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sentative secured a place as a page for
a small boy from his district and the
youngster proved to be right bright
This appealed to Representative Sereno
Payne Chairman of the Ways and
Means Committee who patted him pa
tronizingly on the head and said xou
may succeed Mr Dalzell in Congress
Who knows
The boy looked grave Dont be
lieve he said I woudl like to crowd
Mr Dalzell out
Senator Rayner of Maryland has al
ways been noted as an erratic charac
ter and this trait is showing up in his
only son a young man of some 30 years
of age who has a wife and children
Rayner Jr disappeared a few days
ago and up to now no trace of him has
teen discovered
Until about six months ago 3oung
Rayner scarcely ever left home without
saying where he was going or when he
would return He was a most devoted
Tiiisband and father and spent almost
every hour of his spare time with his
wife and children It began to be ob
served however that he was suffering
from a peculiar nervous trouble which
the physicians at that time pronounced
curable The malady however began
to develop to such an extent lately that
rapid inroads were made upon his
For a long time the Surgeon General
of the Navy has been asking for women
nurses in the hospitals of the Navy and
aboard hospital ships
The bill to establish and organize a
corrjuof trained woman nurses for the
Unlteu States Navy was ordered favor
ably reported by the House Committee
on Naval Affairs one day last week It
authorizes the Surgeon General of the
Navy to appoint one Superintendent of
Nurses and as many chief nurses nurses
and reserve nurses as may be needed
The Superintendent and all the nurses
according to the bill must be graduates
of hospital training schools for nurses
having a course of instruction not less
than two years
These nurses are to be eligible for
duty at naval hospitals and aboard hos
pital and ambulance ships and for such
special duty as may be deemed neces
sary by the Surgeon General
In order to bring back the victims of
the explosion which blew up the old
battleship Maine in Havana Harbor 10
years ago the United States will now
have to assume the anomalous position
of entering into a convention with Cuba
over whose destinies at present an
American Governor Is practically ruler
In compliance with a resolution pass
ed by the House recently Secretary of
the Navy Mctcalf sent to Congress all
the information in the possession of his
Department concerning the Maine and
the men who went down with her
According to Mr Metcalf an expen
diture of about 50000 to raise the
wreck of the Maine will be necessary
The wrecking company which Investi
gated the Maine shortly after the war
ended has already been paid a large
sum for such work but an additional
expenditure will be necessary to float
the ship
After reviewing the men lost in the
exploMon and stating what disposition
has been made with tho bodies this bi
lng part of the information requested by
the Houfce the Secretary says that the
question as to the right of the United
States to raise the wreck has been raised
on many occasions He says that whii
the United States is undoubtedly In a
like the Idea of Congress being asked
to pay back the ransom money In the
first place Miss Stone has made enough
out of the notoriety of the thing to keep
Iicr the rest of her life In the yroid
place she went poking her nose Into
Turkey when she had been warned to
stay away nnu nad been told pretty
roughly exactly what she might expect
she went there but womanlike she
itnt She says herself that she was
not Injured in any way and that no
violence was offered her and that the
experience was rather novel than
While it Is believed that Senator Dan
lei would be the choice of the HouU for
President if he chose to run it is now
authoritatively announced that Senator
Daniel wants It known that he will u it
permit his name to be used against Mr
JSryan for President
The United States produces about
everything in the mineral line and now
a new thing in merchantable quantities
has been discovered in New Mexico
Deposits of meerschaum have been lo
cated in New Mexico according to a re
port made to the Oeoiogieal Survey by
Special Agent Douglass B Steirett in
the Upper Gila River Valley one about
25 miles northeast of Silver City and
at a mine about 12 miles northwest o
Silver City Mr Sterrett recently visit
ed the deposits and st ites that sam
ples which he secured w hen tested con
tained iron stains and particles of grit
and were inferior to the meerschaum of
Asia Minor He states however the
more compact massive material may
perhaps be found free from stains and
of better quality at a greater depth
The Dorsey mine visited by Mr Ster
rett 12 miles northwest of Silver City
lies in the bottom and walls of the can
yon of Bear Creek The rock forming
the canyon walls is chiefly light and
dark gray to brownish gray limestone
with some sandstone strata included
The meerschaum occurs in veins lenses
seams and balls in the limestone
They are telling a good story on Rep
resentative Dalzell one of the leaders
of the House who is credited with be
ing one of the principal figures In what
was known tor some years as the no
combine The Pennsylvania Reprc
Representative Heflin of Alabama
first sprung into National notoriety at
the time of the Booker wasnington
incident when he publicly declared
that President Roosevelt should have
