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Oflieet rll Thirteenth Street N W
Mr Hearsts candidacy has now had
a judicial interpretation Justice Green
baura has ruled that only those Demo
cratic papers supporting his nomina
tion are entitled to receive election ad
Chicago is always claiming some
thing and now it is that she has 2000
000 people Nothing less than that
could support her batch of noisy graft
ing politicians
Joseph Medill Patterson the young
millionaire of Chicago who has turned
Socialist will iiegin Oct 24 the pub
lication of a Socialist daily paper
Eugene V Debs will be the Indiana
rorresnondent and Unton Sinclair a
regular contributor
The dedication of the New York
monuments on the battlefield of Bull
Run has been finally fixed for Oct 20
These are to the 5th N Y Duryee
Zouaves 10th N Y National Zou
aves and the Brooklyn 14th Rev J
Wesley Hill will deliver the oration
The most important question to come
before the coming National Encamp
ment of the Knights of Pythias at New
Orleans is upon a petition to exclude all
liquor dealers and all hotel keepers
who run bars in connection with their
hotels from membership in any Pyth
ian organization
The return of sanity to Atlanta is
shown by the sentence of a negro to 40
years in the penitentiary for attacks
upon white girls If this just policy
had been rigidly followed some months
ago there would have been no necessity
for the terrible expense and disgrace
of the riot in Atlanta
The registration of New York City
up to last Monday evening was 660210
which indicates a total vote of about
620000 This shows that compared with
the registration of 1904 about 50000
qualified voters did not register The
actual gain over last year is 16703 but
allowing for the increase M population
is only about 15000
The Department of Pennsylvania G
A R will celebrate the 40th
sary of its institution by a meeting and
Campfirc at the Academy of Music
Philadelphia Monday evening Nov 26
Commander-in-Chief Brown Depart
ment Commander M A Gherst and
many other prominent men will be
The Massachusetts courts are taking
measures to curb Ihe reckless automo
bilists A recent decision is to the ef
fect that a pedestrian crossing a high
way is not bound to be constantly on
the lookout for auto cars but that the
chauffeurs are on the contrary bound
to look out for the pedestrians and if
any accident results the burden of the
defense is upon the chauffeur
A queer circumstance is noted in tho
apparent translation of nearly the
whole of the great families of Dwight
and Lathrop or Lothrop from England
to this country A century ago the
Dwights and Lathrops and Lothrops
were quite numerous and prominent in
England but now there are very few
to be found anywhere while Dwights
and Lathrops and Lothrops are every-
where in this country
Just as the copartnership between
Hearst and Tammany seemed to be
perfected into complete harmony
Hearst threw a bombshell into the quiet
camp by the rejection of two of Tam
manys nominees for judicial places As
thSse pay 17000 u year each the com
motion can be easily imagined One of
the men turned down is Judge John J
Brady and the other Francis F Mc-
Avoy a brothet of Thomas F McAvoy
-ex-Police Inspector and the Chairman
of the General Committee of Tammany
The Tammany leaders are angry clear
The burglar who was caught in the
act of burgling is to have a monument
but strange to say it is not the work
of a sewing circle of Atlanta vixens
An unknown man was shot while
breaking open the safe of a store in
St Albans Vt and he was found to
have in his pockets J 118 probably the
proceeds of former crimes The Se
lectman of the Town who became Pub-
lie Administrator expended 55 in put
ting a stone over the mans grave upon
which is Inscribed
Unknown man shot In Jennison
Gallup Companys store while burglar
izing the sate on the night of Oct 13
The straight tip comes from Wall
Street New York that Postmaster
General Cortelyou is slated to succeed
Secretary Shaw at the end of the ses
sion if the present Congress March 4
next The Postmaster General was In
New York last week and this tip is
given out by his intimate friends Era
bassador Meyer has heretofore been
spoken of for Secretary Shaws succes
sor but it is now said that he will like
ly be given another Department possl
bly succeed Mr Cortelyou High praise
is given Mr Cjrtelyou for his
menfc of the Post Ollice Department
which he has raised to a better state
of business elllclency than ever before
la its history He has not depended
upon his subordinates to run the De
partment but has looked into every
detail and kept the strings all the time
In his own hands
The amazing character of the mis
information circulated in the South by
newspapers claiming to be reputable
in regard to pensions and to the war
of the rebellion generally is well illus
trated by the following special dispatch
to the Galveston News
The Government has given official
recognition to the fact that the clerks
in the Pension Office are in reality pen-
sioners upon the Governments bounty
and when one of them dies there is no
appointment made to fill the vacancy
thus created
There are about 1700 clerks in the
Office The vast majority of tiiese are
old soldiers who saw more or less ser
vice in the Union army during the war
between the States The overwhelm
ing majority of them also draw pen
sions some of them receiving more
than the 1200 or 1400 they receive
from the Government for services sup
