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SolMcro" &ommumcaons.
(Jorrcspanbcnts' Column.
Etna, Cor.us Co., III., January I, 1881.
Htdltor of The National Tribunn:
I aid ftvrAvo that my subscription for jour much valnott paper
is about up. I tluvrnforo forward you 1 to pay tor tho paper
monthly f.tr tho year tvSl, ami tho premium pocket-knife, which
I 800 you propose glvl 'g to eneh aubsorlhor. I c.innt think of
doing without Thh N'ATiovALlntnu.iu.as Isco It uuhes tattngly
lofonds the soldier In every respect where rlicht is demanded. 1
hone to sou the columns tor thu your 1SSI, as all have louo here
tofore, defending tho worn-out, deblliutod man who I-ht ull ho
bad to Bare his country. Respectfully,
LiviJinsTO.vviiXR, N. Y., January 18, 1881.
-Erfffor of Tf.e National Tribune:
I received Tour paper, anil I would llko to give yon tho fooling''
of the soldiers in this nluco. Thoy all think Bontley their worst
enomv, and wondor why ho hs boon kopfc ao long at tho head or
the Pension Ouloo. It looks as if ho woro Ju-rt kopt there to
rob us poor soldiers. Nor why d mss Oongross allow this man to
out dowa tho an jh of min y duo h muscly dm m poor sol.
dlcrs t It looks; to mo n if tho soldlors aftor satf-jrlng and doing
11 they eouttl for tho country, woro now Iwfttopuckthe bank teat,
If thoro Is any milk loft. I wnto my o vn sontlmo its and those
of all other soldlors about hero. A St. P ml ay j itrebhron,
these thing ought not to bo.M Yourrrlonl,
ICiKKSVtLLB, Madisox Oo., Ky,, January 16, 1SSI.
Editor of The National Trtbune :
DkarSiu: I rooelvo my paper regularly every month. It is
tho bust piper over gotten up for tho sold lore, giving thorn a
clear insight Into m utors in which thuy ure mosr interested I
xm doing .11 loan for It. I hopo to go, m my subscribers for It
I want to k tow whether or not, if tho Kquilizitiou Bdl passes'
soldiers who enlistotl on or about April 14, 1S35, w 11 bo on
titled to the same b mntvns th no who ontorod tho service at an
arller period. (Seo answer to this In corresp indents' column )
I hope Icao got subscribers onouh to rooelvea present. Please
yrlnt this In your paper. Yuurs, respootru.lv,
Editor of The National Tribune:
Medina, Orlkans Co., X. Y., January 13, 1S3L
Dbak Sm: A an ox-soldler and a roador of Tick National
3?rikumk for tho list two yoirs, I omnot afford to be without it.
It makes my bout glad to know that Uvth are thoao who iro In
fcorested In the affairs or tho mn who fought, sutrarod, and died
that tho natl.tn might live. I rooaivo I tho rod wrapper, and
aslnce that a sample paper, which I sent to my broth jr In Wis
consin. 1 hope that Its influence will be folt there In the heart of
every ox-soldier or tho republic, and greatly inofoaso tho sub.
srlptIon list or your monthly jvipor. I incleso stamps forT.iK
TxiBONKpr another year, hoping and prayim? that your sub
eriptltn list may be largely Inoroasod during tho year 131, and
' that It may make glad ovory month th s hoarts ot all tho bovs
-whoTTore tho blue. Please give those few linos a place (u vour
joapor. Yours, truly. A T. jt4vRi.
Maqookuta, Jackson Oo., Iowa, January '20. Is&t.
Milter of The National Tribune :
Db.b V' 1 1.!. th.ftt th0 la,wgrantln? baolc nnslon distinctly
ays that It shall bo the same in amount as tho origina po slon
ifow has Mr. Bantloy the riglib to change the law and w tliii .Id
wytnouoy? lam a cripptod ?oldlor and need ovory cent that
belongs to too, as I have, i wire and Ave ohihlron to support. 1
1?J.,0-titS?,t(JiW?rci,a,n,d?2l.,y get 18 l'r month. My pension cer
tiflca.e is dated prli -2-2, 1374, at tho rato of 418 nerinintli I
was a member of Company U.Sjcomt InCintry, Kentucky Vols.
