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I ft
"Passing Away."
A lady in Dakota Territory sends us a beautiful
notice of the departure from earth nf a noble man.
The account, at once so touching, will, we know, be
appreciated by many a brave and true soldier:
I o record anothor
Twain's Wondorful Horso.
"Gentlemen, this liorso of mine was tough-bitted, and
he wont so fast that I had to guido him by oleetrioity
had to have wire lines and koep a battery in the wagon
all the time in order to stop him." "Why didn't you stop
him by hollering who-a?" I asked. "Stop him by hol
loring who-a I Why, I could n't holler loud enough to make
that horse hear mo. lie traveled so fast that no sound
over reached him from behind. He went faster than tho
sound, sir. Holler who-a, and he'd he in tho next town
before tho sound of your voice could roach tho dash-board.
'Travel fast ?' I should sav ho could. "Why, I once start-
ficing lover of his country, and a martyr in tho cause of i cd from Virginia City for Meadow Creek right in front of
human rights. Then, again, it is sad to think of tho one of tho most droadful rain-storms wo over had on the
manner of his death. Mr. Hopkins was a brave defender ' Pacific, Coast. 'Wind and rain?' Why, tho wind blow
1 1 11 nit 41- t t lA 11 1 L. 1 I M
of war, this poor man, alert to his country's agonizing call got drenched? " " Drenched ? No, sir 1 What did 1 keep
regret exceedingly to bo called on to roc
instance of Time's devastations, and refer again to tho
sad death of Brother L. J3. Hopkins a poor man, to bo
suro, but no less a good citizen, a kind hither, a scll-sacn
oi jus country; ami wiuui manvwno aro iiowt.uoooioochoi winny nines un nuur. anci i.no nun iun m mhuuis. j.
ridiculous oulogy, wore making themselves rich and pow-, right before that storm for throe hours just on tho c
orful at homo in security and peace, far from tho dm oi unit Hurricane and rain lor lorty miles. "Didn t
enlist or accept promotion, or was so transferred ; nntl no bounty
ahull bo paid to any soldlor discharged on tlie application or at tho
request of parents, guardians, or other persons, or on tho ground
of minority.
Sko. . That every petit Ion or application for bounty made under
tho provlslonfloft1ilsuotsha.il dlsoloso and Btato specifically, under
oath and under tho paltia and pcnaKlcs of perjury, wiiat amount
of bounty has boon paid undor tho provisions of nny united States
laws to tho non-commissioned olllccr, musician, artificer, wagonor,
or private soldier, sailor, or marine by vrhom or b.v whoso repre
sentative the claim Is made.
Sue. '. That any attorney or agent who Hhnll icccivc from any
claimant a sum greater than ten dollars for tho prosecution of any
claim under tho provisions of this net, upon conviction thereof,
shall pay a lino not to exceed ono thousand dollars, or Imprison,
mentforaterm not less than one year, or both, as the court or
.jury may adjudge, and shull forever thereafter he excluded from
proseeut lag claims of any nature whatsoever against the Govern
ment of tho United States.
Sue. 7. That it shall not bo lawful for any soldier to transfer,
assign, bartnr, or sell his discharge, final statement, descriptive
list, or other paper, for tho purpose of transferring, assigning, bar
tering, or soiling any interest in any bounty undor the provisions
of this act. And all such transfers, assignment, barters, or sales
heretofore made aro lioroby declared null and void an to any rights
unonMCH to oo so convoyeu uy any shod sooner.
for help from her patriotic sons to presorve the life of the
nation, was at tho front lighting his country's battles,
and suffering daily more than a martyr's hardships. This
poor but noble man came to his death at last in an asy
that fast horse for ?
of that rain storm.
shine on mo, or loan backwards and feel rain ami catch
hail-stones. Whon tho hurricane slacked up, the horse
lum, far from the pricoloss sympathies of a wife's undy- slacked up too, and when it blow faster I just said 'Gifc
lugdovotion, or a sou's manly affectionate care; bereft of upr to the Horse and touched the battery, and away no
that God-given reason that over is tho bright lamp of tho weut. Now, 1 dou't want to lie about my horso, and I
soul, but especially oucht to bo so in the oxiririne mo- don't ask you to believe what I say, but I toll you truthfully
ments of life's fitful fover.
