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I rid sja i i
ji e a red rag before a bull is a
negro oilice seeKer to Senator Tillman
He froths at the mouth foams like a
madman and talks like a lunatic when
he pets on that hobby Just nohe is
determined not to confirm the appoint
ment of Dr Crum a negro as Collector
of Customs at Charleston S C Gary
Senator from Oklahoma helped Till
man a -little by raying that it is not good
policy to place negroes -in official posi
tions where it is necessary for white
pers ons to come in contact with them
Senator Tillman practically admitted
during his three days harangue that
the disfranchisement laws of the South
are designed simply and solely to dis
JranchNe the colored voter and that
they so operate
Your Uncle Joseph can perpetrate a
pretty good pun when he is in the
mood Representative Cheney Ind
called on the Speaker to arrange for
recognition of a bill directing the Secre
tary of Aar to donate two condemned
annon to a city in his district The
Speaker was in a contemplative inood
Cheney said Ihe Speaker slapping
himself on the breast here is one old
Cannon that hasnt been condemned
yet but theres no telling how soon he
will be
Quetin Roosevelt is a limb if
there eor was one but he has a fine
sense of honor after all and he triee
to keep bis word at all times when
- lie was sent away to school he was told
that he must not let the fact that his
father is President lead him to put on
airs that his standing in his school
would rest not on his fathers high
office but on his own actions and he
was not to mention his father at all
Op the first day the pupils were
asked to tell where they lived and what
their fathers did for a living It cane
Quentins turn
Where do you live
At the White House he replied
after a pause
What is your fathers business
The admonition not to mention that
his father is President stuck in Quen
tins throat He made no reply at nil
Still no response
Come you have to answer you
know What does jour father do
The youngest Roosevelt looked the
teacher squarely in the eyes and re
Hes it
The startling discovery has been
made by -the rubber stamp warriors
In the Navy Department that Ameri
can sailors have not been eating big
enough prunes
A change is being made In the speci
fications for the furnishingof this sta
ple food aboard ship so that the num
ber of prunes in a gallon must be re
duced from 70 to 50
It has been figured with mathemati
cal accuracy that the men will be better
fighters if fed on bigger prunes
Sometimes the House reminds one of
a coop of banty roosters so It does
A bill passed that body providing for
the Census of 13JL0 and for some 3000
employees to be known as clerks
These employees under the provisions
oj the act were to be appointed at
large that is the Civil Service lists
were not to be used and all the ap
pointments would be from among those
who had not taken the Civil Service ex
amination This suited the outs pretty
good but not those -who have taken the
examination but have not been ap
pointed They thought they ought to
have a chance so they made things so
generally uncomfnrtabls that the Presi
dent vetoed the bill Thats just what
lie din The House knew that the
President would veto the bill for he
had told the leaders so if they gave
Civil Service that kind of a black eie
The House firmly resolved to the
bill over his veto If he dared to do such
a thing Oh the members talked jcan
lous free about what they were going
to do if that bill came back to them
with a veto patch Did they do things
Kan They Just sat around and chin
ned a while rustled up to each other
and back again aru now the bill Is
dead as a door ial They say the
bill will lie In the roon of the Commit
tee on Census till the next session ot
Congress and then it will be rushed
thru the House and sent to President
Taft and that he wiil not veto the bill
The feeling seems to jirow that Presi
dent Taft will not copy many of the
actions of President Roosevelt
SIIss Ethel Roosevelt had a sorrow
ful day last wcelc Ace wandered
out Into the White House grounds and
- then disappeared Ace Is just a lit
tle pub of pretty fine
extraction and 3IIss Ethel has had mm
only a fen- months but she Is very iond
of him The dog was advertised widely
and detectives sent out for him and
finally he was found In Georgetown
He was brought home in the evening
while Mis Ethel was dining out and
word was phoned to her that her pet
liad been found Although she was due
at a dance at 10 oclock she slipped
-away from the dinner that she might
come home to see Ace before she went
off to the dance
The order governing the purchase of
discharge by enlisted men of the Army
has been amended so that a soldier who
receives threo months bonus for rein
Ilistment may not purchase his dis
charge within one year thereafter
lately the War Department has re
ceived many inquiries as to whether
soldiers may purchase discharge and
then reenlist with the Idea of being
considered within the next enlistment
period Such an arrangement cannot
be permitted
Senator Cullom In his remarks
stated that he was the only Senator
now alive who served with Senator
Allisoa in the Fortieth Congres dur
ins the impeachment proceedings of
President Johnson When Senator Tel
ler came to the Senate Senator Alli
son had been there three years
The Daughters of the Confederacy
of Georgia arc having a hard time of
