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who expect that the President will
name a Democrat to succeed Justice
Feckhain who was a Democrat Mr
Parker was Chief Judge of the New
York Court of Appeals at the timo or
his nomination for the Presidency ana
resigned soon after his nomination
The Cciimis Supervisors
TJnt President Tafts troubles with
patronage will extend down to many i
smaller onices ne u i
last vet of those Census Supervisors to
the number of about 300 whom he ap
pointed last Summer while at Beverly
after he had sat up several nights go
ing over papers and trying to straighten
out political tangles Bvery man of
the Census Supervisors must be nomin
ated to the Senate as soon as Congress
convenes The dissatisfied Congress
men who did not get the men they
wanted for those places are voicing
their resentment and proposing to
know whether their Indorsements are
to be ignored hereafter
A conspicuous case is that of Repre
oentniivn John Motley Morehead of
Spray N C He is a Republicau who j
attained National prominence a year
ago when he was elected to Congress
against his will He is a cotton manu
facturer and the grandson of a man of
the same name who was twice elected
Whig Governor of North Carolina He
had no expectation of being elected
when ho consented to run for CongrcB
The President did not designate as Cen
sus Supervisor in that Congressional
district the Republican Mr Morehead
wanted hut a man whom the Republi
can organization favored Now Mr
Morehead Is disgruntled and says if he
Is not to be recognized in patronage
matters in his section of North Caro
lina he will resign from Congress
Probably Mr Morehead will think bet
ter of it but just now he like many
others in public life Is in an unhappy
frame of mind
The Navy Department Delighted
at the Success of the North
Dakota The New 14 Inch
Tliero is great elation at the Navy
Department over the building of greater
dreadnaughts and larger guns The
North Dakota after a trial trip off the
New Kngland coast during which she
sailed 2225 knots an hour has estab
lished a record that makes her the
most formidable of fighting ships In
anv navy Almost the same day there
was shipped from the Midvale Steel
Companys works in Pennsylvania the
new 14 inch gun that weighs over CS
tons and is expected to carry a projec
tile weighing 1400 pounds With a
chargo of 365 pounds of smokeless
powder this new and powerful weapon
designed for such dreadnaughts as the
North Dakota will send a projectile
forth with a muzzle velocity of 2600
foot seconds and a muzzle energy of
65606 foot tons There Is probably no
gun lis equal now building for anj
other navy of the world
As tho United States Navy has fol
lowed In the rear so long in the con
struction of modern ships and modern
guns these two contemporaneous events
are calculated to silence criticism and
stimulate great pride both inside the
ranks of the Navy personnel and among
the people generally It will be some
months yet before the North Dakota
goes into commission and more months
beforo the big 14 inch gun can he
mounted upon a dreadnaught deck It
is doubtful whether the 14 lnch gun
will bo nut aboard any ship till there
are more ot them so that one ship cap
be equipped with a battery of
As the newest ships arc construct
ed they will carry at least10 of those
jruns and the effort will ue to nave a
battery of 12 such guns But that in
volves the question of the size of ships
in fact some rather formidabo prob
lems as to whether battleships here
after bhall be even heavier than 26000
The New 11 Inch Gun
The new 14 inch gun has been taken
to the ordnance factory at the Wash
ington Navy Yard to be completed af
ter which It will be shipped down the
Potomac about a dozen miles to Indian
TToml for n scries of tests The pene
trating power of the projectile will be
tested ty tiring against armor pjaie
These 14 Inch guns some of which have
already been manufactured for the
army carry a little further than 12
inch guns but the chief advantage is
tlwt a given projectile can be fired with
a given penetrating power at a given
distance with less wear and tear upon
the gun than is the case with 12-
Congress has already authorized the
construction of two dreadnaughts of
26000 tons displacement each By the
timo a battery of 10 or 12 of these 14
lnch guns can be manufactured and
made ready for installation these two
new ships will be well on the way to
ward completion They will make tho
bert gun platform yet devised on war
ships for such a destructive aggrega
tion of weapons but It is admitted that
the guns would be more effective and
could bo trained with greater accuracy
from an even more stable platform
such as the deck of a 30000 ton war
hip would afford
Still Heavier Warships
The officers of the Bureau oC Con
struction have puzzled a deal over
plans for Et111 heavier wan hips But
there is still some doubt as to the feas
ibility of such ships and there is a
to have the 26000 ton ships tried
out Much has been said about the
draft of 30000 ton ships because if
their draft Is materially increased there
will be but few harbors they can late
ly enter and very few drydocks capa
ble of hold ng them Another trouble
Bome problem has been regarding tho
readiness with which such sea mon
sters can be manuvered The same
query was long- raised about any war
1 tliipa operated by turbine engines
England and other Nations are now
using turbines and also burning oil
in Btead of coal for fuel The North
Dakota is up to date in tlioxe particu
lars Her engines are of the turbine
type and provision has been made for
burning oil but some of the more con
servative officers are still shaking their
