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took place on Pennsylvania avenue
The United Spanish War Veterans as
became young soldiers gave he veter
ans of the war of the rebellion the
right of the line and to show they ap
preciated the honor they turned out
an escort of 700 strong That was an
honor indeed And oh the tragedy
of it too Maj Stine one of the
inarching veterans weakened his heart
by the march and fell dead in the door
of his home within an hour afterward
The tail end of the parade had a view
of the President as he hied himself to
the country accompanied by Mrs
Roosevelt about 4 oclock in the White
House carriage and when they got out
of the city they took their horses f jr
a horseback ride getting in about 6
oclock The President did receive the
veterans at the White House for an
hour on Wednesday afternoon how
ever and all those who got over their
mad about not seeing him on Tuesday
went and shook hands with him and
had a good time
Hazing has disappeared from the
United States Military Academy ac
cording to the annual report of the
Superintendent Brig Gen A L Mills
The report says
Hazing has been entirely absent
and the spirit which in former years
prompted it has in a great measure
disappeared The attitude of all the
upper classes toward the fourth class is
good generally and the members of
the first class In particular have
shown due appreciation of their re
sponsibilities in maintaining proper
lations between old and new cadets
First classmen exclusively were detailed
to act as instructors of cadets during
their preliminary training The good
effects of this policy were evident
Maybe this means troublo for some
Representative negroes of the South
on behalf of their race have com
plained to the Interstate Commerce
Commission of the use by railroads of
the South of Jim Crow cars for in
terstate passengers They have re
quested the Commission to investigate
the subject and on the development
of the facts to issue an order compell
ing the railroads not to discriminate
against negroes on account of their
The Director of the Mint last week
purchased 600000 ounces of silver bul
lion to be delivered in three equal
lots at the mints in Denver New Or
leans and Philadelphia The price paid
was CD 11 cents per fine ounce which
is one tenth of 1 per cent lower than
the price paid for the purchases last
In explanation of the heavy pur
chase which is three times as large as
any heretofore made George E Rob
erts Director of the Mint said
We are using considerable bullion
now in the coinage of subsidiary
money We will not make as large a
weekly purchase again soon because
the supply ordered to day will meet all
immediate demands
The card catalog syste mis being
established in the Record Oivision of
the Pension Office at the order of Com
missioner Warner Col Warner thinks
this will save much time and expense
to the Government
The officials have been compelled in
the past to rebind their records and
compile new books almost every year
on account of the wear to which they
are subjected In many cases a mans
record as a soldier could be found only
by searching through a number of vol
umes Under the new system every
piece of Information concerning the
war service and pension record of one
man will be assembled on one card
As there are more than 2000000 ap
plications for pensions it is not ex
pected to finish the work in less than
six months
The third report of the Commission
er of Labor dealing with the commer
clal industrial and social conditions of
the laboring classes of the Territory it
Hawaii just published shovs a tend
ency of the Asiatic populiion to drive
out the whites from all labor and com
mercial pursuits The report on this
poini says
It Is evovywhere conceded in Ha
waii that the present preponderance of
Japanese among the workers of the
Plantations constitutes a source of
vjver lncreasing embarrassment of the
sugar interests Between depression
and Asiatic competition the whites are
belli driven out and the Asiatics suc
It is urged by the planters that such
modification of the Chinese exclusion
act as would permit the admission of
Chinese coolies to the Territory would
at once destroy the monopoly now held
by the Japanese temper their aggres
siveness and very much simplify the
problem of labor The Chinese it is
asserted would give a stability to the
The report states that even In the
schools the Asiatics have begun to
drive out the American and Caucasian
pupils in something like the same way
that their parents displaced the
white workers in adult occupations
Former Senator Chandler will con
tinue to draw his salary as Chairman
of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commis
sion for a months longer Thr
President has extended the life of this
Commission until March 2 1907 It