been killed for lunching with the col
ored man This utterance caused much
unfavorable comment thruout the
South and is said to have been much
deplored by Mr Heflins colleagues in
the House
Mr Heflin precipitated a heated de
bate in the House of Representatives
on Feb 22 when he proposed an
amendment to the street railway bill
providing for jim crow cars in the
District At this time he said
Thepassage of my amendment would
benelit both races in the District of Co
lumbia It would remove the cause of
friction that you see on the cars every
day which occur because you herd ne
gtos and whites in the same car
At the time of the shooting Heflin was
on his way to the Metropolitan M E
Church to lecture on temperance Tem
perate man Representative Heflin
Representative Ferris of Oklahoma
has a scheme which he thinks ought to i
sweep the country like wildfire and take
Congress right spang off its feet He
has introduced a resolution to erect a
100000 statue to Robert E Lee close
to the Capitol In Washington He thinks
that this will do a great deal to cement
the ties between the South and the
North Query What Inscription would
be put on the monument Something
like this perhaps A great General who
was educated at the expense of the
country against which he turned and
fought four years to destroy
Admiral Dewey has decided that it
will be impossible for him to go to San
Francisco to participate In the recep
tion to the fleet The Admiral has re
peatedly indicated his personal desire
to go to the Pacific Coast this Spring
but there are considerations of a per
sonal nature which have influenced him
in reaching the conclusion not to under
take the trip which with its long rail
road journey nightly banquets and re
peated demands on him in a social way
would make the whole thing very fa
tiguing The confident expectation how
ever is that the Admiral will be able to
participate in the welcome to be given
the fleet on its return to New York now
tentatively fixed for Feb 22 next
After the death of Senator Whytc of
Maryland Senator Allison was the old
est Senator but now that Gov Proctor
had appointed ex Gov J W Stewart o
fill the place left vacant when his fath
er the venerable Senator from Vermont
died the -record is again broken The
new appointee Is In his 83d year and
when sworn In as Senator will be the
Nestor In point of age In the United
States Senate The late Senator Wil
liam J Bryan was the youngest member
of the Senate Senator Gore the blind
Senator from Oklahoma now holds that
distinction being in his 38th year of age
A large company of distinguished
guests attended a banquet at the Arling
ton Hotel last week given by Benito
Legarda and Pablo Ocampo the Philip
pine Commissioners to the American
Conm pss who took this medium of
showing in part their appreciation of
the kindness with which they had bean
received and treated since their arrival
in Washington and their gratitude to
the American Nation The company
was made up of Vice President Fair
banks Speaker Cannon Secretary Taft
who acted as toastmaster the Senate
Committee on the Philippines the
House Committee on Insular Affairs
other Senators and Representatives who
made up Secretary TaftH party to the
Philippines several years ago promi
nent Army officers who have seen ser
vice in the Philippines and ex oflicers
of the Islaiids now here and Bishop
Thomas A- Hendrick of Cuba
The Naval yacht Sylph is being put in
excellent condition for the use of the
President at Oyster Bay next Summer
Gen Chas Grosvenor the Sage of
Athens has been in Washington and
takes occasion to deny emphatically the
suggestion that he Intends to be a can-
didate for Congress on an Independent
ticket against Mr Douglas the Repub
lican incumbent who beat Gen
nor for the 60th Congress He would
not say however that he might not try
again for the regular nomination He
would not talk much about nis cancu
inrv hut he did say that he still stood
by his statement that Bryan would not
get a single electoral vote outside of
the South He gave to uryan exacuy
166 of the needed votes Gen Grosvenor
happened to meet Bryan at the Capitol
during the day
Weil I see you have already disposed
of me remarked Mr Bryan
Oh well I might as well do it now
as to wait later It will be all the same
position to raise the Maine In spite ofrn Grosvenor replied
Cuba it is best that a convention be 1 0f Coure everybody understands
tween that Nation and the United States are disinterested came back
be made
Dr Harvey W Wiley Chief of the
Bureau of Chemistry of thcyDepartment
of Agriculture has been asked to un
dertake the organization of the Ameri
can Committee of the first International
Congress for the repression of the adul
teration of alimentary and pharmaceu
tical products which will be held in
Geneva Switzerland in September Dr
Wiley it Is stated will associate with
5iim on the committee those In the vari
ous States who have charge of the ap
plication of the food and drug laws
Capt C P Rees has been detached
from duty at the Navy Yard Ports
mouth N n April i next and ordered
to proceed by way of San Francisco to
Honolulu Hawaii and assume the du
ties of Commandant of the naval sta
tion at that place He will relieve Rear
Admiral S W Very who has been or
dered home to await retirement on the
2Sd of April
President Roosevelt and Secretary of
State Root want Congress to reimburse
the citizens of the United States who
raised the sum of approximately SG6000
