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Campaigning with the Army of the Potomac Under Gens Pope
and McCIellan
In Anjnist 1SG2 my regiment the 2d
Mass vvaa with the Army of Virginia
under Pope Our own corps that of Gen
Banks had lately been engaged in the bat
tle of Cedar Mountain and had met with
tevere losses there
The lessen m officers of the 2d Mas
had been unusually heavy and some of us
ivho a few weeks before had been First
lieutenants weie now among the benior
Captains in the line and often in com
mand of two companies
Altogether this was a very unhappy
time for u and it was peihnps a nioie
depressing period of the war than any
other at Ieatt for thobe serving in Vir
ginia ltichniond had not been taken and
nftcr several months of marching and
fighting our enemy had Millcnly with
drawn from its front and instead of plans
for the capture of the rebel capital the
minds of those high in authority were
earnestly engaged arranging for the de
fense of Washington
After the withdrawal of the army from
Culpeper Pope took position along the
north bank of the Itappahannock to watch
the movements of Ia cs aimy while Mc
CIellan transfened the Army of the Po
tomac from the James River to northern
Airginia So far as watchfulness went
there was no lack of it Theie was little
hleep by night or rest by day for at all
hours we were marched and
marched from one fort to another to sup
port batteries and meet the advance of the
enemy who was reported to be crossing
at tome one of these points Kor fullv
10 days the soldiers hardly took off their
equipments nor were the horses in the
batteries at the front once allowed to bo
One of my most distinct recollections of
this campaign is the wretched condition
of these poor animals from the constant
wearing of their harness in that hot Aug
ust weather
Wagon trains had of conrse been sent
to the rear consequently there were no
regular issues of nitioiiK and three days
issue was made to last for 30 days
liie conntry was poor and the only
thing which could be had to eke out thn e
meazer supplies was green corn which
at that season was about right for roast
ing It was very different from March
ing Through Georgia which seemed af
terward in the light of this campaign to
be one huge picnic
In the meantime while Pope was care
fully watching the fords of the Itappahan
nock to our great discomfort Jackson
was jndnstriously moving his troops to
our right and when this fact became es
tablished a movement to the rear was the
order of the day
In this movement northward along the
Orange AY Alexandria Kailroad we first
began to encounter the troois of the Armr
of the Potomac nnd make the acquain
tance of the commands which had thus far
been known to us only by name
Jackson was now through Thoroughfare
Gap marvhing toward lanassas and the
seconu battle or Hull Kun soon follow J
We were within sound and easy suoport
Sng distance of the troops engaged in that
battle but for some reason which we
were never able to understand our corps
was not called on during the two days
At the time we did not criticise this
Tglect severely although it is possible
3iat the weight of our 0000 or S000 men
might have turned the scale of that close
end hard fonght contest
After this battle came the northward
march again and then th gloomv battle
of Chantilly where Gen Plrl Kearny w
killed Our command was in the support
ing line but not actively engaged Thit
battle like so manv others fought in Vir
ginia began jusf befoie night
The sky was heavily clouded and al
most with tii first firng began a crash
ing thornier stmm with torrents of riin
The battle went on fiercely until long af
ter dark- lint the fire on each side grad
ually slackened and finally subsided with
the storm The night was a most wretched
one AVe were so near the enemy that no
fires were allowed and ail Hiking had to
lie done in low tones We wore wet
through and the ground was soaking so
that there was nothing else to do except
to wander about disconsolately waiting for
day to come
Ieore divlight the army was again
northward and late that night
it tint time a part of the rear guard we
mar liod insiile the outer defenses of
Washington The advance nf thu euemv
Mas close in our rear as we had Len well
aware of by the scattering skirmish fire
which had followed us through the even
ing ad which hid prevented any rest on
that tirevKine retreat
There ii no dnnbt that the army was in
n somewhat demoralized condition and
with good reason for the plain Hriglsh
oi il was mat aiier a tew months aggres
hve caiannign we had lieen forced to seek
shelter ami nmtection inside of the de
