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As the political headquarters anil storm
tenter of the Nation Washington always
keeps closely iu touch with political
phenomena from whatever quarter
Therefore Washingtonians even in the
dull seison of Congies ional recess and
Executive vacation arc ever alert for the
faintest signs of coming sensation or ex
citement on the hoiiron of party stiife
One of the latest revelations is that al
though the Republicans of Ohio are ab
snlutelv confident of electing their Stata
ticket this Fall they admit that the elec
tion ot a Republican Legislature is not
nearly so certain As this sort of a Leg
islature is absolutely necessary to ensure
the return of Hon Marcus A Hanna to
the United State Senate the importance
of carrying it nannies National interest
Hence wc may be certain that no effort
will be within and -without the
State to make sine a safe majority in
both branches of the Legislature
It will be remembered that when Sena
tor Hanna was elected the party majority
was so small that a comparatively insig
nificant defection caused great anxiety
and came within one vote of defeating
It is a fact the great significance of
which has been very widely recognized
throughout the country that the greatest
corporation in the world tho United
States Steel Corporation has filed a com
plete report of its assets liabilities and
current business w ith Secretary Cortelyou
of the new Department of Commerce
This is the first of the Nations great cor
porations to file such a report with the
new Department and it is an excellent
example for the rest of the railroad in
dustrial and miscellaneous corporations to
fellow The greatest benefit to be derived
from the new Department of the Govern
ment undoubtedly is the enforcement of
nnblicitv of the actual facts of the so call
cd trusts and combines Tho Secretary is
authorized and empowered by law to en
force Hip presentation of such reports in
the event of the failure or refusal on the
part of the corporation officials to render
them when called upon xne exampieoi
the greatest of these corporations losing
no time in presenting its report shows
first of all an acquiescence in the public
demand as expressed in the law creating
the Department for the facts about these
great enterprises
Senator Ivnute Nelson the sturdy Nor
wegian whose long aggressive and intelli
gent battle for the law creating the De
partment and especially for the publici
ty feature of it was detailed in The Na
tional Tribune last February may well
feel ptoud of his successful work
It is rather remarkable that in the long
line of men who have been and who will
be at the head of the Army until the re
tirement of Wood in 1924 none since
Schofield has been or will bo West Point
men Neither Miles Young Corbin Chaf
fee McArthnr or Wood is a graduate of
the famous Military Academy
The rumored purpose of many Southern
Democratic exponents of party opinion to
insist on making the race question a lead
ing isMie in the next Presidential cam
paign excites much interest among politi
cians The recent race riots in cer
tain Northern and Western States are re
garded by these Democrats as indicating
a spirit cf hostility to the negro and as
an exhibition of race prejudice to which
the Democrats may successfully appeal in
a National political contest That the Re
publican party would not hesitate to meet
such an issue is declared to be certain
Several well known Democratic members
of Congress from Southern States have
within a few days expressed the opinion
that the Democrats in the coming session
of Congress would force tho Republicans
to declare whether they supported the
President in his position on the negro
These Democratic Congressmen espe
cially those from border States assert that
what they call the Republican affiliation
vith the negro will Ioe that party many
white voters in the next election The
race question has kept the South solid
they declare ever since the civil war and
tbey believe that the issue raised in North
ern States containing a large percentage
of negro population would give the Demo
crats greatly increased strength and a
good chance for success in the next elec
tion Meantime there are no signs of
panic among Republican leaders on hear
ing the suggestion They claim to be
ready for the opposition on the race issue
or any other
Representative Livingston of Georgia
declares that the Democrats will make
their opponents come out into the open
and avow whether or not they are the
black mans party in the North as well as
in tho South Representative James of
Kentucky whose district abuts on In
diana expresses the opinion that if such
an issue were raised the Republican party
would los one white vote for every negro
rote it gained That is a very wise ut
terance seeing that the total would re
main the same
Judge George Gray of Delaware whom
a small band of devoted admirers are now
urging for the Democratic nomination for
tho Presidency next j ear would be in his
C9th year when nominated Democrats
here who desire success for the party
think that his age bars the eminent jurist
out It is nearly a quarter of a century
since Delaware offered him as a candidate
but the convention took Hancock Judge
Gray is up to the Pi evidential stature but
locality as well as jears is agi inst him
Practical Democrats want a man who can
carry New York That is becoming more
and more the pivotal point
A Bonaparte for President Wouldnt
that bo a sensational proposition A
Baltimorcan told me recently that such
away down deep is the dream and ambi
tion of the member of the distinguished
family whom the President has designated
to prosecute the Post Ofllce people that
re accused of wrongdoing Perhaps Mr
Roosevelt would like to have this gentle
man on the ticket for Vice President
If a New England Senator Is to be se
lected for Vice President on the Republi
can ticket many persons hero think that
the choice should fall not on Mr Aldrlch
at suggested by Senator Piatt but on
Henry Cabot Lodge tha trusted friend
and adviser of the President The Rhode
