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Not having on hand any surplus ne
Kioes the Toledo O mobites threaten to
lynch the City Councilmen
Why this dense silence of Representa
tive Littleficld ever since ho was put in
charge of the Trust Busting job
Has nobody called Turkey and Bulga
rias attention to The Hague Peace Tri
Pennsylvania has no kick coming on
account of lack of employment for her
convict They put in their time making
counterfeit money
Isnt it only tho Wall Street operators
who would pour a hogshead of water into
n gallon of real values who are dissatis
fied with President Roosevelt
i m
Ix four years the Governors of Ken
tucky have pardoned 1131 convicts out of
the penitentiary 120 of them being mur
lercrs Why does Kentucky waste money
in keeping up courts
Gratitude does not seem to play much
part in Kentucky ideas Curtis Jctt took
money to assassinate the man most active
in getting him out of the penitentiary for
n previous murder
It is beginning to be more than sus
pected that minion of tho Money Power
und tool of the Capitalists just means
any man whom Mr Bryan doesnt happen
to like
TilEltE are now hopes that Senator Car
mack may be persuaded to postpone the
repeal of the Fifteenth Amendment until
lie finishes his speech on the Philippines
which will take it into the dim future
Though the public spirited men of
Breathitt County Ky should always be
prepared to die they dont seem to want
to all the same For three years now not
one of them could be induced to take the
office of Coroner though the fees must be
quite remunerative
Colombia has played her bluff by re
jecting the Canal treaty and allowing the
time for ratification to lapse Now she
is waiting to see what we shall do about
it It will do no harm to let her wait a
month or two Her hungry spoilsmen will
not wait long
TnrxK of it Boodllng in Germany
And in the Department of Justice eveni
What is of more consequence it is ex
posed which is rarely the case in those
press gagged countries The Secretary of
Ihe Public Prosecutor of Berlin is discov
ered so far to have received 25000 in
bribes from large tax payers and others
to defeat justice Boodling like love
seems to be indifferent to race distinctions
language limitations or political institu
It is hoped sincerely that every veteran
In Representative Charles Curtiss district
will make a personal effort to secure his
nomination and re election No man in
Kansas has been a more favorable and ef
fective friend to veterans than Charles
Curtis Not only has he been indefatig
able in work for just action on rheir
claims by the Pension Bureau but he led
in the efforts to secure Evanss removal
and took the front in the fight at a time
when it went against him very much in
the way of political favors to do it He
was strongly antagonistic and outspoken
when others of the delegation were defend
ing Evans and striving to retain him in his
ofllce In addition to this Mr Curtis is
a big brainy man and represents his
State in the most creditable way
It seems at last that the Sons of Vet
erans have solved tho vexed question of
the military feature in a satisfactory way
The last National Encampment provided
for a Military Order based upon the
present reorganized system of the United
States Army which will allow every Camp
a portion of its membership actually in
drill and uniform Those who want to
wear uniforms drill and do military duty
will be allowed to do so while those who
do not will not be required Every Camp
will have at least a firing squad of uni
formed members who will be aggregated
into companies regiments and brigades for
effective sen ice should they be required
It looks as if this schemo bad great pos
sibilities and we shall hope that the uni
formed and armed Sons of Veterans will
become a great power and a valuable ad
junct to tho military strength of the coun
We have received the following letter
from Hon W P Brownlow Representa
tive from Tennessee
Editoh Natioxal Twbuxe We ex
pect to get the Mountain Branch of the
National Soldiers Home for disabled vol
unteer soldiers ready for occupancy as fol
Oct 15 1003 admit 150 Nov 1 admit
410 Nov 15 admit 410
Wo will be able to take care of about
1200 comfortably this Winter Next May
we can admit 1000 more By next Win
ter 1904 we can care for 2500 This is
tho finest Home of the kind in the United
States The Government has appro
priated 51800000 for construction of
building Andrew Carnegie gave me 25
000 to construct a library building This
Is now under construction W P
Brownlow Joncsrllle Tenn
Tho discrimination against widows of
veterans was first begnn by Commissioner
Lochrcn and greatly magnified and in
tensified by Commissioner Evans who
coutfiiuously wailed over the number of
unscrupulous anil characterless young
nitirrinlnld soldiers for the sake
of their pensions This was to any think
ing mail absolutely degrading and slan
derous to the character of American wo
men Husbands are not yet so scarce in
this country that the young women have
iiot plenty to select from with each one
lnivlngtbitrilant Opportunity to get the
one she thinks will- exactly suit her Cer
tainly the young women of- the United
States are not yet in that deplorable con
ditiorfthat Vill lead them to marry an in
firm old mnn timHive with him for the rest
of hisJife for the sake of getting a beg
jicrlr pittance of SI1 a month There are
