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Janet's Hair.
,v -.; ' ' Oh 1 loosen the snood that you wear, Jantit,
, - Iiet mo timglu a haucl la your hair, my not ; , ,, . u ,
'J?or. tho world to mo lias rid datntio'r sight , ',
i - ;TDhan your brown hair njihtna voiir shoulders whltd?
n'V: rJUItanglMahanU Jnykrihftir,;'my pot. ' ;
:it was brown, with a goicldn kiosk, Janet,
It was finer than silk ofthio fibs!, my pot ;
Twas a beautiful julstf. falling down on your v,rtst;:
Twas a thing to bo braided and jewelled and kissed;
'TwAs tho loveliest hdiria 1 he World, my pet, , ','
.My arm was tho arm of a clown, Janet, , i
It was slneiiy, bristled and brown, ray pet ',
But warmly and softly it lovod to caress ,
Your round whito.uoekt and 'your Wealth of tre,
Tour beautiful plenty ofh&h'i my pot. U ,
Your eyes had a.sWImmingglosk', Janet, ''.',.
iievoalmg tho dear old story'iny pot ! ' " v
rrhey werogmy wltli.that ona&toncd tinge of thoskyi
Vlmn the trout leaps! quiokost o snap the fljv. ',,, , ..
Amu tluy matched with ybiir golflen hair; my pyit,'" , '
Your lipsbut I, have; no word3r,Janot K" ,
They were frsh as tho twit,ter of birds, my pot t . -When
the spriugl,i8 young and the roses wet '
With do wdrops In ach bosdxh set. . ' s
And they suited your gold, brown hair, my pot.-, .
Oil ! you tangled my'lffo Hi your hair, Janet ! ,u .
Twaa a silken and gollen?-shavo, my pet; l J '-4
But so gentle tho;i)ondago,.my soul did imploifc i-.:,
The right) to oputlmfd a a'ave evermore, . -, , .
With my lltigers enmashed In your hair, my pet.
i .. 1
s Hound m law and equi(y,aticl I charge you to brihff in a persons, and our bonds in onr sidp coat pockets.
verdict, of acquittal." A verdict was found in accordance f wo w'ere ready to depart Harkness turned in a
with the views of tb.6 courfcf i manner to the financier, and remarked : ' Mr. D
Early Bebt-OolUoting in California.
Just as
. this
system of collecting debts is not usual, but wonderfully
I effective. Now, keep quiet, atid you and the balance of
I your funds may bo safe, but if you raise a noise, I will
Tho Golden State Is fast becoming one of tho staid sis-? ret"rIJ , " OT crowd now outside and you will
tors of the Union, with all fche steacfy habits pertaining to PbaWy bo killed, and all yout iundrf oertoinly be cleaned
Now England and the middle sections of the country, but ou- f ln nt1erstand me sir? The banker nodded,
in i.nn in wn wi np wrii nnn p ,wj iL and told the servant to go with us to the cioor. And thus
1. sa- : . ......,i.. .' . . , . . !wc secured our debts, thoncrli T have alwava blamed
7 . .. . .
idopfe his system of
party was air ever-
his depositors
old fellow, I was; Those were lively times, von bet Such :
sudden wealth, such quick$ucceeding poverty, such reck- BTJBIES. , "
less gambling, such horrible, murders, such infernal steal-1
ing and swindling, tftollyo.ul had some rough expeii-! T ter o.oqiin fioriparmniy thflqa "Bflfuitiful
ences during those times, tyifc perhaps nono more exciting intereanns U'039.1P oonoeirimg tri033 ueautitui
than the part I enacted onja in collecting some debts duo j Gems.
by a rascally banking hous, Would you like to hear the From the London court Journal.
