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It was felt that when Madame Anna
Gould divorced her gay expensive little
husband Count Boni de Castellane and
married his hated rival the Prince de
Sagan that she was in for more touble
but it must be confessed no one expect
ed it -would come quite so soon When
this marriage took place not a year
ago Count Boni vowed vengence on
them both for in spite of the damaging
evidence as to his character which the
preceding trial had brot forth he per
sisted in declaring himself a much
maligned and injured man Anna
Gould loves her children and Count
Boni knew he could hurt her most by
taking them away from her so he has
appealed to the courts for the entire
right to them on the ground that
neither his former Countess nor his
cousin Prince Helie is a proper per
Bon to be intrusted with the bringing
up of young children At the opening
of the suit in Paris the other day
Count Bonis attorney M Bonnet drew
a terrible picture of De Sagans charac
ter as a well known roue and of his
demoralizing effect upon the woman he
has married as was evidenced by her
utter disregard of the conventionalities
In her association with him before she
became Princess Sagan The gay life
led by the Prince before his marriage
has been continued since M Bonnet
affirmed and proofs of this coming to
the ears of the Princess have rendered
her very unhappy and determined her
upon applying the second time to the
courts for relief from her matrimonial
troubles The French advocate dram
atically declared that when Prince uene
was taken to task by the Princess on
this score he was overcome with re
morse and prostrated himself before
her offering to become a monk and
spend the remainder of his unworthy
days in a monestery If she desired it
Which is amusing tho of course quite
untrue M Bonnet represented the
three children of Count Boni and
Countess Anna as little physical wrecks
neglected by their mother not allowed
postage stamps to -write to their father
when they were in New York last
year and as being shunned by other
children during their sojourn at some
hotel at Versailles on account of the
behavior of the Prince and Mme Gould
Count Boni prays the court to give him
the custody of the children and the
sum of 60000 a year to create a fund
for them that their Interests may be
protected in the event of other chil
dren being born to the wife of Prince
Sagan It Is his plan to place his off
spring under the care of his mother
Princess Anna on her part has denied
that there is any trouble between her
noble husband and herself emphatical
ly declaring that they are happy and
only want to be let alone Her brother
George has gone over to her and is do
ing all he can to prevent Count Boni
from winning his suit Thru his advo
cate he has declared that altho he was
opposed to his sister marrying Prince
Helie at first largely because he was a
relative of the Castellane family he
afterwards consented to the match and
that he believes most decidedly the chil
dren should be with their mother and
In the de Sagan home which he is con
vinced is a very happy one The
PrinceB lawyers have denied all Bonis
charges with regard to past and pres
nt itifliscrpilons on the Dart of their no
ble client and have boldly affirmed that
Castellanes sole motive in onnging oii
the suit Is hatred or de tjagan gouueu
to Jealous madness by the very thot of
his occupying the superb mansion of
- which Count Boni was once master etc
Hell hath no fury like a woman
corned sings the poet and a man
placed in the same position is no more
forgiving and no less inclined to seek
methods of revenge What Boni
wants first and foremost Is to hurt
the hated Sagan as much a3 pos
sible and separate him frpm the
rcnnirt millions which he found so con
venient while he manipulated them if it
can be done Then he would like to even
up his little score with the Princess by
taking the children away from her and
lastly he wants to get his hands on the
Jtldy little sum of 60000 a year of
which he can have the spending till his
offspring are of age It is a very neat
little plot but Count Boni will hardly
ee It successfully developed Princess
Anna with brother George by her side
will prove tod much for the dapper lit
tle French nobleman It Is believed
If Oscar Hammerstelns Ideas of the
duties and obligations of an operatic
Impresario are correct one would hard
ly think his class would be regarded
by women as desirable for husbands
Mr- Hammersteln is the manag jr of the
Manhattan Opera House and has lately
gotten into a little trouble with a Miss
Lee who haa sued him for breach of
contract Oscar saysa man engaged In
the making and discovering of prima
donnas cannot be judged by ordinary
standards that such a man is obliged
to encourage and sympathize and even
It would seem to make love to his sing
ers in order to perfect their artistic de
velopment He cannot come home to
dinner and luncheon and conform to
domestic rules and regulations like or
dinary men but has to be with his peo
ple whenever they most need him The
management of prima donnas is a very
ticklish piece of business Oscar de
clares and requires a special tempera
ment and infinite tact and patience In
the case of Miss Lee Oscar discovered
her a number of years ago when rfce
rave promise of becoming a very fine
tinger and was besides aj he says
the most charming the most attrac
tive and the sweetest woman imagin
able She did not fulfill expectations
as a singer and Oscar refused to make
her one of the prima donnaj of his
company For this Miss Lee has
brought suit and in the development of
her case she has produced some very
ardent love letters written to her by