Too many nrciiueslty which more profit
able not to say more pleasant employ
ment can be obtained for our young wo
On the other fiand tens of thousands of
veterans who since 1S90 have lost their
wives were left with young children sadly
needing a mothers care These bereaved
widowers have contracted other marriages
as honorable as full of proper feeling of
love and sentiment as those which were
contracted earlier in life and the ones so
married are as true and faithful to them
as women can be The percentage of the
other kind of marriages must be so small
as to require a decimal fraction to repre
sent it and so not worth while considering
in this connection
It is a very bitter thought to a veteran
who has contracted one of these proper
and praiseworthy marriages that he may
at any time be taken off leaving the wo
man to whom he1 owes so much entirely
destitute to the charity of the cold world
Why should the widow who has now
lived 10 or 12 years with her husband and
may live much longer and has been the
truest of wives bctreatedin this fashion
There is absolutely no precedent for this
discrimination which has never before ap
peared in the pension laws of the United
States There are on the rolls this year
two widows of the Revolutionary pension
ers and in the preceding years there have
been many more all highly respected and
honored as precious legacies from the men
who gained us our Independence They
take precedence on the roll of honor and
it is right that they should Of the very
many Revolutionary widows who have
been on the rolls in the last 25 years most
must have been very young women who
married quite old husbands The same is
true of the roll of the War of 1812 There
is yet on it only one survivor of that strug
gle and 1115 widows Their number has
decreased from 1099 in 1899 They also
must have been quite young women who
married husbands who were advanced in
life Tlcy are ail held in most deserved
esteem Nor have any questions been
asked of the widows of the soldiers in the
Indian wars of whom there are now 3109
on the rolls and but 1DG5 survivors No
question was asked as to the date of the
marriage of Mexican widows of whom
there are now on the rolls 7910
Why make this discrimination against
the widows of the veterans of the war of
the rebellion
It is not right and it shonld not be
The Service Pension Bill has not yet
been formulated and it will havo vigorous
consideration and discussion before it is
finally passed It may have a good many
mutations In the first place the G A R
National Pension Committee has to be ap
pointed and then to take into considera
tion the exact terms of the bill After
they have settled upon this it will have to
be presented in Congress and there labored
over by the Pension Committee of both
Houses From past experience we know
that this will be a severe ordeal in each
Committee and we have no idea what
shape it will emerge from them to be
reported to the two branches of Congress
The Senate Committee is liable to formu
late one sprt of a bill and by the time
it goes through the Senate it may be ma
terially changed and the same will be true
of the Invalids Pension Committee and
the House Then the two bodies will have
to come to an agreement as to which of
the bills shall be passed or what features
of one may be accepted for the other
Thus it will be seen that it will take a
very long look ahead to confidently predict
what measure will bo finally adopted
The National Tribune firmly adheres to
its original proposition of a plain straight
service pension bill of 12 a month to
every man who served 90 days or more
during the war of the rebellion and was
horonably discharged with the same to
the widows of those who have died or
shall die We want nothing more in the
bill than this no discriminations no re
striction as to the age of soldier and no
discrimination against the widow as to
date of marriage This we think only sim
ple justice and shall adhere to it
The turning point in the Sons of Veter
ans seems to have been reached at last
The Adjutant General reported to the re
cent National Encampment a very sub
stantial net increase of 79 Camps and
201S members during the preceding 11
months This was tho gratifying result
of the system of recruiting adopted by the
Commander-in-Chief and points the way to
a healthy and normal development of the
Order to tho great strength it should at
tain Every member of the Grand Army
earnestly hopes for the Sons of Veterans
a development into a great National or
ganization of commanding influence Tiro
country imperatively needs this and the
Sons of Veterans should accomplish it
A great organization of instant and un
challengeable loyalty is an imperative ne
cessity for tho Nation and nobody but
Sons of Veterans can fill the requirements
When they talk of patriotism and obedi
ence to the laws the wholo community at
once recognizes that It has no empty
sound They must mean It to the last ex
tremity for it is in their blood Now let
us seo the gain of 2018 last year trebled
quadrupled or even more this year
The Canadians who hare not been put
ting up a very strong case in the AlasEa
boundary case so far have Introduced a
sensational feature by claiming that the
American boundary should be drawn from
headland to headland a doctrine which
was bitterly opposed when it was proposed
by us to protect the seals
and their Comrades mkif
Johnny Came Marching Home
