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w i
Stories Eminently Worlh Tellinjj of Experiences and Adventures
in the Great National Struggled
Willi the Retirins Enemy From tlic
Vicinity of Pctcisuurg April S CI
v iuuur iMiuuiiui inuuii a uutu
nice to rciaie a nine mciuent mat ter
minated in an engagement with tlie
wagon guard of Gen Stallones Divi
sion the last of the Confederates to
evacuate the city of Petersburg Va on
the morning of April 3 18C5 I pre
sume our boys on the left who wpre
having a ball over there on the night
of the 1st and the music was being
kept up on the morning of the 2d and
far into the day were wondering why
we were keeping fo quiet over on their
right at the Bermuda front and north
Bide of the James but we were very
much on the alert and active in watch
ing the Johnnies on our front because
It was rumored that Gen Lee as a last
resort might tiy to -make one more
effort to break our lines at some weak
point on his left and would select the
Bermuda front
On the night of the 1st and 2d our
picket- line was doubledin our imme
diate front and what few of our regi
ment that were in camp in rear of the
breastworks were ordered out of camp
to the front trenches and lay on their
arms all night The buglers were or-
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sn ui3uas tan image fct Oswego X Y
dered to mount the top of the breast
works and if they heard any unusual
firing on our pickets half a mile away
they were to give the signal to arms
and prepare for action Had Gen Lee
so concluded and thrown a- corps of
his men against us and succeeded in
breaking thru there is no telling what
might have happened Certainly he
would have captured Point of- Rocks
and Broadway Landing and then made
for our stores and supplies at Bermuda
Landing and City Point and if not
checked would have come up in our
rear in front of Petersburg which
would have placed us In a very bad po
sition for awhile at least Hence the
Importance of holding the Bermuda
lines which were not at all Impregna
ble On the morning of the 3d every
thing seemingly being unusually quiet
the night before our officers came to
the conclusion that the Johnnies had
evacuated our front between the Ap
pomattox and James so accordingly
we were ordered to a position farther
to the right about half way between
the two rivers where we threw out a
skirmish line advanced to the Confed
erate earthworks mounted the same
and behold there was not a Johnny
In sight but by appearance of thing3
Lthey had left their works some time
between midnight and daylight in a
hurry as not a man or even an animal
was found behind the works they had
vacated everything deserted So our
regiment was immediately ordered to
advance and see if we could not over
take some of their rear guard at least
and gather in the stragglers but not
a soul of them did we see or hear of
until we reached Chester Station Wo
struck the Petersburg Richmond
Railway between AValthall Junction and
Chester Station continuing our march
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up the railroad While passing thru a
cut in the road we spied up on the left
bank an ofllcer and orderly mounted
going in the same direction It proved
to be Gen Warren and his body ser
vant Soon as the boys found out who
he was they took off their caps and
cheered him The General had just
been relieved by order of Gon Sheri
dan at Five Forks the day berore ana
he was then on his way to Richmond
to report to Gen Terry for transporta
tion to Washington but we did not
know then he had been relieved or tho
cause of it until a few days later About
noon we reached the Station and went
Into bivouac There we got word that
the Johnnies were just beyond retreat
ing on a wagon road and making for
Amelia Court House to join the rest of
Lees army who were nil making tor
that point Our company Battery II
was at once called on to fall In and
follow what had been an old railroad
hmnrh formerlv used as a coal road
When we had gotten within a few hun
dred yards of the wagon road we spied
Confederate artillery skedaddling along
it for all they were worm it proveu
to be Gen Mahones artillery and his