the temperamental impresario With
regard- to these Oscar says- he is not
ashamed of them that when he cares
for a person he likes to write sweetly
to them and that it is all a part of his
professional duties and privileges any
way All of which goes to prove that
operatic managers should avoid further
complication by matrimony
Shop In the Moraine
Do your shopping In the morning
Thats the early Christmas warning
Thus it Is you miss the rushing
Crowding Jamming shoving crushing
Kicking scrapping swearing growling
Slamming slapping banging scowling
Waiting tiring sweating mopping
Incident to Christmas shopping
Do your shopping in the morning
Thats the Christmas shopping warning
Thats the message they are sending
Out to all who may be spending
Much or little at this season
Still if all obeyed the warning
Did their shopping in the morning i
Gay wouldnt it be nicer dropping
In of afternoons for shopping
W J Lampton
It Is reported that John D Rockefel
ler will soon give 50000000 to the ed
ucation of the poor In China and India
where so little is done for the lower
classes In this respect The newspaper
etory is that the oil king is only waiting
for the reports of Prof Burton who s
In India studying conditions and Prof
Chamberlin who will start at once for
China for the same purpose before he
rives tho money While the richest
man in the world is most generous in
philanthropic purposes he is not wast
ing any of it on tips to -waiters etc It
Is said that recently in dining with some
friends at the Mansion House in New
Brunswick where he ate heartily of lob
ster scallops planked chicken etc he
bestowed when leaving a five cent tip
upon the all expectant waiter advising
him to put it at once in the bank where
it would Wgln to earn interest The
waiter listened respectfully to this bit
of advice but when the ample back of
the multi millionaire was turned freed
his mind to his- fellow waiters and what
he said could hardly be called compli
mentary to John D
Two women who have been fighting
for justice in tho courts for many years
have lately each had a decision ren
dered in their favor Mrs Florence
Mavbrlck the American woman who
spent many long years in British prisons
for the alleged murder of her jsngnsn
husband is one of these and the widow
of Bob Ingersoll the other Mrs May
brick with her mother owned valua
ble lands In Virginia West Vir
ginia and Kentucky valued at
2500000 which Mrs Maybrlck
while In prison and in a state of
mind which rendered her irresponsi
ble deeded under misrepresentation
to her American lawyer D W Arm
strong for 10000 the price he set
upon the property For 10 years Mrs
Maybrlck and her mother have been
trying to have the courts declare that
deed invalid and this has just been
done by Judge Grinnell of the Chancery
Court at Richmond Va It Is expected
that the case will not be settled until
the Supreme Court of the United States
has passed judgment upon it In Mrs
Ingersolls suit the decision was final
and therefore more satisfactory This
lady claimed 100000 the fee agreed
upon and promised her distinguished
husband for successfully breaking the
will of Andrew J Davis a Montana
millionaire in favor of some disinherit
ed relatives Only 5000 of this
amount had ever been paid for this
service The case has been long in the
courts and finally the other day the
United States Supreme Court rendered
a decision in Mrs Ingersolls favor
And now it is King Edward of Eng
land who Is blamed for breaking off the
Elkins Abruzzi alliance if there was
really anything to break off Tho af
fair makes one -think of the familiar
game Now you see It now you dont
so contradictory have tne reports neen
regarding it from the first Tho Elkins
family themselves have shown such ad
mirable dignity and reserve that the
public does not know to this day
whether there ever has been Is now
or will be an engagement to marry be
tween these two young people nut
the latest newspaper story is that King
Edward favorable to the marriage or
his niece Patricia daughter of his
brother the Duke of Connaught to the
Count of Turin brother of the Duke of
the Abruzzi frowned- upon tne
Abruzzi alliance and refused to con
sent to a union of the reigning houses of
Great Britain and Savoy unless any
such intention was abandoned This
according to the papers has been done
and the curtain rung down on that little
international romance
Few women occupying a prominent
place in Washington official society had
a better opportunity ior meeting dis
tinguished men and women or for ac
cumulating a greater store of Interest
ing experiences than Mrs James G
Blaine herself a most Intelligent wom
an Her letters edited by her daugh
ter Mrs Harriett Blaine Bcale are
about to be published by a New York
house and promise a greater treat for
those to whom the feminine point of
view on political and other national
questions appeals or course Mrs
Blaines letters touch on other and
lighter matters but she was the close
companion of her distinguished ambit
ious husband sharing all his hopes and
aspirations and keeping herself luny
abreast of the times on all those great
national questions which absorbed him
and naturally her letters rellect much
of this In these letters she gives a
most interesting account of tho shoot
ing of President Garfield and of going
to the White House with Mrs Mc
Veagh wife of the Attorney General
after the terrible news had been brot
to her It seems Mrs Garfield was
away at tho time and as Mrs Blaine
was on very intimate terms with the
Garfields her first thot was to take the
place as far as she could of Mrs Gar
field on this tragic and awful occasion
She and Mrs McVcagh stood in the