heads sagely about the comparative ef
ficiency of the North Dakota and her
fu ter dreadnaught the Delaware in
i ea manuvfrs Thf Delaware has re
ciprocating engines
The pessimists have been confounded
to a degree by the success with two
Ecout cruisers equipped with turbines
that have been in commission now some
monthb and that have been put through
very severe tests Before Spring or
oon after the North Dakota and the
Delaware are in commission there will
bo trials to develop something nbout
the facility with which they can be
manuvered If they respond as quick
ly to the rudder and can be handled
K8 easily In a line of fighting ships as
the 16000 ton ships naval construc
tors will have lep of error In
even SOpnn ton craft The
1 laware and S Mh Dakota have a
displacement of n nno tons each but
they are -only two thirds as heavy as
OUOO ton hh ii would he Congress
lias of late 8nuf a deposition to au
thorize the h jv y pops lilf shps but
mine of the a in naval matters
arc still 5tplai h to whether the
VljgrCtfH in thai dreoton Is wito
The Commanders
The Captala of tie North Dakota
at i the Delaware hae already been
lhi subject of discussion in tho Bureau
of Navigation tre officers are gvtn
t r details Tlere Is great rivalry
anions the officers to obtain command
of these tremendous fighting machines
Capt Richard T Mulligan who has
been an Assistant In tho Bureau of Nav
igation fo two or three years will havo
one of these coveted commands Tho
new ships will bo assigned to tho At
lantic battle fleet and In all probability
will tako part In tho battlo mnnuvers
of next Summer off Provincctown
Only two or three years nrro tho Con
necticut and the Louisiana which are
16000 ton ships were looked upon ns
embodying tho best and most formida
ble principles of lighting ships But
they will look small In comparison Willi
the Delaware and North Dakota The
Connecticut went 1878 knots an hour
on her trial trip mora than three knots
slower than the North Dakota nnd
navy olllccrs say that speed is a very
important factor In lighting sea bat
tles of theso modern times Tho best
of tho armored cruisers which wero
built more for speed than for fighting
power made only a trifle more on their
trial trips than tho North Dakota The
North Carolina one of tho crack arm
ored cruisers made 2248 knots on her
trial trip The two newest dread
naughts just launched are almost
twice as heavy as the Kentucky and
Kearsarge sister ships of 11520 tons
each which wero launched at Newport
News about 10 years ago It will not
be long now before the Navy experts
will be deliberating about sending such
sliips as the Kearsarge and the Ken
tucky to the navy yards to be tied up
indefinitely or to bo placed in reserve
The Indiana and Massachusetts of
16288 tons burden each aro virtually
retired from the battle line
Meanwhile Secretary Meyer is trying
to havo work pushed on a big new dry
dock for theso great war craft that
there may bo a satisfactory place to
dock them He summarily modified
plans for a dock at the Brooklyn Navy
Yard not long ago that It might be
constructed on larger dimensions
There has been trouble with the con
tractors who faced exceptional diffi
culties but a new contract has been
awarded and the work will soon be pro
Expcnsito Weapons
The new ships cost in the aggregate
about 10000000 which is quito dou
ble what a warship cost 10 or 15 years
ago If the 30000 ton ship Is to be
built it probably will cost nearer 15-
000000 and tho cost of maintenance
Will be nearer 1500000 a year than
the present cost of 1000000 for a
slup of the Connecticut class More
men are needed for a ship liko the
North Dakota It costs more now to
maintain a bailor as well as a soldier
than it did before the Spanish war
Then the average was about 1000 a
year now It is mounting to 1500 a
year The cost of coal for a North
Dakota will be materially more than
for a Connecticut and the prices for
tho best steaming coal which is the
only kind the Government buys for
Its war Meets have been soaring All
these things mean that the aggregate
for tho support of the Navy is larger
now than it ever base been around
130000000 And it will be only a
few years perhaps two or three years
beforo tho annual appropriation for the
Navy will be 150000000 which
amounts to about 500000 dally
The purpose is to havo a battle
fleet of dreadnaughts At first there
w Ul be a squadron Jn something like
12 months more perhaps IS months
the Government expects to have four
such ships in commission But it will
be but about three years before then
will be at least eight of them and they
will supplant sucli ships as tho Maine
Ohio Kansas Wisconsin and Ala
bama The latter ships most of them
now in tho Atlantic battle fleet will bo
put into reserve or possibly trans
ferred to the Pacific ocean to form with
tho formidable armored erulsors a Pa
cific battle fleet
While the United States Navy now has
the most modern warship In tho North
Dakota Great Britain has more of the
biggest fhips afloat Accoidngly those
who like to brag about these tremend
ous preparations for war or as some
advocates prefer to phrase It for pre
venting war do not havo ail the argu
ment on their side The British on
the whole have been very much in ad
vance of us They were pioneers in
the all big gun batteries The fast
20000 ton ships do not need to cumber
their decks with small caliber guns
They can fight at longer range than is
possible for small caliber rifles
And gratified as friends of tho Navy
arc that the United States has been
catching up and even surpassing the
European powers in building tremend
ous fighting ships it Is fully realized
that the race has only just begun