posed to be rendered
Since the celebrated Executive or
der issued by the President a short time-
before the Presidential election in 1901
placing on the pension list at 0 a
month every old soldier who had reach
ed the age of 62 years and graduating
the pay so that when the age of 6S
was reached the soldier would he re
ceiving 12 has greatly increased the
number of pensioners in tho Office One
veteran of my acquaintance a fine
looking hearty robust citizen reached
the age of 62 a few days age On the
anniversary of his birth he filed his
papers for a pension He will soon be
drawing his 6 a month in addition to
the 100 he receives every 30 days for
services supposed to be rendered in the
Pension Bureau altho the rules of the
Office are so administered as to allow
a great deal of loafing in the seven
hours Government clerks are supposed
to be at their desks
The fact that Congress in- the ap
propriations for last year failed to pro
vide for appointments to places in the
Pension Bureau made vacant by death
is not generally known Such action
was due to the recognition of the fact
that tlie clerks in the office were not
really needed to discharge the duties
supposed to be assigned them They
are pensioners in two respects in nearly
every case because they are on the
pension rolls and because they receive
good salaries fiom the Government
without rendering fair return
This Is simply a string of flagrant un
truths and so palpable that it would
appear the writer was striving to lie
He did not want facts because any
examination of the official records
would have instantly contradicted every
material statement that he makes The
fabrication is so systematic that it
shows that he was trying to work up
a standard of misrepresentation set for
him by people who wanted slanders
and not the truth In the first place
Far from there being a vast major
ity of civil war veterans on the cler
ical roll of the Bureau less than one
third of those employed in the Bureau
can by any stretch be connected with
the army or navy during the war Un
der Pension Commissioner Evans who
made a great claim of the number of
veterans and veterans widows employ
ed in the Bureau there were only 525
who could be put in this class in a total
roll of 1751 The number and the pro
portion has not increased but rather
decreased since
In the next place a comparison of
the work done by the Pension Bureau
will compare very favorably with that
done by any similar number of em
ployes In any Department of the Gov
ernment The clerks In the Pension
Bureau are worked absolutely as hard
and they produce quite as much fin
ished work of the best class as any
similar number of Government em
ployees no matter in what other De
partment The business efficiency of
the Bureau has been much increased
since Commissioner Warner entered
upon the Office and last years work
shows an efficiency which may well
cause emulation by any other Bureau
of the Government Civil Service
The last statement about the effi
ciency of the older clerks was thoroly
thrashed out last Winter to the entire
advantage of the older and more ex
perienced employes of the Government
The clamor against old superannuated
men being borne on the rolls of the
Government reached such a hight that
Congress took action and a thoro in
vestigation was made The investiga
tion was made by men who were
strongly prejudiced against the value
of clerks beyond the age of 60 There
was a bill pending in Congress at that
time introduced by the Committee on
Appropriations to reduce the pay of
clerks after passing 65 and to perma
nently separate them from the service
at 70 A rigid examination was made
of 1626 employes in Washington over
C5 years old Of these 934 were vet
erans and 692 civilians Of these the
work of 90 only was rated as poor
while that of 251 was fair 229 was
average 682 did unusually good work
and 374 did excellent work Of the
374 employes whose work received the
highest praise 253 were veterans Tills
was a triumphant vindication of the
veterans and it showed that as they
had proved themselves of better stuff
than civilians by going into the array
this superiority had continued through
life and In their advanced years they
still maintained the lead over the civil
ians Of these veterans 102 were 75
years or older It seems a waste of
time to recite these facts since they
should be well known to everyone and
yet the Texas paper assumes that the
people are Ignorant of even such recent
public events or it would not venture
to publish such obvious falsehoods
Washington Is favored with another
dally paper and from the first issues
It would seem that tin city Is particu
larly favored in a bright handsome
journal of high character It is newsy
clean and able The name is the AVash
ington Herald and it began publica
tion Oct 1 under the management of
Mr Scott c isonc for many years
managing editor of the Washington
Post and who made that paper one of
the most attractive In the country Mr
E II Merrick is tho business manager
and Mr J Harry Cunningham assist
ant business manager The paper do
serves success and we have no doubt
that It will quickly achieve it
Dr Forbes Wlnslow the great Eng
lish alienist declares that there will ne
soon more insane than sane people on
this earth The question naturally oc
curs as to what Is a sane man Entire
sanity like common sense and other
general terms is only relative All
people are only approximately sane and
