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cence of cood fjlth and to help cowr
meat right then That evening I took
him quite a little piece off the road to
camp at a nice snug nook that I had
with which Mizer himself rehearsed all cam 1 at Kolng down the road I
the details of this crime in court was I int l to gel him off out of the way
enough of itself to fix his status as a f any travelers that might chance
thoroly depraved and conscienceless
criminal and if any doubts of his guilt W unsaddled and staked our horses
had previously existed in the minds of out f1l as each of us had a little grub
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At Baxter Springs Kan Winter of 1866 and 1867
By IE013ECT MOKRIS PECK Alias Number 27
Copyrleht 1907 by Robert Morris Peck
The trial of George Mizcr was begun
toon after Woolscys release and con
tinued till about midnight It was
proven conclusively that he had played
an Important part in the murders rob
beries and stock stealings of which his
brothers had been convicted and in
addition had committed at least one
other unprovoked brutal and cold
blooded murder alone
This latter crime was first given away
by Boydston Mizer admitted it but
tried to justify himself by claiming that
the man whom he had killed was an
z rebel and had spoken disrespectful
ly of and threatened the lives of some
of Mizers folks But tills was evident
ly a trumped up lie to try to exculpate
himself for having committed the bru
tal deed for it was shown by other tes
timony that the man he killed was a
total stranger to Mizer and knew noth
ing of his family
Boydstons testimony concerning this
murder was about as follows
George had gone off down in the
Nation by himself to dispose of some
horses he had stolen in this neighbor
hood and when he came back 1 noticed
he was wearing a different and better
uit of clothes than what he had on
when he went away and was leading
an extra horse with a new saddle and
bridle on
I says to him Hello George Where
did you get the good clothes and the
He answered Oh 1 mugged a fel
ler for cm down the road apiece
And then he told me all about it
but he didnt claim then that the man
he killed had offended him in any way
He just killed him lie said for his out
fit He didnt know whether the feller
had any money or not but thought
from his being so well drersed and rid
ing a good hore with new saddle and
bridle that he inust have had some
money but he told us that he only
found about n on him 1 guess he lied
about that tho because he was sup
posed according to our rules to pay
one fourth of what he got into our
treasury and by telling us that he got
so little he knew that we wouldnt atl
him for any
The cold blooded brutal indifference
were both going the same way we rode
along together He said his name was
Jliller and that he had -been a Captain
in the Confederate army George
Mizer was said to have been a soldier
during the civil war then recently
closed having served I understood in
the 6th Kan Cav
Continuing his story he said This
Capt Miller said he was going up into
northwest Arkansaw and I proposed to
him for company sake that we should
travel together as far as he went on my
route He was agreeable to that for I
knew the road and he didnt
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dies putting one blanket under and tho
other over us to which he agreed I
made the bed placing the saddles and
then spreading one blanket on the
ground and then told him to lie down
and I would spread the top blanket
over him and then get in myself
You see I had the thing all flggered
out and didnt know but what he had
some plan laid to kill me in the night
so I thought Id better take the drop
on him and flK him right then and
there when he wouldnt be expecting
anything of the kind
Not suspecting what I was up to
the durned fool laid down with his
head on his saddle and I spread the
top blanket over him so as to cover his
face and before he could pull It from
over his face I jerked out my pistol
and when he got his head uncovered I
had the muzzle to his car and let drive
It was astonishing to us who were
listening to this heartless wretchs
boastful confession of a cowardly crime
to note the utter indifference with
which he related it He didnt seem
o think that the audience nr jury could
I made up my mind that he was my
blame him seriously for killing an ex
rebel under the circumstances but
rather that our eager attention was an
evidence of silent admiration of his
daring strategy With the utmost cool
ness he added after a pause
I reckon that first shot would have
been enough but to make sure I gave
him another one and he never kicked
