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National Tribune Patterns
2L Charming Waist of Crepe De Chine
No 2309 A pleasing little waist of
crepe de chine for evening wear is
shown which may prove a suggestion
to the girl or woman who likes to
fashion these waists at home To be
becoming and attractive a waist does
nd many a woman who appears in a
simple waist of dainty material is quite
the most fetchingly gowned This
waist may be made of any soft dainty
fabric and have its yoke and bertha of
lace or embroidery The pattern for
the long sleeve is given but for even
ing wear the short one sketched is
more dressy For the medium size 54
yards of 21 inch material are needed
for the waist
No 2309 sizes 32 to 40 Inches bust
A Most Flensing Shlrtsvnlst Uresis
Nos 231C 2311 The shirtwaist dress
Heed not be plain and ordinary as many
people think but quite the most pre
possessing frock of the wardrobe if
tastefully planned and adorned A dress
on this order is shown which is easily
adapted to home construction and may
prove not only pleasing but economical
Cashmere and mohair are forming
jnany of the new dresses for general
nse but any of the fancy worsteds not
too heavy might be used here The
waist opens at the neck to reveal a
chemisette of lace while tiny revers of
the same adorn the shoulders Tucks
on the shoulders provide a pretty ful
ness over the bust while those in back
extend the entire length and give shape
ly lines Two sleeves are provided the
long and short both being modish The
skirt is a five gored one with inverted
pleat3 in front and back giving the
same effect as the circular models but
hanging more evenly and without the
danger of sagging For the medium
size the dress requires 6i yards of 42
inch material
Two patterns No 2310 sizes 32 to
42 inches bust measure No 2311
Bizes 22 to 32 inchest waist
The price of these patterns is 20
cents but either will be sent upon re
ceipt of 10 cents
For Feminine Comfort
No 2312 Every true woman de
lights in the soft fluffy negligees which
are intended for feminine comfort
Many of these are exquisite in effect
Co Six
N Blze
No Size
Post Office
Btreet No or R P D No
thought often of the most Inexpensive
materials Such charming effects can
be realized with the daintily figured
chaHIs and inexpensive silks not to
mention the many pretty washing fab
rics that no one need deny herself so
pleasing an accessory The sack shown
hts a few tucks at the neck In front
a fanciful collar which may be made
very attractive with laco or ribbon and
long short or flowing sleeves The gir
dle around the waist may be omitted
if a loose flowing sack is desired There
are three collars given In the pattern
the high standing and turndown collars
being included For the medium size
the pattern requires 3 yards of 36
inch material
No 2312 sizes 32 to 46 inches bust
A Very Smart Fitted Cont
No 2270 Beside the pony coat there
is a very smart fitted jacket which wo
men of taste are selecting as part of the
street suit or as a separate jacket for
wear with skirts of another fabric A
sketch of this coat is given and In
spite of its trim linos it may bo made
by the home dressmaker without much
2270y I lill
difficulty The fronts back and sleeves
are composed of two sections each
which form sufficient adornment in the
joinings Buttons may allso be used
and add greatly to the finish of the
coat The sleeves are long as are all
of those intended for general wear A
broadcloth cheviot serge or velvet
might be made in this way For the
medium size 3 yards of 42 inch material
are needed
No 2270 sizes 32 to 44 inches bust
The Newest Idea for a Corset Cover
No 2291 The last few years have
brought about a great revelation in un
derwear of all kinds arid we seem to
have reached the perfection of require
ment and over elaboration in all that
pertains to this department of womans
apparel We have at least learned from
the PariHienne that the cut anu lit oi
the undergarments are quite as
229 lMK
ly Ph
iff J i Llr
tant in the ensemble as the toilet Itself
Here is sketched a corset cover of
dainty and simple design especially
adapted to home construction The ful
ness of the front is regulated at the
waibtllne by tucks or gathers and the
top may be finished with a ribbon run
beading or button holed and run with
ribbon The medium size calls for 1U
yards of 3C inch material
No 22J1 sizes 32 to 42 inches bust
