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The Interior Departments Ten
tative Plan tor Opening the
Indian Lands
Some Objections to the Plan Already
Tho Interior Department gives out the
following olUcial suggestion of n tentativo
plan for the opening of the Indian reser
vations in Oklahoma
The method of disposing of the lands
in the Kiowa and Wichita Indian reser
vations in Oklahoma soon to be opened
to homestead entry is receiving most cure
ful attention from the otlicials of the In
terior Department Desirable lands sub
Ipft to disposition tinder tho homestead
law can no longer be found in large quan
tities except when an Indian reservation
is opened and then they are eagerly
sought So many inquiries are ruadb
about the Kiowa and A njiita lauds that
it is mauifest there will be several times
as many applicants as there aro tracts
Tho Wichita reservation will be em
braced in a separate Land District with
a Land Office at El Reno Deducting the
laud allotted to Indians and reserved for
school purposes there will be 3122 tracts
of 100 acres each to be disposed of to
homestead claimants The greater por
tion of this is fine land but some of it
is not of sufficient value to jstify com
plying with the homestead law to obtain
title to it
Tho Kiowa reservation will be in an
other Laud District with a Land Office
near Fort Sill Deducting the lands al
lotted to Indians and reserved for school
and other purposes there will be 10351
tracts of 100 acres each to bo disposed
of to homesteaders These are generally
good lauds but this reservation contains
a greater percentage of poor lauds than
the Wichita
The highest number of homestead
claims which could be taken in the two
reservations even if all the lands were de
sirable is 13473 The indications are
that there will be easily 40000 applicants
Soma of these are doomed to disappoint
ment Theie aie not enough lands for all
The two reservations may be opened at
the same time but the opening of each
will be as separately conducted as if they
were a thousand miles apart The law
does not requiic them to be opened at the
same time but to do so will divide the
crowd of applicants and simplify the task
of the land officers The opening of the
Kiowa reservation must not be later than
Aug C of the present year and it will
take until near that time to complete the
allotments to the Indians
None of these lands can be obtained
as free homes They must be paid for
Iy all claimants at the rate ot Ma per
acre at the time of submitting final proof
The law also requires five years actual
residence cultivation and improvement
except that honorably discharged soldiers
are given credit for the time of their ser
vice in the army
The two reservations will bo opened by
proclamation of the President and a re
cent act of Congress declares that to
avoid the contests and conflicting claims
which have heretofore resulted from open
ing similar public lands the proclama
tion shall prescribe the manner in which
these lands may be settled upon occu
pied and entered and that no person
shall settle upon occupy or enter any of
them except as prescribed in the proclama
tion until after the expiration of GO days
from the opening The purpose of this
new statutory provision is clear At the
opening in Oklahoma in 18S9 there were
on an average two applicants for every
desirable tract and at the opening
in 1803 there were more than three
applicants for each tract At these
openings tho prospective claimants
tegan assembling at the borders of
the lands to be opened at least 30 days
before the opening and the crowd of am
liitious homeseekers grew until in the in
stance of the Cherokee Outlet they num
bered over 115000 While waiting for the
opening these people lived as best they
could some sheltered by tents or wagon
covers others not sheltered at all and all
encountering a degree of exposure and dis
comfort which was endurable only by
those of rugged physique inured to hard
ships They were not permitted to be
come familiar with the land to be opened
but were held in check at the border by
the military until cannon and musketry
distributed at intervals along the line an
nounced the arriral of noon of the open
ing day At this signal the great crowd
urged into the new country in a mad
dening race for land Not only were there
more claimants than lands but the vary
ing character of the lands intensified the
struggle for the better tracts The par
ticipants in these openings had come from
every section The majority were hon
est homeseekcrs but speculators Cullies
and boomers were noticeably present
Some of the participants were young and
strong others old and of failing strength
Some had been soldiers and bore evi
dence of having withstood their share of
exposure and hardship in days gone by
Some had running horses trained for the
occasion others had ordinary farm horses
already well exhausted by the trip across
the country from distant States Some
had money with which to buy good horses
for the race and others being destitute
or nearly so made the run on foot The
man who most needed a home frequently
had the least chance Whether it be
