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Aaron Burr in Washington
When Thomas Jefferson stepped out of
the chair of President of the Senate into
that of President of the United States
Aaron Burr took the chair of President of
the Senate
It will be remembered that in the vote for
President there was a tie lietween Thomas
Jefferson and Aaron Burr each receiving
73 votes This was said to hi the result i
of dishonorable manuvering The tie threw
the election into the House of Representa
tives The country was wild with excite
ment Party 1 ines had liegun to formulate
and by the time of the third Presidential
election they were clearly defined through
out the Union under the name of Federalist
and Republican
Washington Hamilton Jay Pickering
Marshall were among the Federalists
Jefferson Burr George Clinton Madison
were in the other party
The tie was known in the country the
middle of December The House voted
upon it the middle of February During
these GO days Jefferson was in Washington
Hamilton in Xew York and Burr was at
home in Albany The result of the vote
made Jefferson President and Burr Vice
President lie having received the next
highest vote
The 4th of March was a day of great re
joicing Processions orations and ban
quets in the larger cities and towns testi
fied to the public joy and peace reigned
once more
On the day of President Jeffersons
inauguration the true Republican style
which is recorded to have prevailed was the
only one possible in a city where slush was j
mi mmmmxi
mi MmmWBmi2zfJ m
IWsBskSHteifC T m
mi - SAmmmm I
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11 mMmwmm lC I
Vvyiijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjk tak
uYijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjW IMl Mm
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mssHsssssssssHI W
monarch and mud king It must have
taken sometime for the streets of Washing
ton to have become passable for Presi
dent Jeffersons four-in-hand to have
made any headway even under the superb
guidance of Jack Eppes who liad paid
1200 for these Republican horses that
stalled in the mud in old Virginia
But Mr Jefferson appeared at the door
cf the Senate Chamber on time whereupon
Vice President Burr who had already
taken the oath of office arose from his chair
and took his 6eat on the right Chief Justice
Marshall who administered the oath sat
on the left President Adams had left
the city on an early stage
The up-to-date manner of addressing
Congress sounds very formal to day hen
Mr Jefferson arose he said Fellow-citizens
of the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives Gentlemen of the Senate
of the House of Representatives and Gen
tlemen of tho Senate and House of Repre
After this formal opening he proceeded j
in an easy manner to deliver his address
and after these ceremonies were over and
the President had returned to the Ex
ecutive Mansion the Senate formed a pro
cession and marched to the Presidents
TTnifca qnif ilirnrrli tlio Priaiflistlt nf IllA
Senate Aaron Burr the thanks of the body
were given forhistimelyaddress
In the evening President Jefferson and
Vice President Burr received the con
gratulations of friends at the Presidential
On the Cth of March President Jefferson
wrote to John Dickinson The storm
tlirough which we have passed has lecn
tremendous indeed Tho tough sides of
our bark liave been thoroughly tried Her
strength lias stood the waves into which
nhewas steered with a view to sink her
We shall put her on her Republican tack
and she will show by the beauty of her
motion the skill of her builders
In tho new Cabinet Mr Madison was
Secretary of State
Jefferson had decided that the American
Court should lie like its Government
cliaracterizcd by simplicity and dignity
As much as Mr Jefferson desired to ignore
the question of ceremony he was obliged
to give attention to official affairs of this
kind and there is to day a canon of etiouct
formulated by him
It wasquite impossible for Jefferson after
living at the French Court in the profligate
age of Napoleon not to acquire a taste for
the elegancies of Parisian society and he
gradually drifted away from the campaign
hhiboleth of Jefferson simplicityinto pre
tentious surroundings Many additions
In the way of furnishings were made to the
White House Mrs Madibon was always
ready to assist the President in matters
of etiquct and entertainment
A story is told that at this time all the
barbers were tedcralists because the lead
era of that party in Congress wore powdered
and long ques which were dressed of
course every day The Republicans wore
short liair or small queues tied up carefully
with a ribbon
One day a barber who was shaving a