it with their monument to the Hasty
little beast of a Wirz who was the
keeper of Andersonville Nobody
seems to want the thing now that It is
completed It has been bumping around
down there in a half finished state for
over six months now It was to have
been set up on the piece of ground pur
chased lust outside of the Andersonville
prison park grounds by the Daughters
or the conreueracy out me women goi
scared They felt also the monument
would be execrated where they wanted
to put it and that the eyes of the
faithful would never rest upon it
and that It ought to have a wider field
lor a site They scouted round for a
location but no town in ucorcia ot any
size wanted the monument Finally
there was some sort of an offer made
tiy s omebody who had no right to make
IV apparently dowi in Richmond and
lis the Fall it was decided toset the
jttlng up In Richmond Then there
ams a howl as Is a howl The gallant
ins of the South who claim Virginia
Wr a home will have none ol the
venomous Wirz in theirs They know
what a beast he was and they are in
censed that the women of the South
should select such a creature to repre
sent the men of the South who foughl
gallantly and well if mistakenly The
poor Georgia women did not lurow until
after they had been and gone and
done it that Wirz was not even a
naturalized citizen of tlie United States
and was such a man as would today be
fired back if he attempted to land on
soil protected by the King
He could speak only broken English
and was the type of man v ho become
The Daughters of the Confederacy of
Georgia have made a terrible blunder
They would have donemuch better had
they spent their money in providing for
tne needs or tneir veterans and thos
dependent upon them But The Na
tional Tribune is always willing to help
those in dire distress and again sug
gests that out in the malefactors cor
ner of Jit Olivet cemetery of Wash
ington D C the Capital of the Nation
there is an unmarked grave It has
only a number in the cemetery books
But in the secret archives of the ceme
tery and of the church will be found
a name and a brief record and the
name is Henry Wirz and the record
is that he was hung for violation of the
commonest principles of the laws of
war At least that is the record
whether it is preserved in the secret
archives or not That monument might
be used to mark the real grave
It Is stated with some air of truth
uliat Secretary of the Treasury George
B Cortelyou has accepted the
uency ot the Consolidated Gas Com
pany of New York Mr Cortelyou de
clines to make any statement ac all
and tills goes to prove that he can have
the office if he wants it
The very aristocratic American
House of Lords tried its best to keep
President elect Taft from looking for
ward to automobile luxuries when he
should enter the White House but
failed The House put the clause back
In the bill and refused to agree to let it
go out So 12000 has been set aside
to buy automobiles and keep thm in
repairs for President Taft The Sen
ate is pretty old fashioned you know
Many of the older members of that
body walk to the Capitol or use the
street cars Some of the very wealthy
Senators carry a heap of styV in
their homes but as a whole Utc mem
bers of the United States Senate are
very plain livers They have comfort
able homes where It Is a pleasure to
go on occasions bjuUwUy a few of them
have womenkindwho care to splurge
A few of them have autos but most of
them who drive at all have nice com-
Lfortable broughams and big fat safe
norses to -carry them around
There is one member of the House
who wouldn t give one iiorsa for a
whole factory full of automobiles That
is Gen Sherwood of Ohio Gen Sher
wood has a spanking team of horses
which he brought from Ohio and he
treats his friends to mam Ine rides
-He no use for a buzz wagon
A Washington shoemaker has meas
ured the President for a pair of stout
calfskin shoes to be worn by him on
his African trip Of course there will
be two or three pairs of these shoes
for the President will wear them out
rapidly They come very high about
the calf of the leg
The material of which the shoes are
made Is known as gunmetal leather
said to be waterproof The Presidents
feet are smaller than the average for
a man of his size he weighs a little
above 200 and wears No 8 shoes but
these shoes are made extra large for
Mr Roosevelt usually wears two pairb
of thick socks when performing his
feats in pedestrianism
The President expressed general sat
isfaction with the shoes but stipulated
that the soles be filled with hobnails In
order to prevent slipping
Baron Takahlra Japanese Embassa
dor was scheduled To speak at a great
Lincoln meeting in Peoria III on Feb
ruary 12 but cancelled the engagement
because of ill health as stated The
diminuitive Embassador may not be
well but he certainly is able to attend
to everything going on here It may
be that he does not want to go very far
from the President until all tills Jap
hullabooloo is at an end
President Roosevelt has received an
Invitation which he would have been
delighted to accept but was forced to
decline He was Invited to attend the
celebration at Geneva Switzerland in
honor of the 400th anniversary of the
birth of John Calvin Cauvin which
will take place July 10 next Presi
dent Roosevelt In declining said that
he could not accept as he would not
be in Europe next year This of
course must put an end to all the
