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C Tlio Senate without debate or dlvi
Ion has voted to indefinitely postpone
a Joint resolution providing for an
amendment to the Constitution which
would permit Congress to enact uni
form laws for marriage and divorce
The resolution was reported adversely
from the Committee on Judiciary by
Senator Nelson The action has the ef
fect of defeating the resolution
President Roosevelt has directed the
incorporation of the Naval regulations
clause providing that when any vessel
I of the Navy passes up or down the Po
tomac River by Mount Vernon the ships
bugler shall sound taps the ships
bell shall be tolled and the marines on
duty shall present arms It has always
been the custom for a part of this little
ceremony to be carried out but there
has never been any regulation making
It necessary for officers to follow the
There was in session in Washington
all of last week the -National Associa
tion of Special Agents of Railway Com
panies of the United States These are
the railway police of the country
Among the various subjects that wero
up for general discussion was that of
train hold ups and the best way to pre
venr them The Association in this con
nection had a meeting with Represen
tative Julius Kahn of San Francisco
who introduced the pending train hold
Tip bill in the House The Association
also considered the best means of deal
ing with fraudulent claim cases co
operation with the Government police
and detective services the best method
of doing away with boomers and bum
thieves and the proper way of handling
Juvenile offenders
There was also a special shooting
match for a handsome gold medal va
rious trips through the suburbs of
Washington and a banquet
The House had a monument day last
week the bills making appropriations
for the construction of monuments
throughout the country to commemo
rate historic happenings or personages
having been favorably reported upon by
the Committee ou Library being called
by their sponsors The following monu
ments were authorized At Province
town Mass to commemorate the land
ing of the Pilgrim fathers on Kings
Mountain battleground Tork County S
C to commemorate a battle of the
Revolution fought there Oct 7 1780
tor a monument on the battlefield of
Princeton N J for a monument to the
memory of John Paul Jones to be
erected in Washington for a statue to
the memory of Commodore John Barry
-to be erected in Washington for a
foronze statue to the memory of Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow to be erected in
Mr Williams leader of the minority
In the House who has been conducting
a remarkable filibuster against the
House and Speaker because of the fail
ure to report the Statehood bill confer
ence report has let up for a time now
that the conference report has been
submitted and says he will givtf the
Speaker a reasonable time in which to
give the House a chance to act on the
report The Democrats have suffered
quite as much from the filibuster as the
Henry Jackson Bright one of the few
Eurvivors of the famous Guiteau jury
died last week at his home in this city
llr Bright had suffered nearly three
years from heart trouble supplemented
toy Brights disease and dropsy
Among the railroad detectives attend
ing the National Convention last week
was A T Canada of Cheyenne Wya
He has the unique distinction of being
in command of the only regularly or
ganized band of train robber hunters in
the United States
I have eight men in the troop said
Mr Canada who are employed by the
Union Pacific Railroad Company for the
sole purpose of being always in readi
ness to start on the trail of train rob-
The equipment consists of nine of
the best horses that money can buy
eight for the men to ride and one to
carry provisions and ammunition Then
every one of the eight men is an experi
enced plainsman a dead shot and fear-
tless of danger Besides this we have a
special car equipped for both horses
ana men ready at a moment s notice to
take us to the point where the man hunt
is to commence The horses are trained
similar to fire department horses so
that they will readily enter the car and
lie down at command My men are
or the kind that you read about but sel
dom see They can follow a trail at
breakneck speed that an inexperienced
man could not find by crawling on his
nanus ana Knees
The train robbers are thinning out
in the West Mast of them arp plfhor
dead or In the penitentiary The Curry
uiif inai miiue so mucn trouble Is no
more Some of the boys were brisk
ei ough to hold up their hands when re
quested to do so by my men They are
in prison timers did not have their
foresight They are In the cemetery
We didnt get home until morning
Is the song that Miss Edith Roosevelt
and a number of her young friends are
hinging Miss Roosevelt chaperoned by
Miss Hagncr the White House Social
Secretary took a large party of official
young people on a picnic party down
the Potomac using the pretty little
Government yacht Mayflower They had
their picnic all right but when they
boarded the Mayflower to return she
was left stuck in the mud by the going
out of the tide and couldnt be budged
Not an inch would she move and so
after a good deal of delay and not a
little dismay the whole party was taken
In rowboats to meet the up river steam
er from Marshall Hall and finally land
ed in Washington Mis3 Ethel says It
was a heap of fun
A bill has been Introduced in the
House appropriating 20000 to build a
monument to the memory of Gen Law
ton who fell in the Philippines
In the House the other day Mr Mur
phy of Missouri Introduced a bill nro
