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unreal to tnese wanderers in the wil
They Arc Shdwing Skillful Management and Putting Business
Thru The Wool and Woolen Schedules to be Revised
Next The Senate Loiters The Mexican Troubles
The rj thmie throbbing of the south
nd of tho Capitol and the jarring
thumps at the north end of the Capi
tol arc the extra session sounds that
men hear nowadays they keep
tlielr care close to mother earth
The extra session is still the thine
The House has enacted the Canadian
reciprocity and passed on to the
fanners free list It will vote that
shortly andtbn proceed to the en
actment of an apportionment law for
the division of Representatives among
the States during the next ten years
and take up thereafter a measure
approving the constitutions of Ari
zona and Xew Mexico
Thcn moro tariff revision The
work proceeds methodically The
House is rapidly putting its tasks be
hind The rythmic throbbing at the
south end of the Capitol is caused by
the clever Democratic manipulation
of the machinery as they grind out
the grist Perhaps they may regret
the grinding after a year or more has
passed and perhaps they may not
All the same they arc grinding and
incidentally command admiration for
the good organization and team work
as they proceed
Of course it makes the Democrats
grin from ear to ear to get a little
praise these extra session days They
arc so tickled they are growing sleek
quite realize it all yet And the
whole proposition seems all the more
dcrness because their brethren in
the Senate seem to be progressing in
a way to harmonize their differences
The Democratic Senators are making
up their committees and have put
Senator John Sharn Williams of
Mississippi former minority leader of
the House John W Kern former
Democratic nominee for Vice Presi
dent and Charles F Johnson of
Maine the only Democratic Senator
from NcwEngland upon the Finance
Committee to help handle the tariff
problems there This indicates that
the progressive Democratic Senators
arc to bo in the saddle at the north
eijd ofUho Capitol and is said to as
sure co operation with the House
Democrat Therefore Democratic
hallelujahs arc sounding
- Wool aud Woolen Schedules
All the signs point to a centering
6f the stresn and Mraln of
eratfe -revision Aijion the wool
woolen schedule1 it -win come in
tile later days T the session as Rep
resentative Underwood of Ways and
Means has already promised The
prophesies of Democratic disaster in
that connection abound Washing
ton believes quilb generally that the
dominant party in the House will
worlf out its problem with that sched
ule arid at least conserve harmony
There Ifave been many rtories of
late about what the Ways and Means
Committee- has been doing toward- a
revision of tlie schedule One or two
Democrats of the committee hae Kept
in touch -with a canvass of House
Democrats jwhich discloses a jnajority
for freo -wool Other Democrats are
Very uneasy over this showing be
cause they fear free wool so closely
associated with the operations of the
ill fated WIIsop tariff law would give
the party a black eye politically
The task which Chairman Under
wood has alluded to in recent days
in respectto the revising of the wool
and woolens schedule is in no small
part to compose these differences of
vievr over free wool rom all the
precedents tbatthoDemocratIc House
haslet thu9 far this session there will
be a careful balancing of the situa
tion before the final words are written
into the bill while there s prob
ably small chancethat the Senate will
enact any reduction of duties on wool
and woolens at this session the
measure will be a great issue In tho
Presidential campaign next year
The attitude ot Dentocratc Senators
w 111 be taken into account before the
Ways and -Means Committee reports
me pin mere is very strong Dem
ocratic opposition in the Senate to a
free raw wool -provision Senator
Bailey of Texas is the head and
front of that opposition He wants
to proceed in harmony with the other
Democratic brethren in Congress
encouraged Bailey does not believe
in free raw materials He would ap
ply a revenue duty Then Texas is
a- large wool producing State Most
of the Southerners are prone to take
caro of the products of their own con
stituencies ijjth tolerably high duties
The Senate Waits
Congress from the beginning of the
extra session has- been -decidedly lop
sided The barriers of boards which
the late Senator Ingalls of Kansas
once had nailed up across the coiri
dors between the Senate and the
Houiic during one of the old time
squabbles between the two legisla
tive bodies -might as well be in posi
tion now The north end of the Capi
tol is deserted day in and day out
Spring tourists would be deprived of
an opportujiity to inspect that half