varn?11 ' Bv all meani3. let me bavo it,' T anawm-prf. 1 The rubv is so oalled from tlie redness whieh coinmbhlv
' u Well, I had been up to the mines, and had accumulated, j characterizes this exquisite gem. Like the sapphire arid
; in two years, ten thousamtdollarp. there were rich dig- I the Oriental topaz, it belongs to the class styled corundum,
j gings in those days and had deposited it with the bank- j the members of which are alike in composition, though
I inaf house aforesaid. Remaining at the mines till I had ' different in color and 111 quality. The true ruby or sap-
mado about two hundred dollars more, I resolved on re-jphire, is said to be the most valuable of gems when of
turning to the 'States.' A number of companions, who j large size, good color, and free from fault, so that it ox
had worked with mo, who had deposited funds with the ! ceeds even the diamond in value. It is harder thau any
LurnuiB uriuiuH. n.1111 rsinimv rnnoroinor nnnisiiTnAnr.fi.
'.Taok ' said T.whiln nnnvtorftfncr wifh n. .ykntlnnin.n fVirl ! OOTge fOr ?0t telling the Outsiders tO E
r..nti no vmk ti,0 n."rt !. .?. t utiL I collecting; for the amount taken by our
voo wore in ffaiifomla. in fssft v" " Vmi r Unhh kn. ? obtained from that rascally banker by
-F " . . - --- - .--.--. v ! - W JK. VV VV AJCAAU VliWLVt (
it....l..-il. .h
JThus-evor I dream that yon
'AVlth yonrllns.-und vour ev
. In the darkened and desolate.
And my tears fall bitterly
Tina covers your goiuen
. ' onmA rt r rm ylrtf nwmi AV rr n- Vr .1... s 4.T, . nMHVkn ys-K l.nrtnr mtKaf-nnna uvtflftf f.rin rlir tvirttifi Tirhin ilftno
es and vour hair mvnet- ! steamer for the Atlantic coast. We started on our jour-i among precious stones it will not out. It is susceptible
years I moan, :' ,,,,, i ney from the mines, but; ere reaching Sacramento, the of electricity by fnchon, and retains it for some hours ; it
pyor the. stone ;.r.,, . startling news had been bomo to that oitv that onr hank- ! also nossesses double refraction in a slurht deerree. Oc-
K ' y pl,x" r i iticr house had srone bv the board- that it had closed its I casionallv specimens are asteri&ted, as in the case of what
Matritriopial, Ltrnacy.
' doors, claiming td be nttevly bankrupt, and refused pre-1 are known as star sapphires.
emfttorily to pay one dolla to its depositors. Think of by 1
V " t " . J - r -'" --. - . -"? yj - J. &Wc4. jV - ' S.'V.ii.kJV, j, Vj
whoso peculiattttes and occoutncitaes, we-e oft food for the old D , tlitf head of the institutionfrom some rumors
mirth, and pleasure of the members of the bar. His of his proceedings, which bad been home to the miners
Hpnor was one of the most agreeable, genial, and amiable ! was au unmitigated, ragcftl, George Harkness was one of
of men, but fate had united, him. to a lady possessing en-1 our pavty .1 don't know if you ever i?iet George in
tiireiy xno opposite ouaniccenswcs. i uoso wno visited the I'Tisco and a more shrewd, resolute, determined, dare
nally specimens
mown as star sapphires. L'nougu uv cauuoc do ruseti
itself, in combination with a ilux it may be .melted' into
Jtr. ctoreoter aescrioeij iw. coior us caruuue,
and rose-r,ed, otceu witu ,a.
