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National Tribune Patterns
ffaltnble o Any of the New Summer
No 2H5 If one has seen the dainty
new gowns displaced in the shops she
realizes that the jear is one of unusual
fascination In the world of dress So
many of tho new gowns are made
princess that it is a real delight to flnJ
one which is built on other lines The
gown shown was designed by 01c of
Americas foremost artists and has
elicited much praise fiom th fuslilon
critics The waist is of the becoming
surplice stjle with a pompadour yoke
and full or three quarter length sleeves
This is made on a French lining
fectly fitted by darts which extend to
the shoulder The fle piece skirt is
slightly fulled about the waist and hung
over a slip lengthened by a circular
flounce A foulard crepe de chine silk
voile organdie svviss or mull would de
velop the gown pleasingly For the me
dium size lls jards of 36 inch goods
are needed to develop the pattern
No 2145 sizes 30 to 42 inches bust
This pattern Is offered as a special
opportunity to our patrons the waist
and skirt being offered for 10 cents the
price of one pattern
Where eatncss Is Stjle
No 2141 There are such hosts of
elaborate vaists this vear that it is u
pleasure to find one which is trim and
smart without being fussy The up-to-date
woman and girl appreciate the
air of stjle whicli pervades certain plain
shirtwaists and in the present season
specially Uiey realize the appropriate-
mv M
ness for morning and outing wear n
excellent example of the trim good
stIe waist is shown The front is
slightly fulled and finished on the shoul
ders by the edges of the back j oke The
sleeves arc moderately full and com
pleted with narrow stitched cuffs As
to materials one might use airy of the
washing fabrics pongee or an outing
flannel Three and one eighth jards of
36 inch goods are needed for the me
dium size
No 2141 sizes 32 to 42 inches bust
A Blouse of Snmrt Inilli itliialllj
No 2135 Separate waists are of su
preme importance in planning ones
wardrobe and the clever woman will
always seek for designs which aie not
only attractive but individual and
smart Such a blouse is lion and its
simple elegance is Its great charm The
yoke Is of fanciful shape Milched on
both edges and embroidered in front A
guimpe may be of tucked material like
the cuffs or both may be of all over
lace or embroidery Nanow tucks
regulate the fullness of the blouse at
the joke line while a double box pleat
gives the panel effect in front Th
guimpe may be made tcparale if de
sired Linen crash silk or one of the
soft woolens maj serve as material
In the medium size 2Ts jards of 3G
lnch gods aie needed
No 2135 sizes 32 to 42 inches bust
The Smartest or the Xcsr Sutt
Nos 2132 2133 The American wo
man is far too clever not to appreciate
the real attractiveness of the corselet
skirt and trim little bolero and she
has adopted them as tho chief stjle for
her street costumes to be worn during
tho net few months All of these
models are not equally attractive and
we have selected the best of manj for
use bj the home dressmaker The j uit
shown needs no word of commendation
for its excellent lines and practicability
commend it at once to the particular
woman The sleeves are of elbow length
and finished with trim little rolling
cuffs while the nalty vest of silk sets
oft the whole very piettilj The skirt
is circular with a straight front panel
which end at the waist line or
continue to a high corelet height be
ing completed a shaped- girdle which
is joined to it in a seam This mode
of high corselet skirt Is far more
practical for home development than
the other mode which is cut in
one with the skirt for there are no
w unities about the waist in this and
no fussing about the fit of the skirt
where it shapes in at the waist This
btjle is especiallj becoming to the slen
der woman For the medium size 64
jards of 44 inch material are needed
for the suit
Two patterns No 2132 sizes 32 to
42 inches bust measure No 2133
sizes 20 to 30 inches waist
The price of hce patterns is 20 cent
but cithci will be sent upon receipt of
10 cents
A Serviceable pron for a Girl
No 2123 A serviceable apron
for a girl is shown here It can ho
made in high neck with a deep round
j okc and low collar so as to cover the
wearer or finished with just
a round joke band The girl who as
sets her mothei on cleaning daj or in
the kitchen will find the apron inval
uable for protecting her fiocks The
apron buttons in back and readies to
the hem of her dress Two pockets in
fiont aro convenient for the handker
chief and other necessities The gar
ment is so complete that it might serve