Ctirvmniir IW3 nv riin rimKii
Solomon nosenbaum Continues His Story
of Adventures In the Red raver Expedition
After supper the- next evening Rosen
baum went out on the porch with the boys
and resumed his story
I ras raked up de next forenoon py de
ambulance tearing along like a railroad
drain It vas pumping along ofer de ruts
and against de sdumps I stuck my head
out through de curtains and yelled to de
Hold on dere Vhat do defiil makes
yon drive so vast I gant sleep Chen
oral Smith told me to lie down in de am
bulance and get a little rest Trirc slow
er you kinky woolrd son of an eclipse
Gant do it Boss answered de trivcr
He Chenerals orders is strict dat 1 must
keep up mit de infantry and Im a gwina
to do it if it kills de bosses Ole A Js
poys is awful marchers
Bretty soon one of de staff officars
come lo me mit a horse and orders from
old A T to pilot his leading prigade along
to de blace vhere I thought dere vas d
easiest chance to go ofer de rorks 0d
A T choined us in a vcw minutrs as vas
his gustom He alvays ranted to po right
on de ground vhere de hardest righting
ras He prigade vas yoost double
qrieking into line for a sharge rlien re
heard de roar of do Eastports guns She
ras de piggest poat in Admiral Porters
fleet and old A J swore harder dan offer
Go ahead dere Come on mit me pet
ofer dem rorks in a holy second Vhat
are you lagging for Hem plasted sailors
rill pc into de town pefore you arc Get
a move on yon you plained mud crushers
De poys rushed ofer de glacis in vront
of the rorks and ofer de rorks demselfs
like a blue whirlwind Vhen re got inside
ve gould see ofer to de riffer and dere
goming vrom dat side vere de poys of
Chcncril Kilby Smiths Tivition who hajl
come up on dransports Hey vere running
like wild to get ahead of us each rechi
ment racing to pe de rirst to put its rlag
on do Court House and de University
puilding Some of de reppel pouts in de
riffer rerc purning and de other vere
skipping off upstream as rast as iley
gould mit do Eastport sending long shots
after dem She ras of too hcary draft
to venture further up All de reppels in
town vere running as vast as dey could
or surrendering
I rode ofer a little rays to vhere a
little hill made a safe shelter from de
shots vired at de rorks and saw a lot of
risky saloons had peen located dcrp Sell
ing risky and gambling vere de principal
pizness in Alexandria during de var
I saw two men run out from one of
de risky choints whom I thought I had
seen pefore Each had a demijohn of
risky and a pox of cigars in his hands
Dey rere not going aray out in de cold
rorld mitont some de main comforts of
life I soon recognized dem as acquaint
ances of do day pefore de hatchet faced
Major mit de tobacco juice dricklinft from
do corners of his mouth anil do raspy
littlo Creole Gaptain
There was your chance to gircthem
their come uppance interjected bliorty
What did yon do
My rirst Impulse vas to run dcnxdown
and shoot dem In deir dracks but den
Im a Chew and hate to haf
on my hands Its against cfery
Chews brinclbles to shed plood Resides
dey hadnt killed me dey only gafe me a
rery pad scare I gouldnt gonscicntiously
do more dan dat to dem
Great Scott gasped the astonished St
Sol rour principles wil be the death of
me yet said Shorty They break out
in the most unexpected places like ague
blisters You mean to say that yon
wouldnt kill them because they hadnt
actually killed you Well I ncrcr
Brccisely Do Scriptures say an eye
for an pyc and a tooth for n tooth Keen
insite de law and you are al right I
galloped orcr to rere I gould head dem
off at de mouth of de ravine and as dey
came up panting I called out todcm pleas
antly as I gocked a pig rerolvcr
Good morning cheiitemenVine tlay
for a little run into de gountry
Dey stopped panted looked np at
me dropped deir loads and fumbled
around for deir bistols
None of dat Mease said I blcas
antly looking ofer my rerolfcr Im a
Chew but I know how to shoot Sit down
dere and rest yourself chentlemcn It
is hard rork running mit a load such a
rann morning Take scats chentlemcn
right rere your arc I know it is a little
ret but its rery soft
I ras so polite and held my bistol so
steady dat dey gould not refuse but
dropped right down in de mud Old A T
rode up and looked and srore and
Corraled some haf yon you son of
the tabernacle he yeled Veil dake
dem pack and turn dem ofer to de Provo
Excuse me Cheneral I said Dose
are some very barticular rriends of mine
I should like to keep dem and dake care
of dem myself my own ray if youll let
Do mit as you Mease ho yelled pack
as he rode on Dere yours You got dem
Yon hear dat chentlemcn I said to
de Major and Gaptain De Cheneral
says dat you pclong to me and I may do
mit yon as I Mease
Ve are brisoners of rar said de Ma
jor and demand to pe dreated as such
Oui byGar echoed de Creole Gap
tain chumping up and svclling out
Sit down again if yon blense Gap
tain I said bointing my bistol at him
You aro not brisoncrs of rar put my
brisoners De Cheneral said so Im not
a soldier and haf noddings to do mit de
laws of rar Im run py de laws of Moses
and Israel Yesterday you had some bleas
nnt ideas npout hanging me
Ve rere only doing our duty You
ras a shy said de Major mit as much
dignity as a man could haf sitting in
rront of a pig rcvolfer
Dat is a mere detail I said I care
noddings for do minor barticulars De im
portant part was dat you vantod to hang
