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Kerns -ilfow &e DarlmeHts Ifew
Posts, etc
Q. W. Jek, M. D., Gait, We have just
rmniaed new Post at tWs pmee (Franklin Pest,
Ko. M7,) with about SO members mud thefeJIowing;
officers : Oemroander, G. W. Jeuks, M. D.: fe. V. C.,
J. fi. Parker; J. V. C..W. H. Martin; Adj't, J. H.
Ferris; Q. M., P. It Lateerette; Sure, J- A.
Braver; Chap., Anson Rider: O. D. ltRJ Gil
hreatb ; O. G., Jacob Beaver, Q. M. S., Davkl Tylor.
Officers of Beno Poet, Xo. 39. Denver: Com
mender, W. H. Bell ; a V. C C. EL Warren ; J. V,
C, E. T. Wells; Chap., G. Del Matyr; Sure., F.
C. Adams; O D., J. W. Carmcla; O. &, ,11. Os
borne; Adit, T. E. Perrine; O.M., II. G. Elder; S.
1L. E. Hoffman; Q, M. S.. A. IS. Erwin.
Tiie officers of George 3. BoM Pest. Jo. 528,
Montgomery, Wlom: Loete C. Car
penter, WiHiam F. O'Brine, Marline Gates,
Henrv McCraefcen. Benjamin Hopkins. Augustine
W. Batumi, Charles G. Walker, James Bullock,
Francis Masters.
general Orders, No. 7, issued at St. Louis by com
mand of Hiram buntu. Department Commander
Thomas B. Sogers. Aataetant Adft-Gen. are as
L ittauke for Adjutant's and Quartermaster's re
ports are inclosed herewith for the third quarter
ending Sept. ). The refiort for this quarter is the
baste for representation of the Posts at the nest
Department Encampment, and for this reason
tmottld be as full and complete as iwssible. More
thau 2, comrades afipear as suspended on the
report lor the last quarter, and a large number of
these can be restored to full membership if proper
efforts are made in that direction. The icporls for
tlie third quarter should be made up at the last
meeting in September, and immediately forwarded
with the per capita tax in one enveloe to the
AasttfUuit Adjutant-General. Sending them sepa
rate y and at different times causes errors and con
fuao'n and should in no case be done.
II Frank P. Biair Post, No. 1, iiaving tendered
the Department Commander and SUA, and the
delegates and comrades accompanying them, the
honor of an escort to Columbus from St. Louis, the
eataehaebeeu accepted. Thespecial train will leave
fit. Louts as before aunouueed, by the Ohio fc
Mtasiesippi Railway, at 9 o'clock on Sunday even
ing Sept. 9, will reach Cincinnati for breakfast
next morning:, and arrive at Columbus the same
day at noon.
HI. Oh the day of the grand parade at Columbus,
the personal staff of the Department Commander
and Ail-ae-Camp will report at the Headquarters
of the Department at Capitol Building in uniform,
one hwur before the Mine designated for the column
to move. The delegates will report at the same
time and place to the Assistant Adjutant-General,
-who will supply them with their delegate badges,
and aetgn them to their place on tlte right of the col
umn. The Posts from this Department will form
for parade a tlie point designated for Missouri at
V o'clock a. in. The Posts will be assigned as fol
lows: 1. The Poste of the city of St. Louis, in the
order of senioritr. 2. Posts from the Stale, in the
order of their seniority. 3. Other Posts, if organised
in battalions. Mi the order of their seniority. TJn
attaciied comrades will foil in with some of tlie
Post. Every Missouri comrade present is expeetcn
to take part in the parade, aud all should appear
)u uniform. Tent accommodations have been
secured in Dcnnison Camp for ail who have ap
plied from this Department. The camp is one-third
of a mue from the Union Depot. Delegations on
arrival at folumbuswill report to Gen. John G.
Mitchell, Chairman of the Reception Committee, at
his office at tlie Union Depot.
IV. The following Posts have forwarded their
reports since lat General Order was issued : Nos.
35. 10. 187, 316. 890, S74, and Po 822 has sent its
Quartermaster's report. This leaves 3J Posts which
are still delinquent for the second quarter, of which
number 27 are del inquent for both reports. In ad
dition to these. 12 Posts are delinquent for both the
first and second quarter. Such remissness and
neglect is inexcusable, and the Department Com
mander cannot too strongly urge upon the Com
manders of these Posts a more strict compliance
wiiu the Rules and Regulations. These delin
quencies should not be allowed to continue for a
day longer than is accessary to prepare and mail
the reports. , ,
v. Lieut, wm. Brawner i'ost, iso. . locaiea at
Pation. is in Bollinger County instead of Perry
County, as published in last General Orders.
James Cr Steak ley is Commander.
VI. The proceedings, findings and sentence of
tlie Post court-martial r the trial of Ellas Bran
nick, of Post Ko. 339, are lereby approved, and the
taut Elias Brannick is hereby digitonoraoty dis
charged and dismissed from the Grand Army of
the Republic.
VI J. Post Quartermasters will please withhold
requisitions from Sept. 7 until after the Encamp
ment. m
VIII. The following applicant for membership
has been rejected by Got. liaaseudeubsl Post, No.
18: G. B. Dare, Co. G, 96th ML
Under the auspices of Wm. A. Kent Post, Ko. S3,
Greenville, memorial services were held at Phelps's
Opera If uusc at that place in honor of Gen. Sheri
du, aud the Post adopted suitable resolutions in
regard to his death.
We have received the Proceedings of the 22d An
nual Encampment of this Department held at To
ledo April 25, 26 and 27. This Is one of the most
complete pamphlets ever issued. It contains 290
pages, and every page is full of interesting matter.
The frui.u-spiece is an excellent steel engraving of
the hat Department Commander D. C. Putnam,
n a a b,o,;r.ipbical sketch of the lamented ooin
rnc ati.uanies it. The book is invaluable to
couirarir") interested in the Order.
11. ram Louden Post. Montnelier, lias adopted
resolutions on the death of Gen. Sheridan.
civilians will speak. Nor will there be any lack of
The latest application for the establishment of n
now Post comes from Elklnnd, Tioga County.
The request 1ms been granted, and in a short time
Post No. 5S1 will be mustered.
Comrade Ben Woodhouse, of Post No. 94, has the
sympathy of his comrades in his recent loss by
death of his little granddaughter, Eva SIny.
The Philadelphia Brigade -will start on its trip to
Richmond on Oct. 4.
Among the visitors to headquarters was Lewis
IT. Kppley, Commander of Post No. 553, Osceola
Sews from llio Various Divisions Election of
Officers, etc.
Headquarters Cojmaxdeby-in-Chief, "1
Sons of Vbteuans. U. S. A., ?-
78 Fiitii Avk., Chicago, III., Sept. 1, 1SSS. J
General Orders. No. 13.
I. G. B. Abbott having been re-elected Commander-in-Chief,
command is hereby continued,
with Headquarters established at 78 Fifth Avenue,
Chicago, 111.
II. Tlie sevonth annual Encampment of theCom-mandery-in-Chief.
Sons of Veterans, V. S. A., held
at Wheeling, W. Va., Aug. 15. 16 and 17, elected the
following officers for tho ensuing year; Commander-in-Chief,
G. B.Abbott, Chicago, 111.; Licu-tenant-Gcneral,
E. II. Milham, St. Paul, Minn.;
Major-General, John H. Hinkley, Beverly, Mas3.
Council-in-Chief Rudolph Loebenstein, Wnrrens
iMirg, Mo.; G. Brainard Smith, Hartford, Conn.;
C. T. Orner, Bloominglon, 111.; William E. Bundy,
Wellslon. O - C. H. Cooke. Arlington. Dak. Pater-
soii, N. J., was chosen as the location of the eighth
annual Encampment of the Comraandery-in-Chief,
the week of Aug. 19, 20,21,22 and 23 being tho time
set for the same.
HI. All brothers heretofore appointed upon tho
Staff of the Commander-in-Chief are hereby re
lieved and will report to the Captains of their re
spective Camps for duty.
IV. TlicappointcdoflicersoftheCommanclery-in-
Chief for the ensuing otlicial year will boas follows:
Chief of Stan", Harry M- Russell, 2316 Hancock
St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Adjutant-General, Will .
Jenkins, Chicago, 111.; Quartermaster-General, C.
J. Post, Chicago, HI.; Inspector-General. Marvin
E. Hall, Hillsdale, Mich.; Chief Mustering Oiliccr,
Joe B. Maeenbe, Boston, Mass.; Judge Advocate
General, A. M. Anpelget, Tcoumseti, Neb.; Surgeon-General,
J. A. Avcrdick, Covington, Ivy.;
Chaplain-in-Chief, Frank W. Gee, West Lebanon,
Ind. All with the rank of Brigadier-General from
Aug. 18, 18SS. They will be obeyed and respected
V. The followins rules will be strictly observed :
All general communications and reports will bo ad
dressed to the Adjutant-General. All requisitions
for supplies addressed to the Quartermaster-General.