stories about the great things that
lix Presidcnt Roosevelt will meet up
with when he visits Europe this Sum
Indiana is waking up A movement
is on foot to purchase the Harrison
homestead at Vincennes The house
was built in 1804 on the bank of the
Wabash River and was the home of
William Henry Harrison while he waj
Governor of the Northwest Territory
President Benjamin Harrison was born
there It is thought the State Legis
lature now In session will make an
appropriation to buy this homestead
and It should do so
The memorial services for late
Senator Allison were held last Satur
day in the United Stato Senate and
there was really some feeling displayed
Never before In the history of the
united States Senate havo so many
benators asked to speak as they did
at the memorial session to the lute
Senator Allison Eighteen of the Sena
tors Including some of the strong men
in both parties paid tribute to the Sate
Ncster of the Senate Some of them
pervtd a great many years with him in
th Senate and some in the House of
R escntatlves
Andrew H Price formerly member
of Congress from the Third district of
Louisiana died at his home in La
fourche Parish last week
The Board on Construction of the
Navy has begun consideration of the
recommendation of the Newport con
ference that smokestacks on battle
ships be shortened At present they
are about 100 feet In hight from the
base to the top which on the more
modern vessels Is less than 72 feet
above the water line and about 52 feet
from the main deck This would make
the top of the stacks not more than 25
or 30 feet above the bridga level
A suggestion hag bean made to re
duce the stacks by 10 feet An objec
tion to the shortening to that the pres
ence of amoks near the dadc of battle
ships might interfere with their fight
ing efficiency
- sr
President Roosevelt will have filled
the office abeut seven years when he
retires and in that time ho has had
six Secretaries of the Navy Four of
them have been pretty good lawyers
but all the naval knowledge they had
was acquired from the deck of a steam
ship one was a railroad man but the
very latest knows something about run
ning a steamship He owns his own
launch Yes he knows a great deal
about it for Secretary Newberry never
undertook to do anything that he did
not do well He has tried to make a
business matter of running the Navy
Department He has upset all the old
barnacle methods and has in fact in
the rew months he har been In office
just turned things upside down and
has made one of the most successful
and efficient Secretaries of the Navy
we have eer had There would be
great rejoicing if he could be left to
work out his reforms Not only that
but Mrs Newberry is needed too She
is the handsomest woman that Wash
ington society has ever seen She is as
sweet as she is charming wholesome
democratic in her ways yet has the In
finite tact that is so necessary in her
high position
Princes are as plentiful in Washing
ton at this season of the year as
peaches in Summer but we have a
Prince here now who is creatine some
thing of a stir among the debutantes
Prince Molne Klavatz is his name and
he is the grand nephew of the Shah of
Persia Ho is a very handsome fellow
tall very dark and distinguished look
ing and ofcourse he has princely
manners He is fresh from Paris
where he was in college taking a post
graduate course He speaks several
languages and is industriously taking
in Washington from all sides and all
views He has been sent on a voyage
of discovery to the New World to learn
its language to study its people and its
customs to investigate its institutions
and gather all that is best to take back
with him for the improvement and ad
vancement of his own country for In
Hip last few years Persia has awakened
from its long sleep and under both the
present Shah and his father signal re
forms have been going on which If
carried out promise to place Iran
among the progressive Nations of the
The Persian Minister Insists that he
has no official mission but it is said
that he is the first of a number of young
Persians who will be sent here to In
form themselves regarding American
institutions The United States in fact
will be the university in which these
sons of Iran will take a post graduate
course Paris has heretofore been to
them as to other young Orientals a
finishing school but what they have
learned there has not always been for
their improvement and elevation and
they have decided to try new fields
At a dinner table In Washington the
other day Cardinal Gibbons gave a
woman the retort courteous and at
the same time stopped her scandal-loving
tongue She wanted to learn some
thing official about the Abruzzl Elkins
affair She lencw that Cardinal Gib
bons could tell her some things that
the world would laugh to hear If he
would She sat next Cardinal Gibbons
at the dinner and told him little tid
bits of society gossip in which the
Cardinal seemed to be slightly interest
ed Then she adroitly brought up the
subject of the postponed wedding or
broken engagement just as you like to
put it The lady said it seemed a sad
fate for a beautiful girl since all ad
mitted that the Duke and the American
girl were very much in love and it
seemed a shame that they could not do
as they liked about it And what do
you think is the reason of JJio rupture
between the two asked this astute so
ciety gossip of the Cardinal Now Car
dinal Gibbons Is a wise old guy Ho