hall when the President was brot In on
his litter who when he saw them suf
fering tho he was smiled and patheti
cally kissed his hand Later when laid
tenderly on his bed he beckoned to Mrs
Blaine pulled her down to him and
kissed her again and again begging her
to stay with him Mrs Blaine re
mained by the side of the assassinated
President until Mrs Garfield arrived
To have their functions distinguished
by some entirely new and novel feature
appears to be the aim and object of -life
with many society women who are con
stantly cudgeling their wits and those
of their friends for ideas along this line
A prominent aspirant for this sort of
honor and repujjitlon has lately made a
great hit in New York by her
floor teas Her guests are politely re
quested to take a seat on the floor when
they arrive and in this free and decid
edly unconventional attitude are served
to the cakes dainty sandwiches tea
etc provided by their hostess This
lady claims that under these conditions
she has found conversation to be much
more spontaneous and delightful than
Is usual at such functions when people
stand around or sit on chairs When a
lot of people get on the floor like that
they are carried back to the days of
their childhood and couldnt be digni
fied and stiff if they tried The shyest
and most quiet persons pipe up in a
perfectly astonishing manner and dis
play a charm In conversing previously
unsuspected This original hostcsss af
firms that It is wonderfully restful and
soothing to the nerves to sit on the
floor and that when In that attitude
ones worries fall off like water from a
ducks back and only pleasant thots
and Ideas fill the brain She predicts
that the tea will be a
very popular method of entertaining
from this tlmo on All this may bo very
true but the fact remains that to eit
on tho floor gracefully Is one of the
most difficult things In tho world to do
It la terribly hard on tho back and then
there Is the question of the disposition
of ones feet so disturbingly and un
compromisingly in evidence You may
tuck them under your skirts for a while
but the position soon becomes pain
fully cramped and you have either to
get up and stand on them or stretch
them out for a while to be relieved This
question docs not in the least concern
those women blessed with pretty dainty
feet who are secretly blad of this new
way of displaying them but for the
women with large ugly feet it Is a
poser and the chances are that such
will not be found at any
After a trial lasting 106 days with
the courtroom filled with excitedly in
terested spectators one of the boldest
and most unscrupulous boodlers of the
present day Abe Rucf was found guilty
of bribery At the counsel table sat Fran
cis J Heney attorney Iiithecase for
the city of San Francisco who was out
for the first time since he was shot
There Is a long list of charges against
cutting off large slices of his fortune for Ruef but his conviction on this on
Is all that it nccKary to send him to
jail the maximum penalty fos his
crime Being a term oi a
penitentiary -
Our energetic If aomewhat misguid
ed compatriot Carry Jfatlon Is having
a lively time in Scotland with her little
hatchet She has not been received with
open arms so to speak by our Scotch
friends whose most striking character
istic is minding their own business but
this has not dampened Carries ardor
In the least and tho bodily thrown out
of one publlo house she has straight
ened her bonnet and gone on to the
next And Carrie Is nothing If not
thoro If ehe meets a man on the way
smoking a cigarette she calls out in
anything but dulcet tones Take that
vile thing from your mouth and feels
that she has simply done her duty In
so doing Then she Is going for the
tea drinkers too sne is snocKea io
find such intemperance In tea drinking
in Scotland which she classes with the
morphine habit So Carrie has her
hands quite full and it Is not at all cer
tain when we may have her with us
Thi German Crown Princess Cc-
cilie has just given a striking evidence
of beautiful tender heartednes and
womanly sympathy by selling magnifi
cent diamond tiara estimated to be
worth 25000 that she might give the
money to the widows and orhpans of
those miners who perished In the ter
rible disaster at Hamm recently The
Crown Prince and Princess havo not
the spending of a creat deal of money
according to personal desire and the
Princess felt dissatisfied with the gift
of 1250 of her royal husband given
for this oblect as her heart was very
much touched by the sufferings of these
poor women and children Some mem1
bers of the court were horrified at the
idea of a member of the imperial fam
ily actually selling her Jewels to raise
money but tho German people gener
ally and the whole world applaud
with hearty enthusiasm her noble
womanly action
Queen Alexandras book of camera
pictures taken by herself with foot
notes of explanation has nroven to be
one of the Six Best Sellers in England
seriously affecting the sale of all otner
books This places the English writers
In a rather peculiar position since de
votion to their Queen would prevent
them from saying anything against the
sale of the book and yet It has been
something of a trial for them to see a
book of pictures preierrea to tnose oi
real literary merit Pride as well as
the pocketbook has had to suffer on
account of tho Queens charity book
and undoubtedly tho English writers
have devoutedly wished that Alexandra
would stick to her business of opening
bazaars etc and let them furnish the
books for the country
In doing our Christmas shopping it
Is well to think of the poor girls in the
shops who have been working ovjr
hours for weeks and who become more
and more exhausted each day as they