had been extended previously by the
President under authority of Congress
until December but it was found im
possible to wind up Us affairs by that
When Mr Chandler figured so con
spicuously In the Bailey Tillman con
troversy In the railroad rate bill de
bate in the Senate last Spring predic
tions were made freely that the Presi
dent would take the -first opportunity
Ito turn Mr Chandler and his asso
ciates out Into the cold unofficial
More trouble on the old mans
mind The National Encampment of
the United Spanish AVar Veterans was
hrought to Washington on the strength
of a promise that the President who
is n member of the Order would re
view the parade The Washington S
TV V Committee which had pledged
the earth and it fenced in to the En
campment visited the President before
he went to Oyster Bay or at least
that is the report that was sent out
and got him tj say when he would be
back in Washington and when he
would review the parade and got his
promise or at least they said they
had it that he would be in the White
House again the week of the 10th of
October and that he would then re
view them That is what the Commit
tee on the National Encampment of
Spanish War Veterans of the District
of Columbia said anyhow and haul-
ing on that the United Spanish W
Veterans came to Washington D
the President review them Nan
Why Qulen sabe Did he attend tl
banquet Nary Why Quien sabc
As a matter of fact it looks as though
somebody had blundered and you ca
just bank that it was not the Presiden
of the United States
When Gen Harries took hold f
things it was too late to correct al
the blunders but he made a magnlfi
cent parade out of it just the simi
even if it did play march up the hi
and down again It was one of th
cleanest prettiest parades that over
world The President disappointed
those who believed he would follow
such a policy
A miniature basin 20 feet long and
10 feet wide filled with blue sea wa
ter and floating 3S warships in line of
review is being prepared by the Navy
Department for its exhibition at the
Jamestown Exporitlon next year
The ships will be exact reproductions
of thou which participated in the big
naval review at Oyster Bay racently
and were reviewed by the President
From each smokestack will pur col
umns of black smoke from the masts
will ly the Hags which attire the Navys
ships wht n they are on holiday parade
Every type of United States warship
will be represented from the collier to
the battleship The contract will be
let immediately si that there win De
o possibility of the heavy detail worn
eventing its completion by the open-
of the exposition
Another romance in the family of
ice President Fairbanks This time it
- the youngest son who took it into his
iead to get married very quickly to n
vIiss Scott of Steubenville O He met
liss Scott when she was attending a
ishionable boarding school in Wash-
lgton last year There was no reason
or an elopement as Frederick Fair-
auks was free white and 21 as the
goes and was in business for
lmseh The parental objection on both
ides proceeded from the fact that both
Vere rather yorng to marry that was
ill The Fairbanks family has had a
lood deal of romance in it and some
ragedy The marriage of the Vice
President and Mrs Fairbanks was ro
mantic and grew out of a boy and girl
attachment in school They like the
tory books lived happily ever after
Their children have not be n quite so
iappy Their beautiful daughter mar
ried a young Indianapolis physician and
was divorced shortly afterward A few
years later she married Ensign Tim
mons of the United States Navy a for
mer schoolmate and her life has been
happy enough since She is much at
the home of the Arice President here in
Washington and is greatly admired
Mrs Timmons is given to wearing
shades of lavender from the top of her
head to the top of her feet and she
looks a picture in her pansy colored
John Sharp Williams the minority
leader in the House is a Democrat oh
yes indeedy but he draws the line on
New York in political assignments
Anywhere but Noo lawk he de
Senator Allison of Iowa who has
been very ill and whom it was feared
would not be able to again take his seat
in the United States Senate is much
improved in health and will bo able to
take his seatWhen the Senate is called
to order in December
Within the next 20 days Washing
tons first important tunnel project
through which trains coming up from
the South will carry their passengers
to discharge them at the new Union
Station will be turned over by the con
tractors to the Pennsylvania Railroad
So rapid has been the progress in build
ing this great underground tube that
the finishing touches were put on the
west section more than three weeks
ago and the completion of the whole
job is now merely a matter of laying a
short spur of track in the east section