vf the law making plant Thus far It
is an extra session of the House
only nominally is it an extra session
of Congress
This status will apparently persist
for a week yet perhaps for two weeks
The Senate has business but is with
out the energy or the disposition to
attend to it The outward excuse is
that the Senate is without fully or
ganized committees which Is entirely
true But there are -other reasons
The tasks arc unpleasant from a Re
publican viewpoint and there Is
neither zest nor alacrity in approach
ing them Sometimes problems settle
themselves if left alone long enough
which Is a very favorite adage around
the Senate There Is no likelihood
that the resolution for a further Inves
tigation of Lorimer or the resolution
for a Constitutional amendment to
provide popular election of Senatois
und still other nendlng matters will
hiiflicicntly it can avoid consideration
of some of them during the cxtrases
tion Therefore the seizure of every
available pretense for delay including
the selection of Senate -committee
And yet there will be Senate action
in large signliicant quantities in due
season Apparently there can be no
escape from consideration of a good
part of the House program Iu such
a condition of affairs it is very char
acteristic of the Senate and of the
elder Senators to do only what can
not be immediately avoided There
fore the Reciprocity bill which after
all that can be said pro and con is
an Administration measure must
have consideration within a few dajs
after the House has otcd upon it
Forcing- the Program
Insurgent Senators atid Democratic
fcnators are gradually forcing the
program Out of politeness which
counts lor much in the Senate they
have to assent to adjournments from
Monday to Thursday and from Thurs
day to Monday as has been happen
ingfor two weeks but they are giv
ing notices of speeches framing bills
and addressing themselves to those
measures AN speech or two has been
crowded in nearly every one of these
bi weekly gatherings although It
might be noted that none of the
and fat and nlaeid After the hirdiular republicans has risen on thoe
lean years when there were nothing occasions to eliminate any remarks
but kicks and cuffs and maledictions un ls Jn
tho contrast makes the Dtmoprnls The peculiar legislative- conditions
exceedingly happy They can not haveprevcnted a deal of Congressional
agitation that otherwise would have
becn a fcaturq of opening extra session
days For example if the Democrats
had been in the- minority in Senate
and House there is not the slightest
doubt would have been pressing
a naif dozen resolutions of Inquiry
about the menuvers on the Texas
border and about the unspeakable
outrage of flying bullets in the town
of Douglas Arizona But as the Dem
ocrats control one branch of the leg
islative department they feel the re
sponsibility of keeping calm quite as
much as do the Republicans and for
thernpment there is no political party
to criticize the Administration for its
conduct of Mexican affairs except the
Socialists wjio have Representative
Victor Berger as their sole spokes
man in Congressional halls
Of course there -will soon come
a change Even the Democratic
House has been altogether too mo i
liotonouslr harmonious -Ruction and
spirited action there wlMjrjaJnlyJxsJ
v nn om pi uie moroconirnvcricu
subjects- of legislation aFc approached
The Demoprats
VI llrti JUVII I1U IlUoiejKlYtl luiwuru
movements -They are getting both
and count upon these to be a sort of
anebjir to hold the part against
storm apd stress when tho days of
revising wool schedules come
Tho President and Mexico
The- President Is fretting very little
about Congress For the moment ho
is mdrc troubled about the Mexican
border affair although rather grato
rtil that the Democrats do control -the
House so IhaC they can not encourage
public sentiment to demand an over
tinline movement He does not cat
particularly that the Senate Is loafing
for the most he wants of the Senate
at the extra session is thj enactment
of his Canadian Reriproeity Once h
gets that the country will hear much
from the Presidents friends about hfs i
little way of carrying his point when
he -starts out The other legislative
troubles tho President is content to
leave alone for a vrffil They call for
no present consideration at the While
House offices
Some are a 1 ttlc suspicious
of that big- quarrel between Regularh
and Insurgents within thy Senate
Committee on Committees They are
asking whether by any possibility iti
could be a sham battle the motive
being to make the enactment of tariff
bills at the session all the more difil i
cult From -al appearances how-
ever the strife over those Republican
assignments to committees Is very
Here and not likely to be settled for
a while And until it ls settled the