Is a charming guest at any time and
any place but you dont catch him that
way vt ith a winning smile he said
softiy to the Inquisitive lad You
must realize how many burdens my
pobition entails and what a responsi
bility rests upon me Surely you do not
wish to add to them by making mo a
society reporter
And the society gossip is wondering
yet what happened to her
And after all this hurrah another
fad will drop Into desuetude The fire
less cooker was exploited to beat the
band and the Army literally swooped
down on It and extensively adopted It
and now after extended tests anil ex
periments with the fircless cooker In
the Army tho military authorities have
come to the conclusion that this article
of equipment is only adapted to re
stricted use in the service It has been
found that It should be used only In
garrison unless It can be added to the
regular field equipment But any In
crease in the material which Is carried
by troops In campaigns is opposed for
obvious reasons Those who appreciate
the value of the fircless cooker do not
believe it should be adopted for troops
in the field If such action will require
additional transportation facilities It
is out of the question to have the fire
less cooker replace the present cooking
A general scheme for furnishing
small boats to battleships has been
adopted which will involve material
changes In that classof equipment The
idea Is to eliminate as far as possible
boats propelled by oars and to depend
upon boats driven by steam or gasoline
engines Altho there is a preference
for boats with gasoline engines one ob
jection to them is the difficulty of car
rying the fuel with safety on board
The Navy Department underv the
scheme adopted will probably Issue an
order giving each battle ship two large
steamers two large sailing lanches two
cutters two whale boats one racing
cutter two dingeys and two punts Tho
pulling barges will be abolished in the
Be loyal to your State and If you do
not belong to a State then to your Ter
ritory William H Sawtelle a lawyer
of Tucson Ariz thinks the town just
the best ever He also declares It to
bo the oldest town on the continent St
Augustine to the contrary nowithstand
There are old Spanish missions in
Tucson that will prove this assertion
The mission at St Xavier at which in
the early days the priests converted
tho Papago Indians and made them al
lies of the white man against the blood
thirsty Apaches has records to show
that Tucson antedated St Augustine
as a settlement but it did not become
a peaceful placo until Gen Miles and
Gen Lawton went out there and sub
dued old Geronimo and other redskins
The Papagos always remained friends
ot the whites
Now Tucson Is one of tho most
thriving cities In Arizona It is grow
ing rapidly and has all the improve
ments of up-to-date cities Arizona is
one of the most law abiding sections of
this the nu
merous stories that have been told
about gun play and other lawless acts
It Ik a faci that thero are more college
graduates- relatively In the Territory
than In any other part of the United
I dont have to say anything about
the wonderful resources of Arizona It
lias been related -many times that it is
the richest copper section In the West
and its agriculture hat been exploited
I suppose often enough Alfalfa is one
of the principal crops and a farmer
who has an alfalfa farm need do noth
ing the rest of his life except to watch
thB crops mature for he can raise three
or four cross -of alfalfa every year
ir oi
One UisA iicr
Tri nln T T nnlill I TlrTlTYlIiptAwji i
Indian Affairs is one Big Chief and
has done magnificent things since he
has been Commissioner that the world
will thank him far i hundred years
hence when there will probably bo not
a single full blonded Indian living of
any of the great trlbJS which Inhabited
this country when Golumuus was dis
covered by them Ho has encouraged
their art restored to incm the right to
speak their langunges in all tiieir puri
ty botli in the schools and on the
reservation and has triediin every way
possible to preserve ifiall its originality
all the customs and habits of tho peo
ple while teaching them better methods
of doing each and all Commissioner
Letipp believes that the- aboriginal art
of the Indians If kent in its purity
will rival that of the Japanese or East
Indians No finer bead work has ever
been seen thon that done by the Sioux
no finer blanket weaving than that of
the Navajos no more skilful artificers
in silver and copper than the Zunls and
Pueblos The pottery of the Pueblos
and other village building Indians ranks
with fine pottery of the aboriginals of
the Old World It is too sadly true
that the spirit of commercialism has In
vaded the aboriginal ranks and that
we have mili made blankets and machine-turned
pottery anil all that made
in the East and carried back to the
guileless children of the forest the
mountains and the plain for them to
sell to credulous tourists There are
always people who are willing to be
gulled however and that Is their fu
It has been the policy of the Indian
Department for many years up to Mr
Leupps incumbency ot the Commission
ership to force by penalty the Indian
children to give up their language and
speak English also to keep them from
their parents and their homes and to
make them forget that they were born
Indians It was a cruel a monstrous
doctrine The history of the Indian
peoples of America while red with the