Germany is trying to surpass England
That rivalry is impelling both those
Nations to lrIvo to their utmost capac
ity and if the United States sustains a
record of having the best ships not tho
most ships there must be a steady ad
vance Tho current achievement how
ever is especially satisfying because
the Amei lean people acquiescing cheer
fully In tho enormous expenditures for
the Navy want the best that money
can buy It has been contended that
they have been getting the best The
North Dakota and tho 14 inch gun from
the Midvale works go to prove that
contention for tho timo being
Memorial to Gen Palmer
The survivors of the 15th Pa Cav
scattered thruout the country havo
paid loving remembrance to their lato
commander Gen William J Palmer
Simple and Impressive exercises marked
the unvalling of the tablets they placed
in Palmer Hall at Colorado College on
Oct 20 when in behalf of the regi
ment Maj Henry MacAlIIater presented
tho memorial and it was accepted by
rrcsiaent wm i mocum for the col
lege The larger tablet bears thce
words In Loving Remembrance of Gen
William J Palmer by the Survivors of
the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry
The accompanying piece bears the
names of the present survivors of that
regiment Gen Palmer was not only a
distinguished officer of the civil war
but was also the builder of tho D
It G and Mexican Central railroads
and the founder of Colorado Springs
A year before hl3 death ho entertained
at his palatial country mansion at Glen
JJyrio all of the survivors of the regi
The citizens of Colorado Springs will
in tho near future erect a statue to Gen
Palmers memory the committee ap
pointed by the Chamber of Commerce
having decided to raise 50000 for that
Can Anyono Beat This Record
Bethel Berkshire Gllmore - Ohio
writes that If any one can beat his
father on sons and sons-in-law nt the
front he would like to hear from them
His father had seven sons nnd six
grandsons who did service for the
Union One son served In a Wiscon
sin regiment four In Ohio regiments
c no as a squirrel Hunter two grand
sons in Illinois regiments three grand
sons from Deflanee County Tho young
est of thece grandsons was elected Gov
ernor of Washington State last Fall
but died after a short service One
grandson tho Squirrel Hunter later
served as a teamster Two sons served
as teamsters one Is buried at Knox
ville Teun and the other myself vol
unteered at Camp Nelson Ky for three
years and served until the close of the
war and was the only son wounded
Against Teaching Rebellion
Wesley B Knight Post Derry N H
has adopted -strong resolutions against
the Government officials lcndng any
aid or encouragement to those who are
honoring rebellion and resistance to the
Government Tho resolutions are par
ticularly aimed at the recent utterances
of the Secretary of War praising Davis
Leo Jackson and others who in the in
terest of human slavery add glory In
stigated and promoted tho most cruel
and bloody war or modern times
r -
How the Soldier Bojs Remembered Ilim
After Long Voire
Tho Into Gen Jnmn S Martin served
during the war as Colonel of tho 111th
111 During tho latter part ot hts ser
vlco his regiment was in the division
commander by Gen W B nazen a
Kegular Army officer noted for his strict
discipline and regarded by the volun
teers as something of a martinet
On the march thru tho Carolinas In
the Spriiiff of I860 Gen Hazen Issued
vory strict orders regarding straggling
At the closo of a hard days march
during tho campaign his provost guards
arrested a large number of men and
placed Uiein in what was popularly
known as tho bull ring compelling
the unfortunates to march In a circle
each carrying a heavy rail Word
reached Gen Martin that somo of the
men of his regiment woro being thus
punished and ho at once rode to Gen
Hazens headquarters and argued with
that oflicer urging that men who had
served ns faithfully as had the veterans
of the 111th 111 ought not to be thus
punished inasmuch as they had only
straggled from tho ranks because of
excessive fatigue illness or tho lack of
shoes- Gen Hazen finally consented
that Gen Martin might go to the bull
ring and release tho men of his own
regiment A staff oflicer was In charge
or the unfortunate stragglers and ns
tho men pasxed him Gen Martin picked
out those of his own command A
tired footsore boy of somo other regi
ment looked at him so appealingly that
tho General turned to the staff oflicer
and fcald Let that man out Then
came a sudden inspiration Gen Mar
tin reasoned that the staff oflicer did
not know tho men individually and
could not tell to what regiments they
belonged und so one by one he re
leased the entire bunch
Now conies the sequel to this story
Following tho war Gen Martin was
elected to Congress from an Illinois
District At the close of one of the
sessions he boarded a B O train for
tho West Shortly after leaving the
Capital a brakeman on the train ac
cobted him and asked it lie was Gen
Martin nnd upon tho General replying
affirmatively the young man tendered
his hand and said I want to thank
you for doing me a great favor and
then recalled tho incident of the re
lease of the tired footsore soldiers from
Hazens bull pen The General
talked over the matter with him and
found him intelligent and apparently
appreciative At Cumberland where
all trains in the old days stopped for
dinner the General went into the din
ing room ato his dinner and tendered
the cashier pay for tho meal The
cashier looked at him and asked You
arc Gen Martin The General nod
ded and the cashier added A brake
man paid for your dinner
Again boarding the train the Gen
eral remonstrated with tho brakeman
telling him that ho ought not to have