called a horse race or a Jest of physical
strength or endurance the participants
did not have equal chances When night
came nearly every desirable tract had two
and in some instances 10 rival claimants
upon it each asserting that ho was the
first settler These conflicting claims re
sulted in long vexatious and expensive
ccntcsts some of which are still pending
In the Land Department Some were so
hotly waged that tho courts in Oklahoma
were deluged with prosecutions for per
jury and with suits to prevent one claim
ant from forcibly dispossessing another
before the determination of tho contest
Instances arose owing to the topography
of the land or the presenco of timber
whero several claimants reached and
claimed the same tract at almost the same
instant each honestly believing that he
was the prior claimant Last Saturday
a contest of this sort was decided by the
Secretary of the Interior where three
claimants with their respective families
had been living upon tho same tract and
prosecuting a land contest for eight years
If either had ceased to live on and culti
vate the land his claim would have been
lokt so all three complied with the law
The one who wins by the Secretarys de
cision has dearly paid for his land and
the others have given eight years of their
lives to fruitless litigation
Two Commissioueis of tho General
Land Office of opposing politics and two
Secretaries of the Interior of like differ
ence in party associations recommended
that when further lands should bo opened
Congress should enact laws to prevent the
unseemly rush which occurred at these
openings and to avoid the almost endless
litigation Congress at the recent session
took the view that tho former objection
able methods ought not to be repeated at
tho Kiowa and Wichita openings The
hon-e-racing plan was generally con
demned Different plans were suggested
by Congressmen but the one generally fa
vored and especially advocated by Repre
sentative Lacey of Iowa Chairman of the
Public Lands Committee and by Repre
sentative Stephens of Texas Is the meth
od by which seats in the House of Rep
resentatives are allotted to members at the
beginnings of each Congress The names
of the members are written upou separate
slips of papers which are so folded that
the names canuot be seen The slips are
placed in abox and mixed and then
drawn out one at a time the members
uiKKiug a cnoice oi seats in tne order in
which their names are diawn Every Rep
rokeptative has an equal chance of ob
taining the first choice When Congress
took up the Kiowa and Wichita openings
there was not however sufficient time to
permit any pniticular plan of drawing to
be agreed upon so it was determined to
amend the bill in such a way that the
President in his proclamation could pre
scribe tho manner of the opening thus
giving ample time for tho Interior Depart
ment to perfect some appropriate plan
The debates upon the bill clearly show
that Congress desired to do away with
the old plan and substitute some sort of
drawing wnicn wouiu piace our one claim
ant upon each tract and thus avoid the
contests of the past
The Interior Department is now strug
gling with the question Many plans have
occu proposed by people over the country
cognizant of the faults of the old system
and interested in public land questions It
is significant that nearly all of these pro
pose a drawing or casting of lots A iniu
ister of the gospel is among those who
advocate a drawing He prefers it to a
horse race especially where the race has
no better umpire than the discarded idea
that might makes right It has inter
ested the officials to note how this minis
ter anticipates and avoids a criticism
which might be made in some quarters to
the effect that a drawing would be a sort
of lottery and objectionable to those who
do not believe in nnything which savors
of chance After pointing out that by this
plan the unsuccessful applicant pays noth
ing and tne successful applicant oniy gcis
an opportunity to earn the land by fully
complying with the law in the matter of
payment residence cultivation and im
provement the minister summons the Bi
ble to his support and shows that the
casting or drawing of lots was resorted
to in distributing the land of Canaan and
in determining wiiether Mathias or Joseph
called Barsabas should become an
Apostle In other instances the drawing
of lots as a means of decision or selection
is given high recognition Two candi
dates receiving an equal number of votes
at an election are often required to cast
lots for the office A tie vote was recent
ly decided in this manner in Massachu
setts By the Constitutions of Arknnsas
Colorado Missouri and Ohio the Judges
f the Supreme Court first elected wero
icqtiired to cast lots to determine which
should be Chief Iustico and to determine
each Judges term of office Upon the ad
mission of a new State a drawing is had
in the United States Semite to determine
to which class lach of the new Senators
slinll lie assigned
So plan has been definitely determined
upon by the Interior Department but of
the plans considered that which stands