wagon train Following close behind
Lieut McGurk commanding ordered
us to deploy to the right into a strip
of woods at a double qujck try and
get ahead and cut them off but Then
we got thru the woods and came out
to a small open field with a ranch lo
cated In one corner of it we spied two
or three johnnies making for the house
which they entered We also made
for the house to capture them We
entered and searched downstairs and
upstairs and under the beds but found
none of them It seems while we went
in the back door they had skipped out
the front door entered a cabbage or
turnip hole and apparently pulled the
hole in after them or rather had put
some loose straw In the hole after they
got inside to drive away suspicion But
the boys were not to be fooled they
shoved the straw In with the butts of
their guns and to their dismay out
came a couple of Johnnies two of tho
sheeplest and sickliest looking rats you
ever laid eves on They would have
made Rip Van Winkle feel ashamed
of himself While we were monkeying
with these fellows the last of the artil
lery had gotten by us we soon lounu
this out when we got out onto the road
for we saw In a puuaie in me roau
they had dumped a part of their am
rmmiflnn The Lieutenant seeing it
was useless to follow up the road any
further as they had gotten too far
ahead of us turned his attention down
the road and ordered us forward cau
tioning us to keep quiet as If there
were any Johnnies below he wanted to
take them by surprise which we would
have done had It not been for Nagle
one of our buglers who ran ahead of
the ranks around the bend of the road
bawling Here they are boys come
on come on The Lieutenant went
for him and threatened to break his
sword over his rear parts If he did not
get back and stay where ho belonged
In the ranks Of course soon as the
Johnnies heard this calf bawl and saw
us coming down they were alarmed
and mounted a rail fenre and skedad
dled across tin open field between us
and their wagon train which they had
left standing in the middle of the toad
Some of them stopped and turned
around to give us a parting shot just
to give us to understand they were still
alive They were part of Gen Mahones
wagon guard wo had come in contact
with Had they not been alarmed we
would have captured the larger part of
them but as it was we only succeeded
in gathering In about a dozen of them
Tho boys wanted to ransack the wagons
before they quit but the Lieutenant in
command would not allow It as the
wagons might have been left standing
there as a decoy We returned to the
Station placed our prisoners In a bomb
proof that had been formerly used for
an Ice house for the hotel and I was
placed as one of the guards over them
That evening orders came for us to re
turn to our old camp at tho Bermuda
front by another route which they
called the River Road We came Into
our lines at about tho same point we
had left thorn in the morning The
next morning April 4 the regiment
was ordered to strike tents and pack
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dress Dr X T Leach Sox 153 Indian
apolis Ind
up for a march to tho left crossing the
pontoon bridge at tho PolnTof Rocks
Appomattox River Jidcontlnulng
along another old river- rpaawhlch we
as a regiment had previously and fre
quently marched overmanya time In
the Summer and Fait of 1864 We
marched Into the city ofvPetersburg
about noon or a 1UH6 before of the
same day tho 4th w Aerobe relieved
Ninth Corps which
a division of tho
left Immediately for th6 front to join
the rest of their corps Col Straw-xii-
rvinnfl of our1 reciment
woo Titnnnl In pftramailttoj the Cltl
nn rniiKvinir rion HartraTlft the
HAi n ltrnt Tlno Mtntillslirwl
UUCI U1UC1CU i vk k - - -----
around the whole city from river to
river and not to allow any ono to go
outside of the lines without a pass from
headquarters After the war was offi
cially ended the picket line was with
drawn and everybody- was at liberty
to go where he pleased When we en
tered the city we turned into and
m imiTPd nn Halifax avenue and went
into camp in an old apple orchard re
maining there for some time Then
the camp was broken up and the sev
eral companies of the regiment scat