paid for the meal but the railroad man
replied I want to show you General
that I thoroughly appreciate your
kindness to mo when I was a tired
footsore half sick soldier Some con
versation followed and the brakeman
asked the General if he had secured a
berth for his western trip having
learned where he lived and that he
would ride all nit it Tho General re
plied that ho thought there would be
no trouble In getting a berth when they
reached Bellaire Tho brakeman then
buggested that inasmuch as the tran
was a heavy one there might bo some
dliliculty and proposed to telegraph for
a berth which he said he could do at
the next station Gen Martin assented
and thanked him When the train ar
rived at Bellairo ho accosted tho ticket
agent and asked if a berth had been re
served in his name Tho ticket agent
replied that thero was a section re
served for him He protested that he
didnt care for a full section but only
necdej u berth Well said the
ticket agent I guess you will have to
take the section for a brakeman ran in
just as soon as the train stopped and
paid for it
Gen Martin often repeated this story
as ono indicating the appreciative grat
itude of the volunteer soldier and tho
ho did not during his conversation
learn the name of the one who had thus
shown his appreciation and nexcr again
met him he always regarded this as an
Instance of gratitude of very marked
Gen Martin held many positions of
trust and honor during his long life
time not the least of which was that
of Commander-in-Chief of the Depart
ment of Illinois Grand Army of the
Lincoln Tablet Unvalled
When the memorial exercises com
menorating tho 100th anniversary of
tho birth of Abraham Lincoln were held
last February In Aurora N Y under
the auspices of Arthur Smith Post and
Arthur Smith W B C a resolution was
presented by Mrs Helen Ellis Presi
dent of the Womans Relief Corps sug
gesting that a fund be raised to pur
chase a Lincoln Memorial Tablet to be
presented to the Village of East Aurora
to be placed on the outer wall of the
High School
Tho funds were raised thru the ef
forts of tho Post and Corps during the
Spring and Summer and the pupils of
the school On Oct 10 1009 It beng
the anniversary of the battle of Cedar
Creek Va the tablet was presented
and unvailed In the presence of about
600 school children and citizens of the
village Commander Wm T Ellis
presided nnd the tablet was presented
by Mrs Helen Ellis President of the
Womans Relief Corps She sad I
present this beautiful bronze memorial
tablet to tho Village of East Aurora
N Y in memory of our martyred Pres
ident Abraham Lincoln This tablet
to forever remain on the high school
building of the village
It is said that this memorial tablet
ia the only one of Its knd that has
been presented to a town of that size and
the first ono that the Relief Corps lias
helped to raise the funds for
Mrs Ellis said in conclusion We
havo not done this for our honor but
to try to Instill into the hearts and
minds of tho children patriotism love
of country and a reverance for our
Flag Wo hope that you will accept
ths tablet In the spirit that it is given
that of pure patriotism
Irlj for a Practical Airship
W Mark Watson Lapeer Mich says
tliut with all this talk there has been
no airship produced that could bo oper
ated at all tlms and under nl condi
tions of weather A machine that can
be used only In mild weather or mod
crate wind Is useless for practical work
Secretary Dickinson has admitted that
so- far nothing satisfactory has been
produced for use In war In view of
tills Comrade Watson urges that the
Government offer a prize say of 10
000 for a machine that will satisfy the
requirements of actual war and he
thinks this would stimulate Inventors to
develop something hotter than has been
dono so far
One of the most common of blood dis
eases Is much aggravated by tho sud
den changes of weather at this timo of
ypar Begin treatment at onco with
Hoods Sarsaparilla which efforts tod
Ical and permanent cures This ireat
mediclno has received
40366 Testimonials
In two years which proves its wonder
ful efficacy In purifying and enriching
tho blood Best for all blood diseases
Ia usual liquid form or In chooolated tablets
knov n ai Sarsatabs ioo aoes si
Interesting JProceedihp1 at a Tfow Xotli
i jtuai Fjonnimiaiu
At tha En-
- r - t -
caropment or Brooklyn vvl
zss u A Tif held In ceres nan
1 a lanre numiwr nf the membership
and numerous visiting comrades were
nrApnt Tlum 7rkrAfTTifiBters report
showed manyadded to the roster and
evidenced increased prosperity and good
financial condition under tne amu iiu
minlstration ot Commander Charles
Montgomery and efficient assistant of
ficers tho rmitlno wns quickly and
harmoniously disposed of and under
lm nrtlfr of fiAnil a nH Welfare a happy
nnd interesting Campflre enjoyed
Thero were general expressed appro
bation of The National urmunos pro
posed Pension Bill and grateful recog
nition of its attainments for benefit of
wnr veterans with regret3 that the St
ninml pnternrise rnn not orcanized many
j ears ago To Past Commander Adolph
H Schumann was presented a nenuu
ful Memorial Tribute relative to his
recently deceased beloved consort who
was highly esteemed as an active
worker In the Ladles of tho G A R
Circles Tho work which includes por
trait of Mrs Schumann was designed
and finished in appropriately chaste
book form by Past Commander B Wm
Ennls who also introduced tho follow
ing which was unanimously approved
duly attested and transmitted to De
partment Headquarters
Whereas to our national shame the
wreck of tho battleship Maine with re
mains of above threo score of its crew
Is allowdd to continue In the mud of