in 1901 to ransom Miss Ellen M Stone
the American missionary who was cap
tured by brigands in TurkeyIn the year
The people generally will sctxey
Mr Bryan and the two men parted
Perhaps the memory o old sturdy
Maj Pierre Charles lEnfant the man
who next to Washington no doubt was
mast Instrumental in having the Capi
tal City of the struggling young United
States laid out upon the banks of the
Potomac where it stands to ilay per
haps the memory and the name of that
old architect will be kept fresh by some
little statue erected in this city which
he foresaw
Representative Thomas of South Car
olina has introduced a bill to provide
for the appropriation of 2500 for a
memorial to Maj lEnfant to be erected
at some place in the District designated
by the Commissioners It is now up to
The night before Mrs Roosevelt left
Washington for the trip down the Mis
sissippi an entertainment was given at
the White House for the little friends
of the Roosevelt children It was a
stereopticon lecture on the polar re
gions Archie and Kermit had arrived
from Oroton Mass to go on the trip
and Theodore Jr was home from Har
vard Mrs Longworth and her hus
band were also at home so that the
President had an unbroken family cir
cle Mrs Roosevelt accompanied by
the boys Miss Ethel Miss Isabel Hag
ner the White House social secretary
and Miss Langdon a young lady friend
of Miss Ethels started on their South
ern trip the next morning They will
be back this week some time
Representative Coudry has an Idea
that ex Presidents should not drop out
of sight so he has introduced a bill
which provides that all Presidents of
the United States who have heretofore
retired by reason of the expiration of
their respective terms and any who may
hereafter so retire shall become honor
ary members of the United States Sen
ate for life and as such members they
shall receive a compensation of 25000
per annum
When the battleship fleet reaches San
Francisco about the end of April Sec
retary Metcalf s promise to the people
of the Pacific Coast of tho grandest
naval display in the history of the coun
try will be realized Plans for tho
display have been perfected in detail
by the Navy Department
Forty five American fighting ships
will occupy San Francisco Bay The
Secretary of the Navy aboard the Yank
ton as his flagship will review the fleet
The ships whicii include the 16 battle
ships of Admiral Evanss squadron be
sides the cruisers Tennessee Washing
ton South Dakota California West Vir
ginia Pennsylvania Colorado Mary
land Charleston Milwaukee St Louis
and Albany and the complement of tor
pedo boats and auxiliary ships will be
anchored in the bay from Mission
Wharf to Hunters Point That position
is but of the line of the ferry between
San Francisco and Oakland but in easy
view of each city
The Yankton bearing the flag of Sec
retary Metcalf will pass between the
columns of ships The roar of saluting
guns the music of naval bands the gala
appearance of the harbor craft and of
the two cities which fringe the harbor
will enhance the spectacle
The date of the review Is May 8
when the fleet will have completed its
historic cruise had a months target
practice at Magdalena Bay run the
gauntlet of receptions at San Diego and
Los Angeles and has had time to allow
the anchors to rest in the hospitable
waters of San Francisco The latest
phase of the arrangements is the enthu
siasm with which the womens clubs of
San Francisco have dlsplajed in a pro
gram to provide entertainment for the
15000 enlisted men who are making
the cruise with Admiral Evans Accord
ing to these arrangements the enlisted
man is to be the hero of the occasion
Japan has been added to the itinerary
of our battleship fleet Japan extended
an Invitation thru Baron Takahlra and
it hca lre cepted Say as the small
boy wou interrogate you what has
leeome wi that war with Japan any
h w
bill to enforce respect for the unl
i vvorn by men in any of the armed
service of the United States was intro
duced in the House by Representative
Foss Chairman of the Committee on
Naval Affairs It makes it a misde
meanor for any common carriers inn
keepers or others providing public en
tertainment to decline to provide sucli
entertainment to enlisted men of the
Army Navy or the Marine Corps
An effort will be made at this session
to have Congress enact a bill recom
mended by Secretary Metcalf authoriz
ing the acceptance and care of gifts pre
sented to naval vessels Nearly every
vessel has some gift or other largely
silver service given by the States or
cities for which the ship is named
The cost of these articles as far as
figures have been obtainable amounts
to half a million dollars The legisla
tion is desired particularly because of
the questions that may arise as to the
status of these gift- in case of their loss
by theft or otherwise
The Monument Commission has final
ly decided to put the Grant Memorial
Statue down in the swamp in the Bo
tanical Gardens
There has been a determined cam
paign made by the best citizens of
Washington against the vice of gam
bling which included bucket shops as
well as the bookmakers who fleece the
would be sharp ones at the race track
Two notable cases were decided fast
week which are to do much to get rid
of these pests of society They all do an
immense amount of harm In their se
ductions of men who think they are
smart into losing money badly needed
for themselves and families Every
