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Grinies, Casualties, Personal, Political,
Financial and Industrial.
JL queer complication lias arisen la too Ex
ecutive DapartinenU in connection with the
lato passage of the Legislative, Executive and
Judicial appropriation bill. The bill became a
law on Jtriy 7, and as Congress bad extended
the appropriation of last year to cover only five
days of theprcsent fiscalyear, no appropriations
are available for July 6, and it is said that no
salaries can he paid for that day to any em
ployee of the Government.
The Postmaster-General expresses his inten
tion of carrying out the law giving letter-carriers
15 days' vacation. He thiuks the dc
ficiencvin the appropriation can be supplied
from tho $4,000,000 allowed the Department for
general expenses.
The dedications of CoL J. O. P. Bnmside,
late the dibbursiug officer of thePost-Otliee Ds
partmen it is now found foot up to $60,000,
or about $50,000 more than Trust was firstr
Senor Antonio Flores, the new Minister from
Ecuador to the United States, was presented to
the President by the Secretary of State. Ho
has twice hefore represented his country at
Congress has provided for the appointment
of 150 special pension examiners for service in
tho field with a &alary ol $l,o"UO a year. About
120 in addition to those already examined will
he needed to nil these positions, and examina
tions will be held as aoou as practicable by the
Civil Service Commission at several principal
places throughout the country to meet the con
venience of amilicants. Tho examinations will
necessarily embrace some knowledge of law,
especially" the rules of evideuce, and some
knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
Mr. Henry S.2Jeal, of Ohio, the new Solicitor
of the Treasury, has formally entered on the
discharge of his duties. One of his first
acts was to direct that suits be instituted in
about 50 cases which have been pending in the
office since the death of Judge Eayner.
Hon. H. P. French. Assistant Secretary of
the Treasnsnr. has sailed for Liverpool Ha is
accompanied by his family and expects to re
main in England about two months. The trip
is for rest and recreation.
Eight hundred and eighty-three pages of the
descriptive catalogue of Government publica
tions, in preparation by Maj. Ben Perley Poore
tinder the direction of the Committee on Public
Printing, are already in type. When com
pleted the work will be a book of 1.200 pages,
with 300 pages more of index. The catalogue
is arranged chronologically and the index al
phabetically. Sixty-three thousand and sixty-six-doeuments
are referred to, comprising every
publication hy the Executive Departments, the
Emithsoniau Institution, and by scientific ex
peditious since the origin of the Government,
Under each title are enumerated the accom
panying documents and the subjects treated
where the title itself is not fully descriptive.
The catalogue also slates where a copy of each
document may ho found, tatinc the name of
the library and title of the volume. Fifteen
men were kept at work in the preparation
of materfci! for the catalogue ail of last year.
Copies will be supplied to public libraries and
to Congressmen, and an edition will prohably
ho printed for private sale at cost.
The Secretary of the Treasury made advance
payment of $333,333,33i to Mr. Edmund Hich
Erdson, President of the World's Exposition at
Kew Orleans, being one-third of the 1.000,000
appropriated by Congress as & loan to the ex
position. PEBSONAL.
Among the changes in Hocse committees
ennounccd prior to the adjournment of Con
gress, was that of Representative A. A. Parker,
of the 19th New York Congressional District to
the Committee on Judiciary in place of Mr.
Browne, resigned. This is a handsome compli
ment to Mr. Parker's ability &nd honorable
Mrs. Holahird, wife of Qaartermater-Genera
6.B. Holahird, died in this city on the 9th inst,
Philip Hamilton, the youngest son of Gen.
Alexander Hamilton, who was killed in & duel
with Aaron Burr, died at Poaghkeepsie, K. Y.,
on the 9h inst, aged 82.
Cspt. T- W. Miller, of the Pension Bureau,
died on the 10th inst. He was admitted to the
bar in Milwaukee in 1660, hut immediately
after the attack on Fort Sumter, in 1661, he
gave op his profession mnlike Gov. Cleveland)
to enlist as a private in the 2d Wis., in which
lie participated in the first battle of Bull Eun.
He after ward 5 served for somewhat more thau a
year in the Adjutant-Gen eral's office at the heiid
parters of Gen. Pope and the headquarters of
Hie First Division, First Army Corps. Subse
quently he served for a year and & half as a
-volunteer aid on the staff of Gen. Cutter, of
the Second Brig, First Div First Army Corps,
beginning May, 16Q3. In thiscapacity he par
ticipated in the hattle of Gettysburg, where he
won high commendations from hissuperiorand
-associate officers by conspicuous gallantry. He
served to the close of the war, and was promot
ed to the position oi Assistant Adjutant-Gen
eral, with the rank of Captain, in recognition
of his meritorious -services.
Paul Morphy, the famous chess player, died
in New Orleans on the 10th inst.
Mrs. CoL Hooker, whose gallant husband is
talked of for Congress in the Brattleboro, Vt.,
district, is a prominent niembar of the Wom
tn'sEelief Corps.
Mr. Blaine attended the commencement of
Bowdoiu College, on the 10th inst., and at tho
Alumni dinner related the following anecdote.
Be said: ' I don't believe it is right to decide
on a bent for a boy's education when he is 16 or
17 years old. We have reached an exalted
point in skill in manufactures; it is an age
when I find the napkin before me on the table
made of tht same material as the car wheel
on which I rode down from Augusta this morn
tog." .Nominations to Congress: 8th Indiana Dis
Jfcrlct, James T. Johnson, Uepublican.
"Cleveland," says Henry Cabot Lodge, "will
prove about the weakest andidate at the polls
of any of the gentleman balloted for." With
- out saying whether Cleveland's numerous
vetoes were right or wrong, Mr. Lodge was of
opinion that they would have an immediate
clfect against the New York Governor. Mr.
Lodge thought that Cleveland's nomination
would greatly aid the Republican ticket m tho
Sixth District. He was of the opinion that
there was no douht of Blaine's election.
The National Executive Committee of the
Prohibition Home Protection party meet at
Pitwhurg on the 2d inst. to mako final arrange
ments for theconvention, which commences the
23d, Delegates are already arriving, and it is
expected over 500 delegates will be present.
Secretary Sprague aays that in the event of the
Eucce&s of their party Mies Francis Wtllard
frill have the choice of a Cabinet position.
The Independent Republicans will hold a
conference in New York on the 22d inst.
Gen. Butler says he has not yet made up his
mind whether he will tupport Cleveland and
Hendricks or not.
A fire Rt Toledo on tho 9lh inst. destroyed
20j00a,000 feet of lumber. Tho losses are as
follows: Mitchell &. Rowland, $2a0.000, insur
ance, SfiSGLGO: .Nelson Hoilaud & Co., $70,000,
fully inwned ; J. B. Kollv, $15,000, fully In
sured. Over $5,000,000 worth of property was
jeopardized by the fire. It is supposed to have
originated fiwm a passing tugboat.