Senator suddenly burst out against the
nomination of Madison whoe name was
in the air for the next Presidency for the
Republican party
What Presidents we might lure sir
ho said Look at Dagget of Connecticut
and Stockton of New Jersey with ques as
big as your wrist and powdered every dav
like real gentlemen as they are But this
little Jim Madison with a que no bigger
than a pipe stem sir it is enough to make
a man foreswear his country
Mr Madison having leen appointed
Secretary of State by Thomas Jefferson
I moved to Washington in April 1801 As
i wo have before stated tho White House
was separated from the Capitol by a ntarsb
and was surrounded by the debris ttf un
finished buildings Thick woods with
ojienings here and there where a house
could be seen formed the setting or the
palatial home
While the new comers brought the man
ners and customs of their respective States
the original land proprietors retained their
rural residences and habits of living
There were the Madisons from Virginia
the Gallatins from Pennsylvania Gen
Dearborn from Massachusetts and Robert
Smith of Maryland a heterogeneous Jiuass
of customs and fashions thrown together
It will be remembered that Burr lielonged
to the faction and used
his power to poison the mind of the public
against the military talent of Washington
In 17S2 Burr married Mrs Provost the
widow of a British officer He was active
in the campaign of 1S00 and the success of
the Republicans in New York was at
tributed to his efforts When the voting
was brought into the Electoral College and
each received the samo number and it was
tlirown into the House most of the Federal
members voted for Burr which made him
Vice President Ho thus lost prestige in
the Republican party by loaning his name
to the Federalists and uniting with the
opposing party for the sake of defeating the
candidate of his party it dissolved his con
nection with the Republican party and de
stroyed his political influonce
Iii the Summer of 1S01 tho country was
shocked by the news that Vice President
Burr had killed Alexander Hamilton in a
duel Mr Burr saw that Mr Jefferson
would be the candidate for re election for tho
second term and that he was to bo left out
of the reckoning He had his eyo on the
Presidency and was determined not to be
baffled Therefore while Vice President
he became a candidate for Governor of New
York hoping at the close of Jeffersons
second term he would pass to the Presi
dency Hamiltons powerful influence in
New York defeated Burrs election and all
hoDes of the Presidency vanished From
that day Burr determined to make way witTT
tne man wno nau irusiraieu nis nupes
The challenge was gi on When face to face
Hamilton refused to fire and Burr got in
his deadly work He fled from popular
indignation and went South
Upon the convening of Congress he took
his seat in the Senate and presided over its
meeting until the seasion was closed He
addressed the Senate for the last time
March 2 1805
It is chronicled that when he closed he
had such power over men that the whole
Senate was in tears
At tho Presidents on tho following Mon
day two Senators were relating the circum
stance to a circle assembled One said ho
wished the tradition might be preserved
as one of the most extraordinary events he
had ever witnessed Another said ho
could give no idea how long his ad dress was
It mignt nave Been an nour ana n migni
have been but a moment when he came to
his senses he seemed to have awakened out
of a trance
During this session there are records of
meetings leing held with certain men tho
nature of which the public knew nothing
It is onlj known that when Aaron Burr
walked out of the Senate of the Tnited
States lie made for the West He took a
boat at Pittsburg and floated down the
Ohio After traveling through several
States he took up his residence with an
Irish exile named Herman Bleiinerhasset
who had laid out an estate and built a
mansion on an island in the Ohio
On our research we camo across the last
letter Aaron Burr wrote to his daughter
Theodosia before ho bade farewell to
Washington He said On the 13th I
shall leave for Philadelphia The plan of
Summer derations is to go Irom Phila
delphia to Fort Pitt Pittsburg thence
tnrougn me ftiaies eacn siue oi me unio
I have rnst received a message irom the
President informing mo that Dr Brown
may have tho office of Secretary to the
Governor of Louisiana which means the
upper district whereof bt Louis is tho
capital St Louis Is on the banks of
the Mississippi 20 miles below tho mouth
of the Missouri It contains about 200
houses and somo very wealthy people
Tho inhabitants are French and retain the
French manners of the last century The
salary of the Secretary is 800 It can lx