tho best chance of adoption runs along the
following lines
There will be a period of registration
lasting 30 or 40 days prior to the open
ng during which each applicant for these
lauds will be required to show by written
proofs that he is qualified to make home
stead entry and actually desires to do so
as a means of proruiing n home If his
proof is satisfactory he will be registered
as a qualified applicant and given a cer
tificate to that ellect and will draw a num
ber which will determine the order in
which he will be permitted at the open
ins to make n selection of land The
work of registration will continue until
the qualifications of all applicants and
the order in which they will be permitted
to select land have been determined The
registration certificates will not be trans
ferable and to make the identification of
applicants complete so that there may be
no transfers the applicants will be pho
tographed by a rapid process which can
now be utilized at slight cost to the Gov
ernment The registration will be under
the supervision of the Register and Re
ceiver and a corps of experienced clerks
familiar with public laud transactions and
fully qualified to conduct the registration
in an orderly manner Every applicant
will be required to register in person ex
cepting that honorably discharged soldiers
may be permitted to register by an agent
subject to the restriction that no person
shall act as agent for more than one sol
dier and no soldcir will be permitted to
register through an agent except upon
clear proof that he actually desires to ob
tain a home from these lands by compli
ance with the homestead law There will
be ample provision to prevent old soldiers
from jieing imposed upon through the
misrepresentations or neglect of an agent
The drawing will be under the super
vision of a non partisan commission com
nosed of two or three men whose high
character is so widely known throughout
the country ss to make their control of
the drawing a guaranty of its absolute
fairness The numbers placed in the box
before the drawing commences will more
than cover the number of people who will
apply to register No advantage will be
obtained by being the first to register and
all will have an equal chenco of drawing
the first number When completed the
registration will show the numbers which
are not drawn and at the opening they
will be disregarded If numbers 1 3 and
5 are drawn and numbers 2 and 4 remain
in the box the older of selection at the
openings will be 1 3 and 5 as if there
were no numbers 2 and 4 The period of
registration will be long enough to admit
of the easy registration of all applicants
The man who registers on the last day
will have the same opportunity of draw
ing one of the earliest numbers as does
the man registering on the first day Those
who draw the first 10000 numbers at the
Kiowa registration will know that there
will be lands on which their right of se
lection can be exercised and those who
draw the first 3000 numbers at the Wich
ita registration will have the same assur
ance Those who draw numbers much in
excess of these figures will know that at
the openings all the lands will be exhaust
ed before their numbers aro reached and
that it is useless for them to remain In
stead of being defeated after a vexatious
contest of several years their fate will be
determined berore the opening
Th applicants will be permitted to free
ly travel over and become familiar with
the lands to he opened so as to qualify
them to intelligently and advisedly make
a selection of land at tho opening The
proclamation will prescribe what persons
may make selection at each day after the
opening as for instance On tho first
day those who hold numbers from 1 to
300 inclusive on the second day those
who hold numbers from 301 to GOO in
clusive and so on until all the lands have
been selected The one who draws num
ber 3000 will know that his right of se
lection must be exercised on tint 10th day
and that it is not necessary for him to be
present at ili opening until then This
plan will remove every incentive for
crowding or bartering for places in line
at both the registration and opening
When the opening begins the person
holding tho smallest number drawn will
have all the lands included in the opening
from which to make his selection and the
person holding number 3000 will have all
tho lands to select from which have not
been selected by those holding prior num
bers Each day of the openinc those hold
ing the numbers assigned to tliat day will
make selections in the order of their num
bers and if when any number is reached
the claimant does not nppear that num
ber will be passed and the next number
will be called and so on until the end of
that days list is reached when the names
which Lave been passed during the day
will be called again in their order and the
claimants permitted to make selections
thoso not appearing then losing the right
No one will bo permitted to effect a
settlement until after he has selected his
land and made entry It will not be pos
sible to have moro than one claimant for
the same tract and every claimant nfter