Lizzie May, of Coushohockcn, Pa., whose
father, after making improper advances to her,
cruelly sUtbbpd ncr on Saturday night, and
then commuted suicide, died the following
Jerry Patranne, aged CO, and his eon Frank,
sged 19. were instantly killed, and Joseph Mas
eru was fatally injured at Colhna's stone
qnarry. in Burlington, Vt., on Saturday, by &
powder explosion. The men were tamping a
charge consisting of a keg of powder for a blast
when it exploded and the Patrandea were
blown 60 feet in tho air, while Mascotte was
thrown a distance of 50 feet, and buried under
xukssof of stone.
A collision, attended with the loss of three
live and the serious injury of & aaraber of
ether perrons, cenrred a the Baltimore 4c
Okie &ilruad, witki & few hloeki ef its depot
in this city, on tho evening of tho 12th inst
The damage to the enginos and cars is esti
mate d at 310,000.
At Quebec, Saturday, Judge Caron delivered
his opinion in the caso of John C. Eno, the fu
gitive New York Bank President, whose extra
dition was demanded on a chargo of forgery.
Tho application for extradition was denied, and
Eno set at liberty. Tho Judge held first that
the indictment of the New York Grand Jury
was notsutficient to justify commitment under
the treaty; and, secondly, that tho testimony
of the witnesses against Eno did not show that
the crime of forgery under the extradition act
had been committed.
At Dallas, Tex., on Saturday night, a duel
with pistols was fought between W. EL Boale
and a man named Bowie in a room on the third
fioor of the National Hotel. The shots were
heard and the room was broken into. Both
men were found lying dead, Tho pistol of
each was found by bis Bide. Both were shot
through the heart and head. Shortly prior to
the duel tho men were devoted frieuds. A few
minutes before the tragedy they had a quarrel
and one was heard to say, "I'll kill you."
Soon after they retired to the room. The
tragedy creates great excitement. Hundreds
of people surround the hotel. The cause of the
quarrel between the men is not yet known.
The paper of J. De Riviera &, Co., commission
merchants, New York, went to protest on the
Sth inst. The firm was rated from $300,000 to
$500,000. Mr. EL De Riviera says it can hardly
be called a failure. Tho firm we.ro large import
ers of sugar and large exporters to Cuba.
Messrs. De Riviera & Co. state thosuspension is
but temporary. The firm has on hand over
$1,000,000 worth and prodnca mostly sugar and
At New York, on Saturday, "Vftn.M. Halstead,
Wm. A. Haines, John K. Myers and J. Edward
Bentley, composing the firm of Halstead, Haines
& Co. importers and jobbers in dry goods at
No. 37S Broadway, filed an assignment for the
benefit of creditors to Lewis May, with prefer
ences amounting to about $417,000. Among
the preferred creditors are the following:
Estate of John K. Myers, $102,872; the Central
National Bank, $40,000; the Ninth National
Bank, $10,000; the First National Bank of
Toms Eiver, N. J., $10,000; H. C. Bennett &
Co., $75,000; Drexel, Morgan &Co., $32,500;
tho employes of the firm, $7,515. Tho an
nouncement of the suspension was received
with much surprise among down-town business
men. The liabilities were Eaid to foot np
EometklHg About What is Going on in this Bosy
World of Ours.
At London, Saturday nigut, Minister Lowell
gave the annual Independence Day banquet at
the American Embassy, which was posptouedon
the Fourth because of his illness. There were
14 guests present Mr. Lowell was in excellent
spirits, and did not diet except in the matter of
wine, whichhis physicians have forbidden Jiim
to use for the present. Should the British
House of Lords reject the franchise bill in the
Fall the Government will dissolve Parliament
immediately, and a general election will take
place before Christmas. The Hungarian
Government has adopted a project to destroy
the rocks of the Iron Gate, tho famous rapid or
cataract of the Danube. The work will cost
10,000,000 florins and will occupy six years.
The operations for tho relief o'f KJiartoum will
begin early in September. Mr. Moody, the
evangelist, sailed from Queenstown for New
York. Mr. Andrew Carnegie, the Pittsburg
millionaire, and Mr. Samuel Storey, Radical
M. P. for Sunderland, have, it is reported,
quarreled in their English newspaper enter
prise. This contemplated tho establishment
throughout England of strong metropolitan and
provincial newspapers in the liberal cause.
Mr.Carnegie it is generally understood, was to
furnish the capital and Mr. Storey the editorial
and business management. It is now stated
that Mr. Carnegie has absolutely refused to
furnish money to buy out or start any more
newspapers because he has found his partner
too much of a demagogue in politics to be en
trusted with the desired evangelization.
Oar X&tioKsl War Songs Book
Contains all the famous war songs; 165 pages,
full sheet-mnsic size, with piano or organ ac
companiment. Title page in five colors, repre
senting a stirring battle scene, worth alone the
price of book. Price, postpaid, ninety cents.
Also. Blaine and Logan Songsters. S. Brain
ard's Sons, 130 State St, Chicago, HL
James Fylc Pearline is not a soap, but a
washing compound a great invention for sav
ing toil and expense without injury to the
textnre, color, or hands. Pearline is the
champion of all compounds for washing in hard
or soft, hot or cold water, and without soap,
soda or other preparations. In the families of
miners, machinists, plumbers, painters, print
ers, farmers and laborers, Pearline is a blessing.
It is equally efficacious in washing di&hes,
clothes or begrimed hands.
Send for our "Self-Measurement" for
the Grand Army suits advertised in National
Teibone July 3. James Wilde, j r., & Co., Cor.
State and Madison Sts., Chicago, HL
YICKSBUEG. A Poem. By a A. Hobbs, A. M.
Publifchtxl by J. Fairbanks & Co., Chicairo. Price.
This is a war book of more than usual
merit. Its author was First Sergeant of Co. B,
99th HL, and served creditably through the
campaign he describes so welL He has added
to this actual knowledge of war careful literary
training and an undeniable talent, which makes
his work an exceptionable one in many ways.
The poem opens with a council of Gen. Pem
berton and his officers, held just after the fail
ure of all but the final attempt to reach the
bights In rear of Vicksburg. The rebel offi
cers are jubilant over the many defeats of the
Onion commander. While they aro rejoicing
there comes the sound of heavy guns the
transports are running the batteries.
Then, in pleasantly-flowing words, is told
the ever-memorable story of the march across
the peninsula in front of Vicksburg, the at
tack upon and capture of Grand Gulf, the bat
tles of Champion Hills and tho Big Black, and
the closing the lines around tho fated city.
Then comes vivid, faithful descriptions of the
siege works, the bloody assaults, the frightful
bombardment, and, at last, the surrender, and
tho book closes with the pean of rejoicing:
Thus ours wkj) the imHiui t ril v
Be it ours while time shall be,
And the great, glad river sweeps on forever
Unvexed to the fetterless sea.
The poem has received the highest praise
from tho press and tho soldiers who served in
the Vicksburg campaign. Gen. Logan, in a
letter to the author, praises it highly
THE LABOR QUESTION. By Wendell Phillips.
Published by Lee & Shcphard, Boston, Maaa.
Prioe 23 cents.
This is one of Wendell Phillipps's best efforts,
published in neat pamphlet form, uniform in
style with his other lectures published by this
M. Crider, York, Pa. Price 23 cents.
This is a really valuable treatise, embody
ing tho results of many years of auccesaful ex
perience by Mrs. Crider.
