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isrif a
It was decided that the Society should
be National with its headquarters in Wash
ington and that the head of the organiza
tion should lie a vroman of national repu
tation A constitution was provisionally
adopted and officers elected
Mrs Caroline Scott Harrison wife of the
President of the United States was elected
President General Other officers were
elected as follows Vice President in charge
ef Organization Flora Adams Darling
Vice Presidents Ceswil Mrs David D
Porter Mrs Mary Virginia E Cabell Mrs
Henry V Boynton Mrs A W Jreely
Mrs Lelia Dent St Clair Mrs G Brown
Goode Mrs Wm T Winlock Secretaries
General Mrs Ellen Hardin Walworth
Mrs Win E Earle Treasurer General
Mrs Marshall McDonald Registers Gen
eral Miss Eugenia Washington Mrs A
Howard Clark Historian General Mrs
Mary Smith Lockwood Surgeon General
Miss Clara Barton Chaplain General Mrs
Tennis S Hamlin
It was a small body of loyal hearted
women that run up the old flag on that
October day and called the patriotic women
of the Nation to order Tho signal was
cited tharallying force was at hand and
to day from the rising sun to its golden
setting the name Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution means love of country fi
delity to her institutions veneration for
lier flag honor to her name Now in the
Ja years gone what has this society ac
complished From a membership of 11
they tip the scales at 30000 They publish
an historical and biographical magazine
It is the news letter of the Society In it
are recorded the proceedings of their Con
gress and the gigantic work of the Board
Through its pages and the Chapter work
each mouth the Chapters are put in touch
with each other All vital questions in its
pages can le discussed weekly Chapter
after Chapter is springing into being until
historical research and patriotic endeavor
have become charged with a new spirit
Mrs fAtithi Stevenson was the second
President Mrs John W Foster third fol
lowed by Mrs Daniel Manning
The marvellous advance of this Society
Is largely owing to the character of the
women who have stood at its head No
year since the organization of the Society
has thf re been such opportunity to show
what such an organization means as the
one gone by 18JS
When the first cloudVf war was seen in
the horizon a resolution to be sent to the
head of the Government was iiassed at a
meeting held at theStrathmoreArmsof this
import The Daughters of the American
ltcvolution have an organization in every
State and will hold themselves in readi
ness for their countrys needs when called
This was followed by a meeting of the
National Board in April when specific ac
tion was taken
It resulted in the Society being commis
sioned by the War Department to provide
all hospital nurses sent to Cuba and tho
camps in this country Tho result was
that no year has this Society accomplished
so much that was so vital to the country and
tho Daughters of the American Rovoiution
have interwoven themselves into the fiber
of National activities aud will share ii
its glories
The committees and the personnel named
by tho President Mrs Daniel Manning
and confirmed by tho Board at once en
tered upon their arduous task A loyal
patriotism that is ever the undercurrent or
action with the Daughters controlled the
c mr r
Copyrislilcd 1KW by Tni NationaiTiwutne
Organization aad Growth of the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
The Soeictj of the Daughters of the
American devolution has its place as a
Yesterday in Washington Ten years
have passeil since its organization
The huRleealLwa s sounded and an aif
penl was made to the women of this coun
try to organize for patriotic work through
a letter written by Mary Smith Ijockwood
which appeared in the public press July
13 1S90
Further activities were entered into in
August by Mary Desha Mrs Ellen Hardin
Walworth and Eugenia Washington Oth
ers signified their desire to unite in an
swer to the call of the alove letter and
when the day seemed ripe for the launch
ing of the ship the call was made and on
October 11 1K00 at two oclock p m in
the parlors of the Strathmore Arms S10
12th street Washington D C the Nation
al Society of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution was organized
The gathering was an enthusiastic one
Eighteen members signified their willing
ness to liccomc members by giving their
signatures and 11 paid their membership
fee and became members that afternoon
self sacrificing devotion and work through
the long days and nights of that Summer
Faithfully they labored under the orders
of the lovernment and as a result 1700
trained nurses who had passed through
their rigid examination were sent out to
the various hospitals at home aul to the
islands of the sea Money was sent to the
different hospital sugeons and supplies to
every hospital
The War Committee and the Hospital
Corps by the united efforts of the Chapters
in the different States forwarded to the