Mr. IToplriiis1 disease was superinduced by tho effects of dry as powder. Not a drop of rain on the wagon seat dior, sailor, or marii
a blow on the temple by the rebound of a brokeu cable oither, white the wagon box was level full of hail-stonos JjfJ" SvS years Vn
that snapped asunder whon drawing in a steamer in Gov- and water. ,
ornment service, at Ship Island, Louisiana, ho beiug head
Wagon-master of tho division under General Butler at
New Orleaus. This sad accident, received in his coun
try's service, caused a derangement of the mental facul
ties, and. no doubt, by the depressing cares of want of
work and poverty, so sore to bo borne by noble and mde
Skc. H. 'Hint in anv Piisn whom n tinrsnn otiHHnil to rnc.filvo nn.v.
Why, 1 tell you, I drove right in front mont of bunnty under tho provisions of this act shall make appll-
I COUld leail forward and lot the SUn uiim.ni murmur, or wiiuroBueii application miii.ii on 7iiauo uy uiu
juujjuj. u.)iubuiiuuiv ui muuii jhtsuu, u u i UK uuuuiicuu, mm liiu ma-
charge of such person has been lost, it shall be competent for tho
accounting olllcors to receive, in Hon of the actual productlon.of
such discharge, proof of tho actual loss of the same, and sooondary
proof of Us Issue and eontcnts, together with proof ol tho Identity
of the claimant or person deeeased, under such rules defining tho
character and form of the ovidencoas tho Secretary of the Treasury
shall prescribe.
Si:c. !. That no adjustment or nay mont of any claim of any non
commissioned ollicor, musician, artificer, wagoner, or private soU
uior, snnor, or marine, or ins proper roprosontativo, undor uie pro-'
snail oe made, unless tne application ic uicu
om the passage of the same.
that whon I got to Meadow Creek my linen duster was
A Mule's Wonderful Trickery.
"Speaking about mules,"' remarked a six-footer in Ar
kansas, as ho cracked his whip at market, "I've got a mule
at home that knows as much as I do, and I want to hoar
pendent natures, brought about his death, as has been al-' somebody say I'm half a fool." No one swd so, and he
ready referred to. May ho rest in peace. , ni n: . vc f d aTl;0Um! horr T1 l"?avd mcn blovr
i I about kicking mules till I'm disgusted. When you come
".Let not ambition mock their useful toll.
Their homely joys, their destiny obsoure,
Nor grandeur near, with a disdainful smile.
Tho short and slmplo annals of thepoor.
A Bill for tho payin nt of claims for horses used in tho scrviee o
tho United States. Introduced by Mr. Plumb, of Kansas.
Tic it enacted by the Scuttle and House of Representatives of the
United Slates of America in Congress assembled, That tho proper
accounting olllcors of the Treasury shall audit all claims for horses
used in tho service of the United States during tho lato war by tho
first, second, and third regiments of Indian soldiers, sometimes
styled Indian Homo Guards ; and that whenever evidence shall be
furnished that said Indian soldier? furnished horses for the service
which were used In tho service, under ordors of the commanding
officer In charge of them, and have not been paid for the- same, the
accounts presented and authenticated shall bo allowed for service
rendered at the rate of twenty, fivo cents por day for use; and whon
Too Smart for the General.
i down to kicking I want to het on my mule. A friend came
along and took dinner with me the other day, and, as he
! scorned a little down-hearted, I took him out to see Thorn- , a horso shall bo proven to have boon killed, or used in the service
.... T- IV. l i .. -r in ... it. 1 .... .1... . i. i a... t. .. . i .. . , ... i. .. .. t.i a. ,
' 18 .ju-uursuu. liiv cuummon mine, i was ceiiiurr ma truuu , u .iu n nun u uu iiiuiuuoucu or iosi. mat. on eviuuuuu, mu uuwm
man how that mule would Hop his feet around : and he opM11'?. a.,"0..!'i" ,l! !l"?.?vJ? r?r.!??LrSlT3?lVL Sf 1PS?0A i
lied passed ins and that such claims maybe presonted. and shall, on proot.be
uuiiucm .urn nuiu io too soiuier so lurnisuuig. iu ins nuira. or meir
attorney for tliem.
; said he would like to seo a httlo tun.
. - . - . - - ... .. i 1 in. n.. n iv . ii i.
