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jf Mlonihlu jgaurnul devoted to the tMcrn, mkrs, and eimonen of the Ignited gjiatet mid the instruction of the gmhil ffihfoV
'publisluHlbyho" V rnfi- TCT ift W A CT.TTTrnn-vr T n 7ffAXn?,m'E'P. 1'Rftn. f TERMS, FIFTY CENTS PJ3H TEAR. '
Published by Tho 1 Vnr W "NTn 1 G W A STTr'NTftTOTsT. TV (1 , 7tfOVTVER. 1880.
TB"TTnUAT.rrtTTTTHTP nnwtiATTxr I A ' -" .' ' ' '
'jdUeredactordlneto let cfCongrut, Uthvtar tonr Lurd, i$18, in lU OJJlc oftht Lib'rat Ian oConprtu, tt Wathinplon, D. 0.
Specimen Copies sent Free on Request.
Union and Liberty.
" Sir
"I requested merly
: i , i"Y
tljiagiOf-thchorooswho left ua, thojr
..Borno'lhrouah 'th'oir battle Holds'
It U1U1 . ft;
thunder and name,
'liltuoncd in song Iljurniricu In story,
t f Vavo o'ur us till who Inherit their fame t
' ' , Up with our baunur bright,
" "' Sprinkled -with sUirry lifjcht,
Spreads Its fair emblems from mountain to shore.
While through the sounding sky
Loud rings the Nation's cry
lltrlit of our linnamont, guide of our Nation,
JUrldc of her eliildren, and honored afar,
JjQt the wide beams of thy full constellation
Scatter each clotul that would darken a star I
Kinplre.unseeptcrcdi what foe shall assail thee
'Hearing the standard of Liberty's van V
Think not tho God or thy fathers'shall fail thee,"
Striving with men for the birthright of mau J . -,
Yet If, by madness aud trcaehery bllghtod, ' . ?
Ikiytn the dark hour when tho sword thou umisUtlfaw
Then with tho arms to the million united. ,. w ,
Smile the bold traitor to Freedom and Iaw '! ". ?
Lord of Uio Universe shield up and guide us, v
' Trusting thee always, through shadow and earn!
Thou hast united up. who eball divide us? -
. Keep us, 0 keep us the Many in xk I
Up with our banner bright,
Sprinkled with starry light,
'Spread-its fair, emblems from mountain toshoro,,
AVhlle through tho soundiug Sky
Loud rings tun Nation's cry--
" Who arc you ? How dare you ?"
" 1 am simply a gentleman. I
I mcut it did not ocour to her that the street cars passed
j over the terrible Guadalupe bridge. Furthermore, nobody
; was over known to require an escort over it. After intro-
" j ducing themselves she commenced to tell him about her
I don't know you. i fear in crossing the bridge alono at night; and he said yes,
T hev were standing on Santa Clara street. She spoke ; he had heard that it was considered a dangerous place.
; in rather a loud tone, and the stranger betrayed a little j 'I hey were ootli terrible liars.
I nervousness and dread that the passers-by might inter- j His name was Hardy ; hers, Sophronia. Her father's
( fere. ' name was Morris. Ho was a rich, kind-hearted old gen-
S "I have not intimated," he said, " that I am so fortu- tleman, who had a mansion on the Alameda.
1 nate as to be known by you. It was the very desire that After the two had passed the post-office corner a pair of
imnolled mn " 'bleared eyes winked quietly, and a conole of whiskW
K. z .. .- .-k ' j. j t 1. 1 r . T v
I'll call au otneor nn- lestmg ups gnnneci saruonicaiiy. ujiey belonged to Tar
"Such language humil-: antula J oe. ,-
Accept my humblest j
I don't understand you, sir.
. n
less you leave me instantly
ates me excecdinclv. madame.
ninlntnlr i',i ,nrtnr nntiull HAn n,11 lin1CinnCC Ctf fricrllt:
j U.IJV1VU1V3 1W1 UrtTUJti MUOVU .Tun '. umviwj.uv-uj vr. .a-w.