hospitals some 00000t 00000 garment
tons of food supplies instrument delica
cies of all needful kinds estimated at
000more Needy families whose men had
gone to the front were provided for rents
paid and supplies of food sent regularly
A hospital launch D A H was given
hv the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion to the Cioverumeiit Hospital Ship Mis
souri which was found of great value m
transporting the sick and wounded from
shore to ship-
The trained nurses of this country glad
r assert that thej owe their standing and
bLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk Hk a jky 4t1s BsBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsa
Mrts CAnoun Scott Haukipo y first prksidkxt Oexerai D A H
Iroai painting by Daniel Itimtinjtoa presented to tli United htats by the Iauhter of the American
relation to the Inited States Government
to the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion a brave class of women banded togeth
er for heroism and humanity
Indcr its direction and care a work of
great promise his been inaugurated The
Society of the Children of the American
Revolution Mrs Daniel Iotlirop its first
President has made a signal success of
this Society The systematic training of
tho children in love of country can not be
too highly estimated
This Society will also keep fresh in the
minds of the American people all the events
of this Nation that have welded it into a
glorious Republic
The distaff and spindle of their insignia
tells its story It whirs to tho songs of
patriotism and tho woof that is woven
from its threads covers the motherhood and
womanhood of the Nation and the Stars
and Stripes with the old emblematic eagle
overall no longer represents a faction but
the household troops and tho Life Guards
of the Nation
They will watch over aud care for thS
home of Paul Reverefor Fort Crailo where
Yankee Doodle had its birth for James
town and the holy spots in the Old Domin
ion whero our history first began of the
Wolfs Den of Ptilnain fame of theschool
house out of which walked brave Nathan
Hale the Block House of Fort Pitt and
tho restoration of the room in Continental
Hall Meadow Garden under their foster
ing care will always le enveloped in the
patriotic atmosphere of a signer of the Dec
laration of Independence
This Society was invited by the
lte Memorial Committee of the Tinted
States Paris Exposition toassist in raising
funds toward the erection of a monument
to I ifayette in Paris in 1100
This Commission under tho auspices of
the Commissioner General of the Inited
States to the Paris Exposition of 100 in
dorsed by tho President of the Tinted
States and composed of the Secretary of
State the Governors of all the States and
Territories and other representative men
throughout tho Tnion in giving this in
vitation assured tho Society that they
would receive full and official recognition
in this work and that one of the four tab
lets on tho monument will lie reserved for
proper inscription li the Daughters of the
American Revolution Actuated by the
same principles of perpetuating the namesof
Revolutionary soldiers helped them in the
5 a
CJ2 2
TiS ff
250 Month
Makes Its
Own Gas
OItw w toioocntlt
poner light At a coat of
1 cent for IShoars
No danger no risk no
trouble no ninetl Tlia
51 etc lmp is made a
standard by fire
XnCUTQ mslteKMsndnp
HULU 1 O ward amntilh sell
Inc these Lamp jw Hn
on tight to stores and
families Vrlte today for
territory and Maple lamp
rccUi y U lo 1 1 Jilt er St
srwv va s c
Cures Any Skin Disease
Sufferers from Eczema Tetter
Chronic Sores Ulcers Fistula
etc Can be Permanently
Cured at Their Own Homes
Evervone who suffers from any of the
alwve complaints should write at once to
Urn Itcvnolds zs UUil mellows xenipie
Nashville Tcnn and learn about their
original method of treatment They are
skilled specialists anil in their years of ex-
jjericncc nave applied iiieir uemmiii iw
thmrkiiids of eases with remarkable suc
cess If you will write them a full descrip
tion of your case they can treat you at
your own home sending you remedies
specially prepared for your case Chronic
old sores of years standing are promptly
cured as well as the worstformsof eczema
eruptions or any other form of skin dis
eases It is but a waste of time to rely upon
tho various advertised nostrums for these
diseases when your case can have tho at
tention of the most skilled and successful
specialists Write them fully to day and
they will give you without charge a com
plete diagnosis of your case
work of jewctiiiK a monument to Lafayette
as a proof that his help in an hour of need
had not been forgotten
A fev ears ago a few patriotic women
conceived the idea of presenting in tho
name of the Daughters of the American
Revolution and the women of America a
statue of Washington to France
It is to lie a bronze equestrian statue by
the sculptor Daniel French It will be pre
sented to France during the Paris Exposi
tion of 1901
The committee appointed by the Presi