tered around the country at tho differ
ent Court Houses performing guard
duty Our company H was ordered
to Dinwiddle Court Hous the fore
part of June forepart of July It re
turned to and went into camp at Pop
lar Spring Church just west o ths
Weldon Railroad afterwards used as
the Freedmans Baicau Then the com
pany was scattered around the vicinity
of Petersburg as safeguards at tho va
rious plantations I ueing oraerea to
Capt Jordans old Fifth Batter in
the Fall we were all wimtirawn ana
ordered to camp at tho McElvaln Farm
t iA ne nn T oia nld
KWjOwlKWffllMllii Ml
J i i
which had previously 4rtenJtrdcred to
Burkesville Junction andyjoliilty were
also ordered In Along ththS holldaj 3
1865 J was granted aSfprJuih on ac
count of disability for f0Ja8 by or
der of the Secretary oE JVir E M
Stanton When I retuMfcd tr the regi
ment about the midaicot January
1866 they were In the barracks at City
Point Va awaiting mustcroht aa they
had beenji previously ordSred home
while I was absont on furlottgh I was
only bncktwo weeks whcnMhe regi
ment was Clustered out per General
Orders 1- Department of Virginia Jan
29 1866 and started for home the following--morning
tho 30lh With no
-V z i
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eron bed ridden with Itlienmatism and
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ious remedy by mall postpaid to any
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wti i
X1 VX V HiumH 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iHm
haps tho regiment reached Philadelphia
tho night of Feb 1 and went to Camp
Cadwaladcr at the old Comae Woods
and was finally discharged on Feb C
1866 and the boys scattered for their
h6mcs In tho different parts ot tho
Now dear editor some of the boys
may be Inclined to dispute some of this
article but upon tho whole it is pretty
accurate I was ono of the young vet
erans of the regiment and must con
fess that I consider my memory Is a
little superior and more rellablo than
tho older ones who try to refresh their
memories by reading newspapers and
war books altho I may have made
some slight mistakes However I In
vite both Union and Confederates who
may resd this to straighten me out pro
viding they were there and risht on the
ground and know what they are talk
ing about J Henry Pippitt Co H 2d
Pa H A R 137 Nowell street Brook
lyn N X
I s
The Iteglmcnt Took Pnrt In Repelling
Iickctf Charge
Editor National Tribune T served
more than three years in the Army of
tho Potomac I also am a subscriber
and reader ot Tho National Trlburie I
think many of the differences that ap
pear from time to time concerning who
did this or that comes from the fact
that they were not correctly reported
at the time or more likely not at all
A caso in point In McElroys de
scription of Picketts charge at tho
Bloody Angle July 3 1863 it does not
appear that any assistance was sent to
the Second Corps before the victory
was secured at that point I desire to
tor - nn w iKhinirtori street peters- Pscnt what Is in reality a part of that
burg The other part of tho company4 history Tho First Division of the Third
b Corps was in line of battle In the vi
cinity of Devils Den and Little Round
Top that afternoon of July 3
After the tremendous shelling and
the charge had started so it was defin
itely known where It would strike our
regiment the 2d Berdan Sharpshoot
ers I shall speak only for the one reg
iment tho there might bo more was
taken from the left not on a double-
quick but a run passed behind the
line marching by fours until a certain
point was reached when the order was
given By the left flank March This
brought us Into line of battle We
moved to the front My company A
being the right of the line came direct
ly behind what I have always under
stood to bo the 14th Conn Our men
came to an Involuntary halt a fow rods
behind the lino and commenced firing
over the heads of those In line for they
were on their knees or otherwise low
Wc fired only a few shots when the
rebels began to throw down their arms
and hold up their hands and at this
tho line in front of us jumped to their
feet and ru3hed over the stone wall to
capture those who were then coming