sensible The average man does not
exist nor does the absolutely sane and
sensible man The best that any of us
can do is to keep up a fair average
-- -
We have received the following let
Editor National Tribune I have
read your rehearsal of Eugene V
Debss speech together with comments
thereon Eugene V Debs Is a Socialise
likewise Mover and Haywood They
stand for a principle founded on equal
ity and justice They represent the
only political party worthy of an hon
est mans vote Each of these men
has received brutal treatment Mover
and Haywood in Colorado and Debs in
Chicago Up to this hour they have
not been proven guilty of any crime
other than being labor leaders Some
years ago Debs was put In jail on ac
count of a strike in Chicago He final
ly obtained a trial but investlgati n
proved too much a Juror became sud
denly ill the court was adjourned and
he must he ill yet Tor the defendant
still awaits a continuance of the trial
Now I assume that you as the editor
of a great paper know all the details
leading up to the arrest of these men
If so you know that they were de
prived of their liberty without due
process of law Why were they spirit
ed away in the night and without a
hearing conveyed by special train out
of the State Men love darkness rath
er than light because tiieir deeds are
evil Ave believe the mine owners are
Interested in their conviction Every
good citizen will say if these men are
found guilty of murder or conspiracy
by a fair and Impartial trial they
should be hung Are you able to clear
all accusations of bribed jurors of
forged testimony For it is a common
saying that money will purchase any
thing In tiiese days I believe the
whole move is a scheme to disrupt the
Western Federation of Labor and to
discourage Socialism a movement
which is growing in popularity on both
I heard a prominent politician say
two years ago that when the Socialists
became too numerous the Republican
Party would wipe them out I guess
they will have quite a Job on their
It is and always has been the busi
ness of the capitalist press to keep the
common people in Ignorance that it
might rob them easily How well they
have succeeded the following figures
will be of interest Let It be under
stood that capital Is necessary but a
capitalist never to the well being of
a real democratic Government
Tho laborers of this country are the
producers of its wealth Twenty five
years ago they got 40 per cent of its
product to day they get 17 per cent
Tho rich wine and dine and form alli
ancei but that is all right But let a
few laborers get together and talk Of
course thats different They are dis
turbing the peace and if they organ
ize and attempt to better their deplor
able condition that is a mob and must
be dealt with accordingly
The Socialists are as tame and
peaceable a lot of fellows as can be
found but they are after a real square
deal and notwithstanding the way they
are accused and misrepresented they
will get it some day Cornelius Right
mire Proctor Pa
Probably words would bo wasted in
answer to the above letter and yet we
feel that the cause of law and good
Government demand that it shall not
go unanswered
The first reply is that all our civil
zation has been an effort to prevent
such crimes as those Debs was guilty
of in his Chicago insurrection and those
by which the cx Govcrnor of Idaho
was foully assassinated The whole or
ganization of our society and Govern
ment is to prevent such crimes and to
properly punish them if committed
This is the whole matter In a nutshell
We have instituted a Government in
which every man has his share and
where he is responsible not only for
the laws but for the men who execute
them His vote elects the legislators
who make the laws and also elects the
officers who execute them If tho laws
are wrong In any particular or the men
who exetute them arc Inefficient or
corrupt he has a ready remedy in the
election of better men He has It in
his power to call all these public ser
vants to a strict account as to the man
ner In which they perform their duties
If they do not do right he is as much
to blame as any man In the country
because his vote counts as much as
any other mtns In the Government
Therefore it is criminal In the last
degree for any man to assert that he
Is justified in crime because the laws
and the officials are not what they
should be This was the crime com
mitted by Mr Debs In starting the Chi
cago insurrection Into the merits of
that dispute we shall not enter nor as
to how far the working people were
Injured Mr Debs did not make these
questions a subject of debate by tho
people of the United States or the State
of Illinois and in this he showed him
self utterly un American There is not
the slightest doubt that It Mr Debs
had properly presented tho wrongs of
the people to the people there would
have been an insistence that they
should be remedied Instead of that
Mr Debs constituted himself the sole
Judge and proceeded without refer
ence to the rights of the rest of the
people to acts of rebellion
Nor will we go Into the troubled
questions of the AVcstcrn mining sys
tem Undoubtedly there are many
things in the operation of those mines
that are oppressive to the miners and
should be righted There Is a peace
able orderly lawful way In which to
do that The miners have a majority
of the votes in that country they se
lect and put in nomination tho men
who are representing them In the Leg
islature and In the execution of tho