Toh,lAo4?,ltloyrI?r,,(ll!d my hao,c Pennon as follows: From
Juno '20, 1831, to June 21. 1S70, at $3 per month an I fruin J in
1870, to June 20, lh73, at S por montlL Ho ilrat s ihl that I h?l
114 months and 2 days, and bo p Ud $1J8.& The la w Jays plaint
that mv back pension should bo tho same per rnwuh iroin tlio
date of my disoharo as tho original pension, that Is t8 !)or
month. I was mustered out or tho service Juno 10 1834- so v,?n
" fl gt Mi'- Bent.oy lias wronged mo an ?ny hf. n'y ouo"
$l,2o0. Please publish this in Tiik National minu"L "ll oblige
Your, truly, MARTIN" RAFF.
Aktiioxt, Hatiprr Uo Kansab, January, soih, issi.
Mkittor of the National Tribune.
It seems to bo a wondor to somo persona whv somn (iit(1M,i
BOldlers pr the rebellion have not applied for a JensZ uS i 2
lato a, date there Is a groat many reasons wny they did not a few
of which I will try to relate. J ' a IeW
-Many 'enlisted for tho good of tho cause, and not ror tba
money they wore to reoaivo dy husband was iiVsnlVn 5 ,?
jnan till ho served throe voirs f i the war inrt iRm i? h,ftfy
down He has boon sloklilmost over slnc'e "i have seen h S
.orae la from it s work, after laboring halt tliod.iv In.i ii ii
and groan hair the night. 0 has oTrte S to mh S' Jt ffi S
'sure in the army ruined his constitution. I lave o tin reSues ed
him to apply for a pension, ho would sav he hatml to as ?on- as
0 could (ivo without it. Wo llvl in lioutuolcy vhor o il.fr
malority were rebets much opposed to penslona and tliev
talked as though a pensioner was a government robber anX
impostor. .My bnsban.Io.uld not earnon.mb or S s ippSt
BSffir HAS? lTiB
teTisalyToSodHltoV?,"U! nntnP SSsionVtJS
2Sf.niS ?irt m iia ,f iwVfiUioZSdSil him thlt he
should live, and that tho enemy's flro iin n.i . ,.! if i
Youra truly, MARY A. BEARD.
Attention, Soldiers I
Thoro is a lanjo class of ex-volunteer omcers and sol
diers principally of the cavalry arm of the service, who,
after tho fall of Riohmonrl, were, with their conuntucK
ordered to the Plains to fi-Ut Indians, or to Texas, on the
nvor Rio Grande, to watch marauding Mexicans. These
men wore mostly veteran volunteers, and h id enlisted for
"daring the war," or for one, two, or three years, "uu
less sooner discharged," by reason of tho close of the
trno n 0af6S tlQ understanding, both on the part df
wi-nna1mMUf and1lUe solclier' was that when the re
ShlH . iUl? hiavB ie put dovvtl ihQy would bo dls
Sri??H?i . i Wh0n th v"men6 vi latod its contract
Z t2S ?i V mQ? aud od them to the PUIih or
Ka7? numbers or them, having served the Qv
S?S ufcfclilully according to the terms of their enlist-
So5fnSSB' tUuS ,fopfi,ltIn a" Pay, bounty, and other
mJZ MfV'Vrobably, pennon. All survivors of
a' aml Jlw hoirs of such as have died, are ro-
2nmna L fc .thiS W0V tllh' M natn0J, wfth Tank,
5KS,P ?' I0eiraent and post-olHco address. By so doing
fcuoy may reap an unexpected benefit.
hS 0i .ollr ubsoribera who kno.v of any persons era
K, fcho osses referred to will confer a favor on tho
latter by sending us their names, &o., as above.
J. Kaokr, Nkw Mti.Koun, Covni.M.v brother wtw a ponHloner
nncl had two ycnrM aooruou votudon tluo him fit his donth. O.
Onu I collcot Hold noorurd pension 1 A. If your brother lolt
iiof thor widow llor minor child Hurvlvltu? him, only ho much of
tho accrued poindon ius Is necessary to roiuihurHo tho person who
bore tho cxuohhor of 11 lut sloknoas and of IiIh funeral can b'c
allowed. If our brother loft assets sulUclont to dofray Hhid
pxpooH, a olalm for roimbnrRonuuit would not bo allowed. In
rojmi'd to a hond-Htono Jor your brother's fjrave, you hUouUI
apply to tho Qnartonnnster-Goneral of the Army, WtiHlilngton,
l. C, by letter.