viding for the free expression of Rep
resentatives in Congress on bills meas
ures resolutions and rules and for pun
ishment for interfering therein
The bill makes it a felony punishable
by two years imprisonment and dis
qualification to hold any office of profit
or trust for any Representative or
Kpeaker in Congress to promise to sup
port or Influence the passage of any
bill in return for his support for any
oiner measure
It has come to the ears of Mr Mur
phy and others that all sorts of deals
are being made between members of
the House and the Senate to effect a
compromise on the Statehood proposi
tion that will join Arizona ind ew
Mexico into one State One of these
reports was that members of she House-
were telling Senators If they would re
cede from their amendment to toe
House Joint Statehood bill and accept
me Mouse uin the snip subsidy bill
which passed the Senate some time ago
and which is at present held tightly in
the room of the House Committee
would be brought out and put on ts
passage before adjournment Mr Mur
phy had this and other deals whicn
the insurgents say are being engineered
in view when he introduced his bill
Colorado is going to celebrate in No
vember the discovery of Pikes Peak
The celebration will be at Denver but
for excursion purposes to places of In
terest Denver will only be the center
of activity Colorado has drawn one
great big card already President
Roosevelt will attend the celebration
and speak That means that tho Stato
will scarcely hold the crowds Nobody
has consulted the weather prophet to
ascertain what brand of weather will
be dished out next November It Is
safe to say however that it will be as
cold as Greenland so that will chill the
crowds a little and yet if the sun likes
it can shine as soft as in July even up
there close to the Continental Divide in
Here Is something of interest which
Justice David Brewer of the United
States Supreme Court gave utterance
to at the Mohonk Peace Conference
He said that the United States could
stop armament with absolute safety
and that no other nation on earth is so
well situated to do it
The theory that Manila and San
tiago led to Portsmouth he continued
is epigrammatic but I fear that It will
not bear the test of history No nation
will attack us Many a foreign dlplo
mat I know feels that this is a Nation
that it is not safe to attack If we lim
ited our armaments we could go to The
Hague and say We are doing it Fol
low in our footsteps
Representative Murphy of Missouri
who has been nursing a grouch ever
since the Statehood bill fight is the au
thor of a bill to provide for the free
expression of Representatives In Con
gress on bills measures resolutions and
rules and for punishment for interfer
ing therein The bill makes it a fel
ony punishable by two years of impris
onment and disqualification to hold any
office of profit or trust for any Repre
sentative or Speaker in Congress to
promise to support or influence the pas
sage of any bill
Daniel N Lockwood a well known
lawyer and former member of Congress
from the Buffalo District died there
last week He nominated Clei cland
for Mayor of Buffalo in 1881 nominated
him for Governor of New York In 1882
and in the National Democratic Con
vention of 1884 nominated him for the
Presidency Indeed he may be said to
have made Cleveland
The body of Senator Gorman was
laid awav In beautiful Oak Hill Ceme
tery with the simplest of ceremonies
He hated pomp and ostentation and
would not have a Senatorial funeral
More and more the sensible men of the
country are growing to dislike that sort
of thing It would be a blessing if the
Congressional funeral could be eternal
ly barred
There Is a feeling of resentment
among members of Congress just now
and tne President hears from it every
little while It Is isaid that the Presi
dent has instituted a secret investiga
tion into the personal habits ana ways
of life of every Postmaster in the Unit
ed States It is said that if the Presi
dent finds that any of them are living
beyond their little old salary without
visible reason why things are going to
happen Several members declare that
things will happen it tne President
comes Into their Districts with his Be
cret investigations
There is to be a great time in Phfla
delphia June 18 and 19 the 50th anni
versary of the first Republican National
Convention The National League of
Republican Clubs has the thing in
hand Speaker Cannon has promised
to be present and to deliver an address
The committee also called on Vice
President Fairbanks to request that he
make an address on the occasion of this
jubilee and made a similar request of
Secretary Shaw who has agreed to
speak Mr Moore Chairman of the
Committee stated that they expected
there would be 12000 men in the pa
rade on the 19th instant Many o the
States of the Union will be represented
at this convention
The first Republican National Con
vention nominated for President John
C Fremont known throughout the
country as the Pathfinder The plat
form adopted denounced both polyg
amy and slavery
The United States battleship Louis
iana was placed in commission at the
Norfolk Navy Tard last week Tho
Louisiana sailed for New York for her
three- and six Inch guns and from
there will go to New Orleans where she
will be presented with a handsome sil
ver service the gift of the people of the
State of Louisiana
It Is proposed to have her In readi
ness to sail for New Orleans about the
last week in August
The Louisiana is of 16000 tons dis
placement The nearest vessel of her
size in active service is the Rhode
Island commissioned on April 17
which Is of 14948 tons Not only Is