This tunnel runs along under the street
which faces the Library of Congress
and will do away with all grade cross
ings in the District of Columbia when
it is once completed It has been a
tremendous undertaking costing many
millions of dollars but will be well
worth all that it has cost The new
Union Depot is to be a magnificent
structure handsome almost as the
United States Capitol
Through the initials C C H to M
E W Jan 28 78 engraved on the
inside of a gold wedding ring the
Washington police have succeeded in
locating the owner The ring was found
last week by John Peyton of 31 Vir
ginia avenue southwest Peyton is em
ployed on a dredge in the Washington
channel and was surprised to find
something bright in the heap of mire
brought up by the big iron scoop
Mrs Hipkins the happy owner says
that she accidentally dropped the ring
overboard while on the steamer Samuel
J Pentz more than 10 years ago
Peyton also found a gold watch in
the dirt
Representative Rockwood Hoar is re
ported dangerously 111 at his home Ii
Worcester Mass None of his busines
or political friends nor even memlr
of his family Is allowed to see him
Dr F H Baker his 7hysician refuses
to say anything except that Mr Hoar
Is very sick having severe neuralgic
headaches and terrible pains in hi
eyes Mr Hoar has been confined in a
dark room for two weeks He was un
able to accept in person the Republican
renomlnatlon for Congress last week
Senator Stone of Missouri Slippery
Gum shoe Bill as he is known amonsr
his own addresses most of his remarks
against President Roosevelt In cam
paign speeches This is the last
Criticizing the Republican Party for
its abandonment of party principles for
hero worshp of Roosevelt he said
Never before has a boss like thi
risen against the horizon of this Re
public His mastery his amgant
dominating supreme mastery of his
party Is the most inexpressible thing in
American history Nevertheless the
facts remain that he stands forth n
the National boss and his bossism is
the Issue Republicans tender to the
country Whoopee
Brig Gen G F Elliott commanding
the Marine Corps has begun a vigorous
campaign to protect his men in Cuba
from yellow fever Ten barrels of oil
of citronella have been ordered sent to
Cuba immediately and every marine
on guard duty will be supplied with a
bottle of this oil to be used in protect
ing himself against mosquito bites AH
the marines in Cuba are supplied with
mosquito nettings for their beds and
head nettings are also available for
their use but in that warm climate the
marine officers have found that the men
standing on guard at nights find the
head nettings uncomfortable and re
move them regardless of the conse
Water filters of the most improved
type have also been sent to Cuba bv
the Commandant of Marines and all
ollicers on the island have been urged
to caution the marines against the use
of unfiltered water
Considerable interest has been arous
ed in the Post Otlice Department by the
action of the railway mall clerks in
Chicago in declaring eight hours a
lays work and referring the matter to
Washington for consideration with the
Presidents recent eight hour order
Postmaster General Cortelyou has
the memorial and will give it his
serious personal attention then turning
t over to the Attorney General of the
Post Olfice Deparment for a decision
The Railway Mail Service is one of
the branches of the Government service
where It will be extremely difficult to
adjust the actual working conditions to
compliance with the strict letter of the
eight hour law It is manifestly im
possible for a railway mall clerk to quit
his work in the middle of a run unless
there is an extra clerk there to relieve
him and to carry two clerks on a train
to do the work of one would not only
largely increase the expense of the ser
vice but would do little good to either
clerk as the relief man might have to
bo on the train several hours before it
was time for him to go to work and
the man who was relieved would in
many cases have to stay on the train
for hours bofore he could getto where
he wanted to stop Altogether it is a
very unpleasant sort of a problem to
solve if it has to be solved in com
pliance with the strict letter of the law
It is thought probable that the Attorney
for the Department may hit oit some
compromise in virtue of which 4S hours
would be made a weeks work and the
clerks would be allowed to average up
the actual time they spent working on
their runs
United States Minister to Portugal
Chas F Pryan is home and called on
the President the other day It is ru
mored that he will not be returned but
he refused to affirm or deny the rumor
Washington is fast becoming the
mecca for those who have hail to dig
who have made their pile and vho
now want to enjoy life Four of the
richest mining men in the world are