Senate will not consider legislation
Hou c legislation Piling Up
House enactments arc piling up at
the north cud of the Capitol The Ju
diciary Committee were It organized
could deliberate upon the popular i
His co operation will undoubtedly be 1 elections resolutions and speed its prc j
seniation neiorc uie senate Tlie
Committee of Privileges and
tions could contemplate the House bill
for publicity of campaign contribu
tions before election and the Finance
Committee could take up that very
pressing measure Canadian feclproc
Ity The membership of none of those
coinmltteeg is complete however and
while Regulars and Insurgents dal
and wrangle the public business waits
Hardly a wheel is turning at the
ate end or the Congressional plant
If the Regulars and Insurgents pur
pose to fight right through to the j
end they may easily monopolize the
time of the extra session till the House
is disgusted the country is disgusted
and everybody will bw glad to see
Coneress adlourn tariff lezislatlon or
It might about as well be closed en 1110 taritr legislation
tirely except that the multitude ofi Whatever tho motive s jich wrong-
ling is very demoralizing to a political
party u Republican Senators hope
to utilize thlr RchfMii to defeat tariff
legislation they know It means the
payment of an exorbitant prlc The
Senate Insurgents are ery willing
to rule or ruin and in their proceed-
ure of lato arc demonstrating aneWi
the great virility of their cause Many
of them are quite vigorously opposed
to the Democratic plan of tariff re
vision and do not want to have to
go on record regarding some of the
Democratic bills
The Senate perhaps is to be quite
as icmpestuoun for the- net two years
as all of Congress has been tor the
last two years That would bo
tunate for the Republican Party be-
caubc the way the Democratic House
nottprocecds in efficiency and har j
mony there is afforded a contrast
which can hut Impel popular
tions J
There i3 sjceordlnsly calmness itli
the hlte Houte during all these
seme tn nisoives ir let aiope nut 11 uini nays in uasningiou rn
may happen that if the Senate dclajsl President is pursuing the even tenor
v - WS
Senator Brjan of Florida
Senator Nathan P Bryan who suc
ceeds Senator Taliaferro of Florida
Is a brother of the late Senator
J Bryan -who was appointed bv
the lte Gov Broward Senator Rryan
is coming into a heritage which is not
altogether pleasing but it -is barely
possible that hf may break the hoo
doo that lingers about this position
Mr Mershon who has been in the
city in spt3klng of this Senator said
A strange erleK of fatalities and
Masted ambitions followed the death
of Senator Mallory years ago
When Senator Mallory died Govf Bro
ward appointed William J Hryan a
young man of S3
term and the death of Mr Bryim
after serving a few weeks In the Sen
ate no doubt is well remembered
here Gov Ilroward himself at that
time had Senatorial aspirations TTe
appointed W II Milton to yuueved
Mr Brjan and when the latter re
tiied Gov Rroward entered the race
for Senator against Duncan U Fletch
er The latter won but Gov Broward
was not and -when Sena
tor Taliaferros term expired he- again
became n cindldateHnl succeeded
But he did not Uc to take his sent In
the Senate At the special primary
held to nominate a suec Fsor W A
Blount one of the biggesc lawyers in
the State John N v Stockton and
Nathan P Bryan were candidates
llr Blount eot a plurality of iOOO
but under the Florida Constltulon a
majority is necessary to nominate
There- W3B a second primary pud Mr
Pryan won by 60d votes Senator
Piyan is one of FInrkla most bril
liant ireii and v 111 wljhouf doubt
makq his mark In the Senate1
franklin ami Nulnille hy John
MeEIroy villi bOfound on wage bCtcii
A v x 4 0cA
sOs NnX SSsS WytJpjraWA 5
v - Sr2X2jFm i
v I unLr tirrw ff7 f -
1 1 V fx 4fW5SteH
Waiting for them to do something
of his way and as a matter of fact-
is paying very little attention to Con
gress He watched the passage of the
Canadian reciprocity bill through the
House with some interest but took
no hand beyond a feWjRepubV
lfcans at th versf last moment to
support the measure His efforts In
uiaL Jin hihuvh uii iiuk kkiii
niucn ior a majority oLf vnJ iiuiipb
Republicans votd against1
notwlthstanoing prophesies of
reciprocitys friends that there would
n i -more Republican Representatives
for it than against it
And again a few days ago the Presi
dent was in consultation with a few
members of the Houe about thei Mex
ican situation It was necessary for
them to understand the conditions in
view of resolutions offered by Individ
ual members looking to investigations
or Inquiries But the Democratic
House has not beu disposed to in
terfere 1th the Presidents policy in
the conduct of the Mexican prob
lems and for that reason the Pres
ident has ben quite as much disposed