Islander is not in sympathy with the
President on many points of policy and
besides his nomination would mako the
ticket too heavy at the Eastern end of
toe lever It should be more evenly bal
anced Aldrich could not be well spared
from the Senate at the present time lie
controls legislation to a greater extent
than any other man in It and the control
of tho Senate means tho control ot the
House so far as results go Why It Is
asked did not Mr Piatt think of Mr
Aldrich four years ago Roosevelts run-
nlngmato must come from West of the
Mr Plaits suggestion of Senator Aid
rich for Vice President might well be set
oS as an artistic companion niece against
Senator Quays boom for John
er as a candidate for Congress
It Is whispered In certain well informed
I quarters that Senator Gormans position
on the tariff question is causing the Re
publicans some concern If he can suc
ceed in swinging the Democratic Conven
tion info linn tn ndont his views the sit
uation may be serious in the opinion of
some politicians who are discussing that
phase The astute Senator in his recent
interviews has clearly outlined a middle
position for the Democrats on the tariff
question a position whicn a great many
people in the country want to take and
which neither party thus far has proposed
Gorman has talked tariff revision not free
The land frauds promise to eclipse the
postal frauds both in magnitude and
shamelcssness But for the operation of
the statute of limitations which will pre
vent the Government from taking action
in a great many cases there is little doubt
that the investigation now being given to
the opciations of the land ofllces would re
sult in the restoration to the public do
main for the benefit of actual settlers of
a good many million acres of land The
statements loosely made as to the general
prevalence of fraud in newly opened sec
tions are now home out by such concrete
facts as that In a dispatch from Denver
which gives an official estimate of the
holdings of one set of land sharks atturcp
ouarters of a million acres most of it said
to have been acquired by a fraudulent use
of tho homestead and timber nets The
fraud is magnified by the fact that these
acts were used to get possession of coal
and other mineral lands of great value
so that the amount of which tho Govern
ment has been plundered by this single
combination is said to uc 10000000
Politics politics everlasting politics
groaned Senator Dolliver the other day
I have had to talk politics and hear poli
tics so much that I am become thoroughly
saturated like the young lady of
sett where the clams grow large and
luscious She ate so many clams that she
rose and fell with the tide
Representative Mudd of Maryland is
quoted ns saying Rural free delivery
never struck me as a good political prop
osition Postmasters are always friends
of Congressmen Every rural route cuts
off several Postmasters and gives the jobs
to mail carriers who immediately go un
der the civil service rules However
Congressmen may view rural free delivery
as a political proposition it is a thing
that counts remarkably well as a promoter
of progress And if Congressmen had been
less in the habit of considering all legisla
tive proposals in their aspect as politi
cal propositions civil service reform
would have reached a higher level in the
Post Office and all other Departments the
grafts which still exist would have been
wiped out and we should to day have bet
ter business methods all around
One financial barometer of the country
is the increase or decrease of tho receipts
at the cost offices and according to the
statement of the annual readjustment of
Potmasteis salaiies on the basis of of
fice receipts jnst completed at the Post
Office Department there is such prosperity
throughout the land as has never before
been recorded
The highest percentage of Increase falls
to Indian Territory 132 per cent with
Idaho second with 119 per cent and
North Dakota third with 11C while Con
necticut brings up tho rear with an in
crease of but 23 per cent
Under directions from Washington the
Federal engineers have begun down in
Arizoua adjoining regions which are now
an arid waste the construction of the first
storage reservoir to lie erected under the
irrigation law passed by tho last Congress
The initiation of this work has attracted
comparatively little attention Yet the
policy upon which the Nation has entered
in this respect is one which ought to exer
cise a decisive influence upon its history
Well planned and honestly executed the
irrigation system will reclaim tens of thou
sands of square miles of desert lands en
able a multitude of citizens to secure
homesteads and add enormously to the
productive wealth of this Republic The
chief perils in its path are two First
there is the danger that the wealthy cat
tle companies and other corporations will
take advantage of loopholes in the present
statutes to secure possessions in advance
of the tracts to be irrigated thus barring
out actual settlers from their rights This
is a contingency which Congress ought to
meet promptly and effectually The sec
ond peril is that of wholesale jobbery
Government contracts involving many mil
lions present a tempting mark for prac
titioners of rake offs and other frauds
as the recent Post Office disclosures have
once more demonstrated It is the duty of
the Government to maintain a keen look
out for all rascality of this sort
Although officials at the Treasury De
partment view with some concern the sit
uation in Wall Street they do not think
thero is any danger of a panic and are of
the opinion that tho general prosperous
business conditions of the country cannot
be seriously affected unless the liquidation
is long continued nigh Treasury officials
look upon present Wall Street conditions
as the result of overspcculation brought
about by Wall Street itself entirely inde
pendent of anything the Treasury Depart
ment has done or can do
If the partisans of Schley and the
friends of Miles should decide to pool their
grievances or syndicate their wrath in the