now building homes in Washington
Harry Cleveland Perkins pioneer of
California and of the Rand Gardner
Williams mining engineer who m jde
his fortune in California Hannan Jen
nings a Californian and African gold
coast man and John Hays Hammond
also of California and Africa These men
are building palatial homes that will
startle the cliff dwellers of the National
Capital Mr Hammond isnt going to
put up with a little dab of land for his
house ho has purchased a whole block
and in the middle he will put his man
Attorney General Moody is to retire
on New Years Day and Secretary
Bonaparte is slated to take hio place
It is said that Embassador Mejer now
at St Petersburg will become Secretary
of the Navy and as the Meyers are rich
and know how to entertain it may be
expected that there will be a right
shoulder shift in the way of doing
things in Cabinet circles
Turn Watson the great and now
about the onliest Populist after a
few terms in Congress concluded to
become a farmer again or his con
stituents concluded it for him but that
is immaterial he did not come back
to Congress He wrote a book about
something maybe it was Thomas Jef
ferson but that is immaterial also be
cause the book is no longer remember
ed Then Mr Watson wanted to scCj
his money lly faster and hied himselfj
North where he started a magazine in
New York called Watsons Magazine
He has been the controlling spirit the
dominating figure the chief editorial I
wrltor for it Now he is out some
more and wants It widely and dis
tinctly reported that he writes no more
for Watsons Magazine and thats
were being Introduced and Hint lock
guns were being superseded by percus
sion caps
Among the callers at the White
House last week none was listened to
with more interest by the President
than William Allen Reed the youn
Governor of the Lepanto Bontoc Prov
ince In the Philippines Gov Reed
spoke highly of the Tgorrotes over
whom he rules and who inhabit the
mountainous regions o the Philippines
Although the most savage of all the
tribes that populate these Islands Gov
Reed told the President the Igorrotes
were most Industrious and peaceable
and very friendly disposed toward the
Their interests are almost entirely
agricultural Some of them are con
sidered wealthy and as a class they
have given the Government little or no
trouble Gov Reed Is a young man
smooth shaven and although boyish in
appearance has had much experience
among the people over whom he rules
and among whom he has the reputa
tion of having given a good adminis
Georgia has decided to rt produce the
home of the mother of President
Roosevelt at the Jamestown Exposi
The President has issued a proclama
tion fixing 12 oclock on the 29th Inst
as the date for opening to settlement
the Avalker River Indian Reservation
in Nevada There are 268000 acres of
land to be disposed of and the law
permits Its acquisition under the gen
eral land laws The reservation is In
the Carson City land district
Ernest George Herman Robert
Rochas Manderup fifth Prince of Ly
nar recently appointed Third Secre
tary of the German Embassy in tills
city will arrive next week Prince
Ernest of Lynar is a son of the Dowag
er Princess of Lynar who was May
Par ons of Columbus O He is a
young man having just passed his 30th
year The Prince Is a bachelor and
will add another eligible to the list of
marriageable diplomats He comes to
this post from Berlin where ho has
been attached to the Foreign Office
Senator Albert J Beverldge of In
diana who was ill at the home of Geo
B Baker in Brookline Mass is now
able to resume his speaking tour Sen
ator Beverldge caught cold In Chicago
two weeks ago but continued to fulfil
his campaign engagements lie spoke
in Boston Monday night a week ago
and toivard the close of his speech his
voice failed him
Tin- 2d Conn II A
Editor National Tribune I am a
reader of your good paper and I will
never do without it I think that every
comrade should be a subscriber
Please give a history of the 2d Conn
II A formerly the old 19th Conn I
have a letter from a Colonel of a Wis
consin regiment saying that the 2d
Conn H A was one of the 300 fighting
I would like the address of Capt
Wm F Spencer Ho was as brave un
officer as ever drew sword C A Blge
low 209 19th Ave Maywood 111
immaterial also because the magaznei
has not much circulation and that
probably is the reason he got out One
of the stockholders Is Col Mann of
Town Topics fame
Three quarters of a century old
The ruddiest of ruddy health is th
possession of Gen Gilbert C Knilfin
of Takoma Park Chief of the Record
Division of the Pension Bureau who
celebrated the 73th anniversary of lis
birth last week A thousand good
wishes from his clerks who are de
voted to their chief were made to him
on his birthday Many remembered
him with gifts as tokens of their es
