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Splendid Historical uvenir Watches. I
A fine portrait of the hero of Manila. Tha Star Sr angled Banner. The noble victim of Spanish treachery.
5These watches are stem-set and stem-wind Waltham or Elgin works, as preferred.
They are open-face, with heavy bevel-glass crystal, in ajsilverine case, engraved on the back
as in the illustrations.
a . ...
""We will send one of these beautiful watches to anyone as a premium for a club of
only'i5"37early subscribers and $1.50 additional money '
Either of these splendid watches with Standard or Trenton works will be sent as a
premium for a club of only 10 yearly subscribers and $1.50 added money. " " "
Delivery postpaid is guaranteed in every case. This is a chance of a lifetime.
3? Always bring to the front the list of
valuable books for the library that go with
the paper free.
JSSTBear in mind that thousands of sub
scriptions for all classes of papers aie expiring
at this season. Many people spend only
about so much each year in subscriptions to
periodicals. If yon take hold and see them
in timcfon will get their subscriptions for
your club instead of its going to some other
club-raiser who was there ahead of you.
JS8T"Always have a fresh, bright-looking
copy of the paper to show. It is more at
tractive. We will keep you supplied if you
drop ns-a postal-turd.
gTTry and know something about the
tastes of the person whose subscription you
solicit, and call attention to the features of
the paper most likely to please each oue.
JtSfRemember that all persons who have
children bciu;; educated should take this
paper, because it contains every year a vast
amount of historical matter that is necessary
to a liberal education.
Jgf-Wlrile veterans and sons of veterans
will be liable to be interested and give yon
their subscriptions, you will find that all
intelligent and reading ceonle will be easy to
The Katisaal Waieh Glials?.
We have had made specially for subscribers
a Watch Chain which is to be a token of per
sonal service by its wearers iudeens2 of their
country. In the center is the star of the
Grand Amiy, and on cithe side aie the
crossed cannons. It is made of heavy rolled
gold, warranted for 10 years' constant wear.
It will be mailed to any subscriber for a
club of 15 yeurlysjibscribfiis. .
s? r
A Popular Guide for the Household
and the Management of Disease.
This work gives the histoiy, cause, means
ofpievcnlion and symptoms of all diseases
of men, women and childien. It also pre
scribes the most approved methods of treat
ment, with plain directions. It tells how to
take Giro of the sick. It also contains full
and accurate information and directions for
ticating wounds, injuries, poisoning, etc.
It also gives a concise account of the structure
and functions of the human body, hygiene,
and rules of life. The woi k was prepared by a
corps of physicians, including Dr. ITcnry jr.
Lyman, Dr. Christian Fenger, Dr. IT. Webster
Jones, and Dr. W. T. Bclfield. It has re
cently been revised and enlarged, and is pro
fusely iliaetrated with colored plates and
It is a single volume of 1,156 pages, in
clear type, marbled edges, bound in cloth.
This magnificent work is a cyclopedia of
household medicine which every family should
possess. We will send this book as a pre
mium to any person who will secure us a
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National Tkibuxi:. It will be sent by ex
press, the receiver paying the express charge,
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izss: Size of
G-.A.ft. Watch, AValtbam or Elgin . . I
Coin Silver Watch, Routine Case, Stand
ard Amciican Movement, with $150
added money . 12- .....-..
Home of the BJble, 3f Marfan Harland .
Great Rebellion. 'lo voli. . ......
Si Klccg, 320-page book - ., ,
Field , Dungeon and Escape, 512 pages . .
The Boy Spy in Dixie, "520 pages ....
The Cannoneer, :84 pages
Capturing a Locomotive "1S4 pages . . . -
Two Gieab Baids. 320 pages
Adienturesof Alf Wilson, 25G pages ..
National Tribune Soldier's. Handbook . ' .'
Set (G) Silver Plated Tea Spoons . . . .
Silver Spoon Holder. . ., . "
Silver Tea. Pot ..--..-.. - ";?'
Silver XTream. Pitcher V. . . . . .-. .-
Silver Sugar Bowl . . .' '
Wnr'Congie, two large pictures, ... ,.
Zell's Encyclopedia. One lare Vol. , .
Coin Silver WatehK open .face. Standard
American .Movement, ivith $1 added".
Silk Umbrella. ...-'. 1
G.A.K. Kiiigy Solid Gold ..'
Grand Ai'niv Cliarm, Kolled Gold . . .