ns ever to let the Democratic Hojise
severely alone There Is little occa
sion just yet for him to mix it up
at all with the Senate That body is
not doing any business and the Presi
dent is disposed to leave the Republi
cans to fix up their own quarrels there
In reality the White House and all
the executive departments are Im
proving the opportunity to catch up
with the large arrearages of work
that accumulated during the tempes
tuous Congressional Winter There
has been a willingness all along- the
line to be let alone for a while that
attention might be gljento this busi
ness and preparations made for the
new fiscal jcar v While that fs yet
quite a distance 1 tne
changed conditions of government
with the divided political control
make necessary a lot of shortening
of sail which can not be accomplished
in a day The President is trying to
Kep the ship of State m trim for
all sort of trying
is pressing much administrative work
that concern all th members of the
Cabinet Much of this is In further
ance of legislation that Congress on
acted at its last session
Democratic Success Concentrates
Therri Upon the Republicans
Increased Democratic sway ip many
States has augmented the responsi
bilities of numerous Republicans by
way of official patronage Take the
State of Indiana for example that
used not so many years ago to have
two Republican United States Sena
tors and -about 10 Republican Repre
sentatives Of course they could look
after the Indorsement of postmasters
papers very handlly and each Repre
sentative looked after his own district
in that regard leaving the Republi
can Senators- to look after the post
offices In the three Democratic dis
Now with two Democratic Senators
and 12 Democratic Representatives
only Representative Crumpackor re
mains in the Republican list But the
party does not allow him to dispense
the patronage for all the big State of
llloosierdom Not at alt There Is
too much wrangling and quarreling In
Hooslerdom Mr rumpacker get3
only the patronage in his own district
and of late Col Harry Xcti of In
dianapolis at one time acting Chair
man of the Republican National Com
mittee has been mqde a sort of pat
ronage referee UhieBS the Demo
cratic slide Is checked in the next
olAftlnn tlirt PToifont mn ho
he -writes Appoint tho man for-
Root like President Taft absolutely
despises the patronage dispensing
feature of public service nndhe has
to be driven to a recognition of ap
plications As far as postmasters arc
concerned however -there are about
18 Representatives in New York State
who have not a worn to soy tn mat
connection whether they be Demo
crats or Republican for they come
from districts entirely within the
greater city of New York where there
are only postmasters for New York
and Brooklyn Be it safd however
that- these New York City Congress
men have plenty of other troubles
The city constituencies are most ex
acting upon their Representatives in
rVHBTA 11 rmilfmirie of
mOM nf o TrteiA v irloM arl all in
all give their- Representatives more
vrorrles than tjie thinly settled Con-
gresslonaldlstrlcts impose upon con
gressmen at AVashington
After all the Federal offices are not
many these piping days The difficul
ties are quite as much with tho mul
titude of applicants as with the re
stricted number of places And it
will always be thus probably at Wash
ington for the American people like
the distinction of holding public
Representative Xye and His Stories
Vhen Hon Frank M Nye Repre
sentative in Congress from Minnesota
lifts up his voice In the National
House he generally says something
that marks jilm as a worthy brother
of the late Bill Nye humorist His
remarks are almost invariably
a tuated with applause The other day
Democrat and these Indiana Demo h talked about Reciprocity no
will be putting their O K to telling stories all of which
marks nn natronace nanrs ultimatelv tolerably good
Ohio in another shlnme examnle of I have been reminded said he a
1 the Republican troubles with patron- Kood deal whllo thinking on thl3 sub
Use when IS of the 21 Congrclonal1 Jt of a story I used to tell about a
I districts are now represented in 1 follow who wont -west from Maine
Democrats O K marks on I can with propriety locate the story
1 tn Italna hfioiln T laa 1 lor
ever Senator T E Burton now the nd I know something of the
Republican Senator from Ohio I terigtics and peculiarities of some of
shares a lot of the burdens of pick illi people This was a case where a
Ing out Ohio postmasters His man went West and was very fortuu
tronbles with Senator Dick on that ate and made lots of money and 40
scor are over for Dick has become years later went back to visit an old
an ex Senator Since tho time thatnelghbor of his and to isit generally