fciisfn of Washington
MCIellan nho had becii gradiAlly
stnpr ed of his army as the different corps
had been iKMigned to Pone had been
pHccd in cnmmad of these dfenses He
was never formally ordered back to the
command of the Armv of the Potomac
but at the personal solicitation of Lincoln
he took hirire of the troons as thev came
inside the defences and exerted to the ut
most bin rare talent as an orginizer to
restore the army to a condition for effect
he work
The Army of Virginia erased to exist
without an order of any kind and a few
days liter we find MrCIellans orders
elated Henlqiirters Army or the Poto
mac Invents moved rarndly in those days
On Sect 2 ve hid marched into the ib
feues of Washington tired and dispirited
nnd mi fWt 0 we uero marching again
this time toward the enemy rested shod
with new shoes cheerful ami full of con
fidence thnt we were marching to victorv
All of the conditions had changed we
were no longer retreating but advancing
the g t mass of tie aimy believed in
MePteilnn every soldiers haversack was
full there was coffee without limit and
the surroundings seemed as cheering as a
week before they had been discouraging
The mireh did not interfere with the
renr notation of the armv which before
many divs was completed nnd Itankss
ccmuain1 became the Twelfth Corps of
the Vniv of the Potomac
G si fanfield who was assigned to the
comn and was a fine looking gray haired
vetein of the old Regular Anm but we
hnrdlv lccame acquaintisl with him as a
few davs later he was killed leading his
corns into aftion at Antietam
Whitlier in his Rarbara Krietchie
tells of the rnrch of the rebel horde
thrniisb the streets or the quaint old town
of Ai followed closely on the
heels of Stonewall Jackson and it was
In this vicinity that Iees important order
was found by a soldier of the 27th Intl
of our brigade which disclosed his inten
tions to McCIellan
Camping one night near Frederick wi
maiched the next day toward South
Mountain and nil that afternoon and
evening was enlivened by thp battle of
that name which was directly in our
Slowly the line of fire crept up the sidp
of tho mountain and the last sounds of
battle came from the summit indicating
plninlr that the day was ours
I ate in the night after a long and te
dious march the Twelfth Corps bivou
acked near the battleground
On the march next dav occurred one of
those dramatic events whith occasionally
happened to relieve the tedium of hard nc
tiye service and stir the latent enthusiasm
which every soldier who was worth his
rations was sure to have As I have said
before McCIellan had a strong hold on the
mass of his soldiers Thero were varied
opinions as to his ability and his gener
alship on the Peninsula had been seveielv
criticised but the personal feeling towaid
him was very strong particnlaily among
the men in the ranks who regarded him
and sHke of him always with real af
At the time of which I write the
Twelfth Corps was marching over the
summit of South Mountain on tho old
turnpike road and had stictched below it
an otended view of as beautiful a coun
try as ever the bun shone on In plain
sight for miles in each direction the line
nf the tllrnniko enlil lw fnllmred tlirooft
ible In the morning of the dav the corn
field which is mentioned o prominent
in all accounts of the battle stood hiirh
with corn readv for the harvest nut be
fore night it was level with the ground
and thieUv sprinkled with tho dead of
bolh armies
The groes of fine large oaks were torn
to pieres by shot and shell branches wert
lopped off nnd strewed the ground much
as if a Western tornado had swept
through them
Thnt night we bivouacked on the field
surrounded by the bodies of the dead
which lay thickly about us and we went
to sleep possessed with the idea thit with
the first streak of dawn the battle would
be renewed and pressed to n successful
The nicht nassed neacefullv nml th
day broke without a sound except an oc
casional shot on the picket line The bat
tle was over
It was only given a few commanders in
our war to know the supreme moment
when It was safe to risk even thing for
victory Grant and Sheridan had this
tinct so had Stoiiewill Jnet snn t
Clellan did not possess It if he had Tee
army would never have crossed the Po
tomac except in scattered fiagmonts and
the great civil war might have ended
much sooner
action the most severe blow being the
death of our Lieutenant Colonel who waa
a man of unusually high character and
niuih loved by both rank and file I can
not refrain- from quoting a few lines from
a letter which was written by a Drum
Major of our regiment to a friend telling
