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Olhat Pair of Boots.
Tho Wardols were to give n CluMmtfj pai-t, nucl my
father uaomrcu l should attend tc, uotwitn
groat aiulonly drawbacks bashiuluosa t
tnudlug iily tw,o
most distress
Mfovttirowri on. the broad of her back, vhilo I fled, bare
huaddd, into the stroot, wich a strip of nilknboiit two Mards p
How Ijpt homo I novoftuould toll; but this-I know, X
had to cue tho villanons boots oil' my foot Pioe&'-moal, and
& . TMtl- w -
Female Courage. ,..'&
thought at all uocossary for women; :CsJirds which, in
deed, it ifwcll if thovaro not brought Wufto milf.ivn.to fchn
X -. .i . jV. 11 .!.. ..- -i . . il '!,. iW k '". , vw - "
z . .. .. i I--, ..j. ii.l i ami i i i t s.t r i i4t i r -?4i t i ' mi i ii ii iiiiinnriii ri -mrnii 111 rw aiiitf ri mnirrtiinri 1 nn itiiri!Mtr " r niMinoirn irsv . -&4 . m .4. i., -. isv- . t..
lHg. lUlu,ipui I uiU. lUUJt- Ji nui tuiift uiiu.it hiui, r wmu miu . i i) wiivinug im-uiujg uiuj nwvu(,uu unit iiijr oiui j yi uuniiiu. t uiuuxi .no jiuo Uiliglib LU UU UimragCQUS. Ill
big tott?end6avofcirig to work its way in tlio dirqotion of a i tho iron fangs with which my heels woro armed; :' ' . deed, to s6mo persons, courage may seem as unnecessary
pair of 'elevens," Otherwise t was presentable enough, As may be presumed, my father was terribly disappoint-' for women as Latin or Greek. Yet thoro aro few tilings
and was fairly educated besides, T thought 1 (Jonld deoi- od and mortified, for ho perceived his hopes, as to rTolly, that would tond to make women happier in themselves,
lhor mv father's anxiety regarding this, my fht appear- scattered to the winds. It was a wepk bolero I loft the and more -acceptable' to those with whom thoy live, than
n.nom'n.'sfiirilnt.v. "" - , ! houso, and whcul did venture down the village, tho first icoiu-a ere. There are manvwhmnn of t.lm nwisnnf. An.v nn
mn.iivwnmnn m flirt nifiennl; rnr
.. -..' V .. . . ,. . . . ' .1 ; . -i .-.., .- Ti ...1.1. . .... . ., it H-r , t i ,'! V1'. ,.". " . .. .- . . ... ... . . " , j
jNolly wnttlfiH'waS'a nancisomo giri.-ana nor mor.nor, porsous-xgou a gumpso oi wore iNcuy anu jjicic, turning a siuie women m otlier thiiiES, whoso panic-terrors are a
who was a widow, had tho reputation of being wealthy. T eOrnbiv.tran-and-arin, whilq abliort distance, from them U ' frequent source 6f discomfort to themselves and thoso
surmised, therefore, that ho thought Nolly and myself, group dfYagamuftlns, who wore playing oim;hc sidewalks, , around them. Now, it is a great mistake toimjtgino that
who had never exchangod a word with each other, might ; cnoa out anno t;opoi their voices tno moment thoy caught hardness must go with courage; and that the bloom of
acoidontly knock xip a flirtation that would, end ui tho sight, oi me, l nac pair oi boots " vithiu a,day or two
nninii nf 'bnt.li our families. ' ' j j romomborcd that 1 had received an invitation to visit I
Although in by no means indigont circumstances, I
The Food of the Ancients.
happened, through my own carelessness, to have but ono
pair of shoos that I could at all wear to tho party, and
these, to my utmost consternation, I had ruined completely
while practicing a waltz, before tho looking-glass, about an i
hour before it was time to dross. I was in a state of dread- J The diversity of substances which wo find in tho cata
ful alarm, as I knew how difficult it would be to find a pair j logue of articles of food, is as great as tho variety with
of anything that would fit mo, and was equally satisfied winch the art oi tho science ol cookery prepares them.
gentleness and sympathy must all bo rubbed oh? by that
Vigor of mind which trivos mesenco of mind, on.ihlns n
my undo out West, and, availing myself of it, 1 bade a person to bo useful in poril, and makes tho desire to assist
temporary adieu to tho scones of my youth. overcome that sickliness of sensibility whioli can only cou-
Gompiato uisu'css anci dtmculty.