The HagKzInso.
The Englixh IUuttrated Magazine. The con
tents of tho July number of this popular maga
zine (published by Macmillan & Co., 112 Fourth
Avenue, New York are: "The Seine Boat, a
Perilous Moment," frontispiece, from a draw
ing by C. Napier Henry; "The Royal Collec
tion of 3Iinmtures at Windsor Castle," (illus
trated.) "An Unsentimental Journey Through
Cornwall," by the author of " John Halifax,
Gentleman," (illustrated); "The Weasel and
His Family," (illustrated); "Martin Light
foot's Soug;" CharlosKIngsloy; "The Author
of Beltraflio," by Henry Jatnc3; "How a Bone
Is Built," by Douald MacAlister; "The Arm
orers 'Prentices," by Charlotte M. Yonge.
Demoresft for August is capital reading, and
the picture in oil, entitled "A Feather In Her
Cap," makes a very pretty frontispiece. Among
the contributors are Ella Wheeler. Phoebe D.
Nutt and Bessie Chandler, and the number
shows an admirable variety of stories, sketches
and poems. The fashion! are fully described
and illustrated.
Many medicines now on the market owo
what "virtue they possess to tho presence of
powerful and poisonous drugs. iiUXT's Kid
Hoy and Liver) Remedy js purely vegetable,
and will not injure the feeblest and most deli
cate person,
Gossip of the Hotels, Clubs, nnd Streets A Pro
posed Ouadri-Centennlal A Gallant Vermont
Candidate for Congress Meager Pay for Talent
8. J. Tildea's Grand Besldecco.
Not York, July 17.
Tho Ministers from England, Brazil, Turkey,
Chiua and soveral others, have responded in a
kindly tone to tho proposal to co-operate in a
universal exposition at tho City of Moxico in
1692, in commemoration of the 400th anniver
sary of tho discovery of America by Colnmbus,
Christovallo Colon, as he is called by the Spau-ish-speaking
peoples. It is understood also
that the Mexican Minister to tho United States
has forwarded to his country a memorandum
of the proposition, with the recommendation
that a circular note of invitation be issued by
his government to all the nations of the world
to participate. It is believed by tho promoters
of the schemo here that tho spirit in which it
has been mot encourages the confident hope of
CoL Geo. W. Hooker, who is mentioned for
Congress to succeed the Hon. Luko Poland,
who declines to be a candidate again, is a vet
eran with a brilliant war record, well known
to the old soldiers of the Army of the Potomac.
Like Maj. Calkins, of Indiana, and Gen. Logan,
for that matter, his first service was with a
musket in tho ranks. He enlisted as a private
in the 4th Vt, and was promoted successively
to tho ranks of Second-Lieutenant, First-Lieutenant
and Captain. Then he was appointed
by President Lincoln Assistant Adjutant-General
of volunteers with tho rank of Captain,
and then Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
and Assistant Adjutant-General. He serv
ed with tho old Vermont brigade, and then
the nine months' troops, and finally as Chief of
Staff and Assistant Adjutant-General with
Gen. Chas. Dcvens. Ho has tho reputation of
having survived two wounds, both of which
should have been mortal, received tho same
day at Cold Harbor, in whioh engagement ho
was struck by five rebel bullete. Still tho
Colonel survives to tell the story of nearly all
the battles of the Army of the Potemac from per
sonal oliservation in his own inimitable way.
He has a passion for schooners, and is a part
owner in over 20 vessels of this class engaged
chiefly in the West India trado. As is well
known, the famous Jim Fisk, killed by tho
present proprietor of the Hofiman House, was
his brother-in-law.
It is reported that the well-known Cambridge
naturalist Prof. Allen, iB to become associated
with tho Smithsonian Institute at Washington,
and in this connection it has transpired what
compensation the accomplished gentlemen
who perform the most valuable scientific work
in tho country, which appears in the publica
tions of tho Smithsonian Institute, receive
for their labors. Prof. Allen, who is consid
ered tho greatest of them all in original
investigation in the field of natural history,
which is saying a good deal when the achieve
ments of Cours, Ridgeway, and others is re
membered, is to receive tho magnificent salary
of $60 per month. Ridgeway himself, who has
been associated for years with the Smithsonian,
and has performed such herculean labors in the
field of American ornithology, is paid $75 a
month. Yet his books hold the front rank in the
libraries of Europe and are read the world over
by scientific men, who probably littlo imagine
the painful pittance this Government has doled
out to tho author. It is a disgrace to Congress,
and certainly does not encourage scholarly
young men to devote their lives to such work
to which he, Cours, Elliott, and others have
given years for such compensation.
In this connection, too, it may be stated that
the man who makes tliosa wonderful and life
like plaster casts of fishes at tho National Mu
seum also has received tho same salary as a mes
senger in ono of the Departments at Washing
ton, viz., $G0 per month, and he is the only
man in America who can do the work. A cab
driver who received no more would strike.
Tho city residence of Samuel J. Tilden Is
invested with interest as the bouse of perhaps
tho most talked-about man in this country. It
is in the heart of the city, in the middle of a
block, hemmed in by the conventional brown
stone fronts of the rich of Gotham. The house
is the only one of its kind hero, being built of
an imported salmon-colored sandstone. It is
four stories high and has two front doors. It
is lavishly ornamented at the projections with
the heads of tho most famous authors of tho
world cut in stone. The carvings are unique, and
the most costly that embellish any private resi
dence in the city. The place always attracts
the attention of tho passer-by owing to ita
strange pinkish color, and curiosity carries the
eye to the door-plate, which bears the legend
" S. J. Tilden." Immediately across the street,
extending for the whole length of the block, 13
Grammercy Park, with gaudy flower-beds,
walks, and well-kept trees. This park belongs
to Mr. Tilden, and the Street Bail way Commis
sion has projected a street railway lino through
it but it is not believed the road will be built
very soon. Tho reason Mr. Tilden built so
imposing a house, so lofty and broad of front,
and ornamented it with the faces of Shake
speare, Goethe and the rest, was that he in
tended to give it to tho City of New York for
a library. Ho does not occupy it much, living
for nine months of the year at Greystone, his
country residence up the Hudson.
Leland Stanford has been spending weeks in
consultation with prominent educators of the
country about his university. He intends to
be an exception to tho California millionaires
who have, as a rule, come East and squandered
their money in stock speculations. There aro
scores of such, whose wealth wa3 courted by
the half dozen millions, like Keene and Garri
son, down to those with a comfortable number
of hundred thousands, who have all gone the
same way. Stanford has been prompted to
found an institution of learning by the un
timely death of his only son, who was to in
herit his wealth and carry down his name to
posterity. Tho university is to bo a grand
affair, which will bo a credit to its founder and
tho Pacific Coast It will be located in "Cali
fornia. B. A.
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The fictional Democratic Committee.
Tho following is the Democratic National
Committee constituted by tho Chicago Conven
tion: Alabama. Henry O. Semplo; Arkansas, 8. W.
Fordyce; California, 5L F. Tarpey; Clorado, M. S.