'iji C2a M ' TJAViit'
others-are' found in Iudlav'tlotBraall1UtrftliaMBpr.-',
nea, Sumatra, and some places on miei''cttt4nont;b;fEttrpp,
Tho Burmese mines have long been famous ; tlie workmg
of them is a royal monopoly, and, the king has, among c-lhec
titles, that of Lord of the Rubies. The. Bnusuuiifi&by; js
Judge who was exceedingly proud of company-apd devil, honest fellow, never stepped in leather, and he said, declared to be a pink topaz, inferior to, the true ruby, yel
-were witnesses of Mrs, W.'s curt ill humor and peevisk- on pur way to the coast, " Boys, I'll be damned if I don't ! low in its natural state, and colored artificially; $ un-
ness, wouaei-eii now me uusuaua cqum nave managed to believe our eroid is m old U 'S sale at this moment, hut iorfcunateiv. ueyontt cue power os pmi lary cuasora w pru-
live with her for thirty years. It can only be explained, it will go out in tho steamer on which we proposed to em- j nounce auy critical opinion upon rubies, except as regards
l presume, on uie grouna tnac use aocu oreedanabit bark, and,' tumiug to me, be continued; 'Jack, I wish ; their appearance, size and coior, cue oesc ooior oeiug waac
an a man," ana uiau n una nuu over ueon uccuscomea to n- von and tno otner nova to fro wit i "mo tn t;h hanbr nn nnr , icnown as uiffeon s uioou. wuiou is a puio, uwou, liuu. tuu,
boil on the neck, its absence would occasion distress, arriving in Frisco. Befor we start, I want your books ! quite free from blue or yellow.
Well, on one occasion, when the Judge was presidiuff. a .showiner the exact amount duo vou bv fche bank. I'll bo : Soeakmor of the value of the ruby, Mr. Emanuel ob-
;seomea to regard nun wuu lavorirom uie commencomerit dorsed George's plan, and on the next morning, aftor ar--of
the trial. The prosecuting attorney brought forth his rival at San Francisco, haying been well washed and '
witnesses to prove tlie ownership ot the Horse, thac it drosspd in good shape, George, myself, and our fellow
was taiveu on a certain nignt worn tno picopnetor's stable, miners, walked round to the banking house. Notices of i
and was found in tho custody Ot tlu pnsoner on the en- its suspension were
'ni . i .'.,- . . . -
aay, i no case iookgu. very .aiear m tavor ot a con- buildmg, and a crowd of indignant depositors were staud- to is per carat, and oveif iour carats wuac .. ciwieii iij xauyy
But Dick Fleming, the dofondjint's counsel, imr around it. -. George elbowed his war through, tliose. I price is commanded. After all, perhaps it may havesbeeu
Judge Wilkinson thoroughly, "and be well under-, for he was a verv hercules in strength, and 'sooke as oue , tral v said of rubies in general, that. wjien they exceed one.
tho domestic career of tho prisoner at the bar ; so, having authority,' and t followed him, the balance of our ' carat in weight no definite price, can ba given as $, guide to
case of horse-stealing came up before him. The prisoner the captain, an'd vou. Jack, shall be first lieutenant, and serves that the rare occurrence of the desired vivid pig-
did not appear to be of tho criminal class, and the bench wo'll khk what luok will do' for us Wo all hnnrtilv in. eon's blood color of anv size causes the price to increase
1 I - H V .t i . ft.... .1 .-. ."- m. -. - , J . i . !! il II At- . .. J "tji .
in an evou greater proportion ui.au i.ue uwmyuu, je w
stones of the finest quality he. supplies the following, val
uations : One carat as worth i to jsy,; one. ana. a-nwi,
125 to ao ; two, i&iy to say ; Gurpe, &4)v to ajy : iour,
posted on the door and about the 400 to 450. Under one oarat the. puce, mnges irqm j
llrt rPlRA trt hfMrnSS f.hri nOlirt All hrthnH rtf Itiu nHiJr v.op. oinrlmiT JOrtV nnnmra mnr. .. fkn lnn A ,..-. ! tUn T1voll'lCPir
i-feet niby of fiye
several times as
the1 SAme weight'
carats it is almost
'"Matrimonial insanity." asrain remarked fche Tude-e. an- mv oomnanv horn von soo an old frintul. wU Rprmfiitii-fifi invaluable.
-jparently musing ; ft this is'iv hovel dofeuse, but let us hear , with Mr.. X) . George held up the letter the words ' Yet rubies of a much largersizo atp in existence. An.