I then rolled him off the blanket took
the clothes off of him took what money
he had only and a quarter wiped
the blood olf the saddle where his head
laid moved the saddles and blank-
a little ways and made a bed for
myself in a clean place and laid down
and went to sleep In the morning I
saddled up the two horses and went on
riding one and leading the other
Questioned by the Court
When asked by the court Did you
simply kill that man for his horse and
clothes and what money you might find
on him Mizer seemed to realize that
he had probably not convinced the jury
and audience that It was a clear case of
justifiable homicide in fact that he
had not made out a case of sufficient or
nnv provocation or excuse for the bru
tal crime and then he began amending
his testimony by claiming that the man
had been a rebel in the late war then
nearly two years past and in Mizers
opinion ought to have been killed on
general principles also stating that as
he Mizer had not given the stranger
his true name Miller had unguardedly
mentioned the fact that he knew a
family of the name of Aiizer Georges
folks who were living up in southeast
Kansas and having an old grudge
against them he was going up there to
kill off a lot of them also according to
George saying a great many mean
things of the family calling them ugly
names etc
Put It was eaty to see that this at
tempted justification was an after
thought when he found that the Jury
was not inclined to exonerate him for
killing the man because he had once
been a rebel
Without leaving their seats the jury
promptly rendered a verdict of truiltv
and the court as promptly sentenced
tjcorge aiizer to bo hanged
At his request he was allowed an
hour or two in which to muke his will
which ho dictated being unable to
write while Ren Morris standing be
hind his bar wrote for him disposing
of j ome livestock anil a claim of a
quarter section of land In this will-
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making and some other preparations
which the court inged him in he
seemed to be consuniingas much time
as possible and from lubsequent events
and efforts madc by some of his friends
to prolong his time to the utmost ex
tent It would seem that he must have
received a tlpifrom some source that an
effort was gojng to be made to rescue
As stated before this desperado and
his gang had jrhany sympathizing friends
In our community sone of whom wcro
so imprudently zealous in defending the
outlaws as ta lead jnany of us to be
lieve for a time that they also were
members of the gang They certainly
manifested a singularly deep interest in
trying to clear tho robbers and there
by gave room for such suspicions One
of these energetic defenders of the
scoundrels was Mr Powell a leading
business man of the town while oth
ers uch as Cap Mann Davidson
Callaham and Green Stanley were
prominent citizens
We had but one lawyer in the place
fa fortunate circumstance Judge W
M Matheny a fresh arrival who
promptly joined the Vigilance Commit
tee and thereafter carried on the pros
ecutions in behalf of the committee
while Powell who had read a little
law and considered himself something
of a lawyer appeared voluntarily In the
role of counsel for the accused
I had been on guard that evening
over Mizner during the trial and hav
ing been relieved after he was sen
tenced had gone to the farther and
unoccupii d end of the court room and
lain down on a bench Presently a
couple of men whom I recognized as
Cap Mann and Green Stanley came
and sat down near me while engaged
In an animated conversation in low
I was lying on my back with my hat
over my face and In order to encour
age them to talk louder so that I could
hear more distinctly what they were
talking about as I had already heard
a few words that excited my curiosity
I began snoring to make them think
that I was soundly asleep
To be -continued
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A Frank Impartial ami Very Interest
ing Account of n Comrades Visit of
Inspection and Imrfttlallon
Kdltor National Tribune Having
sonic small holdings in St Cloud and
the Seminole Land t Investment Com
pany and having read many articles
and heard numerous stories regarding
the colony and the comrades and people
gathered there some of which were
good and some bad and others very
coullictlng I finally determined to make
a flying trip to that much-talked-of and
wrltten about colony and city and on
the evening of Nov 1 left Chicago via
the Queen Crescent route on the
905 p in thru sleeper for Jacksonville
and St Cloud Fla arriving at Cin
cinnati O Nov 2 at 830 a m and
on that date erossed the Ohio River