the mind of man hardly runs to the those neighbors whom he knew and
contrary the two Republican Sena 1 with whom he went to school On
tors of Ohio have leu embroiled one occasion he dropped into a little
unon occasion beezuse thev could notistore and saw and old friend he had
agree among themselves who should not seen -for 40 years As the two
nae tnc loaves and tlsnes occasion- ihi an laini n logciner mc v osierr
ally the President sjded with one of man helped himself to an apple that
hem and occasionally with the other was in a barrel by his side and ate it
Ohio Senatorial troubles of that A he started to go he said By
character are ended l6r the time being j the way I took an apple here How
Republican Senator Burton and Dem much are they and tho merchant
ooratie Senator Pomerenc have nol hesitated a minute and then said Oh
patronage quarrels and hardly can they are two for a nickel Take
bavc any But the President is an
Ohlo mam and as Auch reserves to
himself the light to implant a Win
ning o K mark upon divers appli
cations for office in Ruckeypdom
Andit naturally follows that when
er one They had gone to school to
gether and been boys together There
was genuine sentiment of gladness in
the breast of each to meet the other
There was the old time sentiment of
friendship at the bottom but it had
finally to be measured on the basis
tunate enough to have that approval of two for a nickel It is no ew
upon nis papers gets me nun How
ever if it be an olfice requiring the
confirmation of the Senate there is
Senator Burton who has something
very Ule veto power upon the Presi
dent Therefore it Is that the Pres
ident is imlikely to make nomina
tion to office in Ohjo without consult
ing Senator Burton-
Missouri Is one of the most populous
Stateg of the Union but its two Sen
atois amj l of its 16 Representatives
in Congress are Democrats hlch puts
upqiithe President considerable -perplexity
In making postotflee and other
Federal appointments for that great
imperiil Commonwealth Somehoiv or
othsr the cyclone of last November
has a piopeuyity for sparing Repub
lican Cougri ssmcu by threes in nu
merous States Thus only three were
spared out of a total House delegatlon
of 10 In New Jersey Tjirep were
likewise spared ip the Nebraska dele
gation of Representatives hi the
In the most populous of all the
States New- Yor the O K mark of
Senator Klllui Root is very impbrtant
in patronage matters but Senator
commentary on human nature add
ed Mr Nye Strive as we may to
give free breath to the social and gen
erous sentiments of our being we fall
back at last to a financial basis of
Representative Nye also told
another ttory to represent the Reci
procity situation he having been one
of the few iMinnesotans in Congress1
who supported It His district com
prises Minneapolis and the flour mills
there want frtc wheat
I remember when I was a boy on
the farm j ald Mr Nye a couplc of
neighbors could pot agree on a line
fence There was a variance of about
- I- Inches between thorn as to where
the line was and ihey finally built a
narrow Jane that people used to call
the Devils Lane I remember it very
well V
I believe in future years wc will
look Back at this devils lane that
stretches 3000 miles across this great
continent and wonder that neighbors
of one bloor ad ohe kindred with
one hope one ambition and one des
tiny could not come to terms of real
Reams of Very Ordinary Speeches That Arc Not Likely to
Contribute to the Enlightenment of the Country Cannon
Underwood McCall and Asher Hinds Made Good Ones
Tho Reciprocity debate in the House
although it contributed little Informa
tion on the general subject to the
country stands out as a distinctive
Congressional feature It was the first
large opportunity that thtf new Rep
resentatives had to find themselves in
discussion There was very general
participation and consequently there
is now a great outflow from Washing
ton of Reciprocity speeches it can
hardly be said that these will contrib
ute to the enlightenment of the
Country but the Influence will not be
untoward Hundreds of thousands of
constituents will have a chance to sec
what their new Representatives can
do upon the floor of tho American
The Democrats are conducting their
debates rather leisurely and toing
to ghe time enough for all to come
in This of -course promotes good
not spoken from the floor it is ontj
Samuel W McCall of Massachusetts
alrd Asher C Hinds of Mains long
tne House parliamentarian roaao me
leading speoches whfeh attracted 1110st
White Hpui e callers Their er
rands have almost invariably to do
with patronage What Hcmcnwaj is
for Deveridgc is against and Ico
versa Jim AVt
son is another o the Whfte Hdi so
habitue but trains most with He u
enway and Cx District Attorney K
ing Folks in Indiana politics-
last Republican noinittu