The Canal nt VIrksliurg
Editor National Tribune Comrade
V H Woodring who writes in The
National Tribune for Information jn
this subject is respectfully informed
that there was no canal on the lower
Mississippi during the war but that dug
near Vicksburg by Gen Williams -which
was commenced in June 1862 but nev
er finished
New Orleans was captured April
1S62 by the Gulf Squadron under Far-
ragut Butler arrived in that city to
assume command In May 1862 He did
not go any farther up the river and
did not run any blockade as declared
by Comrade Woodring
Con Williams who commanded the
cmiii p rations below Vicksburg was
ordcrwl lo Batin Bouge In July 18C2
where he was killed by the Confederates
under Breckinridge Aug G 1862 Tin
writer was there at the time William
Simmons Naval Post 400 G A B
I 1432 Wharton St Philadelphia Pa
Any cno or nil of the above patterns will be promotly mailed postpaid
upon receipt of 10 cents for each pattern Each numucr represents a separate
Z XiZTZz Give size number name and address It Is not necessary to write a
note if the following coupon is properly filled out
Fashion Department Nutloual Tribune Washington D C
For the lndow cents send mc the following patterns
No Size
No Size
No 8Izo
Do you know how to boil potatoes
Should they be put over the fire In hot
or cold water and does it make any
difference which you use It certainly
does if you want nice white potatoes
for mashing or to serve just plain boiled
with their jackets on First always
soak old potatoes before you cook them
at all Put them in cold water to soak
for an hour before you peel them or
cook with jackets an or bake Wash
them very clean use a small brush
Then have water boiling hot into which
plunge them all over have an Inch of
water above them while they boil Po
tatoes cooked in water that has to boll
after the potatoes are put In will be
soggy As soan as potatoes are tender
pour off the water If to be served with
jackets on two minutes in a hot oven
in a piepan makes them nice and mealy
If to rice or just plain mash sprinkle
salt over them after the water is poured
off shake them around and then mash
They should be right mealy and fine if
the potatoes wore good to start with
It does not pay to cook a poor Irish
Heres a thought for you to turn over
in your minds To help yourself help
others Does that sound paradoxical
Well Just work at it awhile and see if
it is not all right
This from Margaret Sangster one of
the worlds sweetest women is well
worth considering
The seamy side of home making
strangely enough is most often seen
where a wife is too domestic A wo
man who lives only for her house and
for her family seldom keeps pace with
her husband and children intellectually
and sympathetically She is so anxious
to have her table as it should be her
dining room in spotless order and her
periodical cleaning and nollshlng done
that she has no time for anything else
Outside interests of some sort are nec
essary if ones mental powers are to
grow These interests should iot be
when it can be helped In the line of
wage earning Longing to help their
husbands women sometimes attempt
tasks beyond their strength The ordi
nary care of a home and the manage
ment of children are enough to tax the
energies of a wife and mother and she
should not undertake beyond these du
ties any other work unless there is re il
need Our children receive the Impres
sion of our breadth or narrowness and
they are the better for having in the
home some one who is not always hur
ried and worried but who has leisure
to listen to them when they have little
trials and plenty of time to share their
A nice woman cannot bring herself
to sprinkle clothes as a Chinaman does
even though he gets the water on even
ly that is by filling Ids mouth with
water and squirting it over the clothes
But I know one who bought hercelf a
long rather whisk
broom This she keeps very clean when
not in use To use she has a pan of
water and dips the broom In that and
then shakes it over her clothes It
sprinkles them nicely
If you want a scraper for pots ket
tles and pans try on oyster or clam
shell Get a nice clean one with smooth
edges It will not break easily does
not rust and you can easily keep it
washed clean
Busy housemother In buying your
new furniture be careful to get as se
verely plain woodwork as possible You
will find it a perfect joy to keep it pol
ished up Carved wood If machine