me at dress baradc and rould haf hung
me if I hadnt got aray Dat catches me
right rherc I lif
You purned down a whole plock of
puildings in getting aray said do Major
You aro an incendic an arson
shouted de Captain chumping up again
Under de laws of Louisiana
Sit down again Gaptain Mease I
said covering him ngaiu mit my bistol
Ve are not running under do laws of
Louisiana now but under de laws of de
United States except rhere I am garry
ing arount de laws of Moses and of Israel
for my own brirate use Chentlemen you
vill Mease unbuckle your pelts You rirst
Major Gaptain keep your hands up
Pe careful Major Dont let your hands
get too near your holster Dere dat is
pctter Now throw de pelt and your hol
ster oftcr dere to your left Hurry for
my hand is getting unsteady Thank you
Dat is right Now Gaptain you do de
I vas as bolite as a dry goods clerk
as I edged around and bicked up dere
Now chentlemcn said I smiling at
dem as if dey had yoost pought a pig pill
of goods Oblige me py Talking ahead of
me up de road dere
All dis time I ras studying vhat to
do mit dem A thousand Mans grossed
my mind but I gouldnt decide on nny
of dem Yoost den I caught sight of a
fort on de insido line mit casemates and
a magazine covered mit earth It struck
me at once dat de magazine rould pc a
i HI
good Mace td put my brisoncrs until I
could think out a Man
I ronldnt go in dere said some
men whoUvasi standing on guard Do
Cheneral intends to plow up de fort Vcrc
all going jright on to Shreveport Heres
a lot of gannon powder in dat magazine
enough to plow up de whole fort and he
is going to do it py laying deso fuses here
to it De ground all around here is Tilled
mit torpedoes arid lie stationed us here
to keep efferypody aray and get things
ready to plow tip de fort
My Man popped into my head at Tonce
All right guards I nndefstmd I
said I liar yoost gome rrom de Chen
eral and know all apout his Mans Ve
haf no use for dis blace and must destroy
it You know Im on de staff and haf his
Efferypody hadl seen me nt headquar
ters and riding around mit de Cheneral
so de guards snbbosed dis to pc true
All right dey answered What de
Cheneral says goes apout dese diggings
Gome right along here said I to de
Major and Gaptain
Hold on dere yelled one of do guards
making a chump for me and clicrking
me pack
My Gott man de next step youd
re put your foot right on a torpedo Dats
one dat IVe bicked out and re vas yoost
going to mark it Deyre thick all around
here and vere drying to vind vere dey
arc and put marks to dem Vere not go
ing a foot farther into de fort until vere
sure re know There dey arc Vere not
anxious to be distributed in a hurry orcr
two or three Counties Prefer to march
orcr them step at a time
All right guards Ill vind out for
you vhere some of dem are Chentlemcn
vill you oblige me py going ahead I
said turning to de Major and Gaptain
taking off my hat and making a very
polite pow and bointing mit my pistol
at dem and de ray I ranted dem to go
up into de fort
Dis is an outrage on de laws of rar
said de Major
Cest le barbarisme 1infame yelled
de Creole
Sorry dat I haffent de time to dis
cuss de matter mit you chentlemcn I
said But dime bresses You rill please
ralk right up dere to de door of dat maga
zine or I shall1 hof to pe disagreeable
plow your brains out or somedings un
pleasant and I aimed my bistol sqaare
at de Majors head and not den feet
rrom him
At de same dime de guards raised deir
guns and bointed dem at dem
Dey both rent but rery chinchcrly Da
guards and I rollowcd marking yoost
vhere dey stept and gstting up to de
door mitout1 accident
I tinlockeil de door put dem inside
and took ut look
Derelstccrtainly blcnty of powder
dere to plowinp de wholo landscape I
said Arid Itfcanpe easily fixed to Tire
from a sSf6 Blace down pehind de hill
Glthrds dere iSja kegVif powder open dere
Dake it Arid Hour a train along out of
dedoor and down along de path Chen
tlemen rill Voa smokd Herft are some
rery vinolcigars Chcnuine Cuban- Im
ported dejpj nQself and here Is a pox of
matches jj
De CroleGaptiin gafe a yell of hor
ror rhicli snook de ground
No2toi4il still smiling as if dey
rere casliEgustQmcrs Veil yon dont
know vbatitJfiiKood Petter dakp dem
rYonlmay shnBge yonr mind jDeyII help
ipaKsaTayodethne -
I tossed dm a cigar apiece and a
pox of matches -at rhich de Creole Gap
tain gare another vikl yell
So long chentlemcn I said ns I
stepped outside and locked de door I
may neffer see again a piece of you pig
enough to recognize but I shall neffer for-
gct you
Den dey heard me outside gifling de
guards directions how to fix de fuse so
as to plow up de magazine do minute dey
got orders vrom de Cheneral
I mounted my horse and rode ofer to
See That was going on in de town and
call on Zimri
But what became of the men breath
lessly inquired Si
I didnt bother nor care nny more apout
dem I had measured out de law of Moses
and Israel to dein according to That
deyd done to me de day pefore and I tis
through I had more important things to
think nnont dan That pecame of dem I
ras sadisficd dat dey ras a heap Torse
scared dan T had peen de day pefore
Well I neTcr gasped Si
Nobody but a Tew could have carried
all that out said Shorty What hap
I rode down py vhere dey had me in
de guard house de day pefore and saw
dat de whole plock of buildings had
gone up Dey ras no great loss howerer
De town ras petter off mitout dem though