Wednesday was my birthday said
the General Three quarters of a cen
tury When I was born there were but
three Territories Arkansas Michigan
and Florida and 24 States but one of
which Missouri was beyond the Mis
sissippi River Andrew Jackson was
When I was born continued tiie
General the first iron steamship had
just been launched Friction matches
The 2d Conn II A was one of the
300 fighting regiments given by Col
Fox Its history will be published in
due time in The National Tribune
Editor National Tribune
Cnneerol linn the Confidence of the
A record of successful cures of peo
ple rrom every part of the Union and
In tvery situation about the body con
tained in a valuable free book which
will bo sent to those Interested Write
to day Address Dr L T Leach Draw
er 88 M Indianapolis Ind
ConitaueAfrota paee J
two months away fcosslp about the
work has already beflun Schemes for
general legislation are being broached
Every politiclantf importance who
comes to town toxscoithe President has
his views
Senator Spooner of Wisconsin
brought the llrsttfroniinent suggestion
a few days ago when he was here by
invitation of thei President to discuss
Cuba and other fpurrpnt topics of in-
iciesi 10 wie rrisjuenu xie sounueu
an alarm about trie currency and de
clared that reform legislation at the
coming session vii inoperative to ward
off the danger off seriqus financial pan
ic Mr Spooners word goes a long
way because oftJlltshigh standing in
Congress and his influential position on
the Finance Cornmitfce which dcala
witn mat Kinu oi oins xne Iresuieiu
will recommend such legislation in his
1 annual Message according to the re
ports and Controller of the Currency
Ridgeley has gone to St Louis to at
tend the Bankers Convention and also
to arouse some sentiment in that body
for the desired enactment
The objection that looms tip against
all propositions for general legislation
at tiie forthcoming session Is its brev
ity Congress meets early in Decem
ber hut it rarely accomplishes much
prior to the holidays When the holi
days are over there remain but two
months of the life of the Congress
Practically all that time is required to
p ss appropriation bills The session
will be one of much agitation on pro
posed measures judging from present I
appearances Probably curreru y re
form and plans for a more elastic cur
rency will be widely discussed The
President can be counted upon to pro
pose a number of matters in his annual
Message that will load to debate Few
bills of National interest pass the two
Houses until there has ben a session
or two of discussion Public sentiment
must crystallize before Congress will
heed demands for a law the underlying
principle being thst there is no reason
to blaze out new legislative trails till
the public wants them
A day or two Pftrr Senator Spooner
came to town Speaker Cannon ran
In for a Sunday of rest from the
tedium of his travel by private car
and prompty vetoed any project for
tinkering with the currency at the com
ing session or at any session in the
near future Oh we cant indulge in
ny childs play said toe ruler of the
Houie Our ncr capita circulation Is
very large Tim ucnriln all K cm to
have bank accounts and to be blwued
with an abundance of money T hear
the bankers occasionally quarreling
about asset currency 1 ut no two of
them arc in agreement ri out whst
hould be done No he added with
that characteristic quaver of his Yoicc
currency reform Is not an isue in
this campaign and wc sliail have a
plenty to do In Congress thm Winter
without bothering our heads over
These divergent views of men power
ful in their respective IcglMitlve
branches will not rl the contro
versy but are indicative of the frto of
the legislation The Interstate Com
merce Commission would like to have
the rallroad rnto bjll done over A
number of amendrnenti are deired to
correct the more ofKess haty work of
the last session 5l liural editors the
country over aro lcnitndlne a change
In the law so that thy pay for
inilroad tickets In pVivertlslng space
As It is now a lotdof tftinzc editors can
not get- out of ttii Lwns whre Ihey
live But Congrcsjyni be nniil f
tackle rate leglsKton again right
away Some onevngrt engineer a few
jokers Into the Iiw o Interests wouM
clash and a lonfncortrvlrsy be i
urcd The leaders nrp rlmost s wary
of working the rHllrf iw over as
tlvy aro of trylngit dsf the tariff
Again SeretnryifVVHlon wpjiti Con
gress to strenpthepftho mest inspertion
law He has found defects In it dur
ing th Summer ibt he too will
probably hive magef along with the
meat inspection it is
StnmlitriUOll OrfOTiUH
The Administration has beera little
flurried during the past week at finding
that the Standard Oil octopus is an
English speees by virtue of the fact
that the holding company the Manhat
tan Oil Company is an English con