Havana Harbor a menace to shipping
as well as grievous eyesore and con
stant repioach to our boasted Ameri
can patriotism and vaunted care for
decent interment of those who dio in
service of our country und
Whereas Hon William Sulzer Rep
resentative from New York is endeav
oring to effect Congressional measures
to have raised said battleship and pro
vide proper burial of its contained dead
therefore bo It
Resolved That tho comradeship of
Brooklyn City Post No 233 Grand
Army of the Republic New York De
partment gratefully appreciate and
commend aforesaid action proposed by
Honorable Avilllani Sulzer and respect
fully request Department Commander
Michael J Cummings to promote ap
peal by the united New York Grand
Army of the Republic to all our State
Representatives in Congress to patri
otically assist In passing the bill neces
sary for floating of the wreck of the
battleship Maine in ordor to terminate
xisting discreditable neglect and effect
decorous inhument of the relics of
those who lost life in its sinking
Cedar Creek Remembered
The 46th Annlvcrs ary of tho Battle of
Cedar Creek was observed at the home
of Comrade and Mrs A H Morrison
In Deerfieid Mich Tuesday evening
Oct 10 1009 Thero were 80 invited
quests and they had a much merrier
time than Comrade Morrison had 40
vears before when he fought his last
battle at Cedar Creek in Co E of tho
18th Ind The home of Comrade and
Mrs Morrison was beautifully decor
ated witli flags buntng and flowers
On a large cqnter table a pretty camp
firo scene was fixed up with tho can
teen and miniaturo camp kettle filled
with beans as tho comrades present
wv it in H19 olden days The recep
tion room was also handsomely decor
ated with thdwords Welcome G A R
and W R d ThroIl of the Post
was called atyl 22 members answered to
heir names i A short program was
liven consistjng of army songs by the
company rejdjng by4 Mrs McNamara
recitation by Miss Grace Petty a song
and remarks by Comrade Long and
emarks by I3rs Andpack and Sellards
he last twq being Spanish wnr vet
erans after whlcli refreshments were
icrvcd Comradg aud Mrs Morrison
vcre presented with a handsome set
if duties by the Gi A R and W R C
Comrade Morrison was In 24 engage
Tients during the war At a late hour
tiie guests departed after singing God
bo with you till wo meet again
Flag Desecration
Wm IL Van Demnrk 306 New Main
5L Yonkors N Y is very much exer
ised over the fact that there aro Amer
cans so unpatriotic as to permit for
eign Flags to fly without the American
Flag besido it He asks if there is any
aw In the country to prohibit foreign
iieople from raising their Flag without
tho Stars and Stripes beside it to pro
tect It There Is an Italian Consul
who files his Flag and will not raise
tiie Stars and Stripes with It I told
ilm he ought to have tho American
Iag with It and he told me to mind
ny own business It made me angry
o think that such people would do a
thing liko that If I could havo got
loid pf that Flag it would have come
lown for I would have done as Col
Sllsworth did with tho rebel Flag that
ie took down I dont like to bee for
ilgn Flags fly in our country without
ur dear old Flag Every other Nation
lies our Flag when they run us theirs
We have only ono Flag and one
ountry for all of our comrades who
ought for It Mrs Van Demark says
The dear old Flag Is as dear to mo
as the eyes in my head and I cannot
iear to see any other Flag flying with
out tho Stars and Stripes besido It
Indeed both Mrs Van Demark and
Comrade Van Demark bel eve that it
hould be prohibited by law
Comrade Van Demark and his wife
rc true American citizens who evl
Icntly believe that in this country thero
s but one Flag and Old Glory must
Tad the procession or it cannot march
Unfortunately tho this Is true in theory
nly It Is not true in practice Some
f the States have laws that protect
rlils kind of desecration of the Flag
ind also protect It from tho advertis
ng sharps and from being put to other
lumiliating uses Comrade VanDemark
md his wife can help along the happy
lay when thero shall bo a National
aw against desecration of the Flag
f they will prepare a petition nnd pre
sent It to their Member of Congress
signed by just as many names as they
an get upon It asking that he sup
aort a bill beforo Congress to prevent
lesecration of the Flag
iriizliisftit Colorado College
Illiam F yiocum asks for a cor
rection of a greatly distorted report
vhlcli lias fgund Its way Into the pa
lera of the 5ountrynln regard to hazing
t Colorado College polorado Springs
Colo v
Theso reports wprc the outcome of
ho annual ipplioifuire and Freshman
flag contest In which each class at
empts to place Its own colors on the
ampus flagpole This contest Is un
ler the careful supervision of the upper-classmen
j and j lasts only fifteen
tilnutes Aj part jof tho sport Is to
tcep a certain uunibcr of Freshmen
iut of It so as tomake tho numbers
i ven In lt41tio qnb was Injured and
all met together In friendly relations
at a rcceptlojij In the evening Tho re
port that ono student Is lying at the
point of death as a result of It has no
foundation whatever Nothing occurred
in this contest to bo regretted except an
accident to one students clothing
which was remedied in a few seconds
Tho Youngest Mitn Society
Samuel Johnson Lebanon Ore Is
much Interested In the Item In regard
to Co B 1st Minn as he served In
that company for over two years and
can remember all the boys He has not
met any of them for over 20 years and
he would like to hear from them He
Is now living on a little farm close to
Lebanon Ore and surfers a littlo from
rheumatism Ho thinks he was tho
youngest man In the company being
only 164 years old when discharged