bowels of the Democratic ticket a pic
turesquely variegated set of uuwelcome
complications might be injected into tho
Republican campaign of 1904
A visitor at one of the city hotels this
week predicted that tho country in the
vicinity of Washington for a distance of
50 miles in nil directions is going at no
distant date to be a veritable garden spot
and one of the choicest bits of territory on
this continent He went on to say There
is now in progress a rediscovery of old
Virginia People are beginning to realize
the great attractions of hemes in the an
cient Commonwealth and Northern men
are coming in numbers with a view of
buying farms and becoming permanent
residents I went down into Prince Wil
liam County six years ago and bought a
place for which I would not to day take
six times what it cost me It is only
about one hours journey from Washing
ton nnd near a station on the Southern
Mr Edward J Sullivan a well known
business man of New York City who Is
prominently identified with the Republi
can party Is In the city on business
Speaking to a reporter Mr Sullivan said
The State of New York is absolutely
safe for President Roosevelt In 1904 I
know whereof I speak His hold on the
masses of the people Is simply astound
It has long been apparent to observers
that the Canadian Northwest is to be one
of tha important agricultural sections of
the world Cold has finally been discov
ered to be an aid not a deterrent to crops
If It is always a dangerous if that
must take into account frosts the season
develops fairly The United States has
demonstrated Its faith In that neighbor
ing Northwest by sending- Its faimcrs
thither to tho extent of 45000 during the
past year Production has already over
taken and pasned transportation Tho
question is likely to become one of Na
tional politics In one or both countries
certainly in Canada It Is also likely
from a Washington standpoint to become
a powerful lever for the early absorption
of the Western- provinces into the Ameri
can Union The Northwest members at
Ottawa have totd their Government that
10000000 was lost last year through the
congestion of traffic They see a golden
future when five hundred million bushels
of wheat will be produced in the North
land Tho two Canadian roads now op
crating the Canadian Pacific and the Ca
nadian Tsorthern cannot take this grain
out to the world as is the demand The
roads of the United Slates must come to
the rescue M Tarte asks tho Dominion
Parliament to restrain any Canadian road
from amalgamating with any road in the
United States Mr Sifton replied with
You cannot force 100000000 bushels of
wheat through a disadvantageous route
by a clause in an act of Parliament Tho
Grand Trunk is planned to turn disad
vantage into advantage
There were somo significant changes in
exports to various countries in the last
fiscal year ns compared with previous
years In spite of the hostility of agra
riaus manufacturers and the Government
to American wares our sales to Germany
recovered from the setback of tho pie
vious year and bioke the record reaching
193055o00 against 1U17SO000 in the
fiscal year 1001 In 1899 the record was
only 155772000 But it is our exports
to British possessions that show the ntost
rapid and steady growth In 1STTS British
North America took only S4S90000 of
our goods in 1902 the nmount had risen
to 111708000 and last year it was 125
9S2000 To Australia in 1S98 we sold
only 15010000 of goods in 1901 30
727000 and last year 32748000 To
British Africa in 1S93 we sold only 12
027000 of our goods in 1902 23700000
and last year 337SS000
Another country in which our markets
have been expanding rapidly is Mexico
which took 21207000 of our wares in
189S and 42227000 in 1903 The South
American trade has been less satisfactory
advancing from 33821000 to only 41
114000 last year though it reached 44
400000 in 1901
It is interesting and instructive to note
that the commerce of the United States
with its non contiguous territories nnd de
pendencies for the last fiscal year reached
the sum of 100000000 a very consider
able trade and one which a few years ago
was practically non existent Though at
present we receive more from these pos
sessions than they buy from us yet they
are becoming excellent customers and as
their purchasing power improves they are
increasing their purchases to keep paco
with it The year before tho Spanish war
1S97 we sold to Porto Rico goods to the
amount of less than 2000000 in 11
months of the last fiscal year sho bought
more than 11000000 worth of our goods
In 1897 Hawaii Iwwglit of us goods to the
value of 4090000 in 11 months of the
last fiseal year she bought 10000000 In
1S97 wi sold to the Philippines goods to
the value of 94000 nnd in 11 months of
the last fiscal year those islands bought
goods of us to the value of more than
3500000 So also the formerly insig
nificant trade with Alaska has reached
large proportions and even littla Tutuila
and Guam went shopping with us to the
extent of 100000 or more than the Phil
ippines paid us before annexation This
trade is as yet only in its beginning An
other five years will see it grow to pro
portions which will make it compare fa
vorably with the entire foreign trade of
ail except the great commercial nations
Consular reports show that the Mis
souri mule has distanced all competitors
as the war horse of the current era in most
European armies
One of the phenomena of the passing
hour at the Capital is tho Fourth Assist
ant Postmaster General Mr Payne col
lapsed under tho strain of investigation
the President departed for the Summer
White House and named Holmes Conrad
and Charles Bonaparte to undertake the
law part in the crusade but Mr Bristows
stooped shoulders have not weakened un
der the weight of postal frauds and he is
still holding tho headsmans basket and
smiling as his victims meet their fate
Threats of political annihilation if ho con
tinued to probe into the rottenness have
not deterred Mr Bristow and whisper
ings that a Senatorship might reward re
laxation of energy have not coaxed him