The celebrated Kussian goneral ALirslial buwaroi, was ; wnoie me m uio ooucn, otic nact never seen a muic lay uis
fond of practical jokes. Ho would go about his camp in soul into a big time at kicking. Well, I took Thomas out
dissruiso. and amiiso himself with craekimr iokes with tho of the stable, backed up against a hill, hit him a cuff on
-, , ,- -. ..
common soldioi-s. On ono occasion ho mot his match.
the ear, and we stood by to see amusement. It was a
Onn lYrtnviiirr winl-ni. i,iVUf lnvuwr flwi BnocnToUinn .nii t'OOd IllafiO to (1ft lllK risil'lldfiKr,. nilfi what HO VOll SUUlinfiO llG
nicrn nf i7S0 ti,o m innJimi u-aA ,,, p.,q!hi nf. did? In ton liiinutcs bv fcho witp.li Iir wiifs out of slffhL In Bfit eiMctedbu the Senate undJIoute
tJ...0- y. -...,, u..w vrv. ....xu.vx, -i-"w Ua.w J..V.UWX.... v, .. u - - v,,,1'.,, . ,T , , " i umiefi mates oi America in congress as
posts incomuto. after his wonted iasluon, came suddenly , nve more wo coumnc ieei mm witn a rweivo-iooc poie, Indian who is a resident of the Snntcc rosen
nnnn n .wnnfrv nocfnrl nn flm mn-ti tV i.hn clouts virhvn nnrl and and ' Thov veiled and sneered, and the narratjr Nebraska, or of tho Sisseton reservation, in
nvnen f !. f.,n c p 4-i.A ut i.;nv Tn.,nw,r w;n ' Ti,n ' looked arminrl and nnlrnfl. "dnes nnvhnriv HiinlcT'iii lviim? koti, or of Peoria Hottpni and Huhboju 0
uai'uai'1' "u tl1" wwy i 1uuu1nw5u.u1u.uj ul. i-uv, - "," -,.""" . :;': . . v J , J : . liaicota Territory who is tne lieaa ol a lamliy.
quick-eyed Russian at once recognized his commander, 1 woum 1 lie lor one rouiei' Kiglit Hero unaor my arm is a ' at tho ago of twenty-ano years, may, under
A Hill to allow certain Indians to enter homesteads from lands
occupied b y them. Introduced bylr. Dawes, of Massachusetts.
of Representative t of the
semotca xnar every
ration. In tho State of
the Territory of Da-
reek, near Port Sully,
or wuo nas arrived
the direction of the
but cleverly feigning unconsciousness, continued to pace , pound of tallow candles which are to light the hole for to S?owry of the interior, enter a homestead und
. ., (in, 00 ' i ' irn in ftftnr Thnmiw inrl T rnf wmvl not ni hnnr nan tlmt, provisions of tho homestead act, from the lands atoresald, whether
up and down. go m.a" nomas, ana I got oict noc an noui ago tnax; tho reservation has been made by treaty, or by Executive order, or
11 Halloo, brother ! ' cried Suwarof, assuming the tone the hind foot ot a mule was sticking out ot a lull 39 miles by act of Congress: Provided, That all selection of such lands by
and manner of a common soldier, "you seem to be haviug j ns a bird Hies from where my mule went in. I'm shaky . SiUl""0 miC3"SJ10s
a good look at the stars : can you tell me how many there on religion, gentlemen, but our family never had a liar in SXn&lSi& StSSts'SaVHSS
arc of them?"
To his no small dismay, the soldier coolly answered,
"Just hold on a minute, and I'll count ; " and forthwith
ho began, "One, two, three, four," and counted, quite
gravely, up to a thousand.
mo ariMimeticai sentinel round iiimsou promc
rank of corporal, and was complimented by Suwarof in
the presonce of t.he whole army as " tho only man who
had ever been too smart for him.'
She Thought" She Knew:
The passengers in the sleeping coach were just dozing
y--T ttfltrhit Lmnflimr- fvflrri "-
At this point, as the ready-reckoner showed no signs of i ""J, f) ;"", ,v
tving oil', the general, nearly frozon with standing so, ,VW . ,i0W ?i ,
j in the cold, made a hasty retreat : but next morning i , "imb " LUt5lu1' ll?umtM
. -. ....'- M -1 . . :i. 1:11. 111:111 iriiiii nix iiiiiiiii iifiM.n. '- i'ii
t-rri t f t-rt "-w -. -,---..--. -. ..--(w. w.v-. .
aboard I " growled
bet a hundred dol
lars none of us can got a wink of sleep to-night."
Wow wowl whined the child.