J 4. A. C4., Cn wroun, Onto. Tho rate of pension for n disability
incapacitating for any manual labor was, up to Juno 0, 1800, $s a
mouth: from that date to Juno d, 1872, It was $20 a month : and
from tho laid date, and at present, $'Jl a mouth. Tho phraso
"any manual labor," which occurs In tho law. Is construed to
Includo tho lighter kinds of labor requiring education and skill.
H. J. , KtmitKA, Kansas. 1. Wo do not comprehend your
first query, but will answer at a venture that tho rocordu or tho
War Ui-purtnient furnlnh, in a vast majority of cason. tho mili
tary history of thoKoldlcr. 2. Tim Pension Olllco refers to tho
War Department for (,ho military history of an applicant for a
pension. 3. Tho certificate of your disability is most probably
on file at the War Department, aud can and will bo referred to by
tho Pension Ofilcc. but you cannot procure a copy of said certifi
cate. 4. Tho certificate of dlsnbltit v docs not contain all tho
facts required by tho Pension Ofileo. to bo proven by tho testi
mony of a commissioned ollloer. For instance tho tlmo when,
place whoro, hud tho circumstances under which the disability
was Incurred, arc not set forth in such certificate; therefore, it
will not serve in lieu of atlldavit of olilcor. 5. There Is no anal
ogy bet ween the cases of a prlsonor before a court of justloo and
an applicant for pension before an Examining Surgeon. Iu tho
tlrst case the verdict of the jury Is not revlowed; In the last case
tho report or verdict of tho'Exumiuing Surgeon Is reviewed, and
too often revised by the Venslon Oillco to tlie detriment of the
applicant, so that tho Pension Office is really tho jury, ami can
and does arbitrarily set asldo tlio testimony of an unlmpeached
witness the Examining Surgeon. 6. The report of tho Examin
ing surgeon outweighs the tesllmonv of the family physician or
any uumber of phvsiclans as to the degree of disability, and the
Commissioner of Pensions, in many instances, ignores the evi
dence of both family physicians and examining surgeon, and
fixes tho rate of pension apparently according to caprice or
guess-work. 7. All affidavits filed in pension claims become a
part of the Government records, and cannot be withdrawn from
the tiles. When a claim is rejected upon tho report of tho exam
ining surgeon, tho hitter's report can only bo robuttcd by tho
Introduction of now ovidence, or by a favorable report by an
otlior surgeon or board of surgeons.
D. S. IJ., RoAiinro Srmxn, Pa. Tho party to whom you refer
as having paid $300 commutation money to escape the draft has
no chance of recovery, for the reason that, if physically disabled
for military duty when drafted, tho opportunity was att'orded
him to show his right to exomptiou; and, falling to do so, ho
would have no valid claim, oven if not barred by statnto of lim
itation. A.G. C, Donas' Fbuuy, N. Y.-l. Wo do not sccuroposltlous under
tho Government for ex-soldiors and sailors, although wo should
like to seo all such provided for. 2. Extra duty pay for services
such as you performed was cut oil from March 3. 1863, by act of
Cnogress of that date. If you werodotalled before that date, and
your services properly reported by tho Quartermaster or Com
missary of Subsistonoo, you may recover pay.
J. J. B Sihim'KNSVillk. Pa. If you wero discharged on no
count of a physical disability, not a wound or an injury in the
nature of a wound as contradistinguished from a disease, you
were not entitled to the balance of bounty, but to only such In
stallments as hnd. accrued at tho date of your dlsolmrgo. You
may be entitled to a pension and to ratlon-mouey. (Seo adver
tisement in this paper.)
Wm. M. B., Mautix, Kansas. Congress will most probahly
mako an appropriation before it adjourns to pay commutation
money in lieu ot artificial limbs. Tho appropriation heretofore
made has been exhausted. You will receive your allowance as
soon as the appropriation shall have been made.
W. II. S Mbucku County, Pa. -Tho Pension Olllco is uoav call
ing for evidence in claims numbered from 320,000 to 330,000, and
you may expect to receive tho requirements in your case very
If thosoldlor's donth wim duo to his military sorvloo, his wldv
should also tllo an application for a rogular pension to oontiHwo
during her widowhood, a. Tho lost obtainable ostium' of Uwi
number of deaths In rebel prison Is 31,603. 3. Tho prison at Andee
Rouville, On., was probably tho worstof all tho prison pons, al
though all woro bad onough, afaot which any survivor onu attcat.