All money must be forwarded in the form of
postal note, money order, registered letter or drafts
upon New York or Chicago. Personal checks or
drafts upoin any other cities will not be accepted,
and will cause delav. All drafts and money orders
must be made payable to " C. J. Post, Q. M. G."
No supplies will be forwarded unless the money
accompanies the requisition. All communications
for tltese Headquarters should be addressed to IS
Fifth avenue, Chicago. The Judge Advocate-General
is the attorney of the Corntnnuder-in-Chief,
and all matters to be referred to him must pass
through these Headquarters. The Inspector-General
may be consulted directly by Colonels com
manding and Division Inspectors. All communi
cations must pass through proper channels. Offi
cers and menibcrsof the Cornmandery-in-Chief and
past officers, also officers of Divisions, forward com
munications directly to Headquarters. Camps nud
members will forward communications through
Division Headquarters.
VI. The Commandery-in-Cliief having raised the
tax levied upon Divisions after tho expiration of
present quarter, Divisions will be required to pay
four cents per member on all in good standing in
place of three cents as heretofore. The blank re
ports for quarter ending Sept. 30, will be forwarded
to Divisions at once. The tax for tho current quar
ter will be three cents per member.
VIL A new requisition for supplies is now in
press. Camps and Divisions in ordering supplies
will be required to order exclusively by this new
requisition, aud in compliance with u resolution
passed by the Commandery-in-Cliief, the Quartermaster-General
will hereafter pay transportation
on supplies to Division Headquarters on all sup
plies ordered on the new requisition. The En
campment also passed n resolution relieving me
Quartermaster-General from handling Camp pack
ages. It will therefore be necessary for every
Division Headquarters to be thoroughly provided
with all manner of Camp supplies.
VIII. The Encampment at Wheeling recom
mended no changes in the Ritual ; therefore, there
will be no necessity for exchange of Rituals this
IX. The Commandory-in-Chief having provided
that Colonels commanding shall give bonds for the
faithful performance of their duties, the elective
Council of each Division will at once proceed to the
enforcement of this lawand require the Colonels of
their respective Divisions without delay to execute
a bond in such sums as they may deem necessary
to cover tlie amount of money handled. The bonds
aliall be drawn on. form 19, and shall be approved
by the elective members of the Division Council.
It shall run to and be retained in the custody of
the Chairman of the Division Council, as defined
on ige 51, Sec 6, Art. 7, Chap. 5, Constitution,
Rules and Regulations.
XL Sons of Veleranavisitingand passing through
Chicago, may have their mail addressed to thete
Gatherings of Comrades in All Parts
" of the Country.
Headquarters, care ol the Adjutant-tiencraJ.
XU. General Orders, No. 12, announced the
vokinir the charter of Camn No. 25. Division of N
'1 lie Departiaeat officials and delegates, aeeom
petited by a large number of comrades with their
-wives and iatnutes. left Philadelphia, on Saturday
lui-t for i he National Encampment. They will re
turn about Sept. 20, stopping on their way home at
MurieUu and 1m wcaster to attend the Reunions held
lit Uiom. ;ce.
'; i r Post. No. 19. of Philadelphia, will give its
first 1 .. i Cdinpftre on Thursday evening, Sept. 20.
A Cam p ol tut. none of Veteraus has been organized
and u i ht-d to the Post.
The ;,urd of Post Ko. 94 are arranging to give a
fair in Ae.-mb!y liall. Ninth and Girard avenue,
Philadelphia, sometime during the Winter, the pro
ceeds tu go to tnc rosl uniionn luna.
Cspt. M lUmm Kershner. of the Guard f Post
Va. 5, challenges any marksman in the G.A.U. to
stioot au distance under 200 yards with a45-caliber
Itobmson Post. No. 20. of Hasleton. was the re
cipient of a visit from Town Post, No. 46, of lhila
i)phta on Wednesday of last week. There were
67 me nitons j( the city Post, and tuey were acconl
jmnieiiv (Ik- National Band, of rrankford. They
vrjf ii.i i Mauch Chunk by a committee of Post
No. 'JU. coittieiiiig of Capt. J. Edwin Giles, Gus II.
'IrouUiiati, I. L Babeoek, Steve Engle and John
Weir. Lpoi their arrival alHaztcUm a short street
parade a- heid. The day was spent in visiting
the coi mmes and other points at interest around
the Uv n in the eveolmr the visitors were tender
lid a ibi inal receptioft and banquet at Grand Arinv
The folU. wing Posts have been mustered recently:
TImmusx A Armstrong Post, Ko. 572. at Webster,
Weelttiortiai.ti County, George W. Smith, Com-na.ud-r
nrx't Charles D. altr. Post. No. 575. at
Kcvkfoundiaud. Wayne County, George L. Waltz,
( .majini'-r , Lieut. Wb. M. McKean Post, No.
&:t. at .--utli Laun, Northampton County, Joel
)fcw4b (xtuuuiider.
T tt Minpboii, Osceola Mitts: Pott No. S83 was
muetei i J nl 26, IMS', with about 20 members.
1 here are now 4H members, having lost one by
oeaib aud one by transfer. Have mustered two
recruits s.nce rosier whs forwarded, and expect
several more before the quarter ends, at which
biue w ill r-ort to you. I think -we make a very'
gooQ niuoiiijt loraaman mountain village. Offi
cers: ouiu.iwder. L. H. Kppley; S. V. C, H. H.
robe.u J V. C Jacob McCmII; Surg.. W. W.
hpedd nup , HL Miller; Q. D.. Wm. Fiugerald;
i M.. It . Wtkcr; Adjt,T. M. Simpson; O. G.,
hiuion h liri, taentioehi. F. McCaffrey and 1L
M. Pat auner.
ForHuu.1. time past your correspondent has been
chroU".uiig the fact that numerous regimental as
soetat' in, u:id associations of Posts throughout
ttitstiUK: w rc arranging to bold Reuuions. What
promts to be the largest gathering of veterans in
tins ! iu tineiil thib year is the annual Reunion of
the If .wiikoiuery County Association of tlie G.A.It.
ml Sort -ihu on September 29, 1&8. It is rob
ably Km rtiuoug to say that the Posts in that
tuuuu !fc inierested in the Reunion, and conse
quent ;ir- s;i billing every nerve and doing every
liunK iii.it wil aid in making it a grand success.
Inert - tin ur-uttl complement of committees, aud
HltWuL lhr' . tltcre is not a single tncmber who
is nut iit-itruiy doing: ids utmost to individually
make tnc lie union one that will be long re
meuilK ied. and that is saying a great deal, when
the u-'iM.l number of pcopte who are appoiiiled on
ooMa i itcs simply for effect is considered. Posts
in th hurrousnling Counties are also interested in
the nulling aud those in Philadelphia are particu
larly so the following Posts have promised to
partK pale in the exercises : Nos. L, 2, 6, 6. 8, 12, 15.
1". 19.-1 27.85.M 65. 66. 68, 71, 80. 91. US. 812 and
400, Philadelphia: Nos. 16 and 76, Reading; Ho.
3 1 , Korristown ; ho. 28, Potteville ; Nos. 81 and 180,
V est Chester ; Ko. 45. Phoenixville ; No. 78, Bris
tol; Ko. 79, Conshohocken; Ko. 101, Hatboro; No.
217, Boston; Ko. 255, Dowmngtown; No. 803,
Doyleetowu; No. 515, Schweuksvilie; No. 87,
Csmden, K. J., and No. 293. Commander-in-Chief
Itea has signified his intention of being at the Ro
mom. Among the other well-known Grand Army
men who will be there are Department Com
mander Frank J. Magee. Assistant Adjutant-General
Thomas J. Stewart, A Q. M.-G. IL G. Wil
liams. Chaplain Rev. John W. bayers. Inspector
John V. Miller, Past Commander-in-Chiefs Louis
Wagner aud R. B. Beath, and QoartermtLStcr-Geu-crai
John Taylor.