G.A.J?. Badge Charm, Kolled Gold . . .
G.A.R. Sleeve Buttons, Kolled Gold Plate
G.A.Iv'. Watch Chain, Uolled Gold . . .
Ladies' G.A.K. Chain, Kplled Gold . . .
Heitman's Historical Register of the U. S.
Army from 1789 to 1839
Tu k Tin niJA'E Lum akv, 22 numbers . .
"The Same Canteen" Charm, Heavy
Gold Plate
' 1
" 2
The Home of the Bible.
By Marion Harland.
No American woman has more readers
',than Marion Harland,r"iino! her latest book is
i her greatest. She tniyelc"d on the back of a
camel or on foot or ort. horse-back throughout
the Holy Land and Syria, She followed the
do so.
Sl7C of
Good Nickel Watch , Chain and Charm . .
Our Men's Special Watch
Onr Ladies' Special Watch ......
Decorated China Clock ... I ... .
1 Ionic Mar'.e Beautiful, by Mrs. Sangster .
Fiom Manger to Tlnone, by Talmage . .
Piactical Home Physician, 1,156 pages,
Shot man's Memoirs. rompleU
Eight-la.y Striking Clock, Oak Case . .
Prang's- War Pictures, each
I'rce Cuba" cloth, 675 pages , . . . . 3
S:em-wiml nickel watch 4
Dinner f-et, det orated china, 84 nieces, and
$1.50 added mon-y
Tca'set. decorated china, lio pieces. and-SL
'nWld .... ' '.".
WhIMhWI watch, sil'vcririp case, with bat
tlfttiiip Maine "0!fl 'Glory," or "Ad
miral Dewey" engraved on back, with
$1.50 added money . . " ". 15
Same, with staudaid Tienton work-,
With' -"1. 50 added uionc3' .
iMjin' Bicycle, High Grade' .'. . . .U
AVoman's"1 " ' ' S
Boy's " " " -
Year's subscription to The National
IHimji . . . .
Tea Set. Decorated,
56 pieces, with $1
added monev 10
Dinner Set, Decorated, 84 pieces, with $2
added money '. ,. . 10
Buhtin" Flags. Club accoiding to size .
Minii!" stock, five shares 5
very footsteps of Jesus, and from Bethlehem
through Galilee, to Jerusalem and the Jordan
and tlie lake where he first bade his Disci
ples to follow him. She went down into
Egypt, to Damascus, and other famous places
renowned in sacred story. She saw .the field
of Boaz, the plains of Sharon, Lebanon,
Carmel, and the Mount of Olives, where the
tragedy of the Cross was enacted.
All these places she has described in a
splendid volume of 446 pages, richly bound
and illustrated with the finest halftone pic
tuiesmade from photographs taken especially
for this work. It is a life picture of the
scenes of the sacred writings.
We will send this magnificent book, post
paid, to any one who will send us a club of
only four annual subscribers at 1 each.
This is a bulky octavo volume of 572 pages.
It is on heavy paper, handsomely bound in
cloth, and profusely illustrated. It contains
all the 'leading stories and incidents of the
Holy Scriptnres, "written in a pleasing narra
tive style that will charm old and young alike.
It will be sent postpaid as a premium for a
club of only three yearly subscribers to The
National Thiiwne.
Indianapolis, Ind.
Editor National Tribune.
Dear Sir: T received as a premium "Home
of the Bible," and am very much pleased
with it. It is a much better book than I ex
pected. Respectfully, H. A. Wikel.
Dr. Tal mage's
Marvelous Book.
From Manger to Throne, Dr. Talmage's
New Life of Christ, his Latest and Greatest
Work, the Most Marvelous Book of the Cen
tury, and of which Upward of 300,000
Copies have' already "been sold, contains 544
Large Pages, including over 200 Engravings
of Holy Land Scenery.
It is Beautifully Bound in Red Cloth and
Gilt, and measures when open 9 by 15 inches,
each volume weighing three ponnds.
This splendid b6ok is sent, postpaid, as a
premium for the small, club of four sub
Waltham, Mass.
Editor National Tribune.
Dear Sir: That superb book, "From
Manner to Throne," is a grand premium,
and deserves to be extensively read. The
National Tribnne does not do thing3 on a
small scale; your premiums are all desirable,
and your ofiers generous.
Fraternally yours,
John W. Burnett.
Haverhill, Mass.
Editor National Tribune.