in The field between us and the Em
mltsburg Road was covered with reb
els running to the rear Wo could have
picked oft many of them but our bul
lets would have gone very close to the
heads of our own men and somehow
We did not have much desire just to
kill some one My first view of the sit
uation was just as the rebels began to
cross the line of boulders One min
ute or not moro than two wo were
flrjng into them and at such short
range and then our boys taking delib
erate aim really tried humanity to look
on Not until wo had fired several
shots did I see any sign of surrender
Some time later we went out after
battery We passed Gen Stannar
who expressed surprise that we shoui
try such an experiment However wi
succeeded but not without some loss
AT Wright Captain Co A 2d U S
Sharpshooters Polo III
Have You Systemic Catarrh
Vitac Ore which Is advertised on tho
las pago at this paper on free trial to
those who need it Is recommended for
Catarrh of any part of the system Hun
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Dont pay a penny until you are bene
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Up Mission Ridge
Comrade Ivor A Olson Co D 88th
111 25 years a subscriber to The Na
tional Tribune writing from Blue
Spring Neb for a picture of the battle
of Mission Ridge recalls his experiences
there Ho says I was in that charge
It was a grand sight never to be for
gotten never to dim in memory- We
advanced In solid battle line as If on
battalion drill across a plain a mile
shot tearing thru ourrankB filling the
air over our heads tearing great holes
in the earth before us now and then
Steadily our line3 moved on manuver
Ing not pausing to minister to our
many wounded or regard our many
slain comrades not regarding the shot
and shell that tore gaps in our ranks
or tore tho air above us Who that was
there can forget those torturing trying
hours before that charge We waited
expectant two hours in full sight of the
enemy whose every evolution and
movement wc could seo them make In
confident preparation for tho attack
they knew we wero to make and all
that time our Generals were placing
our forces for the assault Two armies
mutually In view of each other
i Guarantee fo Cur
It is also called SALT
Ins themselves for a battlQ to the death
What a sight How trying to the men
in the -waiting lines For so many oh
so many it was the last battle Many
of us while waiting there knowing
what war is made careful record for
their pockot of their own name com
pany and regiment and the address of
waiting parent anxious wife or other
relative or friend to whom news might
be sent should the soldier be found
among the slain as each man felt that
ho might be felt it but went unwav
ering across that death swept plain
If unhurt and up the steep to the cloud
crowned crest and wrenched the guns
from the defeated enemy When wc
attained the top of the ridge wo actual
ly in cases tore the guns from the
hands of the enemy and turned their
deadly weapons upon themselves as
they fled Well Im old and becoming
crippled Comrades bring your rails
build up and keep our campfires burn
ing By and by taps ana we must tnen
turn In
Right About Thoy Marched Away
Comrade Leander Creson Co H 34th
IntL Burlington Ind writes Having
seen a great deal printed as history
and story of tho affair at Palmetto
Ranch Tex that Is a very long way
from truth I wish to give the cold facts
The expedition was commanded by a
Col Barrett an Iowa man On March
13 1865 he threw out a line of skir
mishers then ordered the main line
Right about Double quick March
and left the entire line of skirmishers
to bo captured killed or chased off the
Held There are here three of us who
survived that light John Yates -who was
taken prisoner George H Durror and
myself who escaped As to the cap
ture of our colors that is absolutely
false The Color Sergeant and the color
bearer were both of my company H
and neither was captured Custer Is
dead but I think that Smith is still
living This matter may bo fully and
finally settled by going to Indianapolis
and viewing the colors All the colors
ever carried by the 34th Ind the Mor
ton Rifles can be seen there
