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Continued from pat I
The Republic of Nicaragua has a
frontage on the Carribean Sea of about
300 miles and 200 miles on the Pacific
with an estimated area of 49000 square
miles or about the same as Louisiana
The population is about B00000 with
30000 people in Managna the Capital
Only about 17000 of the whole number
are descendants of the Spanish settlers
with the rest of the people consisting
of Indians negros and mixtures of these
bloods The Indians supply most of the
labor and are docile and industrious
The soil is quite fertile and coffee grows
luxuriantly Many of the coffee planta
tions belong to Germans and in 1902
there were more than 30000000 pounds
produced Three crops of corn can be
raised a year on the same ground The
rubber industry is also important whilo
the banana industry is growing rapidly
The cocoanut tobacco and cattle raising
are also important industries The public
debt is about 5000000 on which there
are many years of interest due Nicara
gua Is on a silver basis with the peso
as a standard A peso is worth 361
cents in United States money
The Republic of Salvador is the
smallest and most densely populated
having an area of 8135 square miles or
about the size of Massachusetts The
best part of the country is a tableland
lying between the mountains the soil
of which is exceedingly fertile inter
spersed with lakes and rivers The main
production at present Is coffee of which
something like 60000000 pounds a
year is grown A fine quality of indigo
sugar tobacco and rice is also raised
The Government has been encouraging
the cultivation of cotton and there is a
considerable cattle raising industry The
population is 1600348 of which five
per cent is reported as white 53 per
cent as Indian and 40 per cent of mixed
blood The country is on a silver basis
with the peso ranging from 35 to 46
cents and the public debt is about 12
The Republic of Costa Rica Spanish
a population or something over 300000
if all the wild Indians are counted The
population is regarded as of somewhat
higher character than that of the neigh
boring countries since there is so strong
an infusion of the blood of the Spanish
colonists from Galicla who are Indus
trious and peaceful The public debt
Including years of defaulted interest
Amounts to something like 13500000
Agriculture Is In a more flourishing con
dition than elsewhere in Central Amer
lea and sometimes as high as 45000
000 pounds of coffee are exported Next
to coffee bananas are the most Import
tant product and the exportation of
these goes up by leaps and bounds In
1901 about 4000000 bunches of bana
nas were shipped out of the country
The Cnuae of the Present War
There are any number of stories told
as to the real causes of the present
war but probably the dominating fact
is the attempt of President Zelaya of
Nicaragua to carry out the old plan of
a strong federated Central American
Republic with himself at the head
In 1903 there was one of the custom
ary disputes as to boundaries this time
between Nicaragua and Honduras It
was submitted to King Alfonso of
Spain for arbitration and he decided
in favor of Honduras but Nicaragua
never accepted It All the time in these
Spanish American cmeutcs we must
look for the selfish ambitions and gteed
of the cliques of badly educated poli
tician what are called the upper
classes in all these countries are men
who have received a specious showy
education in the old Feudallstic schools
of Spain They have come back to
their own countries professing them
selves to be republicans but all the time
Imbued with the ideas of conquest and
plunder such as animated the con
quistadores of centuries ago That is
every young man feels that in some way
he should live in luxury upon the labor
of the common people The best and
surest way to do this Is to get control
of the Government and levy taxes and
collect customs When one crowd gets
In it proceeds to squeeze everybody in
order to fill Us pockets before the op
position gets strong enough to turn it
out There Is very little public spirit
even in the highest classes while among
the Indians and mixtures of negro In
dian and Spanish bloods there is abso
lutely none All that these people want
to do Is to get enough from day to day
for their support and save as much as
possible from the exactions of their
rulers They take reany nine part in
the wars one way or the other ana con
sequently these aro fought out by very
email forces of such men and boys as
the contestants can manage to beat up
and put into ranks with guns In their
hands So long as these rival factions
are only oppressing and robbing the
people of the country our Government
taxes no interest in the matter When
however as was recently the case the
victors get control of the seaboard cities
and begin to raid the merchants and