dent of the Society for the year did good
work notwithstanding the large drafts
made for relief work
The Lafavetto fund for the year was
SlC0Si the Washington Statue S91T20
Total S2 U109
The Lafavcttc monument will be un
veiled Tilly J 11J00 It will be placed in a
beautiful part of the Tuilleries This So
ciety will Ik oflicially represented by its
This is but the alphalwt of the history
whose first pages are lwing written Mrs
Mannings administration will carry the
organization over into the next century
With tho executive ability she has already
displayed the hand writing is on the wall
The great object in hand for this Socie
ty is the building of a Continental Hall an
object near at heart with the first Presi
dent Mrs Caroline Scott Harrison
The need of a permanent home for the
organization was apparent from the begin
ning RecorJs and relics were accumu
lating and no place to protect them On
the 1 lth of December 1891 it was there
fore der hired by vote that all fees derived
from Life Memberships and Chapter Char
ters should lie set aside as a permanent
building fund This fund is not to he used
for any purpose until a sum sufficient lias
accumulated to begin the erection of a fire
proof building of sufficient capacity to ac
commodate the records the relies and in
which the meetings oi the Soeitv can Iks
The idea has grown year by year until
to day a building of fair proportions has
dev loped and taken on more and more the
features of a Memorial building with ca
pacity for committee rooms Hoard room
and for the work of the active officers and
their assistants
A Continental Hall Committee has the
welfare of the project in hand and has
lKen before Congress and sought lo obtain
a site for the building In fact a site was
appropriated at one sssion of Congress
but it was afterward found that this par
ticular piece of ground was under prohibi
tion of transfer and Congress had no juris
diction or power over said piece of land
It would hardly lie possible to conjecture
that Congress will not transfer another
site over which they have power for the
Daughters have in hand about o0000 to
ward the building and this is the first step
ever taken to carry out the proposition of
Congress of an early day that memorial
buildings be erected throughout the Capital
City to represent the different States
This Continental Hall will be a Memorial
Hall for all the States for every State in
the will be represented therein
Tho building will be a reality monu
ments will be raised historic spots will lie
protected unwritten history recorded and
the country will always have a hand-maid
en in this Society and the old flag never
mere greatly honored than when represent
ing the Daughters of the American Revo
Lincoln Day Sentiment
In an address at Brooklyn N V Feb
la on Lincoln and the Civil War Com
rade N G Cooper Co F 21th X Y after
paying a deserved tribute to the great
aianyr meiuioueu me ioiiowing tacts to
his audience Many young people have
a slight conception of the terrific cost in
human lives and the suffering incident to
the great conflict 371003 died during the
war and in addition to that immense loss
27117 were wounded 222rT were dis
charged for disability Is it any wonder
that 742407 of the gallant survivors of
2201 battles and skirmishes are on the
pension roll Does it seem queer to you
that 223127 widows and dependents are
drawing SSor12a month Who begrudges
2 a month pension forclothiiigand feeding
the children of heroes who devoted the
lcst years of their lives to the cause of the
Tnion they loved Our dead comrades
had a right to expect that their loved ones
should not Ixs left to suffer hunger anil
cold and in the name of humaiiitv I plead
for them The Grand Army of theitcpuhlic
is opposed to fraud but it stands solid as
a rock for justice
A Plague of Cuttlefish
The fishermen on parts of the cotst of
Northern Queensland are complaining of
the ravages committed by immcnsciiunihers
of cuttlefish which have suddenly made
their apix arauce in northern Australian
waters To such an extent is the sea
infested with the cuttlefish that the lisher
inen often bring un as many as 300 or 400
of them in a single haul of the net Not
only can nothing lie donewith the cuttle
fish but their weight attaining in the case
of the bigger specimens to as much as
12 pounds to ll pounds breaks the nets
The presence of the cuttlefish too makes
it very difficult fo haul the nets on board
The fish cling so tightly to the side of the
IhkiU with their tentacles that to make
them loose their hold the ax has to be used
or boiling water has to lie poured over
them Even when on hoard they still give
much trouble as the only way to kill them
is tocut off their heads A similar visitation
was recorded aliout 40 years ago
Substitute for Celluloid
A Consular report from Freiburg states
that a new substance closely resembling
celluloid has been produced by boiling
untaiined leather in oil It has the prop
erty of lieing a good electrical insulator