a s a working dresson warm daj s Per
cale giiigham or another apron ma
terial might bo used Three and three
quarters j aids of oG lnch goods are
needed for the apt on in the medium
No 2123 M7e 12 to 16 jcars
A Tin IIIhIiiip Jlmei
No 2125 When the little maid is
getting her Mait in life she is quite too
small foi anj thing but Mips and so the
latter form of dies comprises her whole
wardrobe for seveiol months As a
change from the slip we are showing a
I I hr
little bishop dress which may piove
attractive and possible foi the
tiniest maiden Then- aie no armholes
to cut into her Utile soft llesh the
sleeves joining the diess piopor and
gathering dlrectij Into the neck edge
The sleeves are bishop also and thit
means cnmforfablj full with a simple
gathering at the wnl The neck jnay
be left with the plain neckband oi o Iged
with a narrow l lime of lace Anj of
the soft muslins will seive for the drf s
The pattern for the dress requires J4
jards of 30 inch goods
No 2125 one si
Any one or all of the above patterns will be promptly mailed postpaid
upon receipt of 10 cents for each rattcrn Each number represents a separate
pattern Give size number name and address It Is not necessary to write a
Bote if the following coupon is properly filled out
Fashion Department National Tribune Washington D O
For the Inclosed cents tend me the following patterns
Ko j Size No Size
Ka - Size No Size c
No Size No Sizs
Post Office J
j Street No or R F D No
Commander-in-Chief Tanner Iasnes
General Order
Headquarters Grand of the Re
public Fendall Buildlnr Washington
D C April 7 1906 i
General Orders No 7
Memorlnl Day
On the eve of my Departure to the
Southern Western and Pacific Coast
Departments I am reminded of the ear
ly approach of the daj sacred to all
comrades of the Grand of the
Wo have been observing the ever
since our beloved Logan iiibtiluted it
In 1S6S This jear my comrades vve
aro crossing the broad river at the rate
or 5000 a month 60000 a jear soon
the great majority will be sleeping their
last sleep and It is our privilege now
as It has been for so many jears to
loving tribute to their memory by
decoiating their graves with flowers
which starting forth from mother earth
with each recurring Sprlngllir are em
blematic of a resurrection to a gloiious
I am but performing my solemn duty
when I ask all to assist in this loving
service Upon Department and Post
Commanders the duty rests of attending
to tho fitting observance of Memorial
which this jear will fall on
Wednesday Alay 30 Welcome all aux
iliary and allied organizations encour
age school children to attend and as
sist and secure speakcis who in clear
and eloquent language will teach the
lessons of patriotism for which our
comrades gave the last full measure
of devotion
Confederate Graves
Thirty j ears ago whe I vas Depart
ment Commander of New York in a
Memorial Daj order I then Issued I
suggested to the comrades of New York
that wherever from Montauk Point to
Buffalo Confederate soldier had
found sepulcher among us I trusted
that when we went out to lam el the
graves of our Union dead that our com
mon American manhood would prevent
us passing by the graves of our former
opponents without dropping thereon
some floral remembrance Not I
said in honor of their cause for that
vve opposed fought and conquered but
because vve who met them on the field
of battle know that braver men or bet
ter soldiers have not been known since
men were first marshaled In battle
Wc were then scarce a dozen j cars
a vay from Appomattox but the sug
gestion seemed to meet with gen
eral approval To the Order at large I
now make the same sugges
We have retuined the battle stand
ards of the dead to those
who treasure them as sacred memen
tos of their loved ones who died under
them The Congress of the United
States has just unanimously oted
-00000 to care for the graves of those
dead and the heart of the Nation has
said with g eat unanimity it is wen
Unitedly wc march along the
of nations rose bushes blossoming over
and around and the birds nesting In
the mouths of the cannon that once
roared defiance and death at each oth
er the world applauding our conscience
If mothers of the South still sit like
Rachel of old weeping for their chil
dren and refusing to be comforted be
cause they are not let the news go
down to them that on our most sacred
day we feel it a privilege to stand in
the place of their far distant kinsmen
and lovingly mark their last resting
place with Gods sweetest emblem of
peace flowers
The old Flag has been rebaptized
bince 1SC5 with tho blood of the North
and the South alike and the Ship of
State is anchored for all time
The address at Gettj sburg will be