business in the city suffers greatly from
this diversion of money to the pockets
of the unscrupulous sharpers This
comes up In the most unexpected places
For example when I went to pay my
enforced visit to my dentist recently I
found him mourning over the fact that
two customers one who needed a G0
and the other a 90 job had to cancel
their engagements for the work on ac
count of iiaving lost their money nt the
race track Of these cases above men
tioned the jury in the Criminal Court
after a strong charge by Justice Bar
nard decided that a bucket shop is set
ting up and maintaining a gaming ta
ble It only took the jury 20 minutes to
reach a verdict and It is interesting to
know that this Jury was made up of a
restaurant keeper an electrician a
driver butcher insurance agent baker
salesman conductor merchant two
painters and a carriage builder so that
It may be taken as a good representa
tion of public opinion In the other
case a bookmaker who had been sen
tenced In the Police Court to pay 500
fine and serve 90 days in Jail appealed
to the higher court which upheld the
decision Congress has now before it a
bill to absolutely prohibit race track
gambling in the District of Columbia
The canal wave has reached Wash
ington and the East Washington Citi
zens Association has adopted resolu
tions urging the construction of a canal
to connect the Eastern Branch of the
Potomac with the Severn or Patapscoe
River In accordance with an old plan
for making a direct water communica
tion between the harbors of Washing
ton and Baltimore by means of a broad
paved ship canal
The most of the praise for the splen
did work done by our naval gunners is
said to be due to Commander Sims who
is an enthusiast for accurate shooting
He tore up and swept away entirely the
old system of gunnery and adopted one
of his own based upon the principle
that guns are weapons of absolute pre
cision and should make no misses If
handled with reasonable Intelligence
William Souden Sims was born in Can
ada but appointed to the Naval Acad
emy from Pennsylvania in 1876 He
reached the rank of Lieutenant-Commander
Nov 21 1902 and has been In
spector of Target Practice since Nov
5 1902
The 1rlnoiiern of Wnr
George Hollands First Lieutenant
Co B 101st Pa Hornell N Y recalls
that the bill to make allowances and
pensions to ex prisoners of war has
now been before Congress for fully 33
years and seems to have made no prog
ress This is unaccountable because
every member of either House with
whom Comrade Holland has talked has
expressed himself strongly favorable to
the bill and it would seem as If It
should have been paJsed long ago The
trouble Is that there were never enough
of the prisoners of war to make them
selves felt politically therefore their
prayers have boon unheeded and their
petitions relegated to the waste basket
Comrade Holland was In prison for
eight long months In Andersonvillc and
Florence and the paltry sum of 2 a
day which the present bill offers would
bo a small recompense for the service
rendered The prisoners did a special
service for their country in holding
many thousand confederates in prison
instead of allowing them to bo returned
and placed in front of Grant and Slier
Monument o Rnllsted Men
At a recent meeting of Phil Sheri
dan Post Washington D C Past Com
mander Charles M Robinson offered a
resolution stating that while there were
many memorials In Washington to high
officers of the Army and Navy of all the
wars of the country there was nothing
to the honor of the enlisted men of
the Army Navy and Marine Corps who
had done tho fighting Tho representa
tives of the Department of the Potomac
were requested tc bring this matter
to the attention of tho National En
campment and request suitable action
to repair this omission The resolution
was unanimously adopted
Brief Digest of Proceedings Jrom Day to
March 30 The additional urgent de
ficiencies bill carrying several District
items was passed
The bill allowing Chew Chase to con
nect its water mainsiwith those of the
District one jlaw relating
to the acquirement o land for public
u3e In the District and other District
measures were passed
The Senate In executive session or
dered suppressed a public document In
which prominent men are attacked
At 343 p m the Senate adjourned
Tho District appropriation bill car
rying over 9000000 was reported to
the House
In Committee of tho W h the House
further considered the Agricultural a
propriation bill
At 530 after an aye and no vote on
the motion tho House adjourned
March 31 The President transmit
ted with a message correspondence and
other material bearing upon the Vene
zuelan situation
Among a number of bills which pass
ed were one to make uniform the ware
house receipts law In the District of
Columbia and one making it illegal to
stamp any article inspected under the
pure food law guaranteed by the Unit
ed States Government
Senator Galllnger Introduced three
bills recommended by the District Com
Senator Johnston introduced a reso
lution directing an inquiry Into the op
erations of the United Fruit Company
of New Jersey
Senator Hoyburn after an extended
debate served notice of a filibuster on a
bill to allow a dam to be constructed
over a Western river
In an executive session the nomina
tion of Grant Victor to be United States
Marshal for the Eastern District of
Oklahoma was confirmed
At 430 oclock the Senate adjourned
The House further considered the