of a meeting with Col Dwight after he
was mortally wounded ns an instance of
the spirit that was inspiring men at that
He writes I was with Col Dwight
and helped to dress his wounds The
morning after the fight while going to
join my regiment with my drum nnd fife
corps he stopped us nnd requested ns a
last favor that we would play him the
Star Spangled Ranner once more As we
plajed he raised himself up suffering ter
ribly ror he was mortally wounded When
we had finished he thanked us and re
peating the last line of the song he said
I hope that glorious old tlag will wuve
over this whole country again So it may
be So it shall be
Our soldiers were not much given to
sentiment lint this feeling for the oI tin
existed deep down in the heart of many tj city last 0I is way to New
i man in the Army of the Potomac mid us uujer oi car-
ing its way through fields yellow with corn sustained him throuch the weary months
and wheat and now filled with the long and years of hard campaigning which were
s mmmmmmmmmx wav
17 y Mgm y
line of infantry and artillery and far in
me rear the endless wagon trams
Suddenly we heard in the distance what
seemed hardly more than a murmuring
sound bat which gradually swelled into a
roar and looking back we could see cap
going into the air and could hear a might
cheer which was taken up successively by
regiment after regiment as McCIellan with
his staff rode rapidly by the marching
Whatever might have been our views
when we were coldly criticising his cam
iaigns we were all alike brought under
the influence of his pcrsonnl presence nnd
the spirit of the occasion and at that mo
ment McCIellan was the hero and idol of
the army It was a sight and sound to
tir the blood and the General as he ap
peared to us then seemed worthy of all
this ovation
He was a handsome man and he looked
very inch a soldier with his clean cut
nce strong figure and close fitting uni
form ne was a fine rider and always
rode a good horse and he might have been
selected as a typo of perfect horseman and
soldier so far as all external attributes
are concerned The cheers died away in
the distance in our front and we marched
on very confident that everything would
be all right for our side in the battle
which was coming in a few days
Another impressive sight was the mass
ing of troops on the afternoon before An
tietnm in the fields in the rear of what
afterwards became the line of battle
Before making a deployment on to this
line at least 50000 men were massed as
closely as the lines could be brought to
gether and the entire mass did not cover
but a few acres of ground
Out nf this field of troops as tho after 1
noon went on thin lines of blue wormed
themselves away and late in the evening
the Twelfth Corps moved across the An i
tietam to a position near the extreme
richt and in the rear of nookcrs First
Itefore dawn wo quietly ronsed our men
to get their coffee and with the first
streaks of daylight the battlo opened
fiercely in our front Mansfield our gray
haired commander soon galloped liaek
from the front where he had been watch
ing events and ordered our division for
Fortune favored this movement as the
right of our line lapped a little bv the en
emys left and we found ourselves in an
orchard on the flank and very close to the
rebel line in a cornfield
After a few moments sharp fighting the
enemjs line wavered and we swept for
ward with a rush which carried us
hrongh the cornfield and into the open
neiu oevonu
It fell to the lot of the 2d Mass to en
counter the Uth Miss of Hoods Division
in this charge and the battle flag of the
latter was seized from the hands nf the
Color Sergeant as he fell by a Sergeant
of our own regiment Later on in the
miming we saw the grand ndvnnce of
Sumners Corps In three lines of battle
into the woods by the Dunker Church
where Sedgwicks Division was so terri
bly cnt up Still later In the day our
First Division again moved forwini nnd
in the ensuing action we suffered se
The field of Antietam was not so pic
turesque as that of Gettysburg but it was
a fine open country made up of cultivated
fields with groves of fine timber and a
belt of woods along the Potomac It was
not like the fighting ground in the Wil
derness nf Virginia and northern Georgia
and from many points of view the move
ments of both armies were nlainlv vis
jet to elapse before the final victory at
A omatlox
My own regiment shared the fortunes
met with such suecovi that today it can
be found in eveij diug stoic throughout
the United States and Canada
To be sine a laige amount of adver
tising was necessary in the first insUnee
to bring the rcimdy to the attention of