making selection and entry will have tho
full assurance that if ho honestly com
plies with the homestead law ho will re
ceive full title to the land He will not
have to cope with an adverse claimant
or meet a vexatious contest There will
be no opportunity for tho commission of
any fraud upon the Government nnd tho
rights of applicants will be safeguarded
at every stage of tho proceeding If
through death neglect attempted trans
fer or otherwise a registered applicants
right to select is lost it will not operate
to the advuntage of any other particular
applicant but will advance all registered
applicants holding subsequent numbers
There will be absolute equality of oppor
tunity among applicants and thoso who
are successful in the drawing will be able
to act understanding in selecting lnnds
Large maps showing each quarter section
will be posted nt the Laud Office showing
nt all times the lands selected and
Iccted and small maps will be distributed
which will materially assist applicants in
noting other selections and in making their
Permitting tho applicant to mako his
own selection from all the lands at that
time remaining unsclcctod will enable him
to choose lrtud suitable for his purpose
whether that be growing grain cotton
fruit or live stock
The opening will begin within a very
few days after the closo of the registra
tion period
As before stated the plan here out
lined has not been adopted but it is under
actual consideration and Feems to com
mend itself to the officers of the Depart
ment more strongly than any other
Some counter suggestions have been
made not official It is urged against the
Departments plan that there would be
the same rush to get into line and the
same mob around tho Laud Offices should
tho above plan bo adopted as if a rush for
the land itself were made
On the other hand it lias been suggest
ed that a better way would be to have
the drawing made without the physical
presence of the applicant at Washington
or elsewhere and those who should draw
a place in the lino could be notified to go
to Oklahoma and make entry in order
and no others need go at all
The samo piovHons for identity and
good faith could be taken by this plan as
by the one proposed and the thousands
wlio can never get land any way would
save the expense of the trip Tho draw
ing for places in the line could be made
in Washington under tho personal super
vision of the Secretary of the Interior and
the Commissioner of tho General Laud
Office and all that is required of the ap
plicants could just as well be forwarded
by registered mail as to carry it to Okla
homa in person
Gen Marmadukes Unsuccessful
Attempt to Capture Gen Clay
tons Command
The battle of Tine Bluff Arl in the
Fall of 1SG3 was full of both amusing
and exciting incidents Pino Bluff is on
the Arkansas River about GO miles be
low Little Rock It was garrisoned by
the 1st Ind Cav and 5th Kan Cav the
1st Iud Cav having a battery of four
small steel rifled guns attached to the reg
iment Col Powell Clayton of the 5th
Knn was in command The Colonel was
afterwards made Brigadier General and
is at present our Minister to Mexico
Our two cavalry regiments had been
stationed nt this the southern outpost as
it were of Little Rock as it was in the
valley of the rich river bottoms of tho
Arkansas River and immense fields of
corn had been raised stretching south
ward to the Mississippi River with the
expectation of feeding Southern troops
and horses But man proposes and God
disposes At any rate the Yanks found
this wilderness of cornfields ready made
to their hands a veritable Canaan flowing
with milk and honey
About eight months were spent by this
command in garrisoning this spot and
while an occasional long scout was In
dulged in yet wo always had our comfort
able quarters to return to and weeks of
rest fully compensated for a little extra
hardship on occasional scouting duty
Gcl Marmaduko conceived the idea
that it would bo a good thing to take us
in His command of about 10000 men
was gathered somo placo down in the
Wachitaw River region ubout 75 miles
distant and starting one Saturday morn
ing he reached the outskirts of Pine Bluff
the next day Sunday morning about 7
The writer had passed the night Just
outside the city ut the house of an old
time friend whom he knew up North sev
eral years previous As I was dressing
I heard a lumbering noise outside and
parting the curtains of my windows I saw
a train of about 50 empty wagons pass
ing out into the country on a foraging
expedition Each wagon had a guard of
six soldiers armed with carbines and pis
tols Tho negro driver was mounted on
one of the rear mules armed with a raw
hide to gently tap up the six mules mak
ing his team
Tho breakfast bell now ringing I was
soon seated nt the tahlo enjoying South
ern hospitality mine host telling me ho
had a younger brother in tho Southern
army Hardly had we fairly gotten to
work at tho good things set before us
when wo heard musketry then tho yell
of drivers the crack of blacksnake whips
and the shouting of the soldiers
The forage train was evidently coming
hack Down the streets they went Curb