made contingencies worth twice that
Dr Brown was one of those who was fre
quently with tho Burr contingency in
Washington as was Wilkinson who turned
un in New Orleans
It is hardly necessary to go over Burrs
life in ew urieans nut it is well Known the
men and measures he tried to have adopted
there to further his scheme and perfect his
plans for a dictatorship in the southwest
One incident in history tliat was related
to me liv a meinberof the family has never
td nv k iinwledcre lieen in rtrint hvi rv
one is familiar with Edward Everett Hales
Man Without a Country After this
story had found its place in the hearts of
Americans Mr Hale heard enough of
another incident to take himself South and
for some weeks was the guest of Mr Miner
a rich sugar planter Tho story as he
heard it then for the first time is the same
as related to mo by tho daughter of the
owner of this sugar plantation
It wasduringtliedaysof Burrs treason
able scheme before his real intentions were
known that ho was the guest of this loyal
planter With his party wasacaptivating
interesting man named Philip Xolan
In true Southern hospitality tho party were
entertained they camo and they went at
will In the household of Mr Miner was a
leautiful young woman the sister of Mrs
Miner Philip Nolan at once lecamu
interested in the young woman in timo he
addressed himself seriously and she be
came his wife
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As time passed Mr Burr thought the
propitious timo had come to make his busi
ness known to the planter and invito him
into the scheme The planter indignantly
declined and made them feel that his hospi
tality and loyalty had been abused by
planning a scheme under his roof which
was against the peace and happiness of his
Xov 27 ISO when President Jefferson
issued a proclamation against him Bun
tried to make hjs way to the coast Ho was
arrested in Alabama and brought to Rich-
mW L lmmmmW9SELmmWtf Kl
i Alw X AA i Mm
m V y 4
mond Va for trial upon an indictment for
high treason Aftera trial which lasted from
March 27 to Sept 7 the verdict wad Aaron
Burr is not proved to Iks guilty under tho
indictment by any evidence submitted to
He left under an assumed name for
Europe with the hope of raising funds there
to carry out his designs In the meantime
Philip Xolan walked out of his home with
no leave taking from his young and beauti
ful wife The years have gone by and not
one word luis ever been heard Irom him
Aaron Burr lived abroad some years a
part of the time in great poverty He re
turned to this country in 1812 and resumed
the practice of law in Xew York In his
78th year he married Madam Jummel a
wealthy widow but was soon divorced
His only daughter Theodosia who married
Gov Allfitoiir of South Carolina was lostat
sea in 1813
The impeachment trial of Judge Samuel
Chase of Maryland during the days of
Aaron Burr in Washington marks an era
in the chronicles of the Capital The
Senate Chamber was elaborately fitted up
as a high court of impeachment The
Senate chamber then was the room now
occupied by the Supreme Court The
Senators sat as judges on a semi circular
platform on either sido of the Vice-President
presiding Aaron Burr Places
were assigned for the memberg or the House
Diplomatic Corps and a few spectators
The trial demonstrated the iolence of
party feeling ami showed that while Judge
Chase was an arrogant and impulsive man
with strong political prejudices he had not
rendered himself liable to dismissal from
the liencli It was Mtiil of Aaron Burr at
this trial that he presided with the dignity
and the imjiurtiality of an angel but with
the vigor or a devil
A few years later he was himself on trial
for treason while Senator John Smith of
Ohio one of those who sat in judgment on
the Chase impeachment trial only missed
by one vote expulsion for his connection
with Burr and Blennerhasset
Who can question but what there was a
destiny that shaped the lifeof this Republic
It has lived through wars xIitical treach
ery assassination and treason and yet
the Government at Washington still lives
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A Coyotes Mistake
L K Allen Co E 11th 1T S tells of
lieing on picket one night iu the Indian
country in January 1872 when deep
snow was on the ground and the ther
mometer was 2I decrees below On the
liont was a 12 jKunder howitzer for emer
gency use the instructions leiiig that in
case of immediate danger tho same was to
Ikj loaded and lie held ready for action
Four hundred Indian lodges were across
the ITMh Platte River about a half mile
from ii fort Fetterman The Indians
had been trading at the sutlers ami gotten
plenty of lire water and had leen very