turned Is an inartistic dirt gatherer
and It Is almost Impossible to keep it
clean If you are wise you will also
avoid brass bedsteads They are
simply the limit for making work It
is very hard to keep them bright and
shining and they are a sight If you
do not keep them bright If you want
a bedstead that is easy to keop clean
get an iron one that is painted You
can clean It with coal oil gasoline or
turpentine by simply rubbing down and
you can paint it over again if it gets
A pound of pluck is worth a ton of
There is another uss for coal oil that
is quite as valuable as any that has
been mentioned If the children get
vermin in the hair at school just take
a Fmall cloth saturate it with coal oil
and with that youngster between your
knees rub his hair and scalp till the
hair is well saturated You will prob
ably only have to do this once Next
day brush and comb the kldlet well
and his head will be free from vermin
Down in Georgia they are rejoicing
because they have a law which forbids
the putting of children under well
possibly it is 12 years of age in the
cotton mills or at any other work that
will keep them out of school and a
current magazine has pictures of little
girls of live who have thus been kept
out of the mills and who can now go
to school Oh the pity of It A five-year-old
child In school It is positively
criminal Almost as bad as putting the
wean in a factory for eight and 10 hours
a day Surely surely It Isnt necessary
to put a little child like that at work
Why not let it have a chance to cat and
sleep and grow It seems such a pity
that children should be made wise
so early In life these days It used not
to be so and I may be old fashioned
but it seems to me as I look back that
the men and women who got little
schoolln and lots if play who had to
walk two miles to school sweep dust
and make the fires after they got there
to help the teacher who boarded round
and got 10 a month made the strong
est and the brightest men and women
after all No child should be cooped
up In the house eight and 10 hours a
day It should be outdoors racing In
the fresh air studying blrdu and bees
and flowers learning natures great les
sons learning to be kind and gentle
with dumb brutes which helps It to be
kinder to Its own It should fly kites
and play mumbly peg marbles
any old thing that will
work Its legs and stir its blood and keep
its muscles stretched to a tension that
induces growth School is all right In
the proper time At 10 say with some
judgment and a thinker that has been
working overtime the child will learn
more in one year than in four if set
to work systematically on books at the
immature age of five That Is the way
I think about it anyhow
Heres something of William Wads
worths written between 1770 and 1850
some time which I picked up the other
day and I am wondering if he didnt
feel somehow that his childhood had
been Molcn from him It fits in right
The world Is too much with us late
and soon
Getting and spending we lay waste
our powers
Little we see In Natuto that Is ours
We have given our hearts away a sor
did boon
This sea that bares her bosom to the
The wind that will be howling at all
And are up gathered now like sleep
ing flowers
For this for everything we are out of
It moves us not Great God Id
rather bo
A pagan suckled in a creed outworn
So might I standing on this pleasant
Have glimpses that would make me
less forlorn
Have sight of Froteus rising from the
Or hear old Trltflnpjw his wreathed
Did you know tht kerosene is a good
disinfectant After xqu have washed
up your hardwoodj or painted floors
saturate a rag witj cqal oil and go all
over them again 9n9u caa fasten the
rag on the broomlf yju like Coal oil
is a splendid wash jfor any kind of
furniture that youiwant to get grease
spots off of andiia coal oil rag will
clean window glass beautifully You
should of course polish the panes with
a clean soft clotho Goal oil a table
spoonful to a gallon of hot water is an
excellent whltencrw for clothes boll
them In the water having first soaked
them as usual Bo- careful how you
handle the coal oil over a brisk fire
however In fact it is foolish to bo
careless in the handling of any such
substances It is always better to be
qn the safe side Coal oil is excellent
for chilblains Soak the feet in It It
Is also good to kill chiggers Rub your
self down with it and do not put on
the same clothes again In fact coal