stones telegraph poles fence corners all
buffered in that wild hurrying to be at
tho front When tho wagon would hit nn
obstruction away it would go bounding
eight to ten feet in the air emptying the
W uan vi iwo iuirus oi tuo occu
Had tho Confederate advance pushed
tho wagon train to their utmost and
dashed on to the Court House Square
where our commands wero encamped
they would undoubtedly have captured
tho whole outfit before a rally could have
been made but around the outskirts of
the town wero scattered a thin line of
Union pickets Rallying to the danger
points these poured in volley after vol
ley and the Southern boys halted long
enough to slowly drivo these outposts be
fore them
Retreating from block to block nnd from
house to house these pickets delayed the
advance as long as possible and by tho
time they reached the Court House Square
the whole command had rallied
Tho cotton warehouses were broken
open and every darky in tho town was
working harder than ho ever worked
befoie in rolling cotton bales across the
entrance- of streets centering on tho
Our little steel cannon wore placed In
advantageous positions and for an hour
we waited for tho main force of tho en
cmy to arrive indeed coffee was made
and breakfast eaten before the battle
opened all along the line
All day we fought battery played
against battery Sharpshooters were
placed m tho houses facing tho Square
and woe to tho
daring who
enemy at
tempted to steal upon us
mo writer will never forget Ills hur
ried retreat from that brenkfast table and
his thoughts that there was a three-quarter-mile
run to camp with the chances
of being picked up long before he reached
the goal
I had about two blocks the start of a
squad I ran several squares but breath
was getting short wind getting scarce
and turning t sharp corner I dropped on
the ground nnd rolled under a house set
ting close by the roadside Hero I hnd the
satisfaction of seeing the pursuing squad
ride past looking anxiously ahead for the
tall lank with the blue cout on After
a very short rest I rolled out from my re
treat scooted down an alleyway down a
by street rolled across a block under sev
eral different houses and then made a
At ag - 2i goMS
straight home ruu being greeted With
cheeis by my cduiHnv
hiii fhl illliiiitfuii lintrtm tn wmio nnri
no sppuieut iuiiesMon hud yet been niude
upon our ouim hji wiui lie Knowledge
tuut we had juit over the nwr ituee
scouts in tuu muiuCbg as soon as tno ngut
opened and selit tnem to Little Rous
ouiy ou milesTnvny ma enemy realized
tnut somt UnngJlmci to be done and dune
quickly iso failing for voluutecrs from
tueir ranks tiiuy picked out a Captain
and 20 men Atuiius each with a lighted
pme wood turcu to mulco a grand rush
tor tho Uourt nquso Square wftich was
surrounded with foodoa houses nnd
and l ndeavor to set lire to them
Once nine we of cbtirso would be smoked
and scorched out and they reasoned full
an easy pioy to their foices bo the for
lorn Hope or 121 men with torcnes creep
ing witnin one block of the Square rose
up and with tuat defiant Confederate
yell rushed down the broad avenue
Uur snarpsliooteis wero awake and
one after another of the damn raiders
diopped in his tracks The Captain up
patently boie a charmed life At their
nead lie caiuo on tho run His compan
ions closing in behind him as their com
rades dropped out and now four of them
with a bunch of cotton dipped in kerosene
were within four feet of the cuttou baics
mid a light wooden shanty
ready had he stretched out his
mm to thrust tho cotton and oil
up to tho house when down he dropped
The Captain sprang forwaid threw his
torch against and under the house picked
up the saturated cotton when down he
dropped and hi3 two companions in his
icar were already badly wounded and
writhing in thuir death struggle
The next day we buried the heroic Cap
tain in the little grave yard overlooking
the scene of his sublime courage
Col Clayton now had otllects bugle call
blown and sitting on his magnificent
charger in tho center of the
Square told them that probably
the Confederates would yet suc
ceed in their undertaking Go back to
your commands he said have your men
all reaily whenever buildings are fired
mount your horses assemble on the north
side of the Square and those whose horses
are killed or disabled clear away the cotton-bales
and obstructions on the Little
Rock road or street and the mouutcd men
follow me and we will charge through
the enemys lines and get away with all
we can The dismounted men will oi
course have to surrender
Hut the enemy was ns tired as we were
and blowing his bugles in the neighbor
hood of his six gun battery the rebel Gen
eral called off his men Wo rested in
peace that night and next day went out
to meet reinforcements from Little Rock
telling them to go back we did not need
them The sequel to this was the battle
at Long Creek a few weeks afterward
when Clayton moved out somo 25 miles
from camp and gave battle gaining a de
cided victory
One laughable incident occurred during
tho fight The old saddler of our com
pany was crossing the Square when a
solid shot struck behind him some 30 or
