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ing in tho girl's heart ftufcoued. Thar was no longer I JiMIM Uwnukl I "
any ooromonv betwocn tliW. 'Sho put lior -hand ross- Mlt&nAfoclpath. IIoM hTvl 1 If yo wouW
melvon is face ".Ton she took it away and looked at it'ngt contoWiHd ttfd houso because you lfacUn. wonndsj .JflL
by tho light of a distant lamp. It was stamod witiii uiooa, , ,on v v iV ;..' , '," W
Soon he regained his strength, and thoy continued on " Precisely. rt a' , fc.x!k ",i vi '
,,. w 'Piw; ;,n,i hAVnm tiin mito? " And after you did get thai thrashing yrfu ttWnetl it to u0l...
"Come 'in&' she said: "this shall bo yqur homo until you account by getting out doctdrj I suppose! m $- .Undv
." Tfflf-'.. I :"
It W. , - --
. 111. i
nvo a horn:"
"ThauklyoiL I must go. Goodnight."
"You musk come in. X shall nova forgive your if you
don't. I may novorseo you again.' ,, ,
-y "Perhapslhot," Ho said, bitterly . " '
This mado hor thoroughly determined to detain him.
Sho had a strong will, but his wis tho stronger. She be
came almost angry ; thon sho bit hor lips in tho dark, aim
implored him to remain. , ,
Hd'Hlcolined, in ii respectful, kindly way.
"'Well, thon." sho said, "whoro do you livo?"
"ISiOvyhero." '-...:
"Please toll me,"
"Will you let mo know to-morrow ?M
"I don't know."
. "P.Uusa, do."
"Perhaps. Hore is a street oar. Good-night?." , - '
Then sho did a very foolish thing. Sho threw her arms
around his neck and kissed him. Ite felt doubly a con
queror. 4
Tlmwi vcr'ie f.mmnndnnfi nvrntrimonl; OVer thfi affair. The
police wore informed as soon as the girls father could hear
fliA tari'StOn D-mt7 oiii? rnrtrth flift rntif.n sf.ation. The Offi-
" 111.WS WlBlUUiW ;; u, ,mM , Z
si ivnriini r, reii tin omiuvwlt'it. 'hysterically nnd:ff0t$un
and slapped him, and then throw Mior tvrms.around litis
nook and kissed lnm. .; :,.i. ., ..
""What did you toll mo foiV'youW "t. 1 f ,.
a HUiife -Tfirniifciiln. Jon wanted to'fnut foH too IttUOhW
st:vlo. nnrttAPas blhokmailinc moofitracreousl " ? H'
VJ., ... ,,...- w w Mf
t unfrequontly wo aro-obligod ,toj,lJnwor tho same
i, norSkps ovovv few months. ; This (fact shows tlib
antagoof all ek-soldicrs and others interested taking
flip paper and keeping a file of it, Tkeii they could at
auv time turn to the file and probably find -the vory query
answered, about? which itho'yaro gotting ready to writo or
;have -written us. w.Jiy, soittioi-s, tneso nuswoxs to your
queries are worth tofttimea lire cost of tiwpqycr to you.
-r -n nrtTvr-v. Tt.t The. Oommissionor of Pensions
j is appointed by the, President and can be. impeached' and
, removed by a vote of the Senate. . ' 'H ' T,
., , ,.... -s R. C, SrnlNOViELD, Mo. Tho salary or General bber,
Captain Mayno Boid, who was a lieutenant in the regi- j . Jb fc m m
mtfnt of Now York Volunteors during our war with Hex. ' nu nnt! Tow v' -Writo to Gort. J. A. Wiliiami
ico, and who loft this country some years since to join in t J. B., Osqaloosa, l0J a. lito to woj i .) . "" l
the Hungarian struggle, has rcconty published in London i son, Commisssionor of tho General Laud Oihce, Washing
a lively, dashing narrative, or novel, ontitled "Tho Scalp- ton, u. u
Huntors. or Romantic Adventures in Northern Mexico." i G. L. K., nARiusBUna, P.v. Amswovth R. Spoflord,
A journov across tlio prairies irom at. juouis to oauco xe, ; is jjiomnan oi. vougiu&s .wu n. ju hw w a .. -lv-nm
M.n "TVcm of Death." and an expedition against I richt to a book writo to him.