dat didnt enter into mr calculations I
saw Zimri but gould gif him little
faction apout his cotton and told him to
keep cool a stiff upper lip and say nod
dings to nopody I Tas going to make
another set at Admiral Porter I asked
him apout Gens Franklin and Panks and
he said dat he had heard dat morning
from as far down as Opelousas and dere
rere no signs of Franklin or Panks I
rode ofer to rind do Cheneral and dell
him dis Admiral Porter vas mit him
vhen I got dere and veeping Rachel yon
should haf heard dem swear and cuss
Panks and Franklin I had thought old
A J could peat any man In de nrmy cuss
ing Brobably he gould but Dave Por
ter gould hold np de nary end of de came
Veil ve gant stay hew vaiting for
lem said old A J vinally Cussing
vont hurry dem up Ve gant lie idle I
must get through mit dis job and get
pack to Sherman who needs me Im
only lent to Panks for 30 days you know
nnd haf pigger pizness raiting for me over
toward Atlanta Im going to push up
things around dis town and move on
Dat settles de chentlemen up dere in
de magazine I thought to myself Won
der if I ojtght to dakp pity on dem and
let dem out1 Deyve had a bretty pad
hour of it3 iSfdat enough
Den I goHifterestcd in vhat Porter ras
saying apdht fili not peing aple to go along
mit de armyoii aggount of de vater not
peing ns Higtfas he had oxpecfed He
didnt know1 vocthcr he gould get his poats
ofer de rails Jyoost apove Alexandria
Den olif A 3 got mad and cussed
again vorsW dA effcr Dey gould all hang
pack if dir Tinted to but ho vould go
ahead mit His men nnd make de campaign
alone HAdldrtt know but dot ho Tould
po as rell MTmltuot men who were unrill
ing Deri Porter he flared up and de air
got rery plue
I haf a map here who has yoost come
down from Sffrereport nnd he says dere
is blcnty df vrfter in de upper river said
old A J f
Who is he Vhere Is he roared
Dave Porter Show him to me
Dere he is said old A J pointing
to me
Dave Porter durnel on me and gafe
me a vorse gross examination dan I effcr
had on de ritness stand Vinally he said
I vill gOjalong if I can get de East
port ofer de vails yoost npore here Ill
dake you along mit me If you have dold
me de truth all right If you havent
Ill hang you to de yard arm
ITnnging seems to be derribly in vash
ion on poth sides down hereI said Dere
must pe something in de Louisiana air If
I go along and help you vill you let me
get dat cotton out
Chow till de last laughed old A J
Always thinking apout cotton
Ill make no bromises said Admiral
Porter Yon gome along mit m and do
your duty to your gountry and 111 think
apout it
Den I flared up
Ill go along mit you for de sake of
de gountry said I and do vhatever can
cotton or no cotton
Dere ras a derriblc time de next few
days in getting de pig heavy Eastport
ofer de mile of rocky falls apoTC Alex
andria She vas vinally pulled up py
hand Any other man rould neffer haf
tried it but old A J ras determined to
go ahead and Admiral Porter Tas mad
apout what he had said apout nnrilling
men Porter had his faults and Monty
of dem but unrillingness to right rasnt
oro of dem No man had a petter heart
for dat sort of thin
Seferal more gunpoats rent up after
her and apout 30 dransports De long
expected rise in de riffer ras now coming
but rery slowly and dings looked rery
pright for Panks ras coming at last and
py April 3 cverypody ras at Nachitochcs
and Grand Ecore SO miles1 apove Alexan
dria De Admiral had fonnd efferything
on de riffer yoost as I told him and he
pecame quite vrlendly mit me But de
riffer though rising ras not as high as
expected and nt Grand Ecore four miles
rrom Natchitoches de vater shallowed
I guess that cured that outfit of suck
ing eggs commented Si
I reckon so Ve heard no more of
dem Green Texans who had peen
vantng to yoost eat de Yankees np Tere
heard of no more Ve didnt lose a poat
and though we had some more drouble
do guerrillas along de panks did nt
show anything like de vim dat dey had
before Ve -thought ve had got things
bretty Tell straightened out and de Admi
ral took a run down de riffer He took
ma mit him nnd I ras glad to go fr I
vas quite tired of so much lirclincss
But Panks did not seem to know any
thing but retreat He ranted to rail pack
all de time though ve had vipped de rep
pels at Pleasant Grove and Pleasant Hill
and nearly efferyvherc else Bretty soon
ve heard dat ho vas vailing pack some
more leafing do gunpoats and drans
ports up apove all uncovered Admiral
Porterhurried pack svearitigall de ray De
riffer vas now railing again and effery
ding Tas in danger De Eastport had gone
up de riffer again to help out and sho
might bo lost De piggest and pest gun
poat in de lot might be taken or destroyed
De Admiral ras in a ferment ofer it I
ranted to go ashore but he rould not hear
of me leafing him He srore de gountry
needed me and as I rould lose all chance
of dat cotton I stayed At Grand Ecore
ve heard dat de Eastport had peen sunk
DEY both vent but veuy chixcheely
down so dot de Admiral vouldnt risk de
Eastport any further and taking me mit
Iiiin on de littlo tin clad Cricket he led de
smaller gunpoats up de riffer to keep pace
mit de army marching ofer land De rif
fer ras awful narrow and grooked mit
sdumps logs rafts pars and all sorts of
pad things effery mile Nothing could
stop Admiral Porter though nnd re
pushed right along Eferryding seemed
to pe going on so rell and re all looked