horrors of barbarian hostility is yet a
brilliant one and It must be remem
bered that the Indians were not the
original aggressors However hideous
the massacres and the bloodshed the
lperendci nf tVm vnrtnim irlhoa i IaI
in imagery and baffling In origin They
are line yet utterly uniiKe any known
peoples and their origin shrouded in
the mists nf a nrKsr n i1atff -
rim of its horizon has not yet been
reached Wr ave tn rlnv Avpitn
some of their communal homes so
rectlv nlnnnprl nnrl lutllt no Ynm
science for when the foundations were
laid it is declared that exact science
could not have been known to the build
ers vet flip nrnrtf thnf tvo t irtt mn
- VJ iiiu
tered and forgotten this science Is un
covered day by day from tho drifting
sands of a desert that was once an
ocean bed They knew it then they
do not remember it to day No more
wonderful finds are being made in the
buried cities of Italy and Egypt than
arc being uncovered In the Valley of
the Rio Grande and Colorado and the
desert where succeeding centuries of
shifting sands have covered deep the
palaces of a race that lived loved
wrought married increased vanished
vanished as a snowflake in a furnace
blast u
But for the firm and forceful man
agement of Commissioner VLeupp tho
remnants of the mighty tribes that have
a history a few huridrcd years hence
would be forgotten as- the vanished
races now am Tho CiinrinntB
of Indian schools thruout the country
to speak a word of heir1 language on
the nlavirrniinf nni ititm aaa nvnnt
caljy forbidden to make their own pic
ture arc on siates or paper and were
discouraged in every way in reverting
to the fact ihat they wens aboriginal
Americans CommlsuionercLeupp has
nlintlo Ail nil ihnf -ml tViiTnlon rnn
and girls of tho country owe him a
debt of gratitude Commissioner Leupp
has helped them to remember their
history that its dark places may be
brightened by Industry and advance
ment IIP lm tlllirVlt tVtnrM ihn n
vii wul IIU
man can live in the love of the world
wno is not good and gentle as well as
great and daring
The American Indian the aboriginal
Indian was big brave brainy and in
dependent He was a born aristocrat
He was the original athlete he believed
in a God the Great Spirit and ho had
a high sense of honor Degrading in-
uuence3 lowered tneir pride and de
based their later history but In the
elder period of their existence the
American Indians lived a wonderful
life and in more wonderful buried
cities than those now being uncovered
beyond the seas
Change Is Wanted
A House Commission is again ham
mering away at a change in the seat
ing of the members Ever since men
began to meet in any number indoors
the question of properly seating them
and of properly ventilating the room in
which they meet has been a problem
It never has been settled Scientists
are just as wide apart on how to keep
me air oi a room sweet and clean as
tlieV ever Were Ah fn- tho
Hall of the House sweet or clean that
is impossiDie Man is not a clean ani
mal and he Is eminently careless when
that carelessness doesnt affect his own
property He might have a care about
smoking In the sitting room of his
house and think a second time before
he flicked the ashes from his cigar on
the carpet or snt fho rhivri
ends of his cigar on tho floor
regardless of grinding the nasty
tobacco leaves into dust on the
carpet but just certain sure the Na
tional legislator is not careful of this in
the home which tho Government built
for him to do its legislative business in
The constant grinding of this stuff un
der tho heels of 390 odd tramping men
during a legislative day sends an im
palpable dust Into the air which is
fetid anyhow with the breath of -that
many men at least a haif of whom
have the catarrh so bad that It isnt
comfortable to sit near them and who
spit and smoke and spit again The
ventilation of a house like this Is al
most impossible
There might be a sano element In
taking up the heavy vplvetcarpets and
having just bare floors The nastlncss
which gets caught irf the carpets is
moved into the air at eHch footstep
and as a matter of factithose carpets
are not really cleaned frpm one ses
sion to another The dpst and dirt is
ground down so hard that it would
take more than an brdlnary effort to
get it out and it never isiaken out un
til tho carpets are takonup Thero is
the objection of hardwood floors that
they are noisy and th St theV are usually
slippery This could7tbeil6bviated by
putting down linoleum Tho sad-colored
stuff Isnt pretty but it does break
noise and It has tho merit of being
iresumably it could be
made In attractive colors ft easily as in
the dingy grays and browns which are
XMma7wCf0P TJeito no doubt
at all that the elimination of carpets
would help the air of the House tre
mendous y Elimination of cigars and
tobacco in any form and smashing of
tho spittoons would help even more
Tho Volunteer Officers Annuity BUI
At Its session January 11 tho House
of Representatives of tho MicitTsan
Legislature adopted a strong resolution
In favor Of the Immrllntr nnss ltrP nf
the act providing for the Volunteer
uiucers Annuity joll and requested the
Senators and Representatives from
Michigan to aid in the passage of this
act The resolution was also adopted
by the Senate and this helpful action
was secured by the efforts of Capt Will
H S Banks who served In the 9th
Mich Cav and was Incapacitated by
wounds received in - aervice from