stand on aching feet with tired heads
and backs trying to be pleasant and
helpful to the customer Consider these
poor girls and do your shopping as
early as possible before they have
reached this stage of exhaustion and
thus help to prevent that awful rush at
tho last moment when it is a wonder
these poor girls keep their heads at all
It could all be made so much easier
for both the shop girls and the cus
tomers if women would begin early
when both are rested and normal Yet
the very rush and Jam is what some
women like and selfishly put off their
shopping until the very last moment
when the excitement Is at tho highest
point -
A State of Great Natural Resource
Surely Georgia must be a mighty fine
place A group of gentlemen from
nanroin toori in the New Wlllard chat
ting nni -when The National Tribune
man was assimilated as a constituent
of the group they were taiKing aooui
Georgia That is how the N T man
found out what he has Just stated Said
Mayor Tiedeman of Savannah Geor
gia is the finest place In the world We
have the best climate the best soil the
best waters the best products tho best
Said George F White of Macon
No doubt about it at all What Is
more at the rate we are growing we
will by-and-by have the best politics
for the day of Invariable adherence to
any political party Is about closed with
us We now very often vote our con
victions and not a party name and
that will be the general custom In a
very short time
Said Mr George W Brinson of Sa
vannah We are becoming so impor
tant in business that we forget politics
and when a man forgets politics until
he has to do his voting he is apt to
vote with business discernment and real
patriotic enthusiasm
Said another We have Immense
acreages of land ready for reduction to
production The man of the North who
Is looking for a new home would be
come a Georgian on the Instant if he
could see what the possibilities of cul
tivation are
Mr White added Our vegetables
and our fruits are superior to any grown
in other soils and therefore find a wel
coming market and bring prices above
those of otherwheres and we get the
really desirable markets because while
Florida beats us they have the very
early market leaving the early for us
and we have It without competition
Said the Mayor It dont matter
what you plant around Savannah or
north of it or west of it for a days trav
el what you put into the soil will grow
and yield a profitable harvest You
may plant vegetables or cotton plums
or posies and when you plant you will
know that a good crop will follow
Mr White came again wltn an invi
tation to home seekers There is Geo
W Brinsons railroad he is building
out from Savannah opening up a grand
country for settlement And the Sa
vannah Statcsboro Northern Rail
road that is going ahead opening up
new country that Is sure to be snapped
up by people who want to make homes
in a good climate where cultivation is
pleasant and products profitable
Those French Uniforms
Editor National Tribune Comrade
D C Graves of the 83d Pa makes
inquiries as to French uniforms I think
possibly I can throw some light on the
subject The 22d Mass and our regi
ment the 62d Pa were awarded the
uniforms for proficiency in drill When
we broke- camp for the onward to Rich
mond move our uniforms were packed
in knapsacks and forwarded to Wash
ington for storage I was not aware of
them being Intended for the Confeder
ates In a contest for drill they were
awarded by Prince De Jolnvlile to the
22d Mass 83d Pa and 62d Pa A L
Stroud 62d Pa Box 40 Coraopolls Pa
J P BelprocKan asks Will you
please rive jno flv J Bryans military
record especially when he resigned
from the army Did he resign after
tho war or t fit Tampa Fla Tvhlle his
regiment was lrr camp there awaiting
orders to hn front
Mr Bryant was given command of
tne 3d web an Jane S lass wnicn reg
iment -was recruited during May In
accordance with Ills ordershis regiment
was asslgneflt toi Gen Fitzhugh Lees
Corps and It left Omaha on July 18
1898 The services of the regiment
were not required in Cuba and conse
quently it did net leave this country
According to the newspapers of that
time Mr Bryan became tired of camp
life in the latter Dart of September and
left for homo on sick leave In De
cember he resigned his command anu
was honorably discharged on Dec 14
-T M H Garnett Kan asks What
Is the pay proper for a Captain of cav
alry and of infantry also of First and
Second Lieutenants both in the cavalry
and Infantry
There Is no distinction In the Army
pay tables Issued in accordance with
the act of May 11 1908 between the
omcers or cavalry and lniantry une
annual pay ofa Captain is 2400 of a
First Lieutenant 2000 and of aScc
ond Lieutenant 1700 to which is
added 10 percent on tho yearly pay of
the grado for each term of five years
service not to exceed 40 per cent in all
Furthermore all officers serving out
side of the United States except in
Porto Rico and Hawaii receive a io
per cent Increase in pay Any officer
below- the rank of Major required to be
mounted shall receive 150 a year addi
tional if he provide one suitable mount
at his own expense and 200 if he pro
vide two mounts
A L B Mount Vision New York
writes Some time ago there was a
law passed that embalmera and under
takers should serve three years appren
ticeship after having received their di
plomas and licenses from a medical
college before they could enter business
for themselves Has that law lately
been declared unconstitutional
There Is a law in tho State of New
York which requires cmbalmers to be
competent for their work which must
bo certified to by an examination the
details of which can bo obtained by
writing to William J Phillips Secre