the Louisiana larger but her arma
ment Is more powerful She carries in
the main battery four 12 inch breech
loading rifles eight 8 lnch and 12 7
Inch The 20 3 Inch 14 pounder rapid
lire guns 12 3 pounder semi automatic
guns six 1 pounder automatic two 1
pounder semi automatic two 3 Inch
field pieces two machine guns caliber
30 and six automatic guns caliber 30
The big 12 lnch guns are mounted
in pairs in two electrically controlled
balanced elliptical turrets on the cen
ter line one forwaid and one aft each
with an arc of fire of about 270 degrees
The 8 Inch guns are in pairs In four
turrets two on each beam at each end
of the superstructure The 7 inch guns
are mounted In broadside on pedestal
mounts on the gun deck behind 7 Inch
armor Each gun is isolated by nickel-
steel bulkheads The forward and af
ter guns are arranged to lire right
ahead and right astern respectively
and the other 7 inch iruns have the
usual broadside train The guns of the
secondary battery are placed In com
manding positions protected wherever
practicable and with a large arc of
unobstructed fire
The contract trial speed of the vessel
was 18 knots for four hours at sea but
sne uiu consiuerauiy wetter
It has been decided at the Navy De
partment to use the Port Royal Naval
Station as a AVInter training station to
any extent which may be found desir
able and necessary It Is deemed de
sirablc by the Department to have some
station available for the training of re
cruits should disease make its appear
ance at once of the present training
stations und render it inadequate
Memorial Day in Washington was as
always very handsomely observed by
everybody It was a noticeable feature
of the day that there were few picnic
parties and very few amusements
scheduled for the day and it was gen
erally and generously observed by the
people Arlington was a always the
center of attraction for strangers and
for the Department officers of both O
A R and W R C Commander En
trlkln and the Department officers had
things in charge there There was a
lavish display of flowers for the earth
had been laughing with bloom for a
week as though getting ready for the
flower festival of our heroes There
were fully 5000 people in attendance
The Womans Relief Corps prepared
luncheon for the veterans of both the
war of the rebellion and tho Spanish
War under the direct management of
Mrs Nannie G Davis Chairman of the
Executive Committee and fully 2000
veterans availed themselves of the
bounteous hospitality The exercises
of the day consisted of the decoration
of the tomb of the Unknown Dead by
all the patriotic organizations and of
speaking - and singing in the amphi
theater Nearly 23000 graves in Ar
lington were decorated by the women
Next to Arlington in the estimation
of the neonle of the District is Battle
ground Cemetery This is the only Na
tional Cemetery which lies wholly in
the District of Columbia and it has a
particular Interest because of the fact
that almost on its site President Lincoln
stood to lew the raid of old Jubal
Early on Washington July 10 11 1864
The cemetery lies upon the battle
ground and literally the 42 men who
He burled there
Rest where they wearied and He
where they fell
The graves are made in a circle about
the Flag staff just 42 of them and
unlike any other National Cemetery no
other grave will ever be made there
It Is forever consecrated to those who
fell in that fight Many others were
buried there but their friends took the
bodies away long years ago There will
never again be a change The cere
monies here were in charge of Col John
McElroy Past Senior Vice Commander-
in Chief The oration which was a
masterly effort wns made by Judge W
A Caiderhead who was in the Veteran
Reserve Corps which held Early In
check until the Sixth Corps arrived
General Orders were read by Col Benj
F Bingham Past Department Com
mander who was also in the fight A
brief talk was made by Dr Reyburn
who was one of the Surgeons in charge
of the wounded of the battle
Fort Stevens a part of the battlefield
is now owned by Mr W V Cox who
out of pure sentiment for the place de
sired to preserve it from the hands of
vandals It lies just across the street
from the cemetery Lincolns Gettys
burg address was read by Mrs Isabel
Worrell Ball The flowers were placed
upon the graves by school children arid
the quantity was unlimited
Gov Warflcld of Maryland has
queered the politicians of Maryland by
appointing to the United States Senate
for the unexpired term of the late Sen
ator Gorman ex Gov Pinkney Whyte
aged 82 if you please so that Senators
Pettus and Morgan of Alabama will no
longer feel lonesome Gov Whyte a
rockribbed Democrat was 25 years ago
a member of the Senate and was de
feated for reelection by the late Senator
Gorman and between them there has
been enmity ever since Indeed it Lj
said that there was real bitter enmity
between them Senator Whyte has de
clared emphatically that he will not be
a candidate for election when the pres
ent term expires and so the merry
war for the succession may now be con
sidered on in earnest While it would
seem that a well-to-do man of S2 years
if out of politics would not care to get
in it also seems that in this particular
case Senator Whyte has method In his
Midsummer madness He is against
the Masheen in Maryland and prob
ably thinks he can smash a slate or
two if he enters the active political
arena He has been Mayor of Batll
more Governor of Maryland and Its
Attorney General besides having been
appointed to the Senate once before to
fill out the unexpired term of Reverdy
Johnson and having served one full
term of six years He could have been