The Committee of Arrangements for the third
annual Reunion of Posts at Marietta on Sept. 19,
under the auspices of Lieut. Win. H. Childs Post,
No. 236. have almost concluded their arduous du
ties, ami every thing is in ship-shape order for the
usual successful and ideating celebration. There
will he a parade, in which 34 Posts, IS bands, live
drum corps and a number of Camps of Sons of
Veterans will participate, a sham battle and n
Cutuplire, at which prominent soldiers and
Hampshire, instead of which, it should have been
No. 26. Camps No. 13 and No. 24 of thii Division
having disbanded, the charters of the same arc
hereby revoked. Camp No. 92, Division of Kan
sas, and Camp No. 148, Division of Iowa, having
voluutarily surrendered their charters, the same is
hereby declared canceled. The following are the
changes in the Constitution : Page G, Art. I, add to
"and also to the Colonel of the Division." Sec. 3,
same article, "Camps shall rank from date of mus
ter." Page 17, Art. IX, Sec. 3, strike out "six
months" and insert the word "quarter." Add
Sec. 4, to Art. 9, "the Captain, First Sergeant and
Quartermaster Sergeant shall not serve on the
Camp Council." Add to Art. XI, same page, as
follows: Sec 2, " For the non-payment of fines, a
member may be suspended or dropped in the name
manner and form as provided for in the non-payment
of dues." Page 18, Art. XII, after the word
"arrears" in the fifth line insert, "Including the
dues for current quarter." Page 19, Art. XH1, sec
ond and fourth lines, after "visiting," insert "aud
relief." Page 2, Art. XVIH, second line, after the
word "Marine," insert "or relief of members of
the Order." Page 22. Art. 1, Sec. 1. first linc.striko
out the word "three" and insert "five." Page 23,
Art. II, Sec. 3, strike out the word " members" and
insert " delegates." Page 21, Art III, Sec. 1, strike
out "April" and insert "January." Page 25. add
to Art. V, " if present and assenting at the time of
election." Page 25, Art. IX, add Sec. 4, "Ques
tions requiring the official vote of the Division
Council may be submitted by the Commander, by
printed blanks for that purpose, except for the elec
tion to ail vacancies." 1'age 2U, Uruer ot business,
insert, after No. 6, "Committee on Distribution of
Work." Page 83, Art. 1U, Sec. 1, after "Auguat,"
insert "or September." Same page. Sec. IV, fccc
ond line, strikeout "y" In the word "Commaud
ery." Psge34,sameArticle,addSec5, "Questions
requiring the official vote of the Council-in-Chief
may be submitted by the Commanding Officer by
printed blanks for that purpose, except for the elec
tion to nil vacancies." Same page, Art. V, add to
"if preseut and assenting at the time of election."
Page 85, Art. VII, fifth line. Sec. 1. strike out
"Company," insert " Cominandery." Page 36,
Art. VIII, Sec L hi sert, after Judge Advocate-General,
"the Surgeon-General." 3'age 40, Art. X,
strike out the words "(to facilitate business.;"
Strike out all tho balance of this Article after the
word "voting," "Order of business, Cominand
ery -in-Chief," after" Fourth." insert "Fifth on dis
tribution of work." Page 42. Art. I, Sec. 4, after
Camps" strikeout "shall," in-ert "may." Page
47, Art. V, Sec. 1, strike out "during the month of
April." insert "between April 15th and June 1st."
Page 49, Art. VI, See. 8. provides for the trial of the
Commander-in-Chief, Past Colonels and Past Offi
cers. Sec 5. same Article, strike out "in" of the
last word. Page SI, Art. VII, Sec. 7, provides for
the bond of Division Colonels. Page 52, second,
third and fifth line, strike out " S. V." insert " reg
ulation." Insert "Sec 4," which prescribes for tho
regulation button. Page 53, same article. Sec. 6, so
changed that armed and equipped Camps may
wear the U. S. Regulation uniform upon receiving
dispensation. Page 53, Art. X, is so changed that
tins insignia ot ranlc H worn on tlie Icit breast im
mediately above the membership badge, except for
armed aud equipped Camps. Page 59, Art. XIII, Sec.
4. strike out the last line, also first two lines on page
60, and insert" old gold." 1'agcCO, strike out " red,
whiteandblue," and insert "oldgold." Pnge03,Art.
XVIII. provides for the password and countersign
being issued to the G.A.It.. and to Divisions not in
arrears. Page 64, Art. XXI, provides that Reed's
Standard Tactics lie used. Same igc. Art. XXII
is changed to XXIII; Art. XXU1 is changed to
XXIV, and Art, XXI I provides for leave of absence
and resignations. Page 65, add "Art. XXV," which
is; "The Conimandery-in-Cliicf shall at each an
nual Encampment designate an official paper in
which all Coiumandery-iii-Chicf Orders and Circu
lars shall be published, and it shall be the duty of
tlie Quartermaster-Sergeant of each Camp to sub
scribe in the name of the Camp each year for at
leasone copy oi sucn paper, ana pay for the same
out of the Cnmp funds. Such pHper shall be kept
on file by the First Sergeant." Page 65. Art. XXVI,
"Any article or section of Rules and Regulations
may be temporarily suspended during the session
of the Commaiidery-iu-Chief Encampment, by
two-thirds voteof the members present and voting.
The Aids appointed on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief
will be announced in General
Orders, No. 14.
By order of G. B. Abbott, Commander-in-Chief.
Will F. Jkkkixs, Adjutant-General.
Notice. Organizations holding Reunions this
year having or making rosters, will favor us by
transmitting a copy thereof to The National
Tkibune for filo and future reference. Editob
National TBinuNE.1
Tho annual Reunion of tlie 9tli Conn, -will
be heia at Savin Eock, West Haven, Thursday,
Sept. 20. All comrades aro requested to bo
present. Comrades will notify tho Secretary,
Wm. Gleason, Now Haven, if they will come.
The annual Eeunion of tho 41st 111. "Veteran
Association will bo held at Mattoon Sept. 20
and 21. All members of tho association aro re
quested to be present. If any member knows
of tho death of a comrade during tho last year,
pleaso send name and company to tho Secre
tary, E. T. Lee, Monticello.
Tho Eeunion of tho 114th HI. was hold at
Rochester recontly, and was attended by 114
members, besides 13G comrades of othor regi
ments. A grand time was had, and tho Ee
union wound up with a Campfiro in tho even
ing. S. C. Mxinhall, Secretary, Watseka: Tho sur
vivors of tho 7Gth HI. will hold a Eeunion at
Morris Oct. 10 and 11.
Geo.S. Durfco, Secretary, Decatur: Tho 8th
111. will hold its annual Reunion at Yandalia
Sept. 20 and 21.
Wm. M. Cochran, Secretary, Indianapolis:
The survivors of the 51st Iud. will hold a Re
union at Indianapolis Sept. 19.
A soldiers' Reunion will bo held at Peters
burg Sept. 25, 20 and 27.
The eighth annual Reunion of tho 19th Ind.
battery; Co. D, 101st Iud., and detail of tho
4th Iud. battery will bo held at Noblesvillo
Oct. 3 and 4, in connection with tho 75th and
101st Iud.
The 84th Ind. will hold its annual Eounion
at Muncio Sept. 19 and 20. Campfiro on tho
evening of the 19th.
The 74th Ind. will hold its Eeunion Oct. 10
and 11 at Columbia City.
The Loyal Legion of Pike County will hold
a Reunion at Petersburg on Sept. 25, 2G and 27.
Alfred G. Hunter, Secretary, Box Gl, Ver
sailles : Tho 10th annual Reunion of the 82d
Ind. will be held at Columbus Sept. 19 and 20.
Please notify Secretary by postal card whether
you will be in attendance. All who havo not
attended any of the Reunions will pleaso send
their names, rank and company to tho Secre
tary, so that they may be enrolled as members.
J. C. Switzer, Secretary, Iowa City : Tho 22d
Iowa will hold a Reunion at this placo Oct. 3
and 4. They invito to join them as guests tho
21st, 23d, 21th and 2Sth Iowa and 11th Wis.
Tho dale of tho Reunion was changed from
Aug. 22 and 23, as mentioned in The Na
tional Tribune. AH comrades of those regi
ments are invited, whether thoy rcceivo notico
by mail or not.
Tho 4th Iowa Cav. held their Reunion at
Mount Pleasant on Thursday and Friday. Aug.
31 and Sept. 1. It was a most onjoyablo occa
sion, tho presence of all tho surviving staff
officers snaking tho meeting one of peculiar
interest to tho old veterans. Gen. Winslow,
who has made a name and reputation sinco tho
war as a railroad manager only equaled by the
one ho made while commanding tho gallant
4th Iowa Cav., was thopresiding officer; Lieut.
Col. Peters, one of tho best soldiers from tho
Hawkoyo State, greeted his old comrades,
while Adj't Scott, who was remembered by tho
veterans as tho man who fixed tho details for
guard aud picket duty, grasped the hands of
tho men who had served under him 25 years
ago. Gen. Wm. W. Belknap, who was tho last
commander of the Seventeenth Corps, addressed
the veterans, and was made an honorary mem
ber of tho 4th Iowa Cav. Association. Speeches
wTero niado by Gen. Winslow, Gen. lielknap
and Col. Peters. The Adjutant, Wm. P. Scott,
read to the veterans the advance-sheets of tho
regimental history, which he has been prepar
ing aud which will soon bo published. The
occasion was ono which will long bo remem
bered by tho veterans present, and wuL un
doubtedly secure a greater attendance at the
next Reunion.