for Governor can not keep a sffc
Not long ago nemervoy advised rlO
idtntTaftnottosaV much to WaU fn
because it would quickly become pub
lic property Rut Hemenway told
somebody who told somebody clao
and 4he sccrot got out and there waa
still another Indiana Republican row
with Wataon bitterly resc ntful
All in all Indiana f iublicans arc
in such a Snarl tho Democrats chuckles
and proclaim that it will be at leat
a generation before tho Grand Old
feeling for it make your Congress J Party is united in that politics lov
man ery cross to engage 111 a iivciy ir oiwiiuimcuiui
scrabble for a little speaking time
and then to be crowded out of It
Some onywaut leave to print which
has hecn granted pretty freely also
But there Is a growing deposition in
the House to cut out leave to print
unless speeches 30 delivered be plainly
labeled as undelivered speeches It
is claimed with some show of reason
that ir a speech is only Inserted
In the congressional Record and
Cannon 6 Illinois the- ex Speaker only Socialist ever elected to Congress
Kent is decidedly interesting char
attention anere -were -now ever a
few good efforts which were the wheat
In the chaff of several days talking
They do say around the Capitol that
your average Congressman is not a
great respecter or other peoples prop
erty when it comes to ideasfor arT ar
gument or a spech The great daily
outpouring of words since the Cana
dian Reciprocity debate began dem
onstrated it Where much literary
thieving and wicked paraphrasing is
In progress one quickly detects It if
he reads our esteemed contemporary
the dally Congressional Record
Its columns are full of exceedingly
commonplace Reciprocity speeches
In nine tenths of these speeches there
is hardly ascintilla of original argu
ment and mighty few sentences that
furnish a ray of enlightenment or of
intellectual uplift to the gentle reader
Whether for- or against the Canadian
pact most of the Representatives in
the National House have simply filled
up on the stock material to be found
in all sorts of economic and govern
mental volumes and then talked the
information to the House for ten or
fifteen minutes or a half hour accord
ing to time doled out to them by
the floor leaders
Quickness at Repartee
Dull as the average American Rep
resentative or Senator may be in get
ting up a tariff speech that will ap
peal to ones reason he is pretty quick
at retort in House debate Experience
upoa the hustings where readiness
frequently passes current for smart
ness and even for vit has trained
many of them to get right back
The Reciprocity debate has proven
that anew
Thomas Upton Sisson for example
of Winona Montgomery County Miss
the youngest man ever made Grand
Master of the Masons in that jurisdic
tion started a speech the other day
and had proceeded only a couple- of
sentences when some rantankerous
member tried to upset him by yelling
That is the first time rejoined the
imperturbable Sisson quick as a flash
such a request was ever made of me
in my life
That pestiverous - Insurgent Irvine
L Lcnroot of Wisconsin had his
speaking machinery going at full
sneed about party pledges aud kindred
topics tho otner day wixcrt up rose that
virile Hoosler the Honorable Wil
liam Alton Cullop of old Vinccunes
to inquire whether tho Wisconsin
map indorsed the action of Ills party
la the Aldricb Paync tariff bill Mr
Lenrpot said he did not When the
party in the Honorable Hoosler drew
from the speaker that he Lenroot
claimed the Aldrich Payne law was a
violation of the plejgc the House
Heard tnis
Ah ha The gentlemans party
has not always been keeping Its
pledges and thero welled up enor
mous applause on the Democratic side
which made ttic Honorable Hoosler
feel like strutting a bitl
No it has not returned the im
petuous Lenroot And neither has
yours -
This was so apt that there was ap
plause both oh the floor and in the
galleries such a thunderous demon
stration that the Honorable Hoosier
slid out of sight into tho cloakroom
Indiana Poltlcians
In all the roster ot polticians from
40 odd States none do as much gum
shoeing around the White House as
Indiana Republicans It ls no longer
a trouble of -Republican factions in
Indiana There is nothing but groups
left of the party in that State
Former Senators Jim Hemen
way anrt Albert Jeremiah Bever
idse are among tho frequent
Representative Henry George of
Now York is a political philosopher
He gives the reason why new comers in
the House arc expected not to forco
their way too -vigorously to notice
I am mindful said Mr George of
the custom of the House to regard a
new member as apolitieal accident
I came here he continued as a
Democrat but elected or helped in
the election I compute by 10000 Re
publican votes so that 1 may be re-
falr should know it Cer jgardcd as a kind of eclectic in