-the ovidollCO.,, The names of six or soveu witnesses were 'Executive Department' were doubtless seen noon it he ' Indian prince had ono of near twenty-four carats, and it
-, r - . . . ' y i r. f1i. ?.-ki. j nlJ f rt4-lrt-wr.v-v tff -et-Q.
was DOiiflruc lor xooiu woikuu ui jiuiu. vh-wum.uu vl uo-
' ' t3 Tr --' - , . 1
ns egg:
in the
'you .aware of the character, maimers, ami habits of the to his foot, and Goovgo instantly drew his
ladies ho married?'' 'Vbll. if Qith! Olio of tliftni wns 'HVlro n siit sif n.nH-1rnhn rmlnf: rtr hw
bettor than the other I am not aware of it, They were i man. Jack, attoud to that servant, and I'll care for our specimens, ot coursQ, arq tkQ monqpoiy ot princes, and
rail a sorry lot." Haye you been frequently at tho house I dear banker.1 Again Harkness spoke, walking close up persons with priucely fortunes. Even these may, never--of
the prisoner during these ten, years V" u Quite fre- to D ., his weanou bearincr on the banlcor's head: i tholoss, bo sometimes deceived', for we ar tout that two
.qiiently :' he is' a relativo of mine." " How, you say these j 'Open it, say,' ho thundered out, pointing to the safe, as ' large stones showu as rubies among Her Majesty s.jewois
'ladies we a 'sorry lot,' What da, you, mean by that ex- : ho ulaced the pistol within three inches of D s brain. at the Exhibition in 18t?3 are simply spinels,ud, therefore
'wiftn ho rnsA tn hnnross thri oonrfc'on hnhsilt nf hi f1?nJ: mi.fwaknrlmfl'liiiAV Rtinrtrt Mnn- frhn Ann-. A Tx-nit-n.l thn nnwliiisnrs.
she stated he should put in a plea Of" matrimonial insanity, came 'Is Mr. D in? I have a, letter for him from i Mr. Streeter states that when a pei
''Matrimonial insanity r ' said the Judge.. " Matrimonial , the Governor of the State 'George had procured an out- carats is brought'Uito the uiarlco, a sum
'insanity?" echoed the nrosScutiner attorner. tYes. I ' iini onvolnno. addressintr it to thobiinlrnr anil Tum di- nrroat as that offered for a diamond', of
.Dtitin a plea of matrimonial insanity." exclaimed Dick, rnntati to deliver it to him in uorson. and at onen and in will bo bid for it : if it roaches several
4i-rriit!in-i'5"rl Cton?- dlWlm ivtntiw1in'l' tVuA "T- J3 -. . . . .. ,...- .A. .A - M Al J j..? T 1 . .l J Z ..n 1 r 11 -.
,ii. ii.. .1 , j i .. ' i .
inon caaeti, aua one or uiesowas spqn upioroxamination. , spolco through a door having a wire grating.' The door .
. Do you know the prisoner at tho bar?" queried Flem- was opened, Goorgeand myself entered and it was speedily I sia had in her crown a ruby as large as a mgoc
-ing. c Yes : I have known him for tho past ten vears." nushodto. Back tho three of ns wnllrnd to whom t.lm and there is said to have been one in, J?aris. which
' Durincr this time how often has he been marriod 9" 4fTo himir.. aafc in his nrivato mnm. thn dnn.. nf whirth rripj . iflfii carats. That of Catharine appears to bo. still
has had six wives he now lives .with the sixth." " Are ness immediately closed and locked. Tho banker snramr I Bussiau treasury. Others might be mentioned, a
I i . il T,t -.. 1. &. . -Z.-Sl -wj-.f' Ct
pressidn ?' Why, thoy kept tho man constantly in hot.t Like ono in a dream the order wis obeyed by tho financier, I neither rare nor
-wat6rby their pouvishi sooldmg8 and quarrelsome 'diposi- and soon wido open stood tho doors of that huge safe. ' Rubies may bo
tions.' Q.ther witnees.ttitted, and gave almost equiv- f oll,' exclaimed George, 'Do you, Jack, aud Mr. X) 's . specks, a silky or
n,lftiit answers, and Nod statiny- that his ttusf.lmmiv ivnn all Imon (-nlrn nut wlmi- uah Ami In flrt- eft i,rl KtTT S- nn diivlr. or ton Horlitj.
faulty, iu otlU wprds,. may uava iiaws,
milky anpeavanoe, or a tint which, is.tdo
But fiSmion, sroos. for. somathlug, and
In, rose to address the court. Tie dilated at length, upon ! this lai'go, green-covered tblo, and I'll stand guard over ' violet or pale-colored, vubias may sometime rise very muob.