noisy late in the evening and had prowled
around pretty close and as thev were not to
lw trusted the writer thought lest to load
the gun He did so and laid one end of
tho lanyard on the ground with n stone
uiKin it He started on his beat to see if
all was well in the background Ho start
ed back again and as he turned the corner
ho suddenly met a coyote Which was
scared the most he can not say but the
lieaht started for the sage brush at full
speed and in his rush tripped over the
lanyard Tho gun spoko loudly enough
to arouse the fort and the loys camo
tumbling out In tho cold expecting an
Indian attack They returned to quar
ters much refreshed for their midnight
airing but in no good humor But no
more noise was heard from tho Indians
that night and when daylight camo they
had pulled up stakes and gone for other
LANCASTER O Jan 10 1000
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Amos Cummings has nowhere told ns
good story on any of tlie Congressmen as
there is on liimself At the opening of
Congress Amos was particularly active in
behalf of Sulzer of Newiork for tho honor
oi me minority nomination lor spcaKer
ouizcr summoned tnecw lork delegation
to the room of tho committee on Naval
Affairs Gentleijien he said with an
awe insnirinir manner and a solemn Ges
ture I want fo say thatif any member of
this delegation votrs for James D Richard
son he will lie regarded as a traitor to the
lemocralic party or icw York by Jir
Croker Duly impressed the New Yorkers
fled into the House and took seats The
names were presented and as the roll was
called those participating In the caucus an
nounced their candidates Cummings
called the roll When he reached his own
iiiimo he voted for Sulzer So did every
other Xew Yorker until tho name Qf SuUer
was reached when he called out sonorously
James D Richardson Mr Richardson
was elected It only remains to lx told that
tho next time Mr Cummings wrote to Mr
Croker ho said When vou want mo to
manage another candidate for oflico dont
pick out a lunatic
Tho Capital Traction Company which
controls tho Pennsylvania Avenue
Seventh street Fourteenth street and
Chevy Chase Railways reports having
carried 251U9323 passengers hi 181
A Committee from Nashvillo arriving
here last week found itself in a funny posi
tion Tho city was anxious fo iret as a
souvenir tho one pound gun fired from the
U S S Nashville which opened the war
with Spain and sent a committee on to
loony a hill through Congress authorizing
the Secretary of the Navy to donate it
But while the committee was on its way
both Houses nassed tho bill without a word
of opposition and when the committee
arrived they found they could devote their
entire time to studying the beautiful build
ings or the Capital
The friends of Woman Suffrage now have
an opportunity to show their strength
The light is up fo them Last week Sena
tor Warren introduced into tho Scnato the
following joint resolution for the Sixteenth
Amendment fo the Constitution
The rights of citizens of the United States
shall not be abridged by the United States
or by any State on account of sex
Maj R M J Reed or Philadelphia
Inspector General of tho Sons of Veterans
was in the city last week on official duty
Maj Reed is a double header and promi
nent in GAR circles He served during the
rebellion on tho staff of the Tirst Division
First Corps He is a very competent and
zealous worker in the ranks of the S of V
The Senators who receive the lanrest mail
are Hanna and Dcpew A good deal of
Depews consists of invitations to make
after uinner speeches
Comrade D R Alexander Representa
tive from the Buffalo District of New York
has just been released from virtual imprison
ment in his rooms at the Concord and
philosopher that he is has tried to get as
much fun as possible out of the situation
Jan 18 he left tho House and went home
with as much joy and jieace in his heart as
is possible to a just and upright Representa
tive who feels that ho has deserved well of
his constituents Ho found his wifo in
tears and himself in the remorseless grasp
of tho Health Officers A maid whom Mrs
Aloxandcr liad brought from Buffalo had
been attacked with varioloid removed to
tho hospital and the rooms and their occu
pants put under quarantine This was
strictly maintained until last Thursday
Mr and Sirs Alexander were confined to
their suite of rooms iio ono was allowed
to go to thorn in fact nobody wanted to
popular as they usually are Their meals
wero sent in from a cafe and they received
their mails Their friends tried to cheer
them up with lively messages but care
fully stipulating that nonnswers should bo
sent Attorney General Tyncr jocularly
offered to get them out with a writ of habeas