t p. w.. trftniri-ir. Towa. Tho mosotit Commissioner
of Pensions will hold his office, if not romoved bylaw, until
A Bide on a Buffalo.
across tho "Desert of Death,' and an expedition against
one of thoso tribes of Indians who liavo remained uucon-
nfAtitmnnh nininrAR of tllO book. Ill tilO COUl'SO Of these. i,!n 0,tnnacrw ic fiminint.orl nttrl onilfirmod.
the hero, in camping out with a party Of hunters, is sud-1 -.7. m,r,fw Ritp Tin Write to tho Adiiitant-
S. denly sui-pnscd at night by tho rush of a Herd of many Q'oryouvStato at Indianapolis. Ho doubtless keeps
" "- :"v " , r :. e r,.", . .,, i;ri fiin ruousuuu uiuiium, wnuna j .va bv . . .. iistof all Indiana troops wno served in tne war ui tuo ru-
cers could ilnd only a quantity of blood on tho bridge, the , , d the plllin tll0 aenouoment of which is ?,,. n x
,1 Ik.ii. J .1 1.. SJ-l. .f H,A Kni Qrnvnl tllUS UOSC11ULU . ,. .i. 4 ..
I sprang to my ieet, nragmg aside my oianiiou. . war
ful spectacle was before mo. Away to tho west as far as
tho oyo could reach, tho prairie scorned iu motion. Black
t,mvna vniiil iwtw its ltiululafciuff outlinds as though some
burning mountain was pouring down its lava upon the
days failed, to reveal the identity of the robbers. Several
but without avail.
Another mysterious development was tho disappearance
of Hardv. Ho could not bo found. However, on tho
second day tho old family physician of tho Morris houo
1. 1 .1 'L. ..J.!.. .... 4.1.,. OT-rntl.. 4 .a .-runni nvnifnmallt (Hll
T fniinil liitin " 1 -. :.
She turned pale with excitement and joy. .. t f,. -,
! 'NTiereishe'?" sho asked, breathlessly.
"Jump into my buggy and I'll take -you.to him.''
She did so. Thoy found, him in a small, dilapidated
adobe house on Market street, with a Spanish, family. He
was delirious and in a high fever Tho girl sat down by
Of thO MorriS h0U0- , . .i., U.-Srrl.fc ennhc tinelmrl nnrl flitfp.H nlnncr
hbld'came.panting up tho walk in -groat oxoitement, and movjn(r surface likejets of re. Tho ground shook,
SniQ L() LllB JTlrl I ' ' . 1.. ,! lmni! vnnvnf nnnn f.hnir 1T111RR nni(rllinT
men shouted, horses reared upon thoir ropes, neighing
wildly. My dog barked and howled, running around me.
For a moment 1 cnougat x was areamiug ; uui, nu, uiu
II. N., Calais, Mb. Pensions for total disability have
been increased from $30 to 75.
L. D. J., BLOOMltsnTON, III. Your pension must con
tinue at $8 per month. There is no existing law;thatwiU
give you an increase.
J. J., Laxsixg, Mich. Children who were under sixteen
vears of ago at the timo of tho death of the soldior-father
', aro entitled to pension. v '
lour testimony-already
shncrcrv Rrnstrf aud blaring eve-balls of the buffalo.
..9 "1 ft " ' T 1.. i.1. !.. 't...1- I T .-1.nll li t.n.-.-
i.. v..,v..vU. v Jt "fc -. --.,..- .- , j 1 vjoci ot neavou : 1, uui iu uuou rtiv. . 1 omm u umu-
tno Dea, tO0K lus not nana in uore, ana ueiuro mo uiu uuu- ; . fc() (oau t "
tor knew what was coming next, she commonced to cry. j l It was too at
i non sno Kissea uaroias nanci.
