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Ths test history of
the War with Spain
will be found in THE
from week to week.
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"Jto rttt fnjis.afci few Jwm ttetettk, xtU for f trtittc and frpkaw.
Our Great War Boofcsl
are of intense interest at
this, time. See descripW
tions on 12th page
A New Fie
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Ml tlie Legislative, Executive,
and Diplomatic Preliminaries
. While we are going- to war -with Spain for the noblest possible motive
-r- - pntit 41lA nl kit j-fcr Af 4T n - - --m -.-. . --,. ,. 1 -. 1 . V
itMuc iiuiii nj; .uukkura ui uicu UjpiutO-3 U weak. pe
beyond all human conception, and while we stand read
and to shed onr blood without stint, and spend onr
--. j 1 - v.j v .i.n.,1, iMiauuira uiuuiiKui umivjun uuv'inaier
advantages iroin tue same, yet there are limitless material advantages whieli will flow to somebodv.-and wa win &tt.
1 ?!- ' t- rf J .'- w-MV
nigger pari 01 tnem. ' - rr- -y-
Ihe Last Steps Toward OpeniDg the
Conflict Taken by Congress, Presi-j
flPTit Oiippn T?pjrpnt fJnvfps IVTinicitnr
and Admirals The Diplomatic Decks j
Cleared, and tlie Dispute Handed
Over to the Army and Navy for
Our record closed last v. eek at Tuesday
Tlie Spanish Corfes met Tuesday even
ing, 'ind rienor Sagasia made a lirmtpeech,
concluding with:
"Spain will not allow a parcel of her
territory to be taken from her with im
punity; nor will she be a party to any
trafficltinjr.or her possessions. '
Tiie Conservatives formally announced
that they would give the Liberal Ministry a
Bolid uppjrt in defending the National
The Queen ?cgent made a firm, dignified
speech to the Cortes.
. The President saw a number of visitors
Wednesday momir.g, and at 11 o'clock dis
missed t e last of tht-ni, and ente.ed the
Cabinet room, where lie f und Secretaries
Alger, H.i.ss, ai.d Wilton, Attorney-General
Griggs, and Assistant Secretary I ay await
ing li.m. The latter had with him the ulti
matum, which had been carefully drawn
after laborious consultation with the best
Diplomatic authorities. At 11:1:4. amid im
pressive silence, the President seated him
self at l.is cesk, and wrote on the docu
ment, in clear, li m hand:
Approved. Wil.iam McKinley. ,
April 20, 18a.
The text of the ultimatum was not made
public until the i.e. t day, or after it had
been oiuciuliy presented to Spain. It is
contnii.ed in the iollouing telegram to our
Minister at M-idiid:
'To Wotdloid, Minister. Madrid.
"Voti l.ave I ecu furnished with the text
of a joint resolution voted by the Congress
of the I nhed Slates on the lth inst., ap
proved to day, in relation to the pacifica
tion of the inland of Cuba. In obedience to
that act the 1 leskient diiects vou to imme
diately communicate to the Government of
Spain said icsohition, with the formal de
mand of the Government of tlie United
btates that the Government of Spain at
once relinquish its authority and Govern
ment in the island of Cuba, and withdraw
its land and naval forces from Cuba and
Cuban waters. In taking this slep, the
United States hereby disclaims any dis
position or intention to exercise sovereign
ty, jurisdiction, or control over said island,
except for the paeilication thereof, and
asseris its determination when that is ac
complished to leave the Government and
control of the island to its people, under
such free and independent Government as
they may establish.
"If by the hour of noon on Saturday,
next, the 2Jd day of April, instant, there
be not communicated to this Government
by that of SjKiin a full and satisfactory
response to this demand and resolution
whereby the ends of peace in Cuba shall
be assured, (he President will proceed
without further notice to use the power and
to Yankee enterprise to earner the
io ne'nn witn. uuna is no clotint tin liim-MtK rtphisf. lain nn tt-i,.i, i, d i:, tm: m .-i .?? ..