laws made by that Legislature It Is
criminal nonsense to allege that tho
legislators the Judges and the Execu
tive officers are bought up If this is
the case then the fault lies with the
miners that they do not elect better
men They have had tho most ample
experience in exercising tho rights of
American citizens they know how they
have been disappointed in their pre
vious selections of men and they
should u on their guard to select bet
ter men In the future and to hold llifcm
to a stricter account than they have
in the past Tills Is the whole spirit of
our Government and the safeguard to
its continuance The alleged wrongs
of the miners cannot therefore for a
moment Justify tho wholesale murders
and assassinations which have dls
graced those States
Tho murder of Ex Governor Steun
cnberg was one of tho foulest crimes
In the history of America No money
and no effort should be spared to find
the men guilty of plotting the assas
sination of a Governor who had of
fended them by executing the laws
Unless this Is done public officers can
not have the courage to execute the
law since they must be constantly in
terror of some one murdering them
when their action is not pleasant The
men who have been arrested as acces
sories to this murder will bo given a
faiF roJ by the courts Public atten
- V X5f Vr
tion has been strongly directed to the
cases nnjjralLtho evidence will be sub
jected to the- severest scrutiny The
history at American courts Is thnt they
arc far JV66 ienient with wrongdoers
i ii
Instead however of letting the cases
of theseJnrristed men be tried by th
tribunals which are the safeguards of
our instttitjpns Mr Debs repeating
nis cntcngq iiniquiiy proclaimed
own hellof lin their innocence and
thrcatencit wholesale murder plunder
Ing riots an devastation If they are
convicted AVe do not know of any
thing mtfrb criminal than this since the
days of hpjTjpavIss rebellion It means
such a rjesisttmcc to the laws and th
courts aj IP successful would plunge
us bade Ihtj the depths of barbarism
when our internnl condition would bo
worse than that of the savages AVe
would Indeed be far worse off than
were the Indians before the white men
came to this country The Indians had
their Inws which they rigidly obeyed
enforced and they punished sternly all
Mr Debs would let the murderers of
Kx Governor Steunenberg go scot free
and not even Inquire into the com
plicity of the men who have been ar
rested upon more or less evidence of
their being accessory to the crime All
this talk about antagonism to labor and
to the Federation of Miners Is mere
demngoguery to cloak the reality The
AVestern miners themselves have pre
cisely as much interest if not more
in tho proper execution of the laws
than any other people and they should
be the first to insist that the assassins
of the ex Governor should be brought
to justice and punished with all the
severity that the law will permit
An Indian Summer calm has succeed
ed the Squaw AVinter in Cuban poll
tics The disarmament of the Insur
rectos and the Government troops has
proceeded without a clash- The
rcctos have given up sucli arms as they
chose and apparently retired from the
rebellion business This Is omly appar
ently for the microbe of Insurrection is
always actively present in Latin-American
countries and an uprising Is likely
whenever a young half educated half
breed sees a chance to make a ruction
with such a crowd of mongrel vaga
bonds as he can gather All that holds
him and them In check is possibility of
swift defeat and punishment which is
seldom likely since the other half
breeds who are in power can only meet
him with sucli another crowd of mon
grel vagabonds as can be shirked up for
the emergency
There will be peace and order in
Cuba justias long as there is American
cavalry tliere which when a town jr
plantation is raided and robbed will
pursue tire robbers until they are over
taken capture or killed Possibly In
time the tjubans will learn to do this
for themselves just as Mexico has
learned to dolit under President Diaz
but it will take the islanders just as
long as It hiis the Mexicans and un
fortunately there has at yet risen no
man like Porfirlo Diaz to give his coun
trymen the nreeded lesson
Therefore we are liable to have to
continue ft Provisional Government in
definitely AVlille this has some objec
tions it harf imich to recommend it
Such a Government will continue the
Cuban laws courts customs and meth
mis of procedure which is the wisest
course by far If we annexed the Island
there would be at once a clamor from
some people and politicians for the In
troduction of American laws and cus
toms entirely unsulted to the Cubans
Nor can there be any clamor for ex
tension of American citizenship to Cu
bans They will continue outside of
the fence managing their affairs their
own way with their own officials gen
erally in control their own Judges ap
plying their laws and Cuban legislators
raising taxes to be spent exclusively for
Cubas benefit The United States will
only be In evidence in seeing that life
and property are protected and Cubans
obey the laws of their own country
The expectation that the American
occupation will only last until after the
elections can be held is delusive The
beaten party will find just as many pre
texts for repudiating that election as
the Insurrecto3 did for the last one
and the whole thing would have to be
done over again if the troops were