Agricultural appropriation bill in Com
mittee of the Whole
At 5 oclock the committee arose and
the House adjourned
April 1 Senator Wijruer Introduced
a bill to amend the anti trust law along
the lines faorcd by thi President
Senator Heyburn withdrew his oppo
sition to the passage of tm bill allowing
private parties to dam tho otiake Rivet
in Washington State
Senator Piles offered a bill proposins
to amend the Union Station grading
damages act
The Committee on Puhli Buildings
and Grounds reported favorably the bill
proposing to make an addition to the
District courthouse atra cosfnf 200000
After a brief executive session
voted to confirming minor nominations
the Senate at 413 p in adjourned
Hoc tc
In Committee of the Whole the House
further considered the -Agricultural ap
propriation bill j
At 5 p m the committee arose and
the House adjourned
i i
Senate g
April 2 The general J arbitration
treaty drawn up by The Hague Peace
Conference and two otherconvenliond
of that conference wort agreed to in an
extended exccutUe session
The nomination ofDr David Jayno
Hill to be Embassador to Germany and
those of Arthur M Beaupre and Spen
cer F Eddy to be respectively Minister
to Denmark and Minister to Argentina
were confirmed -
Tho Dolllvcr school bill was discussed
for over an hour with no result save to
develop strong opposition to the meas
Senator Carter reported a compro
mise postal savings bank bill from the
Committee on Post Oflices and Post
Senator Du Pont introduced a bill to
create a Finance Commission
BI113 were passed granting to Prof
Perclval Lowell lands in the mountains
of Arizona for observatory purposes
and providing for steamer inspection at
Honolulu and San Juan
A resolution by Senator Owen amend
ing the laws whereunder the Osage In
dians may select homesteads was
agreed to
The Committee on Public Buildings
and Grounds reported favorably the
bill to complete the park surrounding
the District filtration plant
Senator Dolliver submitted a favor
able report from the Committee on the
Library upon Senator La toilettes bill
to fix the liability of common carriers
to their employes
At 335 p m the Senate by agree
ment adjourned
The Agricultural appropriation bill
was passed by the Houhe
A resolution distributing the Presi
dents message the message of Jan
31 was finally passed after five solid
hours of filibustering by the Democrats
At 1010 the House adjourned
April 4-
-The Senate was not in
The entire days session was taken up
by the Democratic filibuster and the
consideration of the District appropria
tion bill
The bill was considered in Commit
tee of the Wholo for nearly five hours
about one third of It being gone thtu
Only three minor amendments were
At 507 tho committee rose and at
535 the House adjourned
In God We Trim
Editor National Tribune While ad
mitting that the Presidents argument
for removing this motto from our coin
seems sound Is it not after all a para
logism Have wc ceased to trust in
God If so the omission of the motto
Is well timed Have wc become a pa
gan Nation Then we mlijht go further
and omit prayer on State occasions
Thanksgiving proclamations etc This
motto on our coins was what distln
guished U3 from tho Nations of the
earth and it is significant how closely
the recent financial stringency followed
upon the heels of thej new unmottoed
coinage If the restoration of this mot
to were submitted to a popular vote
along with many other questions tjicrc
would bo soma happy ahangc3 very
soon In the affairs of the Nation To
the hard pressed son of toil tho few
half eagles which reach his hand are
not less prized because the motto In
scribed thereon reminds him of his God
and of our Nations trust In Him The
motto is good Let us have It back on
our coins Eider G T DIssette Co A
Hatchs Battery Minn Cav Shannon
County Mo
Mm Clarks Cook nook
Owing to tho unusual demand for
Mrs Clarks Cook Book which has been
offered with The National Trlbuna as
a premium our supply has been ex
hausted Wo have another edition in
press and within 10 days will mail a
copy of the book to those subscribers
who have selected it as a premium
There Should De n firnernl Moiement to
Ilrlng Them Into the Mrmorlnl Day
Editor National Tribune Tho In
creasing frequency of deaths among
comrades of the G A R falling ns they
tiro liko Autumn leaves must impress
each of us with a realization that wo
ore rapidly growing old and that In the
natural order of things with the In
creasing infirmities of old age supple
mented by wounds and physical disabil
ities resulting from the exposure and
privations of a soldiers life it will not
bo long before the last of us will have
passed away It behooves us therefore
to take a look into the future and be
fore it Is too late consider what is best
fi be done to perpetuate the beautiful
ceremony of decorating the graves of
our beloved heroic comrades with Its
patriotic lesson to the younger genera
tions of our day and to thoso yet un
With this object in view and that we
e time to discus i and consider the
subject I desire to Migef t a plan which
to me seems feacibV r well as desir
In brief my idea i it the children
of tho country should be educated to
decorate the graves with flowers on
Memorial Day and that as long as there
are any old soldiers or sailors left they
should be the childrens Invited guests
What would bo more appropriate or
in accordance with a more beautiful
healthy sentiment