The street is thronged,, and any one would protect you
against an indignity at my hands. I beg you to wait just
i "But to be seen standing in the street conversing with
j a man of your-ryour appeiirance,"
i ' Madame, if ray face is crimson at that cruel remark
it is merely evidence of a weakness that I am unable to
conqucriall it pVide, if you please. I regret that my
! poverty obtrudes itself, obscuring every thing else."
! A lobk of pity appeared in the girl's eyes, and, although
I she evinced in her" attitude ot impatience a strong desire
to be left alone, her original feelings of fear and repug
! nance gradually melted under the calm, deliberate, pollsh
i ed. oenfclemanlv bearincr of the man. The stranger ex-
I a - V r irj . .
Struggle with Fate.
As soon as the cotiple got under the shadow of the wait
of Xotre Dame, Hardy placed Sophronia's arm within
his own. She did not object. He entertained her mar
velously well. His knowledge of the world was crtensi
i and his education cood. She began to think h wWan
angel in disguise.
At the east end of the bridge there stood a hilt board.
When the two passed this and were well on the bridge, a
shadowy form, scarcely perceptiblein the darkness, emerged
from behind this board and crept noiselessly after them.
This sneaking person carried a club in his hand. Step
ping rapidly behind Ha-rdy he raised his deadly weapon
and brought it down with a heavy blow on the young
man's head. There was a dull, crushing thud. nri TTaWlv
S hibited a kindly, patient dignity that would have made a sank with a groan; thore was a slight convulsive contrac
I California gh-1 with, a spark of adventure and romance I tion of his muscles, a gurgle and all was quiet.
j think twice before she rejected his advances summarily. The girl heard the blow, and saw her defender stretched
i ' That is trucj sir," she said, u I have no doubt. But! at her feet. She was instantly rendered powerless anil
I that is no reason that I shouldn't put an end to this in-! speechless by a sickening- terror. Immediatalv .a -nnwer-
ful and brutal hand closed upon her throat, stopping her
breath. Other shadows emerged from the darkness, a
dozen strong hands seized her, and before she had time
tu cf, ;c f r.i,i ? sin n t, , . . ,;, ; a icf ' tor-view by saying, once far all. 1 decline your escort.
some threo years ago, a stranger made his appcrouieo in I . Hcr tonge titterccl tliefee wortLs. Her eyes said .: I
o.. .;... j ..k-.1' .i tAA :.. .. . dare vou to trv me a little further." He heard the words
t -. Villi' 11 1111 L-liril'l lir I lllllllll lit -T t ITWll ITI1II T- AlrrA 111 fc. K -. , -, - -
w.... V.W U...U W..W.... UVVUim UiW,U l VWV.W .w I
t a - .t. n i ct. ..i-i. xi. : ;i r xu;n nnin .... .. ?j ti. i t
ciety circles. Ho had wandered aimlessly about thestrcet a Trae iuuk. oue ibiu iu bupeiiuixty ul """ nor Sl wbwwwws u,a woum nave oeen useless, a
lor two or three day speaking to no oue carin"1 for noth- " iiit-uc" -" uv? owimm.. jj.v...p.v , nu!) mmw iUl uw. umuw, uuumujj uer.
ing. Ho was a young man, and might have been consid- temed to her side. Of course she was greatly angered So intently had the highwayinen been engaged in ren-
eSd unusually handsome if his clothes had been good j but afe P61"8". impertinence and said : I denng the girl helpless and robbing her of her jewelry,
thev were old. aded and thi-eadbare. Them could be no i mwmBw x44 uu wb, ., i"U ? wv- u.ail v uu iTO. Wl .liuj BfcaKor w ms leer, ne
. .' Jl Ait Kim hAiAit rtl -vl r. 4 v b- rx f.lloA TtAPlfiAM rttlt 1 mn. - Hrtiirt n - 4I j-ht - I ll. Tl .