tary State Board of Embalming Exam
iners 214 South Pearl street Albany
W S K Reading Pa asks 1 Can
a deserter of the civil war or tho present
army testify as a witness in a Common
Pleas Court 2 Has a deserter of tho
civil war or Regular Army a right to
vote in tho United States
1 Wo know of no reason why the
testimony of a deserter should not be
accepted In a court 2 A deserter of
the civil war or from tho Regular Army
a3 a statutory consequence of such de
sertion loses hisIcltlzenshiD In the op
eration of Sections 1996 -and 1998 of
the U S Revised Statutes
L D C Fair Oaks Cat asks 1
Did not Eugene V Debs use to be an
Anarchist 2 Did not he participate
In some wayat tliat Anarchist riot they
had in Chlcaeo some years ago 3 Did
he not make a speech at the unvalling
of the monument that -was erected to
the memory of Ihose Anarchists who
were hung m Chicago 4 How long
has It been since he became a Socialist
5 Are not tho Anarchists and Socialists
very much the same in their principles
6 They use the same flag the red and
what docs it mean
Mr Debs first came Into conspicuous
notoriety when tee President of the
American Railway Union he success
fully carried out the large strike on the
Great Northern Railway Tn 1894 he-
had charge of tho great railway strike
in July of that yenr which has been de
scribed as the most Important effort
ever made by organized labor In the
United States It began by the em
ployes of the yFullman Company strik
ing ior nigner migra wiuun x iesfueui
Pullman decllnl to grant in conse
quence of which Chief Debs of the
American Railway Union ordered a-
strike of all Its members thruout the
West and It was estimated that nearly
40000 men went out Debs and some
of his associates were charged with
conspiracy to block the progress of tho
United States mails and he was ac
quitted on trial but subsequently he
was charged with the violation of an
Injunction and was sent to jail for six
months for contempt of court It was
during this strike that the Regular
troops were Bent to unicago unaer uen
Miles and Chf Debs said The first
shot fired by the Regular soldiers will
be the signal fcr a civil war It is
probably this incidentthat you have
confused with tne unvaiung or tne May
market Monument In 1897 Debi be
came the Chainnan of the National
Council Social Democracy and has since
been the candidate for tho Presidency
of tho United States of the Socialist
Party In Everybodys Magazine for
October of this year there Is an appre
dative article on Mr Debs where he
says referring to the definition of So
cialism You know the old stock defini
tion the co operative control and the
democratic management of tho means
of nroduction Ill try another Social
ism is the next natural stage in the
evolution of all men Into an ordered
co ODeratlve Commonwealth in which
they work together consciously for a
common purpose the good of all not
of the few not of the majority but of
all Theoretically the principles of
Anarchism and Socialism are the direct
antipodes of each other Since 1848 the
term red as being the color of blood
has been applied by their opponents to
the radical parties especially In France
hence we have the common term Red
Republican The red flag has been
adopted as the emblem of their creed
by the Social Democrats the world
over and also by the Anarchist Partv
In fact it is the banner of revolution
aries everywhere
T D A Detroit Mich asks What
Is a light year some kind of measure
ment used by astronomers
This unit as used in astronomy sig
nifies the distance traversed by a ray
of light in a year In this connection iM
may bo auaea unat tne nearest star is
one in the constellation Centaur and It
Is known to astronomers as Alnha Cen
taur Its distance from tho earth Is
four and a hall light years Tho aver-
age star of the ninth magnitude Is sup
posed to be anoui bgo light years We
aro now seeing Jhe stars not as they
are at present but as they were years
and in 6orao canes centuries ago
They are part of the new League otDeath formed for NaUoaal defense It
was started by a woman of 2 years who has four children and nine rrand
chlldren in the army Some of these recruits seem a trifle afraid of their own
weapons and from their aim appear to be drilling to repel an invasion of bal
loons They wear the National colors surmounted by a metallic skull and
B K X Crown Point N asks
How can one have a photograph copy
righted and what is the expense
A nrlnted cony of the photograph
for which copyright Is desired must e
delivered to the Librarian of congress
or deposited In the mall within the
United States prepaid addressed Li
brarian of Congress Washington D O
This must be done on or before day of
publication In this or an any other
country Tho legal fee for recording
each copyright claim Is 60 cents and
for a copy of this record or certificate
of copyright under seal of tho office
an additional feo of 50 cents Is re
quired making lor 150 if certificate
is wanted which will be mailed as soon
as reached In the records
tv tt nrnvnoKhnro Pa asks What
Is the value of a United States coin of
the date of 1808
Tho value of any coin depends en
tirely upon its condition and no dealer
offers any premium on the United
States for tho year 1808 except for
the gold quarter eagle 250 which
is valued at from 3 to 4 and the half
eagle 5 on which a premium of 50
cents Is offered when it Is In very good
condition i
National Commander White Issues Gen
eral Order No 1
Indiana Pa Sept 5 1908
General Order No 1
I Having been elected National Com
mander of the Union Ex Prisoners of
War I hereby assume command
II Col J D Walker of Pittsburg
Pa is hereby appointed Adjutant-Gen