read at all Memorial services
President Lincoln ililrcx nt Gettys
Four score and seven j ears ago our
fathers brought forth on this continent
a new Nation conceived In and
dedicated to the proposition that all
men are created equal
Now we are engaged In a great civil
ar testing whether that Nation or any
nation so conceived and so dedicated
can long endure We are met on a
great battlefield of that war We have
come to dedicate a portion of that field
as a final resting place for those who
heie gave their lives that that Nation
might live It is altogether fitting and
proper that we should do this
But in a larger sense vve cannot
dedicate vve cannot consecrate wc
cannot hallow this ground The brave
men living and dead who struggled
here have consecrated It far above our
poor power to add or detract The world
will little note nor long lemember what
we here but it can never forget
what they did here It is for us the
living rather to be dedicated here to
the unfinished work which who
fought here have thus far po nobly
advanced It Is rather for us to be
hero dedicated to the gieat task re
maining before us that from these
honoied dead we take increased devo
tion to that cause for which thej gave
the last full measure of devotion that
v e here resolve that these dead
shall not have died in vain that this
Nation under God shall have a new
birth of freedom and that government
of the people by the people for the
people shall not perish from the earth
James Tanner Commander-in-Chief
John Tvvecdale Adjutant General
nncnmpment of Hie Department of en
Department Commander James M
Snyder of N Y having ascer
tained that it would be Impossible for
the hotels at Saratoga Springs to be
open on June 13 14 and 15 has an
nounced a change In the date of the
Encampment which has been post
poned to June 20 21 and 22
a woxnnnnjri nusixis cox
How the Chicago Iloune Wreiklni Com-
jmn SttlngM Million Dollar lienM
anil SelN GooiIm to If
er nt leM Than the Cot
of Manufacture
The Chicago House Wrecking Com
pany 13 the largest concern of its kind
In the world and the business done bv
It runs away up in the millions everj
vcar While It lias bought and wrecked
cvry worlds fair kIiich 1S93 including
the Chicago Buffalo Omaha and St
Iouls Expositions Its business Is not
confined to the wrecking of houses bj
any means This gre it oncf rn bus
bankrupt stocks of foods of all kinds at
SlierlffH and receivers sales all over the
and supplies hundreds of tbou
s nidi of customers with very thing
needed for tho farm and homo It buvs
In such Immense quantities and Is able
to swing big deals tliat no other com
pinj can handle that in most cases this
ronipany can nx us own price in inijing
Its eoods and cell there fore simnlv Its
customers with goods at less than the
atinl cost of m inuficture Tlieio isnt
an article that goes onto the farm or
into tlio Homo tint tins uompiny is not
able to supply to Its cuxtomci at n
gieat sivlng of monej Furniture of
every description household article of
every kind and character lumber wire
nail tools and farm Implements of all
kinds engines boilers machinery of
very kind In the world all kinds of
piping bith room outfits carpets rugs
1 1 1 1 Kitcnen uienaiis uesKs outco
furniture roofing wire netting barbed
wlie posts windows doors blinds sash
etc these are Just a few of the differ
ent kinds of ni tides tint this gieat con
cern Is supplvirig to Its thousands of
eiihtomers daily at an immense saving
No one who biijs articles for tho farm
and home can afford to overlook this
opportunity to obtain nil that Is needed
at such a great saving As It costs
nothing to get their catalogue voil
should write for It without delay
The Chicago House Wiecklng Compau
Is saving its customers thousinds of
dollars every week Win- not ou
Send vour name and address to-div- to
The Chicago House Vre king Company
witt anu iron ai1 cjiuchko in and
their large Illustrated catalogue will be
mailed ou free of charce showing these
thousands of articles and the wonderful
upeclal bargains that means dollars In
the pocket to everyone who buys from
Mr Abjle A AdnmnNfttlonnt President
of the Womans llftlictf Corpa laltlnK
Department Touching Scenes
Mrs Abbie A Adams National Pres
ident of the W RCwas a guest of
the Department of iMlnncsota at their
recent Annual Convention at Minne
apolis Sho writesfenthuslastlcallj of
the Convention saylngPthat It was one
of which the Department could well be
proud characterized1 as it was bj the
most pertect nnrniony and courtesy
The President of the Denartment Mrs
Mary E Pljmat wongoldon opinions
her grace and dignity and tho great
tact displajed in her rulings Besides