corpus and others congratulated them that
like Lincoln they had now something
which they could givn everybody
A fat place is to bo provided for a stenog
rapher Tho House Committeo on Ac
counts recommends that an additional
stenographer be employed at a salary of
SS OOO There aro already two at tttat
salary hut the increasing work demands
tho services of another During sessions
ho will have a heap to do but his time be
tween sessions will lc his own
Washington thinks that it has become
sufficiently of an all night town to demand
that street cars shall bo run at intervals of
30 minutes between 1 and C a m
Tho Senate Committee on Privileges and
Elections lias decided to recommend that
no further proceedings bo taken in tho
case of tho protest against benator Kcott
of West Virginia continuing to hold his
seat in the Senate Iho committeo was
unanimous with one exception Senator
Pettus will probably present a minority
Mrs Sarah J L King wife of a nrintcr
in tite Government Printing Office who ap
plied lor a uivorce last wcck alleges as one
of tho reasons tliat her husband would
not allow her to go to church
Joseph C Furnace tho drunken express
messenger who assaulted Gen Greely
was fined 2T0 but released from jaii on
payment of S200
headed a delegation of citizens from At
lanta last week to urge upon Congress to
establish a National Military Park on tho
scene of the fighting of July 22 1801
5sVniinr Wiirrm tf Wvnmiiif iu n firm
lielievcr in Woman Suffrage They have
had it for 10 years in his Suite anil aro well
satisfied with the result Ho says that
-me numocr oi women wno cast their
IlmIWiIm ift nq irrpif ii iirMTinrrinrt fn
tion as the aggregate total of voters of tho
other sex It mav bo that in a fmv romnf
Counties where it is very inconvenient to
get lo tno pollstius average ooes not obtain
mil mo exception merely proves ine rule
We have hail some women officials but tlioy
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havo generally been connected with school
work and have made admirable officers
Wo have never yet had a woman member of
tho Lecislature In fact no woman so
Jar as I can remember was over nominated
for a legislauvo position
Both Houses have now passed a bill
aDDronriatinsr S4000 for a statue of
man tno rounder or liomcopatliy ana
authorizing the selection of a site upon a
reservation in tins city
Admiral Dewey appeared lefore the
House Committee on Pensions last week
and spoke with real eloquence in favor of
the bills to pension tho widow of the late
uapt Uliarlcri v undiev of ttie Ufvmnia
at the rato of 200 ner month the widow
of the lato Commander E P Wood of tho
Petrel at 5100 a month tho mother of
Lieut Thomas M Brumby Admiral
Deweys Flag Lieutenant at 50 a month
and the widow of the late Cant Henrv E
Nichols of tho ilonadnock at S100 per
3Ir B II Iloberts of Utah has made a
formal demand on the Sergeant-at-Arms
oi tnu ilouso for Jus salary and mileage
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lion oi papers relating to tno claimants
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ion that suit would be begun to enforce the
claim in case it was not paid Tho Sergeant-at-Arms
declined to accept service of
ine papers
Work of the Penaion Office
The report of certificates issued for the
week ending Jan 27 hhows
Army invalid Original 31 increase and
additional 302 reissue 29 restoration
and renewal 43 duplicate 10 accrued 109
total 521
Army invalid act of June 27 18901
Original -190 increase 3S5 additional 60
reissue 30 restoration and renewal 45
supplemental 0 duplicate 17 accrued
84 total 1117 bw
Army invalid war with Sittin Origi
nal 10 accrued 1 total 17
Army widow etc Original 01 dupli
cate 0 accrued 1 total 68
Army widow etc act of June 27 1890
Original 194 reissue 4 restoration and
renewal 3 supplemental 1 duplicate C
accrued 3 total 211
Army widow etc war witlii Spain
Original 9
Iavy invalid Increase and additional 1
reissue 1 restoration and renewall total
Navy invalid act of Juno 27 1890
Original 33 increase and additional 7
restoration and renewal 3 duplicate 1
accrued 3 total 47
Navy widow etc Original 1
Navy widow act of June 27 1890
Original 9 duplicate 1 total 10
Indian Wars Survivors Accrued 2
Indian Wars Widows Original 5
Old War invalid Accrued 1
Mexican War Survivors Original 1
increase and additional 2 duplicate 1
accrued 9 total 13
Mexican War Widows Original 9
Totals Original S5 increase and
additional 758 reissue 64 restoration and
renewal 95 supplemental 7 duplicato
42 accrued 213 Grand total 2035
Manila to Beat Hong Eon
Tho moment wo decided to annex the
Philippines wo felt surprised that there had
been any hesitation We saw that our new
expansion was in all respects the most