tamiy there is no nonest claim tor ai
Iqwljig the matter to go forth as liav
iriffbeen a bona tide speech
This agitation if anything come3
of it will bring the House nearer to
the practice -of the Senate where
trier is never leave to print Of
course a Senators speech may be de
livered to an audience of only one
or1 two or bf only a handful of hearers
All the same when one -sees a Sena
tors speech In the Congressional Rec
ord it is certain inai senator
stood up in the Senate andmtadc that
Tlie Reciprocity Debate
The Reciprocity debate in the
House was not without much interest
It was filled with interesting Inci
dents Some tolerable stories were
told It was a better than the
Reciprocity debate of the last session
ReDresentatlves Underwood of Ala-
bamai Chairman of Ways and Means
A Notable Trio
With tho extra session less than a
month old ithe -most talked of new
members of the House are three a
Democrat an Insurgent and a Socialist-
All of them incidentally arc be
coming pretty fast friends with ono
another because all of them
differing on many questions arc much
in accord on other questions All
three were able to vote for Canadian
They arc Representatives Henry
Gcqrge of New York who made a
free trade speech for his maiden ef
fort thereby attracting much atten
tion to himself and making the Dem
ocrats uncomfortable William Kent
of northern California who was elect
ed as a Republican and has been em
phatically announcing his independ
ence of view ever slncehe reached
Wastiliigtoii arrd Victor Berger the
ctci arid his- Independence is of the
brand that ia rapidly becoming more
and more popular He would notvoto
for Representative- Mann ai Minority
Loader and neither would he vote
with tho Republicans on purely ob
structive motions Jrle announces that
he doesnot believe in obstructive tac
tics Ho is a Yale graduate possesses
a large fortune and is virtually a
Republican Around
the Capitol ho never hangs up his
hat as does nearly everybody else
He keeps hia head gear within reach
When the House is in session the
queer little hat he wears generally
reposes upon his mahogany desk-
Representative Berger in the object
of much attention but it is due in
no small measure to the fact that ho
Is a Socialist He rather enjoys the
notoriety although like Henry Gcorgo
ard William Kent he wants to be use
ful and to accomplish something dur
ing his stay in Washington Berger
sita much upon the Republican side
of the House but has voted much
with the Democrats whose leglslatlvo
reform program is to his liking
Both Berger and George were put
upon the District of Columbia Com
mittee where they will have a voice
In shaping legislation for
ton Berger has spent a lot of time
looking the cTty over and getting an
idea of its condition Among other
things he has heen visiting the citys
slums The Republicans assigned
Kent to work with Representative
Glllett of Massachusetts on the Com
mittee to Reform the Civil Service
But if a movement to Icgislato in be
half of the army of Government clerks
in Washington gets headway thero
will be large opportunities in that
committee for constructive legislation
worthy of any Representatives effort
-S 1
Many Hands Reaching Out for
the More Important Ones
The biggest business of the Sen
ate as far as its routine work is con
cerned these days is in the receipt
of large batches of nominations bi
weekly from the President The pro
motions in army and navy always am
numerousantl ojher nominations grow
apace Just now the president is
in the midst of a reorganization of
the diplomatic corps Since he nomi
nated cx Gov Curtis Guild of Mas
sachusetts to bo Embassador to Rus
sia there -has cpme a vacancy in tho
embassy at Berlin and in the lega
tion at Norway where Minister Her
bert II D Pierce formerly a crock
cry dealer in Boston and also former
ly Assistant Secretary of State has
been let out The new Minister to
Switzerland L W Swenstrom goes
to Norway and the new Minister to
Portugal cx Representativc II S
Boutell goes to Switzerland
These changes however only give
an inkling of the work the President
is doing in the reorganization of the
corps and which ho ls calling upon
the Senate to confirm Critics say tho
President and the State Department
arc commercializing the diplomatic
service but it is probably a good
thing For the President and tho
State Department aro Insisting that
the Embassadors and Ministers shall
be of some use abroad and seek to
further tho trade and industrial inter
ests of the United States That shocks
the diplomats of the old school but
apparently such an era of diplomatic
service- is dawning whether it be dol
lar diplomacy or not
The opportunities for diplomats of
that kind in Central and South

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