oil is a very efficient cleaner despite its
horrid odor which soon passes off how
If ants the miserable little red
ones are troubling you get a dimes
worth of tartar emetic and mix it with
sugar Put this on half a dozen saucers
and put them in the places most favored
by the ants and they will disappear
Catherines of Old Cnmrades AH Over
the Country
The 31st Annual Reunion of the Sth
and ISth Ind and the 1st Ind Battery
will be held nt the Christian Church
Ind Oct 19 -1906 the 42d
rinnlvnrsarv of the battle of Cedar
Creek C C Smith Secretary Win-
Chester Ind Noah C Haines Presi
dent Pendletpn Ind
The list Amiual Reunion of the 123d
Ohio will be held at North Fairfield O
Oct 19 E P Snyder Vice President
Upper Sandusky O
The 30th Annual Reunion of the sur
vivors of the STth Pa Goslines Pa
Zouaves will be held at Taggs Hall
Franklin and Fairmount Aves Phila
delphia on the evening of Oct 12 the
4Kth anniversary of the departure of
the regiment from Philadelphia for the
front in Virginia We have an active
llgimental Association of 74 members
out of 223 survivors1 on our roll out of
a total enrollment of 1962 D S
Ayres Secretary 1008 Broadway Phil
The 20th Annual Reunion of the 76th
Ijl will be held at Momence III Oct
lp and 11 S C Munhall Vafseka 111
The 21st Annual Reunion of the 9th
Ind Cav will be held at Fortville Oct
lp Dr T J Adams President North
Salem Ind
The Annual Reunion of the 16th 111
will be hold at SolffnT Home Qulncy
II Thursday and ta Uiay Oct 11 and
li2 William Somerville President Ma
comb 111 V II USmline Secretary
Macomb 111
id il
The 201h Armualt Reunion of the 3d
Mo Glovers Cav will be held at
Quincy HI Oct Ilan4 12 Dr Reu
ben M Griggs Prtriident Novelty- Mo
The Annual Reunrnnof the 39th III
wjll he held at HeworYh 111 Wednes
day Oct 17 This s the home of Capt
Downs and Ollle Meyi xn and those at
tending are assured if a good time
W R Mprely Sfecrl til tao Arlington
The Survivor or the FhllaiIelphIn nrl
ende and Picketts Division Fraternize
at GetfysliUTC
After 43 years survivors of Gen Geo
E Picketts Division and the Philadel
phia Brigade met at Gettysburg Sept
15 on the spot where the world famous
charge was made on the third day of
the decisive battle of the civil war The
brigade was composed of four regi
ments of the Pennsylvania volunteers
who assisted In fighting oft tho charge
and one feature of the day was the
return by veteran Union men to their
former enemies of the sword of Brlg
Gen Lewis Addison Armistead which
fell from his hands when ho was killed
Just as he reached the cannon of
Although the survivors of the fam
ous charge on both sides are aged and
bent they went over the ground of the
battle with the enthusiasm of youth
and the return of the sword started
many a train of reminiscence of tho
man who had waved It
Gen Armistead was the son of Maj
Gen Armistead of the United State3
Army and went to West Point until ho
smashed a plate over the head of Gen
Jubal A Early He was appointed a
Second Lieutenant In the Army in 1839
and served throughout the Mexican
War where at the battle of Chapulte
pec he was brevetted for gallantry In
action He was a Captain when the
war began but Immediately resigned to
become Colonel of a Confederate regi
ment Ho was promoted to Brigadier
General In 1862 and added to Picketts
In the famous charge the four regi
ments commanded by Gen Armistead
occupied the center and when the fate
ful orders were given they went for
ward Armistead leading his hat held
aloft on the point of hl3 sword Al
though 100 guns cut down more than
ttto thlrds of them while the musketry
of the infantry protected Cemetery Hill
with a screen of death Armistead went
up He was the first to leap the stone
wall on tho top of tho hill with Come
on boys and had one hand on tho
muzzle of one of Cushings cannon when
he received his death wound It was at
the same moment that Cushlng himself
was killed The sword after the war
went to Phlaldelphla whero it remain
ed all these years until In the era of
good feeling It was resolved to return it
The Sory Told In Bronze of Their Ilerule
Fleht at Manassas
The following is tho inscription on
the tablet of the monument to tho 5th
N Y erected on tho Bull Run battle
Erected by thefState of New York
Sept 9 1906 toficommcmorate the
heroic services oGMhfc sth Regiment
New York Volunteer Infantry Duryeo
Zouaves a r
Here about 4 pjiri Aug 30 1862