Sr fn.T rvnm pnnvntVr, !
ing unfemininc, thoro is a peculiar grace and dignity in
those beings who havo little active uowor of attack or de
fense, passiug through danger with a moral courago which
is equal to that of the strongest. Wo soe this in great
vo peueeciy annrcciato the sweet and noblo
th'afniy father, whoso tempor was hot tho best in the world, I The notions of the ancients on this important subject are i dignity of an Anno Boloyn, a Alary, Queen of Scots,
wohld assert that I had purposely burst tlie uppers and
loles asunder so sis to avoid accompanying him to the
house of his old friends. There was, therefore, not a
moment to lose; so sending to a neighboring shoemaker
in the hope of obtainiug some sort of relief, the messenger
returned with a pair of somewhat heavy new boots, about
an inch too tight and an inch too short, that had been
made for a customer for whom they were too large, and
who bad ordered two sharp " frost-nails " to be driven into
the heel ol each, to keep Inm lrom slipping on tno loy
worthy of remark. Their teste regarding meat was vari-; or a Mane Antoinette We soo that it is grand for those
ous. iseot thev considored the most substantial food : dehcatelv-b red. h!'rh-niiri-.nivrl. hnlnlnaa nnrnn.trnH h
:. :4."i.3 v- ;t i. ..z.,.1 ... ..!,., ... i",.,. .. ,7 ' ,' . .i:.ww.. rx.rv,..r!?vi-
muut iioiuu witn i suonco ana a conhdonco like his own.
hence it constituted the chief nourishment of their athletro.
Camels' and dromedaries' flesh was much esteemed, their
heels more especially.. Donkey flesh was in high rcputo,
and the wild ass brought from Africa was compared to
In mora modern times wo find Chancellor Cupret hav
ing asses fattened for his table. The hog and the wild
boar appear to havo been held in high estimation. Their
m barbarity as in oni-
ith red hot snits, that
hour's fearful and almost fruitless exertion, I managed to the blood might not bo lost; stuffing a pig with assafcetida
get mv feet wedged into them: but not before Dick ' was a luxury. Young bears, dogs, aud foxes (tho latter
Meredith called for us, who was to take us in his "trap," ! more esteemed when fed upon grapes S were also much ad-
sidewalks, and which, in my anxiety to try whether they j mode of killing swine was refined it
would fit mo or not, I had failed to notice. Alter hall an curism. i-igs wore slaughtered wi
lint there would be a similar dignity in women's bearing
small terrors with fortitude. There is no beauty in fear.
It is a moan, ugly, disheveled creature. No statue can
be made of it that a woman would wish to seo herself
Modest Merit.
At the last meeting of the Limekiln club, Brother Gartl
ner rose up, swept the hall with tho glance of an eagle,
and said: " Gonrlen, oz I was walkin' round dis mawnin'
I m'Oached a SUOt where n. Iioks hnrl fnllmt n rW ctvnAfr
- , " v-- ava. A.b-a. . V.. . UVLWWUI
and who just entered my room, as with one final jerk and mirea oy uie xtomans, wno were also so loud ol various jjar was a right smart o' men 1
effort I accomplished my ail-but impossible task, and j birds that some consular famines assumed the names of ' dom was pushin' an' jammin' an'
slipped on my overshoes that Woro now a mile too large mose tney most esteemed. Uatms tolls us how to drown nin dynr anamul. Ono man x
forme. lowis m J alerman wine, to render them more luscious ! anooder yelled suntliin' else, an'
Had I friven tho subicct a moment's consideration. I ! and tender. Pheasants were brought over from Colchis. whedder it was best to liv av rli.