active business
Report tif Proceedings Frort Day to Day
Monday Feb 15 But little headway
was made with the Naval bill tho con
duct or the various navy yard3 and the
cost of tho same being attacked by in
surgent Senators Senator Halo gave
notice that if the bill was not conclud
ed to day he would haye a night session
to night
The provision to create tho office of
Vice Admiral for Bob Evans went
out on a point of order
The Presidents message transmitting
the proceedings of the recent confer
ence on dependent children and sug
gesting legislation was read in both
The Post Office appropriation bill will
be reported to day or to morow morn
Several minor bills on the calendar
wore passed
At 610 oclock tho Senate -adjourned
out of respect to the memory of the
late Representative Granger of Rhode
Secretary of State to 8000 in order to
position was passed by a large majority
under a special rule
The bill providing separate Statehood
for Arizona and New Mexico was unani
mously passed
The AVatson bill requiring railroads
to equip all cars engaged In interstate
commerce with uniform safety
ances was passed
Out of resjiect to the memory of the
late Representative Granger of Rhode
Island who died Sunday night the
House adjourned at 539 p m to meet
at 11 oclock to day one hour earlier
than usual
Feb 16 Altho the Senate remained
In session until 1030 oclock last night
discussion of the Naval appropriation
bill was not concluded An amendme
was agreed to which amounts to an e
presslon of Congressional opinion that
one half the fleet should be kept con
stantly In Pacific waters
In committor nf Mii whnlA tm
vision restoring the marines to the bat-
LltMIUIH TVi Ttrrrnnn T f htl T r I rrfJA
- a o w AV4I lUt AUUfC
demande1 n Rpnnrnt vniit wlian
Senate convened to day The proposed
uaiuesmps were reduced from 26000
tons to 21000 tons
Mr Dixon held the floor for more
than two hours In an attack on the
methods of distributing money among
tho numerous navy yards on the Atlan
tic Coast
The House passed the Indian appro
priation bill carrying upward of Jll
A number of bills were passed under
suspension of the rules among them a
bill requiring the Installation of wire
less telegraphy on ocean going passen
ger vessels a bill increasing the mem
bership of the Interstate Commerce
Commission to nine
At 606 p m the House took a recess
until to day at 11 oclock The legisla
tive day of Feb 15 still continues
Feb 17 After three days considera
tion the naval appropriation bill was
passed The marines were restored to
the battleships and two 26000 ton ships
The Post Office appropriation bill was
reported and will be taken up to day
Senator Gary will address the Senate
on the cost of the Immigration Com
mission and what it has accomplished
Consideration of the conference re
port upon the legislative executive and
judicial appropriation bill was inter
rupted by a muddle over tho eligibility
of Senator Knox to become Secretary
of State It will be taken up again to
The penal code bill was considered In
committee of the whole and a number
of amendments adopted the most Im
portant of which was to regulate the
Interstate shipment ot liquor
A motion to take a recess brought
about a filibuster and the members
were kept In their seats nearly two
hours until a quorum could be obtained
to take a vote on the motion
At 750 p m the House took a recess
until morning
Feb 18 The Post Office appropria
tion bill carrying 232000000 was
passed During the debate Mr Pen
rose in charge of the bill denounced
the methods of Senator La Folleite and
compared his criticism with the argu
ments of a patent medicine vendor
Senator Gary of South Carolina
spoke in criticism of the work of the
Immigration Commission and the Sen
ate adopted his resolution calling on
that hnilv for n ronnrt
The nenslon nnnrnnrinMrm Tilll nrni
ably will be called up to day
n executive session tho fisheries
treaty with Great Britain was ratified
The House adopted a resolution
straightening out the tangle over the
salary of the Secretary of State and
senator ivnoxs eligibility to that office
xne dui amending and codifying the
penal code was passed
Representative Hepburn of Iowi
made a bitter attack upon the rules of
tno House and declared that the House
naa made a tyrant of the Speaker
Consideration of the fortifications ap
propriations bill carrying nearly
000000 was begun
Representative Denby of Michigan
called on Representative Rainey to pro
duce proofs to substantiate his charges
against President Obaldla of Panama
and others
At 519 p m the House took a re
Feb 19 Both the Army and pension
appropriation bills wore passed yester
day The Army bill carries 102636050
and the pension bill 160869000
The Indian appropriation bill was
reported and probably will be called
up to day
Forty minor House bills including a
number of District measures were
The House passed the fortifications
appropriation bill
Tho sundry civil bill was reported
from the Committee on Appropriations
The Post Office appropriation bill was
sent to conference
The select committee on wood pulp
and print paper reported that tho tariff
on these commodities should be reduced
and in some cases removed
At 621i m the House took a re
Goats Make Fire XIncg i
The Bureau of Forestry has pressed
ecn tho goat Into assisting In tho con
servation of our natural resources It
has 3000 Angora goats In California