Dear Sir: I received as a premium Dr. Tal
mage's "From Manger to Throne." I was
very much pleased -with it.
Yours truly, A. J. Schagen.
Beaver Falls, Pa.
Editor National Tribune.
Dear Sir: I have received the "Home of
the Bible" and am much pleased with it.
All subscribers have received their books and
paper and are pleased.
Yours fraternally, S. W. Porter.
. - . -
Verona, Pa.
National Tribune, Washington, D. C.
Gentlemen: I have received from yon
Marion Hariand's "Home of the Bible" and
"Headley's History of the War." They are
valuable ljooks, and I am well pleased with
them. Please accept thanks for the same. I
will send morcsnbscribers as soon as possible.
Very respectfully,, Thomas Borland.
t -trV i R. &?L35ZZ-ZZ:
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i ?- fj
.5e-"?.7w"; k. , -. :z.u..
10 I .SM-':- H - 4K ' J, IsZ
pi 'z$m
55 5 0 "
50 SU
The Ylrginitu Affair.
The Virginius, a ship registered in tho
New York Custom llouso, Sep:. 23, 1870,
as the property of an American citizen,
was c.iptured on the Iut.h seas near
Jamaica by the Spanish man-of-war Tor
nado on. Oct. 3i, 1S73. The reason given
was that she was about to litruUmen and
arms in Cuba, which was theh-engaged in
the 10-years' war against Spdin.' At tho(
time of its capture the Virgtnius was'
f.yin? the American frag. She was taken
to Santiago.
President Grant at once remonstrated
with the Spanish Government, and
through the United States Mfnistcr to
Spain, Gen. Daniel E. Sickle, demanded
the release ci the Virginal- and her crew.
Spam was at that time a republic, under
President Castelnr, and whilehis Govern
ment whs a-sking for time to.tifctain infor
nation, and was making premises, tho,
Spanish authorities in Cubadetcrmineii
to take matters into their owajliand. On
Nov. "7, 1S7.':, the Captain of tho VirginiuSi
Joseph Pry, and i!5 of the crew were shot.
The next day 12 of the mo-t prominent
cf the passengers were ah.o shot. Tho
Captain-General of Cuba, GcrtDc Rodas,
d.rcctly sanctioned these miir'(fcrs.
When the news of "this aettMi became,
known in (his country theexcUement
was intense.- Meetings wer.c -held, and
the blood work was denounced.
President Grant authorized fbeputtinc
of the Nay on a war footing -'diplomatic;
relations were- on the point of'seyerancer
and war was imminent. President Caste-'
lar made the excuse that his orders 'w
stay proceedings were received too late to
prevent the crime.
At last, however, on Nov. 20, a. protocol
was signed between Secretary" Fish and?
xdmiral Polo, by which Spain agreed to
surrender the survh'ors of the crew andj
passengers of the Virginius, together withj
the ship, and to salute the flag of the.
United States on Dec. 25. If, however, itt
should be proved in the interval that the
Virginius had no right to fly tho United)
States flag the salute should be dis
pensed with, though Spain should dis
claim any intention to insult the flag
Three days before the time agreed on?
Secretary Fish announced himself as
satisfied that the Virginius had no righf
to fly the flag, and the salute was dis-,
pensed with. On Jan. 23 Admiral Pole
made the disclaimer agreed on.
The Virginius was delivered to tho
United States Navy at Bahia Honda on?
Dec. 16, with the American flag flying.;
She was, however, unseaworthy, and
encountering a heavy storm off Cape Fear
sank. The prisoners who survived were
surrendered on Dec. 18 at Santiago de
Cuba, and landed in safety in New York.
A Great Moral Lesson.
First Young Lady (indignantly) Little
boy, don't you know it is wrong for you to
cini tlincn dn-nr 1'ttlft hliie-bird eirsrs?
Don't you knbw that each of those dear,
little eggs would be a dear little blue
bird ? "
Second Young Lady (more indignantly)
Yes I And don't you know that stuffed'
bluebirds are 25 cents apiece now, and
getting scarcer and scarcer every year
you miserable little wretch I
The Ties of Matrimony.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
"I see Jenks is married tied down to
woman, at last."
" Yes, the poor thing; tongue-tied, at-
Explanation Demanded.
Old Gentleman Weren't you kissing my
daughter when I came in?
Young Man Yes, sir. Have you any
apology to make ?
SSSSlSsWVS?-?- 5""- -fK5
- r -i. -. -

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