Business has now revived in the
island everything Is becoming normal
and will continue so just as long as
there is a sufficiency of American cav
airy there to ride down any bandit
crowd that may make an outbreak
Mr Magoon has succeeded Secretary
Taft as Provisional Governor and Wft
trust has providently made arrange
ments for his family to come on for a
prolonged stay at Havana If he gets
away before the demands of his pri
vate business in this country or his
health requiring a more bracing cli
mate impel him to ask to bo relieved
we shall not set up again as a prophet
Charles E Magoons proclamation
upon assuming the Governorship of
Cuba Is clear concise and seems to
leave nothing more to be said He
says ho proposes to exercise tint pow
ers conferred fby the appendix to the
Constitution ff Cuba to preserve Cu
ban indepenuepco and for the protec
tion of Ufivuproperty and individual
liberty 116 will exercise tiiese powers
with a vl jfb restoring tile ordinary
methods qf tlje Government of Cuba
and terminating his own adminis
tration Then Constitution of Cuba
and the laws made in pursuance there
of will rcmaint in full force and effect
except suchas are abrogated or hold
in abcyancjj by those derived from the
said appendix Tills proclamation is as
it should btVsincc it does not promise
too much pr1 make any embarrassing
pledges uicliovernor will do what
ever Is absolutely essential to be done
and as soon as the Cubans themselves
are ready to manage their own Gov
ernment and do these things for them
selves tho Provisional Government will
The North Dakota courts have made
a questionable decision to tho effect
that a director owes no duty In 1 egal
sense by reason of his office to tho
creditors of tho bank or to the public
If this be correct the Legislatures of
the States should lose no time in
changing it I
- rfir
AAith the days and nights when
The frost Is on the pumpkin
And the fodders In tho shock
comes the Season of the Spellbinder
In the older days the speakers at
the ward town and County rallies were
usually men who had strong convictions
as to the principles their parties advo
cated They were men of more or less
standing in their communities and
their character gave force to what they
said Generally they were candidates
for something they had been selected
by their parties as standard bcnrra
and the meetings were for the purpose
of letting the voters get acquainted
with them This is still true to a cer
tain extent But there has risen a
profession of spellbinders who fol
low political speaking as avocation
AVhat they do between campaigns is
not known but they command good
prices from 23 to 100 a night for
first class artists with expenses For
merly the committees were quite lib
eral in the matter of expenses but of
late years accounts have been reduced
to a stricter business basis
The first requirements of a good
spellbinder are those of an acceptable
actor or elocutionist He must have a
good voice easy manner and a dra
matically earnest way of putting things
and telling stories He must have all
the actors and elocutionists tricks of
gaging his audience and making his
hits The idea is that the audience
must first of all be kept Interested
and amused and thus sugar coat the
inoculation of the partys ideas
The name Spellbinder originated
some years ago when every stumper
returning from a tour thru the country
reported at committee headquarters
that his audiences literally sat spell
bound An association of spellbind
ers was formed and Is probably still
in active existence The profesh meet
together convlvlally as actors and elo
cutionists do relate their experience
toll what epigram took what story
convulsed the audience what trick met
with a frost etc This is a great
country and many different ways in it
for making a living
Last June Congressman Reynolds of
Pennsylvania introduced the following
bills which were referred to the Com
mittee on Invalid Pensions which will
probably report on them early in the
coming session
Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assem
bled That the Secretary of the Interior
be and he is hereby authorized to in
crease the pension of every widow who
is now on the pension roll at 8 per
month under the terms of tho act of
June 27 1890 entitled An art grant
ing pensions to soldiers and sailors who
are incapacitated for the performance
of manual labor and providing fr
pensions to widows minor children anil
dependent parents and its amend
ments to 12 per month and all wid
ows who shall hereafter be placed on
the pension roll under the provisions
of said act and its amendments shall be
entitled to receive a pension at the rate
of 12 per month during their widow
hood to commence from the date of
the application therefor
Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assem
bled That from and after the passage
of this act all soldiers and sailors who
have served 60 days or more in the
military or naval service of the United
States during the late war of the re
bellion or tho Spanish American AArar
and who have been honorably discharg
ed therefrom and who are now or
may hereafter be suffering from the
loss of sight of both eyes or from tho
loss of both hands or from the loss of
both feet or from the loss of one hand
and one foot or from the loss of either
leg at the hip joint or from the loss
of an arm at the shoulder joint or
from total disability in both arms or
both legs or who are totally incapaci