40 feet and came bounding and rolling
down the avenue The old man saw it
coming anil started on tho run straight
down the avenue without swerving to
right or left The ball kept rolling on
lessening the distance The whole com
mand had a good view of tho race and
from hundreds of throats came a mighty
yell Run Padgett run Step lively
old man Run for your life Now
or never Get a move on you Run
Padgett run
Straining every nerve lie raced clown
the street ever and anon casting a back
ward glance to see the dreaded missile
almost upon him He was too excited and
badly rattled to think of stepping a few
feet sideways and ldtting the ball roll by
him until a negro jumpiug from behind
a cotton bale jerked him to one side
while the ball went rolling by mnkiug a
mighty plunge from the bank out into the
Again dnring the fight a contraband
black as the ace of spades applied to one
of the boys for a gun and revolver offer
ing to go outsiila the breastworks and
bring in a prisoner The arms were fur
nished him and disappearing around the
corner of tiic block in less than 15 min
utes he came marching up the street a
tall lank butternut clothed individual in
front of him said individual being well
loaded down with arms The negro had
actually gone out several blocks found a
Confederate soldier in an empty house
acting as a sharpshooter and suddenly
closing in behind him with his gun al
most touching him ordered him to step
lively now out of tho back door and
straight down the avenue to the Union
line Knowing it was death to refuse the
sharpshooter obeyed but a worse de
moralized and disgusted Confederate
could not be found in the whole South
The PostofUee within about one block
of the Square was burned just before
dark and in the morning bright and early
quite a number of the boys were poking
around in the ashes finding occasional
coins or some little souvenirs
In the meantime the old Confederate
Postmaster had gone to headquarters and
asked for a guard to protect him while
he dug up some money lie had buried The
guard was furnished and employing a
half dozen negroes he took up the stone
slabs before the open fireplace and brought
forth six buckets filled with silver coin
much to the chagrin of the men who had
been walking over it for hours
It has been settled that on his return
from California the President will reach
Chicago on the afternoon of June 11 will
attend the banquet of the commercial or
ganizations on the evening of that day
and start eastward at midnight
Representative Landis of Indiana
points out that while the Logan statue is
a fine work of art the tablets aro pretty
badly perverted history One represents
Gen Logan being sworn in as Senator by
Vice President Arthur who only became
Vice President two years after Gen Lo
gan became Senator Continuing Mr
Landis says
Besides Arthur and Logan the tablet
bears the figures of Mr Culloin William
M Evarts and Roscoe Conkling of New
York Oliver P Morton nnd Daniel Voor
hees of Indiana John F Miller of Cali
fornia and Allan G Thurman of Ohio
Thoy aro represented as Senators looking
on at Arthur swearing in Logan of course
in 1SS1 ns ho presided over the Senate
only nt its special session in tho Spring of
that year Ciillom wns not then a Sena
tor but Governor of Illinois Evarts was
not a Senator till several years later Mor
ton had been dead more than three years
Thurmun retired with the end of tho leg
islative day of March 3 The only persons
represented as being present at this ficti
tious scene who would hnve had a richt
to be thore as Senators if it had really
occurred were Conkling Voorhees who
succeeded Morton and Miller Decided
ly that particular tablet ought to be lib-
uiuuj euueu
Catholic iStandard anil Times
Fay I wouldnt make Madge my con
fidante if I were you She told me that
secret of yours
Muy Why I didnt make Madge my
confidante It was Kitty I told it to
Madgo imfst bo Kittys confidante or her
confidantes confidante
A Mistaken Idea
Dashnway What kind of a girl is Miss
Cleverton Tho kind of a girl who
rather likes to be kissed and is mad if
you try it
Dashaway Is that so I had an idea
that she was original
Illinois Adjutants I
Some two weeks ago wo addressed a let
ter to you jiboiit nn Importnnt matter
Some of you have not responded You
know that it Is important to the cause of
your comrades that you do so
Please let ui hear from jrou by return
The Magnificent Equestrian Me
morial Unvailed at Washington
The Addresses of Ocn Q M Dodge and
President AlcKinlcy
On tho afternoon of the Dth inst tho
heroic bronze equestrian statue of Maj
Gcn John A logan was unvniled It
stands in the center of Iowa Circle in
the northwest quarter of tho Capital in
a commanding position a few blocks to
the northeast ot the equestrian statue of
Gen George U Thomas
The readers ot The National Tri
bune will be interested to learn of the
final completion of this work to which
they contributed about 10000 Congress
appropriated 50000 nnd the Grand Army
of the Itcpublic and tho Loyal Legion lib-
cral sums and the result has been the
erection of the most ornate bronze eques