and can lo used for many purposes This
new material to which tho -inventor has
given the name marloid can lie polished
on tiotli sides and in its structure resembles
horn and can be pressed or worked into
any form whatsoever either directly after
the Ixiilitig procersor laten affer the hard
ened hide has been made soft and elastic
by toiing dipiied into a salt or ulum bath
By means of xlishing this material can
lie made almost transparent and it eanlc
given different degrees of hardness so that
a substance isobtaiued which can be knead
ed cmlOTssed stamped pressed drawn
and twisted into any desired shaie style
or design
g5PgSSS i ij wjmi
The House Committee on the Librnrv lias
favorably retried House lull S072 appro
priating ST00011 fonthe preparation of a site
and the erection of n jwdcstnl for a statuo
of the late Milj Geil Georgo B McCIcIlan
in the City olrnnslnngton the site to bo
selected by apd the pedestal to 1 erected
under the supervision of tho Secretary of
War the Chairman of the Joint Committee
on the Library anl the Chairman of the
McClellan Statuo Committee of the Society
of the Army of thoiPotomac
a -3
Gen John McNulta of Chicago well
known throughout the West becausoof his
identification with the receiverships of rail
roads and other great corporations died
suddenly shortly after 6 oclock Thursday
evening at tho Hamilton House of angina
pectoris Gcu McNuItu who was aliout
00 years of age had been apparently in the
best of health during the day aud had re
turned to the hotel only a short time before
he was stricken Medical aiil was hastily
summoned but it wa3 evident to the physi
cian that his case was a hopeless one and
he died within an hour after the attack
Jen McNulta was born in New York City
but removed to Illinois and engaged in the
practice of the law at Bloomingtoii He
entered he 1st III Cav as a Captain aud
then raised and commanded the 94th 111
and was brevetted a Brigadier General for
gallantry at Spanish Fort He was se
verely wounded He was a member of tho
4d Congrcv The deceased leaves a wifo
and two children in Chicago a son in Mon
tana and another sou who is a Lieutenant
in the Regular Army in the Philippines
Benj H Snell tho Pension Bureau clerk
who foully murdered little Lizzie Weissen
liergcr has lieen sentenced to lie hangel
May 11 He maintains a stolid demeanor
and refuses toaay am thing
By direction of the President the new
military post at Magnolia Bluff near Se
attle Wash will hereafter li known and
designated as Fort Lawton in honor of the
Henry W Lawton T S
Colonel aud Inspector General T S A
who was killed in action at San Mafii
Philippine Islands on the 19th da of
Doc mliT 1H99
Chairmui Bancoek has appointed the
Executive Committee of the Republican
Congressional Committee aa follows Rep
resentative r Hull of Iowa
Representative Jn3cph G Cannon of
Illinois Representative David II Mercer
of Nebraska Senator Redfield Iroetor
of Vermont Senator J H Gallinger of
iNow liunipsnire senator Georgo w Mc
Briilo of On gou Rcnrc wntntivo If C
Loudeuslnger of New Jersey Representa
tive Charles A Russell of Connecticut
iceprcseuiaiive m u Covering or Mast
The City Directory shows S27 men and
women bearing the name of Wahiinrtoi
Most of them are colored and the only plain
ticorgo vtiuiimiioii isaii03lier -Manila
Washington is a wislierwoman John
Adams now ruu3 an oyster depot Patrick
Henry is a Representative from
sippi Thomas Jefferson digs sewers Robert
E Lee is a policeman Winfleld Scott is a
clerk in the War Department the 20 Andrew
Jacksons are coachmen butlers etc Jeff
IJjvia is a carpenter John Wmlnv a brick
layer Phil H Sheridan a truck gardener
Sir Walter Scott idrivw a cab Franklin
Pierce is a porter James Buchanan is a
lawy r lunry Clay a clairvoyant and
Edwin M Stanton a bartender There
are iu iiunw johojoiis one oi whom is a
uniei oi a 1JIVI3I0H in tne War Department
and the otlier nine machinists cooks
laborers etc
With the assistance of Gen Ludlow
Secretary Root is trying to work out a plan
- i ltirli M loirwt I int ulll 1
tuted of young men fitted for instant
Ul Wl V III- i
Briefly stated the purpose is to have the
military schools and colleges of the coun
try brought intoclily touch with the Regu
lar Army The work of officers detailed as
instructors in thejo institution is to be
watched and a progress roll of the pupils
under their instructions is to be kept
Aftor lilt 1 a rii int ir
is intended thaMJiey shall b Jcjpt fraik
of if they go into lie National Guard
filial- tl ll fin fril OII AnirHnliilr I
courses of military study md titroivn mi
Titiftli iu iMajqililr Atttr tli iir
Ilttv i uw i vr MI1IU1JY
tifr I Iio result ftf rill iliiu i vni
io o that in timf of war or emergency
iiix iTsaiuiuiiK nit miuutMi increase Oi 111
irrnv fliers will nll if iiiniin
men for appointment
Ex Speaker Thomas B Reed was
Washington on business one itav lanf
In the morning he called at several of the
Executive Departments and
paid his re
spects to the Secretaries Later