"There he goes again," growled the fat man. "I never
travel but I run aoross some ouo's offspring."
41 Who's that talking'.' ' called the mother of the child,
in a loud voice.
u Mo I ' answered the fat man. ' Why didn't you either
leave that child at homo or stay at homo yourself? ''
"Are you talking to mo'1 " demauded the woman.
" Yes, ma'am, I am ! 1 say it is a shame to briug a
sick child into a sleeping car to disturb twenty or thirty
"Aro you a father? '' she a? Iced.
"No, 1 hain't."
"Nor a mothor? " she continued.
XAU UilV .Irlll.
" Well, sir, " she taid, as she poked her
tweon the curtains, "when you have been
head out bo-
the mother of
How Pete Eaised A Salary.
The Methodist clergy, though they may save thousands I
of souls, I fancy have but indifferent success in saving
thousands of dollars. In most parts of the country their '
salaries range from ono hundred to five, with donations, !
and on those sums they frequently are compelled to sup- J
port a wife and half a dozen children.
A dominie, belonging to the church, named Collius, used i
to preach at Decatur, 111,, and how to make tho most of
his quarterly payments required as much thought as the ',
subjects for his discourse. i
Mr Collins kept a horse, and an old darkey, named Pete !
Madison, attended to nun and did otnei
minister's premises
preacher, just boiov
Tr t- .
to .joint muuor s uutcuer snop ana oritur uu
steak for dinner. In the course of half an hour, tho negro
started on his errand, but upon requesting three pounds of
meat from the butcher, ho was proremptorily rofused.
"Your master can have no more out of my shop till ho rm c,nA i-n,. i,,,,. . . ,i i t n
pays me about twelve dollars that ho owes me," Lid the , ,, 10 tollowing; bills have been introduced in 0 the
vendor. ; t.u Congress, just assembled, Gen. Logan's ftqual-
Tho negro was sorely disappointed, and started home-1 ization Bounty J) ill being one of tbe number, was
ward. On his way baok he concluded to drop iuto his mas-1 road twice, and referred to the Committee on Mili
tor's church. Ho hud never hoard Sir. Collins proach, and fnw- A iyv .
.. M.Mii.. 1. .. ....... . .1 v,v.' v...i.-.
liill to etjualiselthti bounties of soldiers, sailors, and marfaes
' of the late tear for the Union. Introduced by lUr. Logan.
. .1. .. .. . -. 1 1- X.1 ( -T --- ...,--,, . . f .W.V ..v..
enures uuouc rno ! i i.:ij..., ,,i r,.f ,.:!. :.,..,.. i:,i ;.. ..;..
. it was Sunday morning, and the 1 ri.fnrftn s4hnfo vimiMi hTi c.n f.i,i.- vau bnnw x-nnv nwn
e going to church, told Pete to crodown i i,0:MU 1 nA.fi.- t i,,. ...; i ,t n,., i,k,. n.nf..
'--., I UUiJlllUOO. L UAlliltV X IVHUU IUI11U ItlVL It. LlilllU L1 J tTtlillLO
some boet- .,. 1..1 i... .:.. 1.., j ;. '
thereon as in other eases according to law.
Sko. U. These reservations shall be opeu for entry to Indians only
for ten years from tho date of the passage of this aot. And at the
expiration of ten years from tho passage of tlds act any part of
such reservation, the title to which is vested in the tribe, as may
remain undisposed of by homestead entry, may bo sold with the
consent of a majority of the adult members of tho tribe, under the
direction of the Secretary of the Interior. The proceeds thereof
shall be hold by tho Tnlted States as a trust fund, tho Interest of
which shall be applied for tho boneilt of the tribe, for the support
of public schools or other beneficial purposes.
Sec, 8. Whouovor any such Indian shall have perfected his home
stead title, he may become a. citizen of tho lulled States on taking
tho oath to support the Constitution of the Cnlted States. And
any such Indian shall be entitled to his distributive sharo of all
annuities, tribal funds, lands, and other property, the same as
though he had maintained his tribal relations.
Si:o. 4. To encourage tho Increase of such civilized Indian com
munitles. all tho lauds on tho east side of the Missouri river, In
Dakota Territory, now withdrawn from public entry by Executive
order, shall be reserved for ten years for homestead entry by Indi
ans alone.