tated for performing manual labor and
arc disabled In such a degree as to re
quire the regular personal aid and at
tendance of another person and who
are without other means of support
than their daily labor and an income
not exceeding 250 per year which
disabilities have resulted from causes
not occurring while in the service of
the United States nor the result of
vicious habits shall upon making due
proof of the fact of such disabilities as
hereinbefore stated according to such
rules and regulations as the Secretary
of the Interior may prescribe be placed
upon the pension roll and be entitled
to receive a pension of 30 per month
which pension shall be In lieu of any
other pension to which such pensioner
may be entitled under any law of the
United States Provided That no per
son shall receive more than one pen
sion for the same period nor shall this
act -apply to anyone who is receiving
or shall be entitled to receive any
greater pension under any act general
or special
AAhile no man can tell what election
day will bring forth and everybodys
predictions are merely wild guesses yet
the outcome of the Hearst Murphy
combination is felt will not be wholly
to the interest of either of them It
is the first time in Tammanys 117
years of history that it has had control
of the State Democratic machine Dick
Croker used to say that the up State
Democrats hated Tammany worse than
they did the Republicans Has any
thing occurred to render this feeling
more brotherly and fraternal Most
of the up State Democratic papers are
supporting Hearst but a large number
of them preface their advocacy by tho
qualification that they only do it be
cause it is regular This is not the
kind of support that usually carries
men into office upon an Irresistible
wavo but then as all signs fail in dry
weather so all signs are unreliable in
this year of political disintegration
The Supremo Court of tho United
States has denied tho petition of Ex
Senator Joseph Ralph Burton of Kan
sas for a rehearing which makes the
third time that the Supreme Court has
had the case beforo It This takes away
his last hope and he will have to begin
his term of six months imprisonment
in the jail at Ironton Mo in a few
John Sharp Williams of Mississippi
has tho merit of frankness In his
speech at Greensboro N C replying
to Secretary Shaw ho said that Taft
was the wisest and Shaw the shrewdest
and sharpest of tho present generation
of Republicans Mr Bryans belief in
Government ownership of railroads Is
Mr Bryans private opinion and will
find no place In the Democratic plat
Since the formation of the Govern
ment New York State has had three
Presidents Van Buren Cleveland and
Roosevelt Roosevelt is the only Presi
dent ever elected from New York CityJ
AVe respectfully submit that tho Su
preme Court of North Carolina should
make another guess There is n loud
call for a Daniel to come to judgment
Not Senator Daniel of Virginia but
the Daniel whom onl Shylock praised
so highly The aforesaid court had
before It a case in which a man sued
the railroad company for damages on
account of mental suffering occasioned
by the roads failure to deliver at the
appointed time the baggage of his In
tended wife which contained the all-
important wedding gown The wed
ding therefore had to be postponed to
the intense grief of tho prospective
bridegroom The North Carolina court
nonsuited the complainant and in our
humble and lay opinion violated that
organic principle of our national being
which makes inalienable every mans
right to life liberty and pursuit of
happiness In no way can a man pur
sue happiness so successfully as In
wedding the woman with whom he is
In love and anything that bars or ob
structsthis form of the pursuit of hap
piness is an invasion of the dearest
rights of freemen and cheapens if it
does not invalidate all that our fore
fathers fought for on the blood stained
fields of Lexington and Monmouth The
brief report of the case does not give
any of the details and we arc at a loss
to know the charms of the prospective
bride and therefore the intensity of
the anguish of the bridegroom at not
getting her at the appointed time The
question occurs whether the plaintiffs
attorneys were negligent in not pre
senting the blooming bride to tho court
as an exhibit of her attractiveness and
their clients woe over his failure Pos
sibly if they had put her on the stMid
she might have had a tale of misery
that would have Influenced the deci
sion Keen as must be a mans disap
pointment in such cases it is as moon
light is to sunlight or water is to wine
compared with a womans mental
agony at not having her wedding dre3s
On the other hand perish the thought
it may be that the bride was placed
on the stand and after looking her over
the wise Judges decided that it
wouldnt make much difference when
a man married a woman of that kind
and that later would be better than
sooner But we will not allow this un
worthy thought consideration Tech
nically at least all North Carolina
brides are fair to look upon and the
man who is balked or even retarded in
consummating the dearest wish of his
heart suffers an agony that no words
can paint and which can only be par
tially compensated for by a heavy
mulcting of the iniquitous railroad
company which sent the precious trunk
with its inestimable wedding gown
Miss Elizabeth Magie a stenographer
employed in Chicago at the usual pay
of such assistants created a sensation