at the Capitol and met some of his former
colleagues lie neiu quite a reception in
the Ways and Means Committee room
The annual report of the Commissioner
01 Iatenis ior me year ended Dec 21
18IID shows that the total receipts of fin
office amounted to S11254ri7 a nm lni
twice exceeded since 1 HHO A f ter deducting
the expenditures for tho year there was a
surplus of SlirSTi The Patent Office has
now paid into the Treasury nmn
than it has drawn out The number of
wiw uwuunfe uitifeiKi iiiiu re
issues was izi a mimiiLT ljut oneo ex
ceeded Tho number of patents expiring
during the year was 18135 In nriniorlinn
to population more patents were issued to
citizens oi Connecticut man to tliose of any
other State otic to every Olfi inhabitants
Senator Hoar is supersensitive and
irritable on the subject of his age anil
feebleness Recently as he got onto a car
Iho conductor noticing his aged appear
ance assisted him whereat he venerabe
senior Senator from tho old Bay State fell
into a rage and expostulated vigorously at
the uudacitv of the conductor and the sug
gestion that he could not take care of him
self Tho next day much to the poor em
ployes despair Mr Hoar wroto to the
Free to the
DrWSKice the Well Known Author
ity Sends a Trial of His Famous
Method Free to All
Out of the cliiuis of olil tlme failure comes a
new and startling cure for rupture Dr W S
1UccX9N Main tit Ailama N V has iuvcnteJ
a method tliat cures witliot puin danger opera
tion or mi hours loss of time from tho days
work To avoid all questions of doubt be scuds
free to every sulTercra free trial of Ida mctluid
and there can be no cart lily rcasou why any one
rich or poor should not avnll themselves of this
generous oircr As nn Instance or this remark
able method the cure of Charles Limg e Morri
sou 111 Is a welcome picco of Intelllsence
Sir Langu is a wcll precrvcd old gentleman
72 yearn ol age and for 18years had a bad dnub
ble rupture which no treatment could cope with
Aftcriisliort use or tlio Itlce method the lcrt
rupture liculcd entirely and the right was nl
inost closed in a few weeks To dnr he is us
sound u a dollar wears no truss or other sup
port ami Idseiire is only one of hundreds of sim
ilar cases re port ci I by those who use I lie Kice
method Semlfortlilsfrcetrial Dont boback
ward It will surprNo you with Its wonderful
power to heal Aud if you know or other rui
Do not full to wrto at once Do so to duy
Invention of an Ohioan That Guarantees Perfect Health Strength and Beauty to
Every User and Cures Without Drugs All Nervous Diseases Rheumatism
La Grippe Neuralgia Blood and Kidney Troubles Weakness and
the Most Obstinate Diseases by Natures Method of Steam
ing the Poisons Out of the System
flinisters and Those Who Have Used It Declare It to be the Host Remarkable Invijtorant Ever Produced
Better than Any Treatment at Hot Springs Sanitariums or Health Resorts
A n nf 11 A tlfWlt lIU IllflOOll nil
k puiiiiirui ii iiii vj -v
the market a Vapor Bath Cabinet that has
nrni nn n tilnqQincr In pvprv man woman or
child who has used it
Our recent investigation of this remark
able invention was so very satisfactory we
nave no nesiuincy in iiiuorsmg me uuu
as just what all our readers need
It In twrlit wlrMJlir til L ttlll fllll
II in Ull lll lllll 4iil viv w w
comfortably rests on nchair and with only
the head outside enjoys al Home ior iiuee
nto ant ll ilm iiiiirv nliiiis rliillsilliT
curative and invigorating effects of the fa
mous 1 IirKISIl liaill Xioi vupur ui
cated Bath with no possibility of taking
HIV TBfe fi Mill
mv VK iff
mWpMM W WWtm
cold afterwards or in any way weaUenine
tile system
Hiindredsof well known phvsicians have
ci von un their nractice to sell this Cabinet-
such eminent men as Emerson McKay De
troit who has already sold over iki and
John C Wright Chicago who sold 1L
last mouth
Thousands of remarkable letters have
been written the makers from users some
of which refcrrinj to
Rheumatism La Grippe Kidney Troubles
will lie interestini to those who suffer from
these dread maladies W L Brown Ox
ford O writes My father was down in
lied for months with rheumatism This
Cabinet did him more Kood than S 0
worth of drugs u M IafTerty Coving
ton ICy writes Was compelled to quit
business a year ago being prostrated with
rheumatism and kidney troubles when
your Cabinet came Two weeks use cured
me I have never had a twinge since
Uev Cieo II Hudson Okemos Mich
says I gave up my pastorate on account
of nervous prostration and lung troubles
My editor so highly recommended your
C ibinet 1 tried it From that day I have
steadily grown liettcr Am now well Ner
vousness gone Mings strong Am a new
man Mrs Ober So WM Broad St Co
lumbus O writes It is grand for curing
colds la grippe inflammation aches pains
It cured my uncle of neuralgia and sleep
lessness with which ho had long suffered
A neighbor cured herself of la grippe in
one night her little girl of measles her son
of croup Another neighbor cured eczema
of many years standing Hon A B