la July as a Corporal
Tllns M Ttitz 107th and 25Ui Ohio1
Clearfield Pa
It T Bharner sitn Ja uicanieiu
T T Ammnw ICttli Prv Prnwl
Pa Comrade Amuman Is a farmer
J Henry Pipplttf z vet a a
Brooklyn N Y
William Simpson 76th Pa Sunbury
Pa Comrade Simpson is a dealer in
Mathias D BasUan 181th Pa bun-
F O Day Buntons Battery 1st 111
L A Comrmade Day who i3 a con
tractor for cement construction has
been living in Grand Rapids Mich
but owing to his wifes health lhas trans
ferred his residence to Washington
H E Mead 58th N Y uomraue
Mead who is at present residing tem
porarily in the city belongs to Logan
ro n Tjanifiinn Vji ind was its
Commander several times Thero aro
now 5S members of the post in goou
standing Including several of the best
citizens of the town The Post was
organized of men outside the Home
Comrado Meau was one ot me volun
teers who after Randolphs Battery had
iiiniiw i1otrwpi1 nt Mrilvnm
UCCIl tlliuuttj uvrf -
Hill volunteered to man the- guns and
ho was Sergeant of a piece He was
severely wounded at Fredericksburg by
a shell striking him on ins rigni arm
C AV Boice 28th N X Buffalo
N Y Comrade Boice is a grocer and
is secretary or nis regimemui
tnn Un TWt B nil Ilia TVH V t1 ClOtld
to see his Investment and the Colony
Tho following are among me vidi
ans who were in the city last week on
their wav to St Cloud C S Cooper
8th Vt Fishers Island N Y A D
Warden 10th Wis and 1st U S Eng
Ceres Pa D N Wright 154th N X
Port Alleghany Pa
Patriotism Here and Abroad
Michael Gaffney Brooklyn N Y
says A distinguished American sol
dier a few years ago narrated some of
his experiences in Europe While in a
theater in Liverpool England someone
arose between -the acts and announced
that a Sergeant who had recently re
ceived the Victoria Cross was present
In tho audience and moved three cheers
In his honor Tho cheers were given
heartily and he was forced to take the
stage On another occasion when In a
Tondnn enfo which was a favorite re
sort for army officers he saw a private
soldier In uniform enter ana as ne
passed the various groups of ofllcers
assembled they arose to their feet and
In military stylo saluted him The
American was curious to learn why this
respect and honor was paid to a hum
ble private Tho explanation was that
he wore the Victoria Crass What the
Victoria Cross Is to tho English soldier
and sailor the Iron Cross Is to the Ger
man the Cross of St George to tho
Russan etc and the Congressional
Medal of Honor Is to tho American
the highest military honor that can be
conferred and yet a Reunion of these
brave men of all recent wars held in
New York recently was not deemed
worthy of a single line in the New York
press with one exception Tho English
people and those of all other European
countries encourage patriotism on every
occasion and the pffect Is evidenced In
a thousand ways while In the United
States there is not one man in 10000
who even knows the appearance of the
medal or its significance
A Railroad Man for 40 Years
Col Edwin T Cowell one of the most
popular conductors on tho New York
New Haven Hartford Railroad com
pleted 40 years continuous service Oct
25 and the anniversary was made quite
a function with his numerous friends
coming in to congratulate him Ho
enlisted in 1861 in the famous 12th
Mass but later was transferred to the
Signal Corps In which he remained
four years He was dlcharged at Nash
ville in 1S65 after having served under
ail the Generals who commanded in the
Department of the Cumberland He is
a member of Post 13 of Brockton
Mass Is Past President of the Signal
Corps Veteran Asoeation and a mem
ber of the National Start of the Grand
Army Club of Massachusetts He re
sides with his family at Dorchester
He entered the railroad service In 1S69
und three years later was promoted to
the position of conductor Ho had
charge of the Philadelphia express for
two years and thnn became conductor
of the famous Washington express
Next ho was promoted to the command
of another fast mail train and is still
on duty daily on trains running on the
Woonsocket and the Midland divisions
Tho Ex Prisoners Bill
A great many comrades have written
us desiring to havo the cxprlsoncrs of
war bill incorporated in our new pen
sion bill There are two reasons why
we have not done this The flist is
that wo desire to mae our bill as sam
ple as posslblo and present a clean cut
proposition to Congress about which
there can bo tho least discusinn or
amendments Every additional clause
incorporated In tho bill endangers Its
success Wo will present tho
of war bill when the action of the
last Encampment at Salt Lake City Is
presented to us in the shape of the bill
then decided upon We will advocate
It as a separate proposition and latr
f It Is thought wise parliamentary pol
icy we shall Incorporate It In the other
bill This Is a matter however for tho
ofllcers of tho Prisoners of War Associa
tion to consider and dccldo upon
Com let Labor on the Roads
Convict labor is being employed to
build Colorado roads South of Colo
rado Springs a force of nearly 100 con
victs Is now at work on the State boul
evard to bo built between that city and
Canyon City The convicts are placed
on their lienor and only a few guards
aro required The highway is expected
to bo one of tho finest In the West
Youngest Son of a Veteran
Editor National Tribune In answer
to tho claims of two of tho comrades in
your last issue having tho youngest off
spring or any old vet we have one
here we think will distance the outfit
Comrade M II B Cunningham of Co
B ISth Wis served three years and
three months was taken prisoner at
Slilloh was in tho siege of Vlcksburg
on tho Atlanta campaign and battle of