into Kentucky and on thru Tennessee
with the beautiful scenery of the Cum
berland Mountains with its 2 tunnels
reaching Chattanooga Tenn at 853
one hour and 50 minutes late losing
another here leaving for the South at
1053 p m ithrir the historic cities of
Dalton Rome Atlanta and Macon We
arrived at Jacksonville Fla at 130 p
m live hours late Leaving Jackson
ville via the Atlantic Coast Line at 230
p m arrived at Kls simmee Fla that
evening at 930 The morning of Nov
1 I took train for St Cloud arriving
there at 7 a m and I must say that my
first impressions of the colony cit as
I stepped from the cars into a veritable
sea of white sand Were anything but
favorable Rut as I had made the long
Journey for farts as far as they could
be gained in the limited time I had I
did net allow first impressions to bias
my judgment and as I was tired I
looked for the famous new St Cloud
Hotel which loomed up before my eyes
On entering there was no one in the
office but I soon found one of the pro
prietors Mr J M R Perkins to whom
1 stated my wants and he kindly in
formed me that the hotel would not be
opened until tho next day Nov G but
If I wished to stay there he would make
me comfortable as to room and bed al
tho the electric lights and water were
not yet turned on Well I stayed as
did Comrade Aldrlch wife and nieco
and Comrade Wilson and thus New
Hampshire Ohio and Illinois represen
tatives practically opened the new St
Cloud Hotel and I wish to bear testi
mony right here to the efforts of the
proprietors Messrs Perkins and Fru
bie and their good wives who not only
made ua feel at home but housed fed
and warmed us in a splendid manner
and that under circumstances very dis
couraging and which speaks well for
their future and the hotel as well as
the numerous guests their untiring ef
forts to please will certainly bring them
and the said Impression was balanced
right there Having a letter from Com
rade Charles A Partridge Assistant Adjutant-General
Department of Illinois
G A R to Comrade If D Colvin I
found him in his ollice attending to his
notary business and he gave us the
glad hand and greatly issisted me In i
gaining information He took me to
the First National Bank of St Cloud
and introduced me to Mr Squires the
cashier who was very courteous and
reported the bank to be in a flourishing
condition Then I visited the post office
which seems to be a busy piece and
where I found many comrades waiting
tor man and tncy certainly were a
merry frolicking fun loving lot of kids
not a sour or disappointed face among
them From there I went to the ollice
of the Seminole Land Investment
Company where I met Mr Anderson
who was courteous ani j an m
his power to aftl me and made arrange
ments to give me an opportunity to In
spect the town lots and five acre Plots
of mv own as well as those of other
comrades of Chicago who owned
orty there that I had promised to look
up Then I went backs to the hotel and
from that time until dinner I talked
with manv different comrades nhnnt St
Cloud the SemlnoleLand Investment
Company how theyliked the situation
and how they hnd been treated by the
company antl its agents Telling them
all the bnd aSfyell as good things I had
heard about the company and Comrade
John McElroy and asking many pt r
sonnl and somewhat inquisitive ques
tions and If wish o state right hero
that with one exception there was
nothing butjpralseand commendation
for the Seminole ruid Investment
Company in general rind for Comrade
John MeElr nyn particular After din
ner in comi lny with Comrade Miller T
visited the 912 foot artesian well with
Its abundant supply dtpure and health
ful water the Ice plant with Its ca
pacity to supply all wants for years the
electric light plant which can furnish
light for all who desire It All this is
furnished by the company something
unusual and almost unknown bv nnv
other land company From there we
went down to the beautiful Lake East
Tohopekaliga which lies about one
mile north from the oriclnal nlat of the
city and which Is bound In the near fu
ture to be occupied bv beautiful resi
dences and become the Winter home of
many Northern people
Looking south from the lake one be
holds a beautiful panoramic view of St
Cloud Almost even- one of its 500 and
over buildings can be seen and It Is
certainly a marvelous scene to behold
when one remembers that 18 months j
ago there was nothing there but some
rafs razorback hogs turpentine trees
stumps and some more Ii reminded
me of what a native of the soil said
who claimed to be an ex Confederate
Speaking of St Cloud and its wonderful
growth he said Yes the salvation of
we alls and this yer County depends