If this were done not only would the
custom and ceremony be perpetuated
long after the youngest and must robust
of us had passed auay but a lesson of
patriotism and loyalty would be taught
to the children which could in no other
way be so vividly and indelibly im
pressed on their young minds or be so
well calculated to influence and moid
their future characters
Perhaps the children of all the Sun
day schools regardless of sect or de
nomination could be brought together
in tills way on the common basis of love
for the flag and for those Tvho arc
accustomed to celebrate Anniversary
Day it would provide an objective pur
pose which apparently does not exi
Of course there arc many thlngv to
be taken into consideration in connec
tion with this suggestion as for in
stance dhiding the County into divi
sions containing the cemeteries trans
portation of the children etc but these
are matters of detail which I hav no
doubt could be icadlly solved by con
ference with the school officials and
I commend the subject to the
thoughtful consideration of comrades
admonishing them however that there
Is not time to be lost If they really do
sire their comrades graves cared for
after we Have al passed away Walter
Thorn Brooklyn N Y
A South Cnrollitu Im per On the AVtrz
From the Anderson S C Dally JIall
There is one Confederate veteran In
Anderson who gets mad every time he
sees anything In the newspapers about
the movement to erect a monument to
AVirz the Commandant of the Ander
sonville Prison
Talking to the editor of the Dally
llaii yesterday he said Wirz was a
brute In human form If there ever -was
one I was at Andersonville on one
occasion and saw something of his
methods A prisoner was brought in
who had been wounded in the arm
The wound had not been properly
dressed and the man was sick from
pain He had made application to be
sent to the prison hospital and his
case was referred to Wirz who came
around to make a personal examina
tion He grabbed the man by the
wounded arm and gave it a wrench
which brought a moan of pain from
the man seasoned veteran tho he was
Let me see that arm said Wirz and
began roughly pulling off the bandages
He was rough to extreme and the poor
fellow begged him to be more gentle
Wirz cursed him in reply and became
rougher still He got the bandages off
and altho the arm was greatly swollen
he seized It over the wound and crush
ed it in his great rough hands and said
in his broken 1ngllsh and with many
oaths Ill never let you go into the
hospitalfor a thing like that You de
serve more than youve got And you
can tell your Uncle Sam about It if you
ever get back to him
The prisoner had a high fever and
was half dead with the pain from his
wound He crept back to his quarters
in terror I dont know what became
of him after that
I remarked to a friend who was
standing near That man Wirz Is a
Keep quiet said my friend If
Wirz hears you talking like that he
will have you shot
Wirz was feared and hated by all
who were at Andersonville by the Con
federate soldiers who were doing guard
duty no less than by the prisoners
Many of the guards tried to make the
lot of the prisoners easier but they
were kept from doing so by Wirz The
man was a disgrace to the Confederacy
and altho his execution by a court
martial may not have been legal few
of those who knew him regretted it
when they heard of It
None of the Confederate veterans who
served under Wirz at the Andersonville
Prison have enlisted themselves In the
movement to erect the monument to
him It Is a great pity that other good
people should have been so misguided
as to do so There are some men and
some things that we can best honor
ourselves by trying to forget
Got a Ilonpltnl llccord
Comrade A D French Co A S9th
III writes from Glenwood Iowa The
Inquiry of George L Cooley In your Is
sue of March 26 In regard to furlough
Ing the soldiers so that they might go
home to vote brings to my mind an In
cident of that time I was then at the
Jefferson Hospital in Jeffersonvillc
Ind and having sufficiently recovered
from wounds received at Chlckamauga
to be on duty I had charge of a
ward in the hospital One day we re
ceived as patients a very largo number
of Indiana troops and strange to say
they all belonged to the same regiment
They looked well and hearty and I
could not underbtand what had hap
pened to so many of them all at once
On questioning them they all gave very
indefinite answers until one told me
that the disease with which they were
all affected was a desire to go home
and vote Tho regiment was located
in Kentucky and practically the whole
regiment was sent to the hospital The
next day their furloughs were made
out and that was the last we saw of
An Iovrn Veteran In Texas
W H Graham of the firm of Graham
Co real estate agents Cuero Tex
served in tho 5th Iowa and was cap
tured at Mission Ridge He spent the
Winter on Belle Isle and in March was
sent to Andersonville which place he
reached on the 11th or 12th He was
afterward transferred to Florence and
got out on the sick exchange at Charles
tonJn December He was discharged as
being unfit for further service but re
enlisted in the 4th U S Cav with
whidh regiment ho went to Texas In
18i6 and was discharged and settled
down In his present location He has
one son who graduated at the George
town University and Is now at tho
Jesuit Novitiate Poughkeepsie N Y
Another son Is in business in Pandan
Philippine Islands
- i V -