plantation owners then foreign Gov
ernments must give their citizens pro
Xnalmlflcance of Then Wnra
It would seem that there entered into
the war a great deal of personal feeling
between President Zelaya of Nicaragua
and President Bonilla of Honduras find
the struggle partook largely of the na
ture of a fight between these two
The dimensions and character of the
armies by which tho struggle was prose
cuted seem lapghably small In the
desperate battle of Camaguay which
lasted half a day and really de
cided the fate of Honduras it is re
ported that there were 1000 men on
one side and 400 Honduran under
General Guerrero an Indian As both
Btimbtrs are probably much exagger
ated we can imagine that the battle
iwlly did not amount to as much as to
ordinary riot which the police of any of
our cities can easily handle
The great mass of the people take no
interest whatever in the fight and the
so called armies are usually a lot of
little boys and vagrants of any kind
that the leaders can shirk up and put
into some kind of line
President Zelaya who seems to be a
very much stronger man than his op
ponent was shrewd enough to stir up
fires in the rear and have Bonillas riv
als appear in the field with revolution
ary armies probably somewhat larger
than a football team but not nearly so
In such a condition of affairs there is
always a very disturbing uncertainty
as to where anybody Is at and natur
ally we have a story of the regular
Honduran troops firing by mistake up
on some of their allies thinking that
they were revolutionists and after the
mistak was discovered both sides con-
rich coast Is the most southern of the
Central American States and joins on
to Panama There has been much con
tention over its boundaries but it is es
timated to have about 21500 square
miles or about the size of Maine with
tinulng the battle in anger over the pro
yoking mistake
The Presidents of the other Central
American States mobilized their ar
mies of small boys and otherwise
stood ready to take part In the fight
but they had also their fears of a fire
in the rear from their rivals whom
they had defeated for the Presidency
and did not move Salvador seems to
have sympathized strongly with Hon
duras and mixed in to a certain extent
in the struggle
Prealdent Bonilla In Flight
The Nicaraguan troops captured Te
gucigalpa and put President Bonilla to
night The occupation of the capital
was marked by great disorder plun
dering and robbing and it is reDorted
that the children of Gen Carcamo were
hanged in revenge for his activity in a
previous war against Nicaragua
President Bonilla fled to Amanala
the principal port of Honduras which
also gets a large trade from Salvador
and Nicaragua It is a small village of
anout 1100 inhabitants and
tions were nlade for a stubborn de
fense The United States took nrecau
tions as soon as the war broke out to
send warships to protect the American
and other foreign interests there and
as the victorious troops approached the
various ports they were warned oft and
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and Presidents Roosevelt and Diaz have
telegraphed their congratulations upon
tne termination oi tne conflict
There are many questions left un
settled which are to be referred to a
commission which will meet either in
Washington or the City of Mexico with
in a few months It Is hoped that the
long desired confederation of all the
Republics Into one Nation will bo brot
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made to distinctly understand that no
looting and murdering would be al
lowed At the Honduran ports of Celba
and Truxlllo Hotchklss guns were land
ed to inforce the orders of the Ameri
can naval officers and the Nicaraguan
gunboats were distinctly forbidden to
bombard The cruiser Chicago and the
gunboat Princeton went to Amapala to
prevent either the bombardment of the
town by the Nicaraguan gunboats or
its capture by assault and Philip I
Brown Secretary of the United States
Legation went to Amapala to see Bo
nilla and arrange for a termination of
the war He succeeded in getting Bo
nilla to agree to surrender leave the
country and never return to Central
America A new election for a Presi
dent of Honduras Is to take place with
in CO days The United States placed n
man of war at the disposal of Presidents
Figuera of Salvador and Zelaya of
Nicaragua upon which to meet and
hold their consultations
In the meanwhile Gen Sierra who
was one of Bonillas rivals is set up as
the President of the Provisional Gov
ernment and will be Commandant at
President Bonilla went on board the
gunboat Chicago and it is said that he
will cither live in France or South
America Ho cannot be counted upon
to do either Revolution is an incurable
habit among these Spanish American
politicians and no matter what prom