3 puoiuuu. .AV.U1. . ffua iu4wi tuiu uui;ciumh. x.uti uiouu jKJurea aofl
mistaking the fact that he was an adventurer, who
succeeded in finding only disappointment and poverty. ;
He was tall and straight, 'and had a distinguished look. '
On the evening of about tho third day he was accosted ;
on San Fernando street by a man exceedingly drunk. This
man was. called "Tarantula Juice" not a very appropri
ate appellation, but one which was indignantly resented
1,., 3" i on his honor. You place me in a AUse
illWl . ,. . .- , ,..,w.i-
lmperuneuce is extremely aistasteiui to me.
me. ' j
So said her tongue. Her eyes said : " You havn't got'
the nerve to go any further." He said : (as by this time
they were walking slowly along)
'' You misconstrue me entirely. Let mo explain my , Isu
nou red down his
Please leave face and saturated his shirt. A Glance at. him KfmHnrr
forms brought him slowly to his senses. c,
1 1 rx i n .
aas sue any mouey;" uemanuea a grim voice.
1 can't lind any
- ?
Kb !tiM H - -v vrbv w t nr n w W a H1 uM WV r4 I At'P ' 2 -k -t-
bv Joe. who was a iicrhtar fron Tuoumrae. and who boast, i Luuij UMb i'"i"j uuuVbuiuu uij ujipuiauM xuuuucoa. iu.a-
cd among his numerous other exploits that in the early l a;n a stranger; I have no irieiids here. 1 have been! 'lean
Hnvs hn iinii fvpnnnnrtx. iw n lTfivmi v wikv fifrv unfortunate. There was sucli a kind, womanly, sympa-, "Tear
milns a ilnv. and tnWnn iwlrinlr nvorr timn him hnno- hnrimd I etic expression ill VOUT lace please don't turn away, j At
-.- .' -w - - ' w .T - " b " ntt 1 ijb .J li
irom tne consideration tnat; you to
" Hello, stranger I" he said to the seedy young man.
Joe was everybody's friend, but had a stmnge way of :
showing his friendship wheu ho' wa- dynnk. " What's;
yer prowling 'rouud here in that hang-dog style for!
a-skeerin' pqople."
It's none ot your d d business ," replied the meek-1
"I was
looking stranger.
Joe was not tho man to brood such an iusult.
straiiger attempted to pass on, but loe stonwd him.
Mbeo here, young feller, don't vou know tliat ver wrong,
a-tacklin' the wust. man in this town? An'. V m on the tight I to be a few moments with you, and then leave you forever.,
bigger'n a wolf. Yer mis'rable cockroach eiter, I'll " : I put.it to you, as a reasonable, sensible woman, whether
But he .never did. He thought a brick had struck him: or not I appear to do anythiug in violation of a man's 1
it was only the tist ol tho stranger that laid
the sidew
above all
'Take those rings off heriiugers. God ! shestru
u't that a watch? Snail on to it. Pull out those
quick !"
t don't know how they are fastened."
'em out, then you : and, hurry up I"
that moment, when the robber grasped the earring
pull it rudely through the tender tlesh, a heavv club
; descended crashing upon his shoulder. Hardy was awake.
He had seised the club, which they had dropped upon the
bridge, and was wielding it with a merciless desperation
that only the protection of so precious a charge could have
; inspired. The robbers turned upou himfive n number.
j Quick as a cat, and before thy could 'recover from the-
' surpriso of an attack by a man who, to all appearance
i,rt ortnfiniioi " v.r.f f vm n,rt f had been killed, he felled anotherwith a heavv blow riinnii
j, vi vuviuw,Uj luttv, u"iiv J.&VU vv i ' .... . Z V i. T
consideration, 1 did not think it would be'"10"3'" x remaumig iuui : iusueu upon uni, oiore ne
or that I was lacking in respect to speak to you,
you. Apart
should have an escort over the Guadalupe bridge "
"You know where Hive, then, it seems?"