trian monument in Washington
The pedestal is 20 feet in night On its
west face is a group representing Gen
Logan and other officers of the Army of
the Tennessee those whose portraits are
delineated being Gen Dodge Gen Hazcn
Gen Slocum Gen Leggett Gen Mower
Gen Blair and Capt Strong On the
cast side of the pedestal is a group rep
resenting Gen Logan taking the oath of
office as United States SenaTor There
are also portraits in bronze of Senators
Culloin Evarts Conkling Morton Mil
ler Voorhees and Thurman Allegorical
figures of War and Peace ornament the
narrow panels of tho north and south
faces of the pedestal
The mounted figure of the statue itself
rises 1414 feet above the pedestal Gen
Logan is represented ub riding along the
line of battle bis sword drawn and car
ried low in his right hand He faces to
ward tho south and the horse is repre
sented in the attitude of moving at a slow
Gen Grenville M Dodge as President
of the Society of the Army of the Ten
nessee presided nt the ceremonies Be
sides the President nnd Cabinet Senator
Cullom of Illinois and other officials
Mrs Logan and a number of members of
the family and a vast concourse of people
wero present
The local Posts of the Grand Army
and Union Veteran Union turned out in
strong force and marched to the ground
under the Department officers
A regiment of District Militia the Ma
rines and a company of blue jackets from
the Navy Yard acted as escort for the
A battery of the 4th Art fired a salute
on the Whits Lot south of the Executive
Mansion after the unvaiiing which was
to have been done uy uen Logan s grand
son Master Tucker but unfortunately the
cord broke and a sailor climbed up the
pedestal and broke loose the halyards
Gen Dodge in his opening address
As President of the Society of the
Army of tho Tennessee 1 have been hon
orcd in being seloctcd to preside over this
distinguished assemblage and in behalf of
that society the Grand Army of the Re
public ana the congress of the united
States to whom we owe the erection of
this artistic and beautiful statue I wel
come you to its unvaiiing
Tho President of the United States
and distinguished statesmen will speak to
you of Logan as an eminent citizen gal
lant soldier and great statesman I sim
ply desire to pay my tribute to him as his
comrade and friend from the time we met
in the civil war until his death and one
who sinco thoso days has had the close
friendship ot his family and that son who
following the example of his father cu
te rod the service of his country in the
Spanish war serving faithfully to tho
benefit of his country and to his own great
credit and honor finully in the line of
duty falling in battle in the Philippines
Gen Logans service in the civil war
Was as a part of the Army of the Tennes
see He entered it as a Colonel of a regi
ment and filled all tho grades until he be
came its commander and under his com
mand and direction it was mustered out
and disbanded at the end ot tho war lie
took part in all its campaigns and battles
and to ns of that army who knew him so
well and saw him so often in camp on
the march and in battle Is given tho
knowledge necossary to appreciate more
than others his grent services to his coun
try Die was by nature ardent enthusi
astic vehement in action qualities which
command the admiration of the soIdiAr
Ho was at his best in battle ever for
ward ever onward his motto was to con
quer or die He Infused his spirit into his
regiment his brigade his division his
corps and finally into that grand old
Army of the Tennessee
Aftor tho war Gen Logan devoted his
time and energies in the halls of Con-
to measures that were for the bene
fress his comrades To him wo wore in
debted for the establishment of the No
tional holiday known ns Decoration Day
and no soldier ever appealed to fiitu with
out receiving a ready response nud
prompt command of his services I can
speak of this from my own knowledge
uen Logan often said to me The de
mands of my old comrades have been so
grent that it takes most of my tirao but
how can I refuse thorn and he never
On behalf of the Army of the Tennes
see nnd tnose who nave been instru
mental in erecting in the Capital of the
Nation this tribute to Gen Logan I wish
to thank the sculptor Air Franklin Sim
iPwssBif hlf j it jj
tut ttli ftauli oM plaiad hasting can
1U mitt aa tain eomplet
biriD no Montr
iCaiitif out tul Kudu t nJ
vita yur ordar utd v iU
mkA lk ffUab to you hy
wuUir ltbarcalrci
Srrtf Kent 1110 tail tha
witrhatdebtlaaBdaLara ra
roan MratWailMtftu4LADfcBOit
GENTS Flra yu ruirut with aeo
2 lo 3J Dearborn 9L Iblcisot 1U
Orlitlnal and Only Genuine
SAFE Alwyi nlUtila Ladles ukDniitrifl
RED tod OoM metallic Uii italed vltb bint
iiciuse DanjerooA
latino i h nt
won AnKcnooinrr
nubAtUutloBB and 1m
Uranlit ruml 4 cent in nimjii fr Par
ucunrwp iciumoLiitii Boa uooklct tor
jJJe in Utur by return Mall 10000
TetUmooUl Hame papar Said by all DrcijUt
x2l Uadlbon 0uare llULA p
mons for the satisfactory artistic and
life like statue he has given us
Gen Dodge introduced the sculptor Mr
Simmons and after the unvaiiing the
President was introduced lie made tho