the public but eveijone familiar with the
aiiiiject Knuws tliit ailv ei Using alone
never made ny article peiinniieutly suc
cessful it must have in addition abso
lute undeniable merit and this the new
catarrh cine ceitaiuly possesses in a
marked degiec
Physicians who formerly depended
upon iiihilera splays and local
ointments now use Stuarts Citairh
Tablets because as one of the most
piominent staled these tablets contain
in pleasant convenient fium nil the
leally ellicicnt catauh icmedies such as
led gum blood loot and similar antisep
They contain no cocaine nor opiate and
are given to little children with cnthe
safety aud benefit
Dr J J Ueitiger of Covington ICy
savs I suffered from citanh in my
luad nnd tin oat every Fall with stop
age of the nose and irritation in the
throat affecting my voice and often ex
tending to the stomal h causing catarrh
of the hlomnch I bought a TiO ceut paek
ige of Stuarts Catauh Tablets at my
Ii uggKts carried them in iuj pocket mid
used them faithfully and the way in
which they cleared my head and throat
was certainly remuikiible I had no ca
tanh last Winter aud Spring and con
sider tnvelf entirely free fiom any ca
tarrhal trouble
Mrs Jerome Ellison of Wheeling W
Va writes I suffered from caturili
nearly my whole life and last Winter
my two childieii also sufTeied fiom ca
tarrhal colds and sore throat so much
they weie out of school a large portion
of the Winter My bi other who us
cured of catarrhal deafness by using
Stuarts Catanh Tablets uiged me to tiy
them so much that I did bo und um trulv
thankful for what thej have done for my
self and my childieii I alwnjs keep u
s 2f lUL ablets in the house and nt
the first appcainncc of a cold or son
throat we nip it in the bud and catarrh
is no longer a household affliction with
Full sized nackazes nf Stuarts C itnrrl
Tablets are sold for CO cents at all drug-
Send for book on cause end ein e of
tniTh mailed free Address F A Stuart
Comrade E S Miner who is President
of the Lumueinieut Association of Mta
seuri Kansas Oklahoma aud Indian Ter
ritory was in the city last week with the
delegation of lumbermen who are becking
an amendment to the Inter State Com
ineiu law buch uswill give the Conimis
sion power to enforce penaltes Comride
Sillier served in the 1st Wis Cav and is
now a resident of Rcthany Mo where
he is engaged In the luuibci and banking
business with branches at Itidgeway New
Hampton Cainsille Coffey Mt Monah
Oilman City King City and Tictiton He
is a very iie man in the Grand Armv in
the Republican party and in business He
is also one or the leading spirits in the
Grand Concatenated Older of Uoo IIoos
the association of lumbermen He saw
the President and was n round a good
deal among the Grand Army comrades
Comrade James A Wilson Co I lth
III Wilder Ilrigade Pueblo Colo was
u in tiiijM 1 n iinu tiiinisitriiiK nir ill-
great Crews Reggs Dry Goods Co of
Col C J Jones of Topeka Kan
known all over the country and familiarly
addiessed by President Roosevelt as Hnf
fnlo Jones had a talk with the President
last week Cl Jones is urging the Pres
ident to do nil in his power to set lire
legislation providing for the preservation
and piotection of herbivorous animals of
North America especially those liable to
heroine extinct such as the buffiln and
iniiskov Col Jones believes this can par
tially he done liy means or great parks
or pieserves but nt the same time he
wants some law passed that will give pro
tection to the few buffaloes that hive
been domesticated Col Jones was a great
buffalo hunter in the days when the ani
mals numbered millions He saw that
they were going to be wiped out and cin
tcied ami piescrved a herd of about 1C0
From Ibis herd are broil nejilv all the
buffaloes in naiks and domestic confine
ment throughout the world There are
less than COO buffaloes left in the wo Id
The few that were in Yellowstone Park
are becoming extinct
The gentleman in ehirge of the great
eqintoriil of the TTtijted States Naval Oh
vatory is appiopriately named Prof
Thos J See
Cablegrams from Washington to Ma
nila aie usiiilly sent nlmut n m On ac
count nf the dffeience in time which is
l hours between Manila and Wishing
ton the message is received at the
n er nle at nbtit Vn k a m and
we receive a reply thereto the next morn
ing at about U oelnik
The route of a message sent during
the life war with Snnin wa as follows
From Wishincton to New York thence
o Canso Nova Scotia thence across or
rather under the Atlantic to Vnleticia
Iielnnd thence to Penzance England
thciicn to TKIuiri hpnee through
the Medterranein Sea fo Tangier on the
north coast of Africa1 thence to the Island