"Certainly; and your name, also."
"And you a sti anger here?
There was such a delicate little compliment concealed
in this that she was flattered.
him out on proper regard tor uimgs that snoiud oe handled tenderly
:ilk. li thm-a wjis mm fhino- hbu'h .Ino rnsnontpil and sncredlv. I am senarated from everv face and sceno urease : out tne young
.,.., . .,,. w .J. v --- 'f mv - r-wwvk r - -- --; . -r b- - m - - , ,, , i . . - .-
nhlm.r t. v;ii ! tnnn xvUn L-nrtilrn1 bim rlnwn t.hn.fc hriK lm.rh"fnrft made life nleasant. T nm n, sfcrnnrrAv i It and drove into tne
had time to raise the bludgeon again., overpowered him-
aud bore him down. The club as -wrenched from his
grasp, after a desperate struggle and laid wjtli deadening
blows and terrible effect upon his face aud. breast.
One oL the rumans drow a Ifnite to plunge into Jtlardy's
man struck it irom his hand, seized
throat of th.e nearest robber. This.
As he scrambled laboriously to his feet, his bieath con-1 in, a strange countrj-, iind it is with shame 1 admit that i man fell with a. giirgling noise, strangling with blood.
found himself lco to face with ! the appearance I make precludes my entry into society ' "roy struck: auouc mm wiiuiy wicn uio xnue, ana tne
in Joe's ' cougenial to my tastes, lam lonely and destitute, hunger- roouore &muS awiy w oMsipc vo unuu aiwi.
sidbrably shortened, he
'flin titrslilfVOi' -tvlii-v linl tlriim flirt cniKirn fliUir
opinion by not following up his advantage wilo
down, but who nevertheless, assumed a postm
si ve thut.il oe became aware ot gloomy po
he began. to temporize.
'.' Don't yer take a joke ? " ha said, holdiug out his hand,
Which the stanger grasped. Joe eyed him in absorbod ad
miration. WluVd 'a' tliought," ho said, "that a slim spider
like yoiirbeggiir your pardon ior callhr yei a spulen
which yer am t a spider could a' lot out so stron
And with his loft hand ho felt the stramror's right
gauging the must-lb. Quicker'n a gi'ijszly, too," he addod
oo inoy immediately .uecamo last inoiu.s. . oe nro
Joe was i ing for a kindly look, and it is only desperation on that He regained his feet andattaoked his, assailants ; but a.
e soaggi-es-; account Uiat lorccs mo to approacn you. And tnen your -ivug muv, mw tu uiuuu jmuu im uw mux wuw
&ililifir: So ' Vnot to. minds mn so Ktrikinoriv ol mvmotior'R ill at, 1 Ud nis waviwu w utup xiuui mo itiww. j-uw u w uii-u uiuacu-
UUIU1WW W . r --.-- wv- -w-f - - j . - r -r n - -w . -- -
-". -.". " -C' -4 .a -. . -
not resist tho desire to bear your voice also." mm a determined struggle ensueator tne possession ot tne-
This fellow was a born diplomat. The girt was about knife. The others darted to seize, it, when a kick m the
eighteen 'or twenty yqai-s of age. DC course she was ; face from Hady's boot stretehod two of them full lqugth,
handsome, aud had, a sweet face. The young man had uPon tuo bridge.
the bearing of a polished, though unfortunate gentleman; The contest on both sides was desperate. It was no
miMiil. bin. witTi nrlflo tinntnred with sorrow nnd loueli- longer robbery, but murder. 1 ho girl attempted to i-en-
- V ,-.-. vvvw -B. 4 -. .- .., -- - - ----., -r -- ., -r ."-J .