away from tho weak spots in the Depart
ment which promise to yield additional
scandals Mr Bristow is a born investi
gator He is of a temperament admirably
adapted to the work with which the Ad
ministration has seen fit to load him down
ne never gets excited If all the Chiefs
in the Department were indicted in one
day Mr Bristow would wear no broader
smile than always marks his face
The District Grand Jury has become ex
pert in its free delivery indictment ser
The one man of this Administration
said a former Cabinet officer the other
evening who is the least in evidence be
fore the country at the present time is
quietly and silently making more Amer
ican history of a character to reflect honor
and glory upon the country than are all
of his associates in the Government com
bined That man is John Hay When
ever the negotiations he is now conducting
and the correspondence he is carrying on
not with one European power but with
three or four of the very greatest of them
become known to the world the truth of
what I say will bo clear to all
The Washington Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Bears and Bulls
should direct its attention to tho office of
The Post newspaper which cruelly re
marks that thero is not enough water
left on Wall Street to float a cork
A financial panic is among the possi
bilities of the Presidential year and it
goes without sajing that the effect of one
on the Republican side of the campaign
might be disastrous So convinced are the
leaders of tho party on this point that they
will take no risk and are determined to
provide as far as possible for anr emer
gency that may arise This is the real
feeling Whind the movement for currency
legislation If a crisis should come the
Treasury will be fully prepared and em
powered to meet it
Somebody in the War Department or
dered the 14th Cavalry to the Philippine
Islands The officers disposed of their
horses in some way or other shipped their
baggage to San Francisco or Manila and
iu some cases went to San Francisco a
week ahead of time iu order to be ready
to sail The wholo regment was fitted
out with a two years supply of Summer
clothing and for their own uniforms the
officers of course had to pay the bill
Three hundred enlisted men accepted a
discharge nnd re enlisted with the agree
ment that they were to go on foreign ser
vice Then the orders were revoked and
tho 14th Cavalry stayed at home
The favorable attention of the country
which Gov W T Durbin of Indiana
brought to himself by his attitude during
the race war at Evansville has given him
a boom for tho Vice Presidency The Re
publican leaders are looking for the right
man in the Middle West President
Roosevelt has widely heralded his ap
proval of Gov Durbin by praising in high
terms the Governors conduct toward the
would be lynchers nnd his utterances on
the evils of lynching Got Durbin is a
modest man of sterling qualities Coming
into the Gubernatorial chair without rep
utation savo for business capacity he has
administered his office with signal ability
Ho has many popular traits and would
undoubtedly prove a popular candidate
The political prophets are just now close
ly watching the Governors star in its as
Th fact has been widely and favorably
commented on that whenever Secretary
Root appears at a militia encampment be
is received enthusiastically by the citizen
soldiery The militiamen like the
taken la them nnd life iard work he has
dona with Congressttoibring about legis
lation to the advantage of the National
Guard and the advancement of the wel
fare of the State troops It has been the
ambition of Secretary 3loot to make the
militia of the country a strong reserve
for the regular troops nnd to have them
equipped with the latest and best there
Is in arms and supplies and to be trained
nnd drilled in modern methods so that in
case of an etnergericy flic National Guard
may become a fighilngrforcc immediately
The Secretary of the Treasury received
a rew days ago a cnet for 100 from a
firm of attorneys in Philadelphia with
the following explanation Inclosed
please find 100 hein the amount of
money which was jaidon the 10th day of
December 1808 by the United States
Government as additional bounty to a sol
dier He considers that he was not en
titled to this money by reason of an act
of July US 18UU which debarred all men
from participation in this bounty who had
rccnlistcd which he had done He wishes
to make restitution ot this amount
The serious aspect of affairs In the big
Post Offico building to some people docs
not seem to deprive other peoplo of a
sense of the humorous in official life A
North Carolina Postmaster named Rob
bin recently recommended that four po
sitions In his office be filled thus As As
sistant Postmaster Stella Lincoln Rob
bin as stamper Alexander Achilles Rob
bin as assistant stamper George Wash
ington Robbin jr and as clerk John A
Logan Robbin This seems to have been
a little too much Robbin for Superintend
ent Waters of the Salary and Allowance
Division of the Department who sent the
paper to tho First Assistant Fostmaster
Gcncral after having written across its
face When the Robbins nest again
Birds or hogs Tho First Assistant Postmaster-General
read and pondered Rob-
bins recommendation nnd then wrote be
low Superintendent Waters indorsement
We will call a halt on Robbin of this
place in old N C
As we have already elsewhere in the fes
tive P O D
This Robbin has the right no doubt to
hx his family
Bat to fix them all in the same old nest
is too much H O G
N B See Section 9 Civil Service
The result was that Robbin was notified
that only two of his young Robbins could
draw salary in the Rocky Mount family
post office He naively retorts I thought
it well in accord with the policy of the
Administration to have employes of a post
office of the same political belief and the
Rocky Mount post office as conducted by
me certainly meets with all the require
ments of this standard
Postmaster General Payne is about to
issue a new order that will be of much
interest to newspaper publishers and sub