the regiment 462 tstrong supported
Hazletts Battery p 5th U S Art
when attacked by a division of the vic
torious ConfederitSsI The regiment
stubbornly this force and
checked Its advance until the battery
had withdrawn Utni
In holding thlsi position the regi
ment suffered thegreatest loss of lire
sustained by any infantry regiment In
any battle during the entire civil war
The casualties were Killed or mor
tally wounded 124 wounded 223 Both
color bearers and seven out of eight of
the color guard were killed but the
colors wero brought with honor off the
Reunion of the Illinois Association of
Union Ex Prisoners of War
The 27th Annual Reunion of the Illi
nois Association of Union Ex Prisoners
of1 War will be held at Bloomlngton
Thursday and Friday Oct 18 and 19
1906 under the auspices of William T
Sherman Womans Relief Corps 7 De
partment of Illinois Grand Army of
thjj Republic This fact Is a guarantee
that the Reunion will be a most pleas
ant happy and successful one Dr J
i Little Secretary Bloomlngton 111
Inquiries Answered and Suggestions
X Y Z Acting Assistant or Con
tract Surgeons during the war are not
considered as officers or enlisted men
and it has been held that they are not
entitled to a pension under the act of
June 27 1890
J F Philadelphia Pa A soldier
who served In Alaska for two years will
be given credit for four years service
when he is retired for 30 years service
J G Grand Rapids Mich A du
plicate pension check cannot be issued
to take the placo of one lost through
the malls until six months shall have
J A N Cleveland O If the soldier
contracted the disability which caused
his death while ho had the rank of
Major his widow would bo entitled to
a pension of 25 a month If the dis
ability was Incurred while he was a
private she would receive the rate al
lowed the widow of a private 12 a
Reader The Joint resolution of July
1 1502 provides that if an enlisted
man deserted and re enlisted and serv
ed faithfully for not less than six
months and is honorably discharged
from last service the desertion from
former service is cured provided that
he did not receive a bounty or gratuity
for last service other than from the
Government in excess of that which ho
would have received had ho completed
his first enlistment
S - Persons honorably discharged
from the military or naval service by
reapon of disability resulting from
wounds or sickness incurred in line of
duty shall be preferred for appoint
rhents to civil offices provided they are
found to posses business capacity nec
essary for the proper discharge of the
duties of such position
A McN Harrisburg Pa A pen
sioner on entering a Soldiers Homo
dops not forpit his pension He doe
however hve to surrender his pension
certificate to the Treasurer of the
Home who draws the pension which is
paid to the pensioner as his needs re
quire Upon honorable discharge from
tho Home the certificate is returned No
part of his pension money can be used
other than for the pensioners benefit
It B S A soldier who Is drawing
pension under the act of June 27 1890
will not be entitled to an Increase on
ercount of age when he reaches his C2d
Comrade Toledo O During the
5Sth Congress a bill was Introduced to
remove the limitation of the act of July
28 1866 known as the additional boun
ty act This did not become a law
J M St Iouls Mo The physicians
diagnosis of a disease is as a rule ac
cepted by the Pension Bureau provid
ed he is in good standing But his
statement is not accepted as to whether
one disease results from another un
less such results are generally recog
nized by standard authorities
G M Buffalo N Y An invalid
pensioner is expected to be prudent and
oxercise reasonable care and not wil
fully Increase his disabilities If the
Pension Bureau has reason to belleva
that the ponsioncr is by his own neg
lect contributing to his disability It Is
doubtful whether an application for in
crease will receive favorable consider
H P O Portl nd Ore The Cali
fornia Indian disturbance Yuma ex
pedition occurred between December
1851 and April 1852 The troops en
gaged were principally Regulars and
probably did not exceed 270 The sur
vivors are pensionabc under acts of July
27 1892 and June 27 1902
J H Fort Wayne Ind In case a
pension check Is lost or stolen the
United States Pension Agent is
Ized to issue a duplicate after the ex-
nlratlon of six months The pensioner
however will be required to give a