Waller; Connecticut, W. H. Barnum; Florida,
Samuel Pasco; Georgia Patrick Walsh; Illinois,
A. Corning Judd; Indiana, Austin H. Brown;
Iowa, M.M. Ham; Kansas, C.W.Blair; Kentucky,
Henry V. McHenry; Louisiana, B. F. Jonas;
Maine, Edmund Wilson; Maryland, A. P. Gor
man; Michigan Don. M. Dickinson; Minnesota,
H. H. Keller; Missouri, John G. Prather; Missis
sippi, C. A. Johnson; Nebraska, James E, Boyd;
Nevada Dennis 12. McCarthy; New Hampshire, A,
v. Gallaway; North Carolina, M. W. liansom;
Ohio, W. W. Armstrong; Rhode Island, J. B. Barn
aby; South Carolina, Francis W. Dawson; Tennes
see, Robert S. Looney; Tex8, O. T. Ilolt; Ver
mont, Hon. B. B. Smalley ; Virginia, John S. Bar
bour; West Virjfinia,LouiaBaker; Wisconsin, Wm.
F. Vilaa; Arizona W. K. Meade; District of Co
lumbia, Wm. Dickson; Idaho, John Haley; Da
kota, M. H. Day; Utah, J. B. RoseborouKh ; Mon
tana, Wm. McCormick; Washington Territory, J.
A.Kuhn : New Mexico, not announced; Wyomlnc.
Wm. E.Post.
The above committee were called to order
Friday night by W. H. Barnum, as tem
porary chairman, and without transacting
any business adjourned to meet at the
Fifth Avenuo Hotel, New York, July 24, when
a permanent organization will bo effected, aud
members of tho committee will accompany the
notification committee in its call upon the can
didates. MWi ITLtlClUa
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Brown, Oceana, W. Ya.
"Ono of tho best remedies for bilious
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Pxescott, Concord, N. K.
"Active, searching, and effectual, but
not griping or drastic.s, PiiOi?. J. 21.
Locke, Cincinnati, O..
"As a mild and thorough purgative they
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Mount Cross, Va.
The Best athartlo
D33. J. C. AYEB &, CO., Analytical Chemists XOWJELL, LTAS3.
Sold by fill
hUmrlbii & (stop!
nmz.d a
ttlPfif lS
''nil Ii
Mentionlbe National Tribnaft.
t s?
Only jJllJ
fob. A mMf '
a?yyBio.fl-y-rf- iHBafcSagjgqgS
andptentyofit,totheirtae-awa&eaMnt,maleorfernal& ElMilH&HS la
vrlio niitTtA at cues with ttur now article: uotliiu likeit SsS JJ II Ssa S
over beforo presented to Agents; sells like Hot Cakct. Aent everywhere cobilns money; 25,000 bose
sold FliBT SO DAIS. Tilt Soxtlh American Lightning Eradicator Is the only article In the world that suc
cessfully removes Grease, OIL Pitch, Palat, etc, from Woolen Gopda. Carpeta, etc., without injury; it
never leaves a ring on clothing alter removing spots like benzine, alcohol, ammonia, ether, etc. ; it la
13 ssa
eplennid lor Kid Gloves, and saves your Carpets, Silk Dresses, Sha js, Coats, vesta, Pants, riecE-Tlea,
and Hats, and makes tho finest Shampoo in the world. Accept no J2wdicatar or Grease Extractor except
put up in gold-colored tin boxes, with onr copyright label on ton of jach box. Label, blno paper, printed
with red ink, with tho words South American Lightning Eradicator around tho outside of label, as it is
the only preparation, in the world composed ol fourteen different ingredients, and also notice at bottom ol
each label, manufactured only by Kinpire Manufacturing Co., K. x . The lasiest-aelling article lor faini
and public gatherings over introduced ; one Agent writes us he expecta to sell 50,000 boxes this falL READ
what agents ay : Ocean Beach, 2i. J., .Feb. 1, 18S4. Sold 200 boxes first three days, took paint spot from
Bilk dress, lady says worth ?3.00. H. L. Pyott. Klrwin, Kansas, .Feb. 13, 18M. One doz. Eradicator re
ceived, does its work, splendid, Just what the people want, send G doz. more. G. AV. Shurts. Elgin, HL,
Feb. 18, 13SL Cleaned paint from my coat and wife's dreaa, it will thoronjjhly do its work. James C. llil
ler. Newton Hamilton, Pa April 7, 18SL One gross S. A. Llglitning Eradicator received, it did its work
wherever I tried it Sam'I J. Bierly. El Dorado, California. April 27, 1834. One gross S. A- L. Eradicator
received, it works splendid. Isaac A. Brown. Dlcksonbnrg, Pa., May 18, 1834. The Eradicator is a
genuine article, and does Just what It claims, the people onght to bethankfid that somo one has at last
manufactured an article that will do such wonders. Miss Mertie A. "Birch. 116 Hyde Park Avenuo, Scran
ton, Pa., May 13, 1834. Eradicator sold nnd gave complete satisfaction, find cash inclosed for 3 doss. more.
T. F. JBowen. so East Geuesee St., Auburn, N. Y., June 14, 1884. Eradicator sold, send 3 doz. more. Mr.
G."M. Hutchinson, foremanlBnlt Department, Osborne Manufacturing Co., says it isworth its weight in
cold. Konbon Baduey. Himroda, N. Y., June 18, 1884. Everybody is well pleased, send 6 doz. more.
B. L. Horn. Chesapeake City, Md., June 23, 1384. The Eradicator works like a charm. "Wm. A. Bays.
Norristown, Pa., July 5, 18S4. I gavo the Eradicator a thorough trial, it does all that is claimed for it D.
B. Zepp. Branchvllfe. S. C.,- July S, 1881. I have cleaned up several sidts that were very badly ruined.
Wm. Adams. Parry ville, Pa., July 7, ISS4. I removed paint from a red delaine dresa. and also from an
overcoat without leaving any trace or spot. Israel Smoyer. Wo could give thousands like the above, bus
think it unnecessary. The regular retail prico of the South American lightning Eradicatcr Is 50 cents
per box; and our wholcsalo price, until a short timo past, has been, I doz., JiSO; 12 doz., $21.00. Wo make
every reader of this paper this special offer, until Oct. 1, 1831, only. We will send one sample box by mail
(and ono present free) for 25 cents; 1 doz., by exp.,$t."5; 3 doz., $4.50; 6doz.,f8.25; 12 doz., $15.00. and a
genuine Waterbury Watch free, with every gro3s of Eradicator. If you do not need a good watch you
can sell or tnwlo it for s.0O or 10,00. In order to obtain a general Agent in eve ry county at once, if you
will send ua $3.00 cash, and name two counties " first and second choice " we will ship one gross S. A. L.