Those Gay Useless TJnlfonns
Comrade John L Crlbbs Co E 62d
Pa writes from New Bethlehem Pa
I have recently noticed several articles
about the French uniforms a late one
appearing in issue of Nov 19 190S
written by D Eldrcdge Historian of
the 3d N H I desire to add that the
62d Pa Second Brigade First Division
Fifth Corps was one of tho regiments
to -which was awarded the prize As
stated by Comrade Eldrcdge the uni
1 F fr L m
skinmiLk crust NnN
RITU3 these are different treats nothing
names but all mean one but eczema i
- - --
w l
thing ECZEMA
IcraTlilBTiii Pliable Beyond Qws lion I
m r nbEi nink
JntttoshowTonthatTonneedmrtrntsient Itis jour for
Uie asfclne If vera nave been to other Doctors It von have
taken patent medicine nnd used lotions and salves till too are
Strong as Rook of Gibraltar
This it a statement from the
bank of my home town
where I hare done business
dBUited write to me I will send yon ABSOLUTELY FREE J r -
OF CHAltGK A TRIAL TKEATMEST Tbarearenostrtnzs mciTurnsatuoiUMit
to this statement There Is not one cent to par not o penny y 55WSS
accepted I know what mi trial treatment will do I know -
tti Hilt itnlnMAn wam hn nrthlnlu An Mirih that v
joa need my treatment Uu UPS
nont miss mis unanco war a uuru
If yon are SUFFERING FTOM FCZEMA yon can only be
cured one way KEMOVK TUB CAUSK What Is the
canieT ACIDIKTHK11LOOD How do yon remove lit By
cltanslns tho blood of tho ACID
My treatment Is eoothlne relieves the drcadial Itching- at
once and cures the disease qalckly Ton dnnt hare to take
treatment for months and months ONLY ONE CASE IN TEN
needs the second treatmcnt ONE IN FIFTY needs tho third
think of that t
What Eczema is
Eczema la a disease ofthQ blood and atecta all parts of th9
body tho face lips ears bands feet genital orgzn etc
SYMPTOMS rcllm bl r4 eruption th pirrpl i or ptclici my
wtll tad the itetn Ii so rrett the penoa mil teratch the top off tltta
thty bted and dut tciles faro there I a cone ot mUer la some
the ekia crack aad tliade ItcMof terrible a penon ia7erar will
cratch till they bleed Scales form on parti of the bodj where the cloth
lor corns la contact
Ten Years Guarantee
TnnaitivelvflnitrAntea that everr case cnredhrzse win star
fa sasa it kit ccicssji
I Tals MMlfUe Ual
Or Caanaiara pulsate frea all
ovsr Us CnlUl Ststsi hsra IMS
Biasing taslr aoosy la tils ban
vail laty trlta his tnatsaat oa
bta aallsd uaoa tout flv tlma I
ts rstura ths sstlsats araey 4i
One dl4 befor tfcftv
trsttass slnsdi te als est
et tfc trsalaist as it aa lest
za transit os pais eua rep tas
lrttat tart dars later after
esttlns tr tttesyt sat en vsa Ml
fatjAfiTlAA rz4
cured 10 YKAHS It must be Bood or It could not be sold this nay
I am a graduate from two leading medical schools I am the bolder ot a GOLD
ftlEDAl taken In competitive examination joes una not snow mas a am rally
qnannea r 1 win sena yoa my dook snowing eaaorsemeaM ox bqsiiiobs men
ox all classes Also testimonials ana pictures irntzxcuroapauents every
where some otuiem may pe xuuuniviutujuisa
Is the most complete book ever sent out I explain every
form ot the diseaso ptai my ana iniiy x scow pictures or
many severe cases which are extremely interesting
1 send you names or inocsanos woo nave Deeu
cured ana are erawiui
018 ParkSqnars
Sodalla Mo
Uc U g
- T
CU frrkSsiar
Sedalla - Mot
P1sm til whaoat coit to
d vrMld VrM trUl trtAtaiaft
alMcvpy ot year frte Book
Trestosnt sad litersta zzci In p Jala wzsppee
forms were of little service to our regi
ment we packed them and sent them
to Washington D C to be stored away
until called for at the expiration of our
term of service The greater portion
were never called for I have on
piece of the uniform yet the large
cape in good condition
Delays Are Dangerous
If you need medical help dont put
It oft from day to day Some day it may
be too late for delays are dangerous
Vlte Ore has cured thousands of sick
and ailing people of troubles In all parts
of the body Read the Vitae Ore ad
vertisement on last page and send for a
dollar package on thirty days trial
without delay and see what It will df
for you
Tho 10th W Va
Editor National Tribune Please giva
a short history of the 10th W Va
Alex Kerr Elizabeth