Strickland of Bloomingtoii wtites that the
Cabinet did him more good than two years
doctoring Entirely cured him of catarrh
gravel kidney trouble and dropsy with
which he had long been aftlictcd
Hundreds of Ministers
write praising this Cabinet Rev II C
Koernaes Everett Kan says Its a
railroad company and demanded his in
staut dismissal which request the com
pany very promptly granted but gave the
polite conductor something quitcas good
The Secretary of War has ordered the
establishment of a regular semi monthly
line lietween San Francisco and Manila
It is probable that a monthly Hue will be
established between New York and Manila
via the Suez Canal
Gen Ellis Spear of the Board of Educa
tion called the Senate Committees atten
tion last week to the fact that the District
pays many of its teachers less than tho
loveriimeni aocs its messengers
Work of toe Pension Office
The report of certificates issued for the
week ending tea l snows
Army invalid Original 21 increase and
additional 590 reissue 106 restoration
and renewal 40 d uplicate 20 accrued 105
total 7il7
Armv invalid fact of June 27 1890
Original 451 increase 1100 additional 82
ntiunn tO raulnnilimi iirt rnnnunil 0
supplemental 5 duplicate 38 accrued
133 total 1081
Army invalid war with Spain Origi
nal 24
Army widow etc Original 57 reissue
1 duplicate 5 accrued 1 total 04
Army widow etc act of June 27 1800
Original 245 reissue 1 restoration and
renewal 5 supplemental 1 duplicate i
accrued 3 total 251
Army widow etc war with Spain
Original 11
Navy invalid Original 4 reissue 2
restoration and renewal 1 duplicate 3
accrued 2 total 12
Navy invalid act of June 27 1S00
Original 43 increase and additional 10
reissue 1 restoration and renewal 3
accrued 3 total GO
Navy invalid war with Spain Original
Navy widow etc Original 2
Navy widow act of Juno 27 1890
Original 5 accrued 1 total 0
Indian Wars Survivors Accrued 2
Indian Wars Widows Original 2
Old War invalid Accrued 1
Mexican War Survivors Increase and
additional 4 duplicate iaecrued 8 total
Mexican War Widows Original 10
Totals Original SS2 increase and
additional i80 reissue 53 restoration and
renewal supplemental duplicate
73 accrued 210 Grand total 2359
Something About tba Genoa Neb Indian
John B Crozier Genoa Neb writes a
very interesting letter about the Indian
schools located at that place He says
that there aro about 300 scholars boys and
girls They receive a common school
education aro taught to farm build fences
make and mend shoes blacksmithiiig
harness making etc They tako pride in
becoming skilled workmen The girls
are taught to wash clothes The steam
laundry is a brick building aliout 25 by
50 feet two stories high the tipiier story
being used for drying clothes Music is
also taught and the school has a brass
band equel to tho best
Flowers fom ed
No liner and more attract vo color effects
need desired than those which can be
made with the common annuals which are
easily grown such as Sweet Peas Nas
turtiums Pansies Asters etc Every
homo should be made pleasant attractive
aud beautiful by the presence of these gifts
of nature for our benefit
Sendforafreecopyof the beautiful cata
logue of S Y Haines Co Minneapolis
Minn the up-to-date book on Flower Seeds
ttat grow -
blessing Made me full of lifx and vigor
Should lie in use in every family Kev 1
C Kichardson N Fifth St Koxbiiry
Mass was greatly lieiicrited by its use
anil recommends it highly as also does
It K P Kline of Ottawa Fniversily who
says I find it a great benefit No Chris
tian should be without it Hon V C
Hay St Joe Mo writes Physicians
gave me up to die Was persuaded by
friends to try this cabinet and it cured me
I can not praise it enough Kev Baker
Smith I 1 Fairmont X J says Your
Cabinet rids the IkxIv of aches and pain
and as cleanliness isnext to godliness it
merits high recommendation
Congressman John J I entz Mrs Keu
dricks Irin of Vassar College John T
Brown Editor Christian Cuide IJeV C
M Keith Editor Holiness Advocate as
well as hundreds of clergymen bankers
governors physicians and influential ico
ple recommend it highly
It Prevents Disease
and physicians are unanimous in claiming
that colds la trripne fevers smallpox con
sumption kidney trouble Brights disease
cancer in fact such marvelous eliminative
poivcr has this Cabinet that no disease can
gain a foothold in your body if you take
these hot Thermal Baths weekly Scien
tific reasons are broiicht out in a very in
structive little book issued by the makers
Cure Blood and Skin Diseases
this Cabinet has marvelous power Dr
SheparJ of Brooklyn states that he has
never fuled to draw out the deadly poison
of Sike biles hydrophobia blood poison
etc b this Vapor Bath proving that it is
the most wonderful blood purifier known
If people instead of tilling their systems
wall more poisons by taking drugs and
nostrums would get into a Vapor Bath
Cabinet and steam out these poisons alid
assist nature to act they would have pun
blood aud a skin as clear and smooth as