Eradicator, 3 extra boxealor use in showing it up, 2 sponges, 500 circulars to distribute, and one Water
bury Watch, by express, C. O. D., $12.00, anil mail you certificate oi General Agency for one county. (It
both counties you name are gono will return your money), and also explain how yon can make ?200 to
fc00 per month, traveling and appointing agents f orns; also let youhave Eradicator at General Traveling
Agent? price. We do not send Watch. Certificate of General Agewcy, or offer position to travel and appoint
Agents for us until you have ordered one gross Eradicator. Order at ones, as some one may secure your
County any day, and thenyon will be too late. You can sell from one to five gross per day, following
the Lairs; no matter what yon are selling j'ou cau carry tho Evadicat or along, and sell a box in every
hou3e:youobtain72.00forouogroa3at50cont3,aud$36.00at23cents oerbox. As to our responsibility
wo refer yon to any of our Agents, or Adams or American Exp. Co., Canal Street, New York, or any
Mercantda Agency. Seadmonoy by registered letter, postal note, P. O. order or draft on N. Y. Ko goods
shipped C.O.D. without M cash sentwith order. Notice. Cnt thi3 Ad. oat, and preserve for future
reference, as it will not appear again, and to obtain a Watch free, this Ad. must be sent to us when ou.
vine, i.uu K'as -cramcaHr. bo wo wiu Know you
JIS C W ?K W Empiro Manufacturing Company, S81 Canal Street, K. Y. HJ
Mention The National Tribune.
Wo offer tho above amount of moncv and tr-n
tni. tt. fnltn4nM tltUU H..4fM Y77I-A 2 ,. . .
'"B ""u ivuumuK uiwu ijumuux vnicie an tuu vru.ru unmiunoui&r iuuuu ui uu xiiuioj u.ui-;
Uon tho Book, Chapter nnd Verse.
Tho first parson answering this question correctly, on or beforo Angost 30th, wfll receive $75 cash.
If wo recclvo moro than ono correct anewer the eecond will receive $70, the third $C0; tho fourth $35:
the fifth $50; the sixth 25; the seventh 320; eighth $15; ninth S10; tenth S3: eleventh fi; twelfth
V--, M.tv.,uM4 , WAi iliw Vlinu Ttuui WJ LUtJ
next one hundred people answering it correctly. If
K?oonu or unru, so you srana a gooo. cuanco jor a
uenu ou cems ror unu enr- ouocrinuon to -rms ruuiritx kuki'mi witn tneir answer.
This iournal iB a largo' 16-paga ilhistrated Poultry Paper, devoted to telling
If you will eend one dollar we will send tho paper one year, and a beautiful English Cloth Boand !
Volame of tho NATIONAL. AMERICAN DICTIONARY containing ?00 Engravings, COS
I ages, 40,000 words. This nseful and elegant volame Is a Library and Encyclopedia of general j
knowledge tm well aa tho beat dictionary now published. Superbly boand in cloth and gilt It ia not?
nu "t4 uko voiume. "xno Duet uicuonu-y far 51 ever printed." farm, rvua ana rirwwc. i
ine regular subscription price of THE POmrTFLY KKKPER. ia 50 cents ner vear. so yon pay
no-ning additional for the privilege of comnetinsr for
racceeaui onss. The names of those who obtain prizes will ba given In tho paper. Eend one dollar in
; ir r, rwrtal note or rctered letter. Bon't wait. Thn Dic&mary Is worth a dollar, and can be sold
?. rTiut,,rlSe' S1 TIIE FOUITRY KEEPER will tell you how to makoSl.OOO per year from
i j wtiJHSLJ!g8W-gjy onoe. Postago fitnmos taken. Enmulo codv fi cent.
Address 0L?;O X30OXa!?L3r l.raWT7glg3Lr
89 Randolph Street, Chicane. 111.
CT.-'f "h - I I ! I I I II HI IIP 1 I II ! I I !! I I - ii . . I II. I I
I IlIS !iAI1ll&llrirt ttifiliiaii ytda n!t, 10 TOIi-i
Tbl lllaitratlon rcprenctrM. span aHissll ssats, a very bandsomn end deilrabl.
tadies' or Ocntleraa'ii WrUiiirr Dealr. aianrs auaatitTcf which we hare lately
Imported from Eurap. Oarillaatrauottreprefcnta tlisdesfc open;
lae appeirango oi a large wx in uammorae Dicaing. i do oumaa
wight red Ltathf rettc, or imiiatiou leainer, estbossed In gold end
ii nnunea in o stcco, rw aca wnue, ana it nts comparuneaM tor paper, envel
opes, pencils and peat, lltcwiia U fjppHed trlth an ink bottle. It Is a handsom
a troll as durable irrHins dear, aud toractnlng that everybody cced and hxi l
for. We miblKh the irell knoira nnd nooalar lllustratffl Lllerarv aud Foitiilv
puptr, The Flrfslije r.t Jlprac, and, wiping to lncreaaelu clrcnlatJon to
lOO.OUQ or raoro dtir.1.3 the nest Uvi mouths, we now raaisc the loUoisiusiixre-
Ciatntrti ejfir uptn refipl 0 only I orty-two Cent"
namptvMwtu scwxiic uiviiililttci toiueorBijc 3tonth5,fliaw
uertuittn'cr vie U.U alsr inul I rcr ou pott-paia, U,e
V rltbljr VC ot nharn daaUicd. Thk FrcearDK at ITout f a majn.
raotb K-pAic, Cl oolotan pajxT, brilliantly Illoitratcd, and hltel Tfith
charming Serial and Short rjlo.'iea, Sketches, Focnu, nsefufEnont-
vh. ...uft.ttj.uj, rareis. twsana iiomor, ana cvcrytning to ainuso,
cntertsln and InnrustoAoh membtr of the family. HH one o: the
larje,bandmtasdmost iatereallns family papers published,
undjeu WHlbojJcllsbied with It. as -well as with thn valuable nnd
nseful p-eminia we offer. Ecmeabr, weutnd tlilgaiilendld Wrllins
Vtstfrei to all Kndlnj cenw far a sU nonths1 ubriptlon to
- -''- --w tuvKiiiinKWiU ii.p finlS W3Oa Will UCBCUb
for $1 6B; therefore by getting four or ronr friends to send with yon, yon trill teenrs
your otrn papir and premlatn frc. This srestoffor ia oadesolel to Intrfidau nar
P,?'? ke,BllTac8ofi5tontct SafitatfJwffunranrWorjnonevrr'imftol. An toonrreHabllitT ve rsfcr to ny poMlbe
V Hw York, orw the Commercial Agencies. Xiimt, B. U. SIOOIUS Ju CO., Puallaiiejrfi. ST Paris Plaec. Kow Yorit.
Mention The Katloual Tribune.
By tho Eminent Historian, VST. R. Houghton, A. !tt., Professor, Political Science, Indiana
University. Profusely Illustrated. Cloth, 82.00; JLoather, 2,50.
Hlglily- Reconxmended by the Leading Men of tho Nation.
3 Send C0c at once for complete Agont's outfit. Books are ready for delivery. Liberal tons.
U..ll nn. vrni...i nuk... '
Kidney Diseases
Also spring from disorders of the dlgef
tive functions, and aro not only exceed
ingly painful In themselves,' but hav
symptoms, 6uch as Dropsy and Rheu
matism, which are of the gravest charac
ter. The work of the kidneys is the
purifying of tho blood. When, through
disease, they cease to do this,
"Prompt JRelief
Must bo accorded to avert most eerloui
consequences. Medicines that lull their
pain by dulling their sensibility, or that
stimulate them to unnatural activity, do
Infinitely more harm than good. To re
store them to health, the kidneys must ba
cleansed, their inflammatlou allayed, and
their strength restored.