cern The best lawyers of the Depart
ment of Justice began to search the
law books when the news of that de
velopment was had from the trial at
Findlay O They say now there is lit
tle to fear in this as there are deci
sions of the Supreme Court which meet
the situation adequately
However thin adds a new complica
tion to the difficulties of busting trusts
and particularly of busting the Stand
ard Oil This is proving the most trou
blesome of all the ortonl to handle The
company or trust has been built up on
the best legal advice that money could
buy which fact Attorney General
Moody and all his Assistant Attorneys
General realize the more they delve
into the subject Again and again the
President has called the big lawyers
of his Cabinet Root Taft Moody and
Bonaparte in consultation on the new
questions growing out of tho effort to
bring suit against the Standard for o
lation of tho Sherman anti trust law
When the President returned from
Oyster Bay numeious big documents of
evidence and digests of the same all
bearing on the proceedings contemplat
ed were awaiting consideration Spe
cial Attorneys Kellogg and Morrison
who luivo been assigned to this work
came on to Washington for consulta
tion and it was stated that the suit or
suts could be made ready and entered
within a couple of weeks
There was no intention then of has
tening the filing of these cults but
when the evidence was submitted to
the scrutiny of the lawyer members of
the Cabinet many suggestions were
made for strengthening the Govern
ments case Some think however and
possibly not without reason that Con
gress will have to enact new legislation
before the Government can proceed
successfully againstthe Standard
If this proves to be true it will be
a serious disappointment to the Admin
istration Its beef trust suits have
failed and only a few days ago it was
announced there was no intention of
proceeding against the beef trust as
a corporation The decision of Judge
J O Humphrey some months ago In
favor of the individual owners of the
trust has effectually stopped those pro
ceedings Some jlay perhaps another
suit can be broughttgainst the beef
trust with more success becanso Con
gress has enacted awfs since then that
put the Government on a better foun
dation as a prosechror But it is a ions
and laborious prpcesii to fight a big
trust If the Standard Oil suits fall it
will mean that the Administration Will
have difficulty in brlfiging down any
big game before the Presidential cam
paign of 1908 rin
Brig Gen Fred Fdnston has been
ordered back fromifduba anl It seems
that he is to gain IiUle glory from his
descent upon theIsland The Cubans
dont like him for the part ho played
in their InsurrectloUf against Spanish
rule This sidotraqking of Funston was
to be expected as soon as Secretary
Taft wired up here for Gen J Franklin
Bell Chief of Staff to come to Havana
As Gen Bell ranks Gen Funston ns a
Brigadier it became certain that Gen
Bell must command
Army officers believe and probably
with good reason that the first expe
dition which has already landed at
Havana will not leave Cuban soil for
a good twelve months and perhaps not
as soon as that It Is doubtful whether
Gen Bell will remain in the Island that
long The duties of the Chief of Staff
will require his presence in Washing
ton before tho Winter Is over Anoth
er straw showing tho probability of a
long occupation of Cuba is seen in the
announcement that the President will
appoint another as Vice Governor-General
of tho Philippines Mr Magoon
now Provisional Governor of Cuba
- ----- CXSJ
How You
f 1197 ft
was as first planned to conclude his
work in Cuba in about two months
and then proceed to the Philippines to
become Vice Governor General
It remains to be -seen whether Gen
orals can win any glory out of military
achievements in Cuba Probably no
General will The Cubans are fairly
peaceful and there are few indications
of any inclination to resist the authori
ty or the United States Perhaps it
would bo better to wait till the election
period comes for then the heated pas
iions of the Cubans are aroused and
they may fight anybody or anything
then that crosses them
The Republican leaders continue to
fall into line with Roosevelts policy
that there shall be no thought of
the island for the present When
he was In town Speaker Cannon held
up Ills hands deprecatingly at the sug
gestion of annexation The conserva
tive Senators like Fo raker Knox and
Spooner agree with the President fully
on that point and will sustain him as
much as they can
GcmI reiM for SolrilerM nnd Sallorn
It has already developed however
that a considerable contingent of the
1 ss influential Congressmen want an
nexation and they can be counted upon
ti riilce ther sentiments felt when
Congress assembles President Roose