upon 3ou all emigrants from the North
and I certainly hope there will be a
right smart more of you emigrants
come down here for you see you all
do things
This practically ended my first days
inspection of St Cloud altho I contin
ued to ask questions of all I could meet
as to the real conditions existing In the
community Saturday morning I re
ported at the company office at S
oclock and soon after accompanied by
an expert wo set out In an automobile
to Inspect the town lots and five acre
tracts I wished to see and In doing so
I was given a ride that made me think
there might be some need of a machine
shop if not a doctor the way that auto
mobile ran over logs and dodged around
stumps and turpentine trees and inci
dentally I got a general idea of the en
tire colony I am free to confess to an
Illinois man who has any knowledge
of the richness of her prairies and the
ease with which they can be cultivated
and results obtained it looked discour
aging but taking prices into consider
ation and above all the climate I am
convinced that the soldiers colony of
The National Tribune will prove a suc
cess and will bring forth results justi
fying all that is claimed for it
As to my own holdings I am satisfied
with them and believe that all property
in the town of St Cloud is worth to duy
three times the amount that was paid
for them to say nothing about the five
acre tracts and are a good investment
to hold Of course there are some
things here as In all undertakings of
human origin that might have been
better some things done that should
not have been and some left undone
that should have been done hut on the
whole I believe the soldiers colony has
nothing equal to it in any locality and
that those who attack the colony and
especially Comrade McElroy do so thru
some personal grievance real or imag
inary malice or jealousy or really they
do not know what they are talking
about As the rank and file of the boys
of ti to 65 know that Comrade McEl
roy both personally and thru the col
umns of The National Tribune has dono
morn than all others to aid in obtaining
just pensions and well earned rights so
too I believe in the soldiers colony
he has made it possible for the prudent
and thrifty comrades to pass their de
clining years in comfort and ease at
less expense than In any other locality
In our country and I believe that what
I have seen and learned justifies me In
this belief
In conclusion I wish to say that I
visited the printing establishment of the
St Cloud Tribune and met its acting
editor Mr King and his assistant and
as a paper it certainly has no equal for
life energy and up-to-date Ideas I
was also privileged to be present a short
time at a meeting of the Improvement
Association The hall was packed and
the sentiments of loyalty to St Cloud
and the colony in general were inspir
ing while the testimony of many of
those present tended to prove to me
that my impressions arc correct I was
sorry Indeed that I could not stay
longer in St Cloud but time would not
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Amarlcan InatliuO 7S Qrand Ave Kanaaa City Ma
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About six years ago a noted German Chemist came to this coun
try He was a highly educated man of moderate circumstances
he was not familiar with thu American methods he did not know
of the liberal basis on which we Americans do business he was In
the habit of having people accept his word as the truth This
noted chemist brought with him one of his greatest discoveries
an absolute cure for Rheumatism He tried to get in touch with
all people suffering from Rheumatism but he did not know how
He spent what little money he possessed experimenting and as a
result grew poorer from day to day Two years ago he decided
his life in America would be a failure lie could not get used to
American ways He wanted to go back to Germany and before
he sailed we bought from him the exclusive right to introduce this
wonderful remedy In the United States
MV want to put a dollar bo of this most marvelous remedy Into
the -lands of every sufferer in the United States but understand
we do not want one cent of your money unless we can prove to
you beoiid a question of a doubt that what we say in this an
nouncement about the cure of Rheumatism is absolutely true It
Is no longfr necessary to experiment no longer necessary to try
unknown remedies You can be cured and you can do so at our
risk We do not want your money unless we can benefit you Wo
haw helped others and we can help you This is not theory or
idle talk It Is a fact and all we ask Is a chance to prove it If
we did not know what Larks Remedy will do if we were not