The 10th W Va was organized at
Camp Pickens and other places la the
State from March to May 1862 and
Anally mustered out Aug 9 1865 It
was commanded by Cols Thorn M
Harris and Morgan A Darnell respect
ively belonged to Thoburns Division
eighth Corps and lost 95 killed and
146 from disease etc Editor National
The 43th W13
Editor National Tribune Will you
kindly give a history of the good old
45th Wis and oblige an old subscriber
W J Laskey 479 Talbot street Lonv
don Canada 1
The 45th Wis was organized at MadU
son from November 1864 to March
1865 for one year and mustered out
July 17 1865 It was commanded all
thru Its service by Col Henry F Belitz
and lost 34 from disease etc Editor
National Tribune
I HssssV
- A Nev Frvit that -Crow
from Seed first Year
Large as a gooseberry and can
scarcely bo distinguished from real
when cooked with a
ttle lomon or Borne thins soxr for
plea aaueea and Jellies Eur to
row Plant and cultUato the tame
lomcienl xor say orotnarj
rree Book on Seeds
olbs sad flanta
1- x 9IAY CO I
St Paxil Minn J
I want humanity to have the benefit of my discovery It is my ambition to place my Heart Tablets
in the hands of every sufferer My confidence is so great t know so well just what they will do
that I will send a course of treatment sufficient for a good fair honest test by mail postpaid abso
lutely free to any suffereranywhere No case should be pronounced incurable before they are used
Thousands are being stricken down with heart disease You hear and read of them every day These deaths
are needless nearly- all could have been avoided if taken in time
Through ignorance of the symptoms they are being hurled on to almost certain death While they doctor the
stomach lungs kidneys or nerves the true cause of their trouble heart disease obtains a most deadly grasp on
the system The symptoms are easy to find if you only look for them If you have any one even only one take
steps to uay to protect yourseir rrom sudden deatn 10r6a tttaiitSSKiaMiwl
SHI WWM illlLIsMssfcaW MM
tmlfa M lIsWvJKtyjt
BsflsssBBBmHBKVX n I mlWlllSSf tt
i 7 ill rim11 i inii iiiiWTA jaffi
iMm ium liiiitiii i iii j i i iii iy
iT nTirr fiisir I t nitir Hktr fT
V -
Does your heart pain you flutter or
skip beats -
Do you have shortness of breath upon
going up stairs walking talking or singing
Are you troubled with dizziness fainting
spells nervousness or spots before tho
eyes 7
Do you suddenly start in your sleep or have
Do you have hungry or weak spells 2
WWTttt iSr
isiHSWimtfm aw
twflflBaHia3rtRiftr uuvu
Head them slowly and carefully applying each one to your case
Is there an oppressed feeling in the chest or
choking sensation in your throat
Aro your feet or hands cold
Do you have dropsy or swelling of the feet
or ankles one of the surest signs
Are you subject to neuralgia around tie
Is it hard at times for you to breathe
Is it painful to lie on your left side
Here is what others who have accepted my offer say There is no
of the country from which testimonials of remarkable cures cannot
e furnished cases where all hope had been abandoned
Upon my word as a minister of the gospel I could not have llved had It not been lor your treatment
I had heart trouble severely for f llteen years and many doctors had failed I could scarcely walk Ility steps
could not lie on my lelt tide had f I uttering and pains most excrudatlng W ThompsonAdams Ay
For twenty years I suffered with heart disease and nervous prostration My symptoms were pain Ja
leu siae arms ana snouiaer paipiuuon taint
aoells cold hands and feet shortness of breath
Sin and cat lathe stomach Your treatment has entirely cured me MEBrmit
xtia33Runge Texas
For fourteen years I suffered with what our doctors called a complication
of diseases At lost being convinced that It was heart disease 1 used your treat
nent and am entirely cured My so called consumption female disease neuralgia
hysteria etc aro gone MaryJDaltm Paradise Ky
Addreo Or F Q KINSMAN Bex 924 Aig iia Malit
Dr F G Kinsman
Box 91 4 Augusta Ma ine
Please send me by mail postpaid aisolutely free qf
chargea course of your celebrated ilcart Treatment

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