ises they make they are nrettv certain
if their life is spared to return and
head another outbreak Thcreforo the
custom of tho victor of summarily
shooting his defeated opponent
VIGOROUS acgrBsveness
m th m
From a Toppling Blow Atatast Standard
OH to an Interstate Campaign Against
Sheep Scab
J 1 ill
JL5 or
Ilenvr Blow nt the Standard OH
There has been an awakening of late
in the Governments JJbroVecutlons of
tne Dig octopuses with Congress in
session and several othel topics holding
the attention of the country sight has
been lost of some of the very great law
cases A verdict by 12 Jurors In the
united States District Court at Chicago
presided over by Judge TCenesaw Landis
late last week finding the Standard Oil
Company of Indiana guilty of accepting
illegal rates from the Chicago Alton
Railroad as charged in 1462 counts
is one of tho great legal triumphs of
the Administration and brings the anti
trust activities into prominence once
It is a question how large fines can
be Imposed upon the Standard Oil Com
pany in these cases The maximum pen
alty under the law is 20000 on each
count the minimum penalty is 1000
on each count If Judge Landis im
poses a fine under each count he can
require the payment of 29240000
from the defendant company Such a
mammoth fine would come near to put
ting the company on tho bum at
least it would be a serious tax upon Its
revenues large as they are But it re
mains to be seen whether the- verdict
will hold in tho courts and also wheth
er Judge Landis will be lenient with
the rich defendant The Department
of Justice is in the dark about what the
Court will do but the Department offi
cials are intensely pleased at the out
come of the litigation There will prob
ably be some hard fighting ahead for
the Department if the case is tarried
up to the Supreme Court as is quite
likely Any appeal will be on law points
or on constitutionality of the Elklns
statute under which the conviction was
As soon as the Supreme Court ad
journs for the Summer the Depart
ment of Justice will take up several
matters affecting trust prosecutions
As long as the Department has the
Supreme Court on its hands the time
of tho Attorney General and of the So
licitor General as well as of several of
the Assistant Attorneys General is
much occupied with Government suits
pending there Since the federal uov
ernment went into litigation by whole
sale Incident to trust and corporation
busting tho suits before the Supreme
Court have multiplied and this has in
creased the work of the Department
greatly There arc scores of compar
atively minor cases such as the testing
of the Employers Liability Law which
must be carefully prepared and ex
haustively argued And while the cost
of maintaining the Department of Jus
tice is several times more now than it
was five years ago the officials thereof
are apparently earning their salaries as
much as ever
The Dig Trust Mny Tremble
Accordingly when the i Department
gets the Court off its hands and is in
the same free condition that President
Cleveland used to be when ho got Con
gress off his hands some of the big
trusts may well tremble Special at
torneys have worked up numerous cases
which sooner or later must reach the
Attorney General and receive his ver
diet as to what shall be done whether
there shall be prosecutions or whether
the cases shall be regarded as closed
Notable In this class are the investiga
tions of the anthracite coal trust and
also of the bituminous coal trade The
country rang with the1 Iniquities of the
Anthracite Trust a few months ago
The practices of the Pennsylvania Rail
road and the Baltimore Ohio Rail
road In allowing officials to hold stock
In coal companies and tho favoritism
shown in tho distribution of cars made
an unpleasant chapter in the revela
tions of modern railroading
Gov Hughes of New York was one
of tho special attorneys named to work
up the evidence in those two investiga
tions but he went away to Europe then
entered upon his campaign for Gover
nor of New York and accomplished
practically nothing toward the work
for which he was appointed C Car
roll Todd and Alexander Simpson Jr
took up the evidence however and
about a month ago -made an exhaustive
report to the AJtorney General Their
recommendations have not reached the
public yet and probably will not until
Mr Bonaparte has had time to go over
the reports in both cases carefully and
reach his conclusions That he will do
after he gets the Supreme Court off his
The Ciimpnlcn Aealnat Sheen Scab
The great variety of aggressive cam
paigns which the Government is waging
may be demonstrated by citing the ac
tivity of the Department of Agriculture
in exterminating sheep scab This lv
only for purposes of comparison Sheep
rcab has depopulated flocks In numer
ous States and the Department thru
the Bureau of Animal Industry has