vclta rnnual Message will deal with
the Cuban question quite fully and will
r ttrate his views already well known
about the desirability of giving the Cu
bans one more chance
The Cuban troubles proved anew the
rid adage that It Is an ill wind which
bodes no good The soldier lads are
glad of en opportunity to pass th
Winter In such a delightful Winter re
sort as Cuba is The prospects of ac
live service stimulated enlistments for
n time In the Army Navy and Marine
Corps The recruiting ofheers had
f ind it m re and moro difficult to win
ri crults In these piping times of peace
Congress last Spring seriously embar
assort recruiting for the Navy when It
enacted a provision that birth certltl
cates or other satisfactory proof of the
age of recruits must be furnished The
war news from Cuba filled the recruit
ing stations with applicants but ap
parently the bluejackets and the Ma
rines are to spend their Winter some
where else than off the Cuban coast
for the ships are nil to be ordered
north before long
Srcretiiry IlontM Trip
Every little while something new
crops out at the State Department
about Secretary Roots long houth
American Perhaps the Secretary
tells it himself Sometimes the story
comes from those who accompanied
him The latest to be told was an in
cident somewhere on the northern
const possibly it was at Para
The Secretary and his party had
helped make numerous processions
and they started out for this one at
Para followed by a long array or gayiy
uniformed men The sky was cloud
less Everything portended a most
beautiful day
If It rains while we are out on this
pprnde said the Chief Marshal to thft
Secretary of State you must not b
snrnrlsed It rains in this climate on
very slight provocation And when It
rains you know one must not minu
if we look out for our uniforms
What do you do with them
Oh we take them off and fold them
under the carriage seats till it is done
Secretary Root took care to observe
in his dry way that it did not rain
during that particular parade
The incident illustrates the many op
portunities the Secretary had on his
South American trip to study the ways
of the Latins residing over on the
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er side of the equator under a repub
lican form of government somethin
like our own The effect is alrcad
perceptible in the more cordial relation
with the South American diplomat
here Mr Itoot is now in possessios
of more information at first hand abou
South American countries than ativ
other man in public life In the Unites
States He intends to use it and th
President wants him to do so to pro
mote to the greatest possible degrec
friendship and commerce with all th
Republics on this hemisphere
During the tw i years remaining o
this Administration Secretary Root
with all his ingenuity in dealing wit
men and nations is expected to give a
deal of important counsel in South
American affairs He has already agreed
to deliver an address on the oppor
tunities for developing trade relations
with the South Americans He is now
In a fair way to be better known to
South Americans of the future than
any other Secretary of State except Mr
A Sninll Union Force rient Oft a llrl
sade of Cnvnlry
Editor National Tribune I think
we were put on the boats Jan 12
1863 at Little Rock Ark as an escort
t go up the river with supplies for
Fort Smith and Van Buren There
were 500 troops all told composed of
dismounted cavalry 75 colored infan
try and two pieces of artillery The
cavalry was composed of those who
had lost their horses from an epidemic
of glanders which had a fearful run
among the horses at Little Rock
There were some from the 3d V S
Cav 3d Wis Caw 3d Mich Cav 4th
Iowa Cav and 4th Ind Cav a mall
detachment from each Maj Irwin
from the 4th Iowa Cav was in com
mand I doubt if a braver man ever
faced the enemy
There were four steamboats Maj
Irwin was on the leading boat and had
given strict orders that no firinic would
be allowed on the way Shortly alter
S a m the next morning a comrade
fired his carbine at some wild geese on
a sandbar He was speedily sum
moned to appear before Maj Irwin on
the leading boat and as our regiment
was on the same boat I had a chanco
to see what was tho result of disobe
dience of orders The Major asked
him what he wanted to shoot for He
said that he wanted to try and see if
he could kill one of the wild geese
Well said the Major did you hit
any or them To which ho replied
Well said the Major Ill teach
you something You might have
drawn the fire of the rebels lurking in
the woods back from the river and
given us trouble
He ordered him tied up by the
thumbs with his toes just touehin r the
deck for three hours in the hot sun
on the hurricane deck
When we arrived at Dardanelles
about 10 a m Jan 14 1865 our boat
was hailed by a woman on the land