forward to going right into Shrereport
How could re help it mit all dat great
army mit all doso great Chenerals
Panks Franklin Emory Ransom A J
Smith Dwight and offer so many others
and all this pig fleet Porter ras only
afraid dat de army vould get into Shreve
port pefore him and vas pushing ahead
mit all his might He ras in de little tin
clad Cricket rhich could run There dere
Tns only a heavy dew so dathe at least
could get in and claim gredit for de Nary
Ve had reached Springfield 110 miles
apore Grand Ecore rhen re rere stopped
py a stcampoat vhich de reppcls had load
ed mit brick and sunk agross de channel
Dis Tas a stunner and Porter raged worse
dan any pirate who sailed under de plack
Tlag Somedings soon came to change
de character of his remarks Ve Tere
hailed rrom de south pink by messen
gers rrom Panks who rhen day rere
prought apoard vere muddy and so
tired dat dey could hardly stand
or keep deir eyes open Dey prought
de news dat do army stringing
out for miles ofer a narrow road
through de thick Toods had peen caught
at a disadvantage nt Sabine Crossroads
and vipped back to Pleasant Grove rhero
it had peen tangled up mit de paggage
trains but had stood de enemy off Den
it had rallen pack to Pleasant Hill rhere
de enemy had peen ripped padly py old A
Js Division getting on de reppel flanks
Still Tanks had decided to retreat and
vas railing pack to Grand Ecore to Thich
blace de poats should hurry pack to safe
demselfs Ve musnt lose a minute pe
cause de whole gountry ras full of reppels
making for de riffer to gapchure de gun
poats De riffer Tas so grooked dat dey
gould march agross de country nnd head
do poats off De next day drouble began
in earnest De reppels rere srarming
efferyrhere along de panks Tiring down
rrom de pluffs right onto de decks rhilc
dey could only pe reached nt long taw
py such poats as happened to pe far up
or down De men on de poats under de
pluffs could do nothing I ras acting as
Admirals Aid carrying messages for him
rowing rrom one gunpoat to another go
ing ashore and glimbing drees to recon
noiter de gountry making soundings for
de channel and so on It was bretty
skittish rork for peing in citizens clothes
do reppel sharpshooters thought I Tas a
man Trom dat gountry and dey yelled
Draitor and plugged aray at me vorse
dan at de men in uniform But I neffer
flinched I had dat cotton in my eye ras
going to show old Tare Porter dat a Chew
could pe yoost as prare for de Union as
he or any of his men
Apout 4 oclock in de afternoon of
April 12 de deffll game out mit all his
hosts for a play spell and Te had de time
of our lifes Ve had got de transports on
vhich ras Gen Kilby Smith mit apout
2000 men a lot of horses ammunition
brorisions horses and so on along bretty
veil so far but now drouble pegan all
alone de line Do Hastings on which Gen
Kilby Smith Tas proke her rheel and had
to run into de pank to mend it De Alice
Vivian mit 400 cavalry horses vent
aground on a par De other dransports
vent to help her and some of dem stuck
in de mud De gunpoat Osage vent in
and stuck too Only one gunpoat de Lex
ington was running free AH at once de
vojds on both sides do narrow riffer
swarmed mit reppels Gen Tom Green
a Texan and a red hot vighter ban nt
peen able to get into do other rights mit
his division of apout 7000 men and Tere
now raging around us like mad volres
Dey had a lot of field artillery and de ray
dey opened made it seem ns if de infernal
regions ras a quiet health resort De rep
pels rero pehind effery dree cracking
aray at us like men hammering on a roof
Our soldiers rere good stuff nnd shel
tering demselfs pehind pales of hay nnd
other dings on de dransports gafe dem
pack as good as dey sent Dere rere some
cannon on de dransports and dey mit de
Lexingtons guns managed to hold de rep
pel adtillcry down until de Osage got
loose and choined in De Hastings gut
loose rrom de pank and floated aray De
Alice Vivian mit de cavalry horses vas
bunted off de par in n hurry and vloated
off after her De dransport Rob Roy had
four pig siege guns mit men who knew
bow to vork dem Vinally dey all got on
to deir chob and I tell you dere ras such
a wrecking of do Louisiana roods ns had
neffer peen seen pefore De thing lasted
two hours and dat night re heard rrom
brisoncrs nnd others dat re had killed and
rounded 700 reppels Gen Tom Green
who rould not be sadisfied mitont getting
de gunpoats and dransports vas killed and
seferal of his Colonels
py a torpedo and do Admiral vas vrantic
He rushed up dere on de Cricket and
vound Capt Phclp and crew vorking deir
souls out to get her afloat De rest of de
gunpoats and dransports rere making deir
ray down do riffer which ras steadily
railing so dat dey Tere gonstantly running
aground Vorse dan all Panks ras rai
ling pack soma more and leafing de rep
pels to rill up de gountry us dey rould
Neffer saw such a man to rail pack as
De Eastports guns rere daken out and
she ras gotten afloat and started but soon
struck a par and Then she ras gotten off
struck another and so on for days She
rould make only a few miles rhen she
rould run aground and take a day to get
her off Panks ras now CO miles away
and de gountry on poth sides de riffer as
vull fit reppels as a hog pen of fleas Dey
kept cracking aray at us all do time and
re had to rork under musketry Tire De
Admiral scut all de rleet down de riffer
but de tin clads Cricket and Juliet and