of Malta thepee to Alexandria Fgvpt
thence to Aden Arabia by way of Port
cid and nez Ihenie to Rombav ami
Petinug to Singapore on the Malar Penin
seln thence f Ilbrtiu Nlind of Borneo
thence to ITrfngkong China and from
tiere to Minili some 000 miles smith
Fom the foregoing it will be observed
I - 1 t
tl nftef the batle of thit the cable scstcm touches at some
Gettysburg and then with thinned sinks
1iudl nunc than a handful nf our
original comrades we came West to
march with Sherman and with him again
at Washington meet the old rmy of the
Potomac at the Grand Review
Sectional lines aie vanishing Soon
there will bo no North no South no East
no Wi st
Yes I suppose its only a question of
time until they get up a corporation big
enough to own the whole country
A New Catarrh Cure Secures
National Popularity in Less
Than One Year
Throughout a zrcat nation of eifbtv
million it is a desperate struggle to -e-sure
even a recognition for a new article
to say nothing of achieving popular fa
vor and vet within one year Stuarts Ca
tena tablets the new catarrh cure has
My own regiment lost heavily in this Co Marshall Mich
thing nice k iiilerent points hut hy a
sjsiem or renemng stations hut nine re
lays are involved
The cable route Ins been shortened n
little since then hut f is still ITIVO mies
When a eible i3 cihlisheil over th trans
Picifie route alrehdv Piirveved to Manila
vii the ITnwiiian Islands and Oinm the
iliMnnee will be nhnut 1l00 miles from
Wellington Tims a Pacific eible will
shmten the route more than 2 OOfl miles
and there will not be tn exceed three re
lay stations on the entire route
The toll rates f om Washincton to Ma
nila are now 1 CO per mini to the pule
lie the Government getting a discount of
12 cents from Ibis rate
When the new cable reaches Manila
the Government will have there neirly if
not jnite fiOW mile of permmentlv
lad md c le telegraph in the
I liiiionme Islands or tips mileage near
ly 11P0 mile arc submarine cables Tds
wort bis all been done bv the War De
naitment under the immediate supervision
of the United Stitcs Signal Corps
a a
Comrade Theodore Totten who served
in tho navy during the rebellion and is
now one of the leiding lawvers of Find-
lav O is in Wellington with a ilelegt
Hon from that thriving young city seek
ing an appropriation for a public building
siptiwle to the picseot develoment and
probable future nf Findlav Thev make
a fine showing of the growth of Fimllnv
which has since 1000 erected buildings
and made mttnicinil improvements aggre
gating nearly 2 000 000 more tbnn
doubled the circulation of their news
papers and greatly increased the capital
and deposits of their bnnks
The veterans of the 117th III and of
Smiths Guerrillas generally will be
glnd to lenrn tint the old Colnnel of the
117th liisdon M Moore is alive and In
good health He is a resident of Sin An
toein Tev and has been in Washington
looking out for his candidacy for the Col
leetorshin of Customs of the San An
tonio Pistrict Col Moore comes of old
Revolutionary and Virginia stock ne is
descended from the men who were the
Lieutenants of Cen Ciift Itodgcrs Clirke
who in I77S made the famous expedition
into the Northwestern Territory nnd cap
t ii red Vincennes Knsknskia and other
flnces from the ItritNh and secured that
splendid country for the Americans Col
vlonres grandfather was a slaveholder in
Gisirgia but removed tn Illinois to get
rid of slavery nnd set his slaves free
He was one nf the leading pioneers of
Illinois and helped greatly to miike and
keep it a free State Pol Mnnre was a
professor in MeKendree Pnllege Lebanon
III nt the ontbieak of the rebellion nnd
staved at his post ns long as he could but
finally felt the call too stiong nnd helped
raise the 117th III of which regiment he
became the Polonel and commanded it
with great ability till the end of the war
Ficquontlv he commanded a brigide His
biothers were all In the war After the
war he went tn Alabama and helped great
ly to develop the coal fields there Then
sonic score or mote nf years ago he went
to Texas nnd emhitkod in the sheep bnsi
Hess He is Past Commander of the De
partment of Texas fj A U
a a
The Commission charged with the selec
tion and preparation nf n site and the
erection of a pedestal and the comnletion
of n statue of Maj Ocn George B Mc
CIellan has received favorable notices from
20nitists in response to the circular In
viting American artists to submit models
of the statue in competition The Commis
sion consists of the Secretary of War Sen
ntor vvctmoro Climrmun of the Joint
t ommittee on Library and Brig Gen
George D Itligglc U S A retired