scribers His plan is to swear in train
men as Federal employes and commis
sion them to handle packages of mail on
trains that havent the usual mall facil
ities This will assist materially in the
delivery of second class mail and will prac
tically make all passenger trains mail
trains In time of strike such trains will
be under control 4nd protection of tho
Government and cannot be stopped or
interfered with by employes or their sym
pathizers In this ffay labor upheavals
it is better to have passenger trains under
Federal control for aside from the justice
or injustice of the strike the general pub
lic should not bo made t suffer
Consul General Giientjicr at Frankfort
Germany says the array mule will be re
placed by the zebrulaaeross between the
horse and the zebra Xhe zebrula on ac
count of its form and geiieral bodily condi
tion especially the hardness of the hoofs
is especially adapted for all transport
work heretofore performed by mules
It is not believed jjicre that Congress
will take kindly to the plan for placing
the Government Printing Offico nnder the
jurisdiction of the Department of Com
merce and Labor It is suggested that
had tho President and Secretary Cortel
you liveJ longer in Washington they might
remember that at least ono President
tried to bring the biggest printing concern
in the world under his control and failed
Tho office was started by Congress in or
der to put an end to the jobbery that ob
tained when the Executive Department
had all its printing and binding done by
private parties No document can be
printed there without tho order of Con
Washingtons distinguished citizen and
successful gas monopolist John R Mc
Lean periodically shows his hand in the
politics of Ohio his former home and al
ways with instructive energy of purpose
His old feud with Tom L Johnson has
recently cropped out in the contest at Cin
cinnati over delegates to tho Democratic
Stato Convention The Johnson wing of
the party in Cincinnati is led by the Rev
Herbert S Bigelow the evangelist-politician
whom Johnson nominated for Sec
retary of State last year and who was
overwhelmingly defeated at tho polls Bige
lows followers will send a contesting del
egation to the State convention The
fight cost the Democrats
many votes last year and will doubtless
do so again Mr McLeans friends are
fighting his battles believing that Johnson
wrongfully usurped control of the Dem
ocratic machinery and further that he
failed to give McLean loyal support when
he ran for Governor several years ago
Joseph W Folk Prosecuting Attorney
at St Louis is a probable candidate on
tho Democratic ticket for Governor of
Missouri No man has ever been more
generally praised for efficient service He
tlinched at nothing neither wealth nor po
litical influence nor social connections had
power to stay his arm or to dull his vis
ion Tho w orth of his service lies not only
in the cleaning out of his city and State
but in the example he has been setting
for tho people of every city and State
in the Union that is the prey of corrupt
Mr Bryans indorsment of Mr Folk as
possessing all tho qualifications for tho
office of Governor which any good Demo
crat could desire probably removes all
prospect of any other than purely boodle
ring opposition to his nomination for
Governor For this1 touch tho country at
large which is wftfehing Missouri just
now with a good dal of interest owes
Mr Bryan its thanks The concern of the
country is not so much what Mr Folks
political affiliations mte or what his polit
ical future may bp as that his fight
against corruption tnjiy be successful and
that the boodlers stall ultimately land in
the penitentiary wblchrnone of them has
as yet done Folks politics is iuconse
quental and his frftttre is of no immedi
ate public concern jMore power to his
urui iu me uviug prienu
And now it is sttid that ex Magnate
Beavers has utterly disappeared nnd that
ex Magnate Macheiii has been hovering
around Detroit which is suspiciously ap
proximate to Canada uut uacheu is
back In Washington and has no intention
of absconding Meantime the Post Office
investigation goes on with reiterated
daily promises of sensational develop
ments It is pointed out by persons who
have watched the investigation and by
attorneys and officers of the law that it
would be hard to find a case like that of
Beavers where a man under indictment
for an nlleged crime was not at least
served with notice of the indictment par
ticularly when he was easy of access
High officials in the Post Office Depart
ment are worried over the inaction of the
authorities of Brooklyn nnd do not hesi
tate to so declare themselves when talk
ing in private
Private Washington advices are to the
tary hecause of the great interest he has j effect that the helief that the Pope is a
sufferer from heart disease prevails at the
Vatican where it is thought his Pontifi
cate will be short Our correspondent says
that a prelate who assisted in carrying
the Pope from the chapel heard a noise
in his chest of an alarming character He
believes that the Pope has heart disease
These revelations cast a gloom over tho
Catholic authorities here who had accept
ed Pins X as a probable friend to the
American church and powerful patron of
the great National University which they
propose to build up in this city If the
wholo situation is to be npset and thrown
into chaos and another election with nil
its excitements and uncertainties made
ncccssaiy at an early day and all things
meantime effectually paralyzed the faith
ful naturally shrink from even a conjec
ture ns to what must follow
President Roosevelt held an important
night conference last week at Oyster Bay
with Senators Spooncr Allison Piatt -and
Aldrich the sub committee on Finance
wlio arc maturing financial legislation It
is learned that the proposer bill has not
been fully drafted but the measures which
the sub committee wants to embody in
it linvo been put in such form that the
President can pass on them readily
A white woman has been whipped in
Georgia nnd the whole South is in an up
roar The victim was n prisoner the cas