gunboat Fort Hindman and determined to
stay py de Eastport to de last Lieut
Commander Phelps who commanded de
Eastport had rorked as neffer a man did
pefore to safe his Tessel He had a becu
liar love for her for he had gaptured her
vrom de reppels yoost after Fort Henry
in de peginning of tie var had fitted her
up as a gunpoat and gommauded her effer
since making her famous Regard for
his reelings had kept Admiral Porter mit
him much longer dan ras safe She at
last grounded on a raft of logs and to
saw dere ras no hope for her De Admi
ral gafe orders to destroy her and Com
mander Phelps rent apout de rork mit de
saddest heart a naTal officer effer had De
Cricket ras tied up to do pank to ratch
Dey rilled her hold mit parrels of powder
cent de crew npoard de Fort Ilindinan
nnd Lieut Commander Phelps who ras de
last to Ieare set rire to de train himself
Yoost as she plowed up I happened to
look another ray and I saw Trom 1000
to 1500 reppels who had peen sneaking
through de roods make a rush ofer de
cleared ground get apoard de Cricket pe
fore sho could cast loose and get aray
I yelled at de Captain who ordered de
ropes cut and Veeping Rachel de ray de
Cricket de Juliet and de Fort Hindman
did feed dose Chonnies grape and canister
rrom dose 32 pounders It made de
gountry look like a stubble field in about
fiVe minutes
Ve thought re had settled dem for
good and could now go on down de riffer
mitout further drouble Ve needed rest
for efferypody ras clean Tore out trying to
safe de Eastport I lay down in a ham
mock on a sofa in de Captains cabin and
rent asleep at ronce Eferypody dropped
down dat ras not on ratch But you nef
fer know rhen youre going to get left es
pecially Then yon are out on de Red Rif
fer mit Cheneral Panks who adways rails
pack De reppcls rere preparing a sur
brise barty for us down at Cane Riffer
20 miles pelow dat peat by far any en
tertainment dey had yet set up or any for
dat matter dat I effer attended in my
four years in de rar Several thousand
reppels mit 18 bieces of artillery vere lay
ing for us down dere and ve run right
into dem mitout a moments rarning In
a minute de Cricket ras shot through and
through until her sides looked like a col
lander de crews from all de guns on dat
side rere svept aray de Chief Engineer
and Bitot killed and efferjbody who vas
not vounded vas knocked down and more
or less disabled I ras only scratched In-
some splinters and chumping up I saw d
Admiral run for de bilot house to dake
de reel from de hand of de dead Bitot He
ras gifing orders as cooly though as if
on barade
Go down pelow and see That has hab
bened he said to me
At almost de same minute a shot rent
through de poilers of de Juliet de steam
rushed out mit a roar dat you could hear
apove de guns and scalded more dan 200
people who vere on poard
I ran pack on deck and called to the
Derrible vork down here sir but to
hare some men and some nigtrers alife yet
Put effery soul of dem to rork in de
fire room and at de guns Fire on dem
tamt patteries Lifeiy you cotton-stealing
son of de Tabernacle
I ran pack Another ensinccr though
he vas rounded had hold of de engines I
put some of de runaway darkies who rere
lying vlat on de decks yelling and braying
to vork at de furnace to take do Mace of
de men who had peen killed or vounded I
vound some of do gunners who had peen
vounded vorking one of de guns and gath
ering some more darkies I sot dem at vork
on dp other gun vatching 7md imitating
vhat de sailors rere doing At rirst de nig
gers rere so dazed dat dey couldnt under
stand nodings but after I raked dem up
mit a capstan par dey pgan to take no
tice and bresently dey rero rorkiug de
gun alniont as good as de sailors
Directly ve run bast de patteries vhen
de Admiral goming down saw dat we
had sort of straightened things up a little
on deck and vere vorking de guns all
right rhen he turned de poat around and
rent pack to help de other poats through
De Juliet and da Fort Hindman vinally
came through and ve vent on down de
riffer to vhers ve met de Osage and de
Neosho whoveregoming up to help ns
After things had quieted down a lit
tle de Admiral said to me
After all Chew you aro a man and a
Datrior lou nat dono sblendid Nopody l
could haf done petter Did yon say yon
naa some cotton yon ranted to get out
You shall haf it if it is a whole fleet
Igot de cotton of course and Fink
enbein Spitzbnbe voro so delighted dat
dey not only gafe me a pig slice but die
diamond ofer and apore
Did Zimrl get home nnd marry Miss
Miss Whats her name asked Si
Indeed he did And dey are de habbi
cst young volks in all New York Derll
pe ofer here to see me soon Hope deyll 1
But I thought somebody out there built
a dam to sare the fleet said Shorty
You harcnt said anything about that
O dats quite another story Ill dell
you about dat to morrow efcnlng if youll
let me dake supper mit you again
To be continued
A great many of our soldiers ha vo be
come much exerciied over a sensational
article in a Socialist paper which has
been copied and enlarged still farther by
certain journals of the yellow type These
allege that the Soldiers Homes do not be
long to the United States but to a certain
mysterious contribution of irresponsible
men who do with them and the money ap
propriated for them pretty much as they f
please without any supervision or check
The following paragraph girc9 the drift
of the articles
What becomes of the rast sums taken