Stillman J". Locke, Secretary, Box 72, Etna :
The survivors of Co. B, 30th Me., will have a
Reunion at Etna Hall, this place, Sept. 18.
Members will please send name and present ad
dress to the Secretary.
Tho Reunion of tho 3d Me. was held at Oak
land recently aud was very largely attended.
Following is tho list of officers: President, C.
T. Hooper, Bath; V.-P's, B. D. Savage, Skow
hcgan,and J. E. Nye, Augusta; Rec. Sec, Wm.
JIcDavid, Augusta; Cor. Sec, Lewis Selbing,
Augusta; Treas., George S. Fuller, Hollowcll;
Surg., Dr. G. E. Brickott, Augusta; Chap.,
Rev. E. W. Preble. A very interesting program
of music, speeches, etc., was rendered, and
after deciding to hold tho next Eeunion at
Bath in September, 18S9, the veterans dispersed.
Tho fourth annual Reunion of the 2d Md.
will be held in Post hall, Baltimore, Tuesday
evening, Sept. 18. All comrades of tho regi
ment are cordially invited to be present, and
they aro also requested to send their names
and addresses to tho Secretary, Lieut. James
Glen, corner Charles and Fayette streets, Bal
Tho 23d annual Eeunion of tho 21st Mass.
was held at Templeton recently. Miss Clara
Barton was present and held a reception, which
was very largely attended. Tho following
officers wero elected for tho ensuing year:
President, William J. Rickett, Monson ; V.-P's,
John S. Kostcr, Lyon's Falls, N. Y.; W. H. Saw
yer, Littleton, Mass.; Sec, Col. Gcorgo P. Haw
kes, Templeton ; Treas., L. E. Stewart, Athol;
Executive Committee Charles E. Simmons,
Worcester; Ira B. Goodrich, Boston; Abner E.
Mott, Barre; Jonas E. Davis, Gardner; A. S.
Grotou, Worcester. It was voted to give $100
to the monument to bo erected in memory of
Gen. Beno, whenever it should bo called for.
E. S. Ainidon, Secretary, Sturgis: Tho 21st
Reunion of tho 19th Mich, will bo held at Cold
water Sept. 20. Tho association will bo enter
tained by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Spaulding at Col.
Gilbert's old homestead.
At tho Reunion of tho 21st Mo., held at Ar
bela recently, a permanent organization of tho
regiment was perfected and the following ofli
cers elected: President, Jonathan Johnson,
Nova; V.-P., D. B. Cravens, Arbela; Sec, P.
Reynolds, Mt. Sterling, Iowa; Treas., T. W.
Hoi man, Memphis, Mo.
At a meeting of some of tho members of tho
12th Mo. Cav. held at Albany, it was decided
to call a Reunion of tho regiment at tho Sol
diers' Eounion, Stato Fair Grounds, Topcka,
Kan., Oct. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and G. All survivors of
Wilson's Cavalry Corps and tho 2d Mo. L. A.
are invited to attend.
The sixth annual Reunion of tho 14th N. Y.
n. A. was held at Watkins recently. About
5G of tho members' were present. At tho busi
ness meeting the following officers wore elect
ed: President, Col. V. l. Houghton ; First V.
P., J. W. Kimball ; Second V.-P., C. A. Shaw ;
eighth annual Ecunidn of the 75th N. Y. will
bo held in tho village of Moravia on Sept, 1q.
Tho survivors of thd!130fcll Pa. will celebrate
tho 2Gth aunivorsary of tho battlo of Antictam
by a Eeunion on tho battlefield Sept. 17.
A Eeunion of tho survivors of tho Pennsyl
vania Eescrves will bo held at Lancastor on
Sept. 18.
Tho 67th Pa. will hold their second Rcnpion
at Indiana Oct. 4. '
Tho Tioga County Soldiers and Sailors' Eo
union was held at Mansfiojd recently. Ad
dresses wero mado by Messrs. J. B. Niles, M.
F. Elliott, S. F. Wilson, H. M. Footo, Maj. Geo.
W. Merrick, Gen. E. C.Cox aud Hon. John I.
Mitchell. The following officers wero elected :
President, Capt. Biddlo; Treas., Col. M. L,
Clark. Gen. Cox was again elected Marshal.
A sham battlo was ono of tho features of tho
The survivors of the G9th, 71st, 72d and lOGth
Pa. wilro to Eichmoud, Va., on an excursion
on Oct. 4. They will stay thore four days,and
will bo the guests of Pickett's Division.
Tho third annual Eeunion of tho Posts of
Lancaster County will be held at Marietta on
Sept. 19.
Tho 1st Pa.Eifles (Bucktails) will hold a Re
union at Bradford on Sept. 26 and 27.
Tho 67th Pa. will hold their second annual
Reunion at Indiana, Oct. 4. All survivors who
were at any time members of tho regiment aro
earnestly requested to bo prosont.
Tho first encampment of tho G.A.R. and
veterans of the Juniata and Susquehanna Val
leys, composed of tho Counties of Porry, Juni
ata, Union, Snydor, Huntingdon and Mifllin,
was held on tho baso-ball grounds in Lewis
town, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Aug.
'21, 22 and 23, and was a grand success in attend
ance and in the character of the proceedings.
The parade on Thursday passed off credibly.
Tho streets through which tho parade passed
wero spanned with beautiful arches, erected at
tho distance of nearly every block, and ilags
and bunting wero visible from nearly every
houso, while a number of largo flags wero sus
pended across the streets, tho whole presenting
a fino appearance. The evening meetings wero
genuine treats, ana tho urc3s parades crecm-
Gleanings from National Hcadpar
(ers Notes from the Departments.
able. On Friday the following-named officers
were elected for tho ensuing yoar: President,
Dr. B. F. Wagonsellcr ; Sec, J. A. Bomford;
Treas., M. S. Shroyer, all of Selin's Grove, Pa.,
where tho second encampment will beheld in
August, 1889. Blair County was admitted,
making seven Counties in the association. Ono
Vice-President was elected from each of tho
above seven Counties.
Tho annual Reunion ofManlsby's Battery
will be held at Catawba on Sept. 18.
The annual Eeunipn of the Soldiers' Orphan
Sixteeners of Pennsylvania, was held at Har
risburg on Thursday last. There was a largo
gathering of the members. At tho business
meeting tho following resolution was offered,
and after a general discussion unanimously
adopted :
llcsolved, That this association appoint a commit
tee to memorialize the next Legislature at its ses
sion In 18S9 to make iv further appropriation for tho
continuance of the soldicrb' orphans' schools.
Under the act of Legislature enacted in 1887,
tho schools will bo closed in 1890. At that
timo there will bo 1,519 children between tho
ages of 14 and 1G years in tho schools, and
fully 1,000 who will bo under 14 years of age.
These officers were chosen for the ensuing year:
President, Frank W.Smith, of Philadelphia;
Vice-Presidents, Dayton E. Jones, of Boston,
and John H. Stewart, of Allegheny; Record
ing Secretary, Miss Mollio Eeagan, of Wash
ington, D. G; Assistant Secrotary, Miss Annie
Steele, of Harrisburg. A resolution was adopt
ed indorsing the administration of Mrs. E. E.
Huttcr as Inspector of tho Schools, and thank
ing Gov. Beaver for expressing his willing
ness to reappoint her to that position. Tho
next Reunion will also be. hold at Harris
burg. On Friday the Sixtctouer3 visited tho
Gettysburg battlefield, and tho following day
was spent at the White Hall School.
The 9th Vt. held its first Reunion at Now
port Aug. 22 and 23, and organized a regimental
association to be known as rt The 9th Vt. Vet
eran Association." Tho following officers wero
elected for the ensning year: President, Col.
D. K. Andros; First V.-P., Gon. E. H. Riploy ;
Second V.-P., Gipt. T. S. Peck ; Sec. and Treas.,
Lieut. R. F. Parker. Executive Committee
Adj't J. G Stearns, Lieut. 13. W. Jewett; Lieut.
J. C. Baker, Serg't Thomas Hannon, Capt. C.
F.Branch. Sevenfcy-fivlo comrades wero pres
ent from all parts of thcState, and from other
States, and all felt that for tho first timo tho
Reunion was a great success.
A Reunion of tho survivors of Manlsby's bat
tery will bo held at Catawba Sept. 18.
Pror. Long's Adams.
J. J. Bowon, Commander, Salom Post, No. 128,
Department of Missouri, Salem, Mo., says that
owing to the number of applications which havo
been received for Prof. H. C. Long's excellent
memorial address, in a recent number of The
National Txibuxb, that tho edition has been
exhausted, and that in the future they will
havo to charge 10 cants a copy for all sent.