re elected but declined to run it is said
Others say that Gorman got the cinch
on the nomination so Whyte declined
to run
And It will never be Senator Coburn
of Kansas That is too bad Maybe
Mr Coburn knew best He has always
made a success of the things he has
elected to do but he has also declined
many fine opportunities to become fam
ous and it may be that his good horse
sense Is what has kept him on the safe
side and from trying to do things that
he couldnt Just the same his friends
believe that he would have made a good
United States Senator Governor Hoch
has appointed Judge Benson to the of
fice he has accepted and has further
more declared that he win ne a canui
date for re election Now that does
muss un nlans like the mischief Kan
sas has candidates galore for that
torshlp but none of them want to try
the short service as that might handi
cap them for the election to the office
Small Qucntln Roosevelt nearly
caused appplexy in a Pullman car con
ductor von the Pennsylvania itauroau
the other day The young mans deli
was something awful and the conduc
tor didn t know whether to break the
rules of the railroad and get himself
fired or Insult the son of the President
of the United States and get fired any
how He concluded to stick to the
rules of the railroad however and won
out Quentin was going to Sagamore
Hill for the Summer and he carried in
his arms the last remaining daughter
of Slippers the famous six toed White
House cat The conductor cited rules
of the railroad excluding cats dogs and
so forth from Pullman cars The cat
must go into the baggage car he de
clared Then we will go there too
declared Quentin and he started but
was stopped by the French maid who
expostulated with the conductor but
to no effect Put the cat In a box and
sho goes the conductor finally said
so Into a pasteboard shoe box the cat
was chucked and the lid lieu down on
her mewing majesty That lasted till
the small Roosevelts were stowed away
In their stateroom but that would be
telling and the railroad might fire
that conductor yet nit
Justice Gould of the District Supreme
Court says that he doesn t see any rea
son for ruining the reputation of Friday
by calling It hangmans day For his
part he thinks any day In the week is
good enough for a man to be hanged
and he habitually selects some other
day He sentenced a man the other day
to be hanged Tuesday Oct 30
Bob Taylor Fiddling Taylor who
has beaten Senator Carmack for the
United Stites Senate says that he has
had his eye on that office for 28 years
Thats a good while to wait for all the
discomforts that a little old 5000 office
Theres monv a schllp ye know It
Is now decided that Charles II Graves
American Minister to both Norway and
Sweden has been selected to represent
the President as Srieclal Envoy at tho
coronation of King Haakon of Norway
at Christiana June 28
It was the Intention originally to have
this charge placed In the hands of H
H D Peirce Third Assistant Secretary
of State in the expectation that he
would be confirmed by the Senate as
Minister to Norway In season to attend
the coronation ceremonies It was so
confidently expected that he would bo
confirmed by the Senate at once that
passage was procured for him on one
of the liners which sailed last Wednes
Mrs Sally Sneed Vest widow of tho
late Senator Vest died at her home in
St Louis last week Mrs Vest was
about - 2 years old a native of Danville
Kv and a Colonial descpnilnnt nn lmili
sides She had been ill about one vreisld
Of jlicumonia She was In Washington
early in April on her wiiy from
nore to St Louis She dld at the home
of her son-in-law George P Jaek m
She was a member of the Central Pres
byterian Church of Washington and ex
tensively known here where sie mood
In society for many yeare
Chomp Clark MlMftnfra Stntrxmnn Too
Stroos for TtatlonalPIIoaora A Joy o
Hear film Spcakf
Champ Clark wants to be PreslJent
of the United States o
Really you know one of tho most
amusing the lower House
of Congress is without doubt Champ
Clark of Missouri Jfteprcsentatlve of
the Ninth Congressional District of that
State There arcc some men to wliovi
you instinctively rIvo a title dubbing
them Captain iMajor Colonel or
Judge and even If you do not call
them by one of tliese ydu always pre
face your addressing them by Mr
Now you dont do jthls with Champ
Clark A man who knows him he
least little bit in the world says H illo
Champ and he is usually greeted with
the same cheerful familiarity on the
part of the Missouri member
Now let mq tell you this Is not a
familiarity that breeds contempt not
by a whole Houseful of Representa
tives and then some Champ Clark is
a man to be liked A man mind
you A great big whoiesouled
ous heartcd scntlmcntalistic bniiuv
man who deals In logic with sledge
hammer blows talks blank versi
spouts Latin classics yanks out Greol
roots and quotes Homer Horace
llng Dryden Wordsworth Whittler
and Bret Harte to you In the homeliest
Idioms with the most absolute darky
Inflection and pronunciation that you
ever heard outside of the plantatlin
negros cabin While he uses ai times
the purest of English with the most ex
quisite application and has a com
mand of langunge that approaches the
phenomenal he has no more regard fr
grammatical construction of certain
sentences than a street gamin He
takes a direct cut to anything that he
wants to say and aint suits him 100
per cent better than arent because
he can say it quicker Aint Is a fav
orite word with him
And yet as been stated Champ Claik
has an education to be proud of
llc school university college and end
ing finally in a course In the fine Cin