shortest but the most finished address of
the day
ran rnnsiDEXTs address
After tho cheering had subsided the
President said
My Fellow citizens It is a good token
when patriots are honored and patriotism
exalted Monuments which express the
Nations gratitudo for great deeds inspire
great deeds The statuu unvniled today
proclaims our countrys appreciation of
one of her heroic sons whose name is
dear to the American people the ideal
volunteer soldier of two wars tho emi
nent Senator and commoner Gen John
A Logan
Logans career was unique His dis
tinction docs not rest upon his military
achievements nlonc His services in the
Legislature of his own State in the Na
tion House of Representatives and in
the Senate of the United States would
have jjiven him nn equally conspicuous
place in the annals of the country He
was great in the forum and in the field
Some names instantly suggest a sen
timent That of Logan stands for exalted
patriotism This wns the key of his suc
cess Party politics to him was nothing
when the Union was in danger When the
alternative came ho was swift to dedi
cate his life and fortune to the party of
Lincoln because it stood for the indivisi
bility of the Union How much he did to
create and increase the sentiment of
loyalty and patriotism among the peonle
of his own State and throughout the Na
tion can never be told lie stood with
Douglas holding up the cause of the
Union and offered his own life ns a cheer
ful sacrifice if need bo for its preserva
Logan was never half hearted An in
tense patriot he was also an jntenso par
tisan Ho was forceful in the Senate as
he was undaunted in battle He had con
victions and followed them to their con
clusions at any cost Ho was never a
trimmer nor a laggard He despised du
plicity was the soul of frnnknes and al
ways at tho front in every struggle civil
or military during the years of his event
ful life He was a leader from boyhood
the recognized captain among bis youth
ful associates His integrity was pro
nounced and served him well as integrity
will servo every man who has and keeps
His surfXis was founded on good
character U if ailing sincerity high cour
age and unremitting industry He came
out of the war with the highest military
honors of the volunteer soldier Brilliant
in battle and strong in military council
his was also the true American spirit for
when the war was ended he was quick
and eager to return to the peaceful pur
suits of civil life While a strict disci
plinarian be was yet beloved by all his
men No duty was too hazardous for
them to cheerfully undertake and no
sacrifice too great for them to undergo
when he commanded He was not only
considerate and tender of the soldiers
whom he led but Generous and chivalrous
to his brother officers It was significant
of his generous spirit that under the
tempting opportunity of a great command
he declined it rather than injustice should
ue uonc ana numuiation put upon a
brother officer No wonder that Gen Lo
gan was tho idol of tho rank and file of
the army They loved him he loved
In Washington with most onerous and
exacting Senatorial duties resting upon
him he was devoted to the wants and ne
cessities of his old comrades His sym
pathy his services and his limited purse
were never denied them in their need He
was among the first Commanders of the
Grand Army of tho Itcpublic and to him
we aro indebted for that beautiful service
which on the 30th of May each year
brings to the graves of the soldier dead
among whom he now rests in everlasting
comradeship the offerings of an affection
ate people and the undying gratitude of a
As a popular orator his voice has been
heard in every State and Territory of the
Union always for his country and for the
flag ho so much loved
I he highest eulogy ever Daid him wns
by his father The latter in his will di
vided his property between his widow nnd
children equally except and I quote from
the will John Alexander whose marked
abilities are such that be can provide for
himself and aid his mother if necessary
This provision is not made from want of
affection but because of unbounded con
fidence in his future success What a re
markable tribute from father to son That
expression of faith was enough to quicken
the young mans noblest aspirations and
call out the best that was in him And
how worthily he vindicated the confidence
To have inherited to have deserved nnd
to hnve fulfilled that commendation from
his fathers love and faith was better
than any inheritance of lands and tene
ments stocks bonds and money Ba
loved of father wife and children be
loved of his comrades in war and in peace
and beloved of his country his whole life
realized his fathers prophecy and its
words would adorn any monument to his
The Presidents remarks were cheered
at every period by tho veterans gathered
around tho stand and by the crowd be
Senator Chauncey M Depew of New
York made the formal address and it
was quite up to his great reputation as
an orator
The day was bright though blustery
and the occasion passed off as planned in
the most satisfactory manner
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