been egging Legislatures on to enact
effective legislation for dipping Some
Legislatures have balked and some
have complied Nevada and California
are examples Nevada passed a law that
pleases tho Bureau of Animal Indus
try California passed a law that was
far from satisfactory But the Depart-
ment of Agriculture is now co operating
with the State of Nevada in exterminat
ing scab and -it is making things un
pleasant for California For example
there are great forest reserves that
cross the boundary line between the
two States These reserves afford pas
ture for about 200000 sheep one half
of which come from California But
the Department of Agriculture will not
issue any grazing permits for Califor
nia sheep In those reserves unless such
sheep have been dipt And the anti
scab war is being waged in AVashlngton
Idaho New Mexico and a number of
other localities In New Mexico alone
the Government has a little army of
100 Inspectors at work
Aggression is tho watchword In every
Department and this Is the season of
the year when plans for aggression are
budding The Interior Department for
Instance Is organizing fora war against
the grabbers of ptiblljplahds The vari
ous divisions for flelu work have been
reorganized new chiefs nave been put
In command and given instructions to
go over the books of land offices and
determine who has beenmaking Illegal
entries as well as to ascertain the gen
eral conditions wIthjLa view to elim
inating fraud Congressmen from the
West grumble at this altivity but the
work is to be pushed
Aicicreaalteuraa Everywhere
Tho Postoffice Department too is
doing some overhauling Second As
sistant Postmaster QpniipU McCIeary
new In his place hasjtakn up the mat
ter of reform in thp contracts for the
railway mail service There is exten
sive weighing of mails iiftw in the West
Next year there will be weighing in the
East It Is proposed to cut out of these
transportation contracts a lot of the
graft that has hitherto been ignored
Tho Department of Commerce and
Labor under Secretary Oscar Straus is
likewise doing some Spring cleaning
After tho Larchmont disaster on Long
Island Sound Mr Straus gave the in
spection service a shaking up He
found tho Inspectors fairly competent
but thev had Hveil in the cimo lnonlu
ties so long that they had made friends
press near Gainess Landing Ark early ferred to new fields - and the certificates
tin August 1864
of ships that go to sea this Summer ea l
s H VvriSi1 5
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peclally the excursion boats will mean
more than heretofore Now the Sec
retary is following this with a shake
up In the immigration service He is
going to conduct investigations of the
stations at various cities including New
York and Boston where a large pro
portion of the immigrants to this coun
try arrive
Secretary Cortelyou has been too busy
keeping the Treasury Department on an
even keel during the panicky times to
Inaugurate reforms but he has tome
Spring cleaning in mind and it will be
brought about as soon as he gets
around to It Secretary Taft has had
too much trouble to look after in the
West Indies to give much attention to
the War Department of late but no
great reforms are in contemplation
The Navy Department and Its great
bureaus are well jatlsfied with them
selves and regard the activities else
vhere with complacency
The State Department is one or the
smallest of all the Executive Depart
ments altho Its work of course is very
Important Secretary Roots activities
ire of a different character He is par
ticularly Interested in getting the diffi
culties between this Government and
Canada adjusted and seems to be suc
ceeding for he has recently announced
that a treaty for the appointment of a
Commission to take up the various fish
eries and boundary questions has been
practically concluded between himself
and Embassador James Hryce lie is
also making a treaty with Germany
covering our trade relations and cal
culated to secure permanent admlsliii
for our meats The Germans havo had
t hard time since their Government ex
cluded American meats They can not
raise cattle and sheep enough for their
meat supply and since the barriers
were raised against these products the
price to the German consumer has been
steadily soaring
It Is well perhaps that Uncle Sams
officials are all so busy just now mak
ing a showing while the sap rises in tho
maples They will do their hard work
and put in their longest days between
now and the hot weather Tho hot
weather of course comes all too soon
In Washington April May and June
and then Government officials will be
hiking off for a vacation and their su
bordinates will do no more work than
Is absolutely necessary
TluiukM fur the Iloukx
At a regular meeting of Culver Post
Duluth Minn a resolution was adopted
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Continued from case 1