jMiiiant in our History rsot only are there
magnificent opportunites in the Philippines
for American civilization commerce and
industry but there is the dazzling possibili
ty of making Manila the center of Western
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ed on darf stock and need not be
rotne over U Inches hh Fin
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order IKkt ftne M paua catalogue of
Pacific trade Manila adjacent to a popu
lation of 850000000 people should before
many years surpass Hong Kong to which
Great Britain Jowes such a largo part of her
Chinese commerce Tho chief distributing
centers of China Japan Corea Siam An
nam and the East Indies are as near to
Manila as Havana is to New York and tho
distributing centers of British India and
Australia are nearer to Manila than to any
other great emporium At present we fur
nish only one twentieth of the billion dol
lars worth of goods that the countries
within easy commercial range of Manila
purchase yearly Yet the larger part of
these imports is made up of goods that wo
can supply at a lower price than any other
country tools and machinery cotton and
cotton products provisions and mineral
Wise Words to Sufferers
From a Woman of Notre Dame Indiana
WILL msJLfras of aarcaarta this Home Treatment wiUi
uBertDfr tram female trouble Tfou can n javnslf at home
wuaattw iu axaay psysuias u wiu can yn soiaisa to kits
tne treatment a trial andUroudeslreto continue It will only
coat you about mm casts a max It wm not Interfere vita
tout work or occucatlon X aara istalar to aaB TeU other
ufferereof it uatuauiaiE it cures au xounpr or old
nrlf tou feel a neartnaxloini eensatlon sense of
Ins erfL rjaln In the back- or boweLT rreanlnc feellnr no the STjlne a desire to err rrecmantlr
hot flashes weariness frequent desire to urinate or If too hare Leucorrhea Whites Dis
placement or railing oi tn womD lToruse scanty or raiunu renoos xumora or urowina
address ltBl 1C SUMXEU HOTXE DAItX HID V B A for the V reb Tezatmext and Fell
la rosif atiox Thousands besides mjself hare cured toemselTea with It I send it in plain
TO If OTTms 07 Tiknrivmtn T will AXDlaln n sf mnle Home Treatment which srjeedlrr and
effectually cures Leuatrrhl Cram Siclmm and Famfiil or Imfylar Umtr atUm In JOUET UdiSS
It will kim ym awnrfy and crjxtua and sare your dam jur at tmmiUtn of explaining her
troubles to others Plumpness and health always result from Its use
WHOSVEX TOT UVZ I can refer you to well known ladles of your own State or countr who
Know and will OLADLT TfirT any sufferer that this Home Treatment KXalXT drags All
uuueu consiTioaB or oor ueucate temaie organism tnorougniy srasaQTHsas eieiM
KTOCLE8 AHS 1IQAKIHI3 which cause displacement and HAZES W0KSB WEIL Write
io uay as uus ouer arm cot oe maae again Auuress
MRS M SUMMERS Box 125 Notre Dame Ind U S A
919113 A RUPPERT says I appreciate the fact that there are thousands and
jusaudsof ladies iu the United States tliat would liko to try my world renowned FACE
S Jii mWmmBmliiLw
MatflBk IssaB
Introduce onr Yoretablo Pills a sure core f
Bleach but have been kept from doing so on account
of the price which is 200 per bottle or 3 bottles taken to
gether So00 In order that all of theso may have an op
portunity I will give to every caller absolutely free during
this month a sample bottle and in order to supply thoso
living outside of city or in any part of the world I will
send it safely packed plain wrapper all charges prepaid on
receipt of 23 silver or stamps
In every case of freckles pimples moth sallowness
black heads acne eczema oiliness or roughness or any
discoloration or disease of the skin and wrinkles not caused
by facial expression FACE BLEACH removes absolutely
It does not cover up as cosmetics do but is a cure Address
all communications or call on
MME A Depi K 6 East 14th Street New York
Buy Seeds Intelligently
CENT FREE on request tells all
OEl cc about the seasons
most deslraoie productions lor me
U1U UUU riJ9 lis unKwi1 iuuawj
7SZ4S ftfir
Paul Minn
TZ T V FtindrororfarJJytwafbsautt
j fc
fully decoraledmostartlitiodeslpii Ariuclmncouyoucangct
this Handsome dinner ect and ono dozen fine placed U isdoohs for aeV
line our I1i is meanwoat wo say rill giro this beautiful dinner
Res absolutely free If yoa comply with theeitmordlnaryoircrwaBenl
boxeaot FlllsntSGcCI a oox write today ana vre semi mis Dytnauvnen sola gend 113 the money JE to semi 70U
onedozen plated tea apoonstopetherwlthonrotrcr of alU piece dinner set samo day money Is received Tblalsa lib
era lnducerneottoerery ladrln the land all vtiorecciTultlie spoons A dlnnerret rorselllnironr Hlliareilelirhted

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