the mo3t fastdious could desire-
The Important Feature
of this Cabinet is that it gives a hot vapor
bath that opens the millions of pores all
over the body stimulating thesweat glands
drawing out all the impure salts acids and
effete matter which if retained ovtrwork
tho heart kidneys lungs and eausc dis
ease debility and sluggishness Aston
ishing is the improvement in health feeling
and complexion The first bath makes
you feel like a new being 10 years
With the Cabinet if desired is a
Head and Complexion Steamer
in which the face head and neck arc given
tlie same vapor treatment as the body pro
diiciiigthemost wonderful resulta removes
pimples blackheads skin eruptions cures
Catarrh Asthma and Bronchitis
O C Smith Mt Healthy O writes
Since using this Cabinet my Catarrh
Asthma and Hay Fever with which I have
Wn alllicted since childhood have never
returned Worth SI 000 to me I have
sold hundreds of theso cabinets Every
one was delighted My wife finds it ex
cellent for her ills
Will Hasten Perspiration
every one knows is beneficial but other
methods are crude and insignificant when
compared to the convenient and marvelous
curative power of this Cabinet known as
the new 1002 style
Square Quaker Folding Thermal
Bath Cabinet We find it to be a genuine
i ltrt it illi n rivil itnnr wiito n
shown in cut When closed it is air tight
liaiiusomciv raaue oi usi uioei uuniiiie
water proof goods rubber lined A heavy
1 l mn uinrAli if mnlinir if i ctrntii
ttlCl llllUlU OIIIllVl uiunttt v it vip
and sulistantial bathroom within itself
New York Union Veteran Union
EDiTon National Timiuxn w b
Cusfiing Regiment No 1 U V U New
York City celebrated the anniversary of
the battle and capture of Fort Fisher ty a
joint installation on Monday Jan 15
The installation ceremonies were ably con
ducted by Maj Gen H Stewart command
ing Army of New York and New Jersey
U V I1 assisted bv his efficient staff
Asst Adjt Geo Hall Asst Q M Gen
las K P Garrison Chief of Staff Robt
Muir and Aids M Brennan Jno A Law
ton E N Mabie Solso Dean C A Brown
All in full uniform The objects of the Order
were very fully explained by Gen Stewart
Gen Stewart on the 10th proceeded to
Middlctown N Y to install the officers of
the 11th Regiment Capt Wr D Fuller
accompanied by Col Geo Halt Col Jas
K P Garrison and other members of the
staff were met on arrival in Middletown by
Col A B Wheeler Col Keeler and Col
Dayton Postmaster of the City or Middle
town and a large delegation of the com
rades aud were escorted to the hotel The
General and his staff were later escorted to
Regimental Headquarters where Maj
Gen Stewart with an able and very im
pressive service installed the officers
Speech making then being in order Maj
Gen Stewart was called on and very ably
explained tho objects of the Union Veteran
Union During the course of his remarks
ho paid a high tribute to Commander-in-Chief
R G Dyrenforth for his labors in
toenail oi inecomraaes oi me uruer aim ins
deep interest in tlio welfare of the tnion
Veterans Union On the 30th or Jauarj
Gen Stewart installed the offleertr of the
t ML fnf ar uvbWlff JAM VcbSSW V v tSm
Special Trial
Offer New and
Did joa ever see 7 straight or circular rows of
Pansies sitle by elite ach a dUTereut color ir so
jou know that the effect U charmins bejond con
cepUon DldjoueversoeChlldsaiantFanslNmar
vel In beauty and true to color If not you hao
not seen the beauty and perfection now attained
As a trial offer we will mull fur 25 cents I
So seeds Fansy Giant Pure Snow White
so Coat Illack
so Cardinal Kcd
SO Azure Blue
SO Bright Violet
t Striped Varieiated
AllttteboolconPansles telllngalt about culture etc
A Booklet of 93 pages on llouie 1Iants tells just
how tocare forererr kind of win dow plant
THE JIAYtXOWlJit magazine 3 months flncst
puhllcauon on Flowers and Hardening And our
Catalogue of 156 pages and 0 Colored Plates
TheT Pnlri0 Books AlarOsucr nod CalfSSc
Onr Catalogue for 100O 2sth AnnlTcrsary
EdlUon creatine Book of ilower and Vegetable
Seeds Bulbs llants and New Fruits U8 pages a0
lUustraUvus 9 colored plates will bo mailed frco
to any who anticipate purchasing Great Novelties
la Sweet Scented and Tuberous Iter Begonias Oera
nlums Fragrant Calls Treasure Vine Ooosenower
Caladlums Ererbloomlng Trltomo Cannas Gladi
olus Rases Phloxes Giant laeonr Lilies Palms
Carnations Primrose Asiers Pansies Sweet Peas
Verbenas Tomatoes strawberries etc
John IbwIb Child Floral 1urk N X
It has top curtains in fact all the latest
The makers furnwh an excellent stovo
with each Cabinet also valuable recipes
and formulas for medicated iiaths and nil
meiiLs as well as plain directions It folds
flat in one inch snace when not in
easily carried weighs but 10 pounds
People dont need bathrooms is this
Cabinet may l used in any room and
naiuiiiiis nave iicen discarded since this
invention as it civesafar bettvr hath for nil
cleansing puroscs than soap water
For the Mek room its advantages aro at
once apparent There have been