Chairman of the McCIellan Statue Com
mittce of the Society of the Army of the
rolomac Mr Mcmtt J Chance private
secretary to Secretary Knot lit Secretary
of the Commission and Col T A Ring
ham II S A the executive and Disburs
ing Oflicer
The cost of the statue and pedestal is
limited to fin000 iticludinR excavation
foundation and all expenses incidental to
the erection of the statue and pedestal
The Commission will first select from
nil the models submitted four which they
consider the most meritorioim und will
pny tn eah of the four artists submittini
the models thus selected 500 The final
selection will be made from the four thtiK
hosen No extenxion of time will be
riven nny artist and no model received
Tfter May 1 wjll be consldeied unless it
is shown that it was delayed through no
fault of the artist
Continued from first pace
Well said he the 1st or part of It
went under the guns of Sumter on the
morning of Jan U just an hour after the
Cadets had fired on the Star of the West
we thought Sumter would sink us but
she didnt say a word
I was silent through fear of self-betrayal
Why it was that these men had
not asked me about my huiuo was puz
zling me Momentarily I expected cither
of theui to blurt out Where are jou
fiomV and I had no answer ready Af
terwaid I learned that I was already
known as an Aiken man in default of bet
ter the Doctor having considerately re
lieved me from anticipated danger
After the bombardment tho 1st was
transferred to the Confederate service It
had enlisted for six months and its time
expired in June It was in Virginia then
It was pnid up and discharged and nt
once reorganized under the same field offl
1 did not very well know what a field
oflicer is
Who is the Colonel I asked
Col Hamilton said he or Old Head
quarters as I called liiui once in his own
hearing We wre at Suffolk in Winter
quarters and it was the day for general
Inspection of the camp We had scouted
our tin plates and had made up our bunks
and washed up generally and every man
was ready but we weie tired of waiting
I had my back to the door and I said to
Josey Sergeant 1 wonder when Old
Headquarters will be here xou never
were so scared in your life as I was when
I heard a loud voice nt the door say
Headquarters arc here now sir and the
Colonel walked in
I attempted appropriate laughter and
isked Where is Suffolk
Down nenr Norfolk Gen Gregg was
our first Colonel He was in the Mexican
unr and is a fine officer deaf 33 a iloor
nost though He commands our brigade
Where did you go from Suffolk
To GnhNhnrntigh
Where is that I asked
North Carolina You remember when
Rnrnide took Roanoke Island it was
bought that he would advance to take
lie Weldon Wilmington Kailroad we
Mere sent to Goldsboiough and weie bri
gaded with some tar heel regiments un
ler Anderson Then Anderson and the
it of us were sent to Fredericksburg W
were not put und r Gregg again until we
enlied Richmond
ITow many regiments are in the bri
Five the 1st 12th 11th 14th and
Orrs Rifles
All from South Carolina
From Frederirkshurg we marched
lown here observed Joe
Yes said Dave nnd nor more than
i wis k ago We came very near geftine
into it at Hanover where Branch got
torn up so
Wheie is Hanover I asked
About 20 miles north he leplied I
thought we were sine to get Into that
ight but we were too late for U
i lie ieiints were very wining to give
me all information They especially
the praises of their vonng Pm
tiin and declared that I was fortunnte in
joining their company instead of some
others which they could name
Not a word was spoken concerning mv
orior experience I flattered myself with
the belief that they thought me a raw
recniit influenced by some acquaintance
with Mr lTost
Before they left Joe Bellot siid a word
rivntely to his brother and then turned
to me Bv the wav said he do you
know anybody in the company
Not a snul excent Capt Haskell I
replied I nm simply reiving on Dr
Frost I nm going tn join some company
iiid I rely on his judgment more than on
tny own
Well well see you through said he
Join our mess until you can b better
I renlied with true tlmnkfiilnos that
I should be glad to accent his offer
Did you see the morning papers
iske1 the elder Bellot I was wnlkinir
i short wnv with the brothers ns they
eturned to their rami No said I
It contains a terrible account of the
Yankees method of warfire
Whit are they doing I asked
Inciting the slaves to insurrection nnd
organizing them into regiments of Fed
ml soldiers Butler in command at New
Orleans has several regiments nf
md Pol Adnms in command nf one of
ur brigades in Tennessee has renorted
that the Yankees in that State are en