cinnati Law School It isnt that he
bloomln cant speak with pcrcslon
but that he bloomln wont you sec
There Is not extant a finer example
of idiomatic English quaint compari
son and vigorous expression than that
found in a speech made by Champ
Clark at the unvalllng or the John J
Iniralls statue in Statuary Hall Jan
uary 1905 Here are parts of iliit
speech read It and Judge for yourself
It Is a fair sample of all his finer ef
AililrcHM of Mr Clnrk of Mlxftouri
In the very heart of the con
tinent lying side by side are the
magnificent Commonwealths of Mis
souri and Kansas Neither Northern
nor Southern neither Easicrn nor
Western they are the great central
States of the Union A circle with
Kansas City for Its center and with a
radius of 300 miles would contain more
land of the richest quality han any
other circle of equal size on the habit
able globe Within its circumference
can be produced all the necessaries and
most of the luxurietr of human life
Cultivated as scientifically as Belgium
or Holland Missouri and Kansas could
sustain a population lequal to that of
the entire Republic at -the present time
It Is howeveritiotiJn their phenom
enal wealth of material resources and
possibilities that itheso two States are
most lavishly blessedc but in their su
perb citizenship m m
In the early iday Mlssourians and
Kansans inheriting Kom the fathers a
bitter Irrepressible 9 historic quarrel
for which they warejin no way respon
sible were at daggers points and led
the strenuous life j j Now acting on
the noble phllosophyothat Peace hath
her victories no J less renowned than
war they are illustrating the virtues
of the simple life
Mlssourians alfdiiKansans are riv
als now onlv In Tatriotlsm In Intel
lectual moral religious and materinl
achievement they are leaders In the
Nations triumphal progress the true
story of which Is more marvelous than
any tale out of the Arabian Nights
It was a matter of ineffable pride
with the people west of the Mississippi
that for many years the two most bril
liant speakers In the Senate of the
United States lived on the sunset side
of the great river George Graham
Vest of Missouri and John James In
galls of Kansas
They weie tho opposites of each
other In almost everything In nativ
ity in lineage in methods of thought
in style of oratory and in politics lo
galls boasted that he was a New Eng
land Brahmin whatever that may be
Vest was a fine sample of the Ken-
tuckian caught young enough and
transplanted to the rich alluvial soli of
Both had classical educations Both
delighted in the wisdom of the ancients
and the moderns and both reveled in
the poets
Ingallss speeches were composed
largely of aqua fortis dynamit and
Greek fire Vests were a mixture of
vitriol sweet oil rosewater naphtha
and gun cotton
Dantons motto was Laudace
Laudacc Toujours laudace Ingallss
weapon was Sarcasm Sa casm a
days sarcasm In that regard he ranks
with Trlstam Burgos John Randolph
of Roanoke Thaddeus Steans mil
Thomas Brackett Reed Vest temper
ed his sarcasm with genial humor
which cured the wiirI which he had
Each wielded the scimltcr of Sa
iadln rather than the two handed
broadsword of Richard Coeur de Lion
In the strictest acceptation of the
term Vest was never popular In Mis
souri and Ingalls was never popular In
Kansas They had a wondrous hold on
the admiration but not on the arrec
tlons of their constituents Thinking
of Vest a man Is proud to call him
self a MIssourlan Thinking of In
galls another is proud to call himself
a Kansan Thinking of either of them
one is proud to call himself an Ameri
Each through sheer brilliancy of
Intellect and soul stirring eloquence
aroused Intensest enthusiasm among
his countrymen Men listened to Vest
and Ingalls Just as they listen to the
thrilling strains of entrancing music
but the frenzy of rapture which they
engendered is not adequately exrressoc
by the paltry worflpopuiarity It wns
delirious delight -
It is a queerJfact perhaps a re
grettable one that these two celebrat
ed intellectual glajliatnrs never engaged
in an oratorical pitched battle In the
Senate Such a duijl would have been
worth Journeying across the continent to
witness Each basnglln perfect fettle
with a subject of sufficient historic
Tilmia n fnntoar hntwlvt thorn rtlln Ilt
to have rivaled the webster Hayne de
bate In enduring interest
Now Isnt that rlth enough for you
Champ Clark wsrtt born in Mis
souri oh no indeed Kentuckys
dark and bloody gijpurid is the State of
his nativity and he wals born in March
1850 He has been something of a roll
ing stone but no moss clings to him
not a scrap of it lUe lias polished down
In the rolling process until his wit is
clear and brilliant and he has grappled
to his soul with cast Iron bands all
those friends he found along the way
from Kentucky to Missouri Clark looks
like a great big Jolly boy dispite his
years He Is a golden blonde Now
that sounds runny In connection with
a mans looks but that is what ho Is
His hair Just a little thin now was
once a rich golden yellow Hl3 eyes
iiecpset under heavy eyelids
arc bright baby blue steel like in
their angry glitter in the forefront of
forensic contest but gentle kindly
laughing in his more restful moods
He has a round full- face with symp
toms of dimples and a complexion like
a girls
As a stump speaker Clark Is a bloom
Ing success He talks to his audiences
in the plain homely speech of His
people and ho can surround his lojrlc
with cunningly contrived half truths
which make him effective among the
people In a long speech lie is inclin
ed to be dogmatic dictatorial heavy
As a lecturer on non political subjects