All that re untitle over the expense of printing
additional copies wili be put into tho Post re
lief fund.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To the Editor : Plenso inform your readers that
I have a positive remedy for Cousumptlon. ISy its timely
use thousands of liopelets casa hare been pcrniaueuUy
cured. I shall he glad to send two bottles or my remedy
ruEE to any ol your readers who have consumption if
.they will send me their Express and P. O, Address. Ee
8iectfully, T. A. SLOCUil, iL C, 1S1 i'earl Su, N. Y.
Third V.-P., 0. H. Webster; Treas., C. H. Van
Braklo; Sec, Joseph Hepworth. The exorcises
closed with a grand banquet.
Tho annual Eeunion of the 2d N. Y. Inde
pendent battery will bo hold in tho Mansion
House, Bufl'alo, Sept. 18.
Tho 23d annual Eeunion of tho 157th N. Y.
will bo hold at Sylvan Beach, Oneida Lake, on
Wednesday, Sept. 19.
Tho fourth Eeunion of Cos. D, E, F and G of
the 3d N. Y. Cav. was held atOneonta recently.
About 50 of tho three regiments and their fam
ilies marched from tho armory to tho Windsor
Hotel, where a dinner was served. An excel
lent program of speeches, music, etc., was ren
dered, and in tho evening a Campfiro was held.
Tho grand Reunion of tho survivors of tho
125th N. Y. wasUicld atHoosick Falls Aug. 30,
and a more beautiful day for tho occasion could
not be asked for. Tho largest portion of tho
veterans went on tho morning train from Troy,
and on their arrival wore greeted by a volley
saluto from tho Hoosick Falls Gun Club, and
met by the Sons of Veterans and Mower and
Reaper Band and escorted to Wood Post
rooms, after which a short street parado was
mado to tho Union Rink, where speeches wero
mado and respouded to by William Powell, jr.,
aud Capt. Hartshorn, after which the members
of tho regiment and many invited guests sat
down to tho banquet which had been spread for
Charles H. Lakoly, Secretary, Moravia : Tho
The Soclctj's 21st Annual Reunion at Toledo.
The Society of tho Tennessee began its 21st
annual Eeunion in this city Sept. 5. Tho cor
ridors of the Boody House, whero tho society
had its headquarters, wore thronged with tho
officers who had led tho commands to victory
in tho long-ago days of tho war, and many
memories of those stirring times wore revived.
The most prominent figure of tho assemblage
was tho stooped form of Gon. W. T. Sherman.
With his white locks, crowned by a rusty derby,
and his gray beard trimmed so closely as to re
veal tho contour of his jaws, and wearing a
blue cutaway coat and a waistcoat fastened with
brass buttons, and with a cigar clinched in his
teeth, he was always tho center of interest, and
laughed and joked with everyone.
After obtaining badges and registering tho
veteran commanders formed in lino on ifadi
son street and marched to Memorial Hall.
" Old Tccumseh," arm in arm with Col. Day
ton, of Cincinnati, whoso luxurious black mus
tacho and imperial gavo him at once a decid
edly French and fiercely-warlike appearance,
headed tho procession.
Tho members gathered in tho annex, and at
11:30 o'clock Gen. Sherman, as President, called
tho meeting to order. He congratulated those
present aud expressed sorrow for tho absout
ones at rest, and stated that they would at ouco
proceed to tho business of the meeting.
Tho reading of the journal was disponsed
with. A committee on the selection of offi
cers was appointed as follows: Gen. W. W. Bel
knap, Gen. Lcggott, Gen. Miller, Gon. Green
B. Eaum and Maj. Everest. A committee was
also appointed to select date and placo for hold
ing the next annual meeting.
Then followed tho annual reports of tho offi
cers. The Treasurer's report showed the so
ciety to bo in good condition financially, having
over $11,000 worth of Government bonds. Tho
Treasurer, Gen. M. F. Force, tendered his res
ignation. Geu. Grcon B. Raum reported frem tho Gcu.
Logan Monument Committee that tho Govern
ment would erect the pedestal and tho monu
ment will bo placed in a prominent and attract
ive location in Washington.
Tho business having been transacted accord
ing to program, Gen. G. M. Dodgo, of Council
Bluffs, Iowa, appointed by Gen. Shonnan to
read a paper on his personal experience and
observation, was introduced. The paper was
well written and was received with much ap
plause. It contained a most interesting account
of the building of the Union Pacific Railway,
whereby tho two oceatft wero first linked to
gether, mid with which, it will bo remembered,
Geu. Dodge was tho Chief Engineer.
At 3 o'clock the members ol tho society wero
taken out for a rido through" tho city in car
riages. In the evening thero was a reception to
tho members, with addresses of welcome by
Maj. Hamilton on bohalfof tho city, and Liout.
Gov. Lyon on behalf of tho State, to both of
which Gon. Sherman responded.
At tho busiuess meeting of tho society tho
noxt day tho following-officers wero reported
by tho Committee on Nominations aud elected :
President, Gen. W. T.' Sherman ; V.-P's, Col.
Gilbert A. Pierce, Maj. Charlua II. Smith, Maj.
L. H. Everotts, Capt., W. W. Leggott, Capt.
John 0. Pullou, Geu. 12. V. Ankeny, Maj. H.
H. Fabrique, Col. Thomas Reynolds, Liout. A.
N. Recce, Liout. J. G. W. Hardy, Lieut. II. L.
Gray aud Capt. Charles A. Steesmeir ; Rec. Sec,
Col. L. M. Diiyton ; Cor. Sec, Gon. A. Uieken
looper. Notwithstanding tho fact that Gen.
M. F. Forco yesterday teudored his resignation
as Treasurer, tho committeo nominated him
and ho was re-elected.
Tho Committee on tho General Logan Monu
ment recommeuded tho appropriation of $1,000
by tho society, and suggested that each mem
ber of tho society contribute tho sum of $3 to
tho monument fund. Thero was somo objection
to tho appropriation as recommended by tho
committeo, aud Gon. Raum moved that a $1,000
bond bo issued and sold, and tho money bo used
for tho abovo purpose. Thoro was such vigor
ous opposition to tho proposed appropriation
that tho motion was withdrawn. Tho fund
will bo raised by voluntary subscriptions of tho
morabors. A public reception this ovoniug
wound up tho proceedings.
Special Correspondence National Tribune.
Arrangements for tho entertainment of Relief
Corps delegates at Columbus havo boon tho most
complete and well-ordered of any Convention here
tofore held under the auspices of tho W.R.C. Col.
Carl A. Bancroft, Chairman of tho Sub-Committoc,
National Council, G.A.R., has brought exact busi
ness methods to bear upon all plans for the week.
Cards, with streetsand numbers, wero furnished in
advance, and upon their arrival tho ladies havo
found themselves in tho bauds of friends. Every
attention has been bestowed upon them, and tho
promised Buckcyo wclcomo has been cordial and
The first delegation to arrive aro quartered at tho
charming residence of Col. and Mrs. Bancroft,
nblazo with tho tri-colors and aglow with hospital
ity. Mrs. Bancroft is tho very efficient Department
President, and her house is thronged with coming
and departing guests. Ohio Headquarters nre es
tablished in ono of her parlors, but for the present
tho books aro closed for tho National Convention.
Past National President Mrs. Sherwood, National
Senior Vice-President Mrs. Young, Past Depart
ment President Mrs. Battels, Past Department
Treasurer Mary Morrison aro among Mrs.
Bancroft's permanent guests. Among tho callers
have been Col. R. B. Brown. Post Depurtnient
Commander of Ohio, and Chairman of tho Press
Department of Ohio's Centennial. Col. Brown is
pushing tho Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans'
Home, and has had several conferences with tho
Department President and ladies of tho W.R.C.
Committee concerning the adornment of tho Homos.
Tho Ohio Corps will ho called upon to supply
books, pictures and toilet conveniences for tho
Col. Alfred E. Lcc, past TJ. S. Consul to Frank-fort-on-tbc-Main,
and Secretary of the Grand
Council, G.A.R., called to pay his respects. Col.
Lee ha3 been indcfntigablo in his labors for tho
success of Encampment week. Saturday his young
lady assistants presented him with an elegant
floral design, representing the Stars and Stripes in
Mrs. Col. Holliday, widow of the brave Col. Holll
day, 102d Ohio, is here from Stotibenvillo with Col.
Holliday's aged mother, who is an honorary mem
ber of the Army of West Virginia. Mrs. Holliday
is the Instituting and Installing Officer for the De
partment of Ohio, as well as a most charming
Mrs. Henrietta Sticsmcir, Past National Institu
ting and Installing Officer, of St. Louis, nrrived
Sunday morning from Toledo, with Pa.-t Com-maiider-in-Chicf
Xounlz and party. Mrs. Sties
mier accompanied her husband, Maj. Stiesmier. to
the meeting of the Army of the Tennessee nt To
ledo. She is one of Missouri's earnest workers in
the Relief Corps. While calling on Mr. Bancroft
she recalled interesting reminiscences of her child
hood in Louisville, where as n child she carried
soup, prepared by her mother, to the sick soldiers
in the hospital. Her father was an officer in Gon.