Mr Adams the guests of honor were
Mrs Clara Lukms Department Presi
dent of Soutli Dakota Mrs Loduskj
J Tajlor Past National Presides- Mrs
C F McDonald of St Cloud Minn
and Mrs nil Torrance
The report of the President showed
the Department to bo In a con
dition in all lespects The principal
work In hand at tho present time is the
furnishing of the new building at the
Soldiers Home for which tho sum of
5000 la being raised Mrs I
Starkweather Chairman of the Sol
diers Home Board outlined the pro
posed plan for tho work and believed
that the was lu sight
The plan provides for contributions
from Corps in the State each be
ing limited to 50 Each room will
bear the name of the Corps making the
contribution together with that of the
town where the Corps is located By
associating the name of the town with
that of the Corps considerable local
pride is aroused and In numerous cases
bodies or business men representing the
towns interests havo taken it upon
themselves to assist their local Corps In
the matter The State of Minnesota
has given 75000 to build the Home
and the wives and mothers of veterans
will be admitted
A touching scene was enacted at the
Convention when a Toll call of Corps
was made for the purpose of securing
the 50 pledges Nearly everj Corps
tesponded and enthusiasm was un
bounded After the roii call the iijnin
Praise God from whom all blessings
flow was sung so great was the joy
and thanksgiving
The election of officers passed off
without special incident the con
test being for the Delegate-at-large A
complete list of officers has not been
received thus far but Mrs Ida K Mar
tin of Minneapolis was elected Presi
dent Mrs Martha Gordon of St Paul
Senior Vice President Mrs Kosa
Uausch of Howard Lake Junior Vice
President Mrs Marj Thelan of Still
water Treasurer and Mrs Aurilla Mc-
Brldo of Fergus Falls Chaplain
On tho evening of the first day of
the Convention a reception was ten
dered by the local W It C to the ls
iting Delegates and those of the G A
It in the dining room of the Nocollet
Hotel Upwards or 500 wero present
The guests wero received by the De
partment oillcers nnd prominent vis
itors The room waft beautifully deco
rated with the N41Ional colors and
dainty lefreshmentt were served
By invitation of the President or the
University of Minnesota Mrs Adams
was a guest at chapel during her stay
In Minneapolis andfaduressed the stu
dents jK j
The Department Convention over the
work of prepaiing for tbfi National Con
vtntion will bo takyi up with ji will
and much progress fWpl soon bo re
ported p j
The following Department Conven
tions are announced New- Hamp
shire at Concord April 18 and
19 California and fvevaila May a m
Missouri May 13 IC Yvcst Virginia
May 16 18 Indiana afIifaj ette May
22 24 Colorado andWypmInr May
Illinois atu3ale3burgr liIaj 23 and 21
Maino June Iova at Boone June
5 7 Pennsylvania at Altoona June 5 7
New at Paterson June 13 and
14 Ohio Juno 12 15 Oregon at
Grants Pass June 20 22 New York at
Saratoga June 20 22
Department of Maryland G A It
The Annual Encampment of the De
partment of Marj land held in Balti
more Anrll 9 10 elected the following
ofiicers and Delegate to the Natl nal
Encampment Commander George
Prechtel S V C John T Holmes J
V C Cyrus Seais Medical Director
Dr Lane Tanorhill Chaplain It v
J Wjnne Jones D D Counsel of Ad
ministration George J Finh John J
Henry Appier Aqullla Reese
Ciro gc Brlghtman Delegate-at-large
l the National Encampment Col
J Vannort Alternate Wm E
wlth Delegates K C Sunstiom
Woodfin Mimfie Eluard W Welsh II
E Challis Alternates W S Drach
John A Samuel Gamble Joshua
W Thomas Comrrandcr Prechtf 1 ap
pointed John A Th impson Assistant
Adjutant GenTal John C Eidman
Quartermaster Geneial The nevvty
electcd officers w ere Installo I by Past
Depaitment Commander George W
Johnson The retiring Department Com
mander Gen Richard N Bovverman
was presented with a beautiful Jew
eled badge Past
John R King making the presantatlon
the rlh 1 at Hull linn
The Veteran Association of tho 5th
N Y Duijeas Zouivcs Is actively en
gaged In the woik of collecting funds
to erect a proper monument to the
regiment where It performed its most
heroic seivlce on the battlefield of the
Second Bull Run The New York Leg
Isiatuie has approprated 1500 to aid
In the project the has been se
lected and purchased and the details
of the constiuction have been pushed
forward as lapldly as possible How
ever the amount of money so fai laised
Is insufficient and it has been deter
mined to appeal to the survivors of
the splendid old regiment Contribu
tions can be sent to James B Fiske
118 West 10th St New York
City The Secretary wants cspcclallj