he Is a Joy He Is at his best in a run
nlng fight where the field Is opeivto all
comers Ills weapon is always the
broadsword He would be hopelessly
lost In a campaign with a man like
Ingalls wore they to meet upon the
same platform
Of course Clark Is a Democrat but
he does not like the way the Demo
cratic Party Is being managed and he
hunts the ribs of his own party quite
as often as those of the Republican
Ho thinks that there should be a Dem
ocratic President from the South and
has announced on various occasions
that If there Is no other available can
didate he Is perfectly willing to run
himself Well there would sure be
fun If Champ managed to get himself
nominated There would be things do-
ng right along
But Champ isnt a leader and so his
party will not nominate him
While he is a strong sturdy party
man and in no sense a rerormer lie
is a regular by the Eternal sort of
Jeffersonlan - Jacksonlan - stamped on
the edce kind of a Democrat and as Is
very well know that stamp is only
available In these days for banquets and
declaration of principles at stated per
iods not for general use so Champ and
his party have little Internal scrapping
matches every once in a while It Is
really because Champ Is honest and
does not lie to himself about tne situ
ation If he would use this knowledge
diplomatically he could lead and he
would be moderately sare but lie won t
He blurts out all that he thinks and be
lieves of the lmpotency of his party
every time It suits his purpose to talk
In the House or out of It
No Clark will never be President
and perhaps It is because he has his
thinker on straight most of the time
Clark is sentimental He loves chil
dren and music and lowers all
things beautiful attract and hold his at
tention but for children he has an ai
most Idolatrous love Among men he
Is a man well liked and politics cut
no figure in his friendships while he
belongs to the old school of Democratic
politicians he also belongs to the oet
ter one and that is why Champ Clark
will never be President
Comrade F V Wolfe of James Mc
Davit Post Department of New Jersey
has been making an extended tour of
the principal battlefields of Virginia and
Maryland and reports a very pleasant
pilgrimage He speaks highly of tne
hospitable manner in which he was re
ceived by the people He belonged to
the 27th N J
Comrade Edwin E Force the veteran
Police Sergeant and more recently Tele
phone Operator of the Police Depart
ment or Duluth has been retired upon
a pension of 40 a month and is the
first of the police force of Duluth to be
given this allowance He was born in
Marshall Mich and served through the
war in the 18th Mich being repeatedly
wounded He was appointed to the po
lice force In 1884 when Duluth was a
village and has been continually on duty
ever since During the labor riots in
1889 his conduct was so praiseworthy
that the citizens of Duluth voted him a
handsome sold medal The presentation
of the pension was made a very pleas
ant little ceremony
Among his many business acquaint
ances in the East there Is much con
gratulation that Comrade Thomas F
Dolan who was for many years repre
sentative of the New York Herald has
been appointed Mnnager of the New
York and Eastern News Co wnich con
trols the newspaper and periodical busi
ness on the entire New York New Ha
ven Hartford system
Senator Burton has had an Interview
with Senator Burrows the Chairman of
the Senate Committee on Privileges and
Elections with reference to the propos
ed Senatorial action upon his case Sen
ator Burton says that he does not con
template resigning and that the stay
granted him by the Supreme Court of
60 days In which to llle an application
for a rehearing leaves his status pre
cisely as it was previous to the decision
of the Court Therefore the proposed
action of the Senate in expelling him
would be a prejudging of his case and
affects him very seriously Senator Bur
rows told him that these were matters
which the Committee would take up
when tho resolution expelling him
reached it
A case of unusual interest comes up
in the protest against probating the
will of the late Maj B G Thomas the
noted turfman and thoroughbred horse
breeder of Lexington Ky During the
war Maj Thomas had a slave Mar
garet Pryor who was his housekeeper
and presided over his domestic afrairs
At one time Maj Thomas killed a Union
soldier whose comrades ran down and
captured him Margaret Pryor ran to
the Major to help rescue him and in
interposing herself between him and
his infuriated captors received many
blows and cuffs getting scars which she
bore all her life When Maj Thomas
died ho left his famous Villa Farm
thoroughbred horses and his city resi
dence to Margaret Pryor who after
emancipation had remained with him
Ho was a bachelor and did not know
that he had any relatives in the world
until recently when he learned that his
sister had left several children These
are now protesting against the proba
tion of the will on the ground that
Margaret Pryor exercised undue influ
ence over him
J Edwards Addicks has announced
that he Is definitely out of the race for
the Senate and favors the election of
Col Henry A Dupont of Wilmington
He believes that there will be a special
session of the Delaware Legislature
called within a few days and Dupont
will be elected
On the 16th Inst Maj Daniel C
Boggs 4 th Cav civil war celebrated
his entrance on his 89th year at his
home Idlevild Ave Pittsburg Pa He
enlisted as a private made a splendid
record and at the end of the war came
home in the above rank Hale hearty
anil cheerful he met his old comrades
friends and neighbors as it ho were a