Willleh's command, and when the little girl would
grow tired of taking tho eonp, her mother would
say: "Think, my child, how glad wo would be
if some one would carry soup to your father if ho
should bo flick among strangers."
Mrs. L. May Wheeler, of the Voman's Netos, In
dianapolis, appointed Press Secretary for National
Convention, is detained by a most painful accident.
Having a severe cold sho arose and rubbed her
lips and nose with carbolic acid, mistaking it for
glycerine, and is a great sufferer from tho ellects.
A fine program has been arranged for tho Na
tional reception to the G A.R., a feature of which
will be the recitation of a poem by Rebecca Steed
inan McCann, written by Kate B. Sherwood, and
entitled "Black Jack" a tributu to Gen. Logan.
Chaplain-in-Chief Anderson will respond to the
sentiment, "The LoynLJVoman."
Tlie Stato markers for the Department delega
tions, 27 in number, arc handsome souvenirs. Tho
namoof tho Slate is embroidered in colored beaded
work, on white silk. Each marker is suspended,
like a banner, from a briun rod and will be present
ed as a souvenir to the Department. It is the work
of the White Sewing Machine Co., which, contrib
uted handsomely to the result.
The Woman's Department at the Centennial is
exciting great attention. The Ohio chart, W.R.C,
with engrossed records and portraits is n unique
feature. All the more, us it occupies tho hand
carved frame which once held the portrait of Lucy
Webb Hayes in the White House, a present from
the W. C. T. TJ., and which President Arthur con
signed to the garret.
The cooking-school, in chargo of the accom
plished Miss Culbertson. of Zuuesville, turns out a
dainty dinner daily. Thirty-five plates are laid,
and no more, and he is favored who sits down at
the handsomely-laid table, served with choico
dishes in courses. Miss Culbertson has both ucuso
and skill, and is on a salary commensurate with
her merit.
Mrs. Kate Chase (Spraguo) Ib Interesting herself
in the Ohio Centennial, and arrives on tho ground
this week. Sho lias sent a portrait of herself aud
a bust, to be added to the portraits of Ohio women
already in place, including Constance Fcniuiore
Woolson, Edith Thomas and Kate B. Sherwood.
Caroline Ransom and Madeliene Vinton Dahlgrcn
aro represented, the first by pictures, the latter by
books; but neither have ever had a portrait made
or picture taken. Mrs. Chase is to bo Gov. Forak
er's guest.
The W.R.C. Convention will be largely attended.
Probably 5,000 members will visit the city during
the week. Quarters for700 have been provided in
Frances E. Willnrd, President of tho Woman's
National Council, is solicitous of having the Relief
Corps join the Council auxiliaries, and the matter
will be brought up early in the session, no doubt
with favorable results. E. Florence Barker, Past
National President, who represented tho W.R.C. at
tho Council at Washington last Winter, and the
leaders generally favor the union.
Wells Corps is wide awake and its arrangements
most complete. Their reception to the National
delegates promises to bo the finest social event of
the week, to bo given at the beautiful Asylum for
Deaf Mutes. Mrs. Mattic Lear is the efficient Presi
dent. The W.R.C. Convention promises to be of marked
interest. The Pension and Relief Committee will
recommend the establishment of a National
Womans1 Homo, as so many widows, mothers and
army nurses are friendless and in need.
Sumter; and as tlte gate clangs behind him aa the
gates clanged bdhind so many brave haarte years
ago, I ask myself, " Could I, knowing what I kf,
and seeing the suffering that I have, ever eoosent
to sacrifice my boy for his country, that others may
profit by it? " Qwlen Sb 7-iIUU & Day, Pw
iciarit, Lyon Corps.
all Along tub link.
The Department oMoers of Iltinois W.R.C. were
escorted to National Convention by Stephenson
Post, G.A.R., Springfield, III.
Mary E. Bancroft. Department President of Ohio,
announces in General Orders, No. 6. a committee.
authorized by fifth Department Convention, to
confer with.tho G.A.R. Soldiers' Home Committee,
fur the purpose of carrying out the Relief Corps
promise to assist in furnishing and adorning the
Soldiers' Homo cottages approaching completion.
Kato B. Sherwood, Sarah M. E. Battels, Bolle T.
Bnglcy, Louise M. Roland, Lizzie S. Herron, Com
mittee. Gen. P. IT. Sheridan Corps. Texarkann. Ark., are
making a fine record in Relief Corps work. Me
morial Day the Post was presented with an elegant
flag, Julia Thompson presenting tho same in a
graceful manner. Commander O. D. Scott respond
ing for tho Post. The roll-call of 3S States was re
sponded to by young girls crowned with flowers,
who, under the guardianship of a Goddess of Lib
erty, joined in the procession to Texas Cemetery,
tonoweu oy wagons ioauei wiiu nowers to strew
the Union graves. On the death of Gen. Sheridan
tho Corps adopted and forwarded a series of nnely
exproosed resolutions. Committee, Josephine Xo
Laughlin, Netta Jones, Nellie V. Rhea; Julia
Thompson, President.
Hannah B. Seymour, writing of the Sod us fN.V.)
Reunion, says: "1 can bear testimony to the
generosity of the veterans on this occasion. Every
thing that love could imagine or money supply
was done by the W.H.C. that this, our first meet
ing, should be a success. A number of carriages
were placed at our command for the free transpor
tation of guests, as well asdiiiing-hall and iee-cream
parlor; in fact, all our expenses were kindly and
promptly met by the association. It was indeed a
gala day for the veterans as well as the ladies, and
will often present itself on memory's page sur
rounded vby a halo of pleasures."
Rice and Creglow Posts and Corps, of Attica, O.,
held a joint meeting Aug. 22 to perfect their ar
rangements for National Encampment. After
business session the Post served an elegant supper
to the ladies of the Corps, it being a complete sur
prise. Clara Cooper, Secretary.
The Sons of Veterans set the ball a-rollingEn-cnmpmefft,
week by a big reception Camplire to
the Grand Army, Woman's Relief Corps and
brothers of the Sons of Veterans at the Army of
West Virginia tent. E. II. Gilky, Chairman of the
Executive Comm.ttee, is u graduate of the Ohio
Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, and one of
tho most promising young men of the Buckeye
State. He is now a clerk in the Auditor of State's
One of the attractions of the Kansas City National
Exposition which opened Sept. 10 was the booth oe
cupiod by Geo. II. Thomas Corps, No. II. Highly
prized relics of the late war, from historical swords,
ilags and soldier clothes down to hardtack and to
bacco, were on exhibition. A rarely-beautiful and
costly jeweled badge was voted to a popular gentle
man, delicious refreshments wereserved by the fair
hands of the members, and various articles were
on sale for the purpose of raising funds for the
maintenance of the organization, whose object is
charity and to especially aid and assist the Grand
Army of the Republic. A cordial welcome was
given to all visitors.
Department Gleanings.
Dear TninoNE: We of Josiah S. Weiser Corps,
No. 31, of Valley City, Dak., have been working
liter heroes these past hot weeks to have a most
claburatc Logan quilt to vote away to the most
popular General's widow at the coming Conven
tion nt Columbus, and we think we havo succeeded
in doing ourselves and Dakota proud.
I will try and give us short u description of it as
its beauty will allow. First, to begin at the center,
is a picture of Gen. Logan in black, on white satin,
framed by u Maltese cross of old gold plush.
Around that nre 25 G.A.R. corps badges in old gold
silk on wine plush. All this has n background of
palo blue satin u yard square. On the four sides of
that aro plush pieces, two in mahogany, with
goldenrod and sunflower, aud two of olive plush,
with scattered roses and daisies. In tho corners
are beautifully-painted pictures of army designs on
pale blue satin, " The Picket-Guard," " Tho Camp
fire." " Foraging Party," and army ilags. All this
finished off with old gold plush and lined with
pink surah silk, tufted with white ribbon, making
a lovely quilt or portiere that 1 don't believe New
York city can outdo.
There is nothing conceited about us Dakotians,
but wo have worked hard and spent our money
for a good cause to help our Post and Corps to
havo a placo of meeting of our own and not bo de
pendent upon others.
- The center was designed by a G.A.R. man, A. J.
Henry. Ills wife is our worthy President. Gen.
Allen has praised it very highly, and we hope tho
votes may come in thick and fast. Two of our best
workors go with it, Mesdames Soulo and Valland
ingham. Sisters and brothers, may we not count
on your help? L. Ardeliu Hertig, Corresponding
Dear Titinrar:: I look in vain through your
paper for news from any of tho Corps of Missouri.