eral and Capt John A airman ui
Allegheny Pa is appointed Chief of
Staff They will be respected and obeyed
III The following named comruuua
are appointed Aids to the National
Commander and will report tncir ac
ceptance to tho Adjutant General at
6022 Centre avenue East una
burg Pa
Chas W Skilllngs rortiana nie
J Lane Fitts Bedel Association Man
chester N H
C H Colgate Boston Association
Boston Mass
C H Heald Western iiassacnuseits
Association Northampton Mass
George Robbins Connecticut Associa
tion Waterbury Conn
Walter E Dull New York Associa
tion New York City
A M Ricker New Jersey Associa
tion Bellefield N J
Wm Kelly Wilmington Association
Wilmington Del
John McElroy Washington Associa
tion Washington D C
Thos H Reed Fairmont W Va
E H Ripple Northeastern Associa
tion Scranton Pa
A H Jones Allegheny County Asso
ciation Pittsburg Pa
Wm H Bricker Carlisle Association
Curl Isle Fx
W T Ziegler Gettysburg Association
Gettysburg Pa
David T Davles Philadelphia Asso
ciation Philadelphia Pa
Capt E L Schroeder York Associa
tion York Pa
Wm Adelsperger Toledo Associa
tion Toledo O
John Nebrey Cincinnati Association
Cincinnati O
Isaac de Isay Fort Wayne Ind
D W Howe Chicago Association
Chicago 111
Samuel G Hillis Vanceburg Associa
tion Vanceburg Ky
Albert E Tasher Detroit Mich
Frank B Doran St Paul Minn
TCniils Nelson St Paul Minn
Benjamin Warner Missouri Associa
tion Kansas City Mo
T T Mllnn finthrin Okl1
John L Underwood Salt Lake Asso
ciation Salt Lake City Utah
George W Wilson California Asso
ciation San Francisco Cal
L H Rowley Woodburn Association
Woodburn Iowa
E Randall Dawes County Associa
tion Chadran ncD
A J Frantz Hastings Neb
IV The Executive Committee will as
semble at the Ebbitt House Washing
ton D C Tuesday Dec 15 1908 for
the purpose or appearing oeiorc tne
Senate and House committees on
sions All comrades that can come and
meet with us are requested to do so
Your Commander would earnestly urge
upon you the great necessity of hav
ing vour senators and members oi uon
gress use their influence to havo the
Dalzell bill and the Penrose bill re
ported out of committee with a- favor
able recommendation These bills have
year after year been indorsed by our
Association and are well known in con
gress as tho prisoners of war bills
V Unless othcrwie ordered the next
National Encampment will be held at
Salt Lake City Utah Gen Harry
White National Commander Col J D
Walker Adjutant General
Fife SurvHIuc Brothers
Editor National Tribune I saw In
your Issue of Oct 15 that Comrade
Manchester of Butte Mont claims that
his mother and father have the record
for sons who served in the Union army
I will give you the record of Jos H
and Elizabeth Croasdale of Bucks
County Pa Robert R Croasdale born
July 27 1832 enlisted and served three
years In the 48th N Y now living at
Linvale Huntington County N J 77
years old W P Croasdale born May
8 1834 enlisted In the 4th Cal My
self now in Soldiers Home Los An
geles Cal now in my 75th year their
secon son James A Croasdale went
to Brooklyn but could not pass so does
not count but his will was good all the
same The third Edward H Croas
dale born July 13 1840 enlisted in the
48th N Y discharged for wounds re
ceived In battle now living at Lam
bertsvillc N J The fourth son John
P Croasdale born June 30 1842 en
listed and served until discharged for
wounds received in battle now living
at Trenton N J Fifth son Benjamin
H Croasdale enlisted and served to
end of war in Pennsylvania regiment
raised in Bucks Count Pa now living
at Topeka Kan He was born July 16
1845 Their combined ages are 348
years This Is rather a crude letter but
you can put it in shape I hope as I am
partially paralyzed W P Croasdale
Eight Brothers SerteO
Editor National Tribune I am going
to give you a record that will beat
Perry H Manchester In a recent issue
of Tho National Tribune Lawrence
Swlngcn a veteran of the War of 1812
is the father of eight sons all of whom
served In tho civil war as soldiers and
are all so far as known still living viz
John and Lawrence living at Hunting
ton Vt Steven at Elgin III Trueman
K and Nebraska A M at Holyoke
Mass W W at Vergennes Vt Jas
B and Alfred A at Rochester Vt and
are members of H A Eaton Post 38
Department of Vermont We have their
photos In a group hanging In our Post
room If there is anyone to beat this
ho can havo the cake Five of the boys
re enlisted and some of them were
wounded Ezekiel Emerson Adjutant
Post 38 Rochester Vt
A Princely Donation
The heirs of Charles E Perkins once
President of thd Chicago Burlington
Qulncy Railroad have mado a dona
tion that entitles them to more than
ordinary gratitude They have given
the Garden of tho Gods famed as one
of the scenic wonders of tho American
Continent to tho city of Colorado
SpringsThe tracti comprises 480 acres
and la mado a free gift to the city
All Disfranchised
Joshua Doughtrey Georgiana Ala
complains that the people there have
disfranchised all the poor citizens and
especially those who serveii in the
Union army and did not let them vote I
for Tflft UH thAW Xaolra I
Wr a v Writs fer FREE twklttraM
jF BfKM HotUrr H
flt AMomlatl etc H
A Remarkable Family
W W Swlney Vergennes Vt sends
the record of his family in the war of
the rebellion and It does not look as
If It could be matched anywhere His
father Lawrence Sulney of Stockton
Vt was a veteran of the War of 1812
and lived to be 82 years old He had
eight sons every one of whom served
in the war and are yet living John
the oldest Is now 82 years old and was
in the 13th Vt which did such grand
work on Picketts flank at Gettysburg
Lawrence jr of Huntington Vt
served in the 8th Vt and was twice
wounded Stephen J 70 years old of