Ayer's Bills
Bo thte more effectually than any other.
Their diuretic effect Is not less marked
and beneficial than their purgative power.
Not only do they, at once, oy a moving
doso, free the clogged, and rouse the tor
pid organs, but their continuous effect,
when taken In smnll doses, Is to regulate
the machinery of life, and
Mestoro Health and Vigor
For all tho several varieties of Piles,
and for the many Cutaneous Disorders
produced by Blood Impurities thrown
into tho circulation during attacks of con
stipation, no cure is so quick and easy as
Ayer's Pills, which free the bowels and
aid nature.
and Who Learns Lives.
"Adapted to all the disorders which caa
be cured by the judicious use of a physic."
Dr. SAJi'LHcCONNELLjlfonr pelier, Vt.
"A safe nnd reliable Cathartic." Db,
"W. C. King, Spencer, 2!ich.
"-They have entirely corrected the costly
habit and vastly Improved my general
health." IIev. P. B. Harlowe, Atlanta
Ga. J
"Better than any other Cathartic." 2,
P. Summeiiow, Austin, Texas.
edicSne in the World.
GHL $45.00.
on f 0 days' teiiria! before pay-
f ii i ti mi" i 111 i ii i 1 1 ri i m iiiina nin i
rpnini'Off Stoolt instruction Book"
i ii i. i imi aeUTerycab0irttcarataie3r3KEI.
iua ORCHESTRAL" ORGAN bs aerer Uforabeea
oZtni fur ltt taau S30U.0G. Ws va nowselllar oat Uluc
tavo In siocfc (abons J.'5)
'$45.00 ONLY.
5 Octaves, 12 Stops, Sub-Bass,
"-s- nmi O 2nnn 0.ml7
Ci.lu 6 lits7 W Cl lO "' "
One gt Xat5, roverfd Sab-Sua Stecdad
" " Exqulsitsly Pn, Sweat MoZodi "
" " ntcb, MUor, BaaooUi Kiapxioar
" " 0.nntnjl7 BrfUUnt C-Iesto
" Keutns.EoajSIelodlasa Viola
8ol!J black xralnat case, well indsntstaBtUnyKiiis, enda!.
Jiatfialihtdiud embellished with fincy (nts, cured era.
menta d gold tndnst. Patent Triple UprigW Bllowi,
which ve BpsriortoaDrballoira erer comtrccted, rollers,
bandit, lunp-iunds, ratulo-pocket, elldtoc till wltt lock,
cd all tho U'.'.'t conTenleccet-iad InproxtnunU.
DniEKSIOSS: HeUht. 76 In.; Length. 48 la.J Drctb.
251a.; wisht,boxtd, 375 pomfc
RPfr'JPfJiRPR ! ttfcMsIrnscesnrytoBMidMttft.
Btli(ll.l.llktlt 4 enc to jour mpontlbillty tui
Orgaa will ba shipped yon on 10 days' tait trial. If tt KtlU
;oa are to send &3lu pries &3d p7fre!ebt; UltdocJEotsalt,
yon can return It and no will pay freight both Vaja, jt
wyil! pay you as an Invostment tobnyannmirer
or ti.eaVirEn to tail a;sla. IJls U ta opoortanKy which
occora only pure In lifetime to obia!a an Orpin AT LES3
THAN ACTUAIi COST TO BDIU) ; therIor tboaa dealdaj
to porchate vitl plesie order at occa.
Be ouro and write to us. Wo caa saio jrou moaor.
W are the only Manufacturers in Washington,
N. J., cr.elsewhsrs, who vilt ship you an Organ
on test trial and not require any money in advanco.
coRmsu & co,,
W&sltingfon, Keir Jersey U.S. A
are enuueu to wo waxoa. auunas ui oiuora.
2n!ri Wmr.ruMs free to the first 123 oersonH answer- 9
.. .1 S1 f .1 4 .1 TSt-t 3 lf. ?
you are notthe first, remember thatyon may be the J
uuso prize. riacn competitor must, in every case,
ono of the above nrizes. The moncv will bo 6ent to the !
Kai IpiP fpii gjsi f
- - l"IIPMr JK-yTF,-lg-UI'VT--raf,;-VlfriTr;ri,lf
whta closed it has
oi mo usaa is oi
blaoi; toe laterior
hantiiotr - a
315 - 321 WabaqTi Ave.. Cltloarro. TU.
&s&gmmgmgsm't mtm.
sfe.sas&fsSsS ffii&fs-
T( Ttjrw Wrni'grmffu' nHsiiafd ri.H tr nn
m honor of onr aenior partner, and who also places
nuu. u juwuuuiu lucre 1 noiaer EuawwnTia cultivation oavinx men a ccraoiaation or
STOOrl onalltleaa tbe "IIESDERSON " The fruit la
tor luniiv or marncfc use. taa - ue.xj&rttkU.N u
and healthy grrowth will adapt It to almost every
fare Will Bever tall to Urouace & eon. T!v th
Strawberry, planted InAngust, Is certain to jdTO
JCMl Vif 1U CU UiUUkiH UUlUMiUOUt j'jil ti tljj
Prico of Pot Layer Plants, 12 for S2.0O;
Sent bT Hall. Rt dozen ratCJ. A beantlfhl colriKtl
a..... . ' .. . . --,
a two cent uamp.
Mention The National Tribune.
Probtblv no wort oats i
catwrtaan t',&z ci?b
7S tney aro tai&oia in l
Jnecsnfal there aietwi
. - ... '.
a.uiui "i .twu. uviuiduj
- 40 ftil W.
r i. jvt . r..r. . to. ..r
.vv.ico. IUO 9-m-j .-;
..lM.lt u .X... Vai. Tnu.
iwocoi'sriuu oui cumiiinu ruciarroi io rvepuoiicsn
.. .... d......?... ...
sun- btrawoerry, wo win sua togiKhcrwttaourcircnikr oa Strawberry Culture, oareceict of I
UiaoRruiiasor wooo 'pis. ontrrn aaBH i;rajea jr.winscs. maceoy ciia or ear bratartist jtorTifj rOlt.
Srapna.c raiauyaoycieaana acanrrwiaagea to aa too o3. one aror utsen. TBiyaro prtittAtl a-ion UflntMl&Mb.
ground, on the brofplatopaporlTrM In gfia, nd altbonph Urbojond cuopriwn with .invoUir-CubUakddrM
anthematUjaa&aa prlc,U .2.Y 1?I5TT CKrST9 A PAIR, postaga aad pacila- paid brar
Toonabla nvitstosattstvthamgelrft fa reirard to thaaaavsva asakstbta HMCIAf
n4Trtlstnrit anil TIXIIITa. ( SI.VTS au-1 wo wlU forward
Wgetr.8rininoarconaintiair,grnisioascsrji.orsrioraerorHii yamrsft tjejs JtrST.JJi'K. w ch
aot aaroni tiua oaiy tsatwo expect terecoivo a iarKfrortiirrssob nayoKKnctiiesrimslea
RXCK. A CO., 23 certlrft straet, art?XMto
Mention The .National Tribune.