tigator was AVarden of the prison and the
instigator is said to have been the War
dens wife who had been insulted by
the other female At any rate the vic
tim was white whatever else she may
have been and the Legislature will inves
tigate In speaking on the resolution for
an investigation several legislators said
the whipping was ns bad as any cruelty
which Russia is accused of inflicting on
its prisoners The investigation promises
to result in startling disclosures Super
intendent Foster who tried to prevent the
whipping has resigned saying that he will
not remain connected with a system which
creates a hell for unfortunates Disclos
ures show that Miss DeCrist was dis
robed nnd tied down just as negro male
eonvict3 are treated and then knouted
She was then manacled to a ncgress and
sent to the field where she fainted and
was found by Superintendent Foster
Gov Terrell is also outraged by the af
fair He went to the Prison Commission
ers and said I want this outrage probed
and the guilty person punished White
women shall not be whipped in Georgia
A resolution is pending in the noU3e ask
ing the Governor to pardon Miss DeCrist
Confronted by the investigating com
mittee Miss DeCrist declared that it was
not because she had been impertinent to
the wifo of the Warden that she was
whipped last June but because the ward
en had made indecent proposals to her
which she indignantly refused
Egypt blushing over her exported Im
moralities is an unexpected sight That
countrv objects to exhibitions at the St
Louis Fair of hoochie coochie dances
which are represented to be typical of life
in Cairo A hitch concerning the Egyp
tian exhibition at the Exposition brought
to the attention of the Department of
Stnfe has disclosed correspondence show
ing the attempt the Egyptian Government
is making to prevent such immoral exhi
bitions such as made the Strcet j of
Cairo a paying concession at other expo
One Blackburn Secretary of State of
Georgia exhibited his puny animosities
by celebrating the retirement of Gen
Miles from the command of the army It
was a performance stupidly ridiculous
Secretary Blackburn during the civil war
was an infant at his mothers breast but
he grew up with a passionate admiration
for Jefferson Davis and hatred for Gen
Miles because the latter had the South
ern chief put in chains at Fortress Mon
roe Months ago Blackburn began to pre
pare to celebrate Miless retirement by
procuring Confederate flags and portraits
of Confederates These hung about the
Capitol and when legislators arrived the
building recalled the OOs Blackburn met
the legislators explained the reason of tho
decorations and asked for three cheers
for the retirement of the man who man
acled Davis but tho legislators refused
tho cheers
The practice of bringing native serv
ants to thh country from the Philippines
has becomo so general among Army of
ficers that tho War Department has been
compelled to issue a warning against it
Secretary Root is to retire within a
few months that is now certain Wheth
er Governor Taft will succeed him or not
is uncertain Rumor says so and equally
authentic rumor denies it The Filipinos
say Veto It is said that if reports of
the Governors departure continue it is
probable that the demonstrations of the
Filipinos against his leaving will bo re
peated Eight thousand Filipinos march
ed to the Governors palace last January
cheered the Governor and petitioned him
to remain in the islands He informed
them that no decision would be reached
until August
There has been a bloodless mimic war
along the coast of Maine Such mannvers
are not wholly useless as unquestionably
they afford fine training for both officers
and men On the one side invention Is
stimulated to devise cunning schemes of
attack which may elude the vigilancp of
the defenders On the other the watch
fulness of officers and men alike gets
wholesome exercise But they are by no
means an adequate substitute for the ex
perience of actual war These mimic
contests are regulated by rigid rules
which must in all cases be obeyed In
actual war the men who disregard the
rules very often win victories in a way
which the martinets regard as equally il
logical and inexcusable In a mimic war
when confronted by n technically superior
force a commanding officer must surren
der in actual war he may tight it out and
win a glorious victory all the more hon
orable because achieved against great
The Iowa Idea of Tariff Revision by
its friends will not down Every West
cm Republican who comes to Washington
bears testimony of its increasing strength
in that region And the leading repre
sentative party papers East as well as
West trenchantly demand it The Idea
may be a very live wire by May of next
The International Typographical Un
ion with several hundred delegates from
all parts of the country has just held an
important session in this city Many sub
jects of great interest to the craft some
of which touched tho policies of organized
labor generally were earnestly discussed
The dispute between the printers union
and the association of publishers was a
leading topic Mr Frederick Driscoll
for 40 years publisher of the St Paul
Pioneer Press now Arbitration Commis
sioner of the Publishers Association de
livered a long address He said continu
ous industrial peace had been enjoyed for
more than two years under the plan of ar
bitration adopted by the Publishers As
sociation and the International Typo
graphical Union and until the occurrence
of the two strikes at Seattle and Spokane
which he characterized as inexcusable
contending that the reasons put forth jus
tifying those strikes are untenable He
said that if arbitration had been adhered
to according to the obligations of the
agreement there would have been no srtike
or distuibance of friendly relations At a
later session Piesideut Lynch replied to
Mr Driscoll justifying his notion and
throw iug the blame on the employers from
the employees point of view And tho
union emphatically endorsed Mr Lynch
by resolution
Ouc incident of the week was the