bond of indemnity for double tne
nmount of tho lost check This 13 to
insure the United States Pension Agent
against loss provided the original
check comes to light and Is cashed
A L S There Is but one Revolu
tionary War widow now in receipt of a
pension Esther S Damon Plymouth
Union Vt She is 92 years of age Her
husband Norah Damon was a private
In the Massachusetts troops serving In
various organizations between April 19
1775 and May 11 1780 There are also
three daughters of Revolutionary sol
diers in receipt of a pension by special
act Daniel F Bakeman was the last
invalid Revolutionary pensioner He
died April 5 1809 at the age of 109
Division of Pension llciuarrlnse Moral
The mere fact that the claimant mar
ried her second and third husbands
during the lifetime of her first husband
under tho belief that she was legally
competent to contract the second and
thiri marriages does not justify tno
rejection of her claim for one half her
husband s nenslon upon tne grouna
that she was not a woman of good
moral character 128 7-10-06
Division of Pension El Iilrnce Estop
pel Divorce Decree Act of March 3
Claimant the appellant herein a
non resident of the State of North Da
kota having caused her appearance to
be entered by her attorneys in a suit
brought by pensioner in the District
Court of said State against her for di
vorce is estopped to deny the jurlsdlc
tlon of said Court over her or her mari
tal status or the validity of its decree
In this Department The fact that she
was and is a resident of the State of
New York is immaterial
The decision of the United States
Supreme Court in the case of Haddock
vs Haddock rendered April 12 1906
In no manner affects or modifies the
Bureau practice or Departmental da
cisions as to the effects of a decree of
divorce or Its weight as evidence of
the marital status of the parties in
cases for division of pension under the
act of March 3 1899
Until claimant has secured a re
versal of tho North Dakota decree she
will not be heard by the Bureau of
Pensions or this Department to ques
tion Its validity See Cooper vs Coop
er 13 P D 210
Public policy and administrative duty
require that parties questioning the
validity of a judicial decree or judg
ment of a court of competent or general
Jurisdiction over the subject matter
collaterally in a proceeding of this na
ture before an administrative branch
of the Government should be required
to first establish their contention before
a court
Claimant not being the lawful wife
of pensioner by reason of the North
Dakota decrees of Oct 7 1902 and
Nov 9 1905 Is not entitled to one half
of his nenslon uader her application
therein filed July 15 1904 and the
Bureau action appealed irom is ai
firmed 129
For the Canteen
C M Wittlg Davenport Iowa says
that he served In the 1st Mo from
April 1861 helping to restore Missouri
to tho Union ana aiso in me sza in
He was crippled at Chancellorsville de
fending the constitutional rights of
every free man and he is still an aavo
cato of liberty He is for a free can
teen eaua rights free religion Any
body of lawful age and good reputation
should bo able to taKe care or mmseir
Vrtte mo about yoorcsaa Adrics sad proof of const
REE SI eM Alt 224 N 1 0th Bt MKMUrsU TK
Wounded Four Times
At tho meeting of the Post at North
Adams Mass Sept 14thero were two
recruits mustered in Ono of them
Comrade Thomas A Halplno was for-
mcrlly a member and an Adjutant of
the Post but later was called away by
his business from the city to which he
has Just returned Halplne had a most
interesting experience Ho enlisted
when not 18 in the 4th Conn and this
regiment was later changed to tho 1st
Conn H A in which he served until
Sept 25 1865 so that his service was
four years four months and two days
He was wounded at Yorktown and
after the war entered the employ of the
American Express Co in which ho has
been continuously ever since In Jan
uary 1871 ho was a messenger on the
run from Albany and Boston There
while engaged in making up his pack
ages he discovered another man in the
car whom he subsequently learned was
an ex messenger of the road and who
asked permission to ride across the
bridge This was customary and tho
pormission was granted The stranger
whose name was John I Filkln3 had
frequently had charge of the jame car
In which Comrade Halplne was work
ing As Halplne turned from talking to
tho man he was shot thru tho neck by