E. V. 11., Coi.ciiKSTKUt Conn. l. Tnvalld pension claims of tit
Army for tho late war havoono series of numbors and tho claim
or heirs, another, a. It Is tmposslblo to Inform you of the high
est numbered pension olalm which has been disponed of by al
lowance or rejection. Your own claim ought to no disposed ot
at an early dato provided you furnish tho required ovldouco
41 Co. P, lam Mictt. Tnp.," Eaton IUimdh, Mtctr. An ox-soldlor
writes from tho above place In rogard to whothor ho has fur
nished evidence which will warrant favorable notion on his olaita.
for pension. If ho will furnish us his full name wo will seo that
ho is fully advised In rogard to his case. Wo have not tho spao
in which to insert his Inquiry and a full answer, both of which,
would be very lengthy, in writing to us ho should refer to Mill
column giving month of lasuo.
StrnscitinKU," Hacink, Wis. In our opinion Comrrass wilt
ncvtr enuet a law garntlng laud-warrants for soldiers an
sailors of tho lato war. Such can acquire a title to a homestead
of mm acres only by actual settlement and cultivation. Tho po
rind of service in tho Army or Navy will bo deducted from tho
five years rosldenoo on tho land, so that an ox-soldlor or sailor
who served three yoora will have to reside upon aud cultivate
tho tract only two years, Avhon a patent for tho same will Issuo
to hint. It Is proper to odd that a patent oaunot Issue In any
caso unless tho person reside at looat ono year on tho land.
Somo few queries have boon unavoidably orowdod out of tbU
coluuln, but will receive attontlon in our next issue.
Information Wanted.
L. B Sr. JoiiN'SVirxB, N. Y. It impossible to Inform yon of Pennsylvania Vols.
Mrs. O&tva V. Tiolotsox, or Whin Agenoy, Bluo Earth Co.
Minn., itoslros ad tress of any of tun otllijrs or privates of Coa
pimy O, ninth Uiglunnt Veteran Rjsorvod Corp-?.
Wanted by 11 L WvTt,VND, of Sur.dc v, O-ooiwtmI Oiunty,
Kansas, tho address of Dr. Daujhtow and Dr. Girlon.Usi, otf
Darllmr TliomAs.Oonipaay G, private, olghtoonth Roglmont, la.
dlana Vols.
Fued. A. Mounts, Morgan, Pondloton County. Ky., dofire3 the
prose it address of somo of the rctdtiiantal ofhoors of twontr
sevontli Roglmont, Ohio, Colored Vol. infantry, or any comtais
aionod oflloor or private ofOouipany F" of same Rogl nout.
And'ikw J. IvNArr, of Calllcoon Depot, Sullivan Oo , N". Y., do
sires present addro-s or Captain Ueako, formerly of Ooiapaay 15,
Seventeenth Noiv York Infantry.
Danike. W Joxks, of Oikoloosa, iSIahmka 0., Iowa, wants
thoa-ldress of any private of Company B. Sixth United Statof
(Javalry. who was with the command at Fuukstown and Fair
Hold, aid., in July, 1833.
AT.r.ux P, Hon us, of Ontario, Vornon Of., Wl., cleslrcs.tlit
pro-ieiit address of former comrades in Battery I, Second Illi
nois Lltfht Artillery, rlz., Thos. Pdnnywo.l, Jacob Htao, XeuJ
Black, StlllmauStal , and Geo. T. Ward.
John Lano, of Clean, X. V., desires present address of Lisa
tenant Hess, or any ono formorly of Company F, Nineteenth Reg
imotit V. R C.
Wantkd to icxow tho company and rostlmont In which An
drew J. Culver served. Ilewa-in an Indiana or Illinois regU
ment. Address Tub In"ational Triuunk Offloe.
Gko. V.PfiKt,rs, of Grafton, Pemblni Co., D vlcota Torrltory,
desires thonaniianl aldrossof tho surgooa of tho Palrd WU
consiu reglmeut in ISSt uad 13J5.
amos W. Stanton, of Crown Point, X. Y., desires tho, P. O.
nddrossof Win. Dor.y an I Jacob J. Conway, lato of Company it.
Fifth Now York Cavalry.