110, tllO I "... j .... 1,.,. nti nnnrl.nmvn in nrLlit.tnil ;tr fS
scene was too real to bo mistaken for a vision. I saw the j '2 Xvour case ,
border of tho black wave within ten paces of me, and still i tam,s y ' 0tT10 hf4m w ,st ronorfc of
"...1,: -IM,ft ,if1 nfc f. 11 f.hAn. fl fl T rnftnrrniaft tlin i L. G., COLr.MBUS, OHIO. IhOie WOS tt list lOpOlt 01
apiJiitiiiu&. ."v..., . . .w.., -" - ---ro , ,i vionnnrs hf war. fsftn letter f rom AV ar JJoimrtmcnt
a. j . r . u v m s. nK nirn 1 rv r r TiiTirivTtiiri i lit iiiiui i ikiu .a a wai " -w -- ,,--.
in other column.;
It was too late to attompt to ospapo by
J. R. C. Mokmouth, III. Q. When did tho war of tho
rauning. I , robollion begin? A, When the rebels fired on the " Star
band, of the NYest," whicu was sent- to provision roi-u oumuu,
ir of , nnnnnind bv General Anderson, in January. lSul.
s i
aueaa oi
i KoivArl mv rifle, and lired at the foremost ot tlie
The old nmu took her home, and she came twice a day I ,. ff f my sot was nofc percoptiblo. Tho wate
w wB.mw, ui-iiigms iiviiauuvi. m uumw, - ZK.rVZ ' the arroyo was dasued m my lace, a nugo ouu, aueaa oi Toledo Oiiro. Q. Does the now Pres dent til
ing some delicacy, and doing-whatever a kind and goner- . fcl restJ furioils audsnorting, plunged through the stream L1 ,lJ?Sl asion whoii ho takes his seat? Not
ousjieart could sugge.t Gradual y be Koovei I, and as , d j.he T was liJ?fced aifd t seA higll into ?ie se to cpn
sopn as he could be moved he was taken to her home. .t- j.. thrown rearwards, and feU upon a moving 0!,bolff' fereaueiitlV the Hous'o'of
Thejre.he neeamo entirely well.. By his, patience and .gen- : J- m nQt Juirt nor bunnod:- x &lt mvself cnif. ffXuvS session H
tlehcss he won tho hearts of every ono-xcepfc the girl s. . d d the backs of sovoml animals that in tll0 Ropiesentatn cs is not called in session , ..
Hers was already won. . deiise drove, Sn close together. These, frightened at : P. S., Memvhis, TEXK.-We belie vo hat wwwn.as
'Thn Rlhinofl awav. Hardvwas established in business "onfe "iZ ,"i i" iiAali 1rt,i t ,itiio n fn the Enualteatiou Bounty Bill can be passed at the coming
iAt-.V; ..Af.,1 a. Him. Pnm. Tnvnrn-nia wlm nnnnr.niin - riaii llll,fa h u lu "v ' ,vv . .. i.. i.-..S!.. ...i' ..: ! cc?m i,r nnroR if till the soldiers interested will make
SlTOmBHU, "lup"l1 .""!.,;.; 1""" . ftnnatnra niirl llflni-esfintiltivCS
1 dropped my legs ascnao uiuir . . .-4-. -
in business
t-.ri.bivsftnifl to lie a o-veafc favorite with the y.oung man,
was allowed to sit iu the kitchen aud drink a dozun of
champagne on the night of the wedding of Sophronia
Morris -to John Hardy a brilliant affair by the way.
WW - - j 1 14 11 - 1
i tnoir strange uuruen. uynowu iouuiv,
- . w -i , :. u.t i.j. i. i
tlie iront. J suuaen xaougui.
that which was most under me,
of him, embracing his hump, and elutcumg tneiong wop y , um.ugu iuiUuuB . w. ..
hair that grow upon his neclc. The animal "routed' with j . )., Denvek, Col. Yes. Tho District of Oolumlna
bxti-emo terror, and, plunged forward, soon headed the i once was governed , by a territorial legislature, now. jt is
liah'd, . ' governed by three commissioners appointed by the Presi-
" I This was exactiv what 1 wanted : and on we went over j dent.
A few months ago Hardy was reading thomorniug paper j tho. prairie, the, hull, running at top speed, believing, no j T E., York, P,v. We hope the Pension Court Bill .will
when a, bright ray of sunshine came in througu tile door. doubt, tnat lie uaa a pamuer or a ciuamuum, uouwecu
dif'are so
ti it i , .if. . J-I.r. lnnnlnni- nn1 iftiiflaet' ivnrniii fwi i oliriiUrlorc
fwVhmeda " !' '" i I had.no desire to disabuse him of this belief ; aud lest
"My dear," lie said, "nave -we uvea uappny uuese wu
"Why, John what a question ?" .