anti trust mass meeting last Thursday
evening wheie speeches were made by
leading ma tors mostly politicians of Dem
ocratic proclivities Resolutions were-adopt
ed urging u iNational Convention in vash
ingtou iu June Ii04 to adopt a declaration
of Gist piiin iples on the trti t question mid
if expedient to nominate a candidate for
the 1900 BallBearing Pamily Washer
SaTes Time Money and Worry Most Perfect
Simplest Washer Known No More Stooping
Rnbbing Wearing Out or Boiling of Clotnefc
In ordsr toprovo to tho most skeptical that tha
Is unquestionably the greatest Home Labor Saving machine ever inventedwe will
or on the Installment nlnn it th nA r i A-
If you dont like It all you be to do Is to ship It
bacK to as t our expense Ton run no risk no
expense no obligations whatever
tiH0 Ball Bearing Woshor Is unques
tionably the griutcst labor saving machine ever ln
ented for family use Entirely new Ttrinei
ple It H simplicity Itself oKc e noPbeir7
paddles rotkers cranks or complicated machinery
the easiest running washer on the market rfo
strength required a child can operate It
No more stooping rubbing boiling of clothes Hot
water and soap all that Is needed It will wasti
lareeqnantitles of clothes no matter how soiled
Impossible lo injure the most delicate fabrics Sav
ing In wear add tear of cfotbs to say nothing of
the saving in soap and materials pays for machine
I fIt DoQt bc prejudiced Thla Is en
tirely different from and far superior to any other
washing machine ever made
no Jionrc nrTJE
Read These Convincing Testimonials
DIv 2U B of h E
rerryvilie Md March 10 1303
Please find Inclosed mnnnv nrflr tA nav vnn
for the Washer which has given as great sat
imt 1
isfaction and I
assure you we
would not part
nua it ns it 13
a nae macnine
uuu uui 9 vveij
tning yon can
claim for It It
surely makes
wash day a
pleasure Instead
f the usual
drag the work
Is so very easy
that It cant
help but save
womens lives
and I assure
you we win
take great
pleasure in rec
ommending your valuable machine to all our
i assenger uonauctor
Tomers Falls Mass April 13 1902
I want to Inform you about your washlnf
machine We are very well pleased and sat
isfied We hare had all sorts of washing ma
chines and high
priced ones too
higher than youn
cost but they can
not do the work
yours docs Now
I am advertising
your machine all
over the town I
had two ladles
call at my house
Saturday evening
to see th m
chine and thev
oth went away
saying they would
have one as soon
as possible In
closed Is money
ment on tho mt lur Iu W
COU T hl t nuutyUE
THE 1900 Iteferences WASHER CO 229 P State - St Binghamton N Y
- is X
President preferably William R Hearst
of New York ns a man pre eminently
worthy to be the peoples choice for Presi
dent To some observers the episode
seems to be a part of an organized plan
to boom the young California-Chicago-New
York journalist and Congressman
elect which is breaking out in spots
wherever his emissaries appear
The Springfield Republican learns that
a movement has been initiated to secure
from Congress a law to Drovide free trans
portation to Washington and return for
every person in the United Statea of 18
years or age and over It Is claimed to
be jn the interest of the elevation of the
minds the morals and the patriotism of
the people that each citizen should visit
the Capital of his country
That tho Italian authorities use ener
getic measures to send us their illiterate
and criminal population is susceptible of
abundant proof An Italian editor in New
York in speaking on the subject recently
said Italy is glad to get rid of much of
this population She has established
schools in some of the ports where these
emigrants are gathered There they are
taught enough to enable them to pass
through tho bars at Ellis Island In a
dispatch from Rome to the London Ex
press it was stated that Premier
felli has approved the plan to spend 200-
ww a year on the education of the Neapo
litans and Sicilians who intend to emigrate
to the United States in order to prevent
their rejection by the American authori
ties In view of these facts is not the
duty of Congress cold clear and absolute
to stop this influx of people who aro not
fitted and never will be to become Ameri
can citizens Notify the house of Savoy
that it must keep its assassins at home
Make it clear that it must Shut np its
training schools of fraud and that through
them there can be no entrance to our citi
Recent Treasury Receipts
Tuesday Aug 11 127191350
Wednesday Aug 12 203064311
Thursday Aug 13 176360342
Friday Aug 14 160047466
Saturday Aug 15 193302664
Monday Aug 17 199571915
Among the officers appointed Brigadier-
Generals and placed on the retired list
a few days since was Col James Miller
of the 22d U S Gen Miller is a native
of Pennsylvania He served in the vol
unteer service during the war of the re
bellion entering as a private in the 50th
Mass in September 1862 and being hon
orably mustered out as First Lieutenant
of the 4th Mass Cav in November 1SC5
He served with his regiment in the De
partment of the Gulf and in the Army of
the James and took part in the
battles near Port Hudson La and at
Petersburg Va In February 1866 he
was appointed Second Lieutenant 16th
U S and by gradual promotion became
Colonel of the 22d U S in November
iuui ne got out or a sick bed in July
180S nnd took command of his company
in the battle of San Juan Hill and was
commended for his courage and energy
in that battle He served in the Philip
pine islands trom January mJJ to Jan
uary 1902
Col Edmund Rice 19th U S was
promoted and retired as Brigadier-General
Ang 13 He was awarded a Medal
of nonor for conspicuous bravery in the
counter chargo against Picketts Division
in tho battle of Gettysburg himself fall
ing severely wounded within the enemys
lines He was brevetted Captain for gal
lantry at the battle of Antietam Lieutenant-Colonel
for gallantry at the battle
of the Wilderness nnd Mnjor for gal
lantry at the battle of Gettysburg
Col A H Bowman 2oth U S was
promoted to Brigadier General and retired
on Aug 13 closing a notable army career