sure of our ground dont you think it would be foolish to make
this liberal offer Would it not mean ruination to us to spend
thousands of dollars telling you about the remedy We know you
will -end the dollar if you can be cured and you will be cured
We also know that you will tell your friends about this wonderful
remedy Simply write us a letter or postal card and tay Please
send me without charge a one dollar box of Larks Rheumatic
Remedy I will take it according to directions If it cures me
I will send ou 100 If not I owe you nothing We will send
jou a dollar box by return mail We ask that you start taking it
at once and ou will be greatly pleased with the result Remem
ber this is not a sample or trial box but It Is a regular 100 size
Read what a few of the people have to say that have been cured
by this wonderful remedy These are extracts taken from a few
of the many letters we receive daily Gentlemen I have had
Rheumatltm off and on for the past years I was Informed of your
wonderful remedy and was determined to give it a trial and I can
say in justice to you that it will do all you claim and anyone suf
fering should not hesitate to give it a trial J Sheahan Gentle
men My wifes mother suffered for years with Articular Rheuma
tism that i existed every remedy that I could give I sent her six
boxes of our remedy and to my surprise she writes that the
pains have left her Such results as this are certainly worthy of
even professional respect J W Frew M D Gentlemen After
having been laid up for years in bed with Rheumatism the doctor
tried In vain to bring me around I was told to try larks Rheu
matic Remedy and I can say it is a wonderful Rheumatic Remedy
I was back on duty in two weeks I am perfectly cured Yours
truly O II Nelson M F D Gentlemen AVe take pleasure In
saying a word to you in regard to your Rheumatic Remedy My
mother suffered for years with the malady and after taking your
remedy for two weeks to our surprise the pain left her and I
would heartily recommend it to anyone suffering Oswald J
Rouge City Water Dept Mow do not put this aside and say that
you will send for it later but do it now while you have thi3 an
nouncement before you Address your letter to the Larks Co
Dept K Milwaukee Wis
permit and at 6 oclock I took the
train for Klssimmee and home glad I
had made the trip more than satisfied
with all I had seen and fully believing
that the carrying out of the colony
scheme has been done honestly and will
result in many happy homes and in
prolonging the lives of many of our
comrades I hope you will excuse the
time and space I have occupied J J
Cook 3749 Indiana avenue Chicago 111
Jlcrida Acgelables
From the Xew York Grocery World
Florida miah is beginning to come
and commands a comparatively high
price 350 per crate The demand is
Some Florida cucumbers are coming
forward and range from 3 to 4 per
crate The demand is fair
The only tomatoes on the market
now are from California Florida hasnt
begun to ship to Philadelphia yet The
price ranges from 150 to 175 per
crate and the quality is fancy- The de
mand is good
Floiida eggplants are getting still
higher now being quoted at 3 to 350
per crate Tnere is a good uemanu
for good eggplants
Florida beans are coming along and
range from 5 to 6 per crate The
demand is active and the supply light
Florida stuff is quite scarce and rul
ing rather high in price Grapefruit
ranges from 250 to 4 and is selling
very fairly some very line truit is
coming forward but a large percent
age of the receipts consists of drops
From the St Cloud Tribune
Last week a Lodge of Rebeccas was
instituted with a membership of 52
which is considered a very line begin
ning for a town of such recent growth
A pleasant party called on Mr and
Mrs L Williams to offer congratula
tions on the second anniversary of their
A very pleasant gathering occurred
at the home of Comrade and llrs Bos
vell to congratulate them upon their
62d birthdays which came almost to
The largest and most successful so
cial event ever luld in St Cloud was
the opening dance of the new St Cloud
Hotel held last Friday evening The
hotel was handsomely decorated ihe
ladies beautifully gowned which with
electric lights and flowers made a
chaimlng scene
Comrade J G Curtis and wife of
Bishop Cal arrived Monday night and
are stopping at the Iluntsinger House
Comrade Curtis who served in Co K
42d Wis stated to the Tribune that ho
thought St Cloud was all right and
that Mrs Curtis and himself have made
their last move and will stay here
Comrade Curtis savs nilifornin hns ton
changeable and severe a climate for I
- n11 ln ne 1 1
lillll tiUU WIHl LUG LUDl Ui IIVJII lliCrtJ
