ienngs, to intorm tho Commissioner how they ,
incurred disease, what the symptoms and tech
nical name was, and how and when thoy were ;
treated in the rebel and other hospitals.
Men came homo skeletons and gibbering: '
muscle, force, brain, and will all gone from the,
horrors of their prison house, with no strength i
to fight longer or labor longer, with reason shat
tered and memory dethroned, no longer soldiers
or fit for soldiers, discharged and sent homo by
lik iiii
0. I 7th Ohio Cavalry,
Was admittod from FlaR-of-truco boat April .18..1S64. Very lltth)
ohango in hts condition slneo received.
Tf t.lioi'A wna rlin almrlnxir rP n nnaalk!!...?
nfUmnPJUl.!.! !,.,." . ' .. . . -T7 .v ,w V4 pumy ' W
wo.v.w Wuxwm,u iuw mw uorrioie pen, , tne propor oincei-s because ot these known d is-, mistake, if there was the remotest chance o
fraudulent representation, there might be someS
- . . . . . . " r.
thing in it. Jtsut the man's identity is undeni
able, his story is known to be true, horribly true,
no single necessary fact is or can be in doubt,
but his claim is refused at tho Pension Office.
held there by guards and shottod batteries till
they rotted away by thousands- and even in
their very death slow their own comrades and
friends by contagion of the same disease.
Constitutions the strongest gave way, nerves
abilities, tho cause assigned for the disability,
as well known as any fact in history, and red
tape says : " Sro, we won't pension you, because
you don't or can't comply with our notions of tes-
i timony. Wo know by the record that you were
t ; i:
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