ail former members of the icgiment
whose addi esses ho has not jet ob
tained to fend them to him without
HhiiIm uitw Dcntli
Hdltor National Tribune In jour
sketch of the 24th N Y Civ in issue
or Jan 25 last eay The first
Colonel was William C Ruulston who
was missing in ricTioVl Tho same
statement occurred Iff former issue
and I thought tin n IstMc of tho friends
oe the Colonel wotilil 9 correct It but
if have It has ndaped notice
If the record at Wasltlnklon is as ahovc
it should be coneclUd lit onre
Col Raulston was killed in T ibv
Prison He was one of the officers who
led the attempt to rnsVtr e guaid and
escape C L Mcrcoreffu of Scranton
was another officer and stood besl e
Itaulston and helped Wjn upstulis Col
Uckert of PlttstonfVas another and
there is still a thiidrrirrn living in New
York Stale who wasrnfao present If
it is debited I will ask Comrade 3Ier
cerau to write out a statement of the
affair and have it also certliied bj the
other tvvo conn ados and ask the De
paitment to file the same to corrept
the lecords Missing Is quite indefin
ite and susceptible of adverse construc
tion and should not bo allowed to stand
where a man died such a heroic death
as did Raulston I am surprised that
the lecords of his regiment do not show
that he was tuken pilsoner Charlei
R Smith lS4th N Y Scranton Pa
In the sketch of tho 24th N Y Cav
ii New York in the War of the Re
bellion is the following note
Col William C Ruulston was cap
lured by the enemy Sept 23 18C4 In
an attempt to escape of which he was
the leader he was shot Dec 10 1861
by a rebel Fentlnel at Danville Va anrf
from tho effects of thli would he diet
Dec 15 1861 Editor National Trib
Instead of
the Usual 3A
urov hay toe nv xinn
X in 7mr business m a gtlaflea customer w bo
experience with yon has been cntlrtl uiUfticiorr I
And th Initualrlnl prs lts vlthdrawal fnntln j
Eromplly as It does lu dlrlitends and ulionld my new
iL Jutu projptr I heps to be obis to pUc more funds
with rou
Army and Ifayy men wbo aro dI atUfled wllu 2
to per cent on tbelr rarlngs bnt are determined to
nrold atxrulsllon can profitably carry a reall
account Willi tbls Company Ibo methods ne have
pursued for Hyesre our -steady accumutatlnuoraMen
now nearly 110000001 and iba tjet that we orrat
under New ork Hanking Department supervision
Inplr confidence and multiply our clients In every
nartof tbecounto VVo paySper cent per annum
from day recelred to do withdrawn fund s ibject
to 3 our control
On request we will Fend yon with tbo wriierV
nan s many letter one me aoov
from retired oMlcers bInesa and
profcrsonal men some of them
doubilcu In jour locality
Write To diy lor Booklet
JVssi ti 9l730O
tslabhshed thirteen years
IndastrUI Savior sal Loss Co
Zt Times Bulldlni Bniasraj
New York City
Terrible Destruction With n Ilenvy Iain
of Life
ilount Vesuvius near Naples Is the
most famous volcano in the world A
large portion of it fame comes from Its
destruction in the jear 1j of two popu
lar Roman watering places and Sum
mer resorts Herculaneum and Pom
pell Since then there have been occa
sional considerable eruptions separated
by long Intervals of time but most of
the time the crater gives no other sign
of activity than a column of smoke and
steam which rises In calm weather to
the height of 1000 feet The result of
this quiescence is that the dense popu
lation around Naples pushes up the
mountain side far hejond the danger
line Last week occurred an eruption
greater than anj thing which has hap
pened since 1872 and which can led
teiror to the whole Kingdom of
Tho King and Queen hurried thither to
pfford relief to the sufferers and large
bodies of troops were sent to do what
could be done to the ravages These
threw up breastworks against the lava
and did good work in digging out the
people from the ashes which had over
whelmed their houses
Tho blast from the crater was bo
stiong that It ruse to a height of 4000
feet and fine dust was piojectcd up
ward 23000 feet or about five miles
Though composed of vapor the
main column was brilliantlj illuminated
Horn below and looked like Hame Im
mense stones led hot or white hot
v ere ejected and lolled down the adja
cent slopes to a distance of a mile or
two Small masses of lava exploded
owing to the steam inside of them with
a noise like Immense quanti
ties of dust and ashes were discharged
and Tell to a deptli or seveial feet in
some places This deposit of cinders
blocked the roads and broke through
man ioof
Theie weio stream of lava flowing
n almost every direction some from
breaks in the rim of the old crater and
some fiom new openings or llssmes in
tho sides near the top The main How