:the cAthuiug of woman e.vmcod.in drawing' ineiv into, the . the entire Opposing parties. Ilarknoss was just as cool as ; in value. Tho least liable to ihiotuation ai", thowi ot. the
luatrimonial noosq, and tho Wondrous, change ;. whioli came it engaged iii any ' ordinary business. That sate was a renowned pigeon's blood hue, t
over, her when she had ei8uarcKl her victim8 aud warmly bonanza, X toll you. There was over two hundred thous-i The best rubies are usually cut m tm mixed oiMiau
he contended his client ws .a lunatioiUafe he poukl nqt i and dollars in gold coin, and double that amount in for-; brilliant stylo, but when silky, imperfQt or astwtatod,
be a free agent or a responsible being to be gulled by such eign bonds, JKow, said Georgfy taking out from his they will be met with ah eaboehai, or witli a rounded sop;,
Xantippes in tenyeai's. It vrpi yery evident thai? Judgo pockets our dejiosit books. ' we will miM?Q. ouo general ' like carbuncles.
wiiKinson lent a willing oar to tnis argument, ttr his sum- qheok upon Air. D . 1 And there is duo thirty-eight imnauous oi uw rowy w ww, , . w
ming up was dcoidedlyfji favftr of the prisoner, " Gontlon thousand five hundred dollnra. We will receive from you, well, and even real rubuw of small sl'o have beep produced
i ft AififtAiaiir
set either alone or in grpupK, or in
other precious stones, ew jewels bays
ippeai-auee man uioee, in wueu a mrg
bv diamonds, when set round with
the deposit books, and (U rfv, D- soe that everything pearls of fine, quality the eflfcofe is ate admirable, thoug
Udonoin an honet and honorable manner.' I oarrieds some object to it, as they say tbead of tbe rubies deti-aotj
out tlie programme as directed, My last work was to bl- from the more quiet luster, of tbe ieari, We do not
anoe the doposli? books 4ul band thorn to tho banker. The think they look so well m eouneeuou with, tke eiHeraid,
gold, from four bage, was plawd iu our belts arouud ovr the sapphire or qumw: opjore geais,
wn f flA tf6-iv ( ?tr.-.-r-. i.rt -i Ann f1ii1 m a Altnuan ft ft, ft-, in a. II i.l.I..k.. ft.1 M..n Ml rJllA.i JK. lr.A.JK AU. n....
ooui't has had a certain amount of matrimon'ml axnarianoo of convonionco in handlhic. with oinrhfc thmisaiul rtvo hum ' ThQ ruby may be
with one female, and auoh experience, it must" be oou dred dollars in gold coin. Jaok, count out the bonds, ! conjunotiou with
fessed, has, not been altogether of a satis factory ohfti-acfcer; estimating them at fpur dollars and eighty-four cents per a more admirable a
p.yr w ,v An ti A&vrt vw vip' w www vvnvtAUVui . srtrv
been so blindv imbeoile, and idiQjfej, a, to marry, in ten
yctr, six. uoniuio sogius vffvtmf or so aomj i,
blass him as a natural fool, 'wkl eW. if. he possessed any
inteUlgence, the dwelling witlK'taeeefoinen musjt have
.destroyed that, The plea of the oounsel fpr the defetise
I i
m via
;rt -Ml
yr: i
. . mMm
"' f 4r-M- ti
X UI 1
. 'mi !sl
, ; mH -!
"M ' I
V I'H '.
. CW.' ' 1
;- m ; . P
i r r '

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