Allatoona marched to tho sea has had
20 children the oldest is 43 and the
youngest four years He is hale and
hearty He goes to morrow to act as
pallbearer to help bury an old com
rado Beat that for Wisconsin if you
can D G James eo C 16th Wis
Highland Center Wis
Young Sons
Editor National Tribuno In Oct
14 Issue are claims of Comrade
French and Comrado Champlln for the
honor of being fathers of the youngest
sons or a veteran Missouri can go
them one better and then some David
Shaver 7th Mo Cav has a son Claude
L Shaver who was four years old April
10 1900 Comrado Shaver has live
children under 12 years or ago Among
them is Master Johnny Shaver the boy
orator of the United States who is 10
years old past Comrade Shaver is 69
years old and now a widower of two
years He Is Adjutant of Corpl Dlx
Post 22 Department of Missouri Dan
Walker Quartermaster ICirksville Mo
Edward Mooro Wanted
Tyler Moore of Tallula Miss wants
to know something about his fathers
service His father waa coward Mooro
a colored man who served in Co B 3d
Wis as a cook for one year Anyone
who has knowledge of Moores service
twill confer a favor on his son by ad
dressing him at box 138 Tallula Miss
Continued from page one
cicntly strong to dare this for the sake
of what they thought right Senator
Henry Winter Xavi3 of Maryland and
Frank P Blair of Missouri were orig
inal Emancipationists and nearly the
only ones from their States who were
sincerely in favor of Free Soil Alto
gether 10 men were lounci irom west
Virginia Delaware Maryland Ken
tucky and - Missouri whom it uas
tlioucht would vote tor tne amenumeni
and 13 of these actually did nnd ended
their nolltlcal careers bv so doing In
ill IT Tnilu nrrA fminft
frnm Kr w York Ohio Pennsylvania
Connecticut and Michigan who might
ho hroinrht to vote for the amendment
of whom 11 actually did two of the
ninnbor beincr absent at the time the
vote was taken while tho remainder
weakened at the critical moment and
voted against it
A TlirlllinjT Scene
Tuedav Jan 31 1S53 was fixed upon
bv tho House for tho voto on the
amendment which naa previously
nassed tho Senate by 38 to C the mat
ter camo before the Houso in the shape
in wtileh It had been reported to the
snitn bv Senator Trumbull from the
Judiciary Committee and passed by the
Senate The bill read
Tin it resolved etc That tho follow
ing article be proposed to the Legisla
tures of the several States as an amend
ment to the Constitution or the United
States which when ratified by three
fourths of said Legislatures shall be
valid to all intents and purposes as a
part of the said Constitution namely
Article XUI
Sec 1 Neither slavery nor involun
tary servitude except as a punishment
for crime whereof the party whall have
been rlulv convicted sliall exist within
the United States or any place subject
to their jurisdiction
Sec 2 Congress shall have power
to enforce this article by appropriate
Mr Ashley in an address delivered
before the Ohio Society of Now York
Feb 19 1800 gavo the following ac
count of the scene In the House on this
The Speaker stated the oucstion nnd
announced that the gentleman from
Ohio was entitled to the floor iihch
under the rules gavo me one hour in
which to close the debate
Never before and certain I am that
never again will I be seized with so
strong a desire to give utterance to the
thoughts and emotions which throbbed
my heart and brain
I knew that tho hour was at hand
when the world would witness the com
plete triumph of a cause which at the
beginning of my political life I had no
hoped to live long enough to see and
tliat on that day before our session
closed an act as just as it was merciful
to oppressor and oppressed was to tie
enacted into law and soon thereafter
became a part of our National Consti
tution forever
The hour and the occasion was an
Immortal ono in the Nations history
and memorable to each actor who voted
for the amendment
Every available foot ot space both
In the galleries and on the floor of the
House was crowded at an early hour
and many hundred could not get with
in hearing Never before nor arter
wards did I see so brilliant and distin
guished a gathering in that hall not
one where tho feeling was more intense
The Judges of the Supreme Court the
members of the Cabinet the Vice Pres
ident and Senators most of tho foreign
Ministers and all the distinguished vis
itors who could secure seats with their
wives daughters and friends were
present to witness the sublimest event
In our National lire
You will readily understand that
this was an occasion to inspire any
man or my temperament with a stronp
desire to speak and yet it was beyond
question my duty to yield all my time
to gentlemen of the opposition who had
promised to vote for the amendment
and desired to have recorded in the
official organ of tho House the reasons
for the vote which they woro nbout to
An Old rnshloued Democrat
The first gentleman to whom I yield
ed was the Hon Archibald McAlistcr
of Pennsylvania an old fashioned Dem
ocrat of the Jackson school He was
not a speaker and the brief statement
as ho called it which ho sent to the
clerks desk to be read for hira as he
stood on the floor with every eye in
that great hall fixed on his tall form
is so characteristic and withal expresses
so tersely the reasons which impelled
him and thousands of other loyal and
conservative men to demand the imme
diate abolition of slavery that I quote
what he said entire
I will read it to you and repeat what
he sold as nearly as I can with the
samo intonation of voico and manner
as lie read It to me in my committee
room that morning a few minutes be
fore the House convened
He said that it waa due to his con