ing shouting to the commanding offi
cer that there was a lot of rebels out
some four or five miles in the woods on
the upper river road
The Major gave orders for the boats
to land at the levee As soon as we had
disembarked thero were strong pickets
thrown out Some 30 men were left
on each boat so there remained with
the four boats 120 men
I was put on the up river road with
27 privates two Corporals and a Ser
geant under Lieut Brown of Co H
3d Wis Cav With the main force
were two 12 pound Parrott rifles ami
20 artillery men We were stationed
about a quarter of a mile up the river
in a very nice large house that appar
ently belonged to well-to-do people as
there was a fine piano in the house
About 1 p m as I was at the rear
door of the house I saw some men rid
ing through the woods parallel to the
road that ran in front of the house
About SO or more of their advance
column had on uniforms including
overcoats but ns I looked back
through the woods from where they I
were coming I observed that the men
nau on Dutternut coioreu ciotmng x
called to Lieut Brown and stated
what I fully believed to be a body of
rebels The woman had stated that
there were some camped four or five
miles away and as they were riding
through the woods parallel to a goortj
road It aroused my suspicion
ne ljieutenant saiu tney were
mountain scouts serving the Union
But said I see those back in the
rear with guns across their saddles
that have on butternut clothing
Well said he it looks as you say
you just watch while I have the men
tall in on the other side of the house
When I givo the order to quick march
you can roilow afong to the river bank
and wo will make haste and notify
itir forces so that they will not be
taken altogether by surprise
I was in the rear of our men watch
ing tho rebel movements and as I
damp to the bank stumbled over a com
rade falling headlong down the bank
As I fell the rebels fired a volley which
plowed and cut the sand just over me
It was a force of over 1500 men un
der Col Brooks of old Sterling Prices
command Wo followed the footpath
under the bank to the landing where
wo found them moving the artillery
from the landing up into position the
last steamboat having just passed nut
of sight around the bend Then until
dark wo kept up a steady lire from our
carbines and the tvro 12 pound Parrot
guns kept Sending shell over in the
wqoas among them
Tho 75 colored men fought well The
rebels had planned to take us by sur
prise with their advance guards hav
ing on our uniforms nnd to annihilate
our entire forces They had one six-
pounder with them and a large wagon
train as they anticipated capturing tho
four steamboats and getting the sup
They surprised the nest picket post
ns they wore right up to tt when they
firod their first shots whero they killed
one of them wounded nine and took
three prisoners Wo captwrcd three
prisoners and they carrlod oft over 250
dead and wounded in their train of
wagons instoad of the army mipplies
uj they had anticipated My detection
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the treatment of catarrh as laid down In medical books and taught In medical col
leges did not give satisfactory results and I determined to find something better
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and catarrh Is always aggravated by breathing cold and raw air the most likely euro
would be by the Inhalation of a warm medicated germ destroying vapor and
after nine years of effort I at last found a combination of healing herbs leaves
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Dr J W Biosser 320 Walton St Atlanta Ca
f their true intention was what saved
s from surprise and annihilation X
elleve it was tho greatest odds that
cro fought during the war We had
wo small stockades that would hold
bout 300 men each
They tried to form and charge us
hree different times but we poured in
tch a murderous volley that we
cd their saddles and their horse3
roke away and ran back into the
oods The lighting was all done at
lose range I could have shot to their
nes with a revolver any time during
the afternoon The Major called to
Mine nun across the river about 330
- m of the 14 th and told them he
-anted some one to ride to Fayettevllle
to send a dispatch to Little Rock for
After the firing ceased at dark we
began to erect a defense to withstand
a siege working all night digging a
trench and throwing up breastworks
With such a force as the rebels had
we expected that they would renew
their attack early on the 15th and as
our ammunition was all but exhausted
we could have held out for a very short
time What was our surprise to find
that the rebels had retreated and gone
up the river 35 miles during tho night
Jerome J Garrett 126 Sherman St
Rochester N Y
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