Skc. 5. Tho provisions of this act may extend to any other reser
vation occupied by Indians, within tho bounds of the Territory of
Dakota or tho State ol Nebraska whenever, in tho judgment of the
Secretary of the Iuterlor, the occupants of said reservation may bo
so far advanced In civilization as to require it: Provided, That In
such casos the period of ton years named herein for which said
lands are to bo hold for special entry shall begin from the date of
the olllcial order extending these provisions to such reservation.
Sko. 6. The title to lands acquired by any such Indians under the
homestead laws shall bo subject to alienation or incumbrance,
elthor by voluntary conveyance ov tho Judgment, decree or ordor
of any court, for a period of ten years from the date of the patent
issued therefor.
to howl, he's roiug to do it.'
1 - -r
3VTew Military Bills.
then there was a possibility ho might have a chance to
speak to lhe minister about tle meat. So ho slipped al
most unobserved into the church, and took a seat in a cor
ner. Brother. Collins was preaching at tho time, llu was
referring to various scriptural authors to confirm his views.
Pretty soon he rais d his eyes, and, looking in tho direc
tion of Pete, (though doubtless ho did not seo him,) ho
said: "Now. what does .lohn suv'.1 What dons .Tnlm snv?"
Up iumned Poto instaiitor and exclaimed "John snvs dnr, timo wiuoh such non-commissioned oiilcor, musician, artificer,
wot you owes him." ' ami tho ninth day of May, olghtoon hundred and skty-ilve." And
ImWiiiQ thfi p.onstornatinn of m-oanhnr ami nnimmmitlnn 1 tho Pulsions of this act bhull extoml to all s Idlers who wore
- t -,-... -.....v....
at these words. All eyes wore directed at tho
could not at all understand why he should bo
of so much attention for answering a simple question
Be it enacted bp the Senate and House of Jienresentatlves of (he
United States of America in Connress assembled. That thuru
snail uo auowoa ami paul to oaoh and ovory non-commissioned
olllcer, musician, artificer, wagoner, and private soldlor, sailor, and
marine, who faithfully served as suoh lu tho mllltnrv service of tho
united btates, who has been honorably dlsoharged from such sor
vloo, tho sum of eight and ono-thlrd dollars a month for all tho
j A Bill fur tho relief of certain persons loeutlnjr homesteads upon
1 tho public- lands. Introduced by Mr. Davis, of Illinois.
lie U enacted by the Senate and House of Jiepr'scnlative of the
United Stales of America in Congress assembled, That tho mem
bers of tho Chicago Soldiers1 and Citizens' Colony, or persons Avho
may hereafter become members of said colony, who havo made, or
shall hereafter make, homestead selections under section twenty
three huudred and four of the Revised Statutes of the United
States, and file declaratory statements therefor, shall bo allowed
two years from the date of filing Mich declaratory atutiments
wlthiu which to make their entries and take up their actual resi
dence upon land to selected.
Skc, 2. That tho members ol the said Chicago Soldiers' and Clti
zeus' Colony, or persons who may hereafter become members, not
entitled to make entry under the said section twenty.three hundred
and lour of tho Kovlscd Statutes, but who desire to make entry
under the existing homestead or pre-emption laws, shall bo enti
tled to make selections and file declaratory statements therefore
through an agent or attorney, and shall bo allowed two yours
from the date of filing suoh declaratory statements In whfoh to
take up their actual residences upon tho land selected, and make
ovory non-commissioned j entry thereof. g
skc. v. isaou person ucsiring io avail nunseit or uorseii of tne
provisions of this net shall file, or causu to bo filed, in tho register's
otlkv for the district in which the land Is situated, with his or her
declaratory .statemout, a certificate, duly executed by the proper
officer of the said Chicago Soldiers' aud Citizens' Colony, showing
that surh person is a member of said colony; ami Ciioh person olninf
lng the benefits of this aot shall improve and cultivate, or cause
to be Improved and cultivated, of the tract so selecto t and filed on,
not les than five uoros within the first year after filing his or her
dominie sat down for a moment, he was so confused, but
quickly aroso and remarked: "JJrethron, what that poor
negro said about my indebtedness when ho interrupted my
discourse is entirely true. I have found it impossible to
support my family on my salary, even with tho olosest
economy, without going intodebt,"nnd the old mau's eyes
appeared ready to sutluso with tears
The church sorvico was olosod promuturoly, and there-,
after the minister, elders, and many loading members hud ;
a conversation. A, goneral mecthur was resolved on, to be
hold on "Wednesday evening, and there it was decided to
raise tho minister's salary two hundred dollars.