' -, A Y-. -:, "1 " . . ". uib d,iu oumu. j.k una u. soil, auu SKies not
surpassed, scarcely equaled , in the world. 1 he earth is simply opulent in her fertility there. More eau 13 produced
with less eflort than anywhere else where men labor with earth for a livelihood. "
Columbus pronounced the island " an earthly paradise," and it certainly would be bnfc for Spanish misrnle
Tins lw not only blighted its productiveness, but its healthfulness as well. It is naturally one of the most healtEful
spots m the world, except wiiera Spanish ignorance, filth aJd squalor have ma le it a hotbed of disease
The Spaniards have always treated the island as they have every other colony, as a something from which thev
jnjist squeeze the last available peseta. When the inhabitants rebelled awinst this extortion they were murdered
.with every accompaniment of cruelty. When the ludiaifs would not work for them they cut off their hands'
burned them at the stake, or slew them by thousauds. " '
M.TheJ,,1v trea!tC(J ,the rolonisls with which they replaced the Indians in maeb the same way. Few of the
millions of dollars which they have annually drawn from the fertile soil-. have been allowed to co into their own
i:ww;..o. vU.m..u M iiumcia, j.iuuiouiaiu-s m, mauriu, ana nors3-ie2cii23 ot every kind from impoverished
Spam, have incessantly bled them t the last paint of exhaustion.
U47t?.ur,?,xpulsion10!',Siwin al! this wHl The American Flag will take thither the same inalienable
rights tolile, hbeity and the pursuit of happiness that the people of this country enjoy. Peace, happiness 'and
prosperity will blossom in the ever-fruitful isle like the flowers which make it a bower of -beauty
Jtvvill be the opening up of a hui.l of golden pro.nisa to the enterprising intelligent ahd'indnstrious. No
where else in toe whole world can there be found to-day so imny glorious opportunities for young men, It is far
better than California oO years ago, and a thousand times easier to reach. .One million young Americans ought to
find prosperous openings there inside the next five years. -
The area of the island is 43,:J19 square miles, considerably more than there is in the great State of Ohio
It will comfortably support 10,000 000 people, yet owing to the prohibitive policy of the Spaniards agautst imnrf
gration, there are not to exceed 1500,000 people there, largely ex-slaves and their descendant "and "n
Spaniards, hardly better than the ex-slaves. There ateo tens of thousands of Chinese coolies.
iNo statistics are available as to the actual productiveness of the island. Uut it is known that even with the
eradeasteful methods characteristic of ignorance and slavery, a ton of fine sngar can oe easily raised to the
Eh I' ' banana3' coa-nu PPPles, orangei lemons, shaddocks, fig, etc?, iS equally r
crowfnWL6rC aD haS t0 Wrk t0 mUke thingS gr0W Caba he ha3 t0 cxert himself t0 keeP them from
Jhc1Unita Slatfe9 ha3 talen as much as 931 per cent, of the exported products of the island
We buy abroad every year-and the greater part came from Cuba before thfc present troubles-SMO 000 000
worth of sugar; 90,000,000 worth of coffee; $17,000,000 worth of semi-tropical fruits and mi J and an Tonal
SfSrf0 The3S.a-e allcrPf the highest ready-cash value. TlrepSent nLl one-third of'our
total importa. Ihe amounts increase every year. Americans ought to be engaged in their production. They will
GvrnmenT" 'glVCa WC haV promised tbe world to t-" eq.nitable, just and. stable
. , The young men who are going down to the island as a part of the Army of Occupation will see the land's fatness
and its splendid opportunities. They will stay there.as growers of fruits, snear. tobacco. cnfW M JJtZS'
iron, gout, copper and alum; as lumbermen, handling the magnificent forests of mahogany ebony, cedar and
SSh? fff ntscg on the great commerce that will immediately spring up with the United States; as
-v- --I --;--; "! i -"""" "-" wwwuiTiov, o.iia uui uiwera, una in uie uiousaiut ana one other forms
SbK?1 Uie StjIfi3h rCprCSS,"0U f Sain fa SaCCCeded b'th0 P SS
Mndi the greater part of the island is yet covered with forests. There is a chance there for everybody, and the
men who go down there carrying a broad, free civilization, in their cartridge-boxes will want to stay in a land of
eternal Spring, where they can raise two crops a year by a modicum of work between meals. And they will write
to theirlriends and relatives to join them. The island will become Americanized almost as rapidly as Cuiiforn a vas
whichllhemiHta'ry enjoy! fhm' te "iU b th "l of
- MORKO castle:
Morro, (or Moro) Castle is simply a fortress of the middle ages that has survived to modern times It is of
heavy masonry with battlements, moat, watch tower and dungeons according to the apnroved style of a stronghold
in the days ot Knighthood and mailed armor and battering rams. It's about as effective to resL mod em Sery
SeoSat's-de " Y f The mdem artiUery bas been ceil ia new J
authority enjoined and conferred upon him
by the said joint resolution to such, extent
as may be necessary to carry the same
into effect."
A copy was immediately sent to the
Spanish Minister in Washington, who in
stantly demanded his passports. He in
formed the State Department that he
would leave Spanish interests here under
the care of the French and Austrian
Legations. His letter and his passports
had both been prepared in advance, so
that he was in receipt of the latter withia
a few minutes.