"And you have never regretted tho persistence of the
sedyJstrauger on Santa Clara street twoears and a half
'. T rofrreh linfcliimr. John, and von know it. I didn't
Wftw'whufc' lifii. waA until I met vou. But,-oh ! that was
a terrible night, wasn't it, John?" , , .' . .
"Awful !" he ejaculdted, with a' broad look of mischief
in niseyes. t
' "What makes you look that ay, John?
nrovoking." t ' '
'I am a villain, dear ' " ; ' ' '
Whafcdoyoumean?" &
'WfDo'you remember tho robbers?"
1 'Pthirik I do ! They nearly killed you.''
"They are friends of mine, dear."
"John!" she exclaimed, stunned.
"Absolutely true. Old Tarantula Joe and I put up the
job so that I could clean 'em out, become a hero and then
many you."
She stared at .him, astouisned1, shocked and incredu
lous.5' "John!"
"It's a fact," ho said, laughing, as he saw her anger
rising.' '.,,.,, " j.
She was utterly stupefied. Thon a quick light came to
her eyes, She knew ho was joking. m
11 You are fooling me, John. You know that horrid
club nearly killed you."
" It was made of paper," he explained, still laughing.
A. gloom again stole to hor face, but it was immediately
dispelled by auother recollection.
"1But your face was really bloody."
" Joe got that for me at the slaughter-house.
She was thoroughly punished, nob knowing what to
think. , . . , ,
" But, John, thoso wore real hurts on your head and
face. I saw them myself. There now I"
" Yes ; and can't you imagine how I received them ? "
$he thought she had him cornered, but tho look of con
fidence in his face disheartened hor.
" Well, how, then? " sho asked, petulant and despair-
h . I.t .;-- I lttrti- nrtlllyill in thA
: pas. It was very lavorauiy roumveu iuf iuwl .w-
j House. Lack of timo prevented its full consideration.
he should deem me altogether harmless and come a. ! H. P.. CofiuacniA, Ia.-U tliero is an o iicer m"J;
halt, I sapped out niywie,iwhich happened .l.;sylv
"handy, and prioiced nim up wnene,vernesuoweui?.yJup-. yuu unj;uo .uii .... .,- t-
toms of lagging. At ovory first touch of the "spur" he j gres on the subjeot. ;; . ,,
roared out, auof ran for ward at a redoubled pace. B. J., Bristol, Pa. No. The evidence you suggest
My danger was still extreme. The drove was coming would not bo sufliciont to establish your right to a pension,
on behind, with a frbut of. nearly a mile. I could not j T r Jersey' City, 3ST. J. Every State furnished
have cleared it" had tho bull stopped and left me on, the j jjmni troops during the war of the rebellion except; South
"NrnfAviHiRtaiirlinrr tho neril I AVRS ill. COllld llOt resist I ' ' T . mi.. r,.ii :. i.v,.o.
..w.w...... - A , . ., it;t.t.kyILLE. llili. lliti iuiiu liifi uuutiuuiuu wu-
V.irn,Cir,,atlZi ifiTr stitut.tCcrn.ittco on Invaiia Pousionl -to prtgnt
when looking at a good comedy. Wo struck through a
village of "prarie dogs." nere l iancjoa tno auimai was
about to turn and come back. This brought my mirth to a
sudden pause; but the buffalo usually runs in a "bee
line, aud fortunately mine maoe no exception xobuoiu-w.
On he went, sinking to his knees, kicking the dust from
the conical hills, snorting and bellowing with rage and
The "Plumbutte" were directly in the line of our
course. I had seen this from tho start, aud knew that if I
could reach them I would bo safe. They were nearly
three miles from the bluff Avhere we had bivouacked; but
in my ride I fancied them ten.
A small one rose over the prario, several hundred yards
nearer than tho main heights. ToAVards this I pricked
the foaming bull in a last stretch; and ho brought me
cleverly within a hundred yards of its base.