was southward In the path
vas the town of Bosco Trevasc which
was entirely ovei whelmed though not
until most of Its 10000 inhabitants had
lied It then pushed on tow aid other
large centers of population on the verj
edge of the Bay of Naples it alo
threatened the lulnctl city of Pompeii
which it will be remembered suffered
from ahes not lava These
had been dug out a centurj or more
ago Theie was danger this time that
it would he bulled in another kind of
material less to remove Parti j
in consequence of the hasty election of
haulers and partly because the lava
cooled and moved mote slowly than at
first Pompeii was aved The inhab
ited villages on tho coast escaped too
though were deserted
before the Hood leached their
nlghborhood So did Ottojino to the
It Is a curious fact that most of the
deaths lesulting from tills eruption were
caused by the ashes The
enormous accumulations of tills nu
teilai on the roofs of buildings caused
them to collapse In at lcist two in
stances a church at San Giuseppe and
a huge maiket in Naples 10 miles from
the crater a large number of persons
were collected in a single structuie The
majority of thein will recover from the
harm done to them hut 200 or 300
deaths have been caused such acci
dents It Is estimated that fiom 100000
to 150000 persons who lied from their
ordinal j abodes ate home
Recovered His Fin
A lequest in The National Tiibune
smie time ago for Thomas n lllmeg
Co K 21bt X Y Cav has been the
means of restoring to him a bilver
identification pin made of a quarter-
dollai Mis Shaw of Iscw market Va
while walking over her husbands farm
-aw WMiiPthlng shining in tho soil and
digging it up found it to bo this iden
tification pin She gave it to David It
IrailTohnMtosvn who realized the sen
timental worth to Its owner and put
ar iiHiuiry in The Xalional Tribune for
him CotnraisIIimeM is noted in and
around Troy N Y a3 the Shoestring
Alan since he follows the business of
peddling those useful articles on the
siieets He lesponded to the inquiry
and Comiadc Uijan who was First Set
geaiit of Co A flst Ia and Is Past
Commander of llmorv Fisher Post
Johnstown Pa celehiatcd Ground Hog
Uay by pending the treasured memento
haqk to its owner
ltenntnn of lie 21 Ohio II A
Comrade T M Sechler Secietaiy of
fhe 2d Ohio Heavy Artillery Asocia
lon Moilne 111 announces that the
nnual Iteunlon will ho held in G A
ft Hail next door to City Hall Wednes
day July 4 beginning at 1030 a in
In the Sonny South
Charles Gray Donaldson v Me La
has been traveling over the South for
30 jears and observing the
people He noticed flrst that evcrj
vvhere and all the lime there Is a strong
pieforence given to the Confederate
veterans in all offices and employment
to which practice there is not n dis
senting olce He cannot understand
why the Government should be more
ungrateful to the Union soldiers The
Southern people are extremely parti
san and the doctrine of no North no
South exists on raper If a
Northern capitalist comes South he Is
taken In hand and shown all the gilt
edge Investments and given a good
time or if an influential politlciai
comes and proposes the care of Con
federate grav s the Improvement of
the waterwajs or the building of larger
Governmentbuildingshe 13 received with
a brass band and speeches are made
telling him of their lojalty and love
and how close he Is to their left ribs
The scene soon changes and the music
dies down to a growl and a curse if a
Northerner comes down there seeking
emplojment He must not expect It
under the National Government Those
places belong to tho ex Confederate
There are not many old solJIers In
his part of Louisiana but not so
Republican votes as there are oince
holders The appointments are recom
mended members of the Legislature
from those who have helped them anu
the ReDresentatlvcs and Senators con
trol the patronage In the interests of
the Democrats In Georgia there is
X flTlif oCAFATl
EA s NAP L E 3 o
Capri Gj
quite a Republican vote and Re
publicans are in office Representative
Livingstone of Georgia will work just
as haid to get a union veteran employ
ment as he would a Democrat but he
Is about the one
soGiALissm tt rUriwor
yourself A copy of tho International Socialist
Ieviow and a sixty fonr page book on Socialism
mailed for 10 cents If you mention this paper
Chables II Keer i Co 2M E Kinzio bt Chicazo
Classified Advertisements
A CANXIXO nUSIXKS fartlcjlarj
forstamp C JT Warford enburgh Jf V
This BOOK ts the result or M years exper
ience and tells nil about Patents Illustrates
100 Mechanical 3Ioveme its and contains a
I ult History of all the Great Mony Maklne
Inventions of the Centurj Itook TKEE to
OMEVHA it BROCK Talent Attorneys