The Stolz Electrophone A New Scientific and Practical Inven
tion for Those Who aro Deaf or Partially Deaf
May Now Be Tested in Your Own Home
Responsible deaf and partially deaf pcoplo nay now make a month trial of lha
Electrophone In their own homes on payment of a small deposit This Is Important for
n trial always proves even to the most skeptical that nt last in the Electrophone a perfect
hearing appliance has been prodneed Consequently by this plan the selection of tha
one completely satisfactory hearing aid Is made easy and Inexpensive for ercrjbody Tho
new discovery is a tiny electric telephone device U S Tats S33453 and 858084 that
fits snuglv to the car and is worn with less publicity than eyeglasses are sec cut It3
purpose IS to magnijg me suuuu wavva nnu mrow uicra mrwuj
on the hearing nerves This it does the Instant it Is applied caus
ing an astonishing change in the clearness and loudness of all
sounds With the Electrophone in place the deaf man or woman
can walk the streets mingle with strangers and visit the play
lecture or sermon with pleasure and profit able to hear all ordinary
sounds without strain or discomfort as naturally ns an unaffected
person The only difference Is that the Electrophone user wears a
light rich looking black disc partly over one ear the appearance
of which Is rather dignified than otherwise To use the Electro
phone is like getting n new ear It works each moment over
coming Vic inner buzzing and roaring car noises but making all
outer sounds distinct and clear At the same time it gives the bear
ing parts a constant delicate curative treatment It exercises the
deaf car just as well cars are exercised by the passage of
sound vibrations so that after awhile most Klcctrophone vsers find
their hearing has become as good as ever In short the Electro
phones superiority in every respect to such dangerous devices as
ear drums trumpets horns tubes etc Is so great as to make
the latter appear no better than toys
The Klcctrophone untliflet nil
Itcnd letter of Mr W M Iloyt ml lllonnlre -wholesale irrocer
btolz IIectronhonc Co Chicago fii ntlpmrn T nm
pleased to say that tb Electrophone Is very satis
factory Itelng small In size and great In hearing
finalities makes It preferable to anjC I have had
mine elcht months I can recommend It to all per
sons with defective hearing W M HOVT Michigan
Av and ItHcr St Chicago
The stolz Electrophone Co Gentlemen Before I
THEY netl the Electrophone people had to shout directly
fntn TTltr fn tl mntn fw ham nt 1M1 t
OPIUUTED could at once hear any person speaking In an
ONCF ary 0De v- or - fect away Now after using the
Electrophone eight months its use sa imnrorrrt mi
T 7 natural hearing that I can hear an ordinary toned
Electrtpboae la Vtt
Showiltnthia EyerUiuei
voice six to ten Tect away without It It Is a wonderful Instrument and ns there are so
many worthless instruments on the market I will show my appreciation to you by answer
ing all Inquiries from doubtful Investigators M W BENJAM1X r251 ITalrie Av Chicago
rite or call on us at once for particulars of our personal test offer Call If you can
for we wish to give you a demonstrative test of this remarkable new aid to the deaf If
you can not call write Do this without fall for our plan Is designed to work to your
aennlte advantage At the same time we frill mail or give you our free booklet and a list
or prominent and well satisfied users of the Electrophone In Chicago and elsewhere whose
word has weight nnd who will gladly Indorse our statements Physicians cordially invited
BUANCH OFFICES Cincinnati Philadelphia Indianapolis Seattle Des Motncs Toronto
Ttie Snmo Wan First Git en the Ping by
the Volunteer In Mexico
Editor National Tribune In your cor
respondent column of Feb 13 Is an in
quiry relative to the origin of the now
universal appellation of the U S Na
tional flag It Is desirable to state July
4 1846 the 1st Ohio Vols afloaton the
Mississippi bound for Mexico honored
the day with much enthusiasm Among
those called upon for addresses was the
gifted and eloquent Brig Gen Thomas
L Hamer who was particularly eulogls
tic of the glorious banner of freedom
Amid the great applause aroused an
enthusiastic son of Old Erin impulsively
exclaimed Hurrah for Ould Glory
This caught popular fancy and was
afterward heard amid many battle
In a letter Inclosing copy of below
verses rrom Capt Charles H Pearson
of the 1st N Y Vols dated -April 20
1847 he writes to his prior company
the Light Guards of the 64th N Y S
M now known as Co A of the 13th
N Y N G that The phrase Old
Glory Is said to have originated with
the 1st Ohio
The rinff of Onr Country Old Glory
A Song
Sung In bivouac night before storm
ing of Cerro Gordo Mexico by Lieut
Chas F Brower N Y Vols
To night eer our parting fill high to
the brim
Tis last we together may drink
To morrow in battle some yield to death
Our soldiers its fiat neer shrink
Then stand to the toast now last but
the best
The flag of our country and love
Well crown it with victory in valorous
Place Old Glory yon ramparts above
Whatever each quaffing be It aqua or
Round the cup fond memories
For homeland emotions give courage
Its cause to uphold while we breathe
Then stand to the toast etc
Sant Ana Is boasting invincible might
His hosts appear grand in array
Remember the Almo and God for
the right
Well drive them away In dismay
Then stand to the toast etc
The bugles are sounding the call to