icing the ncsmes away from their own
i s nnd putting arms into their ha tills
That is verv barbarous said I Mv
gnoranco kept me from saying more The
angnage he had used puzzled me I did
not know at the tim that New Orlean
vns in the hands of the Federals and
his saying thnt Butler had regiments oT
negroes seemed queer
The people who sold us their slave
helped John Browns insurrection said
A sudden recollection came nnd I was
lhnut to speak hut Bellot continned The
1st thing I could clearlr rememlier wn
he reading of Browns deeds at Harpers
They clnim that they are fighting
nirninst the principle of secession and
thev have split Virginin into two States
In my opinion thev are fighting for pure
elfisltneKS or rather impure selfishness
hev know thnt they live on the tride of
he South and thnt they cannot make as
iinch money if they let us go to our
Yes said Louis the war Is all in the
interest of trnde Of course there are a
few men in the North whose motives mav
V good mistakenly but the mass of the
people are blindlv following the counsel
of those who counsel for self interest If
the moneyed men the manufacturers and
he great merchants nf the North thought
or one moment thnt they would lose some
of their dollars bj the war the war would
end Whnt care they for ns Thev care
nnlv for themselves Thev plunge the
n hole country into mourning simplv in
order to keep control of the trade of the
Up to this time I had known nnthimr
of the creation of West Virginia hy the
enemy and I thought it discreet to be
silent mentally vowing that I should nt
nce read the history of events since lsC9
so I sought Dr Frost and beged him to
ncip me get tmoks or papers which would
me the information I needed for nth
rwise I told him I should be unnble to
talk with any consistency or method
iei me see lie said there is of
nurse no one book In print thnt would
rrive you just what you want We might
ret files of newspapers hnt thit would
e too voluminous rending nnd too re
dundant You ought to have something
incise some outline and where to get
it I cant tell you Then ns the thought
struck him he cried Ill tell von well
make it You write while I dictate
So that from point to poim now have
you heard
The fundamental reasons of this war
Whose sreat decision hnth much blood
let irirtn
And more thirsts after Shakspere
The Doctor brought me a small pocket
memorandum book thinking that I would
require many notes
Now buid he where shnll wo be
sin You remember October 59
What date
Eiuhteenth the papers contained an
account of John Drowus seizure of Har
pers Ferry
And you know nothing of the termina
tion of the Brown episode
I toot brief notes as ho unfolded the his
tory of the war
In the courne of his story he spoke of
ine National Democratic Uonventlon which
wns held in Charleston I remembered
the buildine of which he spoke the South
fnrolinn Institute Hall and interrupted
him to tell him ao
WEWT11 S1FiJlVrr ascrtb r cr rwwter of Tho NltinM Tribune a flill Mzed OSK DOLLAR
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till over ailn otrrrul y and uiidrrstaml ihlvtitourij only when It ha done ra ktoJ and not boCmr
ir TOU av noUllnI 0e f It do not bewflt ron you nay uv nothlHC Vilio Ore U a
mineral OltB mine from tbe rounl like rol1 mid silver and
S n pnty oxidisation It contain free tren fiea nulpanr an1 luazirim n and onr nicaz
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drunk limh at lha sprlnea It I a rslojial dlxiovery to which itirre Is nolhlnz added or taken from Itli
Uie marre of the century forcurtn such dliwaota KheuniatUm Itrljthfa Isre UUod roUonlii Heart
Trouble niphtherUOUrrh and Throat Affections Uver Kldnrrnnd Bladder Ailments stomach and lmaa
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This offer l 1 chailenCT th attention a it coiulderailin and afterward tl gratliui of every tlvlnc txr
on who rt Mrca rjetter health or h suffer pains Ills and dlx aes which have defle1 the tnedtca worl I and
grown worse with ace We ciro not f r your keUctvm it ak only your Inve U aUou and at or expense
reganiiessornhat lliiynu havebr newim to i s fra pa luwe Von must not rfoiuaposUlonl
tn anwcr to this Xldreaa TIIKU Oil COMIMNY 337339 331 TV Nvll A ChlracoIII
Maybe your borne is In Charleston
I dont think so lloctnr I rememher
being in Charleston but I dont remember
my home
He brought out a map and told me the
dates of all the important actions and the
names of the officers who had commanded
r fought them in il and C2 both in
Virginia and tho West
So we have come down to date Doc
tor I said
Yes hut I think that now I ought to
go back and tell you something about your