It was now time to take my leave of my dusk compan
ion. IcouldhaVo slaughtered him as I leaned -over his
back. My knife rested upon tho most vulnerable part of
his huge body. No, I Avould not have slain that buffalo
for the Koh-i-noor.
Untwisting my fingers from his thick fleece, I slipped
down over his tail .without as much as saying ' Good
night, " ran with all my speed towards tho knoll. I climbed
up, and, sitting down upon a loose boulder of rocks, looked
out over the prarie.
The moon was still shining brightly. My late compan-
inn Lnrl lmltarl nnfc far from whoro I loft him. and Stood
glaring back with a look of extreme bowildormont. There
was something so comical in tho sight that I yelled with
laughter as I sat securely on my porch.
infr You remember that fellow I pitched into tho mud ? "
"Yes-well, what?"
" When I went back to join tho boys and have a good
laugh over tho affair, and to report progress, this fellow
mot me, mad as a Turk for spoiling his clothes and nearly
breaking his neok. You see it wasn't on tho programme
for me to pitch him over. That was .going it a little too
strong ; but I couldn't resist tho temptation, larantula
Joe said I'd havoto fight hira, as I hadn't done tho square
thing. We went at it, and ho gave mo tho worst licking
mortal ever had."
This was really so rich that tho young wife madotho
house ring with hor laughter.
For Lisping Children.
A rapid recital of tho following narrative is said to be
nn infallible cure for lisping. "Hobbs moots Snpbbs and
Npbbs ; Hobbs nobs with Snobs and robs NobbB' fobs.'
"This is," says Nobbs, "the worst of Hobbs' jobs," and
Snobbs sobs.
"Boy, may I inquire whore Robinson's drugstore is?"
Certainly, sir," replied tho boy, respectfully. "Well,
sir," said tho gentleman, after waiting awhile, "whoro is
it?" "I have not tho least idea," said tho urchin.
Houso of Representatives : Hons. A. H. Coffroth, of Pa.,
u n T.fTMa nf Ala.. .T. W. Caldwell, of Kv.. A. J. Hos
tetter, of-Ind., H. Persons, of Ga., W. H. Hatch, of Mo.,
K. L. Taylor, of Tenu., j. xuason, 01 jh. j.., i. o. xihkiu
tou, of Vis.,'G. R. Davis of 111., and J. T. Updegraff, of
T. J. IV., BooxyiLLT3, Mo. No law has been enacted
providing an artificial limb or commutation money thore
for to soldiers and and sailors every three (3) years instead
of every five (o) years. The law remains unchanged.
Perhaps you have in mind the act of March 3, 1870, which
provides a trutu every two (2) years and six months to
soldiers, seamen, &c , who were ruptured in the service, of
tho United States
C. H., Vandalta, III. Children of soldiers of tho war
Of lbltf, Or 01 TllO iUOXlGiUl Will- ui wt mu '"'" .
wars prior to March 3, 1855, aro not ontitled to land Avar
rant on account of thoir father's service in above named
wars unless thoy were under tweuty-ono years of age
March 8, 1855. Thoy may, howevor, no matter whrtt their
age, complete a claim pending at date of death of father or
mother and rccoivo tho Avarrant.
J. B. W., Inpiakapolts, Ind.-Q. When was the pay
of soldiers of tho lato war inoroasod ? A. May 1, 1804;
Privates' pay in artillery and infantry was increased from
$13 to $16 a month ; corporals' from $13 to $18, and ser
geants' from $17 to $20. Wo aro unable to say what was
msnt in providing this increase in pay, but wo presume it
was owing to the depreciation of the currency.
J. B. S., Utica, N. Y. An ox-soldier who has served
three years will have to settle on and improve a homestead
for two years boforo a patout for tho same can bo issued
to hira. If he files a declaration for a homestead through
an agent, he must within six months throaftor, enter upon
tho tract.
B. P., Dayton, Ohio. Wo think tho probabilities of
tho early passago, at tho next session of Congress, of tho
Geddes "PonBion Court" bill aro excellent. c C "
Mrs. M. B., Jefferson City, Mo. You are-ontitled
to a pension as tho mother of a decoaBed soldierXbocauso
ho left a Avidow surviving hira. Because the widow has
remarried does not give validity to your olaim,
L l

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