J. 110 UOrps 111 Ol. liUUlS iU UUillU IkliUUlU HUllw,
and labor harmoniously together, us sisters should.
Blair Corps, No. 3, may bo properly called the ban
ner Corps, us it has the largest membership over
200 and the amount of good it does is incalculable.
Mrs. Marion Powell has been its President for threo
years, and through efficient management has
brought tho Corps to this excellent standpoint.
Her Influence for good is felt throughout tho other
Corps as well, for all look up to her us n conscien
tious guide and adviser in all mutters pertaining to
the W.R.C. Her excellent judgment and love for
tho Order has guided many through the shoals to a
safe harbor. No. G.A.R. or W.R.C. entertainment
in St. Louis seems to be complete without tho pres
ence of Mrs. Powell, with her genial face beaming
with a genuine interest on all around.
Blair Corps gave nvery enjoyable excursion down
tho Mississippi. Complimentary tickets were issued
to all tho Corps, officers, an unusual attention.which
was duly appreciated as a graceful courtesy. A
band of music furnished dancing for the young
folks, wliilo their ciders contended themselves
singing the old war songs, so endeared to them
through saddest memories.
Lyon Corps, No. -18, is another lively Corps they
are always doing something. As 1 overhenrd n
gentleman remark on their excursion, who did not
know how to pronounce Corps, it was " tho live
liest Corpse ho ever saw." Although only organ
ized six months, they havo done a large amount of
xellcf: the cases presented to them having been of
peculiar interest, and they have taken special prido
in disposing of them properly. Lyon Corps ten
dered a complimentary excursion to nil the Posts,
Corps and Camps in the city. Tho at tendance was
largo, and the affair passed off in a most enjoyable
manner. This Corps intends to make a fine show
ing at National Convention.
1 do not know that It is in order to notice the
Sons of Veterans in this column, but wo have sev
eral such fine, large Camps hero that I feel as if I
want to let tho whole world know it. I do not think
tho G.A.It takes as much interest in thoS. ofV. as
wo women. Perhaps they feel that it is a mistaken
notion to train these boys to uphold a country
which bus proven so ungrateful. When my boy, in
his suit of blue, so proud and lighthearted, goes? to
his -drill, my eyes iill and my heart gives great
throbs, as tho sight of his uniform carries me back
to visions of long ago, when our brothers and
sweethearts went forth to answer tho shot on Fort
Able Management of Some of its Lady Directors.
Perhaps the first instance in the history of
tho Nation whero ladies commissioned by the
Governor of a State, having equal voice with
the highest officials of the Stato in the matters
intrusted to their care, is now to be seen in
youthful but progressive Nebraska.
The law creating a Soldiers' Homo provides
for an Examining and Advisory Board consist
ing of two ladies of tho Woman's Relief Corps
and three members of tho G.A.R. This Board,
acting with tho Board of Public Lands and
Building3, has full authority to make all needful
rulea and regulations for the Government of
the Home.
The ladies selected by Gov. Thayer for this
important trust wero Mrs. L. A. Rates, of
Aurora, and Mrs. Brad P. Cook, of Lincoln.
Thoy wero not selected from among the elo
quent advocates of woman's rights, of which
Nebraska has not a few upon the rostrum, bnt
from that class of earnest women who work at
homo and in Convention for the principles of
the G.A.R., to which the W.E.C. is an auxiliary.
These ladies were also noted in the communi
ties whero thoy reside for their strong com
mon sense and practical ideas in regard to the
mission of tho W.K.C. Several meetings of the
two Boards havo already been held, and the
members of tho W.R.C., after the timidity oc
casioned by the novelty of the situation had
vanished, were found to possess ideas equal to
and sometimes of more practical value than
those of their coadjutors.
Mrs. Bates was elected Secretary of the Ad
visory Board, and displayed a peculiar fitness
for tho position in the aptness wish which sho
became familiar with the duties. She has
visited tho Home several times, and always has
practical suggestions to make in regard to its
Realizing that, nnliko tho National Homes,
tho rules aud regulations govering the armies
of tho United States do not apply to tho State
Homes, sho insists that sufficient power must
be given the executive officers to meet any con
tingency that may possibly arise; that while
tho discipline of tho Home should rest upon
the old veterans liko cords of silk, yet these
cords should bo as strong as bands of steel ;
that while every possible liberty and indul
gence should be given, not a single word or
action should be allowed that wonld annoy the
most sensitive or tarnish the reputation of the
Home in the least.
The ladies spare no pain3 in informing them
selves in regard to their duties. They will
visit the National Home at Dayton, O., while
attending the National Encampment of the
W.R.C, to which Mrs. Bates is a delegate.
Their experience a3 members of this Board will
be of much value, not only to their sisters in
Nebraska, but to the world at large, giving a
practical illustration of woman's capacity to
meet on tho same piano and in the samo labors
with man.
Appeals for Help.
Tho following circular- has been issued by
Webster Post, No. 339, Webster, Kan.:
Comrade John Grownll, Co. H, ISth Pa. Cav.,
charter member of our Post, and in good standing,
has been down with rheumatism the last six weeks
and not able to support his family, who are entirely
dependent upon his labor. We now call on tlie
comrades of the Department for a small sum from
each Post to assist in relieving his wants until he
is able to help himself. Comrade Growall is not
receiving a pension, and has a wife and three
children to support. Our Post is small, but we
have always assisted needy comrades when we
were called upon.
Yours in F., O. and L..
C. E. Thayeb, Post Commander.
IIeadq.'ks Dbpautjiskt of Kassas, G.A.R.,
Winfield, Kan. j"
I hereby approve the above appeal, and ask that
Posts make such donations as their circumstances
will warrant.
T. H. Soward, Department Commander.
He.vdq'rs P. A. Swicubt Post, No. 116,
Department of Ohio, G.A.E., Lucas, O. J
Editor National Tribune: On the 26th
of April last tho houso of Comrade John Kanf
and the greater part of its contents were de
stroyed by fire. No insurance. Comrade Kanf
is and has been badly crippled from rheuma
tism, contracted wlnlo in tho service, for years.
Ho has a largo family, draws no pension, and
thereforo has a hard time to make a living. It
was too much for our small Post to make
good his loss. Wo, therefore, on July 13 sent
a circular indorsed by our Department Com
maudor to all Posts in Ohio, soliciting $1 from
each for Comrado KauPs relief. Up to July
27 tho following Posts responded by sending
1. They aro published in the order in which
they wero received: 133, 13-J, 461, 157, 86, 430,
32G, 193, 187, 7, 433, 228, 13, 232, 96, 195, 127, 43,
SO. 28, 149, 152, 155, 76, 10, 463, 45, 141, 56S,
337, 473, 615, 457, 101, 291, 644, 473, 512, 62, 88,
103, 301, 639. Carman Post, Ada, 0., sent $2,
Thanks to all. D. B. Leiter.
As this is indorsed by tho Department Com
mander of Ohio we cheerfully givo it a placo
iuourcolumus. Editor National Tribune.
A Bad Precedent.
Editor National Tribune: It seems
rather strange to mo when I see so magy names
of a "vanquished foo" appearing against their
conquerors in the matter of tho bestowal of
nensious. after such leniency has been shown
thorn as tho North exhibited toward the South
at tho close of tho war! Just think how
thankless somo of tho fire-eaters of the South
aro to-day, claiming " cowardice " as being tho
reason why Jeff Davis was not executed. I
claim a law of mercy carried to such an extent
that it occasions a violation of the Constitution
in order to its fulfillment, as in tho case of said
gentleman, Jefferson Davis, ought to bo flaunt
ed in tho faces of tho mon who allowed it. I
supposed the penalty of treason to be death, and
nothing short of this would satisfy the ends of
tho law or fulfill the Tequiromonts of the Con
stitution. A very bad precedent has been es
tablished, and ono I am afraid somo day may
work ill to our glorious old Union. C. B.
Glass, Gladstono, Mich.
rA $2 Washing Machine Free." To introduce
thorn we will givo nwny 1,000 self-operating wash
ing machines. No washboard or rubbing required.
If you want ono send your nnuio to Tho Monarch
Laundry Works, 420 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111.
lUetlwg f Hie Xertkera Sen Jessej Assedatfetv
The Northern Xew Jersey Union Xz-?fe-ars
of War Association held their Imfc aeanal
meeting at the Continent! Hotel, Novark,
N. J.t Ang. 30, 138a The bonnes wetting wae
called to order nt 10:30 a. m. The xeperta of
the Secretary and Treaarfrer show a healthy,
live association. The great distance apart of
the residence of the members prevents & very
large attendance. After the nsnal roofcine busi
ness the following offleen were naaniaroosly
elected for the ensuing year : President. Gee.