Mention 'ihe National Inoune.
"e ara hija!.;tisriara for all CaapalRa Ooote, Sanaenr. yiasrs. Caxsu. Cnvcn
Torches, ZJatlBPs, etc. Apentnean nako big pajcainu ing-a. ins-l'oiUl-
Kin jiu.is uuui rtuvaruoer. uu to
IWlcx. EvoryyouascraawmraottoftbciJcartriaTorclie. Ancratuwearttjxa.
Price 25 Cta., to agents, sanipia by malt 5Cla.,pardoMa5r.0O. Kamfowes
andlarseatassoriniaatof za'd Blatcti BaJcroata tin market, r.ar n (.oWPUtsd
"C&t XV- "
Setlzeon Kcd. Wbltoand Bine Illbbira
e?nd 5 samplaascrtel, by mail for 25
CutQaartcrsUe. i e, fjASO.4 & CO. Manuf of Campaign CootiSa 120 FuHonStrae. KawYwlH
Mention Tho National Tribune.
li.'&i ij iz ikii!. lyiiii huruor oaraw lxu i ca uu
JVbw entirely out of print and the plaUs destroyed. Sea Messrs. Harper d: Bro.'s annowneamml tKamf.,
We invite attention of those who have not the flies of Harper's Weekly durinj tha war to
Same sise pages as the weekly, containing 1,099 illustratioas that appeared in. the war volumes of Harpac!
2 "Volumes, Price (J&tSA Cloth, $14; Half Turkgj Moro.3co, 20.
Send for descriptive circular. Please mention this paper. Said fry sabcriptitm only.
MCDONNELL BROTHERS, 113 Dearborn Stream Chlcaso, HI.
JKS-JTff have room ytioraeto good a.jmU. Mention The XafioualTrlhane.
HHAKT bfii
ho. 1. Team narneaa Rii wa emoloT no amenta,
i what you order ia not
&.&& M.
awiaciery te pay aujurpenMS.
2iO.fi Busrsrv feee cutr
' me aims as otners bcu
TorrIiuf."gie3 at JSHOrflae aa
H3 m-tXwi.'iLW.fmi
m jz ffiKAt!ty
uauauv sola ror ti
IIM k4 1UT'S 4 If A
mntzm i
"fePff If tJ Kverrtfatac folly vsrarrasced- Ee-
fore buyiny.Beiid for our Illustrated
Sl-ttasre Caolosma frr Addrfc?aVC 1
PltATT, Secy, USkkart, iRdinsa.
We natal! at Wiolssalo Prices.
Kention The National Tribune.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws whioh
govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by
a careful application of the fine properties of well-selected
Cocoa. Mr. Epp has provided onr breakfast tablea with
a delicately llavoed Leverage, which may save us many
heavy doctors bills. It la by the judicious usa or such
articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built
np untilstron? enough to resist every tendency todls ease.
Hundreds of subtile maladies are floating- around as,
ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may
escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well for
tified with pure blood, aad a properly nourished frame."
Civil Service Gazelle.
Made simply with boiling tvater or mili. Sold only
in half pound tics by Grocers, labelled thus:
JAMES ISPl'S Sc CO., HoHicEopathic Chemists
Load oh, England.
3ffentioa,Tb,efKational Trfbune.
The onlr complete work of the kind, coo pas?s. well
illusuated. handsomely bound, and of absorbing' inter
est. Sent postpa.d for . 5,two agents wanted, liberal
terms. Outntfres. Address
Mention The Katlocal Tribuna.
A good talker, easy to make friends, wanted in every
Village and G. A. K. Post for a lisht business and liberal
compensation. Fords. Howard & Hulbert, Park Placs,
2few York.
Mention The National Tribune.
Eleven 5-pounder Brass Guns, second hand, suitable for
decorating 1 on Cemetery lots. 3 wi'h Carriage, price
S17j each. S without carr.age3 pirlcejio 3 ea. h.
45 South 2d St, Philadelphia, Pa.
Meuuou The National Tribune.
will be a Eeunioa of the old brigade, consist
Insj of the 7th, 10th and 37th Massachusetts, 2d Rhode
Island and 36th New York at Oafciand Beach,- near
Providence. Tuesday. July 22. Fare to Providence and
return 3. It is desirable to have as Iarsea delcpatJoa
as possible, as It may be the only time the old brigade
will ever a3emble. will the members desiring to at
tend correspond with secretary so that arrangements
can ba made for tickets, eta? Address,
Springfield, July 7, 1S84. Secretary Asaociatloa.
Mention TL National Trfbnne.
P Campaign Goods.
Baita.Capes.C&pa. Hehaeta.aMrte,
Torcias, Plctoraa, Traupaxendea
and ait Cuwpuiffn Equipment.
C1TJB3 30PPI.ISD Agia. Waated.
Completa Sample Suit gl.fltf.
Sample Badge 10c. 3 for 25c, 1
O02. ejc. i-orsraiu in. iui "Z""
dates. size 12x15. Bample 10c..
for 25c.. I doz. 60c.. ICO for $4.
Our Prices defy competition I
Serd for samples and circnlsra.
10 Barclay St., Haw 7crk.
Mention The National Tribune.
, 1 A innTTQ CATALOGUE, nothlnr Ilka it
j Jj-V iUuon earth. beautifuly illustrated.
free to all iovera or iiAiifc VLtAH is km memum iau
paper. Troupe Nurseries, Troupe, Texas.
The publishers of "HomeCbeer" (a family Journal),
to Increase Its circulation, offer said organ to the person
aeudlnsthein the greatest number of words made from
the letters in "Home Cheer." With your answer you
must send 25c. (stamps taken) for three months sub
scription to Home Cheer. Should two send the same
number of word3 the one mailed first (post-mark the evi
dence, will be awarded the onran. Coatest closes Sept.
1st- Address HOME CHEER. New Haven. Conn. Three
organs already (riven away.
Mention The National Tribune.
Cured, without an ooeration or the in'ury trusses InMict,
by Vt. J. A. ailKRJfA.N'a method. orlice231 l.Tuadwar.
New Yorfc. "His bok. with r-hotoKraphlc likeness of
bad cases before and after cure, mailed for in cents. The
public are cautioned against one mythe, of ;t. Louis,
Mo. who hns counterfei ed the illutra ions and general
character of Dr. fherm -n' too-c, aud advertisea it as his
book with llfreness of cases he has cured, to swindle the
afllicted. A full account of this gigantic fraud 13 givea
with Dr. Sherman's book.
Mention The National Trlbuna.
Of this Paper. -anyUiIy
ho tlt cat ti.U outond sn4
uldcrsiBut 10 tStlSS LAOitS
n mr town ; lo -I'J u
PoatI Note or Stamps) to h LP
yy o-tt of ilT. rttilns, potiasn.