ItOBEUT U, 'MoBbb. of Torre Ilauto, Docatur Co, Iowa, desire
present P O. address of G'ner.il Connor, who wis promoted
from Third Ualitornia Iufmtry; Captain Ituttrodgo and Lieu
tenant Austin, of Company I, t-aid regiment; Surgaou Furloign,
or Farley, who wjw acting hospiuil stowarjl at Fort Brldger,
Utah, In winter of 1SG3-1, or any of the calls ted men of Compauy
I, Third California Infantry Vols.
D. O. Smith, Wicomlsoo, Pa., desires present address of Cor
poral Jame-j C. Itiohey, lato member of Light Battery II, Third.
I'onnsyivania Artiuary, uus nunurou ana uay-socona uoguneait
Pithy Letter about our Premium Kriifo.
EDvrATtD3POin Ind., January 19, 1831.
-vKnlfo reoolvod O. K and it is an O. K. knife, top. "
the uumhor of last pension claim disposed of by tho Pension
Office, and if it were possible io do so at would not serve to show
when the settlement of a particular claim might ho expected.
For instance, claim No. 5,000 may not bo settled until to-dnv;
while claim No. 250,o(K may have been settled months before. In
tho month of October, 1830, upwards of 4,000 claims wero dis
posed of. Tho number disposed of in November and December
Is not known, but when ascertained will bo published.
J. B..KutKSvrr;u:, Ky. Tho Equalization Bounty Bill proposes
to grnnt a bounty of eight and one-third dolhlrs a month for
each month of actual service, deduoting all United States bounty
already received. Multiply $8 by the number of months you
served, and from the product subtract the amount of bounty you
have received the remainder, if any, will show you the amount
to which you will be entitled if the said bill becomes a law.
F. W. B., Ashland, Oregon'. l. We cannot Inform you of tho
number of claims daily acted upon 03- tho Pension Office. Up
wards of 4,000 were settled in tho month of Octobor, 1SS0. 2. Seo
reply to." L. B.," In this column. 3. It is impossible to answor
your third aud fourth queries, as tho offices referred to cannot
impart tho information.
Jas. D., Brookkikld, O. A homestead may be located by an
ex-soldier or sailor through an agent, but at the expiration of
six months the principal himself must locate and commence cul
tivation ; otherwise all claim to the tract will be forfeited.
,T.M.S.,Lawkbncb,Kas. For answers to your first and second
Inquiries seo replies to "L. B.," "F. W.B."and other correspond
ents in this column. 3. According to tho rules of tho Pension
Olllco no claims are made " special," lint under Special Order No.
1, of the Commissioner of Pensions of September, 18S0, claims In
which tho evidence is complete, will be taken up at ouoo for set
tlement regardless of dato of filing them.
O. C. 13., GiiAvrsnuRG, Wis. We know of no bill having heen
Introduced during the present Cpugrcss granting especial bene
fits to surviving prisoners of war. Tills class are entitled to com
mutation of rations for the period thoy were deprived of sub
sistence 1)3 the united states Government 03' having boon in the
hands of tho enemy, provided thoy have not alroad' received
said allowance, aud certain heirs of those who died in rebel
prisons are entitled to saiue allowance.
C. M., Camijkx.N. J. Q. When was tho battlo of Fort Donolson
fought? A. There wero two battles at Fort Donolson; tho first
aud main battle lasted three days February 13, 11, 15, 1862 and
the second took place Augustus, 1802.
Joseph Scott, Wauurn'suuro, Mo. Tho posl-oflleo address of
Surgeon Brady Is Coshocton, Ohio, aud that of Assistant-Surgeon
Wheeler, Joncsboro', Tonu.
"Soldikr," Viroinia, Itx. " J. C." The pn3' of a private sol
dier wns iuorcased from $13 to $10 a month commencing from
Ma3' l, 1801. F. C." Under a recent decision of tho Commisary
Geueral of tho Army, it is possible to collect commutation of
rations for the period on furlough, oven in tho absence of tho
furlough; but as the allowance for ratlon-monoy Is only twenty
live cents a day, tho amount duo on a tweutjF-dny furlough would
hardly Justify an application. "O. J." Soldiers on furlough,
other tlian veteran furlough, woro required to pay their own
transportation to their homes aud back to their proper station.