boy again He Is now Colonel of En
campment No 1 Union Veteran Legion
attends all meetings and all funerals
trarchtnc to the graves anJ reads the
ritual without rpcctacles
William J Bryan will be Indorsed
by the Ohio Democratic Convention
this year tor President and he will bt
the unanimous choice of the party at
the National Convention In 190S says
Congressman Harvey Garber Chair
man of the Democratic State Executive
Committee Mayor Tom L Johnson
of Cleveland has declared for Bryan
and With those two party leaders for
him there Is no doubt but that the Nt
braskan will receive a solid delegation
from Ohio
Gen Edward S Bragg the command
er of the splendid old Iron Brigade and
a member of Congress years ago has
resigned his post as American Consul-
General to Hongkong and is In wash
ington settling up his accounts with
the State Department when he will re
turn to his home in Wisconsin In
spite of his 80 years the General is wiry
and active and is as young in spirit as
when he led his old brigade in battle
He Is rather pessimistic regarding tht
commercial situation in China a id
says that China will not give us at v
more than we will her The Chinese
aro discriminating against Americm
goods and taking Inferior oil and flour
from the English colonies on account
of our hostile immigration laws The
Japanese are making every effort to
take advantage of the situation and
tend their trade in China The Ameri
cans lost a golden opportunity worn
they sold the railway concession from
Canton to Hankow simply because they
could make J7000000 on the transac
tion He says that China is awakenin
end there is a new spirit pervading the
country There is not so much binding
of feet as formerly though this custom
Is not so bad as represented and the
Chinese think it beneficial since It
keeps the women at home and prevents
their spreading trouble
June 14 has been designated by Ken
tucky for a tribute to Stephen Collins
Foster the song writer and a statue
will be unvailed to his memory at
Frankfort The cost of this was con
tributcd by the school children of Ken
tucky giving pennies Foster was born
in 1S26 at Lawrenceville Pa and waj
educated In the same class with James
G Blaine He was a musical prodlgj
in his youth and though he went into
business as a clerk his strongest affec
tlon3 were always for music and song
He wrote his first song In 1842 when he
was 16 entitled Open Thy Lattice
Love and it is still sung Old Folks
at Home better known as The
Suwance River did not take very well
at first and In 1859 he wrote the song
upon the popularity of which rested
most of his fame My Old Kentucky
Home Next t this his most popular
songs were Old Black Joe and
Massas in de cold cold ground He
died in January 1R64 in Bellevue Hos
pital N Y leaving one child a daugh
ter who is now Mrs Walter Welsh of
Allegheny City Pa-
Solomon Stoessel Cleveland O who
says he is a cousin of Gen Stoessel has
written a letter to President Roosevelt
asking him to intercede to save the
General s life He says that his cousin
the General is a reformed Jew and
that therefore he is a victim of the
anti Semitic hatred of the Russians
Stoes sel says that he himself is a Jew
and a teacher In the synagogues of
Cleveland and that Stoessels father was
a professor and teacher in Bremen
The 70th birthday of Maj George W
Patten Past Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief
G A R Chattanooga Tenn
wilt be celebrated May 8 by a dinner at
the Read House in Chattanooga which
will be attended by Comrade Pattens
friends from all over the country He
has a wide cjrcle of acquaintances who
esteem him highly and will be glad to
take the occasion to show him honor
Senator Klttredge has now troubles
at home as well as difficulties In tho
Senate The result of the caucuses held
throughout South Dakota has been a
victory for the Insurgents who are op
posed to Senator Klttredge and In favor
of Senator Gamble Senator Klttredges
friends try to break the force of this
and claim that the Insurgent victory is
not as complete as Is assumed but the
insurgents say that they have carried
everything In the State and will cap
ture the State Convention when they
will nominate Coe I Crawford of Hu
ron the so called La Foliette of South
Dakota for Governor and elect Senator
Gamble to succeed himself
Miss Kathleen Clayton daughter of
Gen Powell Clayton late Embassador
to Mexico Is engaged to marry Grant
Duff of the British Diplomatic Service
and the wedding will take place in Sep
tember Miss Claytons elder sister mar
ried the Baron Moncheur the Belgian
Minister to Washington Mr Grant
Duff has been recently appointed Brit
ish Minister to Havana
John M Baylis a well known hotel
keeper on Long Island died May 22
from a cancerous affection of the jaw-
Many operations were undergone in
hopes to effect a cure and Comrade
Baylis fought bravely for his life He
was born at West Isllp in 1837 and in
his youth was a sailor aboard the coast
packets He enlisted in the Berdan
Sharpshooters and saw much service in
that splendid organization He entered
the hotel business in 1875 and conduct
ed many well known places
Representative Lewellyn Powers Re
publican of the Fourth District of
Maine is quoted as saying that the
greatest political Issue in his State this
Fall will not be the tariff or the man
agement of Stato affairs but the ques
tion of resubmitting prohibition to the
judgment of the people
Many important New York State
Democrats say that James N Adam
Mayor of Buffalo is the man for the
Democratic Convention to nominate for
Governor next Fall Mr Adams Demo
cratic friends say that he is clean up