would not have informed him of how the case stood, or of
how i was beginning to suffer : but, being dreadfully per
plexed and martyred at the moment, I lot tho cat out of
oun clar, an' ebervman o'
clawin' to bo nearest to
elled out ono fina. an' den
de poor boss didn't know
r. Dfl T vnch irifnr ilnt:
and deemed at one time such a rarity, that ono of tho croAvd? Did I jump up an' down an" raise my clahyun
Ptolemies bitterly lamented his never having tasted any. ; voice above de odders? Did I push all dom fellers away
uuvuv mw.. wnwnnj iuvu in. nuu ionum wa oiimus, wi ouhuk uub u.ii i u liitso aai jioss or (tier "lncourso
tho bag; and to a fellow who was one oi the most moor- i auu soia ax sucn a nign pneo that they fetched yearly up- you tlid I" replied Chowder Davis, as the president halted
rigible wags in tho whole town, not oven excepting Nelly wards of 10,000 of our money. The guinea-fowl was ' for breath. Brother Gardner bestowed upon him a look
Wardel herself, who was eternally playing tho most mis- j considered delicious ; but the Romans knew not the tur- of XXXX contempt, and slowly continued, s- No, gem'len
ckievous pranks upon all lior friends and acquaintances, J key, a gift which we moderns owe to the Jesuits. The I didn't! I stood back on the outstiuirts o' dat crowd!
without aistmction. . uoluwi " luubuutuj, j-xonogauiuus ueiigiiieu m saym liuinu to nooony, an- knowui' dat I'd bo called on. if
When wo arrived at the widowT's they ere dancing Wieir Drains, and Apicms especially commends them. The ; wanted. Dat's my prinoipul. and dat's de nrincinul dat I
i .... n .i i j-i a i . .. .i r i . i !
iouuu uy ma xtomans, wTno nrsc ueprivea it oi sight; and sniin am de'ehap wot makes de bigges'
i VlJLfcAAO 1. VJl.ti L7 V L1.U lIlUlLim llI'.7liniMl ltV lil 11 llt'1111114 III JIN J' I llllilll Villi lli. 11111 II I in AMlt-IT .tnAN v.
i i, ., ,, n" 7, , Ji1 J K i w...ww. . "U"vm in UV lilUMM nuvu-wi
I wnne the leathered creation was doomed to form part ! times de noise d:t fo nnstiv Vovriirm Arna
wants to waccmate into ebery black man in do country.
Some fokes hab got be impresshun dat de man wot does
de mos' whoopin' and vellin' aud attrnftlrs dn nm' !
pile o' cash, but
igon makes five
Do btiirlortk
takes up ten times do room dat de tulin docs, but dn f.nlin
hez do bulge on do burdock when it comes down to beauty
and mahket value. Do modest man hez all de bizness
chances dat do forward man hez; he keeps on gainin' de
respect of de woruld, an' bimeby ho crawls to de top of do
quadrilles, for it was somewhat late. Dick helped me to j modem gastronome is, perhaps, not aware that it is to the
alight, as my feet were so numb and paiuful that they ancients ho owes his fattened duck and goose livers the
seemed about to fail me altogether, for I scarcely knew inestimable foics gras of France. The swan was also fat-
when they came in contact with the flags. After a few
steps, however, I got a little relief; although, when I en
tered tho ball and trot a neon at the class over tho um
brella-stand, I perceived that I was absolutely pink about of ancient delights, the waters yielded their share of en
tile ears, from the fact of the blood having been driven to j joyments, and several fishes jyero immortalized. The carp
my head. was educated in their ponw-aud rendered so tamo that ho
'Not daring to complain, I staggered through the pre- damo to be killed at the tinkling of his master's bell or
Rontfltinn tn nnr IiorJark and hor fair daughter urotfcv de-the sound of his voice. The fame of the lamorev is cen-
cently, and subsided into a corner, determined to make erally known; and the sturgeon was brought to table with I hen-coop, while de blow-hard rolls into de ditch. Modestv
my escape from the house at the earliest possible moment, i triumphant pomp; but the turbot, one of which was am its own reward. It am capital in do bank; it am first
and wondering at the ease and aguity displayed uy the i U1"S"' lu j-uimuuu irum ja.ncona, was considered sucn a
dancers in au adjoining apartment, the ioiding-cioor
which were thrown wide open.