stituents that they should know why he
changed his vote and that he could
not make a speech that he was so ner
vous that he did not daro trust himself
even to read what he had written and
asked mo if I would yield him the
floor long enough to allow him to send
to the Clerks desk and have read what
he desired to say to his constituents I
never was more anxious to yield the
floor to any man than I wo3 to him
and answered Certainly I will be glad
to yield you all tho time you ask He
then read me this short and now
toricai speech and I said to him then
as I say to you now that it was under
all the circumstances the best and
most eloquent speech delivered in the
Houso of Representatives In favor of
tho Thirteenth Amendment This is
tho speech and tho way ho read It to
When the subject was before this
House on a former occasion I voted
against the measure I have been In
favor of exhausting all means of con
ciliation to restore the Union as our
fathers mado It- I am for tho whole
Union and utterly opposed to seces
slon or dissolution in any shape The
result of all the peace missions and
especially that of Mr Blair has satis
fied me that nothing short of tho rec
ognition of their Independence will sat
isfy the Southern Confederacy It must
therefore bo destroyed and in voting
tor tne present measure I cast my vote
against tho cornerstone of the South
ern Confederacy and declare eternal
war against the enemies of my coun
As soon as he had finished reading
It I grasped his hand with enthusiasm
and heartily congratulated him and
said Mr McAlister that Is a better
and more telling speech by far than
any which has been made for the
amendment and T believe it will be
quoted hereafter more than any speech
mauc in congress in ua tavor
When the Clerk of the House fin
ished reading this brief speech of thi
plain blunt man it called forth general
appiause on tne fioor and In the ml
leries and when I afterwards read it
to Mr Lincoln Chase and others they
wero then ns pronounced in Its indorse
ment ns I am now
To the end that there should be no
pretext for fllitjustering as I knew
the amendment might bo defeated In
that way T determined Irom the start
to so CQnduct the debate that every
gentleman opposed to the amendment
who enred to be heard should have
ample time and opportunity
After the previous question had been
seconded and all debate ordered closed
there could be but two roll calls if
mere wero no filibustering before tho
final vote
The first roll call was on a motion
made by tho oppositon to lay mv mo
tion to reconsider on the table Such a
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Hundrels of tally sheets had been
listributcd on the floor and in tho gal
leries many being in the hands of la
iies Before the rcstdt of tho iirat roll
all was nnnounccd It was knowtr all
over thp House that tho vote was two
less than the necessary two thirds and
beth Mr Stevens of Pennsylvania and
Mr Washburn of Illinois excitedly ex
Iaimcd General wo are defeated
Xo gentlemen we are not was ray
prompt answer The second vote was
an my motion to reconsider which
vould bring tho House at the next roll
all to a direct vote on the passage of
the amendment
The excitement was n6w the most
intense I ever witnessed The oldest
nembers with the Speaker and tho
reporters In tho galleries believed that
we were defeated When the result of
the second vote was announced wo
acked one vote of two thirds whero
upon many threw down their tally
sheets and admitted defeat I now
arose and stood while the roll was
being called on the final vote and said
to those around mo that we would have
not less than four and I believed seven
majority over the necessary two thirds
As the roll was completed tho
Speaker directed that his name bo
ailed as a member of the House and
when he voted he announced to an
astonished assemblage that the yeas
were 119 and the nays 5G and that tho
bill had received the two third3 majority
required by the Constitution It was a
moment or two beforo the House or the
Talleries recovered from their surprise
and recognized the fact that we had
triumphed When they did a shout
went up from tho fioor and galleries
and the vast audience rose to their feet
many members jumping on their desks
with 3houts and waving of hats nnd
andkerchlefs and gave vent to their
eellngs by every demonstration of joy
It was a scene such as I had never be
fore witnessed and shall never witness
Jtr Ingersoll of Illinois said Mr
Speaker In honor of this sublime and
inmortal event I move that this nouse
do now adjourn which motion was
When the vote was taken the House
iad but 1S3 members 94 of whom wero
Republicans G4 Democrats and 25 Bor
ler State Union men
To be continued
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Magna Samson Clitkerall Minru
ays that he naa met
16th 111 since he was mustered out If
this meets the eye of any one of tho
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Uome Ga on the Coosa River In tho
lUmmer of ISC he would be glad to
tear from him They got out into the
hannel with the current sweeping fast
lownstream to where the Johnnies
vere They swam across tho river to
et lortg poles and saved the raft but
ame near drowning
Wants His Knapsack
William G Hopkins 60th Ohio Car
penter O would like to hear some
thing about his knapsack which ho
had Aug 20 1864 when ho started
iome on a furlough from tho Mount
Pleasant Hospital at Washington Ho
was unable to carry it and a comrade
it for him and it disappeared It
contained a silver tumbler a minie ball
which had hit him In tho arm and some
other articles which he valued very
Send Sir free sample of
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