UI9 i Street VV ashlngton I C
Sivo couro
will entitle
nny one with
to receive by return mail FRED TO
Van VWks wonderful 3 fold Ab
soiption Treatment together with
our valuable new book in colors
All plain wrapped
Onlj one trial package to one address
Every person cutting out and sending
us the above coupon at once wljl get
lree to trj our complete new three
fold nhsorptloii cure for Piles Ulcer
Fissure lrolnpsr 1 nniors Cunstlpntlon
and all rectal ttoubles If jou are fullj
satisfied with the benefit received von
can send us one dollar If not jou have
only to s aj so and it costs jou nothing
j on decide nftei a thorough trial It is
curing avert eases of 30 and -10 enr
HtaiidTng a well as all the e irllei
stages Act now and save yourself pei
haps untold suffeiing for piles lead to
listuia and tne ucauiy cancer unr three
fold treatment curls to stay cured be
cause It Is constitutional as well as lo
cal and we want jou to tty It at our
expense Send no monej just the cou
ponto Dr Van VIeck Co S C 21 Mn
jesllc Bldg Jackson Mich Write
The ncTcr falling treatment used b uirhusbind
thelste LraK larker Veteran of the 1iul War
for w years In ha huccessful treatment of Debility
Weakness Uclaxailon or Irritnbillty IhLs gnat
remedy cures Rheumatism Iun Riuk Dcseascs of
thaKlifjey flinldcrnn 1 1 iver It has no equal and
Isphlo Ilsuerits lu anv suffprer actinic In otxl
fUrth I will M nd n SIV liv TltlAI lllIiVl
JIENT 1 REIi CJenJ c s amp for postijc Read
what one of many cured rmlfcriits rites
For scleral years I sulfered from VVtaUncs Iim
II le Kidney and llstlder trouble I nra no sev
eral months after taking tho I artee Rcnifdy com
pletely curihl I urn C3 years old and a veteran of the
Warof the Rebellion VV s Hum ri u
Oil S WarnoVve I ort Woiie InU
Mrs II C IVItrnil 83 A M loleloO
SXClCl any case Ihat Untior
tobacco and Cicaretle Remetlies in ho-
uid turn fall to c ire either vith or
without patients knowledge 5o rtnts
and fl 1 ablet form alsj lulled
on recc pt oi pile
jiuuv upium iioriuili e nnu ysuj
Cocidna dKease I cannut mre In at- -
meutat nome ithout pthi or I sof time Piyon
instailmenis lilt II Kill II Mnccalis hi
Xefvous PUea es 811 JI st fOIl Iif Olitn
T OsINO VOOB tthll
When pbisicat seri In h rcaen
Inzan I the mild Itnls2rlnthe re orMtWe lowers
or Juven plus istrt themselves bv fcdhutli nerve
rcacbln every fuuci 1 1 of the hum in orsuls n ittv
hurefrehini sleep apnc lie strength and ti dtb A
trlalriiicI proses thIr far re icbinj ePUcj 01
sent only by C I Hchii Co Hunts sarsapa
rllla Lowell Maas on receipt of til J id vt an 1 II
Classified Advertisements
VjVll StvorK tIelK Cav Kank rfae
tirave Has lluntin 1 U Mlt n 1 Du iilu 1aradi
Flan 1omplrte Printed Mllw Hi moun ed ant
unmounted fir VVItf and Ia1 ei of OV1L 3Ic
ruunen an t Ouhloas lirel prtcci In the V a 1 1
Eoodior the ben materia and ttorraanibi
Ilrl 111 lTonl IlunlluBT t lws
Sll feet JiR 6 feet Mil Sit fct IILV
sis feet 160 exurm av xureet list
Ii leet J0I axil Vet 715 13iivret 1JS4
til feet 34X 7xtl feet S21 SlH fee Mil
U4 feet Sal 7x11 fet 9SL 10x15 fe t 1V3I
Si feet 411 SU feer 9L 10v2lfrtt 17 Jl
JxlOfect SII SxH fret 10 1 ifo5t SJM
iande ie 4 xS tee Jt0 5 feet HV
Pram Hie aliif prim e nil allow n
pcclil dUr Mint or J per rent rhU matev
twr prlcct the lowct In Die I s jtt I S Bunt ix
K MelUg6r orSvS with Jointed ooK eaIe belt
ailu9ciiipbte Y let nanner llk farad
KUc Ia ttolor jxi ulieJIL embroidered man
Jtt trinje tawets Jointed pole eajle beltcov er
coinplef 09 or size 6iS trimmed ai above coai
pe e iS01
mtwi ii i4
Made of mm In printed In brtjit color tvhh name
liumberandlocnll ii of lt prlntet in blatlnLon
stripe an I mouuU d on stroi vlcln
atU I iche 4 pf Kroi f ft per half sriyn ytol
Hiiche per ercK1 coo per halfcro
lltit Inches per crtw 700 per halfKruss t
HC VVIUioitt Irlntliic
axllIncheMrgrvS23 KxHJVO Ilxi f VOX
I la tins matlcct for th purpote nhwlutely fat
guaranteed not to fad In ix months mounted
on atalned stafn with tilt per brad
IIxH Incliev lain per gros aJ 15x71 Inches
per gross fuxo UtH Inches with printing per
grms JIIO p rhalf croa JTTX 18x71 Inches with
printing irirof II7J0 prhlf eris sa
VVbl t musltus streamers ivltb name efc of roil
printed on instead of on nsxssame price as printed
llajs loo Is siit V II or cah b secornpuiy
order Send for catalogue of othr flass and supplies
8S anau street 7s e a Vork
1 HooU Seller ilu Wes Wh street Clilcaxo Can
PPty you with nearly an cool In print tataloc of
Civil War boos fre
BEAUnrritA loiokeii
Cards t for 25 cents
l comrades who knew
misii roi vr
John Slllon Mllferd Conn
73 PAiii foh nvm is qivistmm
S fj Keep nil money roned before IS7V and iwnd