him and fell but retained his conscious
ness He struggled to rise but Filklns
placed the muzzle of tho revolver to his
right eye and again pulled the trigger
he robber shot him a third time in
the hoad and reduced him to uncon
sciousness Filklns then took the keys
unlocked the safe took from It the two
bags of money relocked the safo placed
the keys on top of It and jumped from
the car as it was slowing up at Now Al
bany Halplne regained partial conscious
ness and at last attracted the attention
of the conductor The wounded mes
senger was rushed back to Albany and
for day3 hung between life and death
Filkins who was prominent in church
work was at last captured brought
back to Albany identified and- sen
tenced to 20 years In prison but es
railroads Rxpetlence unnecessary Firemen tICO
i iitUIr bocorne Enl3rrsnd Mrn f203 Erafceraeo
57i hcmne Conductors anu earn tliC Xarae position
pr JerrM Saf asre semi stamp Rslway A830
cl iJoii Room 199 127 Monro street Brooklyn NY
i timiradn I can Locate and File for yon a
lloraestpal Klht throaib Aent Fee lteonable
For parti ulan write A O Crntcbmer Oictnuigt
I T- benlnr Vice Department Commander U A B
vtitir trhn rvil so dairs or more In Civil Wax
Lnnnrarilv iin1 nnil whf fild OI IM4 IhftTl 160-
arre noinetfev before JUie uh can sen auumuiuu
riijU I buy hem Also Lana warrants write
LOm ratio A- Jl VAAUt A JlOiaei iuw
PATESTKD and sold Jjira1 A Co St Louis Mo
ATENT FOR SALE Wire Stretcher
Randolph B If eel Topas Teaaa
jaja protect your ideas sWAdrlce free
S 14th St Wasulngton p a
In this panr for onr clients Consultation la all bas
inets befors tns ratem uraca wonungrai iot
Established ISt
899 Fourteenth St WASHIXOTOX IT a -
Branches at Chicago CleTeland Detroit
absolutely and qnickiy cored nrrer to
PILES f ure and harmless remedy found at
last bunpu box Tree iieuogz jtemeuy ua uopw
T 312 If Ottawa St Grand Rapids Mich
JIOv anycase that roy Liquor
Tohacco and Clrarette Remedies in liq
uid form foil 10 cure either with or
wltbost oatienfs knowledge M cents
and ft Tablet form also Mailed
on receipt of price
Cj i rrf WILLBErAIDforany
5 LULLr Opium Morphine and
Tnralna disease I cannot cure Treat
mentat nome without pain or Jossor time Pay on
installments DR H C KEITH Bpeciallst In
Nervous Diseases Sit M SL TOLKDO OHIO
I- i When physical activities seem to be
and the mind losing its grip the restorative powers
ofjnven Plllsassrt the nsMves by feedln the nerves
reaching every fjuctlon uf fie hnma i organism giv
ing refreshing sleep appetite strength and health A
trial quickly proves their far reaching efficacy 04
ent only by C I Hood Co Hoods Sarsapa
rllls Lowell Mass on receipt of this advt and 1
REE 91 Coupon
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Van Vlecks wonderful 3 fold Ab
sorption Treatment together with
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ing for piles lead to fistula and the
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Vleck Co SC 41 Majestic Bldg Jackson
Mich Write today
I will send a six days trial treatment absolutely
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matura old age lost vitality weate organs nervous
ness lost energy varicocele kidney and bladder
troubles To all such I will send FREE on receipt
of stamp for postage a trial treatment of the won
derful remedies used by my late husband Dr S S
Parker veteran of the late civil war and for ZS years
a successful practitioner of diseases peculiar to men
It is praised by veterans of the War of the Rebellion
and men In ail walks of life This Is what one of
many cured men writes
Tor several years I suffered from Lame Back
Varicocele Bladder and Prostatic Trouble I am
now several months after taking the Parker Rem
edy completely cured and In every sense a man
Am fit years old and a Veteran of the War of the
nebrillon W a BiDWEtL
SK4 8 Wayne Ave Fort Wayne Ind
u a su toubvo a
caped after serving three years Hal
plne was afterwards appointed agent ot
the express company at Worcester and
served in that capacity for 13 years
nennlon of the 47th N T
The survivrrs of tho 47th N Y helfl
their Annual Reunion Sept 15 in Help
ers Assembly Rooms New York ThU
was the 45th anniversary of tho de
parturo of the regiment to the front
rThero were 30 comrades present wltn
relatives and frlonds who filled tha
largo hall President Nathan Arnow
called tho meeting to ordor Secretary