At 7:30 in the evening he and his suite
left the city by the Pennsylvania Ttoilroad.
There was quite a crowd of curious people
ut inn uepoc, out nouung in the least dis
agreeble occurred. Quite a force of police,
both in uniform and plain clothes, were
present, but they found nothing to do. The
Minister went immediately to Canada, and
took up his residence at Niagara Falls.
It was expected that Minister Woodford
would immediately inform the Government
of his presentation of the ultimatum, but
the day passed without hearing from him.
The .Madrid papers announced that the'
Minister had received the ultimatum un
officially through their censorship of the
telegraph, as it was telegraphed in plain
Minister Woodford sent away the re
mainder of his family, closed the Lepation,
and turned its papers over to the British
Our Government gave out the following
during the day:
"In the event of hostilities between the
United States and Spain it will be the
policy of this Government not to resort to
privateering. The Government will adhere
to the following rules:
(Continued on second pajre)
- i ii , , ...Hi., i i m
St. Vincent,
. . """
y' c AND tonnage' v'",' ""-- J c0
r.r e05T6NoC rOF Fly INC.. SQUAD RON " ' .;".,;" -Ji . ?' J 16
"Or Vp ILL. j. . ;-t., S rt. r vV-cO
I i ;-..' x( NEWYoRKft - 2EiJ' '' pBKSBe&tef ' r: t?- . j a ,Or - y Jv ) (
. . ' i5,r, vj;- T : :.. --- ) q. I .t. .V'y Porto
" FothS:ZXybC' -PZ'. '.'KEYVVEjTrLEET and CAD2 FLEET .' ?lw" -frsiJlSZ'' "A
hitZnaTt.LuKti Jl-rJ , V' "' fi. " ! -ff 55. - r iin7? V
----. --i-- - m t m mi -t m v r - -i -. a n a ..
Aiv.7c-L- ----s - v ' -j. . . c ; . . '1M" u f j? oi about uo.UUU, mainly
fi y i ,x ' - f
I - : Cj SOUTH AMPirA v f j -rIZ !fJ9K
For weeks the Spaniards have been assem
bling a fleet at the Cape Verde Islands,
the nearest point on the other side of the
ocean to Cuba. This is 2,500 miles away.
The Cape Verde Islands are a small archi
pelago, belonging to Portugal, which uses
them for a penal colony, and are situated off
the coast of Africa. They have a population
Porto Grande.
x f at
g w n r ' i e sllJI Outpoint Spain Everywhere and in Every Way
better 1. , , m tb PrCSenfc C0UteSfc With SpaiD' We have morc nnd lietter men, more andi 1 -lf otinflnlte-importailco in naval operation to-dav, where tile wwliWJT
better guns, more and better shins nni w w i, .u.w i:. .. . . . . . ' . ? .adiusted strnctnrn . whnw v.-,r i?r to ....i t-;i . i ..V .!. .-. i.i 'i i.7 c' tum",""cu ucnuuuJ
tu-ini..i!.. . . . V' T" ' uuw""ura wreacn any point 01 COnUlCt. Spam Will IaV " n'iTU:-":::Ai"':r.'r' " . ro.V'-1' ""'"- """ "? il "C'P'ess iiuik
: . y l!me.ac a"n;s length, while we can strike straight from the shoulder
-iu. , . uiS &18
Grande, where the Spanish fleet has been
lying, is a very fine harbor, but there is,
nothing around it from whieli to furnish ini-.
portant supplies, which have to bo brought,
across the sea from Scain and Portneral. Its
- . T .
lnsporiance to mariners making long-
Thn'ilinfrrnT..H.nt .- ai.. ...-.. .n" ' .... V: ,.r7 " " ,.' . ..m-- .. . ,' voyages is in its tresh luorisioiis. The latest
is dHntive7f paper-strengtnottlie various fleets. This, after all, intelligence is that, acting under protests.
?a2K5.nIr States ships are up to a very close percentage of their strength as ! from Washington, tho Po7tnuese Govern-
hip fonlv thK faLffiSik-JhST bClV lL f VT know1 the actual fighting strength of a Spanvh ment has oixfered the Sniffy?S"
Jiinfti 1- "othing 1 ke what it is represented Jo be. So that instead of the United States fleets being i that a couple of Portuguese men-of-war m
aout double as strong as Spam's are, the probabilities are that they are three or four times as strong. j the harbo seing thaf thl oX is obey
5. fe.W-Ea
--- s-f .
A 'WfV ,Jrfriaig ..

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