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mall tUU Elr-nnt XSoIIc-X
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aUa .na PSCXET-B90K FREE w,,h "" 7i
all ,oa Mnao." A BIG CHANCE! DON'T LET
T SLIP! What th Ladira ri
Rtawcnvdta-day. W a bmul'j t via ardtr dUr ctxO from
CUtafci;uw. iUrt Frttman. Troy, X. r. Puckti-hoobcambiixi7
ing at lund. Am jki 3. ilrr. J. S. SUM, Dayim, O. WasU
tot e!l Uer XX lrn Trm. Omaha, Xtb.
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ileutloa 'ilio Natloual Tribune
tlculaw. nddreea "VV. O. Chailee, Oswego. N. Y.
ilontion The National Tribane.
AXTED-Asents for "The Plumed Eni?ht and
Forty hounds," anew campaizn badge, 23 cts. each,
or 32 per d.iz. Chas. Sleber. J r. sole agent, 2c3 Olive St.,
SU Louis. Mn.
Mention The National Tribune.
WTT"AXTED-Aseutafor the beautiful book, "Mather,
V V Home and Peaven." The work of best authors. A
choice volume, elegantly illustrated. Worth 1U weight
to gold for hoci. 1L. a TPJ5AT, 199 Clark at.. Chlcaso.
MenUon Tho Natioaal Tribua.
amvinn Dn.i. g.-. tv. j & ..j
the variety exclusively wtto, xa fordisiri&a
of th Inpr.'h!i mi-It ami Immli.mJn..:
certatn to become a stanoaw sort, ana It stroott
soil. It tea perfect flowered variety, and there
not lavir atxtem thk vlnrnna an.l riMwfnnft-A
a full crso ot trail Ui June, of th accasiiaz
50 far $.00 r 100 fer SfO.Gi.
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r.v, ....M--M-1- v awKa v vr . J - J
TX. Xr 4V fnlnnJt 4L
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$20 TO $100 PER WEJ
plar. Tcttwcoaansd to no eTasr, nne or
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AlFaraadale 2.
y. 0? Trtu&UUm. Cck, Xjn sir mils
Has the most Ceniihfai ana bffanUfnl to-
in the State. Litbyga&as wtU as heated by steaaa.
a iuu wiu ujuc wireje racany r.peiisesaj tnoertte a
anr arst-clajscollsge. ForUeUa year begins Seytatai.
isi rw taoiwuej, esc. acoress a above
COL. E. D. AXIEN.Suj?.
vara; at once, 'irus nauses art iar;;o aizc, siu
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and if r p? S--UL TmMatsJ i
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ax sue.
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m X "
iSiP EiaalBlaj Befotilnlk,
"How We Won the Battle."
' Home on a Furlough."
"The Soldier's Homg."
"Thinking of Horna."
Engraved oa Stwl by
John Sartaln.
Size, 19x24. Send for circular free.
T7M. M. BRADLEY & EP.O. 1023 Arch St.Phi.
Mention The National Txibwe.
7 EC. only for tha Teteraa.'s Packa. 190 G-A. X.
U card badge is color, with name. Pose aat
address. A Facsimile of the Vicksburga Daily CltiMK
of July 4.63T (wall paper edition), 10 Fac simile
Confederate monex, all for 75c Club of five nasw IMV,
M names I, dendatsnee.
MenttCB The NatioBal TrfDun.
CO Doa't despair of permanent cure of RHSCM4
TIS3I er Neuralgia, antil you have- tried hw
g newly discavered apseiftc. ATHLO PHO R. J
2 never tails. Send for free treating and rafewwa
- ta scores of peBsesarhohava bea cured byk.
P i
fO Address
2 113 WaU Ste,
Mentioa The National Tribwsa.
k tt-irvt iiuj new r.
k fcwana Pstschk Raoliwj
rtiTB2Arr&NatVXDlS2.SaS. 0Artur
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Fi t patieats. t&ey pavtwr eiorcss durzes oa &ox wbm.
ireacaeana tro. Settler traets
reeshred. Sind names. P. O.aatJ etnress addrc rf
I afltctet to Dl-Kt.INEjr?TArch St.Phaade!aa.?a-
Mention The National Trlbuna.
Q Paris Glaces,
Something entirely NEW. 3s.
perior to all other fine conootfa,
XRANZ. 80 State street, ChIcaao,Il
Mention The National Tribune.
oy Tits
Open daily from 350 a, m. to 11 pu m., Sundays incli4d.
Evenings illuminated by Van Depoele electric Hjfefc.
Visiting Chicago, doa't fail to see it. Albums now Ac
sale, 23 cents.
TRl JUAM 9? All 13SIS 8? ASjISTWI,
Ths ttHIIhij adrecturw cf all thchero-explorsrs asd&lasw
;tn ii:uiii:s, ocuairs ana vi.a Oe&su, overoarwaa coauajt,
iron uj cariiot uno to taa pressnt. UTes ana ntesus
Crocstt. Enwie, Houaton. CarBonTCuatsriJvTd Bin. SirSwi
Bill. Gens-Mlrni aad Crook. rrestlnJian Ch:efaaadGr9l
T' '... . vvuxiv. juimJ.III.UU.I.IM'U. MWW.W4.IiMtUW, i
sthfrs. SQ8nasU lliasT3A7Ha with E3 ana KBrxrtiam
A8tiTS WAdTtO. Low priced aU beaa aaytaiB'i tS
ScammellAro., Eox 4017rPhEadelphla.orStXoui
Mention The National Trfbana.
S O ia E3 Ireet J. S.ilca hoS&JDerS. . X
i.eatiuu Aiie National Trlbuna.
IstheSSST. NoprepaTRlloB.
Jsed wira any ciomjenforutarkhtc
any fabric. Popular for decorativ
workonllnen. kerived CentesEiai
ll;:iATifc 3lploma. &ab
itshed 51) years, bold by aft
UiUjSists, Stationers A NawsAfi's.
All persons interested ia
Or Intending either to learn tel-raphr or constrwtl
private lines, to send for our New Manual of InstruciMai
aad Price List of Instruments, oos. Supplies, Ac
40 Lons SL.,CIef2laad, C.
3f:t!cn The National TTibnca.
IP nJvtO3eIl0UrEu!l3erI,riatIn''smPs Satnf
lU fnl free. Tatlok Bros. & Co., Cleveland, OUa.
Send to Union SUkCo Northford, CX.t
Beautiful il.a for Patciwors ampIc.l9,
Embroidery Mlk COc a pacsags, a packagaa ft.
Mention Tho National Tribune.
If so. aend for DOC 3CYERS3
GUIDE, cor.tauiingr colored plates,
xoo enyraiftces of aiffersnt breeds. J
buy them. Also, cutzof Dog Fur- J
nuiunz tnxx'.s or all Kinds, utrec' j
tioasiorTrainjnj Dcfp. and Btead. j
US ferrets. Mailed tor iocs.
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ilentioa Tha National Tribua.
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than Ji rnl, nwny aaih teaser, da he .l acetrallr
BtaStlnsanii trnuatnsilr - 4oUl s-ir-nenta. Saravst sa
Mention The National Tribane.
31 and 33 Maiden Lane, "ew York,
and 307 and 300 Wabaih Avenae, hiea.
Drams Fifes. Sta&st
and all fittings far
Cratid Atmr ,
i taijaiH CUI4,
etc. Seadaceat mmm?
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