Waago read the minutes and called tho
roll There were present comrades
from other regiments and also Jimmy
Young the newsboy of tho Tenth
Corps The Secretary read letters from
a number of comrades who were unable
to be present At the banquet In tha
evening a vory interesting program was
rendered recitations speeches and
original poems Tho following officers
wore elected for the ensuing year
President Richard J Garland Vica
President James P Hall Secretary and
Treasurer Charles W Waage 1306
Myrtle Ave Brooklyn N Y Chap
lain George L Troutt and Sergeant-at-Arms
Charles Phillips
a 50ooo
treaties on ill tho
THIS BOOK contains mny illcttrations and is
storehouse of knowledf e for both old and 70003
rtho are suffering from oxcosaos Ioit vitality
lervocs disorders blood poison stomach
idrer and bladder diseasee It explains hour joa
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40 Dearborn St A 7 Chicago IIL
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llshrd Eastern Agency SO Bridgeport Conn
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ticnlara address Selectclub Dept 18 Tekonsha Mich
MARRIAGE PAPER Best publlshed malled
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ple many rich from all sections of the United States
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considered The highest possible allowance ss
cured Of applying to R W SHOPPELI
Pension Attorney Washington D C
should inform me of the number of his pension
certificate tha rate per month he is getting also the
day and year of his birth Then I will write him how
to get an Increise R W SHOPPEIL Pension
Attorney Washington 0 C
claims for pension Write m a once after death
of husband sendln me his pension certlilcate I will
collect what is due bim forynu and get you the high
est pension allowance for yourssIC It W S1IOP
PKLL Pension Attorney Washington D C
XrrAMTED Information of John D St
V Clair From the year 1S50 to 1S59
was a Government contractor engaged
in carrying the U S mall between Wash
ington Pa and Cadiz O was In Colum
bus O In 1SS1 at the breaking out of
the war Subsequent reports indicate
that he Joined the Unoln army and died
in camp from sickness Address Edwin
M St Clair 1904 California street Den
ver Colo
TIT ANTED Information regarding the
TT date and place of enlistment of
John H Skelly My information is that
he enlisted in an early New York regi
ment probably the 1st or 2d of tha
three months volunteers It Is a ques
tion of Identifying the soldier and prop
erly distributing somo considerable es
tate here The soldier prior to his death
lost his certificate of discharge and I
have been unable to get this Informa
tion All I can learn Is that he lived In
Brooklyn In the Spring of 1861 and that
he enlisted in a very early New York
regiment and possibly was commission
ed 33 a Captain Address Robert C
Hayes Deadwood S D
IfANTED The address of any mem
V ber of Co A 2d Pa Cav by Geo
T Fisher Cooke Park County Mont
TT ANTED The address of Henry
V Shlsler Co A 6th VT Va Cav
Vols was In Randolph County Indiana
In 18S5 Later reported to be In Coffpe
vllle Kans Address James S Watson
Ufflngton W Va
ITTANTED Address of Robt A Guth
YV rle Captain Co E 2d Tenn irtd
Inf or any member of that company Z
T Hedges Little Rock Ark
T7 ANTED Address of any member of
VV Co I 4th U S R C Mo Inf who
knew Henry McCluskey who served
from May S 1861 to Aug 17 1861 Ad
dress Hannah McCluskey Canton O
TTrANTED Mrs A S Brubaker of
W Wilkinsburg Allegheny Co Pa
would like to communicate with any
survivors of the 20th Pa Cav who knew
A S or Adam S Brubaker of Co I either
during the six months or three years
service of that regiment
The address of the Captain
WANTED doctor of Co B 4th Minn
Regt Fifteenth Army Corps during the
last year of the war Address Harvy A
McQulllin Odessa Minn
Can any comradf tell tho
WANTED in what company and regi
ment James w isnigni di cupu m
III served during the late war He died
In St Louis Hospital Aauresa iuuiur
A Wallace Cassville Mo
The addresses or Michael
W Daley and William Daley Co I
69th 2s x ois Aoareas itaric 1iiioj
Lock Haven Pa
Information of Charles i
WANTED last heard from over eight
years ago In the state ot laano xie is
about 38 years of age six feet tall Any
tntorrnation ii - i
abouts will bo thankfully received Ad
dresa John S Smith Reynoldsvllle Pa

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