Danville Hi is a lawyer and Judge
He served In the 17th 111 and was sup
posed to have been mortally wounded
In the battle of Shlloh On recovering
he enlisted In the 117th 111 and was
again wounded Truman W and Wil
liam W are twins 64 years old
Write us your wants Cochrane imbltshlnir ComDanr
11SJ Tribune Bldg New York
WANTFD Information regCTdlnfr pood patent
which would be money maker Only inven
tor who wishes to sell outright or on royalty basis
need answer Give price and br cr description
a at iox
Rochester NT
I7IOH2S cents I will send you a recipe to make the
1 BEST Cough and Lung Medicine ever used No
drues no poison lias been In successful use for over
3 yera lias arrested and cured many cases of In
cipient Consumption Address
O II AltlVER S07 Chandler St Danville I1U
To Vomt Commnnder u
To every comrade Sending his name and
number of Post on a postal card I will mall
him one copy of Echoes from the Tomb
of the Living Dead by convict J Wcss
Moore No 18759 life sentenced convict
late of Co B 5th Ind Car now on
parole at 1203 Dorlsadoro St San Francisco
To every comrade who will send me 23 cents
I will mall one copy of Echoes and The
Rural Weekly St Vaul Minn for one year
52 weeks one of the best family papers
published Reference Any comrade in Cali
fornia or Nevada department
X communicate with Cochrane Publishing Co
XXU Tribune Building New York city
Wanted Hallway Mall Clerks Customs Employees
Clerks at Washington Commencement salary VjO00
NolayolTs Manyexamlnallonssoun Preparation free
Write Franklin Institute Dept A 8ltochester N Y
lnnfifl Ttnllwav Mult fTIprksr fittnTn FmnlnvpM
cation sulhcient Preparation free Write Immediate
ly rrnnKiin institute rept a ra itocuester N v
We recommend to our trie ids and former clients
the firm of UOMMIIAIIOT A CO whom we have
appointed our successors in pension practice and In
new justness oeiure tne ireasury department
The three gentlemen comDrlsIue the 11 rmof ItOMr
HAItliT CO were our trusted assistants for from
eleven io twenty six ycara previous to June I 1903
and merit the confidence of any desiring their ser
Established 1881
men come n here you can get cheap lauL For Infor
mation nrlte TlltO COURTNKY Banner Kan
FARMS and Timber Lauds In Virginia Foreale
Excellent farms from SO to 1000 acres at Irani
S300 to tliOO peracre Write for dialogue
agents mase ny jueckienourgicunty Virglusa
acres of good land with over 1000
nutuu uutuci cjsui tuuu uuusc largeoamt two
miles fram railroad station and less than a miles from
Washington D C Price SJO00 per acre Address
luciosiug stamp B 11 LEWIS
uienn Dale Maryland
NITTPnnVri a1r wr
ocu oujtyurunB Homes tor veter
ans Between Sacramento and Stockton Choice
Innn llirf trnrap llfaM tin
-- eci ucniui u exirciue neat
Oranges ripen In winter drapes pay J10O peraire20
uij Tuw jcMijuiaiuiiiukB townnia 15
very easy terms B Marks Box 605 talt California
A UVJVlXfXl Carleton Colony on Lake
tfHl bn nere 1D Highest and
healthiest spot In Florida purest of n ater uo malaria
ut uiuucuuu trounie Ail vegetables crow two irnlens
ayear Fish and game Just the ninca for d wr
to live on their pensions and escape the blizzards of
PuUam Co Florida
If you have Eczema Teller files
orany skin disease Multl Cura will
cure Send 10c to bear shipping
expense and we will send the tlrst
Uuntlnjdon Ta
ArU tut Tirsf 1idlH Ww
Bunker Hill
UF1U NBscileitotnJItfc
a nj rkr Stsstkasj SMI
SWnUosAiltttBttsJ ISM
OxitUI bnt postpoSdon neEl
ofiric aaJMftimw
77 lUlr - j
77A Linen - - jS
arc- rrut mm
T7C raster Miwr i 2i
ST7BB M Hi -
or money T
JlUlboottrtmtrtt Adm
THE OHIO TRUSS CO 52 E 9th Street Cincinnati Ohio
Oldest Man Kver Arrested
David Hill 99 years old and one of
the best known colored men In Rhode
Island has the distinction of being
probably the oldest man ever arrested
Ho was In a grocery store with his dog
of which ho Is very fond The grocery
man kicked the animal out of the
place Hill created a disturbance and
was arrested on the technical charge
of reveling and passed tho greater
part of Saturday and Sunday in a cell
He pleaded not guilty and was dis
charged The Prosecuting Attorney
Comrade West testified to tho court
that he had known Hill for many
years that he was a slave but had
Joined the Union army and fought for
the country The old man who makes
a living by doing chores Is very popu
lar on account of his kind heart and
willingness to help those who were un
able to help themselves Hills age is
authentic and he has been working
around Providence for the last 40 years
man TV Is a merchant at Gibbons Netts
and served In the 5th VL In which hS
I l TtrilllnTTi W tt Vf
- - - -
nds nuuuucu
gennes Vt enlisted in the 1st Vt Cav
but was rejected and afterwards served
in the 6th Vt and was wounded twiCCj
Alpheus M and Alfred S are twins 3
years old Alpheus lives at Holyoke
Mass and is a veterinary surgeon Bg
served In the 7th Vt Alfred S is
speculator of Rochester Vt and servea
in the 7th Vt James B theyoungest
is a machinist of Rochester Vt Ha
served in the 7th Vt
Information Wanted
Information regarding the Survivor
Association of tho 22d N Y Address
H D Rodgers Assistant Treasurers
care Albany Savings Bank Albany
by joun
This readable littlo volume carries
ono off his feetj Louisville CourI
Price SO cents Stat to any addrrsa
Published by
Washington D O
from thoroughbred stocK
Prize winnere at Madison
Square Garden Bostoa
and Washington D C
Are the best general utility fowl aftes
years of experience in breeding KggS
and Stock for sale at reasonable prices
Write for booklet and be convinced
J 31 HEAGY Breeder of Stock Rock
ville Md
New Pension and Bounty Laws
Many roldlera who drew pension under the old law but now dnw wider actor Feb S 15C7 ran nowji