Is beyond any ordinary mans means
Comrade David Ij Hart arrived here
on Saturday morinng last from Ne
leigh Neb ComrirSe Hart saw service
in the 3d Ohio Cav Co H He is a
property owner here and will build as
soon as possible on his holdings at
Carolina avenue and 10th street
Comrade D Flmchpaugh of Buena
Vista Colo arrived Thursday evening
and is stopping at the Huntsinger
House He was a member of Co D
101st 111 and was in battle with Sher
man at Atlanta Ga Kenesaw Moun
tain and Peach Tree Creek Comrade
Flinchpaugh owns property on Louisi
ana aenue and finds St Cloud to much
more than come up to his expectations
in every way
Comrade Adam McGill returned to
St Cloud Thursday morning from Can
ton 111 where he went to close up his
business affairs He is very glad to get
back to sunny Florida and says there
una no one in tne North who could
run fast enough to catch him to keep
him there durintr the Winter com
rade McGill served in Co G 85th Pa
comrade John Aiken arrived here on
Friday last from Albion Mich He
was a member of the 3d N Y Art Co
O Previous to this he saw service in
the 19th X Y same comnanv Com
rade Aiken will improve his holdings
on Vermont avenue and remain here
permanently His family will arrive
Comrade J IX Burnette arrived here
last week from Warren O He is a
property owner here and was here last
AVinter having built a house at Vir
ginia avenue and 11th street Comrade
Burnette has returned to spend tho
Winter here and exnects his fnmiiv fn
join him within the next few weeks
Mr F It Davies of Lexington Ky
left for home on Tuesday evening ife
has had his plots fenced and will short
ly set out 10 acres in oranges and
Comrade T M Ross Co G 45th Ohio
and Co G Sth Ohio Cav arrived Fri-
py last from Greenville O He has
property on Jersey avenue and thinks
St Cloud is all right and will build
at once He was in the siege of Knox
ville the battle of Lynchburg and was
wounded at Liberty Va
KS Sa - IrH
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Biwn mall will hrlas Tr trial Flarao
OZARK HERB CO 3805 CatCse S ti2
natch Stem 17 iod n set Cants er ladys sumu
9nVeinnt4rillfjuuti JL
-v da muiw r ii icu tiwiwn wiiiiiumi
upwruij ofTa An uoiaicir aowripp
mBs Mrcr ior naiirosu feoplft
mac otners o rcactrs a rsusius iuo
SPECUL OrTEHrWs wUlssad talswtcls
entirely satiafciry and u mnHli
i TTi rrtT P lilin
ai probMrfr MZMTft joa 0 he iLW imj Ma
th H Jold 1m4 tudl ihm fiM m
Dont Wear a Truss
irom toe ptianu itum sane nso
ttr sunn purpoaeir ua
lupftu is jiix wiiMti ursnst
buckles or t sup
o cmsBoi essls or sfinju
asiltut ib peine soae Tke
moct sbtnae eaacs mr4 la tas prt
TKToftb bene Taassaais 1st
saooMifttliy trestM tatauelns vitama
ttptn I fiicdruct fnwa work Softs fliit sasy t
fcX fcjT I spplj Iaxpalf Process sf cars Is aatarsl
f I Q farther as fbr trssat Ws mrvss vast J
I Rial of plapao
sonpoD sna mail tuuai Adores
Cured by the Marvel of the
Century f the Obbac System
DtItm out Wood poison In any stag rermsneiitly wUkoo
deadly trxrenry or iodido of poah bet with purely Yif
ttbls ssfe Ingredient To ptors It we Kill sssd yva ft
30 Day Treatment Fr
Symptomi Icsto quick CureyounelTsihotnsDOV SsodfA
IHE OBBAC CO034 Obbac ISId CblCSfifl
Dollar Treatment
FREE to Men
Proves f he Cure but Coitt
You Nothing
We wart to prove to your own perfect ntbfso
tion that you can be cured not simply fixed ur
a bit or made to feel a little better but cured
renewed in vim and visor This proof ei caro
oie f ull dollars worth we elad ly irlve yon f fr
free of cost charge or obligation to yoa of ant
kind whatsoever
If you softer from any man weakeninff ailment
such as lack of power or servons debility or any
kidney bladder stomachor liver complaint or any
form of blood poison constitutional or arganja
disease write us today telling us In a few words
what ails you and at once f res of charze -we will
send you ONE FULL DOLLARS worth ot a
specially prescribed and personally prepared rem
edy for your particular ailmenrwhich wttl PROVB
to you without it costinjr you one penny that
you can be cured quickly and completely
When you write just fill in the spsee below that
Is all and at the same time also free sealed and
prepaid wo will send you a book on mens aflmenta
which fives instructions on how men are success
fully cured at home Writs MOT but send NO
Or Joseph Lister Co
H 6 1 22 Fifth Ave Chicago
Gentlemen I em troubled with
Natce roar ailment
Please send me absolutely free your foil dolus
treatment for same and alio your book wbieh tells
how men can treat themselves successfully atbemcj
Stentlon National Tribune when answerinc
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