son who has been to the Isthmus testi
fies to his efficient work He insists
that he resigned simply because he was
tired out and denounces the ridicu
lous reasons ascribed to the sudden
and unexpected termination of his ser
vices Furthermore Mr Stevens on ar
riving in WashIngtonpaid his respects
to W J Oliver the contractor who ex
pected to secure the award for digging
the ditch He says he never opposed
the construction of the canal by private
contract altho he was opposed to OH
ver and he adds The refined state
ment of a disgruntled bidder referring
to Oliver that because I opposed the
letting of the contract I was fired is
a falsification pure and simple
Mr Oliver IIKm Hack
Mr Oliver has already contributed
considerable vigorous English to the lit
eiature of the Panama Canal His an
ecdote of the poker game the sucker
and the whangdoodle altho taken from
the poker lore of Montana was wry
aptly applied to his own position when
the Government refused to award him
the contract on the lowest bid And
just as soon as Mr Oliver down in
Knoxville read what Mr Stevens had
said about him he retorted Mr Oliver
directed the shafts of his ridicule upon
Mr Stevens as a paper collar patriot
He continued In all my experience I
have never had an associate presented
with any loving cups referring to Mr
Stevenss Interview calling attention to
the great send off canal employes gave
him at Colon upon leaving a live job
and this tearing away from loving moth
ers to go up against a good salary in
a mosketo proof bungalow I consider
a trllle overworked As a matter of
fact it is the man in the dit ii who is
entitled to this consideration be he
high or low official or laborer
This proved interesting reading at
the White House and in the Cana Com
mission offices Mr Oliver is known in
botli places as a breezy kind of citizen
and more than once his comments
about canal affairs have been very much
in point Empty eulogy has been in
creasing as a feature in official life of
Washington and the evil if evil it be
has crept Into the adriinistraUrm of
canal affairs Since the Presidents ex
perience with Wallace cvrybod even
Shouts the inefficient has gone out
with praise and the blowing of horns
And everybody of any station in the
Isthmus has been serving simply be-
warmly thanking The National Tribune cause of nIs patriotism and because of
for Its notice in regard to the Posts de
sire for contributions of books for its
Civil War Library which It Is establish
ing Comrade Edwin B Force the Ad
jutant writes that the notice was the
most effective help that the Post has
received and the contributions forth
coming far exceeded their most san
guine expectations They have already
the nucleus of a fine library to transmit
to coming generations
nis willingness to sacrifice himself op
the altar of his country There has
been little mention of tho salary which
as everyone who stops to take a sens
ble view knows Is the controlling con-
slderatlon with all canal employes In
this very material era
Secretary Taft will soon be back in
Washington with some recommenda
tions for the President about canal con
struction and it is expected that Chair
man and Chief Engineer Goethals will
have ample opportunity to show wheth
er ho can make the dirt fly as fast us
Chief Engineer Stevens did AH the
Congressional parties are now returned
have given their opinions to the coun
try and the second educational period
with reference to canal affairs seems to
bo well under way The first educational
period It might be explained dated
from the visit of President Roosevelt
last November which was planned
chiefly for the purpose of educating tho
country to the idea that everything on
tho Isthmus was all right and that the
criticisms were unfounded
The verdicts of the Congressmen who
have been traveling on the Isthmus
since adjournment largely bears out the
conclusions which the President reach
ed There Is an occaslnal note of dis
sent Probably the Administration mem
bers are a little too enthusiastic In their
statements for they want to see things
thru Roosevelts spectacles But no
very serious criticisms of the canal have
developed further than that the project
Is likely to cost much more than hoa
been estimated and that It will tak
much longer to build the canal than the
country has been led to believe
The Win Monnrarnt
Ransom Post Mitchell S D has
adopted resolutions reciting that the
end of the differences which arrayed
brother against brother had been nearly
reached but that this glad consumma
tion is seriously disturbed by the propo
sition to erect a monument to Wirz
The United Daughters of the Confeder
acy are begged to desist from this proj
ect which Is fraught with so much 111
influence toward a reconciliation of the
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