So Called Cabinets
on the market but thny were unsatisfac
tory inconvenient simply cheap nimsr
After investigation wo can say the Qua-
ker Cabinet made by the Cincinnati tlrui
is the only practical article of its kind and
will last for years It seems to sati3fj and
delight every user and the
Makers Guarantee Results
They assert positively and their state
ments are backed by a vast amount of tes
timony from persons of influence that this
Cabinet will cure Nervous Troubles Debil
ity Purify the Blood Beautify the Skin
and cure Ithctimatism They offer SoOOO
reward for a case not relieved Cures tho
most obstinate cases of Womens Troubles
La Grippe Sleeplessness Neuralgia Mala
ria Headaches Obesity Gout Sciatica
Eczina Scrofula Piles Dropsy Blood and
Skin Diseases Liver and Kidnev Troubles
It wilt
Cure the Worst Cold
with one bath breaks up all symptoms of
La Grippe Fevers Pneumonia Consump
tion Asthma and is really a household
necessity Gives tiie most
Cleansing and Refreshing Bath
known and all those enjoying health
should use it at least once or twico a week
for its great value is its marvelous power
to draw out of the system all impurities
that cause disease and for this reason is
truly a God send to all humanity
All our readers who want to enjoy perfect
health prevent disease or are afflicted
should have one of these remarkable Cabi
nets The price is wonderfully low Spac
prevents a detailed description but it will
Lear out the most exacting demand for du
rability and curative properties
Write the World Mfg Co 1400 World
Building Cincinnati Ohio and ask them
to send you their pamphlets describing
this invention The price is wonerfully
low only S lOO complete with heater di
rections and formulas Head Attachment
if desired S1C0 extra and it is indeed dif
ficult to imagine where one could invest
that amount of money in anything elso
that guarantees so much health strength
and vigor
Write to day for full information or bet
ter still order a Cabinet You wont be
disappointed as the makers guarantee ev
ery Cabinet and agree to refund your mon
ey after 30 days use if not just as repre
We know them to do as they agree
They are reliable and responsible Capi
The Cabinet is just as represented and
will be shipped promptly You can remit
safely by express P O money order bank
draft or certified check
Dont fail to end for booklet anyway
The Cabinet is a Wonderful Seller
for agents and the firm offers special in
ducements to both men and women upon
request and to our knowledge many are
making froui 100 to SloO every mouth
and expenses
15th Regiment Hancock and the officers
of Hancock W V It U COL GEO HALL
Assistant Adjutant General
The C5th ill will hold a Reunion in
Chicago III during the National Encamp
ment in August 1900 All members of
that regiment are requested to send their
present address to the Secretary Reunion
Association C B Bristol 315 North Third
street Monmouth 111
Editor National Tribune Last
week I received the Cook Book which you
so kindly sent and I am very much pleaseti
with the contents I appreciate your favor
and shall work for your interest whenever
f In the end than auiy seeds k
M that only cost half aa much- k
M Tasted trae to name fresh and M
reliable Always U best Ajak
Lfor ferrys take no others
k WriU for 1900 Seed Annual M
Dstrolt MtcbV
ToftewcatoeutitotMiB7 Seed X will mall rsr 1900
Catalogs e flllad with norr buraloa than ever o4 10c Du o
BUlcood for 10c wrth or Seed for trul absolattlr
free AIIUi Be4tSdUnlb 1laaUKow Karm
Beds ltte ctr lra pncei Nliie
WoTCltlM cffr4 witteotoimM IwrQl pay 50 FOR A
NAME torach MaoyeOurBOTtltmoffiTcXtclodlaxUIn
Mjr the trul money Oittujt pUnL Over ID rvfrtiea liowa in
coieok llOOIncmshpremlanuofTered DoatgiyMir
ordrrcntU j this new cuiogu Youil besurpriftcd
alG3jtrgua offers nd your nAnuoawUl for caulogu l
tj It Is FItllE to bU TcllyoQrfricdstosKodtoo
SV B HILLS Dm 69 CtuchllU Oaoad itm Cc W T
a9 ssj
BOOK on 1 W Vb 1 BB B
an J Almanac fVr 1 900 two colors 160 pst
1 10 illiutrntions of Fowl Incubator Brooders
Tuultrr Hwua etc How to rKe Ctiekens ac
eef ally tJielr cretlufs nl reiuetliw Dii
cram with fall lecri lions of Poultry liooirt
All about lbtortBroodf rt ud thoroachbml
fowls with lowrsl pners Pric oaly li cents
This Miciiae will fLitch every fcxtila
effff so thousands testify It Is tho best
Address GEO SSINGECardirTgtcnO
Dfllll TRY papkr uituf d aa pces
rvULIIll 3a cenLi ner Tear A month1
trial 10 oants Sample tree ft paze practical
emltry book frv to yearly subscribers
uok alone 13 cents Catalosrtio of poaltry
Fine lifoodetl Cattle Sheep Iloff
loultrr Siwrtiii Ihun Semi tauiu5
for tataojjue 150 euruviuK3 - 1
uuiiK iv t uM voaicruietru
Dreers Garden Calendar for 1SC0
in rrwv tmrtipnlnr Profuselv jllustratcd handsofha
nnlnril rvrra nn t rilt f vnltinlitf tnfrirmntlntl Wl ivlll cntlll n
conv free to thosp who state where thev saw this advertisement
HEMRY A DBEER 714 Chestnut Si Philadelphia Pa

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