which It will set to work to cut lines
thru the bushy chaparral for protec
tion against fire It Is expected that
this year they will cut many miles of
lines principally In the Lassen forest in
California The process will bo to cut
trails about 80 yards apart thru the
forest which will be followed by the
Angoras They will destroy a strip
of brush about 300 yards wide It la
hoped that the goats will solve several
problems in forest work The bushy
chaparral growth chokes out seedlings
of valuable commercial trees and when
the chaparral is destroyed these will
have a chance
S For 1 0 YearsSN
SPECTACLES on Six Days Jrial
My Free Offer
The United States annually produces
something like 80000 automobiles
while France produces 40000 and Italy
Millions of dollars will be spent in
Germany on canals within tho next
few years
The flres in the United States cach
year cost more than the maintenance of
the German army
The British battleship Belterophon
showed a speed of 254 miles an hour
in recent trial tests
The clock in the tower of Columbia
University is one of the most correct
in the world only erring about six sec
onds a year f
Count Zeppelins dirigible airship has
been officially taken over by the Ger
man Government
The eighth moon to Jjipitcr was dis
covered two years ago largely by
means of calculations and now it has
been photographed with an exact de
termination of position
The French Government has voted
20000 with which to begin the estab
lishment of a system of carages for air
ships along the principal aerial routes
ot travel in France
King Leopold ot Belgium has offered
5000 for the best treatise on aeronau
tics to be brought out this year
The Nety York Public Library has
issued a catalog of aeronautic worlcs
tho file of which includes 5CS books
The French Minister of War gives
out specifications for dirigible balloons
which must have a speed of 31 miles an
hour to be maintained for 15 hours
carrying six passengers of an average
weight of 165 pounds A test must be
made over a 310 mile circuit against a
wind of 15 miles an hour and maintain
a hight of 4264 feet
Soldering Aluminum
At last It seems as If a way has been
found for perfectly soldering alumi
num The first difficulty in this is that
aluminum does not alloy readily with
other metals at as low a temperature
as they require and only alloys with
lead with great difficulty so much so
that lead solders are useless with that
metal The second Is that the Instant
that aluminum is exposed to the air a
thin oxide forms which protects it
from further action by the air and also
prevents It from being soldered There
fore the solder must be applied at the
very instant that the oxide is removed
This Is now accomplished by heating
the aluminum to a high point and then
rubbing off the oxide with a stick of
tin Thus at the same instant that
the aluminum Is cleaned It is tinned
The practice Is to scratch the surface
with a steel or brass brush while the
molten solder Is on It fter the edges
are thus tinned they can be sweated
together with pure block tin
Tho Fighting Air Ship
It Is said that Lewis Nixon the ex
pert engineer and shipbuilder Is about
to build the first real air warship In
this country It will be 700 feet long
with a diameter or 80 reet and pas
senger room for 100 men It will
carry a number of guns Mr Nixon
says all the details have been carefully
worked out ana ne is comment ot the
success of the ship While Mr Nixon
is an engineer of the highest ability
we respectfully doubt the practicability
of such a machine An airship 700
feet long and 80 feet wide would be an
enormous bulk to tote around with an
army and If tho gas were carried in
steel cylinders it would take a train
as long as that for the artillery of a
corps to inflate it An airship that
large would be a nne marlc for the
enemys trained rifle shots and a
bullet hole to say nothing of a shell
thru the silken bag would be its ruin
In order to do any damage the airship
would have to be near the earth where
It would be a fair mark for tho ene
mys rifle cannon At- most it could
carry only very light guns and these
as we all know can do a great deal
of shooting without much damage Wo
imagine that Mr Nixons air warship
will be about as useless as was Ross
Winanss steel gun of which such ereat
expectations were entertained by the
joniereaates at tne Degtnnlnc of the
war Mr Winans was an engineer o js
much reputation a3 Mr Nixon Is which
shows that even experts can be densely
ignorant of the real conditions of war
Another Rubber Project
It seems that other plants which will
produce rubber have been discovers
In Mexico These are the PaloAmarll
lo and the Amate An organization
called the Consolidated Palo Amarlllo
Rubber Company has been formed with
a capitalization of 20000000 for the
extraction of rubber from these trees
and tho Mexican Government has
Coaasnon Bed Cloyar known to
Quakers many years as a remedial
kaeni has by Yanke push and cood
result coma to tha front as an exel
ieni remedy ror Ecserm nit ahemn Cancer
nbeumatlsm CansUpatlon and an blood
ea tvoxuauuxacHiraapuresoiiaflxtracsiromins
blossoms It Is for isle by druggists at IUM a Jar or
win be sent direct prepaid on receipt of ILii Send
for pamphlet oontitjfnx full tnrai taUon and
rnonnia isosnesi KaoiiwM uurty yean
D lEEDHMIS MM XI Uttskit felkftsT CalUffJ I
I want to introduce Trusight Spectacles to
every reader of this paper To do this I am