So the butcher's and other bills wore soon paid, and Poto 1
was presonted with a now winter overcoat for his success 1
in raising tho minister's salary even in his peculiar stylo.
' niUSroreU into tllO Snrvien 01 tllO I nttlil Stntnu . nm irnrn miKclat-i.rl , snfil ilnrtlnrntrtrv (.tMtotiif.nt n.inl ultiill ittiiirnvn 11111! nnlMvurn ii
negro. Ho j clothed, and paid by the Government of tho United States. ' ' , cause to bo Improved and oultivated, not less thau ten acres In wi
the subject. 1 Skc- - 'l,"t n ease of tho death, either botoru or after tho pas. ditlon thereto, within two years after filing such declaratory state
MMin ! 8;l ,,,w aol ot any suoh non-commissioned officer, musician- mont; and proof oi compliance wuh tho requirements of this bcc-
. XilU llKltllll.II. It'll .... ..-. .-i..n... I7ll1.ll,,.. .,..11.... .-. ... 1 it. . ..1 It.... 1...,1 1... I 1 I . ....I.. ... K.. I ,,-,.. ...1 1... .1... ,-W 1.
imimvji, iiuKuiiui. ot iMiviHu aumiui, oiumr, ur uiiiruiu. iiiuuuow- mm oiiiiii uo iiiuuu. uuuur josiriiu'iiuiio io mb j-auvn iv luu vjyuimis-.
11 11(H) ami Ull.Vnil'Ilt slilill hit llllllin til ills wlilnw IC glut Iv.m nut m
married, or if thoro be no widow, or she has remarried, then to the
minor child or children of such iloceased non-commlssloned officer,
musician, artliloer, wagoner, or private soldier, sailor, or marine.
Skc. 0. That in computing and ascertaining tho bounty to be
Paul to any non-commissioned eflioei. mils o an. nrtltieer. wnuoner.
! or private soldlor, sailor, or marlue, or to his nroner ronresenta. I seven. twenty.oJirht. twonty-nlno thirty, thirtv-ono. and thlrtv-two
( 4fin nnrliiH th.k vkHovifftlkkK -. llr ..k i. 1. .. t. ,Ai k- t,t.... .. ! k .t fc b. J, i t.' . . . 1 1 i.tt ... ... .. .. l -. . . -..... - .
vw, miui iiiu uuibivjiis ui im uui, mure gull!! ,uo ueuuuiuii nusi ui uiu hi.mu principal uturuwau, 111 mo rune 01 ivausas: ami
' an the lamls wlttun sale townships and ranges not outlined or on-
sionor of the Goneral Inand Oillce. to tho satisfaction of the rcglstor
of the proper lulled States land office, buforo the entry shall be
Sko. 4. That the provisions or thi. act shall ho confined to the
lands lying in townships numbered nine, ten, oleven. twelve, and
uurioon soutn,ot ranges mimucreu tweuiy-uvo, iwenty.si.v, twenty,-
thcrofrom anv and all bounties alreadv imiIiI muinv tun urnvisfmis
of any United States laws.
Sko. 4. That no bounty undor the provisions of this act shall bo
P'lld to or on account ot any soldier who Mrved as a substitute in
tho Army, or who was a captured prisoner of war at tho time of
Id onustniunt, nor lo any one who was discharged, on his own appli
cation or request, for ether cause than disability iueurroil In tho
sun-loo, prior to tho nineteenth day of April, elghtoen hundred
and slxty.five, unless such discharge was obtained with a view to
ro.enllstmcnt, or to acoept promotiou In the milttarv or naval sor
vice of the United States, or to bo transferred from one branch of
themllltar.N service to anothor, and suoh person did aotuallv re.
terod liv linv nintnlinr of suit! Cllluauro Nnlillrrrf' 11ml IHtfanna' Hnl.
onvelmll be and remain subject to entry by other parties under
existing houiostead and pre-emption law's.
Skc. 5, That members of tho Chicago Soldiers' ami Citizens'
Colony who havo heretofore filed, or caused to bo filed, declaratory
statements within any ol satd townships and ranges undor existing
laws, and whoso time for making entry undor suoh filing has ox
plred, shall bo entitled to the benefits of this act, upon filing now
declaratory statements, elthor tor tho tracts originally olaimod by
them, or li adverse claims have attached thereto, thou for such
other tracts as they may select.
" i
!v vt
if W,
l! S

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