from the soldiers and public donations for
these Homes if the Government keeps
them up and pays all expenses There is
something rotten in Denmark something
like the corruption in the nostal system
Think of the old soldiers living on the C I
private uomains oi some persons ap
pointed by Congress Hasnt Congress
got enough confidence in the name of tho
Government to hold the title to lands that
it is spending millions to improve This
is only another of the grafts the Republi
can party aided and abetted by the Demo
cratic party to get money out of the pub
lic Treasury for private benefit Bold
about it
This is the most absolute nonsense The
Soldiers Homes were created by the act
of March 21 1866 appearing in Sec 4S25
of the R S which constitutes a Board of
Managers consisting of the President and
the Secretary of War Chief Justice and
such other persons as may be associated
with them who shall have perpetual suc
cession with power to take hold and con
vey real and personal property establish f
a common seal and sue and be sued in
courts of law and equity There were to
be nine active managers to be elected
from time to time as vacancies may occur
by joint resolution of Congress These must
be citizens of the United States and resi
dents of loyal States These 12 members
shall elect from their own number a Pres
ident two Vice Presidents and a Secre
tary None of these shall receive any com
pensation beyond their traveling and other
actual expenses The Board is empowered
to procure from time to time sites for Mil
itary Homes for persons who had served
the United States during the war of the
rebellion and were now disabled to provide
suitable buildings on these sites and to
make proper regulations for their govern
ment The Homes were to be subject torsl
the inspection of the War Department
and all their accounts and operations and
the Board should make an annual report
to Congress on the first Monday of every
January The Board was directed to
visit the Homes every three months ex
amine their condition and audit their ac
counts Since that time Congress has had
the Homes under careful consideration
and from year to year has passed such ad
ditional laws relating to them as seemed
needed In 1894 an amendment was
passed giring to the President of the Board
a salary not exceeding 4000 a year and
to the Secretary not exceeding 2000 n
year In the same bill was the following
mandatory section
That hereafter once in each fiscal year
the Secretary of War shall cause a
ionol TTrttnoc ter TlicfWol KnT 1
diers its records disbursements manage
ment discipline and condition such in
spection to be made by an officer of the
Inspector Generals Department who shall
report thereon in writing and said report
shall bo transmitted to Congress at the
first session thereafter
There is no department of the public ex
penditures wore carefully looked after and
more thoroughly under the absolute control
of the Government than the Soldiers
Homes Their ownership by the United
States is absolute and is in the customary
form for institutions of that kind The
method is copied from that of the States
for asylums and similar institutions
Secretary Shaw electrified the Wash
ington and Maryland Bankers Association
by telling them that reserrcs are made for
use not to be kept forerer in reserve
This is a new doctrine and seems not to
hare been thought of before Of course
if reserves are never meant for use they
are money substantially destroyed The
Secretary says that the banker or other
officer who will not use his reserve is as
criminal as the General who will not use
his reserres in battle That is what it is
there for He strongly adrised the bank
ers to tell their people to go on with their
business in the way they are doing and
that they would be doing their share at
the old stind The prosperity of the
American people is not measured by the
price of stocks and bonds but by the out
put of farms and factories and the profi
table employment of labor There is no
reason for i monetary famine and the
Secretary is determined that there shall
be none He would use erery possible
resource of the Treasury to prerent it
Treasurer Roberts supplemented this with
some facts of startling goodness for ex
Let me be content to stand on the
rock bottom of gold Of 2388002178
money in circulation gold in coin and cer
tificates is 1014530078 bank notes are
just less than 400000000 Or again
look at the Treasury holdings The gold
there is to day the largest sum erer re
corded G53000000 Our Treasury holds
three and nine tenths times the amount of
gold belonging to the Bank of England
which is 10G850000 it is more than three
and eight tenths times that of the Imperial
German Bank which is 170371000 or
very nearly three times that of the Austro
Hungnrian Bank which is 221304000
it lacks only SO0OC0O of being equal to
that of both the banks of England and
France which latter holds 494500000
and it exceeds the amounts of Russia Ger
many Belgium and the Netherlands com
These rery comforting statistics of our
National finances and our present prosper
ity arc rock buttressed in a way that would
seem to make it impossible to allow any
serious business distress To day we are
in the souudest position that we have erer
been in and shonld fear trouble less than
at any time in the history of our coontu

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