making a special one third once offer I want to send vou a pair of Pennine
sight Spectacles in a Gold Filled Frame guaxan teed for 1 0 yean on 6 day free trial
Setid Me Your Name
I will send you my perfect
Trusieht Eye Tester with which
you can test your own eyes as well as the most skilled optician Whenyoa re
turn the Tester with your test I will send you a pair of Genuine 500 Truught
Spectacles that will surely fit on 6 days free trial You dont need to send any
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perfectly satisfactory in every way if they are the best glasses you ever saw
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Moroccoice leather plush lined with a patent spring
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tisement and take advantage of my special offer
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return mail Do this TODAY tad
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en our Tins cocnw
1 nuifht spectacle IO
2103 riend Bldg KANSAS CITY MO
Please send me without cost and with
out obligation your Trusight Ere Tester
and your special free case offer
granted a concession for the exclusive
use of these trees for rubber produc
tion provided the company spends
200000 for a factory and has it In
operation by February 1 1912 George
W Young of New Xork 13 the Presi
dent of the Company
BCD IIMiTM srasht aa7 nd
nlin r an snun I tl ncnaes to men with rle
to introdnce our Poultrr Bemelies Bank
refs given Dont answer unless yon mean business
Esriki Foallry FMd Mlf Ca Out 7S East St LmIs III
MUSIC Catalogs Frae MUSIC
I F BELL KU3IC CO 1 113 traililf T Cifj
890 A MONTH tta Expense Allowance at start to
put out llercnandlse 0 rocery Catalogs HjUI Order
uouse American jiome supply uo nesic w z T
Chicago III
flOPNTQ Poirfiuxrss5eFRAJCuis
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views le 19 days credit Bamslea A Caulos Fretw
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f A Vm l 1 i CJ No cure no pay Testt
VyAli VyJllXvO monlats and Hum Herald
Free Address Dr K Q Boynton Lawrence Mass
liwflKU otharword vcratlo no
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V DC flaux famous Perfect
Villon Spectacles finest and
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special agents and dealers
terms Dr Haux Spectacle
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for toccet ifnl nrfentiTOitwiUiia reacb of aUiiatlafac i
tloa guaranteed part len Ian tree Ontario Veterin
ary Oorrespondonca School London Oaru
Gharco Pepsin
vyi vsu ussis as 4 BV4t4 a x fceM iauuuicui US
testimonials prove that oar painless home remedy restore
In fBjpvrt itf nj t nfier 1 i jUm m 1 -An a- al- a
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UnUrdl lnjt In 8 to M days SJ to SO days efiToti
permanent cure Trial treatment ziren fre to
terers uouun nurer not circulars tesiimonianatis
free trial treatment write
Or U H Oreeas Sems Bex P AUMta OS
Safety Razors
fl from thoroughbred stock
If l rltrX Pfizo winners at JIadtson
JLJJlJ Square Garden Boston
and Washington D O
Are the best general utility- fowl aiten
years of experience in breeding Eggs
and Stock for salp at reasonable prices
Write for booklet and be coiiTtnced
J 31 1TEAGY Breeder of Stock Kocki
ville 31 d i
by john Mcelroy
TUs readable little volume carrlei
one oft his feet Loulm ille Courts
Price SO cents Sent to or addreats
Published by jJt
Washington D OL
809 LINCOLN 1909
Tho Centennial Anniversary of tho
birth of Abraham Lincoln will occn
next year and It Is now tlmo for Gmid
Army Posts Womans Relief Corps ana
all other patriotic organizations and so
cieties which may have been formats
having similar end3 in view to bejrla
preparations for the purpose of fltiy
that Important event
Osborn H Oldroyd whose residence la
now in the same house in which Lincoln
died at Washington D C has prepared
an appropriate service to commemorata
that occasion
The program containing some 20 num
bers consists ot songs recitations ana
four articles covering the different
phases of Lincolns lite It is a 20 pasa
illustrated pamphlet printed on good
paper and In attractive style The prlca
of this edition or compilation has beetr
placed at 10 cents per copy 91 per doaeai
or 95 per 100 It seems impossible that
there can exist a single Post or Corpa
that could not subscribe for and easily
dispose of at least 100 copies of this pro
duction and thus make a nroflt nf mi
amount equal to purchase price be3ida
serving as an educator to tho peopla
upon mo iruu Kreainesa or tno cnaractssr
of Abraham Lincoln Orders sent ni SM
paid on receipt of price
Communications should ba addressed t
Wasblagtoa D O
GItm ImmedlAta
relief to satTeren
of Indlzestfoa
Dyspepsia BourStomaco SIcIc Headache and Heart
burn Price 10 cents stamps or ailTeiv JXexfcas
Kurelca Co 731 13tb St jr IV wwmaft
Com 1 C
Toqalcklylntrodoce tbe celebrate lie
Sharing an J Complexion 8oa which beaatl
fiei reinoTce pimple blotches end all facil
roptlaaiIeftTtngiaaa eoltcleartopnii
whet wa claim 1 true we will lend a boj
Qlioap together with thelateetnewZmproTei
tSalsty Bazor outfit la a One nsaairo
caie all complete lor ehaTiaavABB
UTiLT FKBE to ftoy one aarwctlnj
tali ftdTertiacment at oace fe
10ft nverorftempetobelapaTh
In if narftinat maltlor ett AdAft
THK unrariw fiOiP TrogU 85 Chambera St 7 CR

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