When I first entered tho hall, and removed mv liicl
aiwiougu oi sman size, were known to letch upwards of
$1,000. They were more appreciated when brought alive, I
and gradually allowed to die, when the Romans feasted j
their eyes in the anticipated delight of eating them, by 1
gazing on the dying creatures as they changed color like
an expiring dolphin. Snails were also a great dainty; j
Fulvius Herpinus was immortalized for the discovery of
the art oi fattening them on bran and other articles; and I - -
Horace informs us that they were served up, broiled upon j Courage.
suver gridirons, to give a reiisn to wine, uysters were
runner overshoes, I seemed to stick to the uoor at every
step; but once within tho carpeted drawing-room, this
sensation passed away, and I thought no more of it, being
sufficiently occupied with the pleasant consideration that
'my feet were steadily becoming larger and larger, and that
if I did not experience sudden relief, I should be con
strained to rush from the premises without a word of ex
planation. While in this distressing state of mind, and while curs
ing the folly which tempted me into so dire a dilemma, I
uoticed jMiss Nelly, to whom Dick had just been speaking,
coming toward me. For a single moment X forgot my
agony and arose from my seat; but what were my horror
and dismay, when she took my arm in the most bewitch
ing manner possible, and led me into the ball-room, de
claring that I must dance a polka with her ! I thought
that I should have sunk through the floor; but there was.
my father at my elbow, and to attempt to hesitate for a
moment, would, I was satisfied, lead to a serious rupture
between us. Consequently, as best I could, I expressed
my delight at the honor she did me, and I stood with her
on the edge of the dance, ready to cut in, at tho risk of my
life, the moment opportunity served.
Now, when I alighted from Dick's "turn-out" on the
hard stone flags, the sharp points of tho frost-nails must
havo been bent into claws, for no sooner did I step on tho
polished floor than the sensation of tho hall returned in
full force, as my feet again stuck to the boards as if they
weighed twenty or thirty pounds each. Determined, how
over, to shake off the nightmare which scorned to be
overshadowing me, I made ono desporato effort, and
dashed off with my partner, while the wood "flew in min
ute particles like sawdust at my heels, as I began to plow
T;up. the smooth expanse in the most frightful manner. I
was becoming at once furious and paralyzed; but feeling
that my only safety lay in courage and rapidity of motion,
I raced my partner along until, in passing an open fire
place, I picked up a hearth-rug with one of my demoni
acal heels, and whirled it among her feet. The next instant
'. we were dashing headlong into a knot of the first people
in the place, who woro unceremoniously scattered in all
, ' Fortunately, Miss Nelly, who had for some time been
convulsed with laughter, regained her feet without injury,
while. I amused tho company by endeavoring to extricate
myself from the infernal rug, through a sort of Indian
war-dance, in which no soonor had I kicked it off one foot
than it clung to the other. It was more than human na
ture could bear. Young and old wore holding their sides,
save my father, who thought I had gone suddenly crazy.
Through a final, fortunate dash, however, I got clear of
tho disastrous article, and rushed for tho door leading to
u ' Do big sunflower may rise above
Do mouest 'tatcr-vine.
An' brag about Its Sunday clothes,
An' put on airs so fino;
But when tic winter howls around,
And do snow lies at do tloah,
Do big sunflower, oh! whar am he
Do 'tator hez do lioahl'"
brought from England to Rome, and frozen oysters woro
much extolled. Grasshoppers, locusts, and various in
sects were equally acceptable to our first gastronomic
'Parental Sympathy.