V cents at once fur a set of I com and tamp vali e
txWs It may mean a fortun to you Address
C F UaiLc Aeent ioo n I eltoy X V
and oher rallnad t xpertenc unnece ao
Hremen JIM bcime enjlneersand rani fiv month
ly lrattmen S7S become Conductors ind cam S13U
btate ase Send stamp am praltlou preferred
llroolln X
NtfTMitri nr nt iitmL t tfTa
handsom21ajtnotectrtcComIrs nndltteraturs
telllnabntit agents money makers M rv Elt
jli x 3lt UZ state 3t reVlu 111
eo r A WK K AND EKPFA sKS to mn lth
VU t rlgsto In rotuce our Poultry floods
OBtt OX CO ivpt K Iarsons Kan
MARRIAOC TVPEIt FISEF mos reliable puV
llsheJ Eastern Agency W ISrMceport Conn
when married retr plan send no money r or par
Uculirsaddre seittclub IJpt IS Tecmua Jllch
rpEX CENTS FOR VVOItJt Ct RE fifteen
JL cents each for Rheumatism or Fever
J Walsh lies Tenth Arc VV est -cattle Wash
17VOR TEX CEXT3 I WIM bEXI postpaid
pint package finest Oriental Hair Tonic and
also a reliable formu a purely vesetable to MDaren
and Restore Gray Har
VV V JOnXsTOX Qniacy I1L
considered Tlie hUhest possible allowance se
curedbyappljlnglo R W SHOPtEIL
lension AttDmey VV ahmton I C
cojir vnn nnciiviNo rEs th cs i
ahould Inform me of the nnmber of his pension
certificate the rate per month h Is senilis alo th
day and year of bU birth Then I nill write t ttn hovr
to get an Increase It VV suoiILLL Tension
Attorney Washington D C
O claims for pension Writeme at once after death
of husband sending mo his pen on certificate I will
collect what Is due him for you and get you the high
est pens n allowance for yourself It VV
iiij lension Attorney v astnnffton v
tended to bj an old soldier 13 years a Pensloa
Attorney Address Ira VV Tooton OalUpolis Ohio
lir ANTiD The addresses of John
TT Huston Corpl Edwin Clark First
Serg t Grittlu and Serges North and
VIlon of Battcrr I Cth II A Art
Spanish American War Address Iorrcst
E And ens Canton Ia
lirANTHD The address of Geo K
Iinciee Captain Co I 3th Regi
ment V II
vana O
C by Samuel S Smith Ha
TTAXTEI The addresses of members
V of Co G 1st WW Cav I have
made an application for pension and
nefd allldivits from some of my old com
pany Thomas Anmison care of C A
rtrigliton Uranam loiing County lev
addresses of two
James Smith
Co D 107th la while In the ieixlce
and after service knew him a1 Jfcnry
Chapman Address Tj rell Hennessy
Grass Valley Col
TrANrnD The nddreses of Cnpt
V Lupton Lieul AS hltncy Orderly-
Sergt S iniiicl Goul all of Co B 45th
Ia Address David Adams Alechanics
bmg O
The addiess of AVm
who ed in Co D
14th Wis Last heard of about 30 v ears
ago at Bamioek Idaho Address
John Evans bejmour Iowa
V7AJTED The address of Col
TT Clair of the Cth Pa lleserv e
Address D D AVellsboro la
TTAiTnD Tho addressts of members
of Co IC 3d AV Va Cav by JI O
Clutter Box 2s Benton Mo
TTAXTID Tho address of Israel Tj
V lor who enlisted from Iavette
til regiment unknown Address
W M Tajlor Hagarstown III
lrASfKD The addresses of members
of Co L Slst Ohio especiallj the
artdt esses of John Mejgl John Brimi
field Chas AVaggner and Chas ISo e
Addiess James Stratton Tiimble O
WANTfil i The addresses of members
of the 2d L S Inf also the ni
di ess of Capt If S Hawking Co G Cth
V S Inf bv James Iiwton Sergeant
Co I d V S Inf Scioto O
The addrcs of Col John
V C Aloou who coinmandid the
listh L s C t by erg t itonert Hop
kins Co C ItSth U S C T
ville Ind
iTrAXTEl The name of the orderlj
V of Col Peter A Porter in June
IsCl bv Kugeno Ij IJabcock Co A 8th
Jf Y 11 A tiasport X Y
ITT AXTEU The addresses of membets
V or Co B l 3d Ohio also Informa
tion regirdlng J bpangler who
scived in that command Address Benj
F Skinner 91 Clinton Ave Jcisey City
T7 VXrEI The addiess of the Snr
Y geon of the 15Jd Ind who wan
with the command at Camp Pratt in
September 1853 Address John Kisling
Muncie Ind
iirANTED A position as cook or gea
V eral utility man preference posi
tion with some comrade who is living In
the South Anthony Deuussa Co D
C5th Pa tare of The National Tribune
Washington T C
WAXTKO Tho addiess of anv pa
who has knowledge of Willi
IJarroot who enlisted at i eoria III in
the jenr 1S47 or 1S4S and served during
the Mexican War The last information
bis lelatives had of him was a litter
retoved while his comp was cioss
In the plains Address Itcv G J Bar
tic baugh Peoria Ill
JXruitJIATIOX of A Lincoln Tost 4
ii Cliaiies liiocK uenver coio wunts
to know In what regiment and eompanj
Ilcnt Albert L Brovvn served He en
listed at Springfield HI earls in thn
war His papers were all destroyed b
rrr and his widow needs the number ot
hi3 regiment and company

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