- A k &. .1.-1m Bm k.h x . fe . ft &4 il h fr r A - fc & b a i. r X m at 9 h
g." ness; calm, slow, erect, aud possessed, ot that ability to uur ucr umvo uimiKiuiuiiiu iwsimu.t;c, uuuu w,is mii-
urin. : look stcadilvand undauntedly into the oyes of a woman, . tally thrust against therailtug.
iimh hn innn wfti.rhf,. ns oxTiressiiis- Hower siud suneri- By a dexterous kick Hardy succeeded m sending the
, 1T-,,r- ,,,---,- -,- w-r .,. -CJ--" '- -. V " " --
oritv. than iUl other tilings combined The girl was
posed that they take a drink. Tho stranger aeauleseed touched with nitv and 'spurred with a desire for adven
lie hadu'thad a square drink for some timo : but ho was , tiiro. She had strong self-reliance the ruin of nine-tenths
knife Hying off tho bridge ; and immediately theroaftoiv
having pushed his assailant against the other roiling, sud--denly
picked him up and thrust him headloug into the
cbuslderablv ahnnlced wlmn lm ilincnxf ivivi t-imf. u hurl to i nf tiu pnDtniiiiiL vMs tlmfc am ruined. mud beneath It was a tajl ot htteeu or twenty feet.
piiy'for the liquor, Ju being in his chvonic condition of! "I really don't know what to do," said the girl. , The remainmg robbers, ovidontly discouraged at tho
po-cket-emptiuess, and the stranger evidently hated to'" "I don't believe," replied the stranger, " that a womau determination and immense strength of llawly, and dis
part with tho money. Then they became very communi-1 with as much strength and character as 1 seo in your face ..gusted with an enterprise that had already cost them sp
catives Tlio stranger told how he had such a run of bad ! would naturally lay as much stress on conventionalities dear, wore easily put to ilight by the appearance of a krnto,
luckHl'tVt the worjd seemed dreary, and there was nothing I as would those of shallower feeling." . that Hardy whipped from his pocket.
,tO;lie for. ,loo spoke words of encouraging consolation; During this timo they had advanced a'fow steps. The Ho was master ot tlio Held. A dead body remamod.
and,- afcalast and purely conventional expedient, urged ' girl looked at the ground", confused, The. man at her He quickly removed the gag Irom the mouth of ,the al-
tlie stranger to marry some rich girl and settled down. ' side was evidently a gentleman. Ho was In distress, was most fainting girl Re itoreu to her what, law.elry- the
'. - " . . --. -b ... '.iuB b-i . . J. . . w . - . i i.. ,..-. .-. ..s. i . y t M-m ti ir rru "via n vkifiaifi finirii rii iibli -v
i-eminded by .nor oi his mptiier, nad.no meuu perpap no , mumw uiviav.. wwf w-v ..v. - ..v
was iu want. Poor follow J Hut what would her friends - "You nvu seriously hurt," sho said, as soon a-s she could
think of such an. escapado? Nevertheless, alter hesitating recover nor speeon.
a moment, she admitted that she had been conquered, by , "It. is nothing," he replied,
saving : v lace.,.
v T
Joe explained how ensilv it could bo done. His friend
had brains, good muuuqrs, nerve all the necessary re
quisites fordoing 'Hhe correct thing." Tho stranger
was modest on that score, but Joe clung to tho proposi
tion, saying that a man with snoh a stylo could marry
wiping the bipod
from., big
I.I K . --.!.. ....... .. .
hnV rrivi in niiufniwinm nti.i n Loir iIaJat. tii fnnf if lm I .tmi .tMnt.vmii- nuiiinst. sir thouirh Pm. afraid of doiiif"-; nevertheless he walked unsioauuy as tney proceeded,
..waufed That many. All that was' nec&isavvwis unlinv-i w'roug;'r . .' : - U , . - - j aud at length .was compelled I to stagger against. a, fencoand
ited cheek, and a well-arranged plan. Thoy purred lato, ' ! -. Ifcsilroewhlit: s'mgular that, .atthatpartieUlar mo? j lean-.uppn it.for support. Mpjy nplejanfl gqnerou feel-
! '
; g

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