last week by a public letter in which
she voiced her yearnings and ambitions
and lamented that she was denied the
dearest rights of young womanhood
because of the chill of penury Natur
ally and as she should have anticipat
ed she is overrun with letters most of
which are of the most questionable
character She spends her days in tears
and rage now over these letters and
I offered to sell myself to the high
est bidder for the purpose of meeting
some person who could place me where
I belong in the ranks of the worlds
workers she said with an angry ges
ture AAhat had mv appearance to do
wiin uuil
I dont want a husband I dont
want a person who will Interest himself
In me for personal reasons I admit I
seek an angel but I seek a financial
one I ask nothing more than a fair
chance I get 10 a week as a
rapner now xnat is no pay tor a
woman of ambition I wish to be con
structive not a mere mechanical tool
for transmitting a mans spoken
tnougnts to letter paper
This reveals a hopeless lack of har
mony with tho absolute conditions of
modern life Miss Magie like many
other women entered the ranks of
workers and proudly protested that she
wanted no favors or assistance except
what she rightfully earned She prob
ably said as other ambitious women
that she was going to work her way
upward as a young man of her age
would Instead of doing so she at once
begins to clamor for things that her
brother worker would not expect at her
age If her brother had entered an
office at the same time he would have
been content with his 10 a week until
his abilities would have brought him
more and would have denied himself
flowers and theaters and such other
luxuries until he could afford them
That is what millions of young men are
doing to day who will some day have
all that wealth can give them But
Miss Magie wants her cake now along
with her hard work which is one of
the impossible conditions She thinks
that she is cruelly treated but her sit
uation is absolutely tho same if not
better than millions of young men in
cluding those who have entered th
professions and who will some day be
leading men It takes a young lawyer
or doctor from 10 to 20 years of the
hardest work with all manner of de
nial before he achiei es a place In his
profession where he can command leis
ure and luxuries
Charles E Hughes is the only Re
publican to be nominated for Gover
nor by the Republican Party since its
organization 50 years ago who had not
previously hold public office Edwin
D Morgan Reuben E Fenton John A
Dix Alonzo B Cornell Levi P Morton
Frank S Black Theodore Roosevelt
Benjamin B Odell Jr and Frank A
Higgins had all occupied public posts
before they were nominated for Gov
Mrs Frank AValker of Pittsburg has
entered suits against Peter F McCool
the rich oil man of Butler Pa charg
ing him with desertion and non-support
She alleged sho was married to
McCool on June 19 1904 at the Pro
testant Episcopal Church of the As
cension In New York and that her
marriage certificate is now In tho hands
of her attorney John Marron Mr
McCool lives with his wife and 14-year-old
son In Butler He married her 19
years ago She was a native of Phila
delphia and her maiden name was
Elizabeth M Morley Mrs Walker as
serts that McCool lived with her until
six months ago when he left and has
not contributed to her support since
Sho says that she does not want to
have him imprisoned and for that rea
son has not brought any more serious
Last Spring the Odd Fellows and Re
bekahs of AVorthlngton made a great
demonstration to celebrate tho 85th
anniversary of the birth of Rev AV
R Parsons who is a pioneer Odd Fel
low He served three and a half years
in the war as Chaplain of the 66th
Ohio and is the Chaplain for life of
the regimental organization He has
been an untiring worker for the Sons
of the American Revolution and was
the first President of the State organ
ization He has been a most success
ful minister and has held charges at a
number of prominent towns and cities
In Ohio and since his retirement is
much in demand at funerals and wed
dings He wns born in Massachusetts
in 1S21 but has lived in Franklin
County O for over 50 years Both he
and his wife arc highly educated and
blessed with mucfi literary ability Their
home Is a center of culture and refine
ment He hits been an Odd Fellow
over 53 years
John Armstrong Chanler a New
York millionaire who is best known as
the husband of Amelie Rives is out
with a book of 500 pages in which he
attacks prominent New York lawyer
for conspiracy for having him incar
cerated in a lunatic asylum He says
that this was done at tho instigation of
relatives who tried tJ dispossess him
of his property He has also taken the
lecture stand to exploit his case
Tho Marchesa del Grillo better
known as Adelaide Rlstori the cele
brated Italian actress died at Rome
Oct 9 She had been suffering from
rneumonla for some time Mme Ade
laide Ristori one of the greatest trage
diennes was born Jan 29 1S22 In a
small town In northern Italy She wis
taught by private tutors and at a very
early age her extraordinary histrionic
rbillty attracted the attention of mem
bers of the craft at whose suggestion
she began preparing for a theatrical
career Her first notable performance
in which her unusual ability as an
emotional actress attracted world wide
attention was in Paris April 22 1855
before Emperor Napoleon II In Fran
cesca da Rimini in which she had
the title role Her success was so pro
nounced that a tour of England the