It is so easy to say, "Kever give up the ship." It is so
easy to hold your head up and step firmly, to laugh cheer
ily, and havo a pleasant woixl for everybody, when safely
hedged in from sorrow and poverty, by the lovo of friends
and a bottomless purse. When sieknnss nn.ssoR lw md
knocks at some other door, when home is tho one "sweet,
I safe comer" in all the world, when there aro those who
i would suffer that you might go free ah ! then it is n
easy to feel as it nothing could ever make you quite dis-
The Illustrated Christian Weekly is of opinion that pa
rental sympathy, viz., feeling for and with the child, shar
ing the child's joys and sorrows, is ono of the most potent couraged. This is a beautiful world, and there aro lots
influences for good in the family government. A family j of good things in it. Yes, many a son and daughter, a
may bo under strict discipline without it, certainly. The i fowr wives and mothers, and about the same proportion'of
home may become, under the reign of a strong will, a lit- husbands and fathers, do not live more in the shine than
tie realm of order and quiet. There is obedience because ! in the shadow' of life. But there aro so many, so many
the strong hand of the law is feared, but it is not obedi- moro, who havo to buckle on their armor, and spend their
cuco in the best sense. The usual result is ,that the mo- , best heart's blood in .ho daily lifo. Such bittor trials as
raent tho opportunity is presented the yoke will bo thrown j men and women do live through ! Who can doubt that
uu, unu cue uuw-iouna noerty wui proDauiy degenerate ; jaeavon sends thorn their fortitude? It caunot be of
into license. We are no advocates of loose family govern
ment. Wo believe most profoundly that if parents were
more positive in securing obedience from their children,
there would bo loss lawlessness in the State. But wre
know also that the two things can go together. There
can be firm family government and at the same time truo
parental sympathy. It is vastly better to rule by lovo
than law. The law must be invoked sometimes ; its pen
alties must bo inflicted. But, as for us, give us love, givo
us sympathy as the keynote of our household government
rather than law. Lawr, by all means ; obedienco. But
secure obedience by your fellow-feeling with your child.
Then have your obediouce from the heart and not from
slavish fear, Then you have obedience not only to posi
tive commands, but oven to unspoken wishes. Then you
have obedience -the best thoro can be.
True Women.
tho hall, with
however, as
h a view to escaping into the open air.
I was flying past Mrs. Wardol,who was
Every man of sense and refinement admires a woman
as a woman, and when she stops out of this character, a
thousand things that in their appropriate sphere would bo
admired, become disgusting and offensive. The appro
priate character of a woman demands delicacy of appear
ance and manners, refinement of sentiment, gentleness of
Just, speech, modesty in feoling and actiou, a shrinking from
was seated ' notoriety and public gaze, aversion to all that is coarso
, , - -., - -- '-'- A. " " l-"-T--JT '-"-"" ----
in a upwing, cuarry-coiored silk dress, directly in my way, j and rude, and an instinctive abhorrence of all that tends
one oi, uie cursed crooked nails or iangs which had already to iudolicaoy and. impurity, either in
wrought mo such dire destruction, caught ono of herfloun
ces, and the next instant she was whipped out of her chair
principle or action.
These are the traits which are admired and sought for in
a woman.
earth. Such strain of heart as hearts and brains dn Vmnr
up under! . Is it any wonder that weary bauds sometimes
fall despondingly, and weary heads bow disoouraged '? O,
ye, whose paths aro in the' pleasant places ! whose faith
was never tried by Heaven's seeming disregard of your
your prayers and tears ! who never know the lack of ten
dor home lovo and protection, exult in your happiness,
and thank Providence. But while you drink from your
cup of lifo such honey-sweet draughts, give a thought now
and then to thoso whoso daily potions savor so strongly of
wormwood, and remember that a kind word and a holping
hand, which cosfso little, may moke lighter tho burdens
of one now almost discouraged.
A Test of Honesty.
A gentleman once bought two lottery tickets, ono for
himself and one by request of a friend who was absent.
In tho course of a few months tho lottery was drawn, aud
tho friend for whom ho had bought the second ticket, and
who had not been called upon to pay for it, received a note
informing him that he had drawn $20,000.
"But how did you know which ticket was mine and
which was your own ?" inquired his friend.
The honest mad replied :
" I bought two tickets and placed them in my bureau
drawer ; but, thinking thoro might bo some question, I
marked the ono I intended for you with a cross, and I
found it was your ticket had drawn the prizo."
Match this who can as an instance of downright lion-
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