right and without entangling alliances
Maj George S Geis Commander of
the Sons of Veterans Reserve has re
turned from his good work in San
Francisco and purchased a fine hotel
at Long Beach Cat where he expects
to grow with that prosperous city and
make his fortune The place has a
world of attractions Including a half
mile boardwalk which is protected by
a Government breakwater costing 2
000000 It is claimed to be the best
shipping port of southern California
Recently Maj Gels entertained Com
Tanner and the Shrin
ers Early in July the Spanish War
Veterans and Sons of Veterans hold
their Encampment there
Brother Lcander C S C who served
creditably through the war as Col Mc
Lean and is at present Commander -if
the famous G A R Post of Priests at
Notre Dame Ind has been appointed
Director of the new hall in the Univer
sity at Notre Dame He is also Aid de
Camp on the staff of tho Governor of
Indiana He belongs to the Order of
the Holy Cross which has been particu
larly distinguished for Its patriotic de
votion to the country It is said that
the priests of the Holy Cross made
up a majority of those who served dur
ing the war and none excelled them
either in courage or religious fervor
Brother Leander in spite of his -war
service Is still an active vigorous man
and a fine executive
The Republicans of Illinois have nom
inated for the Supreme Court in the
southern part of the State Judge A IC
Vickers of Vienna 111 His father and
mother were Tennesseeans who went
to Illinois in 1840 where Judge Vickers
was born Alexander and James F the
older brothers of the Judge went into
the army and James died while Alex
ander served from 1S61 to the close of
the war in the 6th 111 Cav and came
home a Captain of Co A Vlckerss
father having died at the beginning of
the war a large portion of the labor of
supporting and caring for the family
fell upon him In spite of this he suc
ceeded in getting enough education to
qualify him for a teacher which profes
sion he followed until he gained ad
mission to the bar where he soon made
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F J KKIIOfifi 3135 Kellogsr lUdg
Ilattle Creek Mich
himself felt as one of the strongest
members He was elected to the Legis
lature in 18S6 and 18S8 and to the
bench in 1891 being re elected in 1903
practically by a unanimous vote
Gen Charles Candy Colonel of the
66th Ohio is now living at 26 Ringgold
St Dayton O and May 14 celebrated
the 56th anniversary of his entrance
into the service of the United States as
a private in the Regular Army He was
born in Lexington Ky Aug 7 1832
enlited In May 1850 In the 1st U S
Dragoons was discharged in 1855 re
enlisted In 1S56 and was discharged in
January 1861 as a Sergeant Major He
tendered his services to Gov Dennison
at the first call and assisted in the or
ganization of the Ohio volunteers for
the three months service He served in
Gen McClellans office as Chief Clerk
till September 1861 when he was ap
pointed an Assistant Adjutant General
which position he resigned to accept the
appointment of Colonel of the G6th Ohio
He was with that regiment and com
manded it and sometimes a brigade in
all Its battles until it was discharged
Jan 24 1865 He then became Chief
Clerk in the Quartermasters Depart
ment and had a service of 23 years in
that capacity He served 18 years and
one month as Commissarv of Subsist
ence for the Soldiers Home at Hamp
ton Va Such a record is hardly to b
equaled 1
WEISHHER At Keithsburg Ill
March 28 190C Leopold Welsheer Com
rade Weisheer served in Co A 21st Mo
He is survived by a widow
WHITTEN Near Fordsville Ky
Nov 30 1905 James H Whltten aged
72 years Comrade Whltten served in
Co K 4th Ky and was a member of
Post 11 G A R Department of Ken
WAUGH At Fulton N Y Jan 6
1906 John E Waugh aged 64 years
Comrade Waugh served In Co A 110th
N Y He was a member of D F Schenck
Post 271 Department of New York
WELLS At Fulton N Jan 29
1906 Henry D Wells aged 83 years
Comrade Wells served In Co A 110th
N Y He was a member of D F Schenck
Post 271 Department of New York
WOLF At Wilmington O March 7
1906 W P Wolf Comrade Wolf served
In Co A 175tlt Ohio and was Captain
of Co G 175th Ohio During his life
time he filled many positions of trust In
Clinton County with great credit
We cannot offer greater dividends
from Investments than careful bor
rowers with ample security need to
pay But If your savings Institutions demand for
themselves more than onstxth of the borrowers
Interest payments we can serve you to your
imti 1730000
Established II Years
Baallif Bcft Saperrlslol
Earnings paid from day re
ceived to day withdrawn
Letters of Inquiry solicited
and promptly auswered
Iadastrlal Sitings tod Loan Co
Zf Times BoiUInf
Broadway New York
The rational Tribnnc no longer
connected with prosecuting claims
Th firm i wortliv of confldence upon ths Ground
both of competency and honesty
Tne ItaZionai irwie ipru x
899 14th St N W Washington D 0
Founded 1361 by illlo B Stevens tlth Ohio Battery
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entirely different from anything you have
ever tried perfectly harmless and ono
that goes direct to the seat of the trouble
if you suffer from a Kidney Bladder or
Uric Actu uisease
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and I am more than pleased to do it
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It to me with your name and address I
will send you by mail Free a icenerous
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vears of success back of this offer Ad
99 P O Block East Hampton Conn

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