United States and the rest of the civ
ilized world was at once determined
upon She appeared In England and
the United States in the late 50s and
her tour was a continuous triumph
Sho retired from the stage in 1S85
Alme Ristori was married in 1846 o
the Marchese Capranica del Grillo
The eternai ruction among the Dela
ware Republicans has taken a new
form in an alleged combination be
tween the Addick3 and Dupont elements
to down Senator Allee At the postponed
Republican Convention J Edvard Ad
dicks was elected permanent Chair
man and announced that nothing but
the most kindly feeling obtains between
the Dupont element and ourselves
This was understood to mean war upon
Allee and Auditor Layton of the State
Department at AVashington Allee was
recently defeated in the Kent conven
tion by a vote or 26 to 24 There will
bo little sympathy for Allee since he
was a comparatively obscure man who
was lifted into prominence by Addlck3
and then turned on him
For some reason B AAorih Jennings
a millionaire lumberman from Penn
sylvania who had put up a 150000
plant at Cumberland got tired of the
eternal grind and shot himself thru
the mouth The bullet only made an
ugly wound and remained in his head
causing him much pain A Philadel
phia surgeon was summoned who by
a dexterous move of the knife removed
tbe bullet Ho presented a bill or
2000 which Mr Jennings promptly
paid and seemed glad to do so Mens
minds are as changeable as womens
There is a great deal of amusement
in Maryland over the appraisement of
the estate of the late Senator Gorman
For a man who had no regular profes
sion or business except politics Senator
Gorman died singularly rich His -on
Arthur P Jr evidently inherits his
fathers cunning and when it came to
appraising the estate which consijt3
largely of bonds and securities he had
two of his serviceable political assist
ants from the country appointed as ap
praisers These men may be very ust
ful in rounding up voters and peddling
tickets but it is said that possibly they
never saw a bond or a security Cer
tainly they were never fortunate enough
to have one of any considerable amount
as a possession Yet they were callod
in to pass upon the value of securities
which only the most experienced brok
er could have determined Consequent
ly they accepted Arthur P Jrs ap
praisal and for reasons of his own
none of these was put at market fig-
Hon Silas B Dutcher President of
the Hamilton Trust Co of Brooklyn
N Y recalls with prido that he was a
member of the first company organized
to defend the Union against the rebels
It was the famous company of 100 or
ganized by Gen Cassius M Clay at
AVashington A Senator from Connecti
cut was a private a AVisconsin man
First Lieutenant and the noted Oon
Jim V Nye Second Lieutenant Gen
Daniel Butterfield was Orderly-Sergeant
Mr Dutcher then a man of 20
was acting as Sergeant and went ut
with a squad to patrol the city Ho
captured the only prisoner taken by
the company a young Airginian who
was known to Secretary Seward He
was taken to the Secretary whom he
informed that the rebels were not con
templating an attack upon AVashing
ton but upon Harpers Ferry which
information proved to be correct
As we go to press Mrs Jefferson Da
vis is dying of pneumonia at a hotel in
New York She passed her 80th birth
day May 7 hut had been enjoying fair -health
until her return from her Sum
mer in the Adirondacks when she
caught cold vhich induced pneumonia
She has one surviving daughter Mrs
J Addison Hayes and several grand
children One of these is named Jef
ferson Hayes Davis which is a remark
able political combination and who is
now a student at Princeton Mrs Davis
has never recovered from the sadness
of the death of her daughter AVlnnie in
September 1S9S
J D Harris a veteran of Co A 6th
Pa Cav is out as an Independent can
didate for Governor of Pennsylvania
His platform Is a tax reform an en
forcement of the provisions of the Con
stitution of 1374 a State service pen
sion for veterans and their widows a
repeal of the law levying a tax on oc
cupations and protection for the pub-
lie at grade crossings He is getting
out some red hot literature in support
of his candidacy
As a recognition of gallant service n
the face of fire Maj Paul F Stra h
Surgeon of the United States AiIny was
preseiueu wiin a oieuai oi Honor last
week by President Roosevelt The
sentation was made at the AVhite Hous
ana was auenuet by many prominent
Army ofllcew The heroism which
prompted the giving of the modal was
displayed by Maj Straub at Alos Zim
bales Luzon Dec 21 1899 The offi
ter was then Surgeon of the 36th Vol
unteer Inf commanded by Brig Gen
J Franklin Bell now the Chief of
Staff Maj Straub voluntarily exposed
himself to the fire of the enemy in re
pelling an attack of insurgents and at
great risk to his own life rushed to tho
rescue of a wounded soldier and carried
him to a place of safety Maj Straub
was heartily commended for his brav
ery by Gen Bell and the report he
made of the Incident resulted in tho
awarding of the medal Maj Strauba
home is at Mount Pleasant Iowa He
is a graduate of the State University of
Iowa and of the University of Berlin
and was appointed to the army from
Iowa In 1892 He served in the Philip
pines from 1898 to 1901 and was in
Panama for a year prior to his assign
ment to duty in the office of the Sur
geon General of the Army in -ton
last January

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