Gen Bowman although a native of Vir
ginia entered the army as Captain of the
91st Pa and served with the Army of
tnt 1otomac from January lK to Sep
tember 1S63 and in the defenses of
Washington to the close of the war He
took part in the battles of Chantilly Va
Antietam unancellorsville and Jet-
tysburg He was wounded in the left
leg by a rifle bullet at Chancellorsville
In July 1860 he was nppointed Second
Lieutenant 27th Regulars and became
Colonel of the 25th U S in April 1902
ne served with his regiment in the San
tiago campaign and afterward in the
Among the late promotions and retire
ments with the rank of Brigadier-Gen
eral in the Regular Army was that of
Col James U iagc the ranking Colonel
in the service for some time past Col
Page first enlisted as a private in the
Chicago Board of Trade Battery in 1861
but soon afterward became Second Lien
tenant In the 3d U S and served in it
for many years Transferred to other or
ganizations through successive promo
tions he came back to the 3d as its
Colonel in 1895 on the retirement of Col
E C Mason He has commanded it
through arduous service in Cuba and the
Philippines and now reaps the reward of
FlrBt Brigade of KUpatrioks Division on tha
March to the Sea
Editor Natioyal Tribute To mor
fully advise some of the comrades who
have misapprehensions regarding the for
mation of Kilpatricks Division of Caval
ry by brigades when on the march to the
sea I shall write the story of the First
Brigade which was organized ia July
1864 composed of tho 2d Ky Cav one
battalion of the 3d Ind Cav and the Sta
Ind Cav then known as the First Bri
gade of Rousseaus Cavalry Division
commanded by Col Thomas J Harrison
of the 8th Ind Cav When Gen Rousseau
arrived at Marietta Ga having made his
notable raid through Alabama he resigned
the command to McCook and returned to
his post at Nashville The brigade was
with ilcCook when he made his raid oa
Lovejoys Station In the battle at New
man Col Harrison of the Sth Ind Cav
then commanding the brigade
was cap
tured and Lieut Col F A Jones of the
8th Ind Cav succeeded to the command
Quickly reforming the brigade the 8th
Ind in advance he charged the enemy
and cut his way out His action opened
the way for many of the division to escape
including Gen McCook himself
When we arrived at Sandtown the di
vision was placed undercommand of Gen
Ivilpatrick Gen Eli H Murray assumed
command of the First Brigade However
when Kilpatrick made his first raid on the
railroad in the rear of Atlanta he having
been reinforced by a small division con
sisting of two brigades under Gen Gar
rard he put Col Murray in command of
his division and Lieut Col Jones of the
Sth Ind Cav again in command of the
First Brigade Kilpatrick of course com
manding the whole force Upon the ter
mination of this raid Garrards two bri
gades were returned to him Kilpatrick re
suming command of his original division
and Col Murray again assuming command
of the First Brigade relieving Col Jones
After the fall of Atlanta the divisioa
was reorganized for the march to the sea
On that famous march and in the Caro
lina campaign as well the First Brigade
was commanded by Col Thomas J Jor
dan of the 9th Ga Cav
One of the most dramatic incidents of
the march through Georgia was the de
feat of Wheeler at Waynesboro The Sth
Ind dismounted and unsupported was
fighting the entire Confederate force when
Kilpatrick dashed up to Jordan and im
peratively ordered him to charge the town
to go to the relief of the Sth Ind
Col Jordan of the 9th Pa Cav and
Col Jones of the Sth Ind Cav were
both native Pennsylvanians but a spirit
of rivalry almost hatred existed between
them At the battle of Averasboro N C
Col Jones with the Sth Ind Cav was
left alone to fight Col Rhetts South Car
olina Brigade of six regiments from early
dawn until 3 oclock in the afternoon Col
Jordan neglecting to support him After
the battle there was an altercation be
tween the two Colonels that very nearly
resulted seriously James D Tuoiirscwf
First Lieutenant Co K Sth Ind Sey
mour Ind
The lack of knowledge on so vital a
subject as that of heart disease is most
surprising It is now many years since
the investigations of leading heart spec
ialists led them to announce that weak
hearts are as common as weak stomachs
eyes kidneys lungs etc that statistics
prepared by the leading medical societies
of the world prove that one person ia
every four has a weak heart and that
heart disease is the most common cause
of sudden death
One might have a weak heart for many
years and not know it The symptoms are
baffling being frequently mistaken fof
those of the affection of some other organ
such as lungs stomach kidneys liver
bowels etc
A weak heart never cures itself but
unless promptly and carefully treated It
will surely though slowly ondermina tha
general health as well as becom rhrnnlo
ally deranged
Fainting spells shortness of breath
fluttering or palpitation of the heart sud
den starting ia sleep morbid fears
dreaming indicate a weak heart and
snouid De treated at once
A weak heart besides retarding the ch
dilation impairing digestion and improv
crishing the blood Is nnable to overcome
the laws of gravity This results in tat
watery portion of the blood oozing tt
of the vessels and settling In ths lovtf
parts of the body and Is called dropsy
Dropsy can be cured Heart disease csa
be cured You can stimulate ths dlgw
tion purify nnd enrich the blood strength
en and regulate the hearts action im
prove the circulation invigorate the ner
vous system and prolong life by using thf
great heart and blood tonic Dr Mllsr
New Heart Cure
By its stimulating effects on the diges
tive organs it assists assimilation of tlf
food- producing rich red highly yitaliaM
blood It is the essence of the elemtata
nnd principles that feed nourish and re
Dr Miles Remedies are sold by mX
drnggists on a positive guarantee that
first bottle benefits or money refunded
Book on Heart Disease free
Dr Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind

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