And fit for the mornings dread fray
May dreams of our sleeping each brave
heart inspire
With hopeful resolves for the day
Then stand to the toast etc
B Wm Ennls 293 Macon SL Brook
lyn N Y
Veteran Postmaster Turned Ont
Mrs G A Olmstead Ordway Colo
wants the comrades to know how her
husband a veteran has been treated by
the politicians He served thru the war
and had been for 10 years Postmaster of
Ordway giving entire satisfaction to
the community The politicians wanted
the place as a plum for a man who had
worked for them and six weeks ago
they had Olmstead turned out and a
young man appointed much to the dis
satisfaction of the people of Ordway
who do not like the new appointee for
various reasons Comrade Olmstead
had taken the post office when it did
not pay expenses and within two years
made It revenue paying
An Old Shipmate
G C Hutchlns Dade City Fla was
with grand old Admiral Farragut at
Mobile Bay the capture of Fort Mor
gan and tho destruction of tho rebel
ram Tennessee He would like to know
what day Mobile was captured
Mobile was surrendered to the navy
under Admiral Thatcher and the army
under Gen Granger April 12 1865
Editor National Tribune
The Worat Ever
George W Miller 5th Ind Cav Sum
mltville Ind says that while all vet
erans are treated as back numbers of
little account the ex prisoners of war
are treated much worse than the others
They get no consideration from Con
gress and are put oft from session to
session with promises
In the May Issue of Pcople3 Maga
zine which is a 224 page publication
consisting of 192 pages of fiction nnd
32 pages of scenes from the latest
plays there Is a rarely entertaining
story by Avery Abbott entitled Little
Sister This Is a child story written
for grown ups and strange to say it la
one in which mature readers can really
take delight The Heart of a Woman
the complete novel in the same Issue
is another piece of high class fiction
offered by Peoples There are in all
18 short stories one novel a theatrical
review department and several pieces
of miscellany in the text portion of this
generous magazine Peoples sells for
15 cents
The complete novelette In a Far
Country by Adeline Knapp which
opens the May number of Smiths Mag
azine represents about the strongest
work that this author has ever done It
tells interestingly the love story of an
American girl who goes to the Philip
pines as a school teacher and gives in
cidentally a vitally Interesting picture
The article in the same number Tho
Story of Delaware Is one which every
woman should persuade her husband to
read It tells of a State which fell into
the power of a political boss and which
finally shook Itself free from the yoke
The article on Emma Eames Illustrat
ed so profusely as It Is with new photo
graphs of the singer in various roles
will Interest everyone Anne OHagan
contributes a splendid paper on Soma
Problems of the Workingwoman and
Mrs John Van Vorst is represented in
the third of her charming Letters from
an American Girl Abroad There is
an Important article on the training of
the voice by Florence Augustine and
a collection of splendid short stories by
such writers as Holman F Day Helen
Palmer Charles Garvlce and Charles
Battell Loomls
How to Get Old CDCC
Long Bridge Cant lilCiL
Write The 0 L B Cane Co
lVaaUlnEton D C
Reference The National Tribune
Reliable Services Proffered
Specialty of Pension Bureau Practice
Prompt Attention to Claims of WidWsc
Edgar T Gaddis
Washington D C
tiii vKSiiD
Does it Flatter r ilpltnte
or Skip Beats Hae you
Shortness of BreathTen
derness Xaxnbnecs or
Pain in left side Dizziness
Fainting Spells Spots
before the eyes Sudden
Starting In sleep Night
mare Hungry or Weak
in chest Choking Sensation in throat
Falnf ul to lie on left side Cold Hands or
Feet Uinicnlt Breathing Dropsy Swell
ing of the feet or ankles or Neuralgia
around the heart II you nave one or mora
of the above symptoms of heart disease dont
fall to use Dr Kinsmans Celebrated Heart
Tablets the remedy which has made so many
marvelous cures Kot a secret or patent
medicine One ont of four bas a weak or
diseased heart Three fourths of these do
not know It and thousands die who have been
wrongfully treated for the Stomach Lungs
Kidneys or Nerves Dont drop dead liko
hundreds of others when Dr Kinsmans
Heart Tablets will cure you
Any snffercrmaillncthlscouDonWith their
name and P O address to Dr F O Kins
man Box 874 Augusta Mainewillreeelve
a box of Heart Tablets for trial by return
mall postpaid free of charge Dont risk
I death Dy delay
Story of the Battle of Gettysburg
Every American should own this splendid book Ifc contains
a large outline chart of the 25 square miles of battlefield showing
the location of every regiment and tho movements of tho two
armies Every detail of the battle is described by a military man
of distinction and it has about 50 letters and reports written in tho
saddle on tho battlefield by tho Union and Confederate officers pic
turing the scenes in all their vividness It contains the portraits
of the leading Generals of both armies with fac simile autograph
letters of many Generals It is illustrated with 25 principal battle3
of the Civil War It has a fine portrait of President Lincoln and a
handsome copy of his famous address at Gettysburg The book is
worth one dollar but while they last you can have one mailed t
you for twenty five cents in stamps

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