"J. B. U." Tho highest pension provided for tho loss of a leg
uciow too kuoo or an arm uoiow tno oioow, is sis a montn,
J. A.. Mapi.b Ranok. Mioh. Tho attorney 3-011 refer to. at In
dianapolis, is recognized by tho various Governmental Depart
ments. Jo us F., IIymbut.a, Is. Having tiled your claim for pension
two years since, aud having completed j-our evidence last Au
gust, you should receive a pension, If entitled thereto, at nu
early dato. Your application for the ballauco of veteran bounty
is uu entirely distinct atl'alr from your pension claim, and will
lie adjusted iu another Department of the Government. If
you wero discharged bv reason of a (Unease, and not on account
of a wound or injury, before tho muster oat of .vour command,
you became entitled only to tho installments of bounty which
had accrued at the dato of your dlsolmrgo.
W. B. S., Astori v, U.L. As near as can o ascertained tho Pen
sion Olllco Is calling r evidence in original Invalid olalnis num
bered from 020,000 to sao.ooa.
" Vi'TKit an," Guv's Mima, Pa. l. When a soldier dies during thu
pondonoA' of his claim, his widow should illo a power of attorney
to complete his application aud draw the same ponslou that ho
would havo reoolvod had ho lived and completed his own claim.
Dbxtkr Drommoxo. of New Hamburg, Pa., desires tho P. O.
address of Colonel Brown, who commanded tho post at Grand
Rkobbx "Mktkus, of Borwl-k, Pa., formerly of Company A ,
Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, desires tho a (dress of any com
rade who knew him while a member of suid regiment.
Horaob R. Fmxt, of Falrbury, JotTjr-on Co., Neb., destro
present address or Lironzo II. Garth walto, formerly of Company
K, riilrtoonth Wisconsin Vols,
J. II. BoTCKit, of Sueldm, Iowa, desires present address of
Lieutenants Cyrus -1. Smith an I Ban F. S inborn, formerly af
Company F, Fifteenth Michigan Regiment.
J. D. Walter, of Darwin, Page Co., Iowa, desires P. O. address
of Captain John J. Bell ( who before the war (vod at Mo.troa,
Mich..), late of Company I, fifteenth Michigan Infantry.
Ti.iru W Wit.onn ff (?mtiTia.it v W WIFhxr. H fat. rn.llnna TTnla
lately residing at Brucovilte, In t., will please send his presjnl
P. O. address 10
National Tutnojns, Washington, U. C.
J. W. Spencer, of Lawrence, Kan., doslros present address of
First Lieutenant Charles G. Summers, of the 187th Company,
Vetoriin Reserve Corps, stationed at K. St. Corral at tho close of
tho war.
J H. Palmkr, of Yolverton, Hardin Co., Ohio, doslroa the ad
dress of the surgeon who had oh irgeof tho Sixth Vard, at Clerj'S
vlllo, Md., April, la83, or Major Colo, who had ohargo of said
David Luvtss, JTo. 459 Princeton Avonus, Trenton, N. J., of
Regiment (colored, from Massachusetts ), wishes the add re j of
ajor Hogol and Dr. Fay, formerly of Michigan, both of whoa
wero prisoners at Andoraouvillo in 1851.
Dasiuc Fu.jrtt, ot Scotland, Edgar Co., 111., doslros to loarn
present address of Captain Thos. fc). Shookey aud Private Wm,
Bab man of Uis company Company K, Sovonth Kentucky Vol
Cavalry. S. B. Mortos, of OasMlo, Wyoming Co., N. Y.. desires prosant
address ot J. II and 6. C. Ol nor. of Company H, One hundred
and olevontu itogimont, xiunois vols.
Hon. Jolm A. Logan's Groat Dafensa of the Biglits
and Intorests of our Soldiers. ' -
We go to press very late this month. Our reason
for so doing is, that wo hoped in this number to
report tho final disposition of tho Sixty-Surgeoa
bill and its amendments. Wo believe to-day that
that bill has no earthly chance for passing either
the Senate or House, but it is not yot fully disposed
of. If it is finally olfectually killed, a great share of
tho credit of tho work must bo given to Major
General John A. Logau, Senator from Illinois, who
with eloquent and powerful arguments exposed ita
folly, inefficiency, cruelty, injustice, and wrong .
Other Senators manfully aid patriotically cooper -atod
with him especially should we mention Sen
ator Plumb, of Kansas but his blows woro by far
tho most tolling. Soldiers, let your gratitudo and
thanks be bostowetV upon this noblo comrade and
statesman. Ho has provod himself to bo your true
and determined friend.

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