own command
Well sir
There was more fighting while these
iiirnmonci movements were In progress
Wherp is Fredericksburg Here looking
ni toe map
A Yankee armv was thpro nnder Me
Dnwell the man who commanded at the
name or Mnnnssns We hnd a small army
facing McDowell You were in that armv
it was tinder Gen Anderson Tredegar
vnoersnn we call him tn distinguish him
from other Andersons he is President of
the Tredegar Iron Works here in ltich
niond Well you were facing McDowell
Now look here at the map McCIellan
stretched his right wing as far as Meehnn
iesville here almost north of Bichmond
md you were between McCIellan and Mc
Dowell So Anderson had to get out
Dont you remember the hot march
Not at all I dont think I was there
I thought Id catch you napping I
think thnt when yon recover your mem
ory it will be from some little thing that
strikes yon in an unguarded moment Your
mind when consciously active fortifies
itself against your forgotten past and it
may be in a moment of weakness that
things will return to you I shouldnt won
der if a dream proves to be the begin
ing However some men have such great
strength of will that they can do plmost
anything If ever vou cot the smallest
clew yon ought then and there to de
termine that yon will never let it go Yonr
friends may find you any day but it is
strange they have not yet done it They
surelv must be classing you among the
Do you think that mv friends could
help me by telling me the past Wnnld
my memory Tetnrn if I should find them
No they could give yon no help what
ever until you should first find one thing
as a starting point Find but one little
thing and then they can show yon how
everything else is to be associated with
that Without their help yon would have
i hard time in collecting things putting
them together they would be separate
nnd distinct in your mind if yon remem
ber but one isolated circumstance it would
next to impossible to reconstruct Well
Ws go on and finish we are nearly at
the end or nt the beginning for yon
Where was I
Anderson retreated from Fredericks
burg When was that
The 2Jth of May or 25th say the
night of the 24th
Well sir
We had a brigade here at Hanover
Court House Branrhs Brigade While
vou were retreating and when you werp
very near nanover McCIellan threw a
olumn on Branch and used him very se
verely Yon were not in the fight exartly
but were in hearing nf it and saw some
of Branchs men after the fight Thnt is
how we know what brigade you belong
to although it will not claim you You
know that you are from South Carolina
and your buttons prove it and your diiry
shows that you were near Branchs Bri
gade while it wns in the fight and the
only South Carolina brigade in the whole
of Lees army that had any connection
with Branch is Greggs Do yon see
I see said I what is the date of
thnt battle
May 27th your diary tells you that
Yes sir
Yon continued to retreat to Richmond
so did Branch The division you are in is
A P Hills It is called the Light Di
vision Branchs Brigade is in it
Yes sir now let me see if I can call
the organization of tho army down to the
Go ahead
Lees army
Yes Army of Northern Virginia
What is Gen Lees full name
Itnbert R Robert Edward Lee of
Virginia son of Light Horse Harry Lee
of Revolution times
Thank yon sir Lees army A P
Hills Division Greggs Brigade what is
Gen Greggs nancy
Greggs Brigade 1st S C CoL Ham
How did you know that
Bellot told me what is Col Hamiltons
O H Daniel I believe
Co IT Capt Haskell
William Thompson Haskell
Thank you sir any use to write the
Well Doctor that brings ns to date
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Now read what you have written ho
I read my notes aloud expanding ths
abbreviations I had made My interest
and absorption had been so intense thnt I
could easily have called over in chronolog
ical order the principal events he had just
Now asked Dr Frost do yoa be
lieve that you can fill in the details from
whnt you can remember of what I said
Yes sir said I try me
He asked some questions and I replied
to them
My memory astonished him I mnst
say Jones that you have a phenomenally
good and n miraculously bad memory
ion ii uo ne gam
His account of the fight of the iron
clads had interested me
What has become of the Merrimac
I asked him
We had to destroy her When York
town was evacuated Norfolk had to fol
low suit The Federal fleet is now in
James River some halfway down belovr
Richmond A blockade has been declared
by Lincoln against all the ports of the
South We are exceedingly weak on th
To be continued
After a reappointment
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