buck to old law and oblaln further Increase Pensions and boanties p ocure 1 for soldiers and widows Pat
ems procured for Inventors Over 20 years successful practice Jow write him
JOSEPH H HUNTER Pension and Patent Attorney Washington D C
Classified Advertisements
AUTHORS We pnbllsh a new book every
let us publish yours Novels poetry genealogy
JP Those snffenn from weaknesses irblcJj
X sap tba pleasures of life should tajta
Jnven Fills One box will tell story of marvelous
rrsnlts These puis have more rejuvenating vitalizing
force than has ever before been offered
Probably never before in the history ormedletne ta
so short a time have so large a nnmber been either
relieved or cored of nervous weaknesses shattered
nerve Insomnia night sweats falling manhood QUI
nre of memory and rremamreold age Oar mail Is
filled with grateful letters These facts should lead
yon to give Jnven rills Immediate trial
Sent by mall In plain packageonly on receipt ofttds
adv and 1 jj
Made by their originators C Z Hood Co crops
Hoods Sarsapartlla Lowell Mass
varicocele or any form or weakness can find si
good remedy In Turko Giant ointment- it f hm
less outward application acts directly on the nerves
and muscles and gives strength nnd vitality to old
young men a small box sealed In a plain wrapper
SOc large box ft TVe guarantee to give satisfaction
or money back DEAN 4 DEAN Dept IT 633 Third
Ave New York
VA blllty Restores Vitality Banishes Weakness
Renews aprignttlness and vUor Cactus Cream isaa
outwardly applied salve Has only to oe gently rn
bed In to benefit One application positively proves
Its value Makes weak men at mnp aim m
and Is sent
bealed samnle
iaim moment- B 1 PERRY PHO CO BoxISL
Station D New York Laboratory trnorooa N t
fRS Wlnslows Soothing Syrnp Is the best ora
remedies for Children Teethlnr 2ScaboulK
PAPER FREEjmost reliable pnb
JTX llshed Eastern Agency 80 Bridgeport Conn
MARRY Wealth and Beauty Marriage Directory
Fne Pay when married new plan
SELECT CLUB Dept u Tekonsha Mien
Clerfcsst Washington Commencement salary J30aaiCTARRYKILlr wUstofllcsPUonjuiPboto
NoIayoITi Many examinations soon Common edu 1 -- Free Sealed Standard Cor Club Urays
WIDOWSmdlr N EW LAW obtained
DTjfirTvTSi h John w morris
PENSIONS Washington D C
peksiosts w
Brunemer 912 Last Capitol St Washington D C
Under the 1800000000 Government Reservoir Rich
est I aniTWest of River Nile
Comrade Ell Ncnsom will sell yon town lots for so
acre lots for 1S0 or other valley lands to suit on
terms In the center of the famous Messllla Valley
or locate you on homestead forfa A T 43T Ry
Vado fata Address Eli Newsom Earlham N M
HOMES IN VIRGINIA One hour from Washing
ton Address George C Round Manassas Picket
post Manassas va
MAnRY Best plan on earth sent free Photos
Ceyery laaf member- THE PILOT Dept
o Marshall tlch
WOULD You Marry IfSuitedt MatrimonUI paper
with advertisements of marriageable peonla
from all sections of the TTnitert Rfat -
Mexico mal ed sealed free G F Gunnels Toledo a
BROTH ER Accidentally hava discovered root that
will cure both tobacco habit and Indigc tion
Gladly send particulars B fatokes Mohawk Florida
WANTED Information concerning- El
len Morris daughter of Edmund Morris
private Co E 22d Jf Y Vol Inf en
listed July 25 1861 at Glens Falls N Y
mustered out June 19 1863 re enllstedi
June 23 1863 private Co K 7th N Y
Vol Heavy Artillery died at Anderson
ville Ga Augr 4 1864 while prisoner
of war Address Box E Albany N Y
WANTED Address of any comrade who
knew John C Fall Co K 1st Mo Vol
Cav and Co D 7th Mo Cav Mary V
Burk Claremore Okla
WANTED The addresses of the following
named doctors who served as army surscona
or hospital stewards at the Post and Marina
Hospitals at Vlcksburg and Natchez Miss
from 04 to GS Drs GHIette Wfeglns H
B Osborne Surgeon In Charge Post Hospital
Vlcksburg Danl F Ellis Wm Grccnwald
Jos A Sealy Wm H Hills Chas Warren
Address Adele Magulre Forest City Holt
County Mo
JTATSP Tlnfomixton W Well Co G
114th 111 last heard from In Florida by Rl
EHiot Co G 114th III 511 Maple avenuel
Springfield III
WANTED Does nnv rnmrnrto nrm
Campbell Gunn who served In the civil war
from 18C1 to 18C4 If so in what regiment
L5 stT an trotn what State did he
enlist Address Mrs W C Gunn 510 S
Howard street Spokane Wash
WANTED Mrs E Ernst Maytown Px
would like to have the address of any mem
ber of Co E 18M Pa Vols who remembers
W S Ernst
WANTKD The address of any man by the
uauie oi jiser iic oeiongca to tne 40UJ
Ion a Ilegt Dont know his enmnnnv
Addrcss Henry Miller Lacona Iowa
WANTED The address of James Peasnell
who went to the field hospital located
south cf the Holston Itlver at Knoxville
Tenn Fall of 1SC4 after the battle of
Atlanta Ga Believe he belonged to a reg
iment of Indiana infantry or the address
of any comrade that knew me whlla In hos
pital at Knoxville especially the comrade
that helped eat the officers pies when doiiig
duty In the hospital kitchen while In city
hospital at Knoxville during Winter and
Spring of 18C Address T J Snow Char
lotte Mich late member Co H 2d Ohio
70th Art
WANTED Information as to whereabouts
of Widows or heirs nt lnw or anv ratal Ivpa
of the following soldiers William Hayv
BHgadlcr General U S A died Feb 7
lati ui ran luucpenucuctr aiass wiiiiam
II Kussell Cantaln 10th D S Inf died
July 20 1885 Frederick Myers Lieutenant
uoionei anu Depot v il uencrai v s A
died July 7 1874 Lewis St Cyer late of
Co K 1st Mich Inf Vols and 2d Kegt
Heserve Corps died about 1874 In Michi
gan Property rights Involved Important
Address Thos J Tydlngs Attorney Moberlr
Me I

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