. L. Hayes, Glen Ridge; V.-P., Oca. J. Kadi
son Drake, Elizabeth ; Bee. See Jos, A. Ptfoe
het, Bloomfield; Cor. Sea, & V. Jtiker, Sagk
wood; Treas., S. M. Long, East Orange; Chap.,
Maj. Geo. B. Halstead, Newark.
Executive Committee Gen. E. L. Hayes,
Glen Ridge; Capt. J. A. Peloobe. WeemieMj
Private John E. Brnndage, Orange : SerVfc H.
C. Austin, Elisabeth ; Liens. A. JC 2ficee,lfw
Membership Committee Gen. CL A. Beck
man, Philipsborg; Daniel Martin, Ifewask ; E,
A. Doty, Morristown.
Standard-bearers C. F. Hopkins, Bs eaten ,
Lieut. A.S. Appelget, Hightstown.
Delegates to National Association at Indl
anapolis, Ind., Sept. IS and 19 Maj. Gee. B.
Halstead, Newark ; a M. Long, East Orange ;
J. A. Peloabet, BloomneU. Alternates Jag. J.
Walsh, Elizabeth; M. M. Stage, Dover; Chas.
W. Boyer, Terth Amboy.
A committee was appointed to draft satiable
resolutions on the death of onr esteemed Trea
surer, First Serg't A. Z. Bod (who was Blus
tered out July 2, 1368), who submitted the fol
lowing, which were adopted nnanijaoasty by a
rising vote :
Whereas during the yast year God fat His wfeioax
has removed from onr midst oar beloved comrade
and Treasurer, Abram 7L Boyd, to bis home afceve :
Jtesofeerf, That the Northern New Jersey Union,
Ex-Prisoners of War Association, while submit
ting to Divine Providence, do hereby express oar
sorrow at the loss sustained by the death ef onr
comrade, and tender to bis bereaved unity oar
tender sympathies, and commend them to Him.
who has promised to be their supporter and torn
forter. HesolvMd, That a copy of these reeolnBpno be seat
to the family of oar eomrade, and the they be
spread in foil npon onr inmates.
S. M. Long, Geo. B. Halstead, John JL Bnmdege,
II. C. Attetin, a F.Hopfcii, J. M.Diakei, Com
mittee. The afternoon session partook of a social
rather than a business turn. Let a group of
old soldiers, feeling that duty is over ftw the
present set down to a mesa-table filled to over
flowing with the good things that the genial
host of the Continental knows how to spread
before his guests; let these good things aisap
pear into the digestive organs of ex-prisoners
of war as they compare the present with the
rations of Libby, AndersonTille, Belle Isle,
Salisbury, Danville, etc, and a sense of joy
comes over them. Those who were slew to
business have found their voices, and the old
times, incidents are gone over, notes compared,
aud a grand good time is the revolt. On the
present occasion some two hours were thus
spent, and every one present was glad he was
there, and wished all his friends and Jellow
sufferers had enjoyed the same pleasure.
One happy incident more prominent than
many others was the meeting of Gen. J. Madt
son Drake and Lieut. A. S. AppeLe-, wbcf
jumped from a train that was conveying them
frain Andersonvilie to Libby. They both es
caped unharmed, and reached the TJaioa lines
without going through the forms of parole and.
exebange. They had not seen, each other since
that memorable day.
All too early eame the hour of parting, bat
trains won't wait for old soldiers' yarns, and
home duties must be attended to. We there
fore reluctantly said our good-byes, hoping and.
trusting for many re torus of these social geed
times. Joseph A. Pklocbkt, Secretary North
ern New Jersey Union Ex-Prisoners of War
Association, Bloomfield, N. J.
Three 5ew Tsrk Resiweala Dsdfeate Baa&eme
HenameHfcs te their Fallen Cearades.
Tuesday, Sept 4, was New York Day oa the?
battlefield of Gettysburg. Three regiments
the 108th, 10-lth and 123d dedicated memorials
to their fallen comrades who fell these. Tho
veterans arrived by special train early in the
morning and at 10 o'clock the survivors of the
106th proceeded to their memorial, whieh standi
in Ziegler's Grove, on the right of Haneock't
line. The dedicatory exercises were as fal
lows : TJn vailing of the monument by Col. F. E
Pierce, who commanded the regiment oe July
3; original recitation, entitled "Haneoek av
Gettysburg," by Col. S. D. Richardson; trans
fer of the monument to tho Battlefield Hemo
rial Association by Hon. C B. Parsons, 2Aayor
of Rochester, N. Y.; reception by Bev. H. W.
MeKnight; poem, ".Rochester and Gettysburg,"'
by Mrs. Jane Marsh Parker, and oration hj
Hon. J. M. Davy, Captain, Co. G.
The exercises at the monument of the 104th.
on Seminary Ridge, near the Mummashurg
road, were held at 3 o'clock. Col. Gilbert
opened them and Capt. John Whiteside prayed.
The address was made by Col. J. B. Strevy.
Lieut.-Col. H. Tuthill presented the monument
to the Memorial Association, and Bev. H. W.
McKnight received it.
At 4 o'clock the veterans of the 123d regi
ment met at the monument on the southern,
portion of Gulp's Hill, near Spangter's Spring.
Adj't Seth Cary made the presentation speech,
ana col. J. xx. isuenier, t ice-.rremens ei ine
Memorial Association, received it. Col. S.Kus
sell gave a history of the regiment and Bev,
Henry Gordon made the closing address. Tin
monument is the finest in design and work
manship of those dedicated to-day.
The 106th, whieh is from Rochester, belong'
ed to Smythe's Brigade, Hoy's Division, Han
cock's Corps; the 10-lth, from the section of
Canandaigua, to Paul's Brigade, Robinson's Di
vision, Reynolds's Corps, and the 323d, from Al
bany, to McDougall's Brigade, Roger's Divis
ion.'Slocum's Corps. The party left roc home
Wednesday, Sept. 5. A committee from the
10th N. Y. located the site for their monument
on Meade avenue, in the rear of that General's
The Gettysburg State Monnment Commis
sion held a meeting on Wednesday evening
last. They passed on a lot of inscriptions and
met committees from the 106th and 98th Pa.
They determined to open bids for the monu
ments of the 81st and 141st Pa., whieh have
made no effort to meet the commission, and
they also instructed the Secretary, Maj. Har
per, of Pittsburg, to issue a circular letter te
all regiments or commands whieh have not
complied with the State act relative to the
marking of the positions of the various regU
men ts on the field, requiring them to do' so
within 30 days. To-day they inspected the
following memorials which have been erected;
121st, 90tfa, 74tb, 26th, 95th, 119th, S0d, 23d,
61st, 6Sth, 54th and 16th Pa. Cav. No aetioe
has been taken on them, but several will be
condemned on account of incorrect spelling
and some other errors. The eomeussioe left
Wednesday, Sept. 5.
Opinions of Yarloes Pssts er the 8.A.X. and Iaif
Titlual Comrades Thrsesaeatthe Ceaatr?.
At the last regular meeting of WiBiant Downs
Post, No. 63, Department of Minnesota, G.A.R.,
the following resolution was passed by attnamV
X&olrwl, That this Post heartily indorses the
pro visions of "The National Tribune" Pension
Bill, and asks that Representative Rice and Sena
tors Sabin and David use their best endeavors to
have the bill passed in its entirety.
Tho Adjntant was instructed to forward
copies of this resolution to Thx National
Tribune and to our Representatives and Sena
tors. Tho Adjutant was also instructed to re
port from time to time to Thx National
Tribune such portions of the proeeedings ot
the Post as may be of general interest. G. W,
Morey, Adjutant.
At a meeting of Gen. Washburn PosNo,
33-1, O'Dav, Mo., July 27, a vote was taken u
"The National Tribune" Pension jmu, wniee
resulted in its favor without a dissenting voiae.
The Post is composed of 47 members. T. B
Cojimons, Adjutant.
J. E. Fuller, Co. F,25th Ohio, and Co.E, 151st
Ohio, tua, Kan., thinks "The National Trib
une" Peusiou Bill has many supporters in his
section of the country, and hopes it will beeoma
a law before the adjournment of Congress. H
wonld like to hear from any ot his old com
rades, and wishes some one would write aboai
their gallantry in action.
J. Henry Staee, New Corner, Ind., say
Lookout Mountain Post, No. 140, Department
of Indiana, indorses " The National Tribune
Pension Bill as the best measure offered, and
hopes to seo it soon become a law. They alst
think our paper tho best friend of the soldier
in tho United States, and wish us long life and
For scrofulous disorders, and mercurial dfo
eases, the best remedy is Ayers Sarsaparilla.
. jaA -u & c
3- J.--Jfii. j .arirfvi .
.Aii&ifSjafrdS .-i. "r,a& AjSiis. i
